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The Four horsmen of the apocolipse are charged with Job Incompetiance and gross misconduct by the council of saints. The result, was the discharge of the four horsemen, in other words they were fired from their jobs. The Horsemen are now forced to live in the worst place they could imagine, New York city, New York. Forced to live as humans now the horsemen have to contend with the fact no one knows who they are, or what they are. To make matters even worse. Their next door neighbors are the archangel Michael, and Lucifer.
The crazed four horsemen must learn how to live lives just like the humans do, how to fight the urges humans have, or how to sedate them even. Hunger, thirst, shelter, companionship, perhaps even the use of the bathroom. All of this is new to them. Ontop of all their human issues as a group each horsemen has their own issues to deal with as well.
How will the four horsemen get through their lives as mortals? Will they ever be known as the four horsemen ever again? Will Lucifer or Michael perhaps drive them crazy?

[center [pic]]
[center Famine The youngest of the group. Famine fights with Pica, and goes weeks or months without any actual food in her system. Her family, or others within their little group somehow manage to get her to eat, but its very rare that she actually eats healthy. She also fights with a controlling boyfriend.]

[center [pic]]
[center Pestilence The oldest in the group. Pestilence Fights with Atlantis Complex, a psychosis commonly found in young adults. The symptoms include Obsessive compulsive behavior, Paranoia, and Myltipe personality disorder. The disease isn't fatel, but uncurable. Pestilence is also fighting with being an alcoholic.]

[center [pic]]
[center War The middle in the group of girls. War fights with anger issues and Bipolar disorder. War is mostly found on the streets in fight clubs and such, only having Death pull her away from it most of the time. War also happens to be fighting a very strong Order Compulsive disorder.]

[center [pic]]
[Center Death, The only male within the group. Death fights with depression and suicidal tendencies. He's come close repeatedly to killing himself, but his sisters or some other member of their little group seems to always be saving his life. He also fights with an abusive use of morphine along with his secret life of being a homosexual.]

[center [size15 [b Rules and Regulations]]
[center 1. All ES rules apply.]
[center 2. This is a slice of life rp, Yes there will be fighting, but no there will be no killing.]
[center 3. Pics are to be artish please, not exactly anime, not exactly real.]
[center 4. I'd prefer a decent length of writing, but I'm not picky all I ask is you give me and those in the Rp something to work with.]]
[center 5. This is not a first come first serve Rp, I must ask you fill out a skeleton and send it to me Via Pm. The pm is to be titled with your Favorite fruit.]
[center 5. As I feel this story progresses I will be throwing more characters into the mix, so stay toned incase you don't get a spot.]

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[center [b Name:] Alric Le Padre]
[center [b Age:] 23]
[center [b Role:] Death]

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[Center [b Name:] Donna Mars]
[Center [b Age:] 27]
[center [b Role:] War]

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[center [b Name:] Anzu Mori]
[center [b Age:] 29]
[Center [b Role:] Pestilence]

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[center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Seachelsita]]
[center [b Name:] Desirae Allen]
[center [b Age:] 23]
[center [b Role:] Famine]

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[center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Jaie_Scarlet]]
[center [b Name:] Lucian McAlester]
[center [b Age:] 30]
[center [b Role:] Lucifer]

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[center [b Archangel Micheal]]


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Before she was even done talking, Alric had all of a sudden walked into the apartment; as if Donna's words were the catalyst which summoned Alric. Evidently he had only heard Donna's words, but only because Donna had been yelling in frustration in comparison to Anzu's more soft spoken words.

Walking in, Alric, a smug smile on his face, placed the bag he had been carrying on the table and kissed both Anzu and Donna. Anzu appreciated this gesture, as it meant that they were still a family. Alric had paused over Donna, even grabbing at her jawline to examine the damage closer. Anzu couldn't see Alric's facial expression, so she couldn't tell his current feelings about Donna's fighting. The closeness between Alric and Donna by him giving her something that she used in her medicine.

Alric sat at the table, having grabbed a beer from the fridge on the way to the table. Alric noticed the smell of cooked food as well, but Anzu was feeling that he was hiding some surprise from all of them, something big. But her attention switched over to Alric sliding her a bottle of jack, some high quality alcohol that neither of the four of them could afford to buy everyday; it was something bought on special days.

And Alric revealed what today was; five years since they had been banished from their jobs and world.l, and Alric had decided to go out and celebrate the four of them managing to survive as mortals in a mortal world. And he had already taken care of everything. Inside, Anzu felt happy although it didn't show on the outside; another sign of how much Alric cared for all of them, despite all the arguments and fights that had happened internally in this family.

As Alric, and then Donna walked to get ready, Anzu wondered whether it had actually been five years. Each day either seemed like a slog through leg high water or a quick an easy breeze. It was hard to keep track of the days as they passed, Just the first year had been hard to survive. But after that first year, somehow things started to come together, bit by bit, and they had actually managed to survive for five years. A corner of Anzu's mouth lifted into a smile before quickly dropping back down.

Alric's question about Desirae's boyfriend jerked her out of her musing. [+purple "Does it really matter Alric? If Desirae doesn't like him, she'll dump him herself. No need for violent intervention."]
  Anzu Mori / NorthernWolves / 51d 9h 34m 21s
Donna was ready to sock Alric when he yanked her face up to his. She knew that look of disapproval and didn't like it when anyone forced her to do anything, not even her dear brother but her fist unclenched when he handed her a jar of honey and told her it was for her salve. She accepted it without a word, the anger from the touch still bubbling gently. She listened as Alric called a night in and left for the shower. She cracked her neck to one side, then the other, breathed in and breathed out.
"[#9d1028 [b So does that mean he is going to eat my food or not?]]" She mused, dumping the noodles into the strainer and cutting up the vegetables exactly like the chicken, throwing them in two handfuls at a time.

5 years... had it really been 5 miserable fucking years already? It seemed like more. Donna rolled both of her shoulders while she stirred the chicken mixture twice. She didn't want to go out and celebrate. She wanted to go back to the pits and put whatever sorry fuck looked at her wrong into the hospital. She was gritting her teeth by the time she put the sauce, two cups, in with the chicken mix and dumped the pasta right on top. She mixed it all together and took two plates. She put one empty in front of Anzu and filled up the other one.
"[#9d1028 [b It's there if anyone wants it. I'll go get ready I guess.]]" She took a fork and walked back to her room, shutting the door behind her.

Donna's room was a picture of her own head. She covered the dirty "white" walls with posters, pictures, drawings, anything she could get her hands on that she liked. Mirrors sat in a couple corners of the room, smashed by her and her temper, two strikes to every mirror. She knew the human's superstition of breaking mirrors but she figured, how much more bad luck could they have. She sneered at the thought of it. There was one good mirror above her desk. There was always one good mirror until she got mad enough to smash it. She looked into it, seeing her bruised face again. She didn't look like she should go anywhere but once Alric got an idea in his head, it was hard to deter him. She didn't really feel like fighting him either. She angrily took a bite of pasta, watching the red sauce paint her skin as a noodle got lose. The red sauce, the bruised face and the dark angry eyes. She did look like a monster. She slammed her pasta down, once, twice, getting noodles all over the desk. She wasn't hungry.

She sighed, in deeply, out deeply. The tapping inside her head was only getting worse. She tried to drum it out on her leg and shook her head from side to side. A celebration huh? Perhaps she needed to get out. She pulled open her drawers and changed into an outfit worthy of going out. She pulled on black skinny jeans, shit kicker boots, a band tee with cut out sleeves and her lucky red leather jacket. She looked at herself in the mirror again, taking in her bruises and cut lip. She looked like she felt. She gave herself a devilish smile and walked out to join her family back in the kitchen.
  Donna Mars / Avix / 83d 19h 26m 16s
Lucifer rolled his neck as he climbed out of the bed that the woman laid in. Not even remembering her name he shook his head. He was surprised when he came in and the other woman had already left leaving her number on his nightstand and his bed made. Stretching his arms over his head he walked towards the bathroom and turned on the shower. The scent of food filled his nose causing his stomach to rumble. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he turned on the shower and stepped inside.
The pelting of cold water beating against his skin caused him to sigh softly. Closing his eyes as the water cleared his mind, he thought back to the hallway when he was coming up with the woman. He had sensed someone was at the door across the hall and figured it was the hothead out of the lot. Turning of the water he wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way towards the kitchen, the water leaving a trail behind him. Opening the fridge he looked inside, groaning softly he mentally reminded him to pick up groceries. Grabbing leftovers from the top shelf, he leaned over and turned on the radio on the counter. A smirk tugged onto his lip as he turned the volume up to half way maxed. A laugh filled the room as he popped his food into the microwave and leaned against the counter. [i Let this show begin] he though holding his side as he laughed harder.
  Lucian McAlester / jaie_scarlet / 94d 18h 24m 57s
Alric had raced home, at least that was his intention anyways was to stop no where but home, instead he stopped several places. the first was the creators where him and his siblings had crashed to earth. It was something not many would believe if they were told. The four horsemen crashing to earth. Everyone at least from what he could understand was along the lines of the horsemen didn't work either heaven or Hell, instead they were their own faction within the "eternal war" making sure it didn't spill over into the human world until the apocalypse was upon the world.

The four indeed worked for their own version of it, but more they were a neutral area. They could care less if demons or angels were upon the world, They weren't keepers to humanity, instead they made sure that the angels and demons didn't show themselves to mortals and any that did was swiftly taken care of and sent back to their domain. They were also keepers of the apocalypse. They would ride if the charred council had given them the orders to do so, or if all twelve seals that were placed upon the world were broken.

Alric had looked down at the single creator that was farther away from the others. It was his own. While the others had the grass return to them and animals didn't seem to pay any attention to the holes it seems completely different for his own. Death that was whom he was forever and it will always be that way. The grass had stopped at the edge of the creator and animals with any natural instinct avoided it like death itself. The cracks on the earth seemed to only be growing as the rain and weather wore down the earth in them.

Raising his hand to his eye level Alric had only one thought. How was it that such a powerful being had fallen so low? Family that was the only answer he came up with. Which one of the four had started this? none of them knew for when they were the horsemen they were always together no matter the obstacle, no matter the challenge, no matter the pain they would endure. Where one went the others would always be next to them. That was how close their family was, all the stupid decisions and punishment that went along with it even. Alric let his hand fall as he recalled the reason the four of them had been called into the dark chamber on the day of their fall. It had been his decision to break the next seal without permission and it was him that had caused his sisters and himself to fall. He had known to not let his sisters go, but they were having none of it and went anyway.

Alric got back onto his bike and drove off. Seeing his younger sister and her currently boyfriend walking along the park. He didn't stop however as he knew his sister has had some bad stuff happen because of something her boyfriend didn't like happened. He wouldn't have his sister abused just because of the boytoy on her arm. Making a second stop at the open market Alric picked up a few things for his two sisters he knew would be at home.

Getting on his bike with the bag he drove down the street into his parking spot. Locking up his bike Alric grabbed the keys, placed his helmet on the bike and jumped up the stairs by twos. Fiddling with his keys for a moment as he heard giggles coming from the apartment next to his own he guessed it was the blonde girl from the bar from earlier with Lucian. It hurt mostly hearing stuff like that, but Alric blew it over a few moments later as he heard a yell coming from the kitchen about when he was going to return.

Twisted the door handle open he called out [b "What do you mean when am I going to get home?"] With a twist smug smile on his face he lifted up the bag and placed them on the table as he gave both his sister's a kiss on their checks. Stopping at Donna and grabbed her jawline to show her fresh bruise on his eye he just gave her a look. It wasn't disapproving for he knew she was addicted to fighting like he was to other things, It was also how she made her money for the most part. Instead he reached into the bag and brought out a small jar of Honey for her. [b "Here, I know you use it in that home made stuff you make all the time."]

Going to the fridge Alric grabbed out a beer and sat across the table from Anzu. [b "It smells good though."] Mentioning food only made Alric's belly gargle in anticipation of food finally being stuffed down into it. Digging into the bag for the other item Alric took Anzu's empty beer botle from her to slide across the table a bottle of jack. [b "in Memory of five years now on this planet I've decided we are going to celebrate it with a night out. The four of us. My treat."] Mentioning Desirae like she was there meant he would have to tell her later on.

Smiling to his sisters he pointed to the calendar and marked it. fiveyears to the day it had been. [b "I have even requested the night off so I won't be driving off to work so we can go do something. It is after all in a sense our birthday."] Headed through the house to his room Alric had shut the door to all but a crack as he stripped off his work cloths and underwear to grab a white towel and wrapped it around his waist. Picking up clean clothing along with his phone Alric pulled up his youngest sister Des or to them Famine and texted her. [b [I "Hey family event tonight, no food this time, but your coming or I'll hunt you down and that boyfriend of yours can shove it up his ass for all I care if he doesn't like it."]]

Alric while was the horsemen of death he knew just as well the only reason he could keep Donna in check was the fact he was just as good of a fighter as her, and not many could stand up to the two of them if they paired up, once Alric was on the war path there was no stopping him until he decided he was finished himself. at least not unless you got his sisters to team up together to stop him. [b "Des has been told we are going. I'm getting in the shower."] Stopping for a second in the bathroom he called out from the open door. [b "Does anyone even know Des's new boyfriend's name or is it still the same one I beat the crap out of the last time? Ryan or whatever his name is?"]
  Alric | Le Padre / colorful_insanity / 109d 14h 33m 34s
Giggling to as they walked, holding hands, through the park. The same park she was at that morning. It was the park she could possibly always be found at. They talked like no one else was around, until Ryan's eyes found another girl for a moment. Though Desirae would always push it away, it didn't matter she knew that she was his and he was hers. Plus, she would look at others as well, checking others out was never a problem for these two. Because they knew the other wouldn't go any further than that. Though Desi wouldn't try to do it in front of him, seeing as that meant he would be losing the control he craved and needed in his life.

[b "Let's go to the swing set today?"] Desirae asked as she lightly tugged on his hand in the direction of the swings.

[r "Not today."] Was all he said as he pulled her back in the direction he wanted to go.

[i "You never want to."] The words ran through her head, but she simply nodded and continued to walk by his side. He kept her away from home, especially during dinner time when she didn't ever want to be around her siblings when there was food evolved. Sooner or later that nasty shit is going to get shoved down her throat and that didn't sound like a good time at all to her.

Sighing silently to herself as she thought about her siblings and the power that they used to have. The strength they were as they stood together as The Four Horsemen. Now as they stand, separated and kind of alone as mortal on this planet. Now all she had was a boyfriend that liked to control her and a body to make heads turn, but not enough to please her. She was missing so much more.

She was missing her siblings and how close they used to be.

Lifting her free hand as she wiped a tear that had fallen silently from her eye. She bit her bottom lip as she walked with Ryan. Wondering what he had in store for her today.
  Desirae Allen / Seachelsita / 109d 23h 37m 46s
Well, that was that. Desirae wouldn't be joining them for dinner, it was sad of course but Desirae was as fickle as the wind. At the same time, saying that was hypocritical of herself, as Anzu was also like that, albeit with a different problem. All of them had their own problems, but there was nothing else to do but go on on life and attempt to live through this period of 'mortal' life.

Anzu stayed in the doorway for a few seconds before shrugging her shoulders, and entering the apartment while shutting the door firmly. There was a delightful smell beginning to permeate the apartment, that meant that Donna was in the process of cooking food. The sounds of water boiling in a pot, as well as movement, cutting sounds, and dropping things into water sound, what was Donna cooking this time? A quick peek and it became quite obvious that it had to do something with noodles; there were noodles in the boiling pot of water, or what appeared to be noodles, but it was hard to see exactly what it was.

Anzu didn't really know how to cook herself, the last two attempts had been burned food and almost setting the apartment on fire. Desirae, well it was glaringly and painfully obvious that she just picked up random junk of the ground and ate it, no appreciation for actual food. That left Donna and Alric, they had some knowledge of cooking food, and seeing that all of them were fed nicely -not counting Desirae usually- based on what they had, not a bad job really.

Anzu had by this time walked into the kitchen, then stood while looking at some point in the apartment. The good old days, they had been extremely glorious. The family, so tight knit back then. Ridding around as one spreading nasty things around. Happy times, but those past times were gone, stamped into dust after that stupid ruling. For the past couple of months, instead of four separate parts as one being, it was four separate people who were dealing with their own problems. Anzu hated it, at least when she was not in the mood of not hating it. To her, it was completely stupid being told by someone who didn't do her job, that she had done it improperly. But there was always hope, just maybe there was some chance of going back to be a horseman. A light at the end of a pitch black tunnel.

She heard a loud noise, sounded like a bottle being opened against the counter, followed by the sound of the cap hitting and then rattling on the floor for a few seconds. Footsteps followed, Donna set down a bottle behind where Anzu sat, Donna smiled somewhat before going back to preparing the food. Then Donna asked a question, it came out extremely harsh. But most of the time Desirae didn't bother to join the rest of them for what was called family meal time, Desirae went off somewhere else where none of them could bother her by trying to cram actual food down her mouth. Problems, extreme pain in the ass to deal with.

And the sounds wouldn't be stopping soon, there were footsteps outside in the hallway and the sounds of laughter, female most likely. Donna had heard these sounds and walked up to the door with a knife in hand. Donna looked out the peep hole, looking yonder out and seeing what was causing the noise. After a few short seconds, Donna had backed away and proceeded to tap out her usual rhythm, a repeated tattoo of two beats. Although this time she was using a knife, some chance of cutting herself. That was followed by "Damn it", and then a question concerning Alric's whereabouts. Anzu simply shrugged her shoulders, [+purple "Don't worry, he'll come soon. Give or take a few minutes depending on when he actually left work today. Unless he got into an accident, but that has never happened to him really, mostly it's us that have been in accidents."]
  Anzu Mori / NorthernWolves / 123d 20h 21m 0s
Anzu was the only one to come into the kitchen as Donna started to make food. They didn't have too much in the house but Donna always liked the challenge. She pulled out a box of pasta and went to the fridge and got some butter. She put them side by side. Then she got out some spinach and carrots, put them side by side. Then some chicken and garlic, again, side by side. She wanted one more line so she got some basil and oregano and put that there too.

She started to boil the noodles, using 4 cups of water inside the pan and two dashes of salt. Her sickness sometimes made cooking a terrible thing but when it all fell into place, it could calm Donna down like only fighting could. The only thing was cooking couldn't stop the tick, only pacify it. She waited for the water to boil and looked over at Anzu. She didn't know what to even begin to say to her sister.

They all seemed so close before her banishment, never leaving each other's sides. They were the 4 Horsemen, one singular force made of 4 parts that swept across the universe. Now they were just 4 separate people trying to deal with the sickness of the mortal world.
Donna looked at Anzu and slowly walked over to where she was. Donna took a bottle out of her bag and looked at her. Donna hated that Anzu drank like she did. It lead to her being in some bad places but they hated Donna's fighting as well. Perhaps she needed it like Donna needed it. Donna took the bottle and brought it over to the counter. She put the cap on the side of the counter and slammed it down, popping the cap off and letting it rattle to the floor. She placed it on the table where Anzu normally sat and gave her sister a quick, half smile before turning to her boiling water.

She poured the pasta in, taking it in two handfuls and placing it inside the water.
"[#9d1028 [b So is Desirae going to grace us with her presence or ... ?]]"
Donna didn't mean for it to come out so harshly but it did. Her other sister ate nothing and generally didn't join "family meal time". It had been a couple months now since Desirae joined the dinner table. Donna turned and started to cut the chicken, first vertically in half and then in half again, and again until it was bitable. She pulled out a pan and threw the chicken in there, using a little bit of the butter, two knife cuts.

Then she heard it, the loud stomping footsteps on the stairs and the giggle of a female. She clenched the knife in her hands and stormed past the table. She walked right up to the door and looked out the peep hold to their apartment door. She saw nothing but blonde hair and a big ass clad in a tight fitting skirt. The man was completely obscured, Donna only able to get glimpses of his arm or the top of his hair as they moved though the stairwell. She wanted to assume that was the man who was stupid enough to fuck with her sisters but she knew better than to make violent assumptions. It had lead to jail time before. Alric was the one who saved her. She backed away from the door, tapping the flat of the knife in the rhythm of two against her leg.
"[#9d1028 [b Damn it.]]" She muttered, turning back towards the kitchen. "[#9d1028 [b Where is Alric?]]" She said aloud, partly to herself and also for Anzu. He should be home any moment. She opened the container of garlic and tried to push all the annoyance she felt from her mind and body.
  Donna Mars / Avix / 146d 8h 3m 42s
Lucifer had sat in the parking lot of the bar after he left. He had the blonde woman from inside sitting in his passenger seat babbling on about something that he had no interest in what so ever. He kept his eyes on Alric watching him interact with the other humans that he seemed to be friendly with. Seeing the man that he had gotten in an altercation with come up towards him had peaked his interest. Laughter slipped from his lips as he saw the face of the man turn red with anger "still the charmer" he muttered as he reversed out of the parking lot and headed back to the apartment.

He pulled up to the apartment complex and parked in his spot. Climbing out of the car he walked up to the door, hearing the blonde woman following after him he smirked. Tonight was going to be a good night he thought with a grin as he opened his front door and let her inside before him.
  Lucian McAlester / Jaie_Scarlet / 147d 22h 36m 56s
Alric had servered several drinks before he could finally slow down. Long island Ice teas, White Russians, brews by twos and threes were going over the counter with money being exchanged for the drinks obviously. He had tapped into his nerve that allowed him to go into the bartender mode instead of that of an exotic dancer. Hearing several more orders come out over the bar for people the words had caught his ears of conversations as they happened here and there. Something about someone buying another a drink, another about going back to their hotel down the road for an eventful night. A small chuckle came out of Alric as he thought [i "The only fun You'll likely have is not throwing up on each other while trying to sleep."] Then again he hadn't really been one for drinking.

Alric had kept putting out drinks just as fast as they were being ordered, however his mind went other places such as his first and only time he had been drinking. It had been at the very bar he now worked in. Standing at the door naked a few people thought he was already drunker then a man who couldn't hit a bucket. He had someone give him some cloths from the lost and found that night. An odd pair of black skinny jeans that seemed a tad to loose on his very slender figure. A white Tee that looked like he was trying to fit himself into a child Tee. A jacket of course covered his mid section as someone zipped up a funny looking thing over his shirt. He had managed to stay barefoot most of the night until several people stepped on his toes eventually someone tossed him a pair of steal toed shoes that didn't seem to stay on his feet without falling off every few steps.

While trying to walk himself away from everything and to the bathroom he trip and fell into a man who wa now stairing at him from across the bar. How he ended up in the man's bed he would never know he wasn't even his type either. Long straight blonde hair, Blue eyes. Much bigger then he was at least when the two got together. Short and older by way to many years even in human standard for anyone concern they could have been father and son. Looking up alric got direct contact from the man who only smiled. He was a player and was in here every night trying to find a new trick to turn, however something about Alric kept drawing the man, perhaps it was the supernatural part of the boy. He was after all Death, or well he use to be.

Perhaps it was the fact that He had went from a skinny scarecrow like figure to a swimmer type with the abs and everything that went with it. He was to most people a Godly figure that seemed untoucable as Alric would turn down drinks from most peple or even just the occasional hook up after work from women or even guys as they came at him. Having a ear full from a women constantly telling a man no that was sitting next to her and something about him and her getting together or him buying her another drink it went on and on. That was until Alric's neighbor who came in here almost every night said something to the guy.

Alric grabbed a towel and a glass and procedded to clear the glass only to end up between the two. [b "If your going to fight I must insist you do it outside away from the bar, so we don't have to call the police."] Alric's eyes dead locked with Lucian's then with the blonde male who's name he had rembered was Kevin. [b "I also insist the both of you leave the women alone."] Nodding to the women who was basically a couple more drinks from throwing up if not worse passing out.

Passing out his first and only Angel's kiss beverage Alric put the towel back on the other side of the bar. Stepping into the back again Alric took a few deep breaths as he stepped back around the bar and was still serving drinks until the end of his shift at three in the morning. Alric had finally stepped out of the bar to see groups of people leaving, some in twos and others in threes or more. One group of people was Lucian and the blonde girl from the small scene earlier. Another was Kevin the blonde with a new young boy toy attached to his hip like a long lost puppy, but Kevin's eyes were on Alric as he exited the bar.

Grabbing his helmet and placing it upon his head Alric swung his leg across his bike only to get stopped from speeding off by one of his co-workers [I "Alric where you off in a rush to?"] Alric had just turned his key to start his bike when he leaned backwords and placed his feet on the ground. [b "Home like usual Tony. to have yet another empty bed and probably sleepless night."] Tony of corse knew Alric was lying he would go home and do his usual. He'd eat something and then lock himself into his room and pop the pain pills of morphine like they were candy. Tony had stepped away from the bike however as Kevin came up to Alric with his little boy toy in tow behind him.

[i "Your friend is Lucky there Tony. I would hate to mess up a pretty face that worked for the bar for stepping between a fight."] That made Alric laugh a little bit. [b "I doubt had I not said anything he'd have wipped the floor with you there Kevin."] The blonde seemed to turn red and stormed off back to his car. Alric leaned forward and raced home.
  Alric | Le Padre / Colorful_insanity / 162d 22h 38m 33s
A shiver ran down her spine at the thought of being force fed food, though her sisters had a good point. Better get it over with before their brother came home. Sighing as she dropped her head, it didn't make sense to her. It didn't taste food to her and she always felt like shit after eating what they call 'real food.'

"Desi! Baby!"

Desirae looked up quickly as she heard her name. It was her boyfriend. She giggled and smile as she looked up at her sisters. "Sorry girls, but maybe another time. I have to go spend sometime with the boyfriend." She quickly jumped up and skipped down the steps. Not giving her sisters the chance to pull her back, somehow she had been able to escape the terrible act of eating 'real food'. She jumped onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as she pressed her lips against his. His arms automatically wrapping around her to keep her from falling.

They stood like that for a moment before she felt him push her off of him. "Sorry." She muttered softly as she tucked some of her hair behind her ear, looking up at the man through her eyelashes.

"Let's go." He spoke, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and basically pulling her down the street with her.

She smiled to herself, she was safe from her sisters, but a feeling turned in her stomach. A feeling she didn't quite understand, but it seemed to happen a lot around her boyfriend, Ryan.
  Desirae Allen / seachelsita / 166d 35m 29s
All of it, everything that had just happened, it was so confusing. It made her head about the sequence of events, all wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, feel horribly confused and unsure. Adding to these troubles, there was another internal trouble; gut feeling and her brain having an argument. Her gut feeling told her that this ass of a guy who had simply took something she had bought without asking for permission from her was someone who was familiar, but who exactly not known. Her brain on the other hand didn't think this was at all possible, and was screaming at the gut feeling to shut the fuck up. The gut feeling in being told to shut its trap by the brain, started yelling at the brain to shut its trap. Anzu gripped her head in frustration as this argument went on unabated inside her, completely oblivious to anyone outside.

This didn't go on forever, what exactly the gut feeling and the brain did to resolve this situation even Anzu herself didn't know, all she knew she was suddenly hearing her sister complain about the guy taking petals away from the flower on her sister's head. Typical asshole, didn't care naught for personal space nor property, talked like he knew every minute detail about them, and then walking away without so much as a goodbye; there were many expletives that Anzu had, but to list them all would take a few pages.

And then she heard Donna's voice, had Donna been out this whole time that she had seen and heard what had happened? Or had she merely waltzed in after the storm had passed its way? At this point, it didn't really matter to Anzu whether it was the former or the latter with all the quite recent confusion still attempting to be made sense of, like a puzzle where the last step was irritatingly somewhere in deep space. Wait, didn't Donna say something about making dinner? If yes, that was quite a good idea, something to fill the stomach and lull the mind so there could be peace and quietness.

After Donna had walked inside and slammed the door shut, only once instead of the customary two times, Anzu stood up and stretched to get the feeling of life back into her legs. During the stretch she yawned and then yawned out some words, [+purple "That would definitely be an excellent idea"], to no one in particular except herself, maybe. After it felt like her legs felt more or less alive, Anzu turned around and walked to the closed door to their apartment. Before putting her hand to the door handle Anzu stopped, had a quick thought, and then acted.

Turning around to her other sister, the girl with the broken rose in her head, [+purple "Come on, let's get you something to eat that can be actually called food. Before Alric comes home from work and forces me and Donna to shove some actual food down your throat."] Was it the best way to convince? Perhaps not, but it was better to be forced to eat by two people instead of three people.
  Anzu Mori / NorthernWolves / 166d 10h 46m 45s
Donna mind flared up in red but she started tapping her fingers quickly in their usual rhythm.
[i Tap, Tap. Tap, Tap.]
Her mind slowed, but only enough for her to get some words out.
"[#9d1028 [b You both shouldn't be sitting around in the hall anyway. Drinking and eating petals by the look of it.]]" She looked her youngest sister in the eyes and then up to the flower in her hair already missing more petals than the one that she said the stranger took. She looked over at her other sister who sat on the stairs not looking at her but instead looking down where the beer bottle had hit and shattered. Donna felt the tapping at her side getting more fast paced, the only time she stopped was for a brief second between the two taps. She took two deep breaths and licked her top and bottom lip, dry and getting ready to crack.
"[#9d1028 [b Can you both just come inside and we can eat something while waiting for Alric to get back? I'll make whatever you want.]]"

Donna opened the door and left it open, though she wanted to shut it to make it two. Open and close out there and open and close inside. She waited a full two seconds before shutting the door. Her body instantly stopped craving and she stared at it blankly. They all were dealing with their illnesses in their own ways. Donna knew that if she hadn't fought that day she would have probably flown off the handle and yelled at Anzu for throwing the bottle and Desirae for eating random shit again. But that was an argument that she just wasn't willing to have. Her body was finally starting to hurt and her condition was getting worse. Her fingers still tapped the rhythm on her legs as she walked to the kitchen to start some form of food.
  Donna Mars / Avix / 189d 3h 25m 57s
Lucian smirked to himself as he sipped at his drink. Watching as the male walked past his table. Placing his drink down on the table he stood up and headed towards the bar. Sitting down on the bar stool and listening to the endless chatter of the annoying humans. He looked for some entertainment. Watching as a male kept touching a woman that was sitting next to him, he shook his head [i Idiot men. They do not know when to stop] he thought to himself as he caught the attention of the bartender. Placing an order for a whole bottle of whiskey, he waited patiently before he intervened [b "Hey! Little guy the lady has said no about a millions times. Do you not understand the English language or do you prefer to speak asshole instead??"] he asked as he nodded his head at the bartender as they placed his bottle infront of him. Feeling the man place his hand on his shoulder [i Oh I love when they want to have a fight] he thought as he shrugged the mans hand off his shoulder. Taking his left hand he swung it as hard as he could and aimed straight for the males nose. Watching as the blood sputtered from out of his nose and he stumbled back before he passed out. Lucian laughed as he poured himself a glass of whiskey and knocked it back.

Getting the attention of the bartender again, he requested for a drink to be sent back for Alric but made sure to tell her it was from an admirer. He chuckled as he watched the bartender walk away. Looking over at the female that sat beside him, he gave her a heart melting smile. He knew who was going to warm his bed tonight.
  Lucian McAlester / Jaie_Scarlet / 198d 23h 25m 52s
[b "What the fuck.... That was my pretty flower!"] She muttered to herself as she watched the man walk down the stairs and to his car. She was planning on keep that one. She pulled it from her hair to look to see if she needed to go find another one. Sometimes one missing petal can ruin the look of the look of a rose. She took a deep breath as she looked back at her sister. "Well, normally I get shit shoved down my throat if any of you figure out that I haven't eaten for weeks." She growled softly before she eyes looked in the direction of her other sister exiting the apartment to be with the two of them.

She sighed softly and looked at the rose in her hand. [b "He pulled a petal from my pretty rose...."] She took a moment more before she slipped it back into her hair. She didn't like the thought of someone taking her petals. She bit her bottom lip as she let her eyes wander around. There was something familiar about the man, but she couldn't exactly put a finger on it.
  Desirae Allen / Seachelsita / 205d 20h 48m 30s
It was perfect sitting on top of the staircase, it was quiet, no one was pestering her, she was alone, and the current personality was in a good shape. At least everything was going well, till another bout of paranoia hit her; this time it was about actively being watched by someone. Turning around, there was no one outside staring at her. But perhaps someone inside their apartment was actively watching her, but she wasn't doing anything really interesting. Or maybe she was just overreacting, perhaps someone was about to exit their apartment when they saw something on the staircase, and before exiting their apartment decided to check it out; each apartment had a lens which one could see through to see what was on the other side of the door.

Turning back to relaxation, someone at the bottom had come in. She could hear their footsteps come closer and closer to the steps until they suddenly stopped, and she thought she heard someone whispering shit. Once the person actually came into view, it turned out to be her sister Desirae, and most likely she had been eating something that humans wouldn't consider food. Desirae would most likely be worrying about her trying to force feed her regular food, but at least right now she didn't give a damn what Desirae ate. [+purple "Nothing much really, if that's what you're asking. And here's a tip, if you at least want to hide the fact that you've been eating something other than food, do a better job of hiding it. Otherwise, I honestly could care less what you ate."] Followed by another swig from the bottle.

And then there was the sound of a door opening behind her, followed by footsteps which came up to the two of them and stopped where the two of them were. All of a sudden the bottle that had been in her hands was taken out, followed by a comment on how shitty it tasted, before returning it empty to her. Next, the guy took a rose petal out of Desirae's hand and made a comment on how much better it tasted, before running off downstairs and out the building.

She was left speechless for awhile, all this that had happened was still taking sometime to make its way through her head. Donna came up and asked a question which also brought her out of her deep thought. [+purple "To put it simply, some guy comes down, insults both of us, before running off to whoever the hell knows where."] A wave of frustration had built up, the released wave was Anzu taking the bottle and throwing it down the stairs. [+purple "And how the hell does he know our names?"]
  Anzu Mori / Arya / 208d 9h 8m 11s

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