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Muse A and friends rent a room at a beachfront hotel. It’s super convenient that said room is on the first floor because they can simply toss the beach umbrellas and chairs over the balcony rail after a long day of baking in the sun and sand. Muse A gets back to the room first and plays catcher as friends toss up items over the balcony rail, but they can’t account for their friends’ poor aim. When a frisbee sails over to the neighbor’s balcony, Muse A decides to climb over and retrieve it before anyone notices. Of course, as Muse A gets halfway over the rail, Muse B, the hottie next door, steps out onto their balcony and catches Muse A trespassing.


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Sophie turned to Skyler as she drove, "So you and Kane are pretty serious....Gage asked me to marry him.. after two weeks of being together... and I said yes." Kane was taking it slow with Skyler... they hadn't had sex but they had cuddled and slept in the same bed. "You and Kane... girl I've never seen a man look at a girl like he looks at you and he trusted you with the one thing he loves most in this world? That dog was his whole life and how you have him."

Kane was worried about Rambo and texted Skyler. "Is rambo okay?If hes upset just go through a drivethrough... he will do anything for chicken nuggets. I miss you and Rambo so much, come back... go to school in Nashville or I'll come to florida... I don't want to be without you." He knew she wasn't in Memphis yet but that didn't stop him from worrying.
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Skyler could tell that Kane was having a heard time letting Rambo go with her. She smiled softly and wrapped her arms around him. She didn’t want to go. She didn’t have to leave Kane. [b “We’ll be just fine. I promise. I won’t let anything happen to Rambo, and you know he won’t let anyone else near me.”] Their second day back in Nashville, Rambo and Skyler were already asleep while Kane wasn’t playing video games with Gage, and then when Kane decided to come to bed, Rambo almost attacked because it was dark and he didn’t realize it was Kane.

After some more hugs, kisses and goodbyes, Skyler, Sophie and Rambo were loaded up in Skyler’s Jeep headed to Memphis. She wouldn’t be able to see Kane for two months at least, until Fall Break. She missed him already, Rambo whined for a little bit after they left, but now he was asleep in Sophie’s lap.
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Kane smiled, “Send me pictures of him please baby...and you of course...hopefully I can get somewhere with my music and we can be together all the time.” He has had a showcase while she was there and had done amazing, a few people had given him their cards but no one called him back once he had called. “Gage and I are going down to Crossroada tonight for the open mic, call me when you get to Memphis baby, I’ll be waiting...maybe Gage can film me for you.” Gage nodded, “I’ll film his crazy ass for you...just promise me you’ll keep him forever...I think if y’all broke up he would die losing both you and Rambo because let’s be honest, he loves you both.”

Kane was playing with Rambo smiling and hugging the little dog. “Go on buddy, Sky will take good care of you and daddy will come visit, just don’t tell Sky...shhhhh.”
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Skyler had their apartment set up in about two hours after they finished cleaning. It looked amazing. She went through and took pictures so she could print them out once she got to Miami. She was officially moving in about a week and a half before classes started, just so she had time to memorize the campus and get everything with her portfolio ready, along with getting her supplies bought. She was really excited to get back to the beach, she was just sad before she had to leave.

Their time in Nashville was amazing. They went down to Music Row and went to every bar that they could get into. They got wasted, and didn’t reply half of it, but they had their pictures and selfies to remember with.

The three days was now over. Sophie and herself were packed up in her Skylers Black Wranger. Rambo was being extra clingy near Kane, almost like he knew it was time to leave. She looked up at Kane and smiled softly. [b “He’ll be fine baby. We’re gonna spend a week in Memphis and then he’ll be living it up on the beach.”]
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Kane nodded, "Yeah we can get it darlin', Rambo is in my room so he doesn't get out while we're unloading." He kissed her cheek gently and Sophie giggled, "He loves you." She muttered as they walked inside.

"You did a lot for both of them....what is your dad going to say when he sees the charges and that your taking a dog to school with you... that dog is like Kane's favorite thing and hes trusting you with him?" She said seriously. "He has to love you."

Gage and Kane came in carrying bags upon bags of groceries, cleaning supplies, things for Rambo, even towels, plates, forks, and some shampoo! "Ya'll got everything didn't you." Kane said grabbing a bag of doritos and hiding them in the cupboard, "Those are mine." He pointed to the pizza boxes, "We waited on you girls to eat and we didn't even have any paper towels."
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Skyler couldn’t help but smirk as she climbed down out of the truck. [b “We uh...”] she muttered. She was trying to form words. [b “My house in Miami was already furnished... So I really didn’t get to decorate, I know Soph and I will be here a lot... So I may or may not have ordered a bunch of furniture so I could decorate your apartment.. I know the apartment itself isn’t great, but this will help me too.. With my portfolio...”] she said.

She grinned as she felt Kane’s lips on hers. She simply nodded. [b “You didn’t think that I was gonna let you sleep on some rough mattress now, did you?”] she asked. [b “You need to be well rested for all the late nights, both of you.”] She leaned up and kissed his cheek before she signed for the furniture. [b “Let’s just put everything in the living room. I’ll figure out where I want it.”] she said. [b “Let’s hurry and clean before they get everything unstrapeps. Can y’all bring the groceries in?”]
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A moving truck full of furniture showed up at the same time the girls did. Kane was standing there, "Babe whats all this?" He asked her as he watched her get out of his truck. "We didn't order any furniture?" Gage looked to his own girlfriend and said, "Yeah we don't have the money for this Soph."

Kane had a showcase slot to sing in in a few days but that was his only lead right now. He had to make it... get out of that good for nothing little town and make something of himself. Prove to everyone who ever laughed at him that he could do it.

Kane leaned over and kissed Skyler and said, "You... you did all this babe?" He knew this must have cost a fortune. "Babe you didn't have to do this... this must have cost a fortune... I.. let us pay you back." He said at a loss for words and then he saw the back of his truck was full of groceries and things as well.
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Skyler just grinned when she seen Kane reach in and give her money. She took it because she knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer, but little did he know, she was just going to put gas in the truck.

[b “I feel terrible because they have to live in the crappy apartment..”] she mumbled as she turned onto the interstate. She was following the GPS on her phone. [b “I’m buying them furniture and everything.. My townhome was already furnished, so the least I can do is make sure Kane and Gage are comfortable.. It won’t be long till they big and making a ton of money, right?”] she asked.

As they shopped for cleaning supplies, they also bought enough groceries that would last the guys a month. Skyler put it all on her credit card. She was ordering the furniture while they shopped. It would be delivered by the time they were back with the guys, maybe sooner, thanks to her Father and his connections.
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Kane nodded, "We might need some plates to eat the pizza, let me give you some money." He said getting into his wallet to give her money to pay for plates and things. Rambo was digging at him. "We will stay here and play with Rambo, take my truck." He was worried about the two girls going into the city alone but they were from a bigger city than he was... they were used to all of this.

The landlord came out and saw Rambo, "No dogs allowed." Kane shook his head, "Hes my girlfriends dog and we're just moving in, he will be leaving when she does." The man nodded, "Better be." He wasn't exactly the most welcoming. There was garbage on the sidewalks and every car in the parking lot looked like it belonged in the junk yard... and this place was the cheapest they could find but it still wasn't that cheap.
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Skyler could see the shock in Kane’s face when his eyes focused on the complex. She smiled softly as she hopped out of the truck. [b “It’ll be okay! You’re in Nashville baby! Soon enough y’all are gonna get signed and you’ll be moving up in a penthouse or something!”] she looked over at Sophie and smiled weakly. [b “We gotta disinfect and clean everything before we sit down girl. I don’t want them getting sick before it’s dirty or something.”]

She leaned up and kissed his cheek as she held onto Rambos leash. [b “I can work with this... Sophie and I are gonna go to the store and get some things. Then we’re gonna clean, and then I’ll decorate. It’s gonna be fine baby.”] she said. Kane didn’t know it yet, but she was going to buy them all new furniture and beds. She wanted every one to be comfortable.
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Kane was asleep in the passenger's seat of his truck, Skyler was driving and he never let anyone drive his truck. Gage waved at them, "Hey guys, you made it, we ordered pizza... oh cool Rambo's here." The little dog jumped up and down on Kane waking him up, "Buddy chill." He said and Rambo licked him, "Is this it?" he asked Gage... "This isn't what the pictures were." Gage nodded, "Its all we could afford and those were the pictures a long time ago."

Kane sighed handing Rambo to Skyler with his leash and grabbing his guitar and bag out of the back and handed Gage Rambo's bed and toys for a few days he would be staying with them.

"Thanks for ordering pizza... I'm starving." He said wrapping his arm around Skyler's waist as they walked inside... it was very run down and basic... Kane didn't know what to think but it was home now.
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Skyler ended up driving from Georgia to Nashville because Kane was tired, and it seemed like Rambo wanted nothing more to to sit in Kane’s lap. He was just so excited for him, it made her nervous about how he would do when they went to Miami. It would definitely be a big adjustment, but they would be okay, she hoped.

It was about a four hour drive from Georgia to Nashville. They stopped halfway through, so Rambo could run and stretch his legs. They were on the road about twenty minutes after they stopped.

She pulled into the apartment complex parking and she was slightly scared. She glanced over at Kane who was asleep. The complex itself was really run down, but Kane said they got a great price for it. Skyler made a mental note to offer to help them clean before she left. She didn’t want to overstep, she wanted to help as much as she could before she went to college.
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Kane chuckled, 'Settle down buddy shes mine..." He said jokingly. "His name is Rambo, hes 8 years old and he already loves you... hes a little fat bulldog and he hates scooters, he will chase anyone and anything on a scooter and if he sees a squirrel he will bark but other than that hes a damn good dog and that toy in his bed." he said pointing to the bed in the backseat of the truck, "Thats his favorite and if he loses it he will cry..." It was a small stuffed lambchop toy that looked like it had seen better days but it was his favorite.

"Rambo was my last birthday present from not only my grandparents but my mom... they all scraped the money together to get him for me from the pound for my birthday and hes been my best friend ever since. I had always wanted a dog and with him I got more dog than I bargained for."
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She mumbled something that was along the lines of [b “okay. I’m still mad because you woke me up at five. Who does that?”] But she grabbed her pillow and blanket. She looked up when he mentioned stopping for lunch in Georgia. [b “I’m in my pajamas. I’ll have to change before I get out of something. At least put on my under armor shorts and a hoodie or something. She was only in a sports bra. But soon she was off to sleep.

She slept the entire six hours until Kane woke her up. She mumbled and looked out the window. It definitely looked like a different world down here. Everything was so old and historic, but it looked amazing. [b “Woah.”] she said.

She smiled when she felt his kiss before he hopped down out of the truck. She sat sprawled out in the passenger seat as she watched him come out with the bulldog. [b “Hey buddy!”] she said as the dog moved to her side of the truck to sniff her and check her out. [b “You’re so chunky, I love it!”]
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Kane smiled, "Baby you can take a nap until we get to Georgia, I'll wake you up and let you know when we stop, I'll have to get gas before we get there and we can have some lunch there. The cafe is where everyone eats... you'll see small town Georgia at its finest."

It took 6 hours and Kane was pulling into Greenwood Georgia.. "Babe wake up... this is where I grew up." The town was an older town, lots of historical houses and buildings. "Gage's parents aren't home but they said Rambo is waiting on me in the garage... they put all of his things in his bed so we can just pick it up and go." He kissed her as he parked in the drive way of a small red house.

"Rambo... hey buddy lets go." The bulldog ran out after him smiling, so happy to finally see him. He lifted the dog into the cab of his truck, "Skyler meet Rambo."
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