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[center [size12 James pressed his lips together tightly, he wanted to comment on the shortness of the kid's replies, but at the same time, James wasn't the stone cold, asshole type either. He was in a position of power of the new kid that had just recently joined his team, but James wasn't a mean type of person. He just offered up a polite smile towards Leo before nodding. [i [#FF0000 "Good, good. I know it must be a different kind of setup with Military Police. I'm happy you're getting along well,"]] he murmured softly before continuing walking.]]
[center [size12 James could tell that there was something dark about this kid. He knew, no he could feel it inside of him, that there was something up with this kid, Leo, but he just couldn't figure it out. James didn't want to call him out on it because James had done his fair share of illegal moves, like the book that he kept hidden in his greenhouse. A book on the outside world, plus the botany that was in it. James had a sort of dark history as well, but that was something that was not mentioned. Levi knew about it, but that was about it.]]
[center [size12 James had sticky fingers, very very sticky fingers. He didn't just have this one book, no he had several government notes and books over the whole outside world. He didn't consider them taboo or banned, he never understood why. Maybe it was because if the inhabitants learned of the outside world, they would try to chance their survival to move out from behind the walls and take their chances with the titans to see oceans and deserts. James could only bet on that.]]
[center [size12 James was thinking to himself when he heard the questions about the maneuvers. James normally taught maneuvers, especially to the newer people, especially since he was a hell of a lot more patient when the newer kids than the other commanding officers. He never lost his patiences and knew how to teach to each specific learning curve.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I'm teaching maneuvers today after breakfast, actually,"]] he explained with a small smile on his lips. He was kind of proud of being a teacher, especially over something that was mildly complicated, like the maneuver technique. He was pretty good at it though, he learned how to use it when he managed to get his hands on the equipment when he was in his early teens. He was just not a good teenager, he was more of a hellion than anything.]]
  GH0UL / 1y 105d 3h 34m 49s
Leo glanced over when he was called out on his way to breakfast. [i That] hadn't changed, being forced to be around idiots and chat them up like he had nothing better to do. At least now the idiots weren't nobles with more money than brains. He nodded at his roommate and technical superior, uninterested in small talk. "Slept well," he replied non-commitally. "Yeah. Bit different." He shrugged. It'd been his choice in the end. Maybe the one choice he'd made in his whole life. And it wasn't like he regretted it.

[i Yet.] added the little voice in his head.

Though it wasn't like he would've lasted much longer in the military police. Eventually they would've figured it out, that he knew...things he wasn't supposed to know. That those documents had been moved, that the someone standing outside father's study hadn't been poor maid Maria, whose body hadn't yet been found. He didn't have the whole picture, he knew that much--and that was why he was out here. Shinganshima and the outer wall had been overrun so quickly, they must have left documents behind. Once they retook the wall, he'd go poke around in the government buildings before anyone else could get there. With any luck, he'd find out the truth, the whole picture--and then he could go back. Fix the corrupt upper class. Put everything back in its proper place. Find the true king. But he had to figure it out first. Understand... everything. Only then would he be enough of a threat that they couldn't ignore; until then, he was just a loose end that needed to be tied off. And he knew what happened to those.

He glanced back at James. He wouldn't really feel comfortable until they were out in the field, oddly enough. In here, they could get him. Out there... it was far more difficult to slip poison in his drink or send assassins for his head. "When's the next maneuver?" he asked shortly. He was itching to get out there, in the outer wall. Anything seemed possible, out there. As opposed to in here, where everything was so impossible.
  Leo York / kaitoXi / 1y 105d 9h 16m 33s
[center [size12 After a bit of time being consumed by watering his plants, the sun began to peek over the horizon. The time had flown by quickly to the point that breakfast had been started, but James had no knowledge of anyone coming to get him. Well, normally no one did come and get him because he preferred to be left alone when he was in the greenhouse. People left him to his own devices when he was in there. It was like his little safe place. People found a safe place in being around James, James found his safe place among his plants.]]
[center [size12 Other than his plants, James would have tended to the Titan that him and Hange had been studying, but Hange had killed the beast the other day, which mildly irritated James to a certain degree. Hange couldn't be trusted with most anything. She always put the safety of the team at risk when they went out on missions and even James had had conversations with her over it, but nothing seems to get through with her. Hange, yes they got along to a certain degree, but other times, he really wanted to feed her to a Titan.]]
[center [size12 James had taken his jacket off at some point while he was watering and tending to his plants and before he left to go eat, he snatched it off of one of the tables and tied it around his waist as he headed out through the field.]]
[center [size12 Something caught his eye though, it was Leo. James hoped he hadn't awoken the kid when he was getting up this morning. He would have felt bad and probably stopped getting up so early to tend to his greenhouse.]]
[center [size12 James caught up to the kid with a large, pleasant smile. [i [#FF0000 "Leo! Hey, how did you sleep? I know this must be a lot more different than the Military Police,"]] he started out. James was trying his best to make the Survey Corps not that bad. [i [#FF0000 "Our food here is amazing,"]] he grinned, rubbing his belly as it growled lowly for food.]]
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He woke up when his roommate got up and started moving around. No matter how quietly the man moved, it didn't matter. He'd never been able to sleep through anything, and even now, even now he was in the survey corps and working harder than he ever had before, he still couldn't sleep through any kind of disturbance. He laid still while the other got dressed, back to the room so James wouldn't be able to tell he was awake. The guy was trying to be considerate, after all.

It was nicer than the military police--that was what surprised him. Oh, the gear was worn, the food was cheap, the housing was ancient, but he only had a single roommate. He woke up less often when there were fewer idiots to wake him.

[i "Enough. I've had enough. I want to make a real difference."]

[i "Leo, don't be an idiot. You're just throwing your life away. You won't make a difference in a titan's stomach."]

Stifling. It'd been stifling. The air here was clearer. It wasn't like being stuffed into a tiny birdcage, waiting to die. He could breathe, again, for the first time in his life.

Only when James left the room did he get up, pushing dark hair back sleepily. No way he was getting back to sleep at this point, so he might as well get up. James would be out for hours. Didn't have to worry about James walking in on him. Another unexpected benefit of being in the survey corps: privacy. He wasn't about to complain. He'd been missing privacy in the military police. He got dressed slowly, enjoying the luxury of taking his time.

On the other hand, the threat to life and limb was not quite as enjoyable. But, well, he'd survive. With any luck. It was a legitimate threat now. Sometimes he forgot, when everything was peaceful, when he was bleaching the grass stains out of his white uniform pants. And sometimes they were rushing around and running new maneuvers he'd never heard about before with titans every which way. He'd never...actually been on a mission like that yet, or any mission with the survey corps. But he'd heard about it. And eventually, he'd go on one. Just... not quite yet.
  Leo York / kaitoXi / 1y 106d 4h 32m 35s
[center [size12 James had been in the Survey Corps for a few years now and has definitely earned his place. Him and Hange had gotten along extremely well, both having an almost unnatural interests in Titans. A big enough interest to even capture one and inspect as close as they possibly could without being devoured alive if they made one, wrong move. It was a very unhealthy obsession, but they haven't died yet, which was a very good thing since both of them were very valued members of the Survey Corps.]]
[center [size12 James was more of a plant kind of person. He didn't very much like almost dying each time Hange dragged him into some crazy experiment that she had going on. He tended to his little plants, mainly crops, in his small greenhouse that he had built himself. His idea was to try to make a more plentiful strain of the vegetables that grew in their area to make food last a lot longer than it already did. With the Titans taking the towns, it was going to hopefully help out the food storage that they had going on.]]
[center [size12 James graduated top of his class, especially with his academic skills. He was pretty damn good at fighting titans as well. With his tall, light frame, he could maneuver extremely well through the air without problem. The only issue he had ever run into while fighting Titans was a small malfunction that he managed to fix himself. That was another great thing about having him around. He could fix most of the gear that they wore, as well.]]
[center [size12 ~~~~~]]
[center [size12 James was a bright soldier that stood nearly 6 foot tall. He had this personality that caused most people around him to become extremely happy, even in the worst situations. It was like they knew everything would be okay when James was around. He had a very infectious smile. His skills were mainly repair, research, and plant life. He was extremely good at fighting, especially if his team mates were in trouble. He would lay down his life for most anyone.]]
[center [size12 Early morning, James always woke up to tend to his plant life that was tucked away in a greenhouse that he built himself to further his research with produce more crops with a single seed than before. It was a project that was okayed by the higher ups and it seemed beneficial, thankfully. James had made some strides with it. He got dressed as quietly as possible, seeing as he shared a room with the new kid, his name was Leo York. He was a new kid, someone James, a seasoned vet in the Survey Corps, had taken under his wing to protect.]]
[center [size12 James quickly walked out of the living quarters and hurried along over to his greenhouse, which was behind the horses stables. He entered the greenhouse, flicking on the faint light and walked over to a table that was in the corner of the greenhouse where he had a book hidden. A book that he had gotten from his mother, who was a very sneaky lady. The book contained a lot of things, especially plant life. But, the majority of the book contained information on the outside world which was highly illegal and he definitely did not want to get caught with it. He just had it for his botany interests.]]
[center [size12 Carefully, James went over his book before closing it and tucking it away just in case someone was to come in to check on him. He went over to old sink and begun to fill his watering can up with water to begin the tedious process of watering his plants..]]
  j. rosenberg / GH0UL / 1y 106d 6h 42m 1s

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