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[center [font "denmark" Noctis watched as she lost herself in the magical world around them. He was unaware that this joyous event was that of a wedding, as he was only focused on his wanderlust companion. As she turned, he was watching her lips mouthing his name, yet his mind was not quite registering that she was speaking to him. It was only until he heard someone call out her name that he was aware of the situation.

His eyes widened as it finally hit him that they've attracted quite the crowd, or rather Luna did. No one has truly been able to see the face of the heir of Lucis. A nervous smile broke, for it was obvious who he might be if he was alongside Lady Lunafreya. Giving a small wave himself to the couple, he greeted them. "Hey--Um, pleasure to meet you." God, sometimes he wished he had honed in on his social skills rather than play video games in his room as a teenager.

Noctis was unsure whether or not he should turn down the invite, looking to Luna as to whether she wanted to, yet he already knew her answer based off of her character. Technically, they were crashing a wedding on a grand canal. She did say she wanted to do something daring and he figured that goal will undoubtedly be reached after tonight.

"Yeah, sure. We'll join you when I dock this thing." He gave them a friendly smile and turned to Luna, knowing she was happy that they were making the couple basically jump with joy. It seems as though the fact that they [i borrowed] an abandoned gondola had went over their heads as well.

The prince managed to dock the boat with the help of the bride and groom tying it down. [i "Here, let me give you a hand."] The groom offered his hand to Luna first, helping her get off the gondola steadily. [i "If I didn't know you two are soon-to-wed, I'd be quite jealous right now!"] the bride joked, as she stood and watched her groom be the gentleman he is. "Well that makes two of us." Noctis played along and they both laughed with him, as he was helped off the boat shortly after.

[i "My, you're even more beautiful in person."] The bride sighed in admiration of Luna. Noctis could not agree more at that statement. [i "Prince Noctis is one lucky guy."] She winked at him and he returned a gentle smile. "Aren't I?"

Soon, the four were surrounded by crowds of people, swooning and starstruck by the pair. Tonight is going to be quite interesting.]]
  Lucis / 1y 249d 8h 27m 9s
[center [size10 "Yes?" She listened intently but before he could say [b those] words, something magical happened. Their world lit up, the sparkling water, the night sky, both he and she as they witnessed the beauty of life and it reflected in their eyes. Noctis had possibly witnessed something like it before but Lunafreya..]]
[center [size10 Her plump lips parted in awe, eyes growing big as it took her breath away. She rose from her seat, standing-- nearly losing her balance but not quite. She turned to her left, to her right, looked forward once more to take it all in. Her small hand rose up next, reaching out for a floating lantern right before her eyes, illuminating [s [size10 her]]. Her finger tips brushed against it before giving it a gentle push so it may join the rest. "It's.." her brows furrowed gently as her lips formed a small and warm smile. It was beautifully overwhelming.]]
[center [size10 Her first guess was a festival but now that the gondola slowed, it became clear. They were amongst a wedding. There was cheering, laughter and a woman in white accompanied by a man in a suit. It was the bride and groom. Her body moved on it's own as she took a step forward as to take a closer look, her hand resting on her chest, touched by the gathering. "I see.." she then finally brought her attention back to [b him]. "--Noctis.." she turned on her heel, tilting her head slightly as she searched for her words, her gaze dodging his now, displaying a shy demeanor.]]
[center [size10 "I believe you were speakin--" another voice chimed in. [b "Lady Lunafreya? Is that you?"] [i Oh no]... they were spotted. [b "It is an honor to be in your presence-- wait, is this..?"] The groom bowed in respect from the dock. It was impressive how quick he had moved. Thus, a result of venturing too close, they were just beside it, moving too slow for comfort as the bride soon took her place beside the groom, just as shocked. At this Lunafreya couldn't help but to smile in amusement, waving to them and granting her attention. "Forgive us for intruding, the Prince and I--" the groom gasped nearly immediately. [b "Prince Noctis?! At our wedding! You MUST join us!"] they began to follow their movement on the dock.]]
  Lunafreya / 1y 255d 22h 44m 35s
[center [font "denmark" "I wield swords heavier than this." He said as he continued to row, allowing the boat to glide smoothly. He was really starting to like this idea, as he truly gravitated to the calming effect it offered.

"Captain, huh? I like the sounds of that." He laughed along with her and his eyes drifted up the night sky for a fleeting moment. "To the stars." he replied, his gaze kept above before falling in front of the face in front of him. This was easily a way to get caught up in the moment. He began to lean forward, yet he was interrupted when she directed his attention elsewhere. "Huh?"

The sound of music became apparent, which sparked his curiosity as well. "I don't know.. but I say we find out." He positioned the ore to shift the boat into making a turn. While doing so, he couldn't keep his eyes off of Luna, the more they approached the music. Her face lit up at just the simplest of things of what life had to offer. As hard as it was for him to think of as to why, being with her allowed him to take a step back and enjoy the things he would've overlooked a little more. He couldn't have found a better partner if he tried and he wanted to express so. "Luna.. I--"

He was interrupted, as he hadn't realized what they had just entered until it was blatantly obvious. There were lanterns of all sorts, glowing and filling up the previous dark sky--brighter than the stars. They were surrounded by lanterns that would float along the water as well. The music was not the only sound that can be heard; there were children and families laughing, people talking. Was there a special occasion they was unaware of some sorts? Noctis could not utter any words, as the entire scene rendered him speechless. He turned to Luna with excitement, knowing she had definitely never experienced such a special sight.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 255d 23h 54m 25s
[center [size10 She smiled ever so innocently after making herself comfortable, sitting with grace, just as she was taught. "Is it heavy?" She asked in curiosity but he didn't seem to be struggling. "I surprise myself as well" Noctis hadn't known but she's done worse. Much worse, a certain glaive would know. As they 'set sail' she turned to see if anyone was at chase, no one just yet. Just maybe the love birds have gone unnoticed. Tomorrow's news would tell.]]
[center [size10 "Which direction will you be navigating us, Captain?" She giggled lightly as he propelled the boat, wondering when he'd get tired. The task required stamina, not the crystal's power. Meanwhile her smile never seemed to fade away. She was at a happy place, after all. "What do you suppose is over there?" she pointed to a turn in the canals. "I hear music.." it certainly caught her interest.]]
[center [size10 She was much curious. Growing up, Lunafreya was isolated-- why she and Noctis were forced to communicate by writing. The world's simplest pleasures were taken from her. Music was one of the only pleasures she had access to when she was allowed the listen, a rare occasion.]]
  ψ / Lunafreya / 1y 256d 6h 17m 39s
[center [font "denmark" Noctis allowed his love to take him away, as he followed behind with his hand in hers. He watched her from behind as he was trying to catch up with her pace and the image had only reminded him of when they were young and wild kids. He felt like they were children again, exploring the world and he couldn't be more at peace.

"Ah, so this is what you wanted." He looked at the gondola that did not seem to be docked where it should have been and looked at his daring companion with amusement. He waited for her to step in before he did and sat across from her.

"You never stop with the surprises, do you?" The prince could not help but let out a chuckle, for he did not think he would be riding a gondola late at night [i illegally]. As Altissia's main attraction, such a ride would have been heavy on his wallet. But right now, there was zero charge and he wasn't going to complain.

He grabbed the giant ore that the rower would usually have, unsure of what to do but it wasn't going to row itself. "Alright then, sit back and enjoy the ride." He began to row, slicing the ore through the water. If it was anything like a fishing boat, he was sure it couldn't be too hard. Hopefully.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 256d 11h 4m 44s
[center [size10 Despite amusement, she didn't bring it up anymore and focused on their nightly adventures. Now that it was dark, she knew he was near craving a goodnight's rest. So she had to think quick before a yawn dare escape the sleepy prince. "Well.." it was just her luck, she had been gazing at him but a curious thought occurred as her gaze went past him and caught eye of an abandoned gondola. Was no one working it?]]
[center [size10 "I do" she nearly grinned, taking his hand in hers as she pulled him towards the gondola. She was quick to take action, peeking into the small boat. "We must hurry" was it a crime to 'borrow' a gondola without permission? Perhaps but nonetheless, she had decided.]]
[center [size10 Releasing his hand, she stepped in carefully.]]
  ψ / Lunafreya / 1y 256d 20h 11m 41s
[center [font "denmark" He watched as she took in what Altissia had to offer during the night time. It was already breathtaking during the day, but something about the night had always brought something magical to the scenery. His thoughts were proven true when she turned to him and he could've sworn her eyes illuminated the entire night sky.

"Pfft, I was a kid--you can't hold that against me." He laughed lightly, remembering how he could never wrap his tongue around pronouncing her name until he was about eight or so.

"Daring, huh?" It wasn't a surprise to him that she would wish for some adrenaline, as he had always known her to be that way. Even though a night in would be his cup of tea, he wouldn't mind a little rush himself. "Sounds like you have something on your mind." He was curious as to what challenge would await.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 256d 20h 37m 58s
[center [size10 She leaned in that moment, being sure to do so in return before her loving gaze averted to the scenery of the city, her full cheeks tinted a hint of pink as she pondered the thought. The city lights, the structures, the gleaming ocean were breath taking but she rather look to him, so she did. "I see you've come around to my name, Prince Noctis" she teased in return. He never did say her full name, at least not while they were children as her name had proved to be too difficult then.]]
[center [size10 "I'd like to do something... different" something out of the ordinary, adventurous.. "daring?" she suggested.]]
  ψ / Lunafreya / 1y 256d 20h 57m 40s
[center [font "denmark" "Yeah, I guess we're not helping that, are we?" The prince looked around in humor, pretending to make sure the close was clear. Luckily, it was night out so they chose the perfect time to go on their little adventure. It was almost exciting the way they had to sneak around. He turned back to his lover, returning a gentle smile in return. Leaning down, he gave her a chaste kiss.

"Haven't had enough, huh?" he laughed. "Hm.. what is it Lady Lunafreya desires?" he teases a bit with the formality.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 256d 21h 38m 40s
[center [size10 "It's difficult to not be noticed in Altissia, wouldn't you agree?" She tugged down on her white coat, adjusting as she stood beside the Lucian prince, attempting to blend in busy streets. A difficult task with their contradicting outfits and unique features. The day was spent between just the two, no brother in arms to follow and now the sun was setting.]]
[center [size10 She held onto his arm, looking up at him with the gentlest of smiles. "What shall we do next? The night is still young" she had no intention in retiring for the night.]]
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