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Muse A and friends rent a room at a beachfront hotel. It’s super convenient that said room is on the first floor because they can simply toss the beach umbrellas and chairs over the balcony rail after a long day of baking in the sun and sand. Muse A gets back to the room first and plays catcher as friends toss up items over the balcony rail, but they can’t account for their friends’ poor aim. When a frisbee sails over to the neighbor’s balcony, Muse A decides to climb over and retrieve it before anyone notices. Of course, as Muse A gets halfway over the rail, Muse B, the hottie next door, steps out onto their balcony and catches Muse A trespassing.


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Silted smield softly when he was naming off what their plans were for tonight.[b “Minu Golf in the dark sounds amazing! But I’m really excited for the go carts!”] she said. She looked out the window as they drove down the boulevard. She loved Florida. She couldn’t wait to move down here. After her two week vacation down here, she had to go back to Nashville for two more weeks, and then see was packing up and going to the University of Miami. She was very excited to start her new life.

She glanced over at him when he said he needed someone in his life. [b “I’m more than glad to help, Kai. I just don’t don’t want to rush anything. I’m really trying to focus on my classes, but isn’t College supposed to be fun as well?”] she asked.

She knew the closer she got to Kai, the closer that he would find out her demons. She didn’t want to think any differently of her than what he thought now.
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Kai smiled and said, "Go-Karts are first and then we will see if we are hungry or not and pick between food and the arcade first and mini golf will be last tonight because I don't know about you but I've always wanted to go to the glow in the dark mini golf course and I've never been able to do it. I have an amazing night planned out for an amazing girl and I'm not flirting when I say that, I absolutley mean it. I feel like you could do so much better than me but I am thanking God that you said yes because right now.... I need someone in my life and I want that someone to be you."

Kai had been dealing with his feelings and since his ex had left him he still had that open wound but a new relationship was like pouring salt in it but Skylar was worth it. He was already in love with this girl. "I'm glad your the one who rented the condo next to mine.... everything happens for a reason right?"

Soon they pulled up to the Go-Kart track and Kai parked the car.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 81d 1h 12m 13s
Skyler blushed as heard Kai's comment. [b "Oh. Thank you."] she said softly. [b "You look pretty sharp yourself."]

She took the rose and blushed once more when she realized he was leaning in for a kiss. She didn't pull away until she heard her friends behind her snickering. [b "I thought you three were going back to the beach?"] she said. She turned back to Kai and nodded. [b "That sounds fine."]

She walked outside with him and gasped when she seen his car. [b "This is your car?"] she mumbled. The nicest car she'd ever been in was a Black Hummer. [b "Man. This is pretty sweet."] She heard Kai's comment about the money. [b "You don't have to pay for my way. I worked my butt off for this trip, so I'm pretty good on money right now, Kai."] she said. She'd spent two years saving up for this trip. It was the last trip she and the girls would be able to take until they all went off to college.

[b "Where are we going first?"] she questioned.
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Kai stood in the doorway holding a single rose... "Wow you look.... wow.." he was at a loss for words. His hair was down like normal but he had cleaned up well.... well as cleaned up as you get for mini golf and go carts. "I'm ready to get my butt beat as long as I'm with you." He said handing her the rose and leaning in to kiss her gently. The kiss was passionate and he had no idea that her friends were watching. "We're taking my car into town Skylar, is that okay with you?" Kai drove a Porsche, it was a few years old. A present from his parents when he turned 16. That year they had made his life a living hell with their fighting all of the time so they tried sucking up to him with a nice car. He still drove it even though he hated why they had done in.

Kai held open the car door for her, "Your Chariot my lady." He said jokingly as he watched her get in the car. "Tonight we can so whatever you want to do, don't worry about how much it costs or how silly it is... I want to have fun with you."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 82d 1h 19m 26s
Two thirty rolled around, and they were finally ready to head back to the condo's. They were all tired, Skyler had time to take a thirty minute nap before she had to get up and get ready for her date with Kai. The girls helped her find the perfect outfit to wear tonight. She didn't want to wear heels since they would be walking a lot, and driving go carts, So it took going to a few shops to find the right outfit that would go with flats.

She took a nap and jumped into the shower. Carlie curled in hair in soft beach waves and helped her apply a little more make up than she usually wore. She changed into her new clothes and just smiled. [b "I'm so excited for this date.. Thank you so much for helping me with my hair and makeup!"] she told Carlie. She looked up when she heard a knock on their door. [b"Oh wow. He's punctual."]

She grabbed her purse and headed out to the kitchen. [b "Hey!"] she said when she opened up the door. [b "Ready to go? Ready to get beat at mini golf?"]

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Kai headed inside and made himself and his friends breakfast. They were just lounging around today inside and on the beach, no actual plans but the only thing on Kai's mind was Skylar. She was all he could think about, beautiful, smart, and the way she blushed when he held her hand was the most adorable thing in the entire world.

His buddies noticed the smile on his face while he was eating breakfast and asked what was up. Kai just shrugged and said, "I have a date with Skylar tonight..." His friends nodded, they knew he liked the girl. It was obvious from the moment all of them met her. Kai had eyes for only her.

This was the first time in his life that he was actually nervous for a date but excited at the same time. The day dragged on and on and it seemed like 5 o clock would never roll around. Kai spent the day watching football and finding his jeans and a blue v neck t shirt to wear on the date. It was 4:45 when he started getting ready and knocked on her door at 5 sharp.
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Skyler gasped softly as she felt herself being pulled to him. [b "Kai.."] she mumbled. [b "What are you doing?"] She blushed as she listened to him ramble on. Before she realized what was happening, his lips were on her. [b "K-."] she cut herself off. There was defintily a spark between the two of them. She blushed when he pulled away. [b "I'll see you later."] she whispered before cupping the balcony.

[b "WOAH."] she said to herself as she slid the door shut. She ran into the bedroom and jumped on Carlie's bed. [b Carlie! Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake up!!"] she screamed. [b "Kai just kissed me!"] She gently shook the girl until she woke up. [b "I repeat. Kai. Just. Kissed. Me."]

Carlie groaned and pulled her eye mask up. [b "What do you want? I'm trying to sleep!"] She heard the word "kiss" and sat up in bed. [b "He did what?"] she said. [b "Damn. He's got it badddd for you."] She and Carlie talked for a little bit longer before they went to wake Lena and Sofia up to get ready for their shopping trip.
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"One thing before you go." He said taking her hand and pulling her to him. "I don't say that to anyone but you... this is the first time I've ever met someone out here.... I've only had one girlfriend before and she left me so I might have some lack of experience but I will treat you like the queen you are." He said and leaned in kissing her hard but gentle. "Now you can go... I wanted to give you something to think about all day while your shopping. "

He turned to head back inside and smiled at her. He had it bad. That girl could hate him and he would do anything to get her to notice him again. He was that in love that fast. He didn't know what to do or how to feel about it. All he knew was he had a date at 5. "You can beat my butt in mini golf and go carts but loser has to kiss the winner...." He said heading inside. He knew that it meant there would be kisses every time but it made him smile just thinking about it. Kissing her wasn't like any other kiss.
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Skyler just rolled her eyes and smirked. [b "Remember. I promised the girls we would go shopping. But Dinner would be perfect. I'll head in, in a few minutes and woke them up, so we can get an eariler start. I promise I'll be back by five."] She walked back with him and glanced back out at the ocean. [b "If I didn't have coffee, I wouldn't survive."] she said.

Leaning against the wall of the building, she glanced down as he peeled the rash guard off. She blushed slightly. He was perfect. Or so it seemed. She wasn't sure what she felt of him yet, and it definitely scared her a lot. She heard him say she was the most beautiful girl and just shook her head. [b "Oh please."] she said [b "I'm sure you say that to all the girls you meet on vacations."] She giggled and just grinned. [b "I'm excited for tonight. I can't wait to beat your butt in go carts and mini golf!"]

She glanced back at her room and sighed. [b "I should head in there and wake them up."]
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"I do hate seafood, its just the seasonings on it, no actual seafood and yes there will be go-carts and honestly its up to you if you want to go at noon and have lunch or I can pick you up at 5 and we can have dinner and play games." He said smiling.

He got up and started walking back to shore with her. "The guys will probably sleep until noon and I put my laundry in before I left so I just have to make myself some coffee, I'm not usually a coffee drinker but I smelled yours and I feel like it might be a good idea today."

Kai leaned his surfboard against the wall on his balcony, "I have to get out of this wetsuit." He said unzipping his wet suit. He had swim trunks on underneath. He had to peel the rash guard off of him. "I'm excited for our date.... your the most beautiful girl I have ever met and I'm lucky you said yes to a date with me.... I mean your way out of my league." He muttered. Kai could have been a male model but it wasn't his thing and he thought she was perfect.
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Skyler smiled softly as she watched Kai surf. She could tell that he completely loved it. He was pretty good at it well. She took a few sips of coffee and glanced back up. By that time he was coming back to the shore. [b "Hey Kai. How was it out there?"] she asked.

She grinned when he was close enough to see her. [b "I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Thought I would drink my coffee out here, before I start cleaning. The girls won't be up for hours, so I'm not in a big hurry."] she said [b "But I came out here, and I thought I seen you. So i thought i would come say Hi."]

She blushed slightly when he mentioned the date. [b "Still on, as far as my end goes.."] she said. She giggled as she listened to him. [b "I thought you hated seafood?"] she questioned. [b "Go Carts?!"] She squealed. She loved riding go carts. She glanced out at the ocean and just sighed. It was so peaceful. [b "What time are you wanting to head out tonight?"]
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Kai was surfing, he wasn't a pro and wiped out a few times but he surely wasn't a beginner. He loved surfing, he had been surfing since he was a child. It was one of the few things he did with his adopted dad, he surfed. He had taught him when he was only three years old and now any chance he got, he went and surfed. For Kai, it cleared his head.

The waves started to die down but the beach was pretty empty when he started to paddle in and then picked up his board, carrying it back toward the condo when he saw Skylar. "Skylar, what are you doing out here this early? Relaxing?" He asked with a smile before sitting down beside her. He was soaking wet but it didn't matter when he sat in the sand.

"We still on for our date later?" He asked looking out into the ocean, it seemed to go on forever and for some reason he liked that, it was soothing to him. An endless abyss. "Mini golf, arcades, games, and my favorite place to eat on this boardwalk. You'll probably think I'm crazy but they make something called crab fries and they're just french fries with the seasonings that they usually put on crabs and lobster but they serve them with this thick cheese sauce to dip them in and they're amazing." He said smirking.
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Skyler walked inside, and was bombarded by her friends. [b "Woah. What is going on?"] she questioned.

[b "What happened?"] one asked
[b "He is so cute!"] another said.
[b "Did he kiss you? Are you going out again?"] Carlie asked.

The girl blushed slightly. [b "He held my hand the entire walk home. He kissed my cheek.. And were going out tomorrow night!"] she said. She hadn't dated since Brad, and she was truly nervous. But she had a good feeling about Kai. He seemed different than any other guy she had dated.

After they talked a little bit more, they all decided it was getting time to head to bed. They wanted to get up so they could get to the beach early and get a good spot.

Skyler woke up early. She didn't know why, but she couldn't go back to bed. She slipped into a hoodie and fixed a cup of coffee, and walked out to the balcony. [b "I never want to leave."] she said to her self. She'd picked University of Miami, simply because of the beach. Plus it was a really good school. She looked out toward the water and noticed someone paddling out. [b "That looks like Kai."] she said. She thought for a moment, and then hopped the railing. She walked down closer to the water, before sitting down on the sand.
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"Mini golf and arcades on the board walk.... sounds lame but I promise you you'll love it." he said smiling, "see you tomorrow." He went into his condo and noticed the guys were watching a football game on TV and had ordered pizza. He grabbed some pizza and sat watching the game for a little while before heading to bed and all he could think about all night was Skylar. He had a date with a beautiful girl. This would be his first real date in over a year and he didn't want to mess this up. He couldn't mess this up. She was too perfect to him.

The next morning Kai got up and made himself breakfast, it seemed the other guys were sleeping in but Kai liked to get in a morning surf while they were there. He slipped on his rash guard and grabbed his board that was leaning up against the balcony before heading out to the waves. The waves were coming in decent this morning so he decided to paddle out, he wasn't a pro but he was a pretty good surfer.
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Skyler smiled softly as she listened to Kai. [b "I know that. But I'm sure they want to see you as much as possible. I mean, how many times do you get to see each other a year now?"] she asked. She blushed when he mentioned a date. [b "What are we going to do?"] she questioned [b "You have to give me something to go off of! Or I won't know what to wear."]

She listened to him talk about Florida and Miami. [b "That would be fun. Thought, why would I want to know about a table in the quad that none of the camera's can catch? Is that like a big deal?"] she asked. [b "I think the only thing I'm going to miss about Tennesee is the snow. I love winter."]

[b "I haven't went out with a guy in over a year."] she said quietly. [b "So I'm pretty sure I should be thanking you."] she blushed once more when she felt his lips on her cheek. [b "Thanks for walking me back.. Even though you were coming here anyway. I had a lot of fun tonight, I'm sure the girls did too!"] She grinned once more, before turning and heading to her door. [b "I'll see you tomorrow! Goodnight."]
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