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  Dragoncita / 3d 15h 4m 14s
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  Dragoncita / 5d 5h 51m 30s
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  Dragoncita / 5d 5h 52m 22s
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  Dragoncita / 5d 6h 20m 53s
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  Dragoncita / 5d 6h 33m 4s
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  Dragoncita / 5d 6h 34m 11s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Tsurumaru.Kuninaga.full.2494428.png]
  Dragoncita / 8d 5h 40m 25s
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  Dragoncita / 8d 5h 41m 1s
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Percival.%28Granblue.Fantasy%29.full.2494775.jpg]
  Dragoncita / 8d 5h 44m 49s

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