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I know that you're fucking bored.
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[right Why are you up so late?]

[center I love when you stay up late on ES everything is dead, and you don't even have an RP to post in. A common problem I share with multiple people on this site is this: You no longer have the desire to continue a spur of the moment RP, and no matter how long you stare at the screen you simply can't find your muse.]
[right Solution?]
[center Go on a witch-hunt for a RP that will not only grab your attention, but hold it's hand as it crosses the street during rush hour, only instead of cars it's muse eaters.] [center This usually doesn't work well, and so I've come up with an idea, [i a rotating RP]. Every second Sunday the plot of the RP will be changed, and it begins anew. So feel free to botch things up, and go out of your comfort zone for once.]

[size7 Rules:]
[size7 ES Basic rules.]
[size7 No text talk in your posts, unless your character is mentally challenged]
[size7 Converse with the other person before deciding to do anything rash]
[size7 Feel free to come up with the new plot]
[size7 No instant romance if there ever is any]

[right Temp [b Plot]]

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