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She listened to the song and continued to cut up the veggies that were needed. She heard the song she was singing years before.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 147d 18h 47m 40s
she smiled and started to cut the potatoes, all the while, singing a song from the game Dishonored, which was called Drunken Whaler. [B [I What will we do with the drunken whaler? What will we do with the drunken whaler? What will we do with the drunken whaler...early in the morning?]]
  Belivia (Human form) / SilentHiller / 1y 147d 20h 39m 39s
She nodded her head. "Yes please." She finished cutting up the carrots and added them to a pot of water.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 147d 20h 42m 34s
[B [I Do you want the potatoes cut up as well?]] she asked, making sure.
  Belivia (Human form) / SilentHiller / 1y 148d 1h 5m 59s
She smiled softly and began to peel the carrots. After that she started to cut them.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 148d 17h 56m 42s
[B [I Thank you...]] she said, starting to carefully peel the potatoes.
  Belivia (Human form) / SilentHiller / 1y 148d 23h 28m 23s
[b Peeled. Sorry.] She said and grabbed the peeler. She handed it to her.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 148d 23h 29m 55s
[B [I Sure...]] She told her, grabbing a knife and started to cut the potatoes. [B [I Do you want them peeled or left with the skin on?]]
  Belivia (Human form) / SilentHiller / 1y 149d 1h 6m 35s
She knew she wouldn't give up. "Can you cut the potatoes please?" She asked and began to cut up the chunks of beef.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 149d 18h 6m 11s
[B [I I don't mind helping at all, in fact, I'd rather help than just sit and watch you do it by yourself.]] she said with a slight smile on her face.
  Belivia (Human form) / SilentHiller / 1y 149d 21h 14m 37s
"You don't have to." She said unphased by the demons state of dress. She started to grab the things needed.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 149d 22h 39m 14s
[B [I I can help if you want.]] she said, also getting up, still in her bikini, to help Mina fix dinner.
  Belivia (Human form) / SilentHiller / 1y 149d 22h 55m 10s
"We aren't going now. I have school in the morning." She said heading to the kitchen. "I was getting up to start dinner."
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 149d 22h 58m 15s
[B [I So, are you ready to go?]] she asked, and she looked at Mina.
  Belivia (Human form) / SilentHiller / 1y 150d 47m 12s
"I know. I am just saying." She said simply. She then cleaned her brush and stood up.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1y 152d 13h 42m 22s

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