Jacob and Bella

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What happens when Jacob imprints on Bella after Edward left her?

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Jacob nodded and said,"I'm sorry I won't but remember I'm always here for you Bells."

He looked at the clock, "Are you hungry? We can go to the lodge cafe and get some lunch, call it a pre first date date."

Sam knocked and said," Sorry to interrupt but I'm going on patrols thought I'd let you know." Jacob nodded and held Bella to him. "I won't do anything you don't want Bella, I promise you that."

He touched the mark on her shoulder, when he had first phased he marked her as his, it was the mark of a wolf.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 21m 2s
Isabella nodded. [b "Jacob I know. And I love that about you. You're always so protective."] she said as she watched him. [b "But. Jacob. Forks isn't apart of me. You are. La Push is. I need time to get away, and then I'll come back."]

She looked up and shook her head. [b "I can't have you visiting every weekend. I won't be able to focus if you do that. Every few months. I'll come back and then you and the guys can come visit."] she said. She gasped when she heard Jacob's question. [b "Please.. Don't try and rush this on me.. I'm not ready."]
  .:.Callie.:. / boobear96 / 1y 287d 26m 29s
"I don't have a choice what my life consists of and I'm not going to hold you back so you can't experience yours so I'll visit you every week, wherever you go, I don't care if I have to run there, I will visit you." He said pulling her into his arms as he leaned against Emily's car.

"Well Ms. Swan I have another question for you....would you like to be my girlfriend? I mean not just because of the imprint, your the only choice in my life that I want Bella." He was being sincere you could hear it in his voice. He took a deep breath and kissed her passionately.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 40m 8s
Isabella sighed as she listened to him. [b "Jacob.. I know it will be hard. But I'll be back every few months. And you can come visit.. I mean, Jacob. Forks isnt all that I want my life to consist off. I want to go to school."] she said [b "I'm not sure for what. But I need to get out of Forks for awhile. To many bad memories."]

She looked over and giggled. [b "Of course I'll be your date, Mr. Black."] she said as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b "We've went through the unthinkable. I think we can survive two years of school."]
  Isabella Swan / boobear96 / 1y 287d 44m 35s
"A little, I mean you know I can't leave La Push and your my imprint it will physically and emotionally make us both sick to be apart and Jacksonville is definitely apart." He said sighing, his big brown eyes looking into hers.

"Yes were going to the bonfire, that is if you'll be my date, I couldn't exactly bring it up in front of Charlie, it's tribe and imprints only." He didn't want to scare her or upset her that he didn't mention it in front of her father. He never wanted to lie to her he wanted her to know why.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 50m 47s
Isabella smiled as she caught up with Emily. She hadn't really been able to see her since the summer before, she'd spent those between the Cullens and the Pack.

She turned to look at Jacob as he walked over. [b "Not that I'll be able to help much, but sure. Emily said that there was a bonfire tonight! Are we going?"] she asked as she sat down on the stool in the garage. [b "I heard you last night.. You sounded disappointed when I told you that I was going to Jacksonville.."] she mumbled [b "Wanna talk about it?"]
  Isabella Swan / boobear96 / 1y 287d 53m 11s
Sam just nodded to Jacob, just because Sam was Alpha didn't mean anything less, Bella was an imprint, Sam would protect her with his life just like Jacob would. He told his dad and his dad didn't seem surprised.

He came outside and said,"I'm fixing Em's car today, Sam said there's something wrong with the brakes so I'm replacing them, do you want to help me?" He remembered the summers she hung out in his garage while he fixed up those old bikes, hers still parked in the back of the garage gathering dust.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 57m 38s
Bella just shook her head as she slipped on her helmet. [b "You're gonna mess up my hair."] she said as she climbed on the back of the boke. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and rested her head against his back. She was really suprised that Charlie would allow her to ride with him.

[b "Go tell him."] she said [b "Emily and Sam are outside, I'm gonna go say hi. That okay?"] she asked. She didn't wait for an answer, she jumped jogged over. [b "Em!"] she said. She wrapped her arms around the girl instantly. [b "I missed you!"]
  Isabella Swan / boobear96 / 1y 287d 1h 28s
Jacob nodded and said,"Yes I've been ready, grab your helmet we're taking my bike." Jacob never wore a helmet but he was near in destructible and Bella was fragile and ended up hurting herself just tripping over air.

Even though they had ridden his bike together before he kissed her cheek lightly and said,"wrap your arms around me and Hold on tight Bells." Charlie would head to La Push later to pick up Billy.

It took ten minutes on Jacobs bike to get there and he parked it by the garage and said,"Bells we need to tell dad I imprinted, he's an elder we have the inform them, our most sacred law are imprints can't be harmed."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 1h 5m 21s
Isabella laughed as she listened to Jacob. [b "Today, we are going to La Push. I want to see everyone and you need to work. I'll think about the date."] she said as she leaned down and kissed Jacob's cheek. I'm going to change."] she said.

She jogged up the stairs and slipped into some tight and flare jeans, opting for her sneakers, she threw on a Forks Police Department shirt, she quickly curled her hair and applied light makeup.

[b "I'm ready!"] she said as she walked down stairs. [b "You?']
  Isabella Swan / boobear96 / 1y 287d 1h 10m 33s
Charlie shook his head and said,"Billy would never allow that." That's all that was said on the matter. Jacob smiled and said,"Well Miss Swan would you like to go to the movies in Port Angeles with me tonight as our first official date?" They were best friends before they knew everything about each other. Dating was really a formality.

Charlie smiled and said,"Bella answer the boy I mean he's looking at you with those puppy dog eyes." Jacob couldn't help but laugh and said,"Please Bells? A date?"
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 1h 18m 29s
Isabella laughed as she listened to him. [b "Uh, Jacob. I never agred to be your girlfriend. Because you haven't properly taken me on a first date, nor have you asked me to be said girlfriend. My name is Isabella, not Babe."] she said with a grin.

She looked at her dad. [b "Can we just not talk about that? The past is the past. And for the record. It's not my fault that I got lost. How was I to know that my boyfriend would leave me out there alone?"] she asked.

[b 'No need to tell Billy, cause we aren't yet. I can't wait to see Emily. And dad, door's open? Really? Like I would do that here. We would jsut go to Billy's, he's never there."] she said as she waited to see what her dad would say.
  Isabella Swan / boobear96 / 1y 287d 1h 22m 43s
Jacob chuckled and said,"Good Morning to you too babe." Charlie raised an eyebrow and questioned, "Babe? Does that mean you two are official now? Like I can plan on Jacob being my son in law in the distant future and not worry about if your going to end up lost in the woods anymore?"

Jacob just looked to Bella and when she turned around he nodded to Charlie who smirked. Charlie shook his head and said,"Jacob remember my only rule, door open." He nodded and said," Yes sir, your going fishing with dad today right? Well Emily wanted to see Bella and I'm gonna work in the garage so I guess we will all be in La Push." Charlie nodded and said,"Wait until I tell Billy you kids are dating."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 1h 30m 53s
Bella slept very soundly. It was probably one of the best nights sleep she'd ever had.

She groaned when she felt Jacob planting kisses on her face. [b "You go talk to Charlie. I'm not getting up yet."] she said as she rolled over on her stomach. Her bed was so comfortable. She didn't want to get.

[b"Daddy! Stop screaming. I'm going back to sleep. And don't burn the house down.!"] she said. She laid there for a few moments and then sighed. [b "Damnit."] she muttered. She tromped down the stairs. [b "I swear. If y'all wake me up tomorrow, I'm hurting someone."]
  Isabella Swan / boobear96 / 1y 287d 1h 34m 25s
"Jacksonville..." Jacob muttered softly and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He had assumed she would go to Forks Community College or the University in Port Angeles, he couldn't be without her and he couldn't leave the pack.

He sighed and let her sleep, scared to lose her.

The next morning he kissed her awake and said, "Bells I hear Charlie in the kitchen burning things, so I'm going to go out the window, my bikes hidden in the bushes so we can take my bike to La Push, but I'll knock on the door downstairs."

Soon Jacob knocked on the door and Charlie yelled up the stairs, "Bella, Jake's here."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1y 287d 23h 35m 53s

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