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[center [right [size9 [Raleway This roleplay would not be possible without Souji.]]]]
[center [right [size9 [Raleway Thank you so much for all your dedication and asssistance.]]]]
[center [right [size9 [Raleway And thank you, dear reader, for taking a look at this roleplay!]]] ]

[Dancing+Script [size20 [b --- PREFACE;]]]

[right [size30 [Abel "---- His Majesty Has Passed On,"]]]
[center [font "batang che" [#f1f1f1 ..]]]

[center [Raleway So had come the call from the personal attendant, of The Previous Emperor- within moments gongs would resound throughout the palace and echo within the city as mourning garb had been donned. Like snow, the city had been draped in an endless sea of white and offerings were made to the late Emperor of the Chao Dynasty.]]
[center [Raleway The Previous Emperor, now given the posthumous title of Emperor Gaoli, would be remembered as a virtuous and gentle soul that brought peace to the realm. He was favourable, fair, honourable and kind throughout his reign of several years. Unknown to the common people that underneath the spectacle of white that overlayed the city, turmoil brewed just beneath its surface. ]]
[Dancing+Script [size20 [b ---- THE SETTING;]]]
[center [Raleway The Emperor had passed under dubious circumstances, for he previously enjoyed good health - yet, a month before his death, he had fallen with an undiagnosed illness. First, his mind had fallen; impacting his ability to preside over the court. He accused officials wrongfully of corruption and executed them, burned historical temples, dug up sacred grounds and deposed the Crown Prince. Yet, fate decreed he would not see the rise of any of his sons to take the throne.]]
[center [Raleway Emperor Gaoli had then passed on, leaving behind a now-corrupted court with dangerous officials who sought to take advantage of the confusion. He left the common people to feel anxious without a new Emperor to console them. He left offended allies who now sought to invade, to save the people . He had left all of this, without appointing anyone to succeed him.]]
[Dancing+Script [size20 [b --- THE STORY;]]]
[center [Raleway Without someone appointed for the throne, matters of the court have now fallen into the hands of The Empress Dowager - the mother of Emperor Gaoli. Many Ministers of the court were disgruntled to have a woman meddling in state affairs, for they were seen as incapable to do so - thus, leading them to demand for a Crown Prince.]]
[center [Raleway The Empress Dowager sought to immediately reinstate the Crown Prince title to her deposed grandson, The Imperial Heir. Swiftly, this was challenged by The Ambitious Minister. He claimed The Imperial Heir too young, inexperienced and far less capable than even a woman - the removal of his title had been the will of Heaven, for it was the dying word of Emperor Gaoli. For speaking so boldy, he had been accused of treason. Some believed in the laws that had been upheld for decades and feared the deposition of the Crown Prince had only been due to the lack of Emperor Gaoli's sanity. By others, The Ambitious Minister was hailed for his loyalty and courage to protect the final vocal edict, issued by The Previous Emperor.]]
[center [Raleway Arguments began to erupt before the dragon throne, as Ministers divided further - each suggesting one of Emperor Gaoli's four sons to take the title of Crown Prince. Desperate to unify the Ministers and appoint an Emperor before her life ran out, the Empress Dowager sought to buy herself time to think. Agreeing to summon the banished Royal Son to return to court, she would only hope The Imperial Heir would begin to show promise.]]

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