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[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2379/fa8e62a6834ae892b3b814ba5eaa524fdaa7c18d.jpg]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 12m 20s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2380/65253740980db8a07d69ffd034d7c77d1080d274.png]

[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2380/06723be75a034d55c7bde5551efb7c66bac97b53.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 16m 53s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2380/44cf0c5827619de1a35823dee9edfc7e536df4f6.jpg]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 19m 17s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2381/50dae5dd0dec20d767f4e8bcb98979ba43f62207.jpg]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 20m 46s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2382/31469df87681d63d52635124725a9f7a6f5e1073.jpg]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 22m 20s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2383/649979d5ddcb60a483a79557c7b8f319e77a6f23.jpg]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 23m 43s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2282/9b76fae9ca908715db91d6964b3cabd7460886b5.jpg]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 25m 13s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/2385/bc6f9b1ed80c3feda2375e2caf56e44ba7c186b6.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 26m 35s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Lancer.%28Fate.stay.night%29.full.2272888.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 1h 4m 37s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Pixiv.Id.9123968.full.2285203.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 1h 18m 7s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Akatsuki.no.Epica.-Union.Brave-.full.2285506.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 1h 20m 37s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Akatsuki.no.Epica.-Union.Brave-.full.2285508.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 1h 20m 56s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Red.Lancer.full.2285516.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 1h 21m 33s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Orihara.Izaya.full.2285517.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 1h 22m 9s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Red.Lancer.full.2285521.png]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 311d 1h 22m 47s

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