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[center Hello and Welcome.]
[center Let me tell you a story, one long since forgotten and only ever told as legend by those who dare to speak of it or even remember.]
[center This story may frighten you, those that have a weak stomach perhaps. Or those of the female persuasion that fear death.]
[center I am sure you have all heard of [i her], the Blood Countess. The woman who drained young girls of their blood just to bathe in it, thinking it would keep her young and beautiful.]
[center This story is similar but much much more gruesome and less famous. A story of a world of sorts that mirrors ours. A work where demons, creatures of old[vampires, werewolves, other mythical beings], and humans, all live as one.]
[center Now at this time, I'm sure you have also heard of Salem, Massachusetts. One of the most infamous places in American History where the witch trials took place many centuries ago. Many were innocent, others were guilty and some, were a different type of being.]

[center This is where the story of the [i Immortals] comes in. Ancient humans that look young, they do not survive off blood as vampires do, but somehow, they survive. They have been around since, probably the beginning of time, no one knows for sure. The queen, oldest of them all, decided to, against the opposition of the council, bleed young women every full moon to persuade other, younger, immortals that without it, they would all die.]
[center Now is when our story begins. It is the day after the last full moon. A girl had just been bled dry by the queen and council via sacrifice, and now it is time to search for a new sacrifice. There are two groups that are given files of girls that would make good sacrifices, then sent out. One group, upon arriving in the town of Lovell, Wyoming, find one of their own, living as a human. Upon further investigation, though not part of their duty, they come to find that she cares for one of their targets.]
[center It is at this time that the leader of this small group, comes to realize who the woman is. A few weeks later the woman confronts the group as they had been outside her home for quite some time, and invites them in knowing who they are. Once she finds out why they are there she refuses and admits that she has raised the girl after her family abused her and threw her out.]
[center The final week before the next full moon has arrived and one of the members of the council arrives to find out what is taking so long. This of course stresses the leader of the group out as he has no idea what to tell the council member. So, the woman hides the girl and claims she died. The council member, believing the story, is dismayed as they have lost all their potential sacrifices. Upon hearing this the girl freaks and runs away, the council member seeing her flee.]

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We will acting as both the young girl and the trackers.
A posting order will be established once everyone has joined.
The Woman and the Leader knew each other in the past and were [i together], as it were. Until the woman left ten years prior. The emotions are still there so if you play the leader, make it apparent.


The Woman - Taken- [ Juleka]

Leader - Open


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