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[center [size20 [b What's more dangerous? The living, or the dead?]]]

Ghosts are real. As well as demons and poltergeists and anything else that goes bump in the night. You are now one of them. You are now part of the Paramedium, lead by Death herself.

You died somehow, or you were so close to death that it was impossible to tell. No matter how she came across you, she saved you. In return, you help her bring the dead over to the other side. You are granted special power, and are now immortal. Everything you need to do your job.

It's not as easy as it sounds though, as not all spirits leave peacefully. Some will try to fight but be no trouble to take care of. Others, though, can create worlds, pulling people in to torture them in one way or another. You have to go into those worlds and find the spirit. Once you have defeated it, you will find a gem holding the spirit inside. Death will then send them to the afterlife.

There's something in the darkness though...Something that has been killing Death's helpers permanently. Where they take the souls they collect no one knows, not even Death. Because of this, the Paramedium members have to look behind their backs now. Whatever is lurking, it's planning something big that could ruin the balance between the human, and the spirit worlds.

[size20 [b Abilities]]

Any one of the Paramedium members are given abilities that any ghost/spirit would have. Ability to not be seen by mortals, telekinesis of items to a certain size, and flying but only at a certain height and a certain amount of time. Each member has different strengths in these. For example, one member might be able to fly higher than others, but another can stay in the air longer.

All members are also able to summon their weapon. These weapons don't even have to be an actual weapon, but a book, or a ring. They are meant to help the Paramedium handle the situation they are put in. These items are made of the Paramedium's soul, reflecting themselves so it's easier for them to use the item.

Each member also has a special ability that either one other, or no one else has. It can be anything from conjuring water, to entering into someone's memory. The strength of the ability also depends on the person's strength and focus. While some might not need that much focus, they might use a lot of strength, and vice versa.

[size20 [b Rules]]
- Standard ES rules
- Anime or Art pics please
- No instant romance
- Please keep me in the loop if you are unable to post for one reason or another.
- Be Creative. Use emotion, Love or Hate just help the Plot
- Skellies are to be PMed
- Any questions can be PMed to me

[size20 [b [u Skelly]]]

[b Username:]
[b Name:] [i First and last]
[b Age:] [i Age you died at is the age you stay at]
[b Year You Died:] [i Just a year is needed]
[b Weapon:] [i One weapon. Dual weapons count as one]
[b Special Ability:] [i Something the others don't have. Must clear with me]
[b How Did You Die:] [i Can be as brief as you want]
[b Personality:] [i What are you like?]
[b Background:] [i Don't write a book please]
[b Pic URL:]

[size20 [b [u Accepted Characters]]]

[center [b [u Sevena]]]
[center [pic]]
Username: Kikido
Name: Sevena
Age: Unknown
Year You Died: N/A
Weapon: Scythe
Special Ability: She's Death
How Did You Die: N/A
Personality: Kind and very caring of others. While many have painted her as emotionless and blank, she's actually not that way all the time. She likes having conversations with others about almost anything.
Background: She's Death. Anything that has to do with it, she's that. She shows up to guide those to the other side, helping them to travel. After so long, she came across a soul that wished to help another one that wasn't going easily. After the help, Sevena decided to gather others to help her out. Thus Paramedium was created. Sevena shows up and offers you life instead of death, in exchange for helping her save other spirits.

[center [b [u Artemis Morelli]]]
[center [pic]]
Username: Kikido
Name: Artemis Morelli
Age: 23
Year You Died: 1493
Weapon: Twin daggers
Special Ability: Summoning circles
How Did You Die: Killed for being a witch
Personality: Very motherly towards others. Stern when she needs to be, but also very nice.
Background: Artemis is an older soul, being in the Paramedium for a long time. In her human life, she was a witch, just like the rest of the women in her Morelli family. The village she lived in knew this, and most stayed away unless it was an emergency. That was, until the knights came. She remembered a storm. And fire. And then Sevena. Artemis does what she can for others, acting almost motherly. She would do anything to keep the others safe, even if it meant giving up her immortality.

[center [b [u Bianca "Bunny" Patton]]]
[center [pic]]
[b Username:] BakedPotato
[b Name:] Bianca Patton, better known as Bunny
[b Age:] 21
[b Year You Died:] 2017
[b Weapon:] Cellphone
[b Special Ability:] She can drain energy from anyone, ally or enemy, and transfer it to herself to add to her own strength. She can only do this if she has her phone on and on her, it's affected by range. The closer the person, the more energy she can steal from them. The more drained her battery, the less she can steal.
[b How Did You Die:] Accidental overdose of multiple drugs given to her by a stranger at a party.
[b Personality:] Social butterfly and all around a pleasant person to be around, Bunny is hyper and excitable. Can also be described as emotional, though not limited to negative emotions. She enjoys pop music, large crowds of people, most foods and sweets. She does not enjoy bossy people, being alone, or gore.
[b Background:] There isn't much to Bianca's story. Bunny had always been the center of attention; an only child in a small, wealthy family, she never had much to worry about. She excelled in school and had taken the summer off to prepare for college- which meant she spent most of her break tanning on the beach and drinking by bonfires. Finally about to start her new chapter she couldn't see any other way to celebrate than to party 'til she dropped dead! That's exactly what happened. Recently deceased, Bunny is coming to terms with her newly morbid life and learning the ropes to her new job.

[center [b [u Seth Skeeter]]]
[center [pic]]
[b Username:] SupposedlyWitty
[b Name:] Seth Skeeter
[b Age:] 17
[b Year You Died:] 1989
[b Weapon:] Headphones
[b Special Ability:] Seth can hack into anything with his headphones plugged in. Tech, security systems, houses, people's memories-- length of time depends on level of focus and complexity of the hack. Typically no other abilities can be used effectively during the process, making him physically vulnerable.
[b How Did You Die:] Bullying, reported as a suicide
[b Personality:] Introverted, prickly; slow to trust. Responsible and intelligent, yet emotionally immature.
[b Background:] Seth came from a family where only academic results mattered. Meanwhile, all the rich kids at their ivy league prep school decided bullying the scholarship nerd would force him to transfer. His parents were always working and didn't know; no one did, until he was pushed down the stairs. It was too late then. Funny how Death herself and his co-workers have shown him more warmth and humanity than anyone living ever did. Not that he'll ever tell them that.

[center [b [u Renshou Yonai]]]
[center [pic]]
[b Username:] nomey1
[b Name:] Renshou Yonai
[b Age:] 25
[b Year You Died:] 1600
[b Weapon:] Kusarigama
[b Special Ability:] With his left eye , he is able to force people to freeze in place and make them immobile. However, he has to have complete eye-contact with the target and he cannot blink or else the the ability is canceled. He is able to hold his eye open for a minute, two max, before he absolutely has to close his eye and let it rest. His left eye is always closed when the ability is not being used since he can't "turn it off".
[b How Did You Die:] Died in one of the last battles of the Sengoku Era before the Tokugawa shogunate was formed.
[b Personality:] Absolutely lazy. If he could, he would live out the rest of his immortal life a complete hermit and do nothing other than sleep . Despite preferring the company of just himself and not being the best at socialization, his heart is always in the right place and will never be mean towards someone unless attacked. He's too lazy to hold grudges or care too much about things that do not concern him or the Paramedium group.
[b Background:] He was born and raised in the Yonai ninja clan. Tokugawa Ieyasu hired with the clan to fight on his side so that he could unify Japan and lead it into a new era of peace. Renshou was one such ninja.

[center [b [u Melinda Jones]]]
[center [pic]]
[b Username:] nomey1
[b Name:] Melinda Jones
[b Age:] 15
[b Year You Died:] 2016
[b Weapon:] Sketchbook and pen
[b Special Ability:] Whatever she has drawn, she can turn it into a reality. This she can use to either create creatures to fight for her or tools to use. She has pre-drawn pieces she will carry with her but sometimes she has to create stuff on the spot and they can take some time depending on what it is she is drawing. The drawings have the same weaknesses as regular paper does, heat and liquids, but nothing else.
[b How Did You Die:] Hit by a speeding car
[b Personality:] Melinda is generally happy-go-lucky. She is not like this all the time, of course, but she tries to be this way at least most of the time when around other people. She enjoys a good laugh and is truly fascinated with learning the stories of other people. She can't help but want to connect with people. When she needs some alone time, she can easily excuse herself and find some solace in her sketchbook.
[b Background:] A typical teenage girl just trying to grow up and get by in the world. Melinda got along well with her parents and fellow classmates, though there were some girls who would like to pick on her for no real reason. She never let that get her down, though, and focused on the positives in life. One day, while walking home from school, she saw a little girl playing with a bouncy ball. She was about to walk past when the little girl accidentally hit the ball into the street. She walked into the middle of the street to pick it up just as a car was speeding down the road. Melinda, without thinking at all, leaped into the road and shoved the girl out of the way. The kid was safe, but Melinda got hit head-on by the car and died on impact.

[center [b [u Skeith Rayus]]]
[center [pic]]
[b Username:] Tyasuke
[b Name:] Skeith Rayus
[b Age:] 22
[b Year You Died:] 2015
[b Weapon:] Reaper's Staff a black staff that is about the length of a one handed sword
[b Special Ability:] Copy & Paste: He can copy whatever he touches and clone it wherever he chooses within reason. The larger the object the more energy it requires and the more time it takes to copy. He can usually only clone up to 2 to 3 objects except for his Reaper's Staff which he can make 6 clones of
[b How Did You Die:] Stabbed and drowned
[b Personality:] Quiet, caring, however sometimes acts on a whim. Very reckless when it concerns himself but will watch put for others without hesitation. Terrifyingly adaptable
[b Background:] He was a rather average kid. He had a loving pair of parents and went to college like a good kid. Skeith was very talented and had a good range of talents. He was social and easy to get along with but he completely transformed after his death. Now in his so called 'Free' time he tries to figure out the truth behind his death.

[center [b [u Daniel "Danny" Ravings]]]
[center [pic]
[b Username:] Accelerator
[b Name:] Daniel 'Danny' Ravings
[b Age:] 24
[b Year You Died:] 2014
[b Weapon:] Chained Crowbar
[b Special Ability:] Summoning, Controlling and Imbuing Hellfire. - The Ability to produce and manipulate the cursed Fires of Hell. Being able to infuse weapons, objects, vehicles and even himself with it for a temporary period. While Hellfire has a base destructive force the worse a person or entity is the stronger it is against them as it unleashes all their 'sins' and wrong doings back into them.
His Hellfire is intensive and while the length at which he can sustain the Hellfire varies depending on his emotions it always takes a great deal out of him ans is severely fatigued afterward despite being a Paramedium. The more he expends the worse state he is in afterwards.
[b How Did You Die:] Hit and Run, was driven off the road and burned alive.
[b Personality:] Caring to those he calls friends and family, Even in Death he tries to keep those he cared about in life safe. Daniel has a strong quite persona that he keeps to avoid much attention, Althoug he has a good heart the tough upbringings he's had makes him hard to get close to and be a bit rash from time to time and tends to act alone without asking for help even if he needs it. He now acts more of a protector then a guide.
[b Background:] Daniel was born into The Los Muertos, a Gang in the Sante Fe area. His Father Anthony was one of the Leaders of the gang. Along side his Uncle Paolo who wasn't actually their Uncle. Daniel grew up with his younger brother Abel caring for him. Their Mother had abandoned them after Abels birth leaving them with their Father to be Princes of the Street.

Daniel tried to keep Abel away from the life of the Family and raised him practically by himself until Abel was a Teen. Daniel however had to be invovled. During his time in the Los Muertos he was an expert driver and acted as a get away driver and street racer.

When Daniel was 24 that's when the Paolo turned on the Ravings. First Anthony was executed and while Daniel and Abel was fleeinf they split ways. Daniel acting as a distraction to give his Brother time to flee.

It worked. His Brother managed to escape however at the cost of his own life. While fleeing in his Dodge Charger he was open fired upon and driven off the road. The car crashing into a ditch flipped upside down.. and then they rained Molotovs upon the car and he was burned to death in the wreck and dragged into the after life..

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Artemis knew why Daniel did what he did, but that didn't mean she approved. Sevena knew about it as well, but she didn't give any opinion to what she thought about it. All she said that as long as he didn't hurt anyone with his abilities then they couldn't do anything about it. She did tell Artemis to keep a close eye on him though, which wasn't easy for her since she had to watch the others as well. She trusted the others, but there was also a new member with them and she had to make sure they didn't die right away. Strange, thinking they could die when they were technically already dead.

She glared at Daniel when he gave his remark about how she looked, trying to hide a slight blush. Turning back to what was at hand, she waited for the others to reply to her report of what had just happened. Mel had a very interesting way of looking at it, saying they were already dead.

[#2ECCFA "Even though we are already dead, the things we fight can still kill us. Just not as easily as a human."] She replied to Mel. [#2ECCFA "Also, there is a bigger chance of us disappearing completely. Our souls are a little more fragile since they are not technically within us anymore. Our souls are the weapons we create, which is why they are so strong. If it breaks, we can still fight but will be very weak, making it easier to kill us. And if we die when our weapon is broken, we cease to exist."]

It was a morbid truth, something Artemis had seen happen before. Too many times than she would like to admit. Some of them already knew this, perhaps seeing it themselves as well. It was something she wouldn't wish on anyone, even the ones that had killed her.

Daniel did have a point though. Just because they were missing didn't mean they were dead. Still, the fact that Sevena couldn't find them didn't give her too much comfort that they were still around. Artemis looked up to Daniel as he spoke again, shaking her head for a response.

[#2ECCFA "No, if she wanted us to go she would have said so. Just because we're all Paramediums doesn't mean we all get along. Some prefer to keep to their territory and threatens to take out anyone who crosses into them. Though the Italian houses are rather friendly, I don't know if they will want us investigating it without Sevena's permission."]

Artemis wanted to go investigate, but Sevena said nothing about it so it was most likely out of the question. Still, the fact that Sevena came here on her own this time had her thinking. Did she have a slight idea of where this new enemy would strike next? If so, why not tell them? No, Sevena would've said something to her. It was unlike death herself to keep this kind of secret from her when it involved her household.

[#2ECCFA "For now, we will have to carry on like everything is normal. If we let the enemy know we know about them, they could go for a full out strike when we are not even ready."]

[center [b ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]]

The night had taken over, the city alive in its night life. Artemis stood at the edge of an alleyway, hood covering most of her face as she looked around at the people passing her by. Tonight, she would be in an abandoned apartment building, looking for the spirit of a child that had been staying here a bit too long. She hoped it would be an easy thing, children usually going one of two ways. They either went along with her, or created a living hell.

[#2ECCFA "Might as well get this over with."]
  Artemis Morelli / Kikido / 341d 19h 39m 48s
[center [font courier

[#19CF34 "Geh!"] would be the sound Daniel got out as his hood was suddenly yanked back briefly choking him, Danny back tracking a few steps to release the tension of his jacket on his throat. Artimis giving him a solid whack on the side of his head in the quick second this all took place.

Artimis scolding him as Danny rubbed the side of his head giving her an unpleased look. The whole Mother Bird didn't work the way she intended on him. He saw her more as an equal, He was use to being the Eldest, The Big Brother taking care of himself and his family.

[#19CF34 All I did was race, Artimis.. Toast and Cars aren't Mortals..] He'd take a bite from his toast. [#19CF34 And you know my reasoning..] Implying about his Brother, something he'd only really key'd her in about. Not that he didn't trust the others but he'd only told her about Abel directly.

[#19CF34 Nobody got hurt, Nobodies here, and I didn't use my abilities on anyone.] Hints of a hispanic Accent increasing but slowly dulling. What he said was all technically the truth. He'd fix his Hoodie and Jacket. letting out a sigh as his defensive demeanor shifted to passive. [#19CF34 But I do Apologies.] He'd say softly then giving her a cheeky smile.

[#19CF34 But your stern face is cute so I'm not completely sorry.] He'd give a teasing wink and chuckle as he finally leaned against the counter as things shifted to the disappearances.

Danny had missed the duplication of his car and Rens brief attempt to warn him during the whole scolding from Artimis. Greatfully accepting the cup of tea from Mel and taking a sip. [#19CF34 "Thanks, Mel. Tastes great."] He'd give her a smile before returning is attention to Artimis. getting some eggs and making an egg sandwich with toast.

[#19CF34 "So watch out for something we have no clue what to watch out for.. situation is shittier and shittier by the month."] He'd shift slightly. Listening to Mel and Seth.

"[#19CF34 "Disappearing doesn't mean they're dead, Taken somewhere, Imprisoned. Lot of different planes of existence. If we're wanting to dig into this then we should probably start figuring out what creatures or entities would have the potential to accomplish such a feat.]

Moving aside as Seth went over to the sink to wash his Mug, Daniel would notice the scowl on Seths face, He seemed to be in a sour mood.

Scanning the table when Mel pointed out Skeith had left. While Daniel went off himself it was once in a Blue Moon he had reasons for it and he made sure to be around key discussions. Skeith seemed to be like a leaf in the wind. He'd finish his breakfast and place he Mug & Plate in the sink, rolling up his sleeves and washing them quickly as the others chimed in.

Daniel would turn back to the group. [#19CF34 Artimis, did Sevanna want us to go check the Italian House?] Figuring it was the house in Rome. [#19CF34 Waiting for something to happen isn't going to do much good, No one has encountered whatever is doing this and gotten away so if we see 'something' as it has been then.. something may happen to us.] folding his arms across his chest.
  Danny Ravings / Accelerator / 1y 6d 22h 6m 18s
[center [pic]]
[b [#990000 "No..."]] Renshou yawned before finishing, [b [#990000 "Eggs are good."]]

He slowly became aware of each new arrival to the kitchen. He didn't feel the need to be fully aware because the Paramediums were his teammates. Unless one of them gave him a reason to feel cautious, he didn't bother being worried. He knew he could trust them after getting used to their little quirks, habits, and the like while also working with them. Of course not everyone worked in pairs or teams, but some missions required a little extra backup depending on the risk level.

When Skeith stopped standing behind his seat and sat next to him he nodded his head in greeting, though to everyone else it probably just looked like he shifted his head ever so slightly. Then there was the mumble from Seth which he also returned with a nod. Someone else understood the wonderfulness that was sleep and wasn't eager to be awake. It wasn't until Melinda that he was forced to speak actual words in order to communicate and he finally sat up in his seat.

When Daniel finally walked through the door he got some sass about moving this century. Renshou smirked and let out a small, but audible, laugh. [b [#990000 "I know, isn't it something?"]]

He never took anything personally and therefore had no problems with being mocked by anyone, more specifically anyone within the team. He knew how to see the humor in life and took it like it was; nothing more, nothing less. As he waited for eggs and tea to be finished he was vaguely aware of Skeith leaving. He thought nothing of it. It wasn't his job to keep track of where everyone went. They each had their own lives-- well... unlives?-- and he wasn't going to control what anyone said or did. Artemis filled the "mother" roll and Sevena was their boss. Renshou just did as he was told.

He eagerly made his plate of eggs and gratefully accepted the cup of tea from Melinda. It was interesting how different things such as food and beverages could be made over the years. There were a million different types and blends of teas nowadays and technology was advancing in a way to allow, what used to be hours of prep, shortening the process down to minutes.

Renshou was just about to take his first bite of food when his body physically twitched. Loud collision, earth shook, possible smoke in the air? His early life of ninja training was a damn difficult thing to kill along with his instincts. He wasn't even aware that he had instantaneously summoned his weapon, the [ kusarigama], although the chain rattled as he rose from his seat. He could hear everyone talking about the concerning recent events about other Paramediums going missing. Apparently an Italian was the most recent victim of this mysterious serial kidnappings/killings. However, his eye was busy looking out multiple windows for the thing he had sensed. He finally spotted the cause out through the window in the kitchen: a car that looked like Daniel's and a seesaw.

[b [#990000 "Uh... Daniel, you might want to--"]] Before he could finish his sentence, however, both items disappeared into a cloud of smoke. It all clicked and finally he was able to understand what happened and who the cause had been. [b [#990000 "Never mind."]]

With a sigh, his weapon disappeared from sight and he returned to his seat. It was about time that he ate his breakfast.

[center [pic]]
[b "I would love some tea, Mel."]

Melinda's casual smile grew into excitement as she whirled around and saw that Daniel had returned home-- err, well, their Paramedium base. [b [#158fd6 "Welcome back!"]]

Glad to see that everyone was finally together in one place, she began to hum as she continued her task at hand, listening to the collective conversation as it grew with activity and liveliness. This only paused when Artemis scolded Daniel, but she resumed shortly afterwards. The kettle whistled loudly to signal that the water was boiling, Quickly turning off the burner and moving the kettle onto a matt on the counter, she placed a different flavor of tea into each mug. She had grown used to what each person's preference was, having fairly good memory of the things she sees and hears.

As she poured water into each mug, she heard the rattling of a chain and glanced up just in time to see Renshou walking into the kitchen. She flinched at the sight of the weapon and took an instinctive step back. [b [#158fd6 "What are you--?"]]

Before she could finish her question, however, he was already looking out the window. He was about to say something to Daniel when he suddenly cut himself off and told him to disregard what he said. Curiously, she glanced out the window but saw nothing other than clouds of smoke fading into nothingness. Shrugging it off, she finished what she was doing as Renshou returned to his seat.

[b [#158fd6 "It's so weird,"]] Melinda commented as she began to hand each person their specific mug of tea. [b [#158fd6 "You would think, since we can't die, that there would be no real threats. Well, I mean of course our job can be dangerous, but not, like, [i life-threatening] kind of dangerous since we all already died. Right?"]]

Though she had died just about a year ago, there were still many things that she had to learn. She didn't know as much as everyone else in the room nor did she have as much experience. It was hard being practically a newbie, but she knew that they would have her back if she ever truly struggled or if anything happened. She always returned the favor whenever she could, whether it be out on a mission or doing something nice for them during her free time.

When Melinda gave the last mug to Renshou and went to take a seat at the table, she paused in her ramblings and glanced around. She was pretty sure that everyone was present, yet now it seemed as if someone was missing.

She frowned in confusion. [b [#158fd6 Where did Skeith go? He was here just now, wasn't he? I didn't even see him leave..."]]

She scratched her cheek with her index finger as she eventually settled down into a seat. There wasn't much the teen could do other than grab a plate of food for herself. The eggs looked and smelled too delicious to ignore for very long.
  nomey1 / 1y 20d 12h 58m 21s
[i One cheap, instant dinner; one box of juice on the side. Two pencils, freshly sharpened. Three textbooks, all open at the same time. Four empty chairs. The only noises in that dark room were from lead scraping against paper, or an occasional turned page.
His mother was away on another trip and his father was working overtime again. If something happened, Seth was instructed to go next door to their annoying neighbor who always wanted the teen to join his wife and kids for dinner. Being an introvert, he never did take the family up on their less-than-tempting offer. Studying for exams with a crappy noodle cup was always somehow more appealing.
If, hypothetically, he had accepted at least once... what would it have been like? Would he have liked it? Would the food have tasted good? Would he have enjoyed the company? Would it have been worth it, just to experience something so different from what he'd become used to?
He always told himself no, absolutely not.]

[#F3CD0D "...!"] Couldn't Daniel just greet Seth like a normal person? To be specific, like an adult? Sigh. He brought a hand up to fix the mess on his scalp, failing to manage a genuine glare as the older male walked past. On one hand, those who died at an older age were technically older than himself, so it wasn't rare to be treated as a teenager still. Was it really worth disputing at the end of the day? Getting too annoyed over something so petty really would make him as childish as his physical appearance. [#F3CD0D "Yeah. Welcome back...."] he replied, rolling up the newspaper and moving it over.
The way each conversation flowed and intermingled with the others made it seem odd to imagine their morning routine any other way. The noise, the smell of eggs and hot tea, the sight of a full table; the first maternal lecture of the day from Artemis

The fact that Paramediums were disappearing without any sort of trace meant compromising the effectiveness of teams everywhere. The teams would spend more time tracking down their missing persons without clues while risking their own safety and not being vigilant enough in their designated areas with work. For example, going off on your own and investigating; it exposed individuals to the exact same crime they were supposed to find answers to. [#F3CD0D "Has there been any sort of pattern found yet?"] After over twenty years of being a Paramedium, Seth knew that right now was a difficult time to actually move out; until cases started intersecting, the most logical course of action to take was play the waiting game and staying in groups.

If they actually had somewhere to start, then instead of recreating the scenario and just becoming another victim, figuring out actual clues could potentially lead teams closer to where their respective coworkers were being held. The only person capable of turning members back into passing human spirits was Sevena; therefore the people who all went missing couldn't be dead, right? They had been captured somehow and didn't have a method of escape yet. Assuming so, their current location, wherever it was, prevented them from using their abilities. Otherwise at least one of them would have gotten away by now, or even sent out an SOS or a location report.... unless. [#F3CD0D "How many disappeared so far? What were their abilities?"] If none of the victims had a special ability enabling tracking or reporting, it would make a lot more sense as to why no correspondence has happened yet.

Speaking of missing persons.... did Skeith leave the room at some point? He did that about as often as Daniel rode off early in the morning. Surely both of them could protect themselves and not go missing....
Not. That Seth. Cared. He just wasn't heartless; and if they went AWOL, it would be up to everyone else to pick up the slack. On top of that, he'd be ordered to use his hacking ability and help the others hunt down victims in a currently unsolvable case.

That would be too much unwanted work thanks to this mystery threat; and the fact that half their team consisted of impulsive loners.
He scowled while washing and drying the now empty mug, placing it back into the cabinet with just a bit more force than necessary. Increased workload all because of having to deal with childish idiocy from actual grownups-- screw that.
  Seth Skeeter / SupposedlyWitty / 1y 23d 7h 38m 11s
Skeith sits in the chair with his head hanging back. He could hear voices fill the room, but since his name was not called, he did not really register what was being said. Skeith feels he made his daily appearance and decided to get up and leave the table a few moments before Artemis put the plate of eggs down and entered Mother mode. To the rest of the house, Artemis was like a mother figure. However, not so much to Skeith. Basically because every time she got serious and entered her care taking mode, Skeith would be gone.

The young male is like a cat. He acts freely and impulsively if he is left to his own devices. Skeith often randomly vanishes from the manor when no one is looking for him or getting his attention in some way or another. In respect to this nature, the acts he performs sometimes goes outside the scope of one's expectations.

Skeith steps into the backyard of the manor which is a small space, but easily had enough space for what Skeith had going through his mind. He holds his right hand out and suddenly lines begin to appear in the air. The lines connect and quickly form into the grid layout of a see-saw. The see-saw shaped grid materializes into an actual steel see-saw. He crosses his arms and tilts his head a bit as if he is entertaining a thought. He copied the see-saw on his way back because he thought he could do something interesting with it. That's when an idea hits him like a car. Specifically, a Dodge Charger.

Skeith wonders into the garage of the manor to see the recently driven mechanical beast resting quietly after a night of battle. He puts his right hand on the hood of the car and stands there. Lines begin to form over the car as if a grid is slowly being drawn onto the car's surface. Skeith takes his phone out with his left hand and begins to look up random things online.

[i 'I wonder what made cat memes a thing,'] Skeith thinks to himself as he looks at an endless spree of cat memes. The car is almost completely covered in lines. A minute later, the grid fully covers the car and then vanishes into its surface. Skeith walks back into the backyard to see his copy of the see-saw still there. Skeith could only copy one object at a time, but he can maintain pasted objects for as long as he had the energy to do so.

Skeith steps onto the end of the see-saw, letting it slowly descend with him on top of the end. He wanted to test something out that involved his control over the basic shared powers of a Paramedium. So to speak, each Paramedium has their own unique power and they also have the powers every Paramedium had. Skeith often tested his range of potential with each power. That is how he realized his abilities in using each power is ridiculously unbalanced. Skeith is easily the strongest when it comes to using telekinesis. However, in terms of video games, all his stat points went into telekinesis and only a small amount of points went into his basic powers. At least, that is how Skeith trained to be.

That is why his power of flight is incredibly weak. He only trained his power of flight to be at the level to allow him, to a degree, perform zero gravity jumps. That also made what he is about to try more interesting to him. Right outside the kitchen window, oblivious to his actions as Artemis talks to the group serious. Skeith aims the palm of his right at a space above the other end of the see-saw. A car shaped grid manifests above the see-saw, and Skeith tilts his head. He gets the grid to change the direction its facing so the nose of the car is aiming straight down.

The grid slowly begins to have its insides filled with a black mist. Skeith's clothes begin to float a bit as he enters his zero gravity like state and his body becomes transparent as he enters a state of invisibility. He takes his phone out with his left hand and begins to look at his phone again. [i 'I wonder where I'll go today.'] He thinks to himself as the car suddenly manifests over the other end of the see-saw and can easily be seen from the kitchen window. Skeith uses his telekinesis to increase the amount of force the Dodger descends with. The car smashes into the other end of the see-saw, and Skeith is launched high up into the air like a speeding bullet.

Skeith soars high up into the sky and flies over the buildings of the city as he simply looks at his phone. [i 'Oh, I should probably disperse the clones.']

Back at the house, the copy Dodge Charger gets caught up in flames and simply sits there face planted into the ground. Luckily, it was early in the morning so everyone was either at work or asleep. Just as the car begins to tip, both copies turn into a cloud of smoke.

Skeith looks up to see he is quickly descending toward the ground head first. [i 'Oh, the ground,'] Skeith thinks casually. Just a moment before impact, Skeith uses levitation to propel himself up from the ground so he does not become one with the sidewalk. His feet gently touch to the ground as he takes a look around. He is surrounded by old abandoned warehouses and boats docked at a dockyard. Skeith takes a quick look around to make sure no one is looking before he turns off his invisibility.

Skeith takes out his phone and clicks on an app called the 'Where have I been app?' It is a nifty little app that allows one to know where they have been and explored in a location of their choosing. Skeith's second hobby was trying to fill up very nook and cranny of the map on the app for the city he calls home. After all, how many people could say they have explored every inch of the place they lived in. The thought intrigued Skeith greatly, so he started exploring the city to pass by the time. That is what made him ridiculously hard to find sometimes.

[b "Wonder what I'll find this time,"] Skeith says as he begins to aimlessly stroll.
  Skeith Rayus / Tyasuke / 1y 27d 10h 34m 41s
Slowly, the house began to awake. One by one, the other members made their way out of their rooms and into the kitchen. Renshou was the first to come down, which rarely happened. He was practically the Sin of Sloth itself with how lazy he was. Then again, when asked to do something he would actually do it. Sloth would just wave it off and ignore the request. So he had that going for him.

[#2ECCFA "I am making eggs, if you want something else with it you're on your own."] Artemis replied without looking back to him.

As the rest started to come in, the room became a little bit more lively. Ironic way of saying it, considering they were all dead, but yet not really. Would they be considered zombies? Probably, but they didn't look anything like the way people thought zombies looked today. They were really different from when she was actually alive. Sure some were decomposed, but those were ones that had strayed from their masters or were given an impossible task. Zombies were meant to carry out tasks for their masters, not go around eating people, unless that's what they were ordered to do.

Her mind came back to reality when Melinda asked if any of them wanted tea. [#2ECCFA "I'll have some."] She replied, starting to finish up the rest of the eggs. She wasn't picky at all with her tea, so it didn't matter what kind she would be given so she left it at that.

Artemis heard a certain vehicle come up the driveway and knew exactly who it was. Daniel. Seemed he was at it again, and she wasn't really that surprised. She was silent as he came into the house, making a comment to everyone before coming to her, giving a bright smile as he greeted her. Before he could completely walk past her, Artemis suddenly grabbed the hood of his jacket. This caused him to go back, having not expecting it, and really not expecting her giving a smack up the side of his head.

[#2ECCFA "You went our racing again."] She said in a stern voice. [#2ECCFA "You know better than to use your abilities on mortals like that. Sevena didn't give you them to mess around. She gave them to you to help spirits cross over to the afterlife."]

Artemis was in "Mother Mode" at the moment. Even though Daniel was older than her in mortal age, she was older than all of them in years she had been dead. Renshou came close, but was off about 200 years. Even so, she felt sort of like the mother of the group, making sure they had all been taken care of, keeping the house in order, and handing out missions and such like that. She had been there for each of their arrivals, taking them in to start with their new life. She didn't have many rules, but there were a few.

1. No bringing mortals home
2. Be respectful of everyone here
3. No using abilities on mortals unless for a mission

It was obvious which one Daniel had broken.

Putting the rest of the eggs onto a plate, she placed them in the middle of the table for anyone to grab. She sat at the table, scooping some onto a plate before she started to eat, waiting to see what his response would be before she spoke.

[#2ECCFA "Sevena came by this morning. A branch in Italy lost another member to mysterious circumstances."]

They all knew what that meant. For the past few years, members had been killed at random by something unknown to them all. It was hard to kill them, but it was possible. How they died though, wasn't from the hands of a spirit or anything like that. It seemed, mortal...Sure it was possible, and it had happened, but it was the rarest thing, and it never happened this many times before. Something, or someone, knew about them and were killing them for an unknown reason.

[#2ECCFA "As I've told you before, when out on missions or such, watch your backs. Nothing has been seen around here or other surrounding branches yet, but you should still look out for anything that's different. If you see any let me know and we'll contact Sevena."]
  Artemis Morelli / Kikido / 1y 30d 16h 14m 21s
[center [b 2014]]

There'd be a loud screech of tire on rubber as a Black 1969 Dodge Charger took a sharp turn into an alleyway coming to a quick halt. The only light coming from the headlights of the car, it being shy of midnight.

The engine rumbling as the passanger side door flew open a lean hispanic boy hurridly got out, his hair cut short in the front getting longer in the back. His eyes green, he'd be wearing a green jacket over a white tanktop. This would be Daniels brother Abel clutching a large backpack.

Danny who was in the drivers seat spoke to his younger brother with an ergent tone. [b [#19CF34 "This'll have what you need to get out of here, take the underground. Not all of them support Paolo."]]

Abels breath would be quick starring intently into his brothers eyes. [b [#E77A14 "What about you? Why can't you come with me and we both get out of here?"]]

[b [#19CF34 "I'm too high profile for Paolo, you can slip under the radar long enough to get away but he won't want me claiming Dads spot."]]

Things had gone to shit in a matter of hours, Uncle Paolo had pursaueded most of The Los Muertos to turn on Dad. He barely got Abel out of there and wouldn't be long before they caught up.

[b [#19CF34 "I'm going to lure them as long as possible, once this is over I will find you. Remember that trip I took you on when you where ten?"]] Daniel had taken Abel away from their home while a gang war had broke out.

[b [#E77A14 Abel giving a slow nod.. "Yeah..? Tonto National Forest.."]]

Daniel would give a nod. [b [#19CF34 "Meet me there in two months from this day. Now.. Go. I'll see you again, I love you."]] He'd reach out and grasp the wrist of his brother holding it for a moment. [b [#E77A14 "I'll be there, you better be as well."]] he'd say as they released and Abel would slam the door door shut and break off in a sprint down the alleyway turning down a T section and vanishing.

Daniel would stare for a moment then take a breath and steel himself as he put the Charger in reverse and sped out of the alleyway driving on mainstreet. Speeding down Mainstreet heading for a highway knowing Paolo he'd be seen.

The Dodge Charger sped down the streets of Sante Fe New Mexico, heading towards the highway. As Daniel drove out of town two vehicles came out of side streets and burned after him, They'd be Los Muertos.

Daniel led them towards the highway leaving the city limit behind. From out of the passenger side window a man would climb out and sit on the ledge, taking shots at the Charger with some kind of pistol. they'd have neon skeletal patterns painted onto their exposed limbs and faces.

There'd be a loud POP as a tire of the Charger was shot out, causing daniel to fish tail. Dannys breath quicking with panic. He'd keep looking behind him at the group chasing after him.

One of the cars would speed forward and slam into the back of the charger. There'd also be a loud bang and the crack of glass as the back widow exploded as a bullet shot through and landed in Dannys shoulder. [b [#19CF34 "Grah!"]] His eyes would bulge and his vision would blur with pain...

He didn't even see as a large armored truck slammed into the side of the charger and everything would go black..

There'd be the sound of some liquid pouring out of a can or jug and the sound of footsteps as daniel slowly came too. He'd of been flung partially out of the window, glass shards stuck in him the front of the car crushed in. He'd see a pair of finely dressed shoes at the front. [b [#19CF34 "guh.."]]

It hurt to breath and the corners of his vision would be going dark as he struggled to look up at the figure.. [b [#5C3F7E "Ya with me still, Danny Boy?"]] The soft raspy tone filled Dannys ears over the ringing in his head. He'd look up to see Uncle Paolo.

A tall lean figure in a finely dressed dark navy suit with a crambury red undersuit and tie. clean shaven and hair slicked back with oil, Dark brown eyes and tan skin visible

Paolo would take a draw from his Cigar, the tip illuminating his face in a dark orangish red glow. [b [#5C3F7E "Don't take this personal Danny, You know how the family buisness is.."]] Another figure would step into view holding a dark green jerry can, Danny would feel a splash of something cold on his back and the smell of gasoline would fill his nostrils then he'd recieve a splash to the face.

[b [#5C3F7E "Your Father was just holdin' us back, and taking far to much of a cut of the profits.. and I just can't have you or your brother getting in the way.."]] He'd take another draw of his cigar then crouch to be leveled with daniels head. [b [#5C3F7E "I'm sure ya understand, Danny Boy. Like I said.. Nothin' personal."]] Paolo would stand, turning his back to the car taking one last draw of his cigar blowing a cloud of smoke up towards the starry night sky

The other gang members would hurry away. [b [#5C3F7E "See ya in Hell... Danny Boy."]] Paolo would break out in a sinister raspy laugh as he flicked the lit butt of the cigar behind him.

The Cigar landing on Daniels back and the car would be lit a flame. Daniel would scream out in pain trying to struggle but it was no use soon his entire form was on fire..

His vision would suddenly go gray everything still on fire as the hellish inferno suddenly turned ice cold... he'd no longer feel restrained as he managed to get up.. he'd look at his hands and realize they still had this grayish fire around him all color had faded.. then he'd notice his body at his feet..

there'd be a faint double vision on the scenery as if there was the actual world then a phantom copy just slightly tilted. He'd hear a few clicks from the car as the radio suddenly came to life.. and music filled Daniels head..

[div [center [i [ MILCK - Monster]]]

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" Mercy, mercy]]]

The ground behind daniel would split open and a rain of black chains would come out of the dark void, one would wrap around daniels neck

[center [i Chains all wrapped around me, around me
Try to break free from the darker part of me]]

He'd instinctivly struggle, hands going up to grab the chain around his neck but two other chains would fling out of the darkness and and entrap his arms to his chest.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" Mercy, mercy, please]]]

Like a bola a chain would wrap around daniels ankles and then in tune to the beat of the song the chains would begin pulling him towards the void "No! Let me go! No!" He'd plead to the void as he'd be pulled in his vision going black as a web of chains would wrap around his head.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" I forget myself and my good nature
When I let temptation get the better of me
Oh, mercy me]]]

Daniel would be cacooned in chain, they'd shift and bulge as daniel struggled inside. Daniel tumbling into the dark void as the hole above him closed.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" All I see monster
Is a monster in me]]]
[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" All I see monster
Is a monster in me]]]

The song filling daniels head as the chains would begin to glow red, more chains flying out of the darkness now glowing hot. Daniel would manage to push one hand out of his chain prison.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" She is made of skeletons
I tried to bury long ago
Her fingers always on the trigger
Oh, no, no, no]]]
The skin on daniels hand and arm would slowly burn away revealing a leathery layer under it, dark black with white accents, just visible for a second as more chains would re-wrap the arm up.

[center [i All I see monster
Is a monster in me
All I see monster
Is a monster in me]]

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" Oh monster, oh monster
Oh monster, oh monster]]]

below him an endless body of water would come into view the water still.. till the chain cacoon impacted the water and plunged into it. there'd be a huge cloud of steam and loud sizzle as the chains nearly instantly cooled off.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" The monster is me

Oh monster, oh monster
Oh monster, oh monster]]]

The chained up Daniel would come out of the water, The water seemingly a suspended layer as he began to free fall again through the darkness towards a solid dark floor visible and approching quickly, Daniel still struggling from inside the cacoon.. until the mass of chains impacted the glassy obsidan ground. The chains pooling on the ground, the body of daniel would be gone.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" I want to be the hero you need
I want to be brave, I want to believe]]]

The chains would begin to heat up once more, shifting as they began rise. It would be like a figure walking up steps as they slowly grow taller while walking forward, covered in chains.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" But I take all the light and make it go black
Who could love somebody like that?]]]

The chains slowly falling off the figure as black and white leathery hands would begin to pull the chains free. Revealing more of the figure, the body would almost look like a hardened racers suit, leathery with padding in places.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" All I see
Is a monster in me]]]

The figure would pull the chains off its face, revealing a chromatic skeletal face, the mouth opened wide with the teeth pushed closed together under the nose with long canine teeth. In the eye sockets would be burning coals for eyes.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" All I see.. monster
Is a monster in me, me]]]

the figure falling to its knees as it looked at itself in the reflection of the obsidan ground, feeling its face as muscle and skin would slowly begin to regrow around the head, black hair with a blond streak down the center growing.

[center [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Oh monster, oh monster
That monster is me
Oh monster, oh monster]]]

Daniel would stare back at his reflection taking breaths of the cold air. Trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened. Looking at his arms and torso skin would slowly be reforming around the black suit. The suit adjusting to fit his normal proportions.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" All I see is a monster
A monster, in me....]]]]

The Song would end just as he'd hear a feminine voice from behind him, [b [#0 "Daniel Theo Ravings..."]] Danny turning around quickly to see a female figure in a dress, his Dodge Charger behind her perfectly intact.

[b [#0 "We have much to discuss.."]]

[Center [B Present Day - 2:58 AM]]

Danny would put on his featureless motorcycle helmet with a dark tinted visor running his hand over the dashboard right above the radio. [b [#19CF34 Lets go girl]] The radio turning on with a gentle click.

[div[center [i [ Dead Posey - Holy Grail]]]

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Judging eyes cast your spells
Thieves, fakes, jezebels]]]

The rumble of engines, cheering, shady industiral district, hot chicks, sketchy figures and money. Everything that an underground street racing league needed. Cars lined up, Six of them.. till a Dodge Charger rolled up last minute making it seven.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Preachers of the light
Such a blinding sight]]]

A skimpy dressed female would stand in the front of the line up whose outfit was getting wet from the gentle rain, holding a flag would raise it up signaling to get ready. engines would rev. Danny would scan his competiton.. [b [#19CF34 "Easy."]] he'd chuckle.
The flag would wave one, twice, thrice.. and then drop and the cars would speed off dodging around her.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Damn this twisted fate
That we manipulate]]]

Daniel would quickly leave half of them behind, two others grouped up with him as they sped down the dark streets of the cities industrial district. The loud engine of the Charger would roar as danny pressed the gas peddle.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" This place has got me torn
Let me be reborn]]]

He'd be in second place with one person on his tail another just a head, Tires screeching as they took a sharp turn Danny would slam the gas and take the corner close gaining on First Place.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Feel the magic flow through
Pass around the holy grail]]]     

[b [#19CF34 "This won't do.."]] Danny glared his eyes slowly glowing orange, his grip tightening on the wheel. There'd be a spontanious rumble from the engine and crimson fire would burst out of the raised engine for a brief second and the car would pick up speed and come neck and neck with first place. Danny would look out his side window at his competetor.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Like the ones before us
Let the rhythm set you free]]

Daniel would have a helmet on so just the glow of his eyes would be visible through the tinted visor, his gaze snapping back to the road as they took another turn going right this time, Danny would try and cut off the other racer.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Perfect life on display
Tainted debts one day paid
Soul and desire
Come and take me higher]]]

The glow of his eyes fading as he sped down and entered a tunnel, the other cars right on his tail. Trying to keep infront of the car in Second Place so they couldn't go around him. A soft rain pelting on the cars

[i [centered Lone wolf roam around
Alone in the crowd]]]

The finish line was coming up, second and third had pulled up on either side of him and both where starting to close in trying to get him to fall back. Pumping one last blast of hellfire into the engine the car would suddenly fly between the two noses as they sandwich him just barely getting through as he speeds past the finish line.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Savage the fools
Gonna shout at the moon]]]

Danny would pull off to the side and come to a halt, climbing out of his car as people crowed around him. He'd be wearing his black body suit with white patterns on it. A few groupies gathering around him trying to take a few selfies with him. Danny giving a big toothy grin, arms around two of the girls shoulders giving duel thumbs up.

[i [center [Feel the magic flow through
Pass around the holy grail]]
[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Like the ones before us
Let the rhythm set you free]]

There'd be quiet pssts and hisses as the rain evaporated on contact with daniels suit into tiny puffs of steam. with a flash the picture would be taken. A few of the girls giving him their numbers and one of them kissing his cheek.

[i [center [font "Shadows Into Light" Feel the magic flow through
Pass around the holy grail]]] 

Daniel would go and collect his reward, Having to dispute with the other two races about about cheating having some kind of nitrous injector. He'd take the two and the Races 'officals' and let them inspect his car, popping the hood.. all clean.

[center [i [font "Shadows Into Light" Like the ones before us
Let the rhythm set you free....]]]]]

With two thousand five hundred dollars now in his pocket he'd change into his usual atire and climb into his car and drive off. taking a breath as the adrineline still ran through his veins. He didn't let death stop him from having a good time, His death and Sevana.

Daniel would begin his way home, driving through the city he'd stop infront of a building.. one of the Cities Banks. He'd count out five hundred and set the wad apart from the rest, heading inside with the case. Danny would depost two thousand of the winnings, which would get transferred through a series of dummy accounts and eventually make its way to Abel.

Danny would climb back into his car, The clock reading 5:06. [b [#19CF34 "Best get home.."]] He'd say quietly to himself. It would take daniel another another couple hours as he joy rode his way back home, the storm moving past and the sun would poke out as it rose over the city.

Danny would pull up the long driveway of the Peramedium House, Manor was a better term for it but of course there where protections on the outside to make it seem less grandious. He'd pull into the garage and with a last rumble the engine would shut off as danny pulled the key out of the iginition.

He'd spin his keys around his fingers with the keyring as he walked into the building the smell of eggs filling his nose. [b [#19CF34 "Mmm.."]]

[b [#0D88E3 "Anyone else want tea while I am making it."]] there'd be a pause and shortly after he'd hear [b [#0D88E3 "They look great!"]] the familar voice of Mel.

Kicking off his shoes he'd come into the Kitchen with a big grin on his face. [b [#19CF34 "I would love some Tea, Mel."]] He'd walk past the table ruffling Seths hair. [b [#19CF34 "Mornin' Seth."]] raising both his eyebrows to Renshou. [b [#19CF34 "Wow, Ren. You're actually moving this century? I'm impressed."]] *He'd say in a jesting tone with a grin.

Walking over to join Mel and Artimis, leaning against the counter grabbing a piece of bread he'd slowly begin to toast it himself with faint flames running over the bread as it darkened.. leave it to danny to used cursed hellfire to toast bread.

Flashing Artimis a smile showing off his neat white teeth. [b [#19CF34 "Mornin' Artimis."]] He'd take a bike of the toast and pull out the bundle of Five Hundred dollars. Putting it in the "Emergency Money" Jar that was on the counter, Even the dead need a little cash when posing as being alive. Dannys occasional hobby wasn't a secret.
  Daniel Ravings / Accelerator / 1y 33d 16h 4m 50s
[center [pic]]
Melinda didn't seem to realize that it was finally morning until she realized that her bedroom was becoming brighter and the lamp that was sitting on her desk was no longer really necessary. She leaned back against her seat and stretched, causing several joints and muscles to crack and feel sore in anger against the owner of said body. She had spent another night simply drawing, drawing, and drawing. Even before she became a Paramedium the young teen had insomniac tendencies on certain nights, now it was practically every night. Sometimes she would go to sleep simply so time would pass by more quickly, but otherwise she was almost always up doing one thing or another.

After giving her hands the message that they desperately cried out for, she practically leaped out of her room and down the hallway in order to meet with everyone else in the kitchen. She was always happy to hear the others in the house moving about and becoming active because it meant she didn't have to remain cooped up by herself and could actually interact with the others.

[b [#158fd6 "Good morning!"]] she called cheerfully as she entered the room.

Melinda mentally counted everyone that was currently present, realizing that one of them was still not there yet. Oh, right! Danny! She thought she had heard his vehicle last night, but wasn't exactly sure. She peeked out the window and, sure enough, it was gone from the property. She returned to the room, giggling as she poked Renshou's cheek.

[b [#158fd6 "Come on, lazy bones! You sleep too much as it is."]]

The older man only groaned. [b [#990000 "It's too early."]]

[b [#158fd6 "But we don't even need to sleep!"]]

[b [#990000 "It's the best way for creative minds to explore what cannot be explored in the realm of reality."]]

Melinda blinked a bit in surprise at what he said, but then she smiled again. [b [#158fd6 "You got that from a book, didn't you?"]]

[b [#990000 "And what if I did?"]]

With a laugh, she entered the kitchen and started to fill a kettle with water. [b [#158fd6 "Maybe some tea will wake you up."]] At the sound of that, he forced himself to sit up in the seat, though his back leaned against the back of the chair, and nodded his head in response. [b [#158fd6 "Anyone else want tea while I am making it?"]] She placed the kettle on the stove and turned it on, grabbing some mugs and the stash of multiple types of tea as she waited for the water to boil.

She watched Artemis as she cooked the eggs and took in a deep breath. They smelled absolutely amazing and no one was going to try to convince her otherwise, even if it was just simply eggs. Food was the one thing she wasn't completely willing to cut out of her life yet, despite having no need for it. There are just too many different dishes and flavors to enjoy.

[b [#158fd6 "They look great!"]] she chimed brightly. She couldn't help it. Food was always good for the soul, regardless if that soul was immortal or not.
  Melinda / nomey1 / 1y 35d 12h 37m 13s
A boy groaned, pulling blankets over his head when the smell of eggs wafted in. What was the point of their routine? Paramediums could survive without eating.... then again, here he was sleeping, which they could also do without. Sigh.
There was something about sleep that made it difficult to resist, especially when they had so much down time in between job assignments. It killed time in what was possibly the most soothing and centering way. Cutting out what used to be his primary source of comfort as a human just seemed wrong; after thirty years of being technically dead, it still felt too valuable to give up.

It was how Seth Skeeter dealt with stress, anger, and any other emotions when they felt overwhelming down to his very soul. While someone was asleep, their mind could be anywhere it chose it wander. Whatever they had to go through in their daily lives didn't have to follow them. And when Seth was asleep, no one could hurt him. He didn't have to feel anything. He just had to lie still and allow his thoughts to temporarily fade. Did it count as avoiding the problems in front of him? Of course it did. What other choice did he have at the time?

He blinked, sitting up. Nowadays he didn't have to deal with the same problems. Every now and again he found himself needing to voluntarily remember that. The ones who bullied him probably didn't even remember what they did anymore. They would be in their forties around now. They probably went off to prestigious universities, graduated with a job already lined up, married and had kids. Seth probably wasn't even in their thoughts anymore, they probably moved on.

His parents.... well, who knows how they reacted when they heard? Who knows how they feel or whether or not he's ever in their thoughts anymore? Who knows if they even grieved, if they even spent a moment feeling sad? Maybe they decided to do what he did when he didn't want to think or feel; maybe they never ended up expressing what they felt and instead just slept through everything until they eventually became numb to it all. The human mind was interesting in that it could eventually be convinced of anything if it was told enough times.

[#F3D40D "...f%@q."] he immediately stood, making the bed before any more depressing thoughts tried to worm their way back into his psyche. Reading yesterday's newspaper would take his mind off of the past. He'd gotten into the habit of taking newspapers from houses at the end of the day and reading them the following morning. Let them think of it as supernatural recycling, he reasoned every time. It wasn't like they'd need it anymore.

Knowing that extended periods of solitude would do nothing for negativity, Seth reluctantly walked into the kitchen. He filled a mug with orange juice and sat down at the table. [#F3CD0D "Morning,"] he mumbled, setting down yesterday's newspaper. If past reads were anything to go by, the obituaries by now would be full of their former clients from nearly two days ago. That meant the publisher was still at least twenty-four hours late.

Funny; they were supposed to be the immortal ones, and yet most times, humans were slower on the uptake when it came to certain aspects of the world around them. Usually regarding subjects that society preferred to avoid. Due to their line of work, this particular aspect wasn't too surprising. It was just.... ironic, if a bit disconcerting in that it reminded him of denial. Something that used to surround him every single day.... okay, now would be a great time to turn his angsty teenager brain off. Maybe if he was lucky, someone who knew how to converse would feel talkative this morning.
  Seth Skeeter / SupposedlyWitty / 1y 41d 8h 14m 19s
In a city that is enshrouded by the darkness of night, a certain lake glistens under the beauty of the moonlight. The lake resides at the center of the city's largest park. Encircled by trees, the lake itself seemed like a slice of nature that was cut off from the urbanized city that surrounds the park itself. By the lake's edge, a young man stands. His ice cold blue eyes stare at the lake's dark blue surface that slowly started to become tinted a light shade of crimson. The man stares past the crimson that started to cover the surface of the lake and at the body that floated under the sheet of red.

The body underneath the water's surface looked exactly like the young man that stands at the lake's edge. However, the man that stands at the lake's edge is transparent. Despite this strange fact, the man simply stands there seemingly unfazed by the fact he just realized he had died.

A gentle breeze blows by as the young male closes his blue eyes. He feels his jet black hair flow gently along with the breeze as the sounds of swaying leaves fills his ears.

[b "A Paramedium, huh?"] The young male turns to face a figure that could easily be described as a personification of death itself. The next words the male spoke seemed almost unnatural concerning his current circumstances. He asked the deathly scythe wielding figure before him, [b "Okay, what do you need me to do next?"]

[h3 Two Years Later]

It is the earliest hours of the morning. The sun had yet to even rise over the horizon and the world is still in a state of darkness. In the city that is on the brink of awakening, just outside in the city's more urban area is a lake at the center of a large park.

A young looking blue eyed and black haired male named Skeith stands before the lake. Skeith wears a dark blue unzippedzip hoodie with a black t-shirt and blue jeans to match. His hood is pulled up as if he is trying to block out the world around him. He stands in the same exact spot he stood two years ago when he first met the one known as Sevena. He stares at the very spot his once dead body floated within the lake. Skeith shows no form of emotion on his face as he simply observes the scene in front of him. The lake is now perfectly clean and the scene around it has become completely undisturbed. It is as if his body had never polluted the lake in the first place.

The male always returned to this spot during his free time. Skeith is constantly looking into the circumstances of his own death when he does not need to perform his job as a Paramedium. Yet, he does not investigate his own death for some profound reason. It is not like he is trying to find meaning in his death either. He simply investigated his death out of idle curiosity. He is immortal now after all. Skeith had nothing but an abundance of time on his hands. So, he decided to spend his free time looking into the mysteriousness surrounding his death since he had nothing better to do. He found such things as eating and sleeping to be tedious actions since they are no longer needed for one such as himself. That is why while all the other Paramediums rested their heads, he would go out and look into the mystery of his own death.


Just as the world began to brighten while the sun peaked over the horizon, a young woman with long black hair walks up to Skeith's right side. Her eyes are the same shade of blue as Skeith and she stands only a foot shorter than Skeith. The woman who stands beside Skeith wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans is named Olivia Rayus. She is Skeith's younger sister by four whole years. She trained to become a police officer shortly after high school and has since made a name for herself by quickly become a detective in the short four years she has been an officer.

Skeith simply stands there by his sister's side. However, Olivia shows no reaction due to the presence of her dead brother standing beside her. This was not because Skeith decided to activate his ghostly powers and turn invisible. Skeith knows the reason why his sister will not even acknowledge his existence. Paramediums may be immortal, but that does not mean they can simply return to being who they were before they died. That would, after all upset the very balance they are meant to protect. The reason that Olivia did not react to Skeith is because she knew him when he was alive. Anyone that knew a Paramedium during the time they were alive would no longer be able to register their existence after becoming a Paramedium. Which means that despite having Skeith right next to her, Olivia could not see him, or sense his presence. To Olivia, Skeith is not actually standing right next to her at all.

Skeith quietly turns around and begins to walk away from the lake's edge.

"I have no idea why I come back here," Olivia says in a soft tone as she pockets her hands into her hoodie. "Its just... sometimes it feels like you are hovering around here instead of your own grave."

Skeith had stopped in his tracks at his sister's words. [i 'She always had keen senses,'] Skeith thinks to himself.

"I promise Skeith. I will find you justice. I won't let you just become another cold case," Olivia says as she stares at the lake with eyes filled with sorrow.

Skeith looks up at the sky and sighs. [i 'There should be better things to do with your time then hang out with your dead brother, my dear sister,'] Skeith taunts a bit even though he knows its a fruitless taunt.

[h3 Later....] Skeith arrives at the house he shares with his fellow Paramediums. He opens the door to smell the fragrance of food in the early morning. Skeith simply walks into the kitchen to find Artemis cooking her usual breakfast.

Skeith stands behind Renshou, who somehow acts more dead than a dead person despite being immortal. Skeith found Renshou to be ironic. Paramediums did not even need to eat or sleep, but the only reason Renshou would ever stop sleeping is to eat. That and to perform his duties as a Paramedium.

Skeith simply takes a seat next to Renshou and leans back in his chair with his hands tucked away into his hoodie pockets. Skeith may never eat, but he always made a point to at least make appearances around the others during certain times of the day. However, Skeith at some point became the type of person to not speak unless spoken to, which shocked even Skeith himself. When he was alive, Skeith was a very social person. He was the type of popular kid who was good at everything he did and had a large group of friends. Social and energetic as well as very outgoing. The person he is now is almost the exact opposite of how he used to be. Skeith often wondered what caused such a large shift in personality. At first he thought it was about dying, but that reasoning seemed off to him. So, he continues to search for the reason to this day.
  Skeith Rayus / Tyasuke / 1y 42d 16h 24m 25s
As a certain smell of cooking food spread throughout the Paramedium house, a rather low groan could be heard just barely through the closed door of a bedroom. In this particular room there is a tanned young man curled up in a hammock in the darkest corner of the room. He poked his head out of his thick comforter and peeled open his left eye. It was clearly way too early for Renshou to be awake, but the smell of food was one of the only things that could stir him out of sleep.

So, very slowly, he dragged his long limbs out of bed and walked across the room, floor covered in large pillows, blankets, and other comfortable things , and opened the door. He had to close his eye for a moment against the harsh lighting of the sun's rays and indoor house lights before dragging himself towards the kitchen.

As soon as he made it, Renshou yawned heavily and ran a hand through his messy brown hair. [b [#990000 "Mooorniiing,"]] he droned out as he made his way to the nearest chair and plopped down on it, resting his head on the table.

It would take another few minutes before he would be able to will himself to move again. He had certainly embraced his true lazy side ever since he died then was brought back as an immortal. He was certainly not allowed to be this way back when he was a ninja of the Yonai clan, constantly having to train, spar, and go on missions whenever it was necessary. The Sengoku Era was especially rough, having to fight for Tokugawa Ieyasu in order to bring about his dream era of peace.

Although he died just before the conclusion of the war, when Death brought him back to life, we was able to observe the conclusion and the peace that really did come about. Although he was initially upset that he had died so close to the end, with the newfound freedom he received by becoming immortal and the peace Japan had been needing for a very long time, he was soon grateful that he was able to watch it from a distance and experience it along with the rest of his people.

He of course worked for Death and always did as he was told, but he also used every free time he had to do what [i he] wanted to do since he never had the luxury to do so before. This included traveling and exploring, as well as sleeping all day and reading books all night.

With learning as much as he could while also enjoying the peace, he eventually turned into this current mess of a man that really didn't care what anyone thought of him.

[b [#990000 "What food we got?"]] Renshou asked.
  Renshou / nomey1 / 1y 42d 19h 26m 53s
Death is an interesting concept. Humans can't live forever, as much as they want to. So, when it is their time, where do they go? It's something humans have been wondering since the beginning of time. They began to imagine what the afterlife would be like. Some created an Underworld, ruled by one being, judging over the humans and how they lived their life. If they lived a good life, they would be given a good afterlife. If not, they would be punished. Some thought of reincarnation, never truly dying, but moving onto a new life until they became of high thinking. Some cultures made two worlds. One for the good, and one for the punished. Many ideas came from human thought, and perhaps, that was how she was created.

Even she does not know how she came to be, but since her first breath, she knew what her duty was. She became the guide for humans that had reached the end of their life. She would take their souls and lead them to the afterlife, protecting them from demons and other spirits that wish harm. For years she has done this job, and for years to come she will continue. But something changed along the way. This change would spark many things to come.

A lost soul, guarding another soul that was more fragile, on the verge of disappearing forever. When she came across them, she promised to keep the soul safe. The one guarding it wanted to help, begged to help, causing her to rethink something. With her mind made up, she granted this soul its wish. The soul was brought back to its human body, granted immortal life. She gave the soul to them, telling them how to get it to the afterlife and what to watch out for. Once this task had been done, the being asked to help again. This gave her an idea, a way to make this journey a little easier for humans. As much as she hated to admit it, humans were rather fearful of her when they realized who she was.

She gathered other lost ones. Those that died before their time, or wished to help, were granted immortality and given the tasks to help her guide souls where they needed to go. They were given special power to help keep the souls safe from those that wished to cause it harm. They became known as Paramediums. Many do not know about them, thinking they are simply another ghost, if they believe in that. Others just think it's a figment of their imagination. Either way, they will always keep humans safe from the nightmares beyond their reach. But something lurks even in those shadows that Paramediums do not know. Something that has plans for something great. If they succeed, the balance between life and death could be altered, forever thrown into chaos.

Death is an interesting concept. What would happen if that was to change...

[center [b [size20 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]]]

Dawn had broken through, the clouds and sky turning to a mixture of sweet pinks, oranges and purples. It was quiet, the only sounds being of birds and the wind rustling the leaves in the trees. Mornings like these were nice, but they never lasted long enough. Soon there would be more noise, those that were not of nature. Then the colors would fade away, giving way to the normal blue sky, adding to the normality to the day.

[b "Things are surfacing...Things that I thought didn't exist anymore...What could be in the future..."]

[#2ECCFA "Are you trying to be a fortune teller now?"]

A soft chuckle could be heard as a response. Two figures were in the front room, looking out one of the windows. One was a bit taller than the other, wearing a hoodie that hid just how thin she really was. While her hair fell to just below her shoulders, the other figure's hair was long, going to her hips. She was dressed in a gorgeous dress of white and black, beads and gems of blue adding to the color, along with embroidered patterns. She held a scythe by her side, rarely seen without it. When people saw it, they knew who she was.

[b "You know most tellers are fake. Real ones were mostly killed during your time and a few years later."]

[#2ECCFA "I know. I was one of them Sevena."]

Sevena, Death herself, nodded in response. She remembered those days clearly. Many were killed, simply because of their abilities. Now, many claimed to be of those people, only to be fakes themselves. Humans never seemed to like change, and when they did, they always took it to extremes.

[b "How are the others here, Artemis?"]

[#2ECCFA "We haven't lost anyone yet, if that's what you're asking."] Artemis replied. [#2ECCFA "Whatever it is in the shadows, we'll figure it out."]

[b "Let's just hope not at the expense of more Paramediums..."] Sevena sighed. [b "I must go."]

Artemis watched as Death walked through a portal she created, disappearing into thin air. She stood there for a minute or two before sighing and heading to the kitchen. The others would be up soon, and they might want something to eat.

Paramediums didn't have the need to sleep or eat, but it was nice to keep something normal. Artemis was practically the head of this household, despite never admitting it. She was motherly to the others, making sure they were taken care of, or had someone to talk to. The house they lived in was only one of many houses around the world that held the Paramediums. Some were huge, housing up to twenty, while others had only three. It all depended on where the house was located. This one held a few, but not many. While they could do with one or two more, they weren't at their wits end with work.

Artemis decided to make eggs this morning, letting the others make whatever else they wanted with it. The smell traveled through the houses, drifting into each of the rooms where the members resided in. She waited to see if any of them would bother to come out.

[center [pic]]
  Sevena / Kikido / 1y 43d 23h 43m 40s

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