This Is Our Song~ An Austin and Ally Roleplay

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"Alls we have to go, I want to get it over with that they know we're engaged, if theyre going to hate me todays the day." Austin said sighing and kissing her as they pulled into her drive way.
  Austin Moon / polkadotrocker / 2y 27d 11h 38m 35s
Ally looked at him and sighed. She knew this would be very hard on Austin. [b "Let's skip it. I'll call her and fake being sick, and then we can go back to my house or something."] she said, not knowing if he would go along with it.
  .:.Ally.:. / boobear96 / 2y 27d 11h 43m 54s
"Okay we will stop at your house, I'm sorry Alls I'm nervous, you know my moms thoughts about you and you know my dad isn't too fond of me, I mean he kinda disowned me when I wouldn't take over the family business." Austin said sighing.
  Austin Moon / polkadotrocker / 2y 27d 17h 30m 17s
Ally laughed slightly as she looked up at him. [b "He's always been wrapped around my finger."] she said softly. The song that Austin had wrote for them, was perfect. It was so beautiful.

She dreaded now. [b "Austin! I have to change. I can't wear this to dinner with your parents!"]
  .:.Ally.:. / Boobear96 / 2y 27d 20h 10m 56s
Ally couldn't help but smile as they walked in. She instantly seems jimmy': eyes go to her left hand. [b "That would be the reason we are late."] she said softly. [b "My birthday present."]
  .:.Ally.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 28d 19h 29m 13s
Soon they were running into the studio and Jimmy looked mad but got distracted. "Woah woah woah Ally where did you get the rock?" he asked gesturing to her engagement ring. He looked at Austin and raised and eye brow.
  Austin Moon / polkadotrocker / 2y 29d 7h 19m 46s
Ally blushed and shook her head. It was really amazing, but she was so nervous. [b "So were you baby.. but we really need to get to the studio."]
  .:.Ally.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 29d 7h 21m 2s
Austin groaned and said," I'm having the best day of my life and now Jimmy is going to murder us." He quickly got dressed and didn't even bother brushing his hair. He sighed kissing her and said,"for the record you are amazing Ally Dawson, absolutley amazing."
  Austin Moon / polkadotrocker / 2y 29d 7h 44m 21s
[b "Jimmy's gonna kill us.."] she said softly. [b "Get up."] she stood up and quickly changed into a pair of yoga pants and a white tank top. [b "Come on."]
  .:.Ally.:. / boobear96 / 2y 29d 7h 46m 46s
"Yeah Alls?" He said holding her close. He picked up his phone and looked at the time, 3:30, they were an hour and a half late for recording. Jimmy would be blowing up their phones soon.
  Austin Moon / polkadotrocker / 2y 29d 7h 52m 20s
Ally smiled softly and nodded. The rest was history.

A few hours later, they were both asleep. Ally was sore, but so content. Her hair was all over Austin. She knew she looked terrible. [b "Austin.."] she said softly.
  .:.Ally.:. / boobear96 / 2y 29d 7h 54m 16s
"You mean?" Austin asked smiling, he had wanted to but had never wanted to push her. "Are you sure Alls? positive?" He couldn't contain his excitement and he slammed the door shut with his foot, thankful her dad was out and jumped onto the bed.

4 hours later he woke up holding her in his arms, her hair spread out across his chest.
  Austin Moon / polkadotrocker / 2y 29d 8h 2s
Ally smiled. [b "Maybe when I turn 22.. I want to enjoy our marriage first."] she said as she looked up into Austin's eyes. [b "I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.... I'm ready. I don't wanna wait anymore."]
  .:.Ally.:. / boobear96 / 2y 29d 8h 2m 23s
"That we do Ally Moon, maybe in a few years we will be ready, because God knows I'm excited for that too but I agree we have our careers ahead of us." He said kissing her passionatley and holding her waist. "
  Austin Moon / polkadotrocker / 2y 29d 8h 8m 33s
[b "That's right... BUT don't go getting any ideas. We're to young for babies. We have our careers right now."] she said a as she cuddled up to him. [b "I love you Austin Moon.. I can't wait to be Ally Moon."]
  .:.Ally.:. / boobear96 / 2y 29d 8h 10m 15s

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