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Lyra sighed softly. She had upset him and she knew it by the way he sagged in his posture. She opened her mouth to apologize, when he began walking. She looked to the ground and followed him.

[i How do I apologize to him?] She wondered to herself. She continued to follow him, staring at the ground having an argument with herself.

She then opened her mouth as she stopped moving and looked up at him. [b Caliban?] She said softly as she walked in front of him, turned into her human form, and kissed him gently. [b I'm sorry.] She muttered.
  Lyra / Darkelfprincess / 2y 222d 19h 59m 31s
[center [pic]]
[center The pinch of skepticism seeping from her question shoves his newly found resolution straight back down. He shouldn't have said anything. That response proves Lyra's feelings are different, or merely haven't reached his own levels yet. Fuck, he might as well have declared his undying love to her.]
[center This doesn't happen of course. Instead, his tongue returns into its original held state, nice and tight. [b "Apologies, Miss Lyra.."] His tone is strong and rich as always. Strangely enough his back remains towards her.]
[center His body language is betraying him however.]
[center Both his ears and shoulders are noticeably sagged in defeat. He's clearly disappointed about something. [b "I misspoken."]]
[center The Hellhound soon straightens his posture. [b "We should continue onward. My fallen friend's cottage is extremely close now."] And just like that, he's resumes strolling along a nature's pathway.]
  〔✘〕 / aku / 2y 223d 4h 40m 6s
She froze at his words. [i Was he about to call me his love? We don't really know each other.] She thought.

She was now quite confused. [i He must be trying to confuse me.] She thought gently. Though something felt different.

As he stumbled past her and spoke it seemed like she misheard him. [b I have your devotion? What is that even supposed to mean?] She asked her voice still soft. There were too many emotions running through her she couldn't think completely.
  Lyra / Darkelfprincess / 2y 242d 9h 53m 58s
[center [pic]]
[center Her downtrodden voice further cripples his prospering heartache.][center And while such a request is appropriate, it also didn't matter. The Hellhound's posture screams his utter frustration. Screw holding his tongue. All [i their] measures and aspirations have already sundered. He's only capable of fucking up more, right? That's what his starring role has become.]
[center [i Inhale], [i exhale], he mentally prepares himself for Lyra's probable backlash.]
[center [b "My lo-*Ahem*Lyra.."]]
[center The obvious interpretation of his own unfinished sentence, left Caliban flinching, internally. Entombed emotions were apparently stronger than legends.][center How fucking cliche.]
[center He's weak. She's robust.][center And he adores her beyond words.]
[center Slowly, he stumbles pass his rabbit companion, and is gracious enough to mention something paramount. [b "You have my devotion, Lyra."]]
  〔✘〕 / aku / 2y 242d 23h 25m 59s
She continued to slowly hop along the way. Her ears dragging on th we ground. Even in her bunny form, she still held back tears.

[i How could I have been so stupid as to have done that? Why did I even do that?] So many questions and emotions ran through her brain. She wasn't even paying attention to where she was going.

She finally spoke to him through telepathy. [r It might be best if you lead on. I do not know the way.] Her voice was a squeak of a whisper even in thought. She stopped movine and stepped to the side for him.
  Lyra / Darkelfprincess / 2y 249d 6h 5m 18s
The instantaneous shift with her attitude is far too apparent. From innocently seductive to a meager overshadow of potential heartache. Furthermore, her reaction made him momentary think back to some rumors he had once heard. [i Bunnies are overly emotional by nature.]


Dread begins slithering among his vertebra. The Three Fates were abrasively cruel tonight. A Hellhound feeling nothing, except deep remorse for his previous endeavors. A Rabbit holding the worse of compulsive fears, constantly switching between revealing affection for her fiancé, and simply shielding herself away whenever things go amiss. It's almost childish in a sense.

Now she's transfiguring into her adorable bunny pelt. Caliban releases a pitiful huff. This time, it's completely his fault. He mutters a faint apology.

Would it ever be enough?

He doesn't know. Perhaps it didn't matter, either. His body provides a different notion. Stay silent. Be numb. Follow. So he does.

Caliban trudges behind Lyra's small form, quietly.
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / aku / 2y 249d 7h 17m 35s
She looked up at him. Her tail stopped moving. She realized she had done something wrong. His finger wads on her partly open lips. Sheturned her head and pulled away. Her ears were down signifying her saddness. She took a step back from him.

[b I am sorry.] How had her teasing come to this. She looked to the floor.

[b Let's get to the cottage so we can look at your wounds.] Her once silken voice was now barely a wisper. A broken one at that. She began to walk in the direction they had initially been going. As she walked, she slowly shifted into her bunny form to hide the tears threatening to fall from her eyes.
  Lyra / Darkelfprincess / 2y 250d 5h 14m 29s
[b [i 'Strip']]

Such a simple phrase kept penetrating his better judgement, incessantly. What is she attempting to achieve by playing dirty? His body is slowly tensing up. Not to mention there's a strong taste of something metallic filling every margin of his mouth. One corner of his cheek(internally) had been shredded during her oh so clever inquiry.

Many seconds were spent in a weighted silence.

Eventually, Caliban emits a faint cloud of swirling smoke from his foul jaw, and elegantly spins back around, his smothering gaze falling upon Lyra. The expression he bore is indescribable.

Time slows down.

[i Fast forward] He's taking strives brimming with anarchic emotion towards her. [i Reverse] There's warning bells ringing off. [i Forward] Caliban is towering above Lyra's petite frame. One of his clawed hands caressing her still somewhat sully cheek. [i Forward] Leaning over, their faces are mere inches apart, and his gentle breathing could be regarded. [i Reverse] Too many options were stacking. Most of them didn't suit their precious situation. She's important now.

[i Forward, [b O N E L A S T T I M E].]
A singer finger brushes against her silky lips.

[right [b "Stop."]]
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / aku / 2y 250d 6h 6m 58s
She turned her head to look back art him. It was clear that he was trying not to gh. She glared at him. She then heard him groan and grinned. She knew the ideas put into is head. Her back was still to him. She wagged her little cotton tail.

She knew there were things that she could say or due to turn him on. It was one of the things taught with predators how to seduce them so you could get out.

[b Shall I strip right now?] She asked watching his reaction and smiling softly. Her voices had been one made of silk.

Yes. This is what bunnies do and why they reproduce so much.
  Lyra / Darkelfprincess / 2y 251d 10h 59m 21s
Another laugh threatens to explode from between his lips the instant she indicated her family had standards. It'd have been in poor taste however. So, instead, he swallows hard and attempts a sly cough.

[center Only to end up choking, harshly.]
[i "I will not be used as a breeding machine."] Oh Hades! What is this woman aiming to do with his poor heart? Lyra's included 'child-bearing' announcement hadn't been expected, at all. So many implications were now popping into his mind too. These perverse thoughts become even worse when she proclaims something else.

Caliban groans loudly. Nope. Bad thoughts go away. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He seriously didn't need to hear these types of things from his future bride. WHOM, mind you, is meant to be a squeaky clean saint.

He doesn't bother responding to anything she had spoken, and gingerly presses forward, until his adorable bunny is walking behind him. A low murmuring could be heard from him every few seconds now.
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / aku / 2y 251d 23h 44m 42s
When he laughed her eyes glared at him. Though when he stopped they softened again. She then blushed even deeper.

[b I actually only have three brothers.] She poke softly. [b Some of us bunnies have class.] She said. She then quickly added. [b I will not be used as a breeding machine.] She humphed and turned her back to him trying to hide the deeper blush that grew.

[b Let's go. I wish to take all of my cloths off and the beneath the moon.] She began to wonder if she should have used that terminology.
  Lyra / Darkelfprincess / 2y 252d 3h 9m 15s
[i 'What a repetitive existence'] He thought. It's almost becoming too comical by this point. Particularly since her family tree is relatively identical with his own. [i They] are very similar.

Furthermore, he still wasn't capable of dismissing how adorable her behavior could be. Plus her apparent embarrassment is just an added bonus. She's provoking him. Slowly and steadily. Frankly, there's so much badgering against his inner conflicts, only laughter could assemble.

[center In fact..][center Caliban began sniggering.]

His laugh is faint but spirited. It won't last. After a moment or two, the Hellohound regathers his proper composure, and is soon offering her an apologetic smile.

[b "I'm sorry. You caught me off guard, Lyra."] He explains. [b "And I suppose it makes me wonder how many siblings you could possibly have then."] There's a heavy pause. [b "Are you feeling better by chance? If so, we should continue onward."]
  ʜᴏᴡʟ / aku / 2y 252d 7h 16m 34s
Lyra sighed softly at his words. She had been sheltered for most of her life like all bunnies of nobility are. She k a step closer after he spoke.

[b I am sorry forr pulling away. I would never insinuate that you would do something like that. I am sorry. As a bunny we are basically taught three things. Fear, how to hide. And.]

She paused blushing deeply. She took aa deep breath and said thethird while exhaling, [b How to reproduce.]
  Darkelfprincess / 2y 252d 11h 1m 46s
[center Fear is submerging their surroundings in a dense blanket. Caliban shoots Lyra a look of bewilderment. Did she not comprehend the laws bestowed upon Hell Hounds? A simple recount of them might aid her.]
[center Her fear should be mentioned foremost, however.]
[center [b "Your Fear is not warranted, Lyra. Hell Hounds under Hades's rule must heed specific commandments. Souls of the Sinful are our lifeblood. So I am incapable of devouring your Angelic Soul. "] The words bought little comfort for him.]
[center Caliban spares a sideways glance with her. [b "I know our situation is dreadful. Just understand that I am trying to be someone you can trust."]]
  ʜᴏᴡʟ / aku / 2y 253d 24m 47s
Lyra had moved a bit closer to him, until she heard what he had to say. She stood where she stood. Processing what he had just said. He had devoured the soul of his friend. That means he could do it to hers.

Even though she was in human form, her nose began to twitch as fear began to rise. She swallowed hard as she took a step back. [b I thank you for telling me this, but I do not like it.] She said softly.

Granted, she knew what hellhounds were and what they could, and usually did but she would always fear him taking her soul. Her very essence and innocence could be taken from her so easily.
  Lyra / Darkelfprincess / 2y 253d 1h 33m 16s

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