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I'm sorry but I don't get on often enough anymore so I think if will be best if you just get rid of this rp. It just taking up your space. I wish the best of luck to you on finding new partner!

Sorry ><

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  |Kage| / LovelyFox / 2y 176d 2h 3m 45s
Kage sighed softly as he wonder around the city soon he would be come a demon. Just like he wanted to right? Well that had to be right. He killed his own bitchy mother in cold blood. So this just had to be what he wanted right? He sighed softly as he bent his ears back.

He body was starting to make a change. His ears were different he even got a tail. He didn't mind getting a tail. He actually like it. He sighed soft as wonder around the town. This was boring what could he do that would be fun?

Prehaps he could take it out on his brothers? Or maybe all the people who bullied him. Maybe he could make there lives a living hell like how they mad his. He smiled softly as he flickered his tail.

  |Kage| / LovelyFox / 2y 191d 7h 59m 40s
Elizabeth decided on take out for dinner. Having ordered, shew sat down in a chair to wait for the food. She yawned softly. Suchdark energy had been all around her that day. She wanted to see the boy again and see if there was something she could do before the darkness swallowed his soul completely.

She got her food and thanked the people before heading out the bag in her hand. She looked up at the sky and stopped to allow a deep breath in and then out before heading home.
  Elizabeth / Darkelfprincess / 2y 242d 7h 10m 51s
[font "courier New" [+red Junan] sighed softly as he closed his eyes. He sat there by the fountain hoping someone would say hello to him. It didn't happen. He sighed softly as he closed his crimson eyes. This was pointless no one would want to talk to him.

He sighed softly as he head home. His house was spotless. He had clean up the crime seen extremely well. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes. Maybe once he got home he would text his friend.
  | Junan | / Silenced / 2y 249d 8h 35m 1s
As she drew, she didn't notice the sun was beginning to set and people wet and had left the park. She still felt the dark vibe but ignored it. She then gathered her things and began to stand up.

Her stomach growled. It was time to eat. She yawned as she gathered her bag. She looked around wondering what she should have for dinner.
  Elizabeth / Darkelfprincess / 2y 251d 2h 31m 39s
[font "courier New" [+red Junan] wondered around the park. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes. All the people around seem to be with there significant other or their children. Junan sighed softly as he closed his eyes. He was getting tired of all these people around.

He as very lonely and it hurt. Everything inside seem to hurt. He sighed softly as he he closed his eyes. He felt so alone, he hated that feeling. He closed his red eyes then open them again. He sat down by the part fountain. He looked at the sparkling water.
  | Junan | / Silenced / 2y 251d 3h 29m 46s
She breathed a sigh of relief as she noticed that he was not behind her. She closed her eyes and began to wonder what she as going to do for the rest of the day. She looked down at her sketch pad and decided to go to the lake near the park.

She felt a vibe of darkness, but ignored it and sat down. She pulled out her sketch pad and began to draw.
  Elizabeth / Darkelfprincess / 2y 253d 4h 16m 3s
[font "courier New" [+red Junan] was still eating his muffin when the blonde haired girl had left. He had lost interest in that woman at the moment. She was very beautiful but food was what he wanted. Since he was done he pay for his food and coffee then left. His crimson colored eyes looked around.

He was terribly lonely but there had to be someone out there that would loved this monster. He sighed softly as he wonder into the park. The park was very large and filled with beautiful trees and flowers. She sighed softly as he closes his eyes.
  | Junan | / Silenced / 2y 253d 7h 35m 53s
She finished her food and then pulled out some money before leaving more than enough to cover the bill plus a very nice tip. She took one last look at the boy and gathered her things .

She walked out and then walked down the road. Her wings twitched and hurt from the energy that the boy had. She decided that he was one to avoid as much as she could. She looked back slightly to see if he was following her.
  Elizabeth / Darkelfprincess / 2y 256d 9h 29m 3s
[font "courier New" [+red Junan] sighed softly as he closed his eyes. He ate the muffin in silence. He wasn't looking at the beautiful blonde any longer. He had already lost interest in here. He was more interest in his muffin and coffee.

He smiled softly as took a bite from the muffin. It was very tasty and the coffee was good as well. It made him feel good. He smiled softly to him self. His crimson colored eyes seem to be filled with joy. Now that he had finally had some food it was time to find a love interest. Then he would become the monster everyone wished to see.
  | Junan | / Silenced / 2y 256d 22h 59m 43s
She put her sketch pad aside as the waitress came out with her food. After pleasantries and thank yous, she began to butter the pancakes. She then loaded them with syrup. She felt eyes watching her, and felt a very bad vibe.

She froze some with what she was doing, but resisted the urge to look up and towards where the vibe was coming from. After a deep breath, she continued to slowly cut her pancakes and then ate them.

She ate them quickly, wanting to get out of the shop quickly.
  Elizabeth / Darkelfprincess / 2y 258d 26m 55s
[+Red Junan ] sighed softly as he wonder around. He stumble a crossed a small cafe that had a beautiful girl sitting alone by the window. She had very pretty blonde hair. He smiled softly as he went inside. He figure she was probably taken. Something did seem off about her. It seem she had angel wings? He must of been imagining it. There was no way was a real angel.

He shook his head and got a table for two that wasn't to far away from the girl. He could still see her out of the corner of his eyes. He decided to get black coffee and raspberry muffin. Junan didn't eat very much. He never did. Or never really had the chance to anyway. His mother like to stave him, punish him for something he had no control over.
  | Junan | / Silenced / 2y 258d 32m 34s
Elizabeth sighed deeply as she soon woke from her slumber. Her wings curled around her body and blanket trying to keep the warmth in. She could glamor humans into not seeing them but anything that was not human, or even half human could see her white as snow wings. They were small, as she was still quite young.

She groaned as the sun peeped through the curtain telling her to get up, so she did . She went into th we bathroom, showered, dried herrings and then dressed before grabbing her purse and heading out the door.

She went into one of the well known coffee shops and smiled as she sat down at a table. She looked over the menu and ordered chocolate milk, chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.

She pulled out a sketch pad while waiting for her food. She began to sketch a unicorn and a foal.
  Elizabeth / Darkelfprincess / 2y 259d 12h 47m 37s
[font "courier New" [+red Junan] sighed softly as he finished filled the hole. He patted the dirt down and covered it with with grass. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes his. He went into the house and decided to clean himself up. He was a mess. He was covered in dirt and blood. He went up stair and took a hot shower. once he was done in the shower he went to bed only to have nightmares.

Yes he was becoming a demon but his heart was still human. There were some many things he wanted to experience. He never fall in love or felt love by anyone else other than his father. His father was such a kind man. Why did he have to die. He sighed softly as he eventually drifted off to a deeper sleep.

He woke up to a pain in his chest. He was lonely? He was always lonely that never seem to change. Even though he had done something horrid he decided he need to go out and have some fun before people realized what he had done. First thing on his list was to get something to eat, second thing on his list was to find someone to fall in love with. Then after he finally felt love and happiness it would all be ripped way he would changed into a demon.
  | Junan | / Silenced / 2y 259d 23h 38m 21s
Elizabeth sighed softly as she sat down in the water in her tub. Her eyes closed and she clenched her chest in pain felling a pounding in her heart as well as a pain. She groaned softly as she sank further down but enough where she could still breathe.

[i I am too late.] She though to herself. She had been sent down to Earth to try and stop the humans from killing each other. Or to at least attempt to find out why they really did it.

She soon got out of the bath and dried herself off before dressing in her nightgown. She took a deep breath, said a prayer and turned off the lights before crawling into bed. Tomorrow would begin yet again, another long day for an unanswerable question. At times she felt like she was being punished for something that she had no clue of.
  Elizabeth / Darkelfprincess / 2y 260d 27m 42s

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