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[center [b Disclaimer:]] [center [i This roleplay is a work in progress. I'm having help storm up ideas and create the flesh of this roleplay, but here is the skeleton of the project. Keep in mind that there will be elements that may change or be removed entirely. If you desire to contribute please don't feel afraid to PM me. Even if your ideas are not implemented into the roleplay they will still be considered for future projects. This is a Zombie Apocalypse roleplay. So your character might end up dying off should you choose to join. However, the progress you made and the contribution to the roleplay will carry on. Multiple characters is accepted. A fair warning to any potential roleplayers.]]

[center [size25 [http://pastebin.com/EpPueg2r [b [#12576E Ignite the Soul]]]]]
[i These three words will be a link to a time invested introduction to the roleplay. Various links in the description will be present to shorten the space in said description. The description on ES will be a brief and appealing form to catch your attention. When progress is made some of this explanation text will disappear. Until it all goes away. When that happens you'll be aware that the RP is close to being finished.]

[right [#9C0525 [b Deadly Spookums]]]
[i These will be your various undead threats. The information provided may increase as new discoveries are made. And so that you do not start out with an overload of information. ]

Zombies: [i Normal]

Skeletons: [i Skeletal]

Special: [i Unique]

[i I will inform the group when there is any changes in the description during the roleplay. So you won't have to constantly check. Please keep in mind the difference between what you know as an RPer and what your character knows. The threat your character is facing is different than the Zombie Movies they've seen in some ways. Misinformation is rather dangerous.]

[right [#2A118F [b Character Creation]]]
[i The information and knowhow to make your character in this messed up world. The intention is to have RPG elements involved. Through stats and inventory management. If those elements bring only undeeded complication they may be scraped. Either way it is important to put a great deal of thought into who you will make.]

[i The skeleton might change various times before a final version is created.]

[right [b General Information]]
[i Basic info such as name, age, sex, etc. Some quickly do this part since it has been done so often. I would appreciate it if you did put time and effort into every portion of the character creation, but I will not punish if you follow the rules. I am thinking of implementing pre-made characters for those that feel lazy. If I do then any unpicked pre-made character would just turn into an NPC.]

Character Name:
Short Bio:

[right [b Attributes]]
[i Beyond this point is where the RPG element kicks in. The Attributes are split into three categories. Physical, Mental, and Special. Physical pertains to your character's body. Mental is there mind. And Special involves Mutations and Zombification. The first two are available to the player at creation to create and change as they will. The third is changed with the roleplay. You might come into ways to increase or reduce chances of transforming. Hopefully, the RP doesn't become too complex to enjoy.]

Physical Attributes: [i Strength, Vitality, Agility]

Mental Attributes: [i Sanity, Senses, Intelligence]

Special Attributes: [i Zombification Resistance, Mutation Resistance, Death Resistance]

[right [b Explanation]]
[i With any big project, even small projects, need to explain what they are doing. This is the section that will provide help with how to make a character. Currently, as of writing this, there is some idea how the attributes will be used.]

0 is the lowest score you may have in one of the places. Anything at 0 is considered weak and/or lacking.
10 is the highest score you may have in one of the places. Anything at 10 is considered extremely strong and/or gifted.
5 is average. The middle. In both Physical and Mental Attributes you begin with 5 in everything. With 10 points to spend on additionally. You have the option of reducing what you already have to increase other areas.
[i If your roleplay contribution has created creative situation then I, as the owner of this roleplay, may reward you. I might also penalize you. Thus increasing or decreasing your score. This is the only way that you can change the Special Attributes. Until changes have been made all Special Attributes begin at 0.]

[right [b Rules]]
[i I will mostly give you every amount of freedom to go crazy. However, I do want you to know that your character has any limitation a human might have. Example, they can't fly normally. But humans have been gifted in acrobatics. These are subject to change as well.]

[i Note: Since I am making this when I should sleep this will not be the final version. I will inform when it is ready.]


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