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Centuries ago, there stood two prosperous kingdoms, divided by the Eternal Forest, a forest filled with thick brush and tall trees that it proposed problems for travelers. On one side of the forest was the kingdom of Aralean. Reknown for its schools and vast amount of wealth the kingdom was peaceful, and the people adored their ruler, king Christopher. He was a fair man and a good king, who always showed hospitality towards all rulers in nearby kingdoms. On the other side of the forest was the kingdom of Omedia. Known for its advanced army and military state, the people worshipped their ruler, king David. Although strict and short tempered, David was a fair king, and respected nobles he saw as equals.

For years the two kingdoms lived in harmony, supporting each other. Over time Christopher and David became good friends, and helped each other when it was needed. However, one night at a neighboring kingdom for a royal birthday party, both Christopher and David met and fell in love with princess Isabella. At the tender age of eighteen, Isabella was ready to be married and set her sights on Christopher and David.

Both men proceeded to seduce her, unknown to the other that they were both after the same woman. Isabella thought long and hard on who she should marry. After deciding that she could not continued to play with the hearts of the two of them, she chose Christopher over David. Feeling guilty, she wrote David a letter, explaining her decision to marry Christopher over him. Anger and betrayed by the woman he loved, and his friend, David broke all ties to Aralean. Christopher tried talking some sense into David, but he would not listen. Soon war was declared.

Although Omedian had a stronger military, Aralean had an army that was strong enough to hold back David's army. As years went by, the war raged on as neither kingdom would fall to the other. The war continued long after Christopher and David's rule. The war soon became something that would be inherited with each new rule.

200 years have passed, and the war continues. While the two kingdoms still stand strong, the years of war has cost dearly. The death toll of Omedian and Aralean soldiers, as well as Aralean citizens, continues to grow as the Omedian army has slowly made its way towards the capital, where the castle of the royal family is. Although the Omedian army will be retreating back to Omedian soon to help with the gathering of crops, as well as rebuild its army, king Francis has decided not to risk it, and has planned to move the royal family to a safer place.

This is where the story begins.
You will play the crown Prince of Omedia, who is leading the battle. While your army is battling the Aralean army, you slip through the battle line with some soldiers and make your way to the castle. Your goal? Kidnap king Francis's heir, and only child, princess Rosalie. With you holding the princess captive, you plan to make Francis surrender and take Aralean for the win. However, that fails when Francis refuses to surrender. Now you're stuck figuring out how to claim Aralean, and what to with the princess.

-this will be a mature and literate rp. Swearing is fine. Since it revolves around war, expect there to be gore death. No instant love. This ks not a masterxslave rp. If it gets intense then either timeskip or take it elsewhere.
- anime pictures, please
- since it will be literate, please watch your grammar and spelling. I understand mistakes from time to time, so no worries.
- try and post at least 1000 characters. I understand writer's block, but please don't give me nothing to work with.
- post at least twice a week. I understand being busy, and having a life. If you can't post, let me know or else I'll think you ditched.
- if you have any ideas, let me know. I'm always willing to hear ideas to help improve the rp, or make things better for the both of us.
-if you decide to leave, please tell me.
- pm a writing sample when asking to join


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“No! This can’t be right!” Clarus was away from the comforts of his majestic home, in the middle of a battle front where his leading division had set up a camp to wait for King Francis’ response after they’d raided the castle and stolen his only heir. He was standing with his top generals and most trusted housecarl and because of the situation, he felt incline to shout. “Will he really condemn his own daughter to keep this battle raging?! How stubborn is the man?!” The Prince slammed his hands down over the letter in frustration before his trusted housecarl, a women named Niva, spoke.

“Perhaps you should return to the castle and follow after the prisoner, my Prince.” She said. The captured Princess had been snuck back across the front lines and sent to the capital of Omedia, which was far from the fighting. If he left now he might even catch up with the captive’s Princess’s escort before they reached his homestead.

“No.. I need to stay here. I need to show that old man what a mistake he’s made in rejecting his given out of this war! I-!”

“You need to return home, before you do something rash. There is nothing more for you to do here if King Francis can’t be reasoned with. You should return to the capital.” The older Housecarl said, and she was silent before adding, “My Prince.” Niva was almost ten years, her senior over Prince Clarus and she’d served his father before her duty was to protect and guide him. She’d watched him grow up and understood the way he thought, and though the battle torn years had been kind to her, age was finally starting to creep into her face. With that, she was the only one who could challenge the Prince’s word and know he’d listen.

Clarus looked at his loyal guard then looked around at the other leaders who were staying quiet through this exchange. He sighed and leaned off of the planning board with some reluctance. “You’ll be accompanying me?” He asked and she nodded.

“Always, my Prince.” She said and he sighed heavily.

“Fine… I will be taking my leave.” He then said to the Generals who all bowed to him as he turned away. “Do not advance, even if you push them back. Hold the front and await my next command.” The Prince made sure that the generals understood before leaving the camp with three guards and Niva. The journey to his castle took five days, riding straight from the battle fields but by the time he’d arrived the Princess had already been there for two days, hardly any contact with anyone, besides the guards that would come to check on her and bring her food.

“Do you wish to see the Princess now?” A squire asked and Prince Clarus thought for a moment before shaking his head.

“No… I will go to see her at noon today. You can let her know that I’ll be visiting but don’t tell her when.” He said and the squire nodded before leaving to carry out his orders. Niva approached her Prince and gently put a hand on his shoulder.

“Retire, my Prince. You have time to rest.” She said gingerly. “I’ll wake you an hour before noon.” Clarus looked towards his housecarl and smiled slightly before turning to her to dismiss her.

“Of course Niva, thank you.” He said and left her side, knowing that far below them, the Princess was within his grasp and from her, he might be able to find out why her father wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to save his only heir. It was a few hours later that he finally walked down to the prison and made his way, with Niva at his side, to the Princess’s cell.
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