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[center Fallon felt him loosen his grip on her hand. He explained that he could create a barrier around her and make her just about invincible to the man that had been trying to attack her and anymore that were after her. He told her that he may need to leave her from time to time in order to throw them off but she would still be safe unless she left the barrier.]

[center Fallon's head was beginning to spin again. She was so overwhelmed, things like this just didn't happen, not unless you were in a movie or a book. She was just a normal girl, there was nothing special about her. But there were things that dared to defy that, the ring he had given her and the armor that he was wearing both had the same markings as her pendant that she wore. The man that had attacked her had called her 'Princess' as well and mentioned that her pendant was a crest.]

[center He asked if they could walk and talk, she could see that he was beginning to get antsy. She started walking towards the outskirts of the city, where she had been going before she had been attacked. He asked her what she wanted him to call her, that she had to give him an order because of the informality. [#700a99 "I'm not going to order you around, that isn't right. Everyone has their rights here, I don't know how it is where you are from but that's not how it works around here. Just call me Fallon."] She said as she adjusted her bag on her shoulder.]

[center She came to a stop wondering where to really go. He was after all technically a stranger to her. She shouldn't be bringing him home with her, for all she knew, he could be a serial killer. That's what her head was saying but something deeper in her core was telling her that it was okay to trust him, that she almost needed to trust him. He had so far saved her life. Besides, she didn't have many other options.]

[center She let out a sigh and looked at him. [#700a99 "Okay, I'm am going to take you back to where I am staying...I shouldn't but I am curious as to what you have to say. Thankfully there's one more ferry leaving and anyone who will be on it will either be drunk or too tired to notice what you are wearing."]]

[center She started walking again, towards the edge of the city where the last ferry of the night was boarding to go to New Jersey. She walked up to the booth that was located in front of it and asked for a ticket. The man told her the total and she sighed as she reached into her bag and grabbed her wallet and handed him her debit card. He gave her the ticket and her card back and she led the way to the ferry handing the new ticket she had just purchased and her monthly pass.]

[center On the boat, she led him to the further side to where they wouldn't draw much attention. [#700a99 "So tell me, this....place that we are...from, how do you get there?"] She asked as she took a seat.]

[center After about twenty minutes, the ferry docked and she led him off and headed towards where she was staying. Once she got to the house, she grabbed her keys and unlocked the door. She would be the only one home, her friend was out of town with her parents.]

[center Fallon was beginning to feel the nights events wash over her. The adrenaline was beginning to wear off and she was beginning to feel aches and pain all over her body. She dropped her bag to the floor by the door and went straight to the kitchen. She opened one of the cabinets and found some ibuprofen. She poured a couple into her hand and grabbed a glass and filled it with water and took the medicine; hoping that it wouldn't take long to help relieve her pain.]

[center She grabbed some ice and put it into a bag and walked over to one of the leather couches. She sat down and looked up at him, placing the bag of ice on the back of her neck.]
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He knew the Princess would be confused by magic for her first time, and probably didn't understand that the wards he would place would keep werewolves at bay for the time being. He supposed it was inevitable that he would have to explain. [#8B0000 "The reason they found you out here instead of your own home is because of your mother. Well, the pendant. Once it established itself in a single place over an entire night, it set a ward around your domain. Now that it's gone, I will have to set one up temporarily. Believe me, Princess, being secluded has its perks. I can make you just about invisible."]

He thought about it for a moment, [#8B0000 "On the other hand, they will definitely smell my presence in public, and more would know that you are in fact here, and possibly nearby me. There will be times where I have to leave you to lead them away. They wont smell either of us through the barrier, much less see it, but once we leave the safety of it..."] he trailed off, expecting her to catch on to his drift. [#8B0000 "We'll be in danger from that point until we re-enter."]

He felt her flinch, and his grip ever so slightly loosened to a gentle hold. The last thing he wished was to harm her, or scare her, further. The memory loss could be easily replaced with a history lesson, and the return of Her Majesty's jewel.

Faustus sighed, very out of place for a now-personal knight, when he got what he thought was an order. [#8B0000 "If not 'Princess,' what would you have me call you?"] He knew this was the human world, and things were far different here than in the other realm, but he had no place to call her by her real name, much less any nicknames unless given a direct order. [#8B0000 "Please don't think me incompetent, or that I'm disobeying you, I simply would just need an order. I understand that here...would be an odd place to have a name such as Princess being said constantly, especially by me. But if you would, thinking of what I can call you, walk and talk?"]
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[center He spoke softly and said that she didn't remember her past. She frowned, realizing that he figured it out. He seemed actually surprised that she didn't remember, the way he reacted, it was almost as if he was a familiar person. He didn't scare her like the other man did. He took her by surprise when he took a ring off of his finger. He then pulled a thin leather strap from the armor that he was wearing and looped the ring and then stepped closer to her and tied it around her neck. Once he stepped back, she grabbed the ring and looked down at it. It had the same design on it.]

[center Looking back up at him, she frowned looking back up to him. He spoke gently, explaining to her who he was and where he had come from. He told her that he was from another realm, a realm in which she was born in. He told her that he was from Aleasia, that was what the other man told her, that the design on her pendant was the crest of Aleasia. He continued to explain that she was the princess of this realm. That took her by surprise. Princess? There was no way, if that were so, why would she be alone, in a different place and bounced around between homes and group homes.]

[center So many more questions were beginning to pop into her head, that is, if he was telling her the truth. For any regular person, he should have been called crazy and for some reason she wanted to believe him, he didn't sound like he was lying anyways. He continued on to say that this kingdom was gone, and that they were forced into hiding after her mother sent her away. [#660c8d "Wait...why would she send me here alone then? If I am a princess, shouldn't I have protection and why would she send me away in the first place?"] She interrupted, feeling slightly overwhelmed.]

[center There was no way that she could be a princess, she worked two jobs just to survive and that was pushing it. She lived with her best friend and her parents for the time being until the two of them could afford an apartment together. He told her that sending her here was to protect her but he didn't expect to find her with no memory. [i 'What did he mean by all of this?'] She wondered. If she was following him correctly, she wasn't supposed to forget anything. The only thing she could remember is being pulled from the water, taken to the hospital and trying to figure out who she was. They figured that she had fallen off of a boat, but as much as they tried, they could never identify her. And so, she had been put into the foster care system.]

[center He continued on to tell her that the man that had attacked her was a werewolf. That took her by surprise. He then told her that he was a vampire and to not fear, that he was not allowed to feed from her. That caught her even more so off guard. Now he was telling her about made up stories, myths. Although, the man that had attacked her was abnormally strong, she had a hard time fighting him off, nor was he trying to rob her.]

[center He told her that vampires protected her family, they served them and fought the werewolves. He continued explaining that they couldn't send someone until now to find her and that the ring that he gave her was a gift from her mother, it was laced with her powerful magic. He told her that it was temporary until he could get her pendant back for her.]

[center He grabbed her hand gently. She flinched ever so slightly, she must have hit the ground harder than she thought when that man threw her further into the alleyway, that wasn't going to be good, especially in the next day when she had to go back to work. He told her that she wasn't safe out in the open and that they needed to go. [#660c8d "Go where?"] She asked confused. [#660c8d "If they found me in the middle of New York City, won't they be able to find me when it's more secluded?"] She asked him. She figured that if they were like the myths, their noses would be able to track her down even faster.]

[center She realized that he once again called her 'Princess'. [#660c8d "Please stop calling me 'Princess'. People don't say things like that here, you are going to bring unwanted attention."] She said as she looked around. She stepped out from the alleyway looking up at Faustus.]
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He opened his mouth to say something to comfort her but shut it when he realized she was obviously upset. He didn't want to make it worse. [#8B0000 "You don't remember your past..."] he finally confirmed quietly, looking out towards the city before walking back into the alley. He pulled the ring off his finger, set for his finger but set with powerful magic. He ripped off part of his armor, more of a thin leather strap than anything else and looped it through the ring. He placed it upon her neck and tied it securely.

[#8B0000 "My name is Faustus, I'm from another realm, the realm you were born in. I bear the mark of Aleasia, I serve your family, your mother. You are the princess of that realm, and will be rightful Queen as soon as your mother is dead. She entrusted me with you, as well as her personal guard. The kingdom is..."] he sighed, remembering the state he had seen it in last time, [#8B0000 "Its gone. We were forced into hiding shortly after your mother cast you to this realm. It was to protect you, but I suppose she didn't expect you to lose your memory...I wasn't prepared to find you in such a state."]

He thought about what else he should explain to her, then realized she'd be in constant danger. [#8B0000 "The man that attacked you...he was a werewolf. He, and probably his whole pack, came in here with you when you were thrown in. I'm amazed they hadn't found you earlier...I, myself, am a vampire. Don't worry, I'm not allowed to drink from you,"] he joked lightly, giving her a gentle smile before explaining more. [#8B0000 "Vampires have served the kingdom for ages fighting werewolves. They've served as a personal guard for your family as well, but we haven't had the chance to send someone for you since you came here. We finally had the chance, and they sent me. That ring I just gave you...your mother made it with her own magic. Until we find your pendant, I hope that can be suitable until I find it...which I would do by tracking the werewolf that stole it. I got a pretty good whiff of him, can't say he smelled amazing."]

He took her hand gently, he didn't want to jar her more than she had been already tonight. [#8B0000 "Please understand that I don't want to scare you, but you're in terrible danger being in the open like this. Anything you wish to ask me I'll answer, but we must go. Please, Princess Fallon."]
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[center Fallon had been tossing trash looking for her pendant when she heard the man say that it was gone and that the mutt probably took it. Her brows furrowed and she stopped, looking at him. [#6615b7 "Excuse me?"] she asked. How did he know it was gone? [#6615b7 "How do you know that? It can't be gone...you...don't understand, it...just can't be gone. That is the only thing I have that connects me to my past...."] she said frustrated.]

[center At this point she felt defeated. She knew how silly it sounded to be concerned about a piece of jewelry, but this was the only thing that could connect her to the past that she couldn't remember. The man said that he was happy to see that she could walk. Once again, he called her 'princess' and then her name and promised her that he would get get the pendant back for her. [#6615b7 "How?"] she asked him confused. [#6615b7 "And why do you keep calling me 'Princess'?"] she asked, trying to piece things together.]

[center At this point, most of this night wasn't making sense to her. She had no idea who either of these two men were and now she lost the only piece of history she had connected to her past. Then she remembered something...something that the man that attacked her said. [#6615b7 "'The crest of Aleasia....'"] she said, trailing off as she looked back to the man in the alleyway. [#6615b7 "Who are you?'] She asked, looking down to the strange armor he was wearing to the same design that was on her pendant. [#6615b7 "And why do you have the same design on your chest that was on my pendant?"] She asked, looking back up at his face. This night was turning out to be more than she could handle it seemed.]

[center He then asked her if she had anywhere that was safe to go to and that he would escort her there. He told her that they needed to leave, he promised again to keep her safe but he would not be able to fend off an entire pack. [i 'Pack?'] She wondered, what was he apart of? A wolf pack? He gestured her out of the alleyway. They came closer to the opening, she leaned down and picked up her bag. She stopped and looked at him. [#6615b7 "I can't go anywhere with you until you tell me what's going on and who you are. I need you to answer my questions."] She demanded.]

[center She had no idea who this stranger was or why he had helped her. He wore strange clothing, not that he would stand out horribly in New York City. He gave off the impression that he knew her and maybe was connected to her forgotten past. She also couldn't shake that she had possibly remembered something, a strange handsome man who had given her the pendant in the first place.]
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Foster was confused when the Princess began frantically searching for something. Then he realized he couldn't sense her pendant anywhere in the area and his frown deepened. [#8B0000 "It is no longer here, Princess. The mutt probably got it when he attacked you."] Unfortunately for him, his ring alone wasn't enough to open a portal. He would eventually have to go searching for it, but it wasn't an easy task with just his power.

[#8B0000 "I'm glad to see you're able to walk,"] he said as he stood slowly, [#8B0000 "But don't worry about your pendant, I will be able to find it. First, Princess Fallon, we need to get you to safe harbor. Do you have a place that is safe? I'll escort you,"] he promised, though the look on her face worried him. He couldn't see any type of recognition flowing through it, joy or otherwise.

It was as though she didn't recognize what they were.

He decided to kick it under the table and walk to grab her hand. He knew she was frantic to find her pendant, but there was no time to waste. [#8B0000 "They know you're here, Princess. We must move. You have my protection, but I can't fend off an entire pack of them."] He motioned her outside of the alleyway, using his ring to cast a ward around them both to mask their scent. The werewolf that had attacked was probably a good tracker considering he had found the Princess in the first place.
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Fallon braced herself for the attack but it never came. She lowered her arms to see another man now in the alleyway and he was standing in front of her. He yelled at the attacker, and called him a mutt.

Fallon frowned and pulled herself up into a sitting position. Her body ached. When she noticed how far into the alley she was, she was in disbelief and her mind began to race. How had this attacker been so strong to throw her so far. And how had this new stranger managed to get in front of her to defend her before the attacker had?

She snapped out of it when the attacker spat back an insult at the stranger. The stranger spat back at him, they clearly knew each other. The stranger then charged at the attacker and they began fighting.

She gasped and tried to get up but her body gave out as soon as she tried. She had to move out of the way in fear of getting caught in the cross hairs of their fight. She used the strength that she had to move backwards towards the wall of the alleyway to give some distance between her and the two of them.

In one swift movement, she watched as the stranger came up and had the attacker in a hold. As the stranger brought his hand up, the attacker surprised him and got loose. The attacker disappeared.

Fallon blinked, wondering how the attacker had disappeared so fast. She heard the stranger sigh and she immediately looked over to him. He came towards her and knelt in front of her. Her brow creased as he asked her if she was alright and called her Princess Fallon. How did he know her name and why was he calling her princess?!

[#7e0eb4 "How do you know my.....-"] She started asking when she then focused on his chest. It was the same symbol as her pendant. She gasped then as her head began to throb. Fallon brought her hands up to her head to try and reduce the pain.

Suddenly, she saw a mans face, stern but fierce. He was giving her the pendant and then nothing. Fallon hadn't realized that she had closed her eyes and when she opened them, she was face to face with the stranger. What the hell had just happened? Did she just remember something from her past? These questions were racing through her mind.

Fallon's mid stopped when she reached for her pendant and couldn't grab onto it. She looked down to see that it was missing. Adrenalin kicked in and she found the strength to stand up. She started to frantically look around. [#7e0eb4 "Crap, crap, crap! Where the hell is it?!"] She muttered to herself, the stranger no longer any convern to her. This was the only thing she had that was connected to her past and now it was gone. She grabbed her cell phone from her bag to give her more light to see. However, the more she looked, the harder her heart sunk as it seemed to be no where to be found.
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[i Do you know where to go?]
[#8B0000 "I remember where to go, yes."]
[i And you know what to do?]
[#8B0000 "Its the most important part. You taught me well. Protect the Princess."]
[i Very well. There isn't much time left for us here, so you must go now.]
[#8B0000 "We will return."]
[i See that you do. You and the Princess are the last hope to save the kingdom. I hope that you meet allies on your way.]

Foster nodded at the vampire in front of him. They were surrounded by rock walls, a temporary shelter that they had retreated to when the werewolves had once again found them. Their numbers were dwindling little by little and while, yes, it made them harder to find, it also made it harder to fight back. Vampires and magic could only do so much. Without proper forces there was no possibility that they could win the war that decimated the land. And even now, the Princess was in danger despite being sent through the portal to the human world. The enemy always threw something to throw them for a loop.

He had always harbored a hatred for humans from the tales he had been told about them, but nothing could stand up to the hate he had for a filthy warmongering race of werewolves. Now that he was going to be there protecting the Princess, he would have to get over that hatred.

Foster turned and left the temporary sanctuary, to the very area where the Princess had first escaped. He used his ring, custom made by the Queen herself given to the most trusted of the guard, to reopen the rift that would allow him passage to the human world and stepped through. The trip itself was harrowing, bumpy. It was obvious the passage of planes was not under constant upkeep. And of course, being dropped in the middle of a waterway was just another part of a terrible night.

Of course, water was the least of his worries. He knew where the Princess was. Thanks to the wards placed on him, his senses were heightened and out of the large city with roads and alleyways and parks, he could tell where she was.

Foster swam out of the waterway, climbing up the grassy bank, wringing out his clothes as he went. They were obviously not of this world, metal platelets covering his chest, legs, and the lower parts of his arms. His hands and neck were bare, but he didn't worry about damage on those parts of his body.

Finally, after walking what seemed hours, he could hear her. Screaming, no less. Had he been too late? No, as he turned a corner he could see the Princess laying on the other side of the alley, covering herself helplessly. The werewolf, disguised as a human man, was rushing her.

The vampire flashed past the werewolf right in front of the Princess, bringing his leg up with a spin to kick the werewolf hard in the stomach. Not a fatal blow, but enough to knock the wind out of him and send him backwards. [#8B0000 "You dare attack a princess? Mutt, you have brought shame to your entire pack."]

The werewolf found its footing and stared at the vampire now in front of his target. [i "Look at what we have here. A drowned rat of what was once a successful kingdom. You bring shame upon your household."]

Foster bit his lip at that. Not all vampires were part of a coven, but those who had been respected and broke off to be part of the royal guard had households. [#8B0000 "Frankly, my household and their view of me is none of your business,"] he bit back as he sped forward, around the back of the werewolf. He grabbed hold of the man's hair and pulled, forcing him out of a defensive position and into that of vulnerability. Foster went to finish the mutt off, nails poised to slice the neck off in one clean movement, but he was caught off guard and the werewolf snapped back forward, throwing him back where he began, but a bit more flustered that this werewolf had found his breath so quickly. Before he could go in for another attack, the werewolf fled. Coward.

With a sigh, Foster let down his guard and turned to the Princess. He knelt down onto one knee and looked at her. [#8B0000 "Are you alright, Princess Fallon?"] he asked simply.
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Screams….the cries of the people sounded in her head while she stood by the window and stared into the distant. War had broken out. The wolves had finally made headway and there was fear everywhere. The Vampires were doing everything they could but the day was growing darker. Fallon had a pit in her stomach and she had been feeling sick since earlier that morning.

Fallon had been startled awake earlier in the morning. The feeling of negative energy in the earth tipped her off right before the alarms sounded and woke everyone from their sleep. The castle became chaos. A guard knocked on her chamber doors and entered. [#528316 “Princess, the Queen has requested your presence in the royal hall. She asks you to ready yourself.”] The guard spoke before exiting her chambers.

Fallon prepared herself and met her mother, along with the head of the royal guard in the royal hall. Her mother explained how it was no longer safe and that Fallon needed to be protected. Fallon didn’t quite understand at first but she would soon enough.

Fallon was given a dark cloak and then her mother and Alaric, the head of the royal guard, ushered her to the tunnels beneath the castle. When they exited the tunnels, they were behind the castle grounds, deep in the forest. Fallon tried asking her mother what was happening and the only reply she received was to be silent. The pit in the middle of Fallon’s stomach was growing and she worried what it meant. She had never seen her mother so worried.

They continued walking through the forest and when they came to a stop, it was an open area with a large rock in the middle. Her mother stepped forward and waved her hand. It was at that point that Fallon understood; The human world. Fallon had only heard stories about the human world and didn’t think that it really existed. Turns out, the world was much bigger than she had thought.

Her mother turned to her and wrapped Fallon in her arms. [#f038ee “My sweet little bird, you must leave. This passageway will grant you safety.”] Her mother spoke quietly. Fallon felt her mother squeeze her tighter before pulling away. There were fresh tears on her mother’s face. Fallon hadn’t realized until her mother’s hand swept across her cheek that she was also crying. Before Fallon could even say a word, her mother shook her head. [#f038ee “Do not say a word, my child. This is for your safety.”] Her mother said before letting her go. Alaric stepped forward at that point.

[#205ab6 “Safe passage, Princess.”] He said in a much softer manner than she was used to hearing from him. He then grabbed the royal crest that hung around his neck-a pendant that every royal guard received when they were sworn in- and took it off. [#205ab6 “Only your magic and the royal crest will be able to open and close this gate. May this help protect you in the other world. Once the gate is closed, it will move to a different location, protecting it from others, such as the wolves”] He said before placing it around her neck.
With that, Fallon was pushed through the portal. Not being able to say a word. There was a flash of light and then there was nothing. She was falling and then she hit the water.

[b Two Years Later:]

New York City; the city of lights and dreams. Now nineteen and no memories of her past, Fallon was making do the best she could with her life. After being pulled from the water from nearly drowning when she was seventeen and remembering nothing about where she came from to only remembering her name; she became a ward of the state. Bouncing from group home to foster home, to being kicked out at eighteen. She moved in with her bestfriend Cassie and her family.

During the day, Fallon worked as a barista at a small cafe in the city and on the weekends, she managed to get a job at a very popular night club as a bartender.

She was helping out by closing up the club in the early hours of Sunday with the owner. Fallon normally tucked the pendant that she wore around her neck into her shirt when she worked at the club. She was afraid that she would lose it otherwise. The owner of the club looked at her. [#0e3b6c "You know....I don't understand why you were that awful thing. It's not at all cool."]

Fallon laughed. [#6006f4 "You'd wear it too if this was the only thing you had from your past. Anyways, I'll see you next weekend."] She said as she slung her bag over her shoulder. She looked before crossing the street and headed for the subway station.

Fallon had walked this route a dozen times but tonight she had a bad feeling. Something was off but she shrugged it off because she thought she was just being paraniod. She was only a few blocks from the subway station when she heard a noise. She glanced over her shoulder and she thought she saw someone walking behind her but when she turned around there was no one there.

She shook her head and thought she was just tired. She continued walking but before she was about to turn the corner, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into the shadows of the alley that was there. The man was laughing as he pushed her against the brick wall. [#561214 "I can't believe I finally found you! After all this time!"] The man breathed as he looked down at the pendant. [#561214 "The crest of Aleasia..."]

He was clearly insane. Fallon had never seen this man in her life. She struggled against his body weight to get free but the man wasn't budging. She brought her knee up and made contact between his legs. That was enough for her to get free of him and grabbed the small knife that she carried around with her just in case something happened to.

The man regained himself and cursed at her. He came up and hit her, causing her to fly further into the alley. She hit the concrete hard. When she realized that he was running toward her, she let out a scream as she shielded herself with her arms.
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