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I know you're trying
But you'll never unravel me

Unravel me, unravel
Unravel me, unravel

It's something about the season that we're in
That's making me think that we're not supposed to do this
I know that you're trying to understand
[b But you can't]

'Cause I keep on making excuses 'bout the fall, the rise
[i And how my mind is ruptured, wired and I'm tired of it]

[i I know you're trying
But you'll never unravel me
Unravel me, unravel]]
  ☾ . * ★ / Lunafreya / 11d 4h 42m 12s
[center [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/8a8818ce48622e0917dcff858e178f19/tumblr_oiqa2rVsjy1u08oq3o1_500.gif]]
  Lunafreya / 33d 3h 48m 47s
[size10 I am soooo rusty. Oh my gosh. It's been awhile since I've legit did a role play and let me just say I am lazy af. Lmao. That's why I never finish my stories and they sitting there being neglected until one day I'm feeling inspired for like one hour then I'm like "lol, i quit" lmao.]
  ʟᴜɴᴀ / Lunafreya / 66d 43m 20s
[center [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/e0ad1245d641a4a025c2f2a2dd7eab85/tumblr_ot82d3kHlb1skp6koo7_r1_400.gif]]
  Lunafreya / 66d 21h 13m 36s
[center [pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/03168276a1f668559626ac41dc502d1f/tumblr_ojlr8vAgqp1s3vhwko1_400.png]]

[center [font "size9" Do you know just how deep is my love.]]
  Lunafreya / 66d 21h 49m 37s
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/10b72d45ef4b3791bad2bcceb799c08e/tumblr_osw501rqGm1tw2hyao2_540.gif]]
  Lunafreya / 196d 10h 38m 31s
[center [size10 I finally filled up the math pie, yay! Thank gooood ;-; I'm only worried now for the practice test.. this would be the 2nd one I do, debating whether I should do it..? I don't know if I want to.. I'm exhausted. I have to create my sheet of notes too. I got time, I just gotta work out first.. and take a pill because my back is killing me! Never sit in that position again, ouch.]]
[center [size10 In other news, I'm glad I have Nipper and V as friends. I love them, they're just so good to me and.. like-- that's all I could ask for as friends. I gotta check in on blue too because he's another one I'm grateful for.]]
[center [size10 I have an amazing girlfriend who understands me and knows me better than the back of her hand too.]]
[center [size10 After last night, I decided I am not giving anyone the time of day anymore. I gotta keep the good vibes, that's all I want around me and that's all I'll have.]]
[center ☾ ♆ ☽]
  。.♆ ☆.。 / Lunafreya / 250d 8h 20m 10s
[center [size10 Me @JE]]
[center [size10 When journal entries is so much cringe..]]
[center [size10 Stupid, honestly..]]
  Lunafreya / 259d 10h 11m 57s
[center [size10 Pretty damn bored. I hate being in my room like this all day, in a empty house.. it's so lonely. I wanted to watch AOT but I think I'll just get on Overwatch for now.. then homework tonight ?? Ugh.]]
[center [size10 Someone please come home.]]
[center ☾ ♆ ☽]
  ❥ʟᴜᴄɪꜱ / Lunafreya / 285d 10h 43m 46s
[center [size10 So in love, so in love.. [i so happy].]]
[center [size10 Thank you, god.]]
[center ☾ ♡ ☽]
  мσσηℓιﻭнт☾ / Lunafreya / 291d 23h 8m 37s
[Center [size10 I guess I did a pretty good job with this new profile but I'm working on another. Just to see if I can do better plus I had started on it first. We'll see, it's good for practice--- for my editing skills. If only I had this type of energy for Tumblr lmao.]]
[center ☾ . * ★]
  Lunafreya / 292d 7m 37s
[center [size10 I can say it a million times but it's still not enough, I love you-- but those three words don't do my feelings for you justice. There are no words for how I feel ~]]
[center ☾ ♡ ☽]
  ❥ʟᴜᴄɪꜱ / Lunafreya / 301d 1h 25m 37s
[center [size10 Yeah, I am still cute, even when I'm awake, jerk! Cute af too. I can't help myself, I love your attention and affection~ I'm like tinker bell when it comes to you but that's because I love you, con todo mi corazon.]]
[center [size10 I love the things we talked about today, I love that as a couple we look to progress together, for summer I hope we can volunteer at CHLA, it'd look good for us both since we're both in the same field. I told my sister about it to see if she wants in, i'm pretty excited either way. You know, my sister today was looking at bridesmaid stuff and she was like "Look Cindy, cause you're getting married" and I was like D//< NO, you're getting married!! Like jeez.. who said I wanna marry you, stupid jerk?]]
[center [size10 It won't be that easy-- hmph.]]
[center [size10 I love you so much though, you make me so happy ~ I'm definitely going to make you some shrimp tacos, all kinds of tacos tbh and some italian food and-- ugh, I'm going to gain some weight because of you but I know you'll still love me, even if I'm chubby ~ you loved me at my chubbiest and still do now..]]
[center [size10 I have a lot to be grateful for and you're for sure one of those things.. and because that, I'll be making HAND MADE TORTILLAS for those tacos, I'm Mexican, I don't make bs. You really scored, ya know? I'm good at a lot of things that [b you like], winky face ~ ]]
[center ☾ ♡ ☽]
  ❥ʟᴜᴄɪꜱ / Lunafreya / 303d 1h 31m 41s
[Center [size10 I'm pretty angry and disappointed.. I hope it's just muscle. I can't believe how angry I am at over the fact that I didn't lose a pound??? But I've been dieting for such a long ass time and I'm just so sick of it. Yesterday I went to bed hungry, starving and I couldn't even sleep because I napped in the middle of the day, I'm so angry!!!!]]
[center [size10 What does it fucking take?! Like can I just reach my goal so I can stop suffering already ..? Please... ]]
[center [size10 I'm gonna cry...if I don't lose a pound after today, I don't know what I'll do. Just cry, cry and cry... ]]
[center [size10 I started this diet because I wanted to change, I want to be more attractive, I want to feel more confident and I want others to stop looking down at me. Sure I've lost a lot of weight but since I started it was supposed to be more--- I'm pathetic.]]
  ♚ ⟡ ♆ / Lunafreya / 304d 15h 32m 51s
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/758650bb44dd7f67a690e75ae79c1ad5/tumblr_om760vNJGH1tw2hyao2_540.gif]]
[center [size10 I can't believe I literally had to do all that last night because you guys are incredibly stupid. I really enjoyed the group in general but then to find that out, it was intolerable. Ignis is the only one out of all of you who turned out not to be an asshole..]]
[center [size10 I still am trying to figure out what could possibly have validated your dislike towards her??? cause of Marth? Fuck you, they're not the same person. This is LITERALLY one of those, "oh you talk to him, we can't be friends" type of mess, it's petty and unreasonable.]]
[center [size10 Literally, you make no sense, I'm especially disappointed with you, Ravus. You'll never see this but I can't believe you still???? You guys were bullies on the down low this whole time. Mean girl squad much? two faced much... there's only one type of two faced I like and that's Too Faced cosmetics, bye.]]
[center [size10 [b You lost me.]]]
[center ☾ ♆ ☽]
  Lunafreya / 321d 10h 29m 50s

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