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I know that you're fucking bored.
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[right Why are you up so late?]

[center I love when you stay up late on ES everything is dead, and you don't even have an RP to post in. A common problem I share with multiple people on this site is this: You no longer have the desire to continue a spur of the moment RP, and no matter how long you stare at the screen you simply can't find your muse.]
[right Solution?]
[center Go on a witch-hunt for a RP that will not only grab your attention, but hold it's hand as it crosses the street during rush hour, only instead of cars it's muse eaters.] [center This usually doesn't work well, and so I've come up with an idea, [i a rotating RP]. Every second Sunday the plot of the RP will be changed, and it begins anew. So feel free to botch things up, and go out of your comfort zone for once.]

[size7 Rules:]
[size7 ES Basic rules.]
[size7 No text talk in your posts, unless your character is mentally challenged]
[size7 Converse with the other person before deciding to do anything rash]
[size7 Feel free to come up with the new plot]
[size7 No instant romance if there ever is any]

[right Temp [b Plot]]

[center Orphanage filled with children fighting to be the alpha during a post-war era. That's it. Haven fun.]

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The room had gone silent after a few minutes of soaking in what had just happened, no one was really sure what was about to happen now. Blythe took this opportunity to rest.

[center A few hours had past, and now the sun was settling for the night.]

The body of the previous Alpha remained lying in the same spot, as was customary during the digging of the grave. Waking up next to a lifeless body was a rather startling thing to experience, but he quickly snapped out of it and pushed up off the ground before walking outside. [#0f87a3 "What am I going to do now?"] A loud sigh escaped him as he kicked a few rocks aside, clearing a spot for him to sit on the ground. [#0f87a3 "I can't be the leader, I don't have it in me."] The cold concrete wall against his back allowed his body to relax, and he couldn't help but slide down till his knees were pressed against his chest. [#0f87a3 "I should just tell Blue to take over.."] Blythe roughly rubbed at his eyes with the palms of his hands while his mind worked over the problem at hand. Either he could give this position to an asshole.. or he could just go with the flow of things. One thing he did know was that he would refuse to harm anyone unless forced.

[center He especially wouldn't hurt Grayson.]

Blythe squinted at one of the buildings left in the distance, thoughts of the fragile boy began to flood his mind, pushing away the ordeal of today. The boy was like glass compared to him, and he always treated him as such. He couldn't help but have developed a crush on someone who was always so kind, especially in the middle of all this. It's how the fight started, he was tired of seeing Grayson hurt so much, of course he wouldn't openly admit to it unless forced.

He had begun to imagine what it would be like to hold the boy in his arms, to listen to the quietness of his breathing while he slept. He would give anything for there to be peace... or rather privacy. Lewd thoughts briefly entered his mind when suddenly a familiar voice spooked him out of his daze. He turned to see a concerned look Grayson staring down at him and Blythe's face turned flush, avoiding eye contact with him while he spoke. [#0f87a3 "Something wrong?"]
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[#35a8ff "Oh my..~"]

Blue gazed over the Alpha's still struggling body. He yawned a bit. It was now getting boring. He leaned against the wall in the far back, staring down at his feet.

He then watched the boy kill him by strangling.

[#35a8ff "Awww.. that's so lame.~ !"] He said aloud. [#35a8ff "I wanted to see blood shedded."]

Blue pouted and walked over to the dead body, prodding at it with his finger. [i That's the end of that..] He stood back up and crossed his arms over his chest. With him dead, he looked towards Blythe with a smile on his face. No one could say it was a friendly or 'congratulations' smile. He rolled his eyes at the question.

[#35a8ff "Just don't target me.~"] He stretched out his arms and yawned one more. [#35a8ff "And the answer is obvious, isn't it? You all have fun, I'm starving."] He wasn't going to just start killing though. He's not [i that] psycho. He has lost his mind, but killing everyone would leave him alone. He hated to be alone. If Blythe took the title as Alpha, he can decide to end this game. Eventually, there will only be one of them. Well, two, actually. He wasn't going to die no matter what the cost.

He stepped into the once happiest place in the orphanage, looking around. At least they had some non-perishable goods, but he missed cooked meals.
[font gentium [center Grayson felt his heart pounding against his chest as the riot of children became to scream and jump about in the rush of the moment, all clambering over one another too bare witness to the sight unfolding before them.

Frail and small, Grayson struggled to push through the mass to the front, but eventually managed to slip through. Here, at the front of the horde, he could see everything.

Just the rush of it all made him go numb to the fear he should have been feeling. The only emotion that coursed through him at that moment was vengeance. He desperately ached to see the Alpha destroyed, to inflict the same pain on to the scrambling boy that he had earlier done to Grayson himself, many a time.

Before he knew what he was doing, he had been sucked in to the collective riot of screaming. He was egging Blythe on to do what they all wanted to do, '[b [#e596fd Make him pay! Make him suffer like he made us!]]'

When Blythe finally did it, choked the Alpha, and the last breath of air shivered from the boy's mouth--Grayson went silent. Several other boys did the same, but a majority of the children still cheered. Some cheered in congratulations to Blythe, others cried for the reign of terror having finally ended.

Grayson, his ears buzzing like television static, moved forward out of the mass and in to the opening where the dead boy and Blythe were. He stumbled and nearly fell as he shakily walked over to Blythe, kneeling beside him. He couldn't feel it, body too numb, but tears rolled town his porcelain cheeks.

'[b [#e596fd What now?]]' He queried, knowing all too well that a new sort of riot would begin momentarily. A riot of children all fighting for Alpha title.
Blythe had fallen down onto his hands and knees, his body still struggling to properly take in air as he will still gulping in oxygen like it was his last supper. The room was silent except for the screams and whimpers of the Alpha. He had done it, he took him down.. kinda.

[center Vive la révolution]

The sound snapped him out of his brief daze, and suddenly the entire room was in an uproar, very few deciding to stay silent in this moment. He needed to do this, this reign of pain needed to end. But who was to say he would be right for the new Alpha. Blythe had to practically drag himself over to the squirming boy, and that's when the fear set in. He had heard Blue say he would be willing to end the Alpha himself, but everyone knows that psycho would be worse than the current one.

[center Just strangle him]

That was the answer, not to mention there really weren't any weapons for him to use. His hands moved around the throat of the boy, applying as much pressure as his currently weak body could muster. It felt like ages till the boy let out a final weak breathe, allowing the white haired boy to fall into his back, closing his eyes as he allowed his body to rest.

[center [#0f87a3 "Vive la fucking révolution."]]
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[#35a8ff "Hey.. aren't you dead yet?~"]

Blue poked the tip of his pocket knife against the twitching, dead body. A demented smile graced his once angelic face. The child's body was still twitching, hanging on for dear life.

It was too late though.

He stabbed one of the major arteries. With no adult help, he was as good as dead. Lifeless eyes stared at the overflowing of blood spreading out to form a nice puddle around the body.

[#35a8ff "You attacked me first. This is only fitting.~"]

He looked down at the blade in his hand. A gift from one of the caretakers he cherished like a mother. Her name was Seira. He closed his eyes, thinking back at that chaotic moment.

[i "Take this. You'll be able to defend yourself, even if a little bit to get away when you find yourself trapped." She spoke these last few words to him before she hid him away.]

Blue opened his eyes again, the boy's body finally laid still and motionless. He stood up, hearing another pained scream. A familiar voice. [i Seems the Alpha will be no more.. doesn't that mean a new one will emerge? Or how does this game work again..?] The boy didn't give a shit about this new game that suddenly took place. Who decided it anyway? He remembers just defending himself from attackers all of the sudden. Heh, they thought he would be a easy target, but they were all wrong. He had an advantage. He hid the knife away in his pocket and yawned some.

He skipped his way towards the loud noise of crowded children and peeked inside. There he was, on the floor and squirming around like a fish. A small giggle escaped his lips. He found it amusing, since this was the [i only] entertainment around here. [#35a8ff "Now is the time to strike when your enemy is down. If you can't do it, let me.~"] He purred, deadly vemon dripping from those words. No sympathy for anyone.
[font gentium [center Grayson watched on as the Alpha of his pack of orphaned acquaintances propped Blythe up, choking him relentlessly. Having felt those unforgiving fingers wrapped around his own throat many a time, Grayson couldn't help but sympathetically lift a hand to where deep red bruises grazed his otherwise perfect porcelain skin.

He, like everyone else that had survived that attack on the orphanage, was damaged goods. There were deep bags under his eyes that marked him as one of the many children that had constant nightmares, flashbacks to watching their caretakers being brutally slaughtered in front of them.
Grazes covered his body from the various scraps he got in with the other children--the deepest of which were from the self-appointed ring leader.

Even though he knew he should step in, stop what was happening to his fellow orphan, Grayson couldn't bring himself to do it. He knees were weak and he leaned back against the concrete wall, using it as some stability. Some children were egging the Alpha on, while others were avoiding the situation much the same as he was.

When Blythe began to struggle against the larger dominant boy, Grayson turned his head, feeling his bruises itch with memory. Choking was one of the most painful ways to die, he knew that. His throat went dry, just like how he imagined Blythe's was at that moment.

When he heard the screaming, he didn't understand at first. His head snapped back to watch the unfolding even, his unkempt hair falling limp over his subtle features.
Blood. That was the first thing he saw. Quickly, Grayson matched the horrific blood-curdling scream to the blood, and recognized what had happened. Blythe had fought back. He almost felt proud of the boy, for doing something he had never done. The Alpha fell back, clutching his eyes like a child.

It was at this point that Grayson [i knew] he had to step in. This was their chance, all of the orphan's chance, to be rid of the current Alpha. How long he had reigned, brutal and unforgiving in physical punishments. No longer, Grayson thought. But as he began to step forward, to aid Blythe in potentially killing the boy, he had a second thought.

With this boy out of the way, who was next? A war of their own, not unlike that outside the bunker, would begin. A war of children pitted against one another for position of Alpha.
He thought hard; should he help Blythe kill this boy, and start a civil war--or should he stay well out of it. He had little intention of being Alpha himself, he was too frail, so this decision was a relatively hard one.
After some faltering, he decided. '[b [#e596fd Vive la révolution!]]' he screamed enthusiastically, citing a phrase he remembered having heard somewhere before the war. It seemed fitting, he guessed.
No one tells you that things would get this bad, they don't warn you about the deaths. The stench that comes from the piles of dead bodies. They didn't tell you that the war would be this bad, they didn't tell you that your country was losing.

[center That's what happens when you're a child.]

No one tells you anything, especially if you're an orphan. It's better to be ignorant and look innocent, right? Higher chances of adoption, or even a chance of getting out of the country entirely.

[center If only they knew how violent children really are.]

There were so many explosions during the past year, basements became important once more. Remember the old movies of peter pan, the one where they had to hid in a bomb shelter during the war? It was like that, except.. new age. People were able to watch the streaming videos of all that was happening, the negotiations, the deploying of troops. There was so much death happening on such tiny screens. We were lucky to have had a single tablet in the midst of all this, keeping it propped up against the wall, eyes glued to the action. We lasted like that for an entire year before we were found. The caretakers were slaughtered while defending us, for some reason the invaders spared our [i innocent] souls.

Blythe could feels his lungs screaming for air, his nails digging into the arms of the child on top of him. He couldn't breathe, his vision began to fade and it felt like his head was going to explode at any moment. This was his punishment, he deserved this. He had challenged the Alpha of the group and now he will die. His mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, legs kicking at nothing, nails cutting into flesh.

[center The boy wouldn't release him.]

No, he wasn't going to die like this, he always dreamed of a blaze of glory and that wasn't this. There was nothing else to do other than to use what little strength he had left in his body and shove his thumbs into the boy's eyes. A scream of pain came from him as a small amount of blood began to drip from his eyes, finally releasing his grip upon Blythe before falling onto his side. The boy continued to scream in pain as he held his hands up to his eyes, and yet Blythe couldn't really comprehend the fact he had injured him. His body shook as he gulped in air, the room beginning to spin with the sudden intake of oxygen, he had survived today.
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