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The Themes

These are the characters and anime I would prefer to RP. Characters in bold are the ones that are up for grabs. Some things are up for debate; I'm pretty reasonable however the characters available and the ones that aren't are where I would prefer them to be. This is mostly because the ones that aren't available are the ones I'm the most comfortable portraying.

Black Butler - Ciel x Sebastian // I've only seen the first season, so that's what I'd like to work with.
- Dark Sebastian x Ciel // I've been interested in this idea for a long time, where Sebastian snaps and Ciel works to find a way to either survive or fix him. This one is completely up for discussion if you so choose.

Fruits Basket - Kyou x Yuki // This one can be a bit complicated due to the fact that there are two possible scenarios I would like to play out. One is that they still severely dislike each other to the point of willingly ripping out functioning organs, as they already are, and have them discover their feelings for each other over time. The second is about ten or fifteen years down the road where they're together, possibly with a family. Weird, I know, but kind of cute at the same time. Moving on....
- Hatori x Original Character - female // I think it'd be awesome to get Hatori hooked up with someone. The dude's pretty lonely. You would be too if you only had Shigure and Aaya to listen to.

Hetalia - America x China // Adorable. Enough said.
- England x France // Also adorable. I'm very flexible with this one. Both characters come easy for me.
- England x America // Yes, I know. Who hasn't shipped these two together? Typical fangirl...
-Austria x Switzerland // My favorite ^.^ You can't tell me they're not thinking inappropriate things about the other. For real.
- Canada x America // Yeah, I know. ^.^
I feel I should mention that I like my Hetalia roleplays a bit on the dark side. Blood, violence, war....yes, please!

YuGiOh! The original - Kaiba x Mokuba // This one requires explaining. When I do an RP with these two, the theme tends to be around Seto losing himself in his work and sometimes forgetting that he needs to be more of a brother than a CEO. It's okay, though, because I like those. I adore their brotherly love and think it's freaking cute. If this gets tossed around in your mind a little, I only want to focus on that aspect. No roleplays where they're trying to jump each other's bones. It's super creepy and....just no >.<
- Kaiba x Original Character-female // I'd like to get him hooked up with someone, just to see how it goes. I think it'd be interesting for the kid to have a love life.

Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei x Kurama // Plot has not been decided yet, still many ideas to toss around. Still, I like them together as I'm sure many YYH fangirls do. ^.^
- Botan x Koenma // If you can think of a plot for this, then we'll do it. So far, I've got nothing but crickets chirping.

FFVII Advent Children - Cloud x Denzel // Ever since I first saw this movie I felt that Cloud needed to adopt Denzel. They're cute together! That would be the plot for that RP, unless you can think of something better ^.^

Big Hero 6 - Tadashi x Hiro // Tadashi survives the explosion but ends up in the hospital. Scared that his brother blames him, Hiro doesn't visit until the week his brother is being released. Will their relationship be the same or is it damaged beyond repair? - Another non-yaoi, this one is just about their brotherly relationship. Besides, their relationship is adorable in the first place.

Now let me add some boring rules...

Most of these will be Yaoi. That's mostly why I picked them.

I prefer at least 700 characters. It's not long at all so if you're having a really crappy, brain-farty day, it's manageable. If you want to post more, please do! I certainly will!

Please be a lit person. By lit, I mean I don't want to have to decipher your post.

Please no one-trick ponies! That means: don't let me waste my time creating the thread after brainstorming with you and making a first post only to make a post or two and disappear off the earth. It frustrates me to no end and makes me less likely to rp with you in the future.

I know this is a stupid rule, but I have to say it. Please stay in character. If you're playing an asshole, act like one. Don't turn him into a priss. Likewise, if you're playing the nice guy, don't have him turn around and punch a toddler in the gut. It's not nice.

This will NOT be a 'oh, woe is me,' or a drama queen central. You are not the center of attention, nor am I, and something bad doesn't have to happen to you every other post. I'm dealing with enough of those now and I don't want any more. It's extremely annoying and won't be tolerated.

Not looking to do OC's unless it's listed above. If you can really sell me on the idea, perhaps I'll give it a shot. Your best bets for that are fantasty/kingdom ones.

I'd like a post at least once a week. Want to post more? Go ahead! That makes me happy! Once a week is doable, right? ^.^

All ES rules apply.

If you like what you see, please send me a message here or through a pm of what you'd like to do. I don't bite and, like I said, am pretty flexible. So please RP with me!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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