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Hey, my name is Mariah and its been a long time sense I've been on this site.Things that happened in my personal life caused me to take a pretty long break, but i'm finally ready to come back. I'm willing to try anything, but i'm starting over from the beginning, and I would really appreciate you taking a chance with me. Thank you!

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gonna unfollow this thead, But if you ever come back message me through PM's won't be able to see messages on this thread.
  Accelerator / 3y 293d 9h 17m 7s
Yeah that's fine, PM me when you're done. Or if you want do you have Discord or some other app to talk on? Can plan it there and start there until you're able to use your computer.
  Accelerator / 3y 323d 20h 15m 41s
I could probably do something like that, but I don't have access to a computer right now, I got hacked last night and my computer is unusable until I get it whiped. I can't post off my phone, either. It's really hard to. I'll let you know when I get access to it back, and then we can go over details. Is that okay?
  Bella Swan / Mariechan / 3y 325d 6h 25m 9s
Been wanting to do something Steampunky, Or something heavily inspired by the world of Dishonored. Dystopian Steampunk with dark fantasy elements. As for the plot not really sure.
  Accelerator / 3y 325d 12h 21m 53s
Honestly, I'm up for anything. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Any thing in mind?
  Bella Swan / Mariechan / 3y 326d 8h 15m 56s
Hey, Got anything you're wanting to RP? Would be up to plotting something.
  Accelerator / 3y 326d 12h 30m 32s

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