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A lone human who lives by this secluded spot near the beach for his own reasoning, notices something amazing one afternoon on one of his strolls down the beach with his dog. It at first looked like a young man sitting on a rock with his feet in the water. A closer look he notices that the young man had scales, a fin that he would ocasinally lift out of the water. A mermaid, a little blue mermaid. Who's hair was silky and the richest of ebony. Eyes that would be copper with flecks of red depending on the angle the sun would reflect in his eyes. Viktor didn't have the heart to scare him off. He just watched him for a little bit, kept his dog at bay, then left the little one alone. Thinking that was it.

That was till he went back the next day and saw the mermaid was in the same spot sleeping in the sun half out of the water.

And the next day he was there sitting on his favorite rock again. One thing Viktor has noticed over the week of watching him, the mermaid seemed to be alone. Looked sad even. From what he could tell the mermaid had this little starfish he would hold and pet and talk to sometimes. But that was it. It seems it was just him. But he seemed to be hiding maybe.

After watching the mermaid for so long, would Viktor ever talk to him?

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There are tales, stories, myths, and legends of beautiful creatures of the sea. Who entice the mind with fantasy and grace. If only humans knew those stories were so true. There were in fact these creatures of the sea. Half fish, half human. And they were beautiful. They all sparkled and shimmered and were fit and great in size.

Though, this isn't the tale of one of those beautiful creatures. Well, not beautiful in the eyes of the others. Of course the creatures are, mermaids.

A little blue one, was born and his mother was nervous that she had birthed an ugly child. His tail was thin and he was tiny. His scales didn't shimmer or sparkle. His eyes were just, copper. Even their eyes were what legends were made of. Everything about a mermaid screamed flawless beauty. Meaning health, size of their tails, their skin even sparked. Fairies of the sea basically. But this baby, was very lack luster. Though as a baby he didn't know. He just smiled looking up at his mother. Of course, it was hard to tell when they are first born. But even he seemed different from newborn babies. The mother was beautiful, his father, wanted nothing to do with the boy. Was disappointed in the child and was quick to try again.

A few months later, the little blue one had a sister and a brother. Twins. Both were beautiful and their fins didn't look so odd from his. That was all it took. The boy was abandoned. The shame for his parents was gone. He was taken to where all the shunned mermaids are taken. Which isn't often. It's so rare for an "ugly mermaid" to be born. But he apparently was in their vein minds. Barely two and was kicked out of the kingdom. Taken to the old seahag. A creature that was far from beautiful but she takes in the children. Till they are old enough to go on their own.

The boy cried for his mother for days, nights. But she wasn't coming back. The seahag explained to the boy what his life was going to be like. Once he was on his own. He will be living a life of shame, guilt, pain, and loneliness. That he will have to hide, for no one cares when someone like him is killed off. Mermen were bullies to the little males.

When he was eight, it was time. He was kicked out again and he's been alone every since then. The boy has lived a life like the seahag had said. He's on the run, hiding, and is so very alone. He did find another one who was shunned too. She was old and enjoyed his company for her last few days. She told him it's his fate too. That she was lucky she was found for her last moments.

After meeting her the boy had been depressed, he found a soft patch of sand and just laid there for a few days. Debating what the point was. If he should just let himself starve to death. Something his "kind" tend to do. For if you were to never find your mate. What was the point? To die alone and forgotten. Might as well end his misery.

A few months ago though, he did just that. Was going to let himself just drift away in this sunny patch of sun. Till this little starfish crawled on his face. The boy sat up and plucked it off his face and looked at it. Something told him that the star, was telling him to move. And he was right. For the sound of other mermen was heard. The little blue one had to move, and moved fast. Faster than them at least. He was still too close it seems.

That's when he hatched a dumb, but smart idea. Mermaids never, never go so close to the shore. For their most number one fear lives there. These creatures on two legs. Have hunted mermaids. But he had to risk it. To find a spot away from both mermaids and those two legged things. He did, just that.

The last several months he has found a nice secluded spot to call himself home. It had food, fun rocks to sit on, and he was alone. Probably where he will be alone forever. At least it was beautiful. He had no idea how much he loved to sit on rocks and enjoy the sun's warmth. Those others didn't know what they were missing out on.

Tonight, this evening, was the day he hates the most. The day he regrets the most. It was his birthday. Somewhere out there, were his parents. Regretting it too. The seahag always made him these special seaweed wraps for his birthday. But he always wished he wasn't born. But honestly, he's getting use to being alone. It's better now that he has his little starfish friend. That little guy always clung to him and held his fingers tightly. So the boy was a least a little happy, had at least one good thing going for him.

But the last few days he has felt, a little weird in his home. He would hear something out on the shore. But not see anything. He figured he was being stupid or something. He's been here for months and has seen nothing on this little beach.

To catch the last bit of sun for the day, he sat himself up on his favorite rock and let his tail still splash in the water. His copper eyes closed lightly as he stuck his face up to the sun and took in the last bit of warmth for the day. [b "Happy birthday to me..."] He sighed and looked at the little starfish. [b "What should we do tomorrow?"] His voice so sad and broken. [b "Float around again? Sleep all day? Don't give me that look...no, I don't feel like splashing and jumping...no..I think tomorrow we will just sleep in the sand...again."] The boy tucked the starfish in the water on the rock and laid down on his side. His arms folded under his cheek.

Now and then would swish his tail completely out of the water. He was curvy and had soft features. His hair raven black, his skin pale. Different blues, but didn't sparkle. He was tiny for a merman.

Out of boredom, he would hum a little to himself. Not sure how he knows the song, but he knows it. It was a little slow song, it sounded sad but beautiful. He always would hum it or sing it out to himself whenever he felt like it. It was nights like this, he hopes that maybe one day things will be different for him. That somehow he could be accepted. By someone, anyone. But that was wishful thinking.

He sighed laying there as the sun was still set. Not feeling motivated to move or paying attention to his surroundings.
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The platinum haired man sighed, the hot puff of air settling in the air in a breath of fog before dissipating into the atmosphere. Summer was gradually ending, and with it the nights became cooler. Still, it wasn’t quite enough to warrant more than a light jacket, the scarf wrapped carefully around his neck more for style than actual warmth. But he was tired after a full day at work, and the long drive home did nothing to take the exhaustion away. He wanted a warm bath, food, and his bed.

Mila and some of his other friends teased him for living so far from work. His little cottage on the beach, that unfortunately was an hour out of the city, and therefore a rather long commute to and from work on a nearly daily basis. For someone who was so exuberant when it came to interacting with people, he surprised many when they found out he lived so far out in the country. More than once said friends offered him a place in their apartments, telling him to just sell his childhood home and move on already.

But that little cottage by the sea was the home he grew up in, and he wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. It was relaxing, neighbors not terribly far, but far enough that it wasn’t exceptionally loud. Once you learned how to tune out the crashing of the ocean breaking over the jetties of course. Victor liked to sit on his back porch where his parents used to sit, clutching a cup of tea after a long day of work and simply stare out and watch the waves. There was something relaxing about the consistency of the ocean, the way it flowed seamlessly in a never-ending cycle.

And that’s exactly what he was doing, hair still damp after a long soak in his porcelain tub, blue eyes keenly observing the water with a gentle joy and calm air about his person.

Then he saw it.

A tail heaving over the gentle waves, too small and slender to be something like a whale or dolphin, almost human like, if you counted the fins that sprouted where feet should be, and the fact that the legs were stuck together. Abandoning his mug on the outside coffee table, he leaned against the white banister. Curious, but not wanting to startle the creature. Whatever it was. Over the last couple of weeks he’d been seeing something odd in the water by his childhood home, but he never was able to spot it up close. Maybe this would be the day he would finally figure out what animal it was?
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