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Shrugs "I use that with my friends but then I realize we go to the same Training gym", she says as she walked into a random room.
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 36d 9h 43m 5s
Raising one eyebrow and then walking off Sam shook his head.
  Sam and Dean Winchester / Kian / 2y 36d 10h 6m 47s
She seen a zombie "back up I know karate, I will chop your ass to Kingdom come", she says as she jumped as she coughed then looked down a hallway
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 36d 10h 28m 34s
"How much longer?" Sam asked as he shoved his phone back in his pocket. Dean rolled his eyes and fallowed Amy.
  Sam and Dean Winchester / Kian / 2y 36d 10h 31m 25s
"I feel gross now and I slept in a trench for 4 days",she says as she wiped her hands off on her shirt then grabbed the key from the box.
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 36d 10h 41m 33s
"Eww." Dean said as he looked at his pants. Sam looked at his phone again and sent a text in almost lightning speed
  Sam and Dean Winchester / Kian / 2y 36d 10h 43m 52s
"Oh hell no, this is some Saw or Amnesia shit", she says as she finally made it out then looked around
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 36d 10h 45m 19s
Dean sniffed the air and then put his hand in the liquid. "Blood?" He asked as he looked at Sam
  Sam and Dean Winchester / Kian / 2y 36d 10h 49m 39s
She gave him a look and Jumped at a noise "I don't think this is water, to thick", she says as she itched her arm
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 36d 10h 50m 35s
"Sound the floor I see." Sam said as he helped her steady her self. "Hey man hand's off." Dean whispered.
  Sam and Dean Winchester / Kian / 2y 36d 10h 53m 9s
She wiped her face off then went into the tunnel and almost fell "j..jesus h christ man", she says, her accent thickening when she got scared or excited
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 36d 10h 55m 18s
"Nasty." Dean said as he put his jacket over their heads. "This might help." He said as he started to walk in the tunnel. "Remind me again why we are doing this?" Sam asked as he fallowed.
  Sam and Dean Winchester / Kian / 2y 36d 10h 57m 24s
She yelled when bugs fell from the ceiling then made spitting noises and laughed "they went in my mouth", she says.
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 36d 11h 15s
Dean grabbed her hand and then let go as fast as it happened. Sam walked behind them with his hands in his pockets and laughed.
  Sam and Dean Winchester / Kian / 2y 36d 11h 4m 27s
She laughed add she seen another tunnel then climbed into it as she jumped at every sudden noise
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 2y 41d 12h 41m 37s

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