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Centuries ago, there stood two prosperous kingdoms, divided by the Eternal Forest, a forest filled with thick brush and tall trees that it proposed problems for travelers. On one side of the forest was the kingdom of Aralean. Reknown for its schools and vast amount of wealth the kingdom was peaceful, and the people adored their ruler, king Christopher. He was a fair man and a good king, who always showed hospitality towards all rulers in nearby kingdoms. On the other side of the forest was the kingdom of Omedia. Known for its advanced army and military state, the people worshipped their ruler, king David. Although strict and short tempered, David was a fair king, and respected nobles he saw as equals.

For years the two kingdoms lived in harmony, supporting each other. Over time Christopher and David became good friends, and helped each other when it was needed. However, one night at a neighboring kingdom for a royal birthday party, both Christopher and David met and fell in love with princess Isabella. At the tender age of eighteen, Isabella was ready to be married and set her sights on Christopher and David.

Both men proceeded to seduce her, unknown to the other that they were both after the same woman. Isabella thought long and hard on who she should marry. After deciding that she could not continued to play with the hearts of the two of them, she chose Christopher over David. Feeling guilty, she wrote David a letter, explaining her decision to marry Christopher over him. Anger and betrayed by the woman he loved, and his friend, David broke all ties to Aralean. Christopher tried talking some sense into David, but he would not listen. Soon war was declared.

Although Omedian had a stronger military, Aralean had an army that was strong enough to hold back David's army. As years went by, the war raged on as neither kingdom would fall to the other. The war continued long after Christopher and David's rule. The war soon became something that would be inherited with each new rule.

200 years have passed, and the war continues. While the two kingdoms still stand strong, the years of war has cost dearly. The death toll of Omedian and Aralean soldiers, as well as Aralean citizens, continues to grow as the Omedian army has slowly made its way towards the capital, where the castle of the royal family is. Although the Omedian army will be retreating back to Omedian soon to help with the gathering of crops, as well as rebuild its army, king Francis has decided not to risk it, and has planned to move the royal family to a safer place.

This is where the story begins.
You will play the crown Prince of Omedia, who is leading the battle. While your army is battling the Aralean army, you slip through the battle line with some soldiers and make your way to the castle. Your goal? Kidnap king Francis's heir, and only child, princess Rosalie. With you holding the princess captive, you plan to make Francis surrender and take Aralean for the win. However, that fails when Francis refuses to surrender. Now you're stuck figuring out how to claim Aralean, and what to with the princess.

-this will be a mature and literate rp. Swearing is fine. Since it revolves around war, expect there to be gore death. No instant love. This ks not a masterxslave rp. If it gets intense then either timeskip or take it elsewhere.
- anime pictures, please
- since it will be literate, please watch your grammar and spelling. I understand mistakes from time to time, so no worries.
- try and post at least 1000 characters. I understand writer's block, but please don't give me nothing to work with.
- post at least twice a week. I understand being busy, and having a life. If you can't post, let me know or else I'll think you ditched.
- if you have any ideas, let me know. I'm always willing to hear ideas to help improve the rp, or make things better for the both of us.
-if you decide to leave, please tell me.
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“I am not one of your scholars, good sir.” Clarus finally responded, looking after the adviser, his tone still holding remanence of annoyance. “And i will not play nice with the enemy’s daughter.”

“Just remember what i’ve said.” Was what the prince was left with and he looked away, being left alone again. The next day while sitting alone in his study, Clarus thought about what he’d been told.

[i There are different ways of securing a kingdom other than through force.]

Maybe that was how he should look at it. Trying something other than force or violence. But the Prince wasn’t very diplomatic, he was never good with words in a conversation and would rather speak from behind a letter of let his blade do the talking for him. That was what he was good at. And what about Rosalie? She was refusing to help in any way. He hoped whatever representatives were sent out could convince the other territories to stay out of the war. But would they since the Aralean princess was engaged to one of them. The stressful thought made him bury his face in his hands.

Clarus wanted to go hunting and feel the thrill of chasing down wild game. He wanted to race his swiftest steed along the cliff sides at the far edge of the kingdom and feel the wind of the highlands. He wanted to do anything to take his mind off of the raging war and the princess…
What was he going to do?

It was almost midday when two guards brought down Rosalie’s meal, normally it was only one who did this, and they hung around waiting for her to finish eating. “Let’s go.” One of them finally said, opening the cell door again and waiting for the Princess.

“That’s the last meal you’re going to be eating here.” That statement could mean a lot of things. Was she going to be killed? Was she being set free? Had some miracle happened. The way the guard said it didn’t allude to anything and the two patiently waited before leading her out of the dungeons.

She was just being moved to a different wing of the castle. A more hospitable section but just as well guarded as the rest. At some point while the guards were moving her, the prince had fallen in step a little ways behind them and he stood back as she was brought to her new room. The guards noticed him and left the two royals in peace. Walking to the doorway, Clarus didn’t enter but instead leaned on the door frame, letting Rosalie know he was there by speaking.

“It seems I am left with but one question, Princess.” He said with a scorning tone, “What am I going to do with you?”
  Prince Clarus / GBSmith / 141d 14h 4m 44s
Sighing a bit, Rosalie at the ray of light shining through the one window above the dungeon. While she wanted the war to end more then anything, she didn't entirely trust Clarus. After all he had commanded his army to kidnap her as she slept; who would trust anyone after something like that. Closing her eyes she imagined being back at home instead of being in this dungeon cell.

Walking along the hall, the king's royal adviser looked at Clarus as he came stalking down the hall. "Your highness? I need a word with you" he said, intervening the prince. While he was the kings adviser, it was his job to advise the other members of the royal family as well, should they need it. "It is my understanding that you have the princess of Aralean locked up in the dungeon? While I commend you for securing the enemy's heir, I also understand that you did so without discussing this with your father first." Looking at the prince, the adviser gestured him aside.

"Need I remind you that we are in a time of war and there is no room for rash decisions. This could have caused conflict between our allies. Thankfully I sent representatives to meet with our allies, and discuss them remaining out of this war. However, that leaves the issue of the princess."

Watching some servants walk by them, the adviser shook his head a bit. "An old friend once told me that the war started with a woman, the war will end with a woman. The key to ending everything is with the princess. If you want to be known as the monarch to end this war, I would suggest playing nice with the princess. After all there are different ways of securing a kingdom other then through force. Please remember that your highness" he said before walking away in the direction he had been heading, leaving the prince to think about what he had said.
  Rosalie / Poison_Ivy / 1y 31d 10h 34m 57s
Prince Clarus stiffened slightly as he listened to what Princess Rosalie was saying, her words burrowing into his subconscious. How many had he kills? Countless, and how many were needless deaths? He’d watched many innocent people die in this war, but he had never stepped forwards to save one of them. He exhaled slowly, gritting his teeth slightly as she mentioned his father and turned away with a remark to scorn him.

[I Congratulations puppet…]

Listening to Rosalie slight warning about allies turning against Omedia since she had been kidnapped and was engaged, which he hadn’t known about, Clarus stepped back from her cell. Quietly, not revealing anything through his expression while on the inside he was reeling. The war had been going on for so long, every generation fighting in place for the last and he knew his kingdom couldn’t afford to be fighting more than one war. Rosalie had successfully gotten into Clarus’ head and planted a seed of doubt with her presumptuous lies for what her father could be doing to turn the war to Aralean’s favor. But he didn’t know if what she was saying was the truth or not.

“If you cannot help me,” He said in as calm of a voice as he could muster, “then what ever I do won’t make much of a difference in this war, whether the surrounding kingdom’s join for Omedia or Aralean, I see no end in sight.” His tone was still cold, but that coldness almost sounded defensive and anxious. Rosalie’s words now had him worried about more than whether or not she would or could help him. He turned away from her cell, walking off with his loyal captain following after him, Niva having stayed silent after Clarus and Rosalie had started talking.

Once they had left the dungeons, the Prince gripped his hands into fists, swearing quietly under his breath as he thought about what he should do. “My Prince…” Niva started but Clarus cut her off with a sudden irritated groan.

“Niva, send orders to the front line and have them recede back 3 miles.”

“You want to give up ground? On the front line?” She asked a little taken back and Clarus steeled himself for the criticism that he’d deal with later.

“I want to buy some time,” He told her. “Just enough to find out where our Allies loyalties truly lay.” With that, he left his captain, stalking off towards his chambers. Niva sighed thinking about going back down to talk to Rosalie on her own, but she figured now she wouldn’t get anything else from the Princess then the Prince had. War with other kingdoms at this point wouldn’t be survivable for either kingdom, the captain just hoped that if the war took a turn in that direction, it would be long after they were all dead. But she wasn’t too hopeful with that quiet wish.
  Prince Clarus / GBSmith / 1y 56d 16h 37m 2s
Rosalie just sat there staring at the wall as she listened to her visitors speak. She knew the male was the crowned prince Clarus; it only made sense to know the face of ones enemy. Rosalie knew just how ruthless he could be on the battlefield, even if his worlds pointed at a different opinion. There had been reports of sightings of the prince's personal army flags around Aralean shortly before the armies attacked. Rosalie had heard the reports and knew the havoc that the prince himself had caused.

"Kind of hypocritical, isn't it? To judge me on the actions I may take in this war, on the blood that may be spilt under my rule, but yet, you stand there with blood already on your hands" she said, turning her head to look at him. "You seem to forget that there are two kingdoms at war. So tell me, what role would you be playing once your time to rule has come?" Standing up, Rosalie walked over and leaned against the door.

"Tell me your highness, just how many did you kill? 100? 200? How many of those were women and children?" she asked, titling her head a bit and looking at him straight in the eyes. Rosalie didn't fear him, nor did she really buy that he was trying to find a peaceful solution to ending this war.

"You can attempt to belittle me or bring me down as much as you want, but that won't ease your guilty conscious. You claim to want to end this war, but yet you failed to stand up to the one person who could end it; your father. Instead, you went to battle and killed several innocent people as they fled their homes. Congratulations puppet, you played the role you were meant to do since the day you were born" she said lowly, pushing herself away from the door and sitting down again on the opposite side of the cell.

As to why her father hadn't tried to surrender Aralean for her safety, Rosalie knew he would never do it. Of course she didn't know what he was planning or how he would try to get her back.

"I'm afraid I can't help you. I don't know what my father is planning, but I can only assume that he's had enough time to get it in motion. It's been a week now. My only guess would be that he's going to try and get neutral allies of both kingdoms to side with Aralean. After all, it's one thing for two kingdoms to battle among themselves. But kidnapping changes everything completely, especially when the hostage is the fiance to one of the princes of said ally." She wasn't really engaged to any of the ally princes, but she didn't know what her father would use as a bargaining token to ally kings. Plus it wasn't like he would know. Rosalie wanted him to think she was though. Although she wasn't skilled with a sword or battle ready trained, Rosalie knew how to play mind games and mentally mess with a person.

"I can only imagine what would happen if allies turned on Omedia. With me kidnapped, maybe 1 will turn, but if you kill me, they all may turn. Soon a war between Omedia and Aralean will turn into Omedia against all the surrounding kingdoms. I just hope you're ready for whatever comes next. It's all in your hands."
  Rosalie / Poison_Ivy / 1y 62d 11h 16m 41s
Niva was adorning her captains armor so it was easy to tell who she was, or at least what ranking she was. Clarus on the other hand, was a little under dressed, as far as being a prince goes. They both stopped in front of the cell that Rosalie was in and Clarus noticed her shifting, so he knew she was awake though she didn’t acknowledge them.

“Princess Rosalie.” Niva began, still using a respectful tone towards the captured royal though she really didn’t have to. It was just engrained in her but she also knew that being mocking or rude wouldn’t get them any answers so taking what moral high ground they could was their best option. “It is here by Omedian law that you stay till the war with Aralean is over or another solution is found to end this conflict.” They weren’t expecting her to respond, but Clarus was hoping that she might say something, let some snarky retort slip that would give him a clue to what she thought was going to happen.

“Why doesn’t your father want to lay down his arms for your safety?” Clarus asked suddenly, his housecarl giving him a cautious look but he just shook his head and stepped towards the cell that Rosalie was in. “Is all the death worth more to him than your life?” He pressed, trying to find a soft spot in the Princess’ silence, to get her to say something and engage with him in this conversation. “You were to take his throne after he passed and you were going to have to continue the blood shed as many have done before you.” He said, his formidable cold tone poking through as it always did when he spoke about the war.

“Then any more blood spilt would be on your hands. This war is no longer about what our ancestors were fighting for…” He paused walking forwards till he was directly in front of the bars looking over at Rosalie. “As the future queen of Aralean you must know what the war will cost you. I am here for your help, to find a way to end the war. You will be free to go back to Aralean if you just help me stop what is happening.”

Clarus was ready to try anything. He would try to reason with her, negotiate, plead with, threaten, and even try to shame her into helping him. Anything that might bring the war to its end. Making empty promises also wasn’t far from his mind, hoping she valued her life over her kingdom more than her father did.
  Prince Clarus / GBSmith / 1y 73d 15h 7m 48s
Laying her head back against the stone wall, Rosalie sighed a bit. It had been at least seven days since she was taken from her home in the middle of the night. It had been at least two days since she had been taken down to this dungeon until...well she wasn't sure how long. For all she knew they would keep her in there forever.

"They probably want to keep me alive for something. If only they knew" she said to herself, looking up at the ceiling of her cell.

Ever since she was a young girl, Rosalie was fully aware of the role she played for her kingdom and in this endless war. She never traveled further then the kingdom lines, as she knew the dangers that waited her. As the only heir to the Aralean throne, she had been born with a target on her back. She could be used as a pawn for rival kingdoms if she was ever captured.

However, Rosalie always knew that, if it came down to a hostage negotiation, her father would never put her before the kingdom.

"It's expected." Closing her eyes she sighed a bit.

She had been asleep in her bed when it happened. Her parents had left earlier that day to travel to a secret location, away from the advancing Omedian army. It had been decided that it would be safer for the royal family to travel separately instead of all together, just in case there was an ambush along the way. When they left, her parents had taken most of the staff along to keep the other castle running while some of the staff went to their families to try and flee the armies. Left with Rosalie had been a chef, two maid and knights to keep guard. Rosalie was due to leave early the next morning when the castle was raided and she was captured by an Omedian soldier and taken away.

Opening her eyes Rosalie just sat there, with not much else to do. It wasn't like she had been left any books to read. She was alone for the most part with only a guard coming in every few hours to deliver food.

Hearing the loud dungeon door open, Rosalie looked up to see the shadows of two people walking down the stairs. As they got closer she would make out a man, who looked a few years older then her, and a woman approaching her. She didn't know what they wanted, but with having no interest in them, Rosalie closed her eyes and laid her head back again. If they were just coming to mock her, then she wouldn't waste her time with them.
  Rosalie / Poison_Ivy / 1y 79d 8h 19m 56s
“No! This can’t be right!” Clarus was away from the comforts of his majestic home, in the middle of a battle front where his leading division had set up a camp to wait for King Francis’ response after they’d raided the castle and stolen his only heir. He was standing with his top generals and most trusted housecarl and because of the situation, he felt incline to shout. “Will he really condemn his own daughter to keep this battle raging?! How stubborn is the man?!” The Prince slammed his hands down over the letter in frustration before his trusted housecarl, a women named Niva, spoke.

“Perhaps you should return to the castle and follow after the prisoner, my Prince.” She said. The captured Princess had been snuck back across the front lines and sent to the capital of Omedia, which was far from the fighting. If he left now he might even catch up with the captive’s Princess’s escort before they reached his homestead.

“No.. I need to stay here. I need to show that old man what a mistake he’s made in rejecting his given out of this war! I-!”

“You need to return home, before you do something rash. There is nothing more for you to do here if King Francis can’t be reasoned with. You should return to the capital.” The older Housecarl said, and she was silent before adding, “My Prince.” Niva was almost ten years, her senior over Prince Clarus and she’d served his father before her duty was to protect and guide him. She’d watched him grow up and understood the way he thought, and though the battle torn years had been kind to her, age was finally starting to creep into her face. With that, she was the only one who could challenge the Prince’s word and know he’d listen.

Clarus looked at his loyal guard then looked around at the other leaders who were staying quiet through this exchange. He sighed and leaned off of the planning board with some reluctance. “You’ll be accompanying me?” He asked and she nodded.

“Always, my Prince.” She said and he sighed heavily.

“Fine… I will be taking my leave.” He then said to the Generals who all bowed to him as he turned away. “Do not advance, even if you push them back. Hold the front and await my next command.” The Prince made sure that the generals understood before leaving the camp with three guards and Niva. The journey to his castle took five days, riding straight from the battle fields but by the time he’d arrived the Princess had already been there for two days, hardly any contact with anyone, besides the guards that would come to check on her and bring her food.

“Do you wish to see the Princess now?” A squire asked and Prince Clarus thought for a moment before shaking his head.

“No… I will go to see her at noon today. You can let her know that I’ll be visiting but don’t tell her when.” He said and the squire nodded before leaving to carry out his orders. Niva approached her Prince and gently put a hand on his shoulder.

“Retire, my Prince. You have time to rest.” She said gingerly. “I’ll wake you an hour before noon.” Clarus looked towards his housecarl and smiled slightly before turning to her to dismiss her.

“Of course Niva, thank you.” He said and left her side, knowing that far below them, the Princess was within his grasp and from her, he might be able to find out why her father wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to save his only heir. It was a few hours later that he finally walked down to the prison and made his way, with Niva at his side, to the Princess’s cell.
  Prince Clarus / GBSmith / 1y 93d 13h 30m 9s

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