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The Four horsmen of the apocolipse are charged with Job Incompetiance and gross misconduct by the council of saints. The result, was the discharge of the four horsemen, in other words they were fired from their jobs. The Horsemen are now forced to live in the worst place they could imagine, New York city, New York. Forced to live as humans now the horsemen have to contend with the fact no one knows who they are, or what they are. To make matters even worse. Their next door neighbors are the archangel Michael, and Lucifer.

The crazed four horsemen must learn how to live lives just like the humans do, how to fight the urges humans have, or how to sedate them even. Hunger, thirst, shelter, companionship, perhaps even the use of the bathroom. All of this is new to them. Ontop of all their human issues as a group each horsemen has their own issues to deal with as well.
How will the four horsemen get through their lives as mortals? Will they ever be known as the four horsemen ever again? Will Lucifer or Michael perhaps drive them crazy?

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[center Famine The youngest of the group. Famine fights with Pica, and goes weeks or months without any actual food in her system. Her family, or others within their little group somehow manage to get her to eat, but its very rare that she actually eats healthy. She also fights with a controlling boyfriend.]

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[center Pestilence The oldest in the group. Pestilence Fights with Atlantis Complex, a psychosis commonly found in young adults. The symptoms include Obsessive compulsive behavior, Paranoia, and Myltipe personality disorder. The disease isn't fatel, but uncurable. Pestilence is also fighting with being an alcoholic.]

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[center War The middle in the group of girls. War fights with anger issues and Bipolar disorder. War is mostly found on the streets in fight clubs and such, only having Death pull her away from it most of the time. War also happens to be fighting a very strong Order Compulsive disorder.]

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[Center Death, The only male within the group. Death fights with depression and suicidal tendencies. He's come close repeatedly to killing himself, but his sisters or some other member of their little group seems to always be saving his life. He also fights with an abusive use of morphine along with his secret life of being a homosexual.]

[center [size15 [b Rules and Regulations]]
[center 1. All ES rules apply.]
[center 2. This is a slice of life rp, Yes there will be fighting, but no there will be no killing.]
[center 3. Pics are to be artish please, not exactly anime, not exactly real.]
[center 4. I'd prefer a decent length of writing, but I'm not picky all I ask is you give me and those in the Rp something to work with.]]
[center 5. This is not a first come first serve Rp, I must ask you fill out a skeleton and send it to me Via Pm. The pm is to be titled with your Favorite fruit.]
[center 6. As I feel this story progresses I will be throwing more characters into the mix, so stay toned incase you don't get a spot.]
[Center 7. I must ask that we keep this small group rap alive and going. So if your going to be gone for more then two or three days I must ask you let me know somehow. If I see you are gone longer then a week and I want given notice I will potential believe you've dropped off the planet and either get rid of your character or kill them off in some way of my if you are gone and you come back to see that you are no longer in the rp and wish to rejoin I would like a pm with a reason as to why you were gone and why you couldn't send me a quick pm or posting in the chat that you'd be gone.]

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[center [b Role:] Which Role is your character? Lucifer? Michael? One of the four Horsemen?]

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[Center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Lusami]]
[Center [b Name:] Mikhail Iijima]
[Center [b Age:] 31]
[Center [b Role:] The Archangel Michael; 'Patron Saint of Chivalry/Warriors']

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[Center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Mortis]]
[Center [b Name:] Lucis Morningstar ]
[Center [b Age:] 27]
[Center [b Role:] The fallen Archangel Samael; 'The Lightbringer']

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[center [b Name:] Alric Le Padre]
[center [b Age:] 23]
[center [b Role:] Death]

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[center [b Name:] Anzu Mori]
[center [b Age:] 29]
[Center [b Role:] Pestilence]

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[Center [b Name:] Lorella Amari]
[Center [b Age:] 24]
[Center [b Role:] War]

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[Center [b Name:] Lunaria Selene]
[Center [b Age:] 21]
[Center [b Role:] Famine]

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[Center saint Anastasia]
[Center the twin angels of raphael and raziel]


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Right after punching Lorella, Anzu heard Lunaria screaming before running out of the room. Anzu just stood there, looking at Lorella with a drunken stupor, waiting for Lorella to do something.

THe first thing that Lorella did was to scream at Anzu, and Anzu could care less about the things that she had done wrong. At least she had done more things right than Lorella, and it was the right things that mattered, and not the wrong ones. Anzu smiled as she saw Lorella wiggled her jaw, she had caused her sister some pain. Anzu was about to chuckle, but Lorella slammed her against the wall while holding her hair tightly. That had hurt significantly. It even served as a temporary tonic, temporarily causing Anzu to go outside of her drunkenness, everything becoming clearer, before sinking back into her drunken stupor.

Lorella again yelled at her, this time threatening to walk out of the place with Lunaria, before running out of the apartment. Anzu clutched the back of her head, massaging the spot where the head had come in hard, physical contact with the wall. The rest of her head was slightly hurting from the aftershock of the impact. If she hadn't been drunk, Anzu would have taken some pills to help relieve some of the pain. But with all the alcohol in her blood, she'd most likely end up dead.

Walking over to the bathroom, Anzu turned on the tap water for cold water. Leaning down over, Anzu let the cold water collect in her connected hands before splashing and rubbing it over her face. It was a definite shock, but it helped relieve most of the drunken feelings. Anzu splashed herself a few more times with the cold water, rubbing her face rigorously each time, before turning off the tap and drying her face on a small towel.

Anzu decided to check upon Lunaria, just to make sure she hadn't cut herself. Walking over to her room, Anzu quietly opened it. Lunaria hadn't cut herself, but Lunaria wasn't ok. Lunaria had just vomited into a small trashcan, the world kept going to hell over and over again.

Anzu sat down on the bed besides Lunaria, placing a hand over her shoulder.
  Anzu Mori / NorthernWolves / 5d 19m 21s
Lorella staggered back slightly, bringing her hand to touch, the now painful, mark on her chin where her sister had hit. She dropped her hands to her sides, fists clenched, and watched her younger sister leave the room. Closing her eyes she took in a deep breath, trying to ignore the sounds of Lunaria throwing up that were seeping through the thing apartment walls.

[b "You hear that? Why can't you do [i ANYTHING] right?" ] Lorella snapped, now looking at her older sister. She wiggled her jaw slightly, the pain had dulled but her anger was just growing. Taking a step closer to her sister she grabbed a fistful of her hair and without thinking shoved Anzu against the wall, slamming her head hard enough to hurt but still restraining a lot of her strength. [b "Sober the heck up before I come back. Do it otherwise I'm taking Lunaria and we're getting the heck out of this place." ] Letting go of her sisters hair she grabbed her keys and stormed out the apartment, ignoring her lack of shoes or jacket.

Lorella ran down the stairs but stopped before she reached the door to the outside world. She pressed her hands to her face and let out a frustrated scream. Her emotions were getting harder and harder to control. Part of her wanted to run back upstairs and tell Anzu she had been a bitch and she was sorry, but the other half wanted her to carry on walking out that door and never stop. [b "Damn it, damn them, damn this stupid place to hell" ] She said, dropping her hands from her face. She threw open the front door and walked onto the street, the wind caught her and sent a chill down her arms.

A passerby looked at Lorella, her hair damp, no jacket or shoes and her cheeks red with anger. Though they didn't say anything, Lore took offence. [b "What? You got a problem?" ] She took a few steps after the passerby and threw her arms up in the air in frustration. [b "Come on then, if you've got a problem come and say it to my face." ] The man wasn't stopping and appeared to be openly ignoring her. She carried on walking after him. [b "Scared to fight a girl? I'd take you in one hit mate." ] She taunted.
  Lorella Amari / Burningsxn / 6d 9h 12m 11s
Alric had arrived at work shortly after leaving home. Five minutes at most had arrived him at a club. While people were lining up outside already Alric stepped up to the bouncer and just waved to him. [b "Hey mike."] Mike gave the man a nod and stepped forward to put a pause on the line that seemed to be growing even more so. Looking up at the sign above the doorway. Stardust, The name of the club, shown brightly to the streets all over. The building covered the entire block and was split into four different areas and was three stories high. Each story and each room had its own little theme to it.

Stepping into the blare of music and lights Alric crossed the bar quickly to step behind the counter. [b "Sorry Lacy had I know you were this busy I would have come in earlier."] Lacy, a girl with bright red hair tied up in a bun with a white button up and black jeans on just huffed over to him which was her typical answer so she could concentrate on whatever alcoholic beverage she was working on. Passing out several beers himself Alric looked across the room to see several more people stepping into the little room.

Lacy took a deep breath in and let it out in a sign which alric had noticed. Stepping next to her and taking ahold of the bottles she had he just said. [b "I got it, you go take a break."] Sliding without even a word Lacy was gone without a second word. Alric of course however kept the pace going even if it was the two of them there. As he was working Alric heard his phone go off several times, but at the time he didn't have any time to check his phone.

His guess would be one of his sisters, or more were texting him about what was going on at home. It seemed he was the only person who could keep peace anymore between them sense their banishment from the otherworld. Perhaps if they understood that it was his fault they were all banished they wouldn't look so kindly upon him as their leader in this world. They worked as a team in the past, and would have to again if they were to ever make it through life.

As his thoughts haunted him Lacy it seemed came back and was screaming at him. [b [i "ALRIC YOUR SPILLING."]] blinking a few times Alric caught himself overfilling a shot glass with rum. Shaking his head and tipping the bottle so it no longer had the liquid coming out he set it down and washed his hands. Moving the shot into a new glass. [b "Sorry lacy."] Checking his phone really fast he saw it was actually from the one person he hadn't heard from in a while. [b [i "Well who is it texting you Alric? Not one of your sisters already?"]] Alric just shock his head. [b "Matthew is texting me."]

Hearing that name seemed to perk up Lacy's interest. [b [i "You mean the booty call from last week?"]] Alric just rolled his eyes at the women. [b [i "Have you told your sisters yet?"]] Once again Alric rolled his eyes at the women. [b "If I told them now it'd just make more problems in our family then what we need right now."] Lacy just shrugged it off. [b [i "Speaking of the booty call, look who just walked in."]] Looking up Alric saw Lucis his newest addition of Neighbor. And followed closely behind him was Mikhail his neighbor from the other side of the apartment.

Hearing his phone go off again Alric checked it to see his sister Lunaria texted him about the other two fighting. He quickly sent back an answer to hear his phone go off again about how they were fighting over her and the boyfriend. He sent back to tell them to stop fighting and that he would take care of it. He also sent that she might want to put the cover up on that he had given her earlier before the two of them saw exactly how badly the bruising was and not just around her eye.

as he put his phone away a voice came across the bar that sounded all to familiar. [b "Hey sexy."] Alric turned around to see matthew sitting at the bar. [b "Hi Matthew, What can I get ya tonight?"] Matthew just gave a devil wicked smile. [b "Just a piece of you."] Alric waved it off. [b "I am at work as you can see."] With that matt came back with a quick answer. [b "Your always here, and you seem to be ignoring me as of lately."] Alric shrugged. [b "No, just been busy."] Of course he didn't have to tell the lie as they both knew he was indeed avoiding Matt.
  Death Patron / Colorful_insanity / 16d 22h 42m 17s
Lunaria watched in despair as her sisters fought, blaming herself for everything. If only she had left her bf, if only she ate normal food, and so on. She forced herself to eat, despite having lost her appetite. She hoped that by looking at the table, her fighting sisters would stop. It never worked. She felt like vomiting. Her emotions became a knot in her stomach. She slammed her food down, sending particles of it all over the table.
"Enough! I can't believe you two fight so much over an insignificant bug like me!" Tears quickly streamed down her cheeks. Her eyes were stinging, and her stomach hurt. She quickly picked up her ears and tail and ran to her room. She had given anything sharp to her older brother, scared for her own safety. Scared of herself. She cried to herself, blaming everything bad that had happened on herself. She finished off the last of the toothpaste, and vomited into the small trash can in her room.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 24d 4h 22m 25s
The first person she met, was her younger sister Lorella. Ex-horseman, or horsewoman, of war, now an equivalent of a street brawler. Paid to beat the shit and occasionally anything else out of men who were bigger to her.

And of course the first thing Anzu heard out of Lorella's mouth was the whole deal about being drunk. As if there was a problem getting drunk every now and again. If Lorella was so worried about health, then why did she fight? Constantly fighting wore one out, and the constant beating the body got could not be healthy at all. These were just some of the little ironies that they had do deal with, some of the other ironies were much more serious and usually ended in some sort of family fight.

By that time, Alric had walked up close enough to where Lorellea noticed him; another safety related comment, Lorella could jusr never shut the fuck up about those could she?? This constant worry from Lorella was starting to drive Anzu up the wall. It was pretty high, but not high enough for Anzu to walk up to Lorella and punch her, which had happened on a 'few' previous occasions.

Alric completely ignored Lorella's safety rant, and instead focused on what his sister's had been doing. As usual to Anzu's displeasure, Alric seemed to approve more of Lorella's actions than hers, which just did not make sense. And contrary to what Alric thought, Anzu did not go out with complete strangers. Most strangers didn't dare go out with a girl who looked, and sometimes even acted very aggressively. Most guys preffered a girl who would be submissive, and that meant that by being aggressive most males would stay the fuck away, which always went according to plan.

Then Alric left, but after reminding them to take care of the lazy asshole of a sister Lunaria. In her current state, Anzu didn't give a shit about what Lunaria even did. Lunaria kept going out with the same abusive bf, and didn't seem to learn that it would be a great idea to leave. Also not eating any proper food. There was food that was ready, hell there were sisters who could make food, but Lunaria didn't even ask. What a lazy ditz.

Lorella had by this time yelled at Lunaria, Anzu approved of that. But what Anzu did not approve of, was that Lorella began yelling at her about older sister responsibilities. Hey, if someone didn't want to do shit even when helped, what was the whole point in even trying to help them? There, was, no, point, what, so, ever! For all Anzu cared, at least in her current personality, Lunaria could get hurt again and again, and Anzu wouldn't trouble herself over it.

There was a moment of calm, but it wasn't the calm which meant that the situation had ended; it was the calm before the storm. As Anzu began to turn around, she saw Lorella raise a fist and punch her. The punch hurt, it hurt a lot. Anzu awkwardly swung around in a drunken stupor, being herself completely enraged by having her younger sister punch her. The rage was so high that without even thinking, Anzu swung hard at Lorella, aiming at her chin.
  Anzu Mori / NorthernWolves / 24d 16h 45m 50s
Lorella pulled away from her brothers' grip on her face. If it had been one of her sisters, she would have hit them, but she owed Alric her life, and that stopped her trying to kill him... sometimes. She watched him put the jacket on and leave the apartment. She didn't argue with his comment about driving him to work but she would have felt safer if he had let her drive him nonetheless. She knew the kinds of people that walked these streets, she had been fighting them a few hours ago.

Walking back into the kitchen she opened the fridge, pulled out leftover take-out food and slammed it down in front of Lunaria. She saw how hard it was for her sister to eat proper food but even after years of watching her siblings strive to help the youngest overcome her disorder, she still couldn't understand it. [b "If I hear you crunching that ice one more time, I will shove this food down your throat myself." ] She snapped. Lorella then noticed her younger sisters black eye and paused for a moment before turning to Anzu.

[b "Have you seen this? Have you seen what that bastard did to her face?" ] She growled stepping closer to her older sister. [b "How could you let this happen, you know she needs protecting!" ] She snapped. Running her hands through her dark hair she started to pace back and forth. She could feel the familiar anger in the pit of her stomach, threatening to overspill. [b "How many times does she have to get hurt before you start acting like a proper sister" ] She clenched her fists and closed her eyes, trying to calm her emotions. It wasn't working. She took a deep breath in, and again, was hit by the smell of her sisters alcohol.

Lorella opened her eyes and stared into the face of Anzu. [i Don't do it Lore, it will end badly for both of you ] The soft voice inside her head, the one that spoke to her everytime she was about to do something stupid, was drowned out - as it so often was - quickly by her raw animosity towards her drunk sibling. In a slipt second she had raised her arm and bought it down, her open palm connecting with her sisters face. Lorellas face was pure anger, the hostile thoughts were now filling her head, threatening to take over as they so often did in her bipolar episodes.
  Lorella Amari / Burningsxn / 28d 7h 26m 38s
Alric had stepped into the shower letting the hot water stream over his already warn out pale skin. When he had heard his other sisters return from wherever they were at. That was if they had left at all. Lunaria it seemed hadn’t moved from the couch in almost a week’s worth of time. Anzu he guess from hearing the clinking of glass together went and got some more beer from the corner store after work. While it would kill her one day and even get her into trouble spots he thought it was much better then Lorella’s tendency to go out and look for a fight. Stepping out of the Shower and placing on his normal attire of a Tee and skinny jeans he made his way into the living room and threw a rag to Lunaria, [b “If you’re going to be home and longue around all day the least you can do is help clean up the place to.”] Setting down a small bottle of something on the table. [b “I’d also cover the black eye your boyfriend gave you so Lorella and Anzu don’t see it.”]

Setting into the kitchen for a quick bite to eat he was assaulted by a similar smell of his sister Anzu’s habit to drink herself stupid sometimes. He had guessed that is what she had done the last time to. Perhaps working as a bartender covered the smell for her wasn’t the best idea for her habit, but it was work none the less and he couldn’t complain. Sitting at the table between the two he shifted and said without skipping a beat. [b “Lorella, she at least has the smell to go with her look.”] Grabbing ahold of Lorella’s face he shifted it left and right to see the newly formed bruises. [b “We also know she won’t be dead being stupid.”] Letting his sister’s face go he turned to Anzu and tapped the beer. [b “I hope you also know that going out with random strangers you’re going to end up in a ditch like Lorella wants you to.”]

Headed towards the door Alric stopped as Lorella demanded he take a jacket as it was chilly out.[b “I’ll take the jacket, but I don’t see why you need to keep driving me when I have my own bike now to.”] Grabbing the keys to his 1964 Indian runner. Taking the black leather jacket as well from Lorella he put it on to show it was a tad small on his build. Grabbing also his helmet he walked out the door before anyone else could say anything calling out. [b “Make sure Lunaria does something today other then eat the Ice she’s been munching on for the past week.”]

Taking the stairs down he stopped for a second at the door next to their own. Lucis Morningstar. He was their neighbor for almost six months now, but he managed to piss them all off quickly. He always was doing something stupid and kept most of them up at night with the random women or men that would come to his apartment for some ‘fun’. To say the man was a man slut was an undertone. Hearing a girl moaning from the door Alric rolled his eyes and finished his decent down the stairs to the bike he had gotten. Parked next to his sisters they were hard to tell apart, accept Alric’s had a spider design into it on the headlight.
Taking off to work Alric arrived about thirty minutes later.
  Death Patron / Colorful_insanity / 30d 1h 35m 42s
Lunaria was laying on the couch, tired. She was trying to eat a large piece of ice, and had barely gotten any sleep. This was reinforced by the bags under her eyes. She hadn't eaten anything normal in over a week. She was at the point where you could see her ribs if you look close enough. She didn't want to do crap.

She was the youngest of the four, and had always believed that they would always be the four horsemen. Now, they were mortal. Humans. Nobodies. She didn't bother fighting. She didn't bother yelling and complaining. She didn't do much anymore. She just gave up, which is probably why she's still with her boyfriend.

She had her plush ears and tail laying on the table, to her, the only good thing that came out of this. She heard her sister open the door, and, without even looking in Anzu's direction, weakly yelled from the couch. "Can you get me some red wine?" Lunaria had just turned 21 a few days ago, and red wines were already a go to drink for her, especially after dealing with her boyfriend.

She didn't care where her brother was going. She didn't care where any of them went. She just didn't want to leave herself. She didn't want to leave, because, if she did, there's a high chance she'll run into her boyfriend. It was like the world hated her, then again, it probably did. Lunaria just kept scouring Netflix, looking for anything worth watching.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 38d 18h 10m 22s
Lorella lent over the wash basin and spat blood onto the white veneer. She turned the water on and breathed out a frustrated sigh. [i How did I get here? ] It had only been a few years since they had crashed to earth, the mortal part of her had struggled to adjust like her sisters had. Jobs, friends, boyfriends. All things she couldn't commit to. Deep down she had blamed the others, war was everywhere and she had worked hard to keep it that way. She prided herself in the work she did and yet they had banished her along with her siblings, claiming they hadn't been fulfilling their roles, their purpose... So what was her purpose now?

The landing to earth had changed her somehow, she was angry and couldn't control her temper. One minute she was laughing with her family and the next she was throwing things and slamming her fists into the walls in a blind rage. She blamed the council more than anything, she often told them. They had taken away her reign of war and made her into the thing she had despised. A weak mortal.

Now she spent the evenings fighting in a local club, winning money for beating men twice her size to a bloody mess. Lorella turned the hot water off and looked up at the mirror. [b "You look a mess, and not the hot kind" ] She told herself, taking in the dried blood smeared across her cheek and the bruising under her eye. [b "This is why I need my own place" ] She grumbled aloud, hearing the voices in the hallway.

Cleaning off the blood from her face and knuckles she changed her clothes, discarding her dirty ones on the bathroom floor and tied her damp hair up. Leaving the bathroom she walked towards the kitchen and came face to face with her sister. [b "Anzu, if you're going to smell like a homeless hooker, could you at least live on the street like one?" ] She said, sniffing the alcohol on the girl. She loved her family but the anger, from seeing her sister destroying her mortal body with alcohol, rose inside of her ready to lash out.

She pushed past her sister and looked her brother up and down before sighing and picking up a jacket off the side to hand to him. [b "If you're not going to let me drive you to work anymore, then you need to stay warm." ] She grumbled, annoyed that he refused to go on the back of her bike as she "drove like she wanted to crash". Being the middle sister meant she had the confusing sense of protecting them but also being protected. Alric had saved her life more than a few times since being on Earth and the least she could do was make sure he didn't get cold going to work.
  Lorella Amari / Burningsxn / 28d 7h 55m 48s
One step, two steps, three steps, four steps. Reset back to one, go back up to four and repeat. Anzu was walking up to the apartment she shared with her family, the three other horsemen who like her were stuck in the mortal plane as punishment. Who would have thought that Death, War, Famine and Pestilence would walk the earth as mere mortals, simply because they had not done their jobs properly. She remembered what had happened one and four years ago, and ‘twas an angry memory. Being told that the four of them were doing their jobs improperly by someone who did not do their jobs was infuriating, but the judge had not cared. The judge had simply ejected them and had the four of them literally fall.

The landing was painful, unexpectedly coming to a stop against the hard earthen dirt. Her only brother Death had hit so hard that their had been a crater where he had fallen. The judges had not only stripped them of their jobs, but of literally everything; standing up and realizing that one was naked was no fun at all. After that, it had been a few painful years as all of them struggled with adapting to the mortal world which they had used to walk with impunity, as well as with personal problems.

The sign had switched to the white stick figure, it was safe to cross the street. Anzu crossed the street, subconsciously counting to four and repeating. In her right hand there was a shopping bag with four bottles of beer from the store where she worked. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught someone staring at her closed jacket, obviously wondering what was under their. Anzu turned her “Odin’s” eye on the person as well as giving them the finger with her left hand; accompanied with her overall “deathly” dress scared the shit out of the guy. Under her bandana inscribed with four crosses, Anzu grinned and then chuckled softly as she continued walking back to the apartment.

Entering the complex, Anzu walked up the stairs, the glass bottles clanking against each other. As she walked up to the door to the apartment with which she shared with the other three, she took out her keys to the apartment. Walking up to the door, Anzu unlocked the door with the satisfying snap of the lock unlocking. Immediately upon opening the door, she heard Alric’s voice. For some unknown reason, Anzu found this irritating; today had been an irritating day. Yesterday it had been a relaxing day and the day before that had been “no fucks given” day. This was all part of her personal problems that she had to deal with, along with being an alcoholic. Or so her family told her.

Taking off her shoes, Anzu walked towards the kitchen where she opened one of the four bottles of beer. [+purple “It’s me deary brother, Anzu. And if you could not yell, that’d be great.”] Anzu took a swig from the beer bottle before unzipping her jacket with a loud unzipping noise.
  Anzu Mori / NorthernWolves / 39d 15h 19m 26s
[center [b ~~~~ April 7th, 2012~~~~]]
The most feared entity in life is death, everyone knows this, but what many don’t know is that Death is alive; death is an immortal being that now lived among the mortal race known as the humans. Not like a ghost, or a zombie, no instead he was actually one of them. A human, a mortal man that walked upon the planet he once terrorized so easily with his fellow Horsemen. What had changed this? Well it was the council of saints. They had turned the world upside down for the horsemen Death.

At first figuring the saints were summoning him to let him know he would be getting an even higher quota of souls he needed to collect, however instead they didn’t summon just him into their hall and through their golden doors, no instead all four horsemen went. The saints were charging them with the unspeakable thought, Job incompetence, or a lack of being able to do their job.

The first words death had wanted to say was they could take their summons and shove it up their asses, but it was the saints’ council he knew better. The council gave the horsemen their names and banished them to the world of mortals.

Falling that is all that he could remember, Death had hit the ground and created a deep crater upon impact. He had laid there for a few moments, before seeing other beings coming out of the sky. His sisters were following him to earth. What was it that he didn’t do right? He collected the souls of the dead; he even ended everything within reason and timing. He kept life in check and the world always turning.

Sitting up Death looked around to see himself and his sisters inside a small forested area, what was it the humans called this place, Central park? Perhaps this wasn’t the worst that could happen to them, after all no one knew what happened to those who died while supposedly immortal. Death feared even himself.

[b “Head count.”] Was all he called out to the others, he wanted to be sure they were alive and living. Hearing the voices of his sisters’ call out he breathed a small sigh of relief they at least had each other there, and their family was still whole. The male had stood up to get a small chill spread across his body. Curious as to what this feeling was he looked down to see he stood in the middle of the park in nothing. The council had indeed stripped them of everything.

[Center [b ~~~~April 1st, 2017~~~~]]
It had been nearly five years sense the horsemen had been kicked from their place among the immortals. To live a life of a human had been hard, especially at first. Death especially understood it well. They had moved into a building without knowing who was there. They had found jobs, they had sort of gotten use to what happened to them.
Hearing a click click of the door lock opening Alric peaked around his bedroom door out into the hallway to see which sister it was that was coming home.

Before he could see who it was he pulled his head back into his room and pulled on pants, and was grabbing a gray T-shirt. Both of which he knew wouldn't be on that long once he got to work. [b "Hey I was just headed out the door."] was all he called as he was finishing his touches for work.
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