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Vanderhyde nodded as thw girl was placed on the bed he walkedover and looked at the gem embeded in the cuff around her wrist. [B "there was a stone such as this from the first witch order but its been lost for that is probably wht ties her here. But it can only be unlocked by both bloodlines."] he sighed a troubled sigh and left the room.

Railyn sat up and turned towards. Her knight. [I " your trick can get rid of all the others my darling but even you know i cant be quieted . tell me what has you so troubled about this girl? Is it maybe the fact she is free willed and you know she will turn on them loke i did when she finds out the truth?"] her soft pale hands slid i to and across one of his as she spoke.[i " She is stronger than i ever was good luck controlling her once she is open to her power. They will read her with the orical and then they will order you to kill her but once that piwers unleashed there will be no more world as we know it. The rebirth will happen one of two ways im curious to see how this all plays out"] she squeezed his hand tight looking at his back. A warmth filled her hands as they slippwd away from his. And she sat quietly enjoying the silence.
[center [b [+b73a3a "The matter will be resolved when we can identify the source of what is keeping her here. The source of her magic is somewhere within your hotel or on its grounds somewhere. Once it's located and re-binded to her, I'll be able to leave with her back to headquarters.

"As for any [i problems] you believe may occur during the investigation, due to my own presence here, no other agents will be present in the immediate area. There will be agents on within the forest but only to secure the area.

"At most, a divination squad will be sent in to identify where the source of this girl's powers are. After it's back with her, and we're gone, it'll be as if it never happened. You'll return to how things were prior to all of this."]]

Picking Railyn up, James placed her on the bed before sitting done in one of the armchairs with a book, sifting through the written lines of text.

[b [+b73a3a "For now, focus on keeping your business running and we'll handle the problem. Also, I don't think your guests [i remember anything] about that night."]]

The Magistrate was quite keen on keeping things [i quiet] in almost every possible way, including memory.
  James Albion (Unarmored) / Crow37 / 1y 11h 33m 19s
Railynn turned towards James and snuggled her arms around his torso her body trembling. Though her mind quieted at last. [b "i just want to go home and forget this ever happened."] she said as she cried against his chest. the marking around her body seemed to disappear the more she relaxed until her body gave up to the slumber falling over her.

Vanderhyde creaked open the door looking in to see what was to become of his castle. he breathed a sigh of relief to see that the young girl had finally passed out. [i "what forms and procedures will we have to take to get my hotel back to running smoothly"] he asked as he stepped in and began picking up some items that had fallen off the table standing near the door. he shook his head knowing that more often than naught these things didn't just end quietly that 99 percent of the time they ended with all involved being persecuted unless they had any use left to them as for him his centuries of reining over this haven was seemingly coming to a fast end, All because of this silly little girl who heard the call of the castle.
  Railyn witch form (Evalore) / MasterCommander / 1y 14d 23h 55m 52s
[center Vanderhyde was starting to get on his nerves. The constant panic in his mind and impatience of wanting to get this job done was understandable but quickly becoming a pain. The situation James was trying to deal with was one that could quite literally cause the end of the world if handled incorrectly.

However, in this moment, Vanderhyde was [i hindering] his progress. Setting his glass in mid-air, James walked over to him, took off his glove, and a hand of flame reached out and pinned Vanderhyde to the wall opposing James' room.

[b [+b73a3a "The matter is being handled. I suggest that you calm down and return to your chambers [i sir]. Otherwise this untrained witchling won't be the one to level your castle to the ground until naught but ash and dust remains.

"Right now, I'm the strongest creature here with all variables considered. Also, while she's in this room, she can't hurt anyone because of the sigils, runes, rituals, and more that make this more secure than a magical fortress.

"Now. Leave this matter to me and I'll also take care of keeping your castle standing."]]

James shut the door with his hand of flame and put the glove back on before turning to Railyn who was having a panic attack of sorts. He gave it a bit of thought before pulling an item from his bag. It was a seemingly simple piece of lapis lazuli, though a chunk of it that could fit in the palm of his hand.

Approaching Railyn from behind, he placed it on the back of her neck. With it there, a cold and soothing sensation ran across her body and calming her to the point of making her drowsy and eventually sleepy. Even inside her mind, the wisps seemed to go quiet as well.
  James Albion (Unarmored) / Crow37 / 1y 44d 15h 52m 6s
[b "So i'm guessing the Magistrate feared what she was capable of and decided to take action against her?"] railyn Pulled the chair away from the desk and opened the book to a random page. She looked down and saw a photo of the man before her and the woman he was talking about side by side the look on the woman's face was pure bliss. Railyn glanced up at him trying to read his expression but was too out of focus herself to really see what he may be thinking.

[b "if i decide to join them... how long before they do to me what they did you your beloved?"] phrasing her question this way was the only way she could inquire as to what he and Gwindolyn shared those many centuries ago. {b will they expect me to bring the prosperity back? What if they find out i cant control whats happening to me that i can only use this magic when that wisp is around? or what if i space out and this trouble happened again? i cant even leave the castle every-time i try to leave something bad happens to me and the lord"] Railyn stopped talking and turned to leave the room. [b " i'm going back to my cage... you dont have to answer me anymore i'll figure it out i'll talk to the wisps maybe they will have more answers than you and this book."]

as Railyn opened the door to leave James room she bumped into Lord Vanderhyde who was just about to enter. He noticed the amulet around her wrist and grabbed her arm as soon as They made contact both were jolted in separate directions and the 12 wisps appeared between them. A loud noise filled the room along with a Bright blinding purple light. The 12 wisps and the light circled around Railyn before her body absorbed them all fell quiet and the amulet around her wrist changed into a rainbow colored gem the same as was being contained in the suit of armor. A Silver Band formed around her wrist enveloping itself around the gem. as well as on her ankles. only her right arm stayed clear a symbol appeared on the right wrist across the burn she had acquired from the crest on the bed. the burn seemed to fell in perfectly with parts of the symbol. the white Material draped over her faded down in to multiple colors and a second gem formed around her Right upper thigh. This gem however was clear void of all color Railyn kept her eyes shut tight as a sharp burning shot though her left hand were he had grabbed her.

Lord Vanderhyde Yelled for James [i "contain the Witch before she kills us all Have you any idea what she is get you people before this night ends like the last Time She was awaken when they find out shes here they will destroy everything I've worked so hard to build!"] Lord Vanderhyde cried out pleading for the Knight to do something. All the while Railyn Covered her ears and tucked her knees to her chest. So many voice and so much information filling her mind visions of what happened to each of the souls she had absorbed all but one were vivid. the Purple wisps thoughts and memories they were not clear only bits and pieces seemed to be coming though as if the one called Gwen was sheltering her from the past she had with the man who stood before her.
[center It had been a long time since he'd heard Gwyn's voice. The last time he'd heard it was before an execution order had been put out for her. As well as a bounty.

The Magistrate even found her so much of a threat that the Cursed Armor of Water had been sent out to kill her when no one else could. James could not harbor any hatred towards the Magistrate nor Neptune. They were simply acting on the information they had on hand. What James did despise was how he could have prevented this whole situation if he'd only arrived at Gwyn's side a moment earlier before Neptune's blade pierced her heart.

The scene played back in his mind after Gwyn's voice disappeared, not noticing how Railyn had let go and jumped back.

James rested on the bed, putting a hand to his forehead from the pain that the memories brought to him, [b [+red "I'll answer your questions over time. You should know the old saying: curiosity killed the cat. For now, I'll answer the questions you've just asked and address any others you have in the morning."]]

He took in a deep breath summoned forth a glass of scotch with a single, large ice cube in it, [b [+red "To begin with, if you decided to fight, it would be much more than just me that would come after you. You'd be someone capable of killing immortals. Your name would become feared and the Magistrate would have your face on a bounty poster faster than you'd ever expect. Also, the other ones like me, other Cursed Armors, would come after you. Your life would become filled with nothing but fighting for survival."]]

James took another swig of the firewater, [b [+red "That woman is the first mage that has ever existed, the Ad Initium Magia. She taught others how to harness mana and use it to cast spells. With her existence came a golden age, people prospered and worked together to further themselves as a race. However, such greatness can only last so long."]]]
  James Albion (Unarmored) / Crow37 / 1y 65d 18h 38m 29s
[b "if i fight then would you be one to challenge my power?"] Railyn reached down and lifted the book opening it and flipping through the pages. One picture stood out to her more so than the rest of the books writings. she tilted her head in curiosity seeing a woman who looked nearly identical to her. [b "who is this?"] she mumbled to herself she then saw the pendant around her neck she smiled kneeling down and pulling the long boot from her thigh to her ankle then slipped it off completely. She began to unwrap a silver chain and on the end hung the small yellow stone ... the stone worn by the woman in the picture. she held it up comparing it to the photo.[i 'so this is what the vampire was fussing about.... when he said they took it back this little thing my great grandmother and her mother before her left in the family.... this is his "protection" its funny how something so small can have such an impact inst it?'] she continued talking to herself as though James was no longer there she plopped down onto the floor reading the book the pendant now draped around her wrist and hand as she read silently.

Soon she turned her attention to James and sighed [b " you know as well as i do running isnt an option and also they when they are done with me even if i do help them as you say... they will still discard of me so what choice does that really leave me with."] Railyn frowned and closed the book she pulled a few herbs out of her pocked and began crushing them up as if it were a nervous habit. she seemed deep in thought once more with out realizing it she had stood back on her feet and approached the gentleman her gaze seemed far off as she leaned against his side resting her forehead against his arm.. she was speaking but her words unclear to her conscious. [#561244 " Its been 200 years since i saw you this ruffled in the feathers my darling tell me do you think you can let them kill me a second time? Or will you keep your vow to the coven and betray the ones who are misleading you i gave you what they wanted do they know you are the key to the rebirth? or have you kept that little detail a secret as well. centuries ago you wouldn't have acted so harsh to a young girl you would have been chivalrous and saved her at any cost now look at you that serpents pet taking orders like a dog waiting to be rewarded with scraps. tell me is it worth it... killing the last of those who could save you she is the answer to your problem as you are hers... In death are we reborn and from the ashes the worlds rebirth shall be."]

Railyn raised her hand to touch his face as soon as her skin made contact with his she snapped back to the reality of them standing in a room. she was much closer to this strange man than she felt comfortable with. as a result she jumped back falling over the suit of armor catching herself on the beds head board causing it to become scorched even worse around the crest.
  Railyn witch form (Evalore) / MasterCommander / 1y 70d 12h 34m 18s
[b [+red "Calm down little girl, and yes, you are a little girl from my perspective. I'll answer your questions one by one, though in reverse since you seem more concerned about your appearance first. And no, you've gone past the point of no return and cannot return to being a normal herbalist.

"Your new clothing is your witch garments. Clothes formed of nothing but magic. It's the mark of a newly awakened witch. Additionally, as your powers grow, they will undergo metamorphosis time and again.

"Next is the 'screeching,' as you called it. What you heard was the soul of the armor. It itself is a sentient being, however only the user and witches are able to haer what it has to say. As for what you did to stop the screeching, the easy way to explain it is that you 'repaired' it. Just like other suits of armor, this one I have rusts, but in its own way. Over the course of a millennium, it has slowly degraded. And in order to fix it, the touch of a witch is necessary. But I have a feeling you can figure out as to why it hasn't been repaired more recently.

"As for whether I'm like the 'white knights,' I'm not one of them. I'm known as one of the nine Cursed Armors. We share similarities, immortality being one of them , but there is a great gap between the Knights of Solaris and me. Also, the founder of the Knights was a comrade of mine, though I haven't seen him since the Collapse ended. If I can recall, I'm about one-thousand and seventy-four years old."]]

James took a breath in and then let it go before getting up from the bed and walking over and taking a book from the shelf he had placed there. The writing was runic and not easily readible by those unable to use magic. To Railyn, the spine read: Tale of the Nine.

Flipping through the pages, he skimmed several chapters and paragraphs, looking for something but not with immense effort. It was more likely he was fidgeting with it as he spoke.

[b [+red "A simple answer to why you're stuck here is because there's something that has locked you to this location. In otherwords, the object that is core to your existence. Only once you've obtained it can you leave. However, that isn't to say there aren't other objects tied to you that you may encounter and have to find and end up in another situation like this one. The number of items a witch has scattered around the world is unique to the witch. Some have only one, others five, some ten, and it is potentially limitless.

"Next, the large circle. That was a casting circle. It is the conduit that turns mana into magic. Mana and magic have a one-to-one ratio, so the more mana needed the larger the spell will be, usually.

"Now, the wisps. Those are dead witches. While not all wisps are witches, all witches who die with unfinished business will leave behind a piece of themselves. And they can be worse than just wisps but also much greater.

"And what they meant by unlocking me is the equivalent of releasing my spirit. Immortal beings cannot be killed. But to 'unlock' one is to release it from its earthly bindings and allow it to 'die.' In otherwords, it's telling you to kill me."]]

Letting out a sigh, James closed the book and tossed it to Railyn's feet, [b [+red "I suggest you study that book. And no, they will kill you, but not in the traditional sense. You've become the 10th Witch, a user of the most pure magic and powerful magic. But what do you think they'd do to a girl like you who has an immense well of magic within her that exists outside the Weave?

"But there is a way out. Or I should say at least three that I can come up with: 1) Fight against the Magistrate; 2) Help the Magistrate; 3) Be on the run for the rest of your life."]]
  James Albion (Unarmored) / Crow37 / 1y 73d 19h 56m 28s
[b "they wont kill me"] she said as she stepped in cautiously shutting the door behind me. [b "the wisps ... there are 12 of them they said if i die the magistrate falls with me.i don't understand what that mean and so far the only thing I've managed to do is to activate anything that has that insignia on it and the crests around the castle... i do know i was drawn here by an amulet its amber and has a pulse to it i have a matching one back at my cabin my mother gave it to me said it was the other heart of the witch trials. my father received it from a white knight when he was called to heal one of them it was given to him for safe keeping as for my heritage... i know we made herbs and tonics for the magistrate and villages all around the world. but one day i woke up and couldn't remember much else i had to read what i know now from books and journals left to me by my parents"] she moved back around to look at the suit of armor it was ringing and calling to her.
Railyn looked over at him curiously and smiled finally getting a clear look at his face. [b "I've seen you before i was very little but i remember you came and gave my mother a book."] fascination washed over her face as she seemed to relax a bit in his presence. [b why am i stuck here, why are the gems speaking out.... what was that big circle and why does the wisp tell me to unlock you what is hidden that i'm not supposed to know... how can i unlock a person when i cant even unlock myself?"] she knelt down looking at her feet starting to feel panicked all over again her focus drew quiet as the gem was screaming out though it was in a language she didn't understand. she sat quietly thinking to herself before peeking around the armor again and looking over at him. she took in a deep breath and stood approaching him as he sat up she notices a scar on his upper shoulder trailing down behind his back or so it appeared. she leaned closer studying the marks that were visible now that he wasn't covered from head to toe in armor. [b "is it true... are you like them? the white knights? are you going to live forever?"]

she snapped her attention back at the suit as a loud screech came out from it she covered her ears and looked at the man who seemed not to hear it. Railyn turned to the suit and reached out her hand touching the armor she could feel a puls radiating from it. a bright light formed around her and the armor once her hand touched the crest. everything fell silent and the noise and pressure around her seemed to fade she sighed in relief as the room returned to normal and she sat against the bed feeling content not that everything was silent and calm. [b "that's a lot better right its quiet now no more shrill sounds from that metal suit.] she turning to look at the man. [b "its a peace now what ever was making it hurt seems to have stopped"] she looked down at her feet they seemed to feel a bit heavier. she noticed her light boots where now extended well up past her knee and a white cloke draped around her shoulders. she stood quickly looking at her changed wardrobe. [b "what the.... what happened to my clothes?"] she turned in a circle confusion flooding her mind. she turned and just gawked at the man called James.[b "what did your suit do to me, what magic is this take it back... i ... i just want to be a normal herbalist change me back!"]
  Railyn witch form (Evalore) / MasterCommander / 1y 75d 19h 42m 44s
[center - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x -

- x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - ]

The sending stone at James's side glowed a bright blue, fading in and out of existence over and over like a flashing light. Taking it from his hip, he answered it, letting it sit in his hand as if he were about to throw it and skip it across the surface of a calm lake. The color corresponded to whoever was on the other side; blue represents the agent's informant back at Magistrate Headquarters, whereas another color would mean someone else.

The stone activated and a blue, window-like plane came into being. Through it, Terry could be seen, flustered and in a slight panic as she fumbled around trying to get an idea of what had just happened.

[b [+red "I'm at ground zero and have sealed the spell completely. The crystal is unstable but it is contained. My armor is balancing out the spell's power with it's own currently to prevent a catastrophe."]]

Terry gave a sigh of relief for a moment, then brushed back her blonde hair and adjusted her glasses so she could see properly once again, [b [+blue "Thank the Six Circles...That's some good news but there's several other problems occurring on our end. That massive spell extended much farther than just the surrounding villages and forests. Agents are and have been dispatched to your area to help keep magic a secret. Have you anything else to report so that I can give our superiors either a breath of relief or another heart attack?"]]

[b [+red "Yes. The 10th Witch has been found."]]

With a look of disbelief and slight laugh, Terry responded, [b [+blue "The 10th has been...Hahahah!"]] She hysterically laughed for a few seconds before realizing James's serious expression, [b [+blue "Oh shit. You're not kidding. But doesn't that mean..."]]

[b [+red "Yes. The one who can actually kill me has appeared, as well as the coming of a new magical age will be upon us soon and her at the helm as either a messiah or martyr."]]

[b [+blue "Alright...I'll inform the higher ups that we have a much more major issue to attend to posthaste. I won't be able to be reached for a while as I inform them since this isn't going to be well received news, let alone how they'll react to a prophecy the Original Nine created when the war ended."]]

[b [+red "Just make sure that they put me in charge since the others who could possibly handle this situation are in other sectors across the world. Only we, the Cursed Armors, could survive should this become a battleground. Hopefully we can avoid another Collapse."]]

[b [+blue "No promises. Good luck James."]]

With that, the transmission ended and James re-set the stone at his hip before walking back towards the castle and to his room.

[center - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x -

- x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x -]

[b [+red "You're quite right about the flower insignia on the back of my armor. In fact, it was originally my clan's insignia before what those of us at HQ experienced the Collapse."]]

James was laying on his bed, reading a book while he waited for the girls arrival. That, or he was tired, planned on resting and seeing her tomorrow, but it was easier to talk to her now since he wouldn't have to put up any protective runes or spells if she entered the room as well. He closed it and turned his eyes towards her before getting up and motioning the metal armor to move aside and let her pass.

[b [+red "The flowers went by many names, 'Lion's Mane,' 'The Wish Flower,' 'Blooming Miracle,' and 'Fallen Star.' Not only do they have the ability to give one courage but they are immensely powerful herbs when used to heal others. Though can only be grown under certain circumstances.

"Come, join me in the room and I'll answer your questions that you have as well as tell you just how much shit you're in now after what just happened. In other words, might be a good idea to listen to what I have to say or you may not get to live much longer than you already have."]]
  James Albion (Unarmored) / Crow37 / 1y 75d 20h 34m 47s
Railyn awoke to find she was back in the damp dark dungeon she sighed and just closed her eyes. [b "why am I down here again what did i do wrong"] she opened her eyes once she heard voices answering her questions. [ #e90739 "you're a witch.... The last witch "] they all said together. Railyn sat up and looked around she spitwisps2 wisps. Floating arpind her each one a color of the gem that the knight was holding. [#e90739 "call to him he will come"] a purple wips said as it floated nearer to railyn [b "who will come?"]

[#e90739 "he whome i cursed with eternity only from my heart can he be free only you have the key to contain the crustal he has made"] they all disapeared and railyn was left in confusion. [b " wait .... But .i thought witches. Witches had auras where is mine?"]
Just the. Vanderhyd spoke up [i "yours can not be seen you seem to be the one who holds the 12 blood line heritage. There for like that crystal you have multiple spell skills you can not be killed or the fabric of all magic used by the magistrate will die... She told me this when she gave me the amulant that there will be one who can save this land from coruption... Why you ended up here im not sure. But because of you i am no longer safe from the coven."] he spoke gently as he unlocked the cell [i " go to james... He has more answers than i though only you and your little wisps can awaken what lay deep in his mind]

Railyn tilted her head as if expecting he was tricking her. She stepped back [b "i will stay in here i dont know if i made all this trouble i cant remember i just know that it was going after you for some reason."] she scooted into the corner pulling her knees to her chest closing her eyes once more focusing on all she had just learned. How could it be that she was a witch of all things she knew that when she was little the wisps would guid her when she was troubled and that the villagers where distamt till they needed help with something was she really something known as a vile creature to all of man?

Vanderhyd frowned and left the door open. [I "whatever you choose just try not to kill me this time the damage has been done if you wait here the magistrate will come they will put you on trial like the many before you and unless you fond your answers.... You and the those who impose on your abilities will suffer."] with that being said he walked away. Railyn waited an gour before standing and walking up the stairs the purple wisp apeared to her guidingup countless stairs and corridors. She was looking down at it. Couriously and ran intp thw back of a large metal object n upon looking up the wisp had disappeared. And she looked up to see the crest on the metal suit standing before her as she looked closer at it she realized in the center was a starflower which was for courage she touches the crest and. Smiled. [b "These are grown in my garden at home every month a man would come and but all i had and send the seeds back to replant. They are said to bring courage to whoever drinks its nectar. The man said its for a high court to help heal the wounds of battle he sent me lots of books on herbal medicine. He said that one day when i am older ill create something to heal the world... He o ly started visiting when my moher passed away he said she would visit the nkrthern lands and heal the white knights of notiland "] she snapped out of her small splindor when she realized who it was she was speaking to. She backed away quickly her gaze locking onto his. [b "i didnt make the spell today the ... Purple wisp did it she ... She said it was to protect me ... She said it wouldnt hurt anyone but him.... I... I thought it was a dream.... I... Im so sorry she was so terrible"] she apologized profusely as she stumbled back trying to explain what had happened.
  railyn / MasterCommander / 1y 76d 6s
James gave a light sigh of relief, though the crystal was still very volatile. While the magic was sealed right now, it wasn't going to be stable until he'd been able to perform a specific ritual. The reason for this being that every spell falls into different categories and sub-categories that can be understood from studying the crystal's shape, size, and color. The shape defines how it affects an area, the size is relative to either how powerful and/or how large the spell is, and the color shows what elements are involved in the spell. This crystal is spherical, rather large, and ranbow colored; these deatils show that this spell, if it had gone off, there would have been much more damage to the surrounding area than expected. A rainbow colored spell is a horrifying thing to discover when combined with the other elements of the crystal since it means that the effects of the spell would have been completely unpredictable. Hellfire could have rained down from the sky, followed by an earthquake, flood, dry thunderstorm, plague, vaporizing light, and many other things in any combination. If he hadn't been here to contain the spell, or if someone of much lower caliber had shown up, this would have not only been a catastrophe on the face of the world, but also cause the shattering of the illusion of how magic is something that doesn't exist.

However, before he had the moment to analyze the crystal closely, it was snatched away by the girl. Immediately James was thrown into a panic because if the crystal was mishandled and broke, everything within fifty to a hundred miles or more would have suddenly have their existences erased without any guarentee of being returned to the Weave. Additionally, as Vanderhyde and Railyn bickered, James was more focused on the crystal.

As Vanderhyde finished talking and the crystal was back in James' hand, he gave a sigh of relief. [+b [+red "Thank you for the sudden exposition Lord Vanderhyde but there is much I must investigate now, and also I was at that battle between the clans. It was when the Magistrate had to show its power to the world in order to become as strong as it has now in comparison to a millennium ago. Now, put that girl in a cell in the dungeons of your castle. While I may not have known all the details both due to classified information held by the Magistrate and my own old age, I do know that if she is the last remaining member of the Witch clans, I absolutely cannot overlook this and also your castle will be inspected by multiple members of the Magistrate the moment I report this.

"You won't have any reparations to pay back, but we will need your cooperation in locating the source of this issue. But you will have to postpone your current hotel activities for the time being. All current residents will be able to stay until their time in the area has completed but no new visitors until after things have been settled here."]]

Railyn fainted and fell next to Vanderhyde, but James now knew that this girl wasn't just another monster like himself and Vanderhyde, but a witch. Thankfully not one who was well aware of what her bloodline could do. Additionally, it was very good that she didn't have any telltale signs of what powers she had. Witches, warlocks, sorceres, wizards and the like have a tendency to change their physical appearance to relate to the element they specialize in. A druid would tend to have very earthly traits and colors around them, usually greens, browns, and other colors found in nature. A warlock would have a combination of red, black, and purple usually but may have access to other elements. All users of magic have different appeances, James included.

James was a cursed mortal, one to live with the curse of immortality. However, all that it did was keep him alive, he could still suffer wounds that would incapacitate a normal human. If an arm was severed, he would not be able to grow it back. However, with the use of magic and slowly advancing technology, James has become able to reduce wounds to a minimum though still has many scars and is physically missing some vital organs that would be necessary to keep a mortal creature alive. In order to stay alive, he now absorbs flames in order to maintain his magic as well as avoid any serious incapcitations. For him, James must eat newly formed magma from a live volcano 12 times a year -- or once a month -- to avoid dealing with the drawbacks of lacking a stomach, liver, intestines, and his right leg.

[+b [+red "I leave the girl in your hands for now Vanderhyde, I must contact the Magistrate lest you risk us both getting into a massive amount of trouble."]] With that comment, James left the vampire lord to dealing with the girl for the time being while James took the disc from his hip as it glowed with a bright red light.

- x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x -
[center [b [i BACK AT MAGISTRATE HQ]]]
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Terimina R. C. IV was asleep at her desk, exhausted from having to pour over books upon books of knowledge with in the Magistrate Headquarter's massive library that made the Library of Alexandria the equivalent of a bookshelf. The Magistrate had not only copies of every book from the Library of Alexandria, but also contained at least three written copies of almost anything written down or carved into stone within the last two thousand years. However, very few actually had access to the entire library due to how only those that were immortal and members of the Magistrate's higher ups as either an agent or an executive, could actually understand the many tomes of knowledge and grimores of spells that they kept locked down in the bowels of the Library.

She was having a pleasant nap, dreaming of the breakfast that was to be brought to her in the morning when suddenly an alarm went off throughout her entire building. Waking up suddenly she ran to the orb that oversaw the section of the world she, James, and several other overseers and agents were sent to. A large magical circle could be seen very visibly by all those there and a panic arrose for most of these overseers had never seen this kind of spell and of this magnitude within thier lifetime, including Terimina.

Soon after this, they all see it become contained but they all quickly dispersed and tried to contact their agents as well as the Magistrate's administrators to inform them of what had just happened.

[i [+blue That bastard James had better not have caused this hysteria!]]

Once back at her desk, she threw much of what was on it off and searched for her sending stone. Taking a little while but after finding it, she immediately began to contact James.
  James Albion (Armored) / Crow37 / 1y 92d 40m 5s
As soon as the gem formed Railyn yanked away from the lord and straight up to the knight she reached up and snatched it away from him flipping it over in her hand frowning. [b "how did you get this?"] she said her toned seemed very troubled and lord Vanderhyde reached for the girls arm again. [b "Dont you dare touch me again sir. This, this stupid rock its the same as the pendant i keep seeing where or how .... did you make it appear.Is this what they wrote about ... is this raw magic?"]

Railyn placed it back in the knights hand and turned towards lord Vanderhyde she shook her head as he began to speak to the two [i "Its the pendant of witches souls your talking about and it was given to me long ago when my kind were in danger.... there was a witch on the board of ministration and back then i was foolish i had no idea it would place such a burden on her with my actions... there were 12 witch clans 6 knight clans but only one remaining Vampire clan the wolves had all but made us extinct so as to moderate i built this castle and the 12 witch clans allowed me their power to make it binding so if one did harm to another blood line they would be bound to this castles they both of them til one died or resolve was reached. I'm afraid that you girl are the last witch all the others have long since been prosecuted for trying to break the castles bond they were played off such as in Salem.
We were told if a witch was ever found she and all who harbor here will be punished i'm not sure whats going on with you,or how you ended up here but i want you gone whether it be though death or resolve you can not stay here any longer look at what your doing to my home to all these creatures who are just trying to stay away from your kind. your a nusance."] he hissed at her as he looked at the knight [i " As for the pendant i dont know where it is the castle is the only thing that holds the power to release people it is made known when an heir of the witch and the nobles is present only the two can release the spell bind but unfortunately we seem to have neither since both have died out long ago i'm sorry for the trouble i've caused the magistrate i'll pay what ever fines are given."]

Railyn began to get very dizzy she had been outside the castle much to long and the spell that bound her was taking its toll. She collapse at dlord vanderhyds side and began to tremble gasping for air.
  railyn / MasterCommander / 1y 106d 21h 52m 57s
After landing, James was absorbed with his work. Vanderhyde's words and both his and Railyn's presence were near nonexistent in his mind at the moment as he began to think about how to deal with this massive spell around him. It had been years since he had dealt with something as powerful as this.

[i [+red Let's see...massive area of effect spell that'll cause massive loss of life and property to not only here but the surrounding villages and forest. If this were a wasteland it'd be a lot easier, Terri's not going to be happy with the workload I'm giving her this time.]]

Unsheathing his sword from his back, the metal around the edge glowed a bright orange. The air turned to steam as he swung it around into his hands.

[b [+red "Looks like I'm going to have to use the brute force method of dispelling this with how it's on such short notice."]]

Holding the large blade in his hands out in front of him, a magic circle began to form at James's feet. Then another and another, the initial spell becoming more and more complex as it glowed, runes flowing out of the sword and into the ground for several seconds. The unrecognizable symbols started to form chains on the large circle in the sky and on the ground and began to force it to compress.

Loud cracking and crunching sounds could be heard as the chains constricted the circle more and more. As it was condensed more and more the circle at James's feet grew larger and larger. Within seconds the large circle above everyone's head was condensed down into a sphere the size of his hand.

The circle around James's feet then broke itself into strips and began to wrap the orb of pure energy in several layers of transmutation magic. Once it was fully contained within the strips, it glowed brightly with white light and soon after it had been changed into a rainbow-colored gem.

[b [+red "Well, that's taken care of and I also have a good source of magic to draw on for reserve. This should last me a few centuries at the least."]]
  James Albion (Armored) / Crow37 / 1y 107d 17h 35m 27s
Lord Vanderhyde Turned and raced down to the dark cell where he had Railyn locked up . upon arriving he noticed she was asleep on the floor just where he had let her his eyes flashed red and his already pale face drained of all remaining color. [i "wake up girl What Have you done?" ] he yelled at her unlocking the door and charging into her cell. She awoke and looked up at him startled. [b "i... I haven't done a thing i yelled out at you but then i... i went to sleep why whats happening whats all the loud noise?" ] she asked as she was yanked to her feet.
Railyn winced once he touched her arm she looked at the smoke rising from both their flesh she pulled away and looked at the hand print burnt into her flesh then moments after the contact was broken the wound began to heal. she watched as his did the same. a small smile brushing across her face as he came to a stop.
[b "I see now You're scared of whatever it is i seem to have done to you. well that is what you get sir trapping me here against my will hiding me away being so.... so demeaning and rude to me . I hope you walls come crashing down and you are exposed for exactly what you are... a thief whatever that amulet is it doesn't belong to you why else would all this be happening."] she shouted at him a rye smile placed across her lips.
Lord Vanderhyde struck her face he was livid but soon after all the commotion seemed to stop. the rumbling and the loud shrill shrieks vanished and a loud thud was heard. At that moment Railyns green eyes shot up towards the window watching the armored figured land on the ground outside the window a crest glowing on the suit her and the lord approached him and with out a second thought railyn reached out to touch the crest. Before she was able to make contact with the suit her hand was swatted back By the lords cane as to not leave the burns again. [i "don't you dare you've done enough with your sorcery and wicked hands child just... DONT TOUCH ANYTHING till we find out exactly what you are. you may not have that magic now but why it comes and goes is beyond me. AND you Sir Albion you ... you can keep this girl in your courtiers till you and your magistrate figure out what she is doing to my land if i could make her leave believe me she would be gone but its the castles will that she is bound here not mine if that is all i'll be going to the blood room i've had to much excitement for the rest of my days . Please just be rid of this thing before she completely ruins what little life i have left.'] he plead as he turned and walked away.
  railyn / MasterCommander / 1y 115d 1h 1m 54s

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