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I know that you're fucking bored.
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[center I love when you stay up late on ES everything is dead, and you don't even have an RP to post in. A common problem I share with multiple people on this site is this: You no longer have the desire to continue a spur of the moment RP, and no matter how long you stare at the screen you simply can't find your muse.]
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[center Go on a witch-hunt for a RP that will not only grab your attention, but hold it's hand as it crosses the street during rush hour, only instead of cars it's muse eaters.] [center This usually doesn't work well, and so I've come up with an idea, [i a rotating RP]. Every second Sunday the plot of the RP will be changed, and it begins anew. So feel free to botch things up, and go out of your comfort zone for once.]

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[center "Wolvum." The outcasts of the feudal world. Demons, werewolves, vampires, faeries, dragons; everything. But, werewolves occasionally fell for humans, resulting in the outcast creatures, named Wolvum. They are outcast by everything that breathes, stuck to live between the village and the forest in a nearby cave.] [center Demons hated them with a deep passion, and wanted nothing but their death. A demon or two went on alone; despite the orders of their general; to fight the small clan, but when they were both brought down the clan cared for them, bringing them back to health. The Wolvum were so kind, not even taking in to consideration the cruelty they were promised upon their birth.]

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The forest was her home, city life around the clock was too much noise for Nobiya. She had always been one to isolate herself, yet accepted everyone as they were if happened to show at her small cabin. Her parents succeeded in the the busy work lives of village people when she was younger, leaving the young girl alone most of her childhood to roam her town and make friends with whoever, or whatever she came across. This soon led her to making her home deep in the forest that edged the town.

She would visit often, making sure her family is safe and letting them know the same for her. Due to the wolvum roaming, everyone made this rather horrible image towards them when Nobiya wasn't bothered by their presence. She seemed to be the only demon around that had no issue with this species, but it never seemed to effect her.

Throughout the day, Nobiya would wander the forest to roam and meet with anyone along the way. Which found her in a troublesome situation. She was mindlessly walking, kicking up and tossing pebbles about when rustling came about. She stopped in her tracks and climbed up the closest tree to see who was making said noise. She sat in a crouching position, allowing her long legs fold into her chest. Resting her chin on her knee, she blinked her glowing blue eyes around the area scanning for movement. It all happened rather fast and made her gasp as she watched a female wolvum get attacked and murdered out of nowhere. She put her hand to her mouth and her eyebrows furrowed looking at the man that has done such a cruel thing. He had pleasure plastered all over his face, but anyone that would have the chance to do as he did she was sure it would be the same.
  Nobiya / Quest / 105d 56m 12s
[center Trash]

Wolvum are [i trash] creatures, filthy, peasants. Damarion sat atop a table, arms crossed as he swung his legs, face contorted in an angry scowl as he thought to himself. They shouldn't be allowed to exist, let alone be on their territory. [#5d0b7a "The King should send me to kill them, it's only reasonable."] he muttered to himself, forgetting he was in the presence of another person. A woman leaned against the kitchen sink, aimlessly wiping a cup with a rag as she listened to him rant. [#036ca5 "Why not go?"] she cocked her head, watching as the white haired male slowly pushed himself off the table. [#5d0b7a "You're right.. if the King is too stubborn to order it, I should take care of it for him."] the way he acted made it seem as if he came up with the idea on his own, and that was how he felt it had happened.

Damarion managed to make it to the edge of the Wolvum's defenses, he was unnoticed for the time being. What would be the quickest way to take them out, brute force? Or perhaps he needed to go straight for the leader, make the others watch as he tore the Alpha apart before attacking the others. A snap caused the male to crouch, someone was walking closer. Had he been spotted? A wolvum female was making her way back from a hunt, and was unaware of the creature next to her. Damarion used this to his advantage, he stayed low to the overgrown grass, trees casting enough shadow for him to not be spotted. [i Stupid, slow creatures] is what the wolvum are.

He put a hand over her mouth, concealing her screams as he ripped open her chest. It would be a slow and painful death, but it gave him pleasure. They would find the body, alert the others, and there would be a hunt. By then he would be too close to the cave, blood on his hands and murder in his smile.
  ⧼Damarion⧽ / Vilkacis / 107d 10h 10s
Demons, it was so amusing that demons hated them so much. Perhaps it was because most humans saw the Wolvum as demons themselves and well demons could be vain and perhaps could not stand for anything else to be called a demon. The forefather, the werewolves who helped twists their genes into this misshapen form even banned them. There was rarely love meant for a Wolvum,

There where the lucky few who might of known a mother who tried so hard to hold onto them before society deemed their offspring repulsive, dangerous tearing the their children away and banning them to the wilderness once they are discovered.

For a moment Theodore began to ponder the lucky few whose genetic mutation where not visible like his own. It seemed most who found themselves pressed into this cave where not here by their own choice. For Theodore this place was a godsend. His outer attributes had left to a dreadful life before he had arrived here and now he planned to use every skill he had to protect the first place he had called home.

This is what lead to him to taking post by the entrance of the cave. He was always found here and though he might not be the one who would spot the threats he would always stand there as that last line, the solo warrior ready to die for his cause.

He liked it here there was a smooth spot shaped as the perfect wall to lean against. His ears twitched as he peered out across the field to the edge of the forest. The wind rustled the leafs and filled his sensitive nostrils there was something in the air that made his nose wrinkle. He leaned forward, what was it. A vampire scampering about? A daring goblin scouting for goods? An imp looking for trouble? He knew he shouldn't stir, be bothered by such small things. Like he had said, he was not the first line of defense, no need to bother with weak threats. If he must stir, let it before something strong, let it be for a challenge.
  Theodore / Foreveryoung / 110d 14h 57m 11s
Kiyomi shut her eyes, recalling a day like this years ago, the sun being out but clouds threatening to bring rain in the later part of the hour. It wasn’t the worst story here in the clan, but it was painful to Kiyomi. Her father, a full werewolf, had been taking care of her. Her parents had worked out a month to month child care plan, Kiyomi would spend a month with her father then a month with her mother as soon as she was able to walk. It had been working for the most part, but whether it was with her mother or her father, she was in hiding, being locked up in a room so no one would see her, her appearance being the dead giveaway.
See, that's where wolvum were such strange creatures. Most werewolves were humans once, so one would think the cross wouldn't be sloppy. But somewhere the genetics go awry and very strange mutations can happen; some born with physical abnormalities, some with abilities, some with both.
It had been quick, painless for her father to leave her it seemed. He told her that he’d take her out to go hunt, and at age seven, it was about time for her to. But once he got her out in the forest, he told her he had forgotten something, to stay where she was until he got back. Kiyomi had done what she was told, sitting on the ground waiting. She had sat there, waiting for hours for her father. When two days had passed, she knew he wasn’t coming back for her--
She pulled herself out of her memories, back into the present. She could tell the others were back from their hunt. It was her turn this day to watch the cave whenever they went out. She was the clan's medicine lady; she knew everything she needed to know about healing and poisons. So, usually it was her turn to stay at the cave.
Kiyomi didn't hate her life with the Wolvum. It was actually quite pleasant. Much better than always hiding.
The cave was nice too. There were convenient little branches that actually functioned partially as rooms, and at the very back of the cave was a constantly flowing freshwater pool with bio-luminescent algae growing on the rocks below. Honestly it wasn't bad. They were fed and usually pretty safe. Sometimes the ocassional vampire would stumble in but not often.
She never would expect demons to show up.
  ¿ / _Lost / 112d 7h 14m 25s

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