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Heck yeah ;D
i'm glad you got new wifi! You needed it!
I hope you have a day off soon :) so you can play!
How are you doing btw? Not too exhausted, I hope?
  じゅうだい☆ / Juudai / 136d 1h 28m 33s
the dlc is free !
I have new wifi now so that's nice c: I haven't played it yet though , due to school and work ;o
  Fleuret / 136d 2h 17m 31s
there are also new fish??
Is this a free update or DLC?
Either way, I hope you can play it!! Like, I hope your wifi picks up and allows it just like once ;___;
I'm glad you're excited!!
  じゅうだい☆ / Juudai / 145d 4h 14m 4s
there's story updatessss
I'm excited

I can't download the update though D: my wifi is too slow ;-;
  Fleuret / 147d 1h 52m 8s
Oh sweet! I'll have to start playing it again.
How many trophies do you have so far?
Yeah, I hope to! I'm pretty distracted with Zelda atm, but FF was suuper fun so I totally plan to pick it back up again soon<3
Once I finish it we can talk about the ending!!
  .J. / Juudai / 335d 2h 36m 2s
their supposed to be updating the game & changing ch. 13 a bit
also ;; they're releasing the gladio episode soon
so there's some stuff to look forward to for the game !
I still need to get all the trophies and stuff
which requires fighting the adamantoise lol
but shouldn't be too hard if I work on leveling up

the game still makes me super sad though ;;
just knowing what ends up happening
you should try finishing it soon !
  / Fleuret / 335d 12h 33m 43s
Now I'll never miss a message maybe!!

Do you have windows? When I studied abroad, my host family had small boxes of plants on their little porch. That was their garden and it was wonderful.
mmm, I might settle down to play some acnl right now! That sounds like fun.
Oh, I'll show you for sure! I'll even send you progress pics and stuff.
Do you know how long a succulent can live for? :o

Well, I'm glad you feel better! Welcome back!
I think I might start spring cleaning my real room too. Get rid of some stuff, make some more room. I think it'll feel refreshing.
  .p. / Prompto / 357d 21h 14m 10s
I've got some of your other accounts in the thread so feel free ;o

I don't have a backyard but ;; the weather has been mostly nice lately , so I'm ready for spring. it's spring in acnl at the moment.
if you do plant me a huge sunflower, I want to see. ♡
Maybe an Orchid or a succulent of some kind. ;o I can't speak for orchids but succulents are pretty easy to care for, as I said before. So they're pretty good starter plants. :)

It's ok. I could've asked about it, but I chose not to.
I felt ok with coming back, so here I am.
I look forward to your spring cleaning. :)
  / Fleuret / 361d 22h 22m 51s

I need to follow this on my other accounts... man... ;__;
Agh I keep looking out into the backyard and getting really excited for spring, and for these flowers.
It snowed again and we're buried, but I can tell the sun is trying hard. We'll get there next month, I hope.
I want to plant you a huuuuge sunflower. That'd be wonderful!
I've also been looking around at plants when I go to the store to see things. Like, maybe I could get something for my desk at work! To keep me company, and I can take it home on weekends if it needs more care.

Also, sorry we didn't play a couple weeks ago. I totally spaced.
You probably won't see this for a while because you're taking a break, but I love you, alright? Let's play soon.
I'm going to do some spring cleaning in my town so it'll be ready for you.
  .p. / Prompto / 362d 20m 12s
I edited it with you in mind. ♡♡♡
They really are sweethearts though.
I love them too.
yes it is ! It's just such a pretty image.

I've been planting flowers since I was little. ;o
Also, Evening Glories are nice ! they're easy to care for, and I've always thought it was cool that they bloom in the evening.
Violets are also good, because you can keep them inside if you want. I think it'd be a nice start. Also, when spring time comes around, I'm going to look at the flowers they have and suggest some ;o
also, you have to pay attention to whether they're perennial or annual.
Perennials bloom every year, while annuals only live for one year.
There's also biennials, which only live for two years.
I think you'd like to have a succulent. They're just nice to have around. You can also get an aloe plant, which has first aid uses too. Helps with burns.
I want to say the time to start planting is April-May. Probably late March. It really just depends on the flower/plant. Some are more spring plants, while others are more summer plants.
[size09 pictures would be wonderful ♡ as for a plant for me ;o maybe a lily. I'd say a sunflower but I'm not sure how difficult they are, and they tend to get big.]

This Sunday sounds nice. ♡♡
I'm super excited !
  / Fleuret / 1y 10d 20h 14m 45s
Your picture is so cute w o w I love it.
Look at those sweethearts.
I love them.
And the color is just really pleasant too.

I had no idea! Thanks! I think daisies would be nice. I really like those.
I had to google what a succulent plant is. I'm impressed that you know so much.
A'ight but they look really relaxing, and I think I'd love to have one in my room. Do you know when the time to start planting is? Our weather has really warmed up recently, but I think we're still going to be expecting at least one more storm. It's only mid-February, so it's a little early to get my hopes up.
[size10 I'll send you a picture of all of my plants. I'll even plant one for you. Just tell me what.]

Yeah. :/ Not to mention you still have homework and stuff to do, so it's like, even if you don't have work, you still have things on your plate.
If you have time this upcoming Sunday, want to play? It's still early, so if things come up or if you aren't feeling it then, that's cool! Totally!
But like, maybe if we can set aside an hour, get a cup of water and sit down and play. I've been thinking of redoing my town lately. I also have been missing doing island tours. Those were my favorite thing.
And my house is still Christmas-themed. I think it's time for some cleaning!
  .p. / Prompto / 1y 10d 20h 48m 0s
That would be so fun !
Gardens are wonderful.
Don't go with bulbs as your first flower ;; they're a bit fickle.
Daisies and petunias are always a good idea !
And if you'd like some indoor plants, I suggest succulents c:
They're cute, don't need a lot of water, and they're a plant !
[size08 I just love plants oops]

Saturday or Sunday, when I'm not working the weekend
sucks that's the only two days I really have :(
  / Fleuret / 1y 10d 21h 15s
I've been thinking about starting a small garden this year. Just some flowers, something easy, but something really cute and like, vibrant?
What do you think?

I miss you you too<3 <3
What days work best for you to play? :)
  .p. / Prompto / 1y 10d 22h 7m 37s
it's usually winter or spring, at least here

man, I miss you.
it sucks that we're both so busy :(
I wanna play acnl with you sometime soon.
but our schedules don't seem to overlap
anyways ... late night ramblings
goodnight. <3
  ɢᴀᴍᴇ ᴏɴ! / Fleuret / 1y 11d 18h 46m 41s
And then we can get adventuring!! I can't wait until I can mount freely. :v

Yeah. I can't remember when, but I think ? Someone told me that like winter and fall are best for housing? But I don't remember.
I forgot about that one! I'm so glad you're using it! :)

I don't officially since I'm part time, but because of that I can totally request days off. It's mostly a matter of money at this point. :v So I'm saving what I can now!

Good idea, good idea.
I think I might work on mine today too. I get on and I get kind of overwhelmed, so maybe it'll be like, early spring changeover stuff. :D
  .p. / Prompto / 1y 20d 7h 59m 26s

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