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The heat from the table felt wondrous on his cold skin, his shoulders sagging as the muscles loosened and the tension left his body. The silent atmosphere of the house was just as fantastic as the heat as moments of serenity were far and few between in this home. If it wasn't Kyou running his mouth and irritating the rat beyond belief, it was the owner of the house whose boring and sometimes vulgar prattle bounced around the paper-thin walls. This time alone in the quiet dwelling was even more welcomed after his twelve hour visit with Akito, his presence alone draining the god's favorite of his energy.

Just like with most things he enjoyed, Kyou appeared and ruined it.

Amethyst eyes flickered open and shifted to the direction of the sound, the loud teenager standing nearby, his form leaning against the wall and his hair a bit damp. He must have just emerged from the shower, enjoying the time alone that he had as well. Yuki imagined the cat had a rather pleasant day, after all he was nowhere near the rat from the time he emerged from his room until this very moment. Little did he know that Kyou had actually been home all day.

[+blue "Well, I do live here,"] Yuki stated quietly, but a bit bluntly. He wasn't particularly up for a fight with his cousin, he was far too drained to entertain such thoughts. But, if Kyou kept his usual attitude, then Yuki saw a swift kick through a wall in the cat's near-future. [+blue "And not all of us can sit on our butts and do nothing all day. We have this thing called a life. But I don't suppose you'd know anything about that, would you?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 3y 245d 6h 23m 52s
Allowing the steam to flow out through the opened bathroom door, the orange haired feline took a step out into the hallway, his bare feet padding against the harmony wood floor as he began to make his way back towards his bedroom. With a towel loosely hung around his waist, he took the spare he held in his hand and began to diligently soak up the remaining water that clung to the soft strands of his hair.
It was the late afternoon, from what the male assumed, according to the faint rays of pink that began to seep through the windows that occupied the outside walls of the house, and he had just finished his daily shower. Despite the fact that it was a school day, Kyou had decided the day prior that he was going to skip yet another session of classes. It wasn't that he was feeling under the weather or anything along those lines, he felt perfectly fine. In fact, he felt better than he did on most days, but that was the result of him sleeping in an extra few hours that morning while everyone else rushed to prepare themselves for the day. He simply just didn't feel like attending school that day.
Once the feline entered his dimly lit room, he dropped the white, cotton fabric from his waist, moving to tug on his clothes for the day of which consisted nothing more than loose fitting grey sweats and a black tshirt. Running his fingers through his damp, fiery locks, Kyou made his way back out to the hallway once fully dressed, trudging his was down the steep steps that led into the open livingroom. The house was fairly silent with the exception of the birds crowding outside and chirping away at the setting sun. Tohru was staying out later than usual with a few friends, Kyou not having caught the reason, as at the time, he wasn't very interested, and Shigure was out running some daily errands.
Taking a step down on to the landing, the tall male let out a small yawn, stretching his arms up over his head before making his way towards the kitchen. As he neared the white tiled area, the corner of his eyes caught sight of a resting figure within the livingroom, causing him to pause between the archway of the gathering room. The feline was able to make out exactly who it was by just the color of his hair, the silver stands reflecting the bright lights that hung from the ceiling. Folding his arms over his chest, Kyou shifted his body weight to his right side, leaning against the wall as his eyes fell upon the other Sohma that occupied the premises.
[+00FF00 "And here I was, hoping to be rid of everyone today. But of course you have to come back, now."]
The feline spoke, his voice vibrating the back of his throat.
  Kyou Shoma / foreverlocket / 3y 245d 6h 54m 28s
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The evening air was cool, an unwelcome change to the rat this time of year. Thin arms wrapped themselves around his matching torso, Yuki picking up his pace as he walked back home, hoping these actions would help keep him warm. Normally the rat was well prepared for anything that could be thrown at him, priding himself in having everything he would need for the course of the day. The warm fall air of the morning caused him to leave home without a proper jacket, one he wished he had this evening. Violet eyes fell on the entrance to the woods, the one that would lead him home, and he picked up his pace before entering the dark treeline.

The rat was grateful to be returning home, having spent his day not at school but at the main house. He had been summoned for a special audience with Akito, the hateful head of their family, and was even ordered to skip classes today to make it. He would have rather been in school instead, dreading any time he had to spend at the main house. Akito terrified him, able to make him stop in his tracks.

How he wished he had never been born into this family.

Once he reached the doorway, the rat slipped off his shoes and quickly moved inside, sliding the door shut behind him and letting out a heavy sigh. Shigure's home was warm...well, warmer than the air outside, and much more inviting than the place he had spent his day. Even though the people he shared this home with had the tendency to get on his nerves relentlessly, he felt safe here. Shigure was a terrible guardian but he was trying; the dark haired male was the only reason he had an escape from the hell at the main house. Even though he was irresponsible, lazy, and a pervert, the dog was his savior in a way and he would always be thankful for that.

The empty kotatsu table caught his eye, Yuki moving over to it and sitting down at it, pulling the heavy blankets over his small body and flipping the heating element underneath on. Warmth quickly covered him, causing his frame to relax for the first time that day. Little did he know that it wouldn't last long.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 3y 246d 4h 55m 33s

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