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[center [font "candara" Stephan held onto every word that Erin spoke. So, shopping down town was a favorite thing of hers even now. He would have to keep that in mind. Stephan downed another shot of dry Gin before looking to Erin once again. Her bright eyes seemed to have vulnerability behind them, not too much.. But, just enough for Cain to get a good whiff of it. The demon growled lowly which made Stephan cough a bit, hit throat burnt...It felt like sulfur was caught in his esophagus.]]

[center [i Do you... have to leave early or anything tonight?]]

[center [font "candara" Stephan straightened himself out before he shook his head. Her question caught him off guard. Was she trying to pick him up? He tilted his head slightly before answering. Right now, all he wanted was to be alone with her. Not even sexually... He wanted to know her.. The real her... Maybe, secretly he wanted her to know the real him too. After all, he was the most dangerous mob boss in New York at the time. Hakan was still inside, Stephan needed to be careful. If he left too soon, it would look as if he were running away. If he left too late.... He chuckled nervously as thoughts of the slaughter that would come if he messed up ran through his head.]]

[center [#048b49 "Actually, the person I was supposed to meet here never showed... So, it looks like you're stuck with me for a little while."]]

[center [font "candara" Stephan didn't know it, but Hakan left. Hakan went to get Marius, The Don himself for this one. The Don knew of Stephan's secret demon side. Marius was the one who helped Stephan keep Cain under control. Cain completely ruled Stephan's life before Marius came into the picture. Stephan had a bad gut feeling. His green eyes darted around, he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Cain knew some thing was very wrong as well.]]

[center [i Get the fuck out of here Stephan, I mean... Unless you want me to come out and play.]]

[center [font "candara" His whole demeanor changed. With in seconds, Stephan went from calm, cool, and collected to panicky, and well strange... He ran his fingers through his hair before he slowly stood up. He didn't want Erin here when Marius got here, but how could he get her out of the bar with out looking like a complete and utter jackass? He took a deep breath before he looked at his phone. It was nearly 1AM. He smiled a little. There was a place downtown called "The Talking Cup." It was a small restaurant, and it had the best pizza Stephan has ever tasted in his entire life. If they went there, they would be safe... Stephan would leave Erin alone for the night and tomorrow he would need to tell her the truth... Maybe not the whole truth, but he needed to keep her safe... Why? Why did he feel the need to rick every thing for a stranger?]]

[center [#048b49 "Hmm... This place sucks, tonight... I'm a little hungry. There's a place called The Talking Cup, and their pizza is to die for.. Would you care to join me for a slice? If not, it's totally cool."]]

[center [font "candara" Stephan grabbed a pen out of his jacket pocket, then he grabbed a napkin from the bar counter. He wrote down his number, and what kind of car he had. He needed to get out of that bar, now. Cain was screaming his ass off inside Stephan's head. He placed the napkin down in front of Erin, grabbed her hand, kissed the back of it, then he exited the club. He wrote a note on the back of the napkin.... It read;]]

[center [b I am sorry but I needed to get some fresh air. I'll be in the parking lot for another fifteen minutes if you want to go get that pizza.]]

[center [font "candara" When Stephan got outside, he started scream. The people around him stared as he walked past in a fit of rage. Stephan punched the concrete once he was next to his car. He kicked the car tires, then let out a loud growl. His eyes turned a stormy grey color, and a demonic laugh could be heard coming from Stephan. Stephan shut his eyes quickly and let the image of Erin's face come into his mind's eye view. He felt calmer, then finally Cain was back in his cage. Stephan unlocked the driver's door of his Impala, then he got in.]]

[center [font "candara" Stephan's hands were shaking uncontrollably and the keys jingled as he put the keys into the ignition. The car seemed to purr as it started up. He leaned back, and turned on some music. The song "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace played softly out of the speakers. Stephan would wait and see if Erin came out. It had only been five minutes since he came out, but it felt like an eternity... His emotions were going left and right. He would need to be back to the HQ soon other wise his men would suspect some thing... Hakan would need a talking to though. He was not the leader, and he has no right to tell Stephan off as he did. Stephan hummed along to the song as he waited in silence... He may only be waiting ten minutes, to him those ten minutes felt like ten years.. His only hope was that he didn't scare away Erin. He hoped she would come with him. Ten minutes.... Ten more minutes, that's all he had to wait.]]
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Erin traced her finger over the small cracks and chips in the wood of the bar where bottles and glasses had rested over the years. The place was still as busy as ever, and Erin liked it that way. She didn't have to worry so much when the music and drinking could take away her thoughts. At the moment, this man had all of her attention. The music didn't seem to do much when he was sitting so close to her. Erin heard his words, looking over at him as he turned his head back to her, referring to her in an almost sarcastic way. Erin couldn't help but let a small smile come to her lips as she turned her head back to the table, taking another sip of the vodka and coke that she had ordered. She had already been drinking for a little while before he'd walked in, but she wasn't drunk. Erin could take alcohol fairly well, and she was smart enough to know her limits. She was over the point of trying to drink all the pain and confusion away. When Erin looked back at Stephan, her eyes went briefly to his hand on the table. There was always a cheating husband in the bar, and Erin was checking for a ring. If anything, she would never cheat a wife out of a love that could last forever. Especially after the things that had happened to her.

When she didn't see any rings on his hand, Erin relaxed a little. At least it didn't seem like this man was going home to anyone... That didn't mean that she was just going to let herself fall into the same mistakes that she had with Andrew. His smooth voice came back to her ears, and Erin lifted her head to look at him as he talked. He was confident, and she admired that. [i "A man is always supposed to buy a beautiful lady a drink... At least that's what my father thought. When my parents went out, my father always bought my mom a drink. I'm sorry if I offended you."] The way that he worded everything made her feel more at ease. He seemed so true, and she couldn't help but be attracted to that in the slightest. [b "No... you didn't offend me. If you insist... then I'll let you buy me a drink."] Erin said, allowing Lola to refill it. [i "I remember when I was little... My parents would take me to the beach. The sun made the water seem magical. The waves were so high that my father and I would body surf..."] Erin let her eyes slowly move to his face in a softer glance than she had before, thinking of the water and the fresh air.

He was opening up to her, and she was honestly nervous. There hadn't been anyone that had done that since Andrew. This man had some kind of a special ability to start to break her walls down, but she was strong. Erin kept rebuilding them, not giving too much of herself away but wanting to deep in her heart. Erin didn't say anything for a moment, taking another sip of her new drink. After keeping her pain inside her heart for so long, Erin had been longing to tell someone about it. She wanted comfort, but she wouldn't admit that. Stephan seemed like he was the perfect way out. He was a perfect stranger, but she already seemed like she connected to him or knew him for years. She wanted to feel safe again, and she wanted to feel like someone cared about her. It wasn't like he was going to guarantee that, but he was already making a better impression than almost anyone that she'd met in the bar.

When Erin was about to say something, Stephan asked her a question. [i "What's a favorite memory of yours from your childhood?"] Erin paused a moment, knowing it was personal, but it wasn't like she didn't want to share something with someone else after all this time. She had no idea what he really did and who he really was. After a moment, Erin looked back up to him. [b "When I was young..."] She started, shocking herself even, but she didn't stop. [b "When I was young, there was one day out of the year that my mom would take me shopping in downtown New York. It was just the two of us, and it was special because we never really had the chance or money to do so otherwise. There was this one place... I remember my mom taking me for pizza there, and it was the best pizza I've ever had. Anyway, that's my memory..."] Erin said, becoming vulnerable by the end of the sentence and smiling in memory of her mother. It was her parents that had meant everything to her, but she pushed them away when Andrew came into her life. She struggled with that, knowing that their relationship had become strained with her. She hadn't contacted them in so long... Erin didn't even know if they were still alive.

Erin bit her lip slowly to stop it from quivering slightly before looking back at him. Her eyes lingered on his darker ones for a little bit more, and she talked again. [b "Do you... have to leave early or anything tonight?"] She asked before she could stop herself, already attracted to the man in a way that she couldn't hide. Erin was taking a huge gamble that she almost promised herself she wouldn't, but it was out there. She put herself out there for the first time, and she honestly felt a slight bit better about it.
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[center [font "candara" Stephan was thrown off when the woman spoke. Erin. Her name suited her. It was elegant as she was and beautiful... Her eyes were so bright, full of life. He cleared his throat, but before he could get a word out she spoke again. He couldn't help but chuckle a little. She had fire in her, a strong fire that felt like it was turning cold... Why?]]

[center [i "You do know that they have better drinks than Jack Daniels here don't you?"]]

[center [font "candara" He downed one more shot of Jack before turning his attention to Erin. She was sitting, finally. He thought he scared her off. It was a bit asshole-ish of him to simply place money down for her drinks. At the same time though, whenever his father would take his mother out, he would buy her a drink. Stephan always bought ladies their drinks, it was sort of a gentleman thing with him. He looked around the bar for a brief moment. Two of his men were here. They were keeping a close eye on Stephan and Erin. He nodded, then snapped his fingers when Lola walked past them. Lola halted, turned on her heels then came back to the duo.]]

[center [b "Can I help you?"]]

[center [#048b49 "Yes. I'd like Gin, straight please. After all, I'm told there are better drinks over than Jack Daniels here."]]

[center [font "candara" He looked to Erin and smiled to let her know he was joking with her. If she was going to play hard, so was he. He wasn't going to take her home, at least he didn't plan to. But, he wanted to ask her questions to figure out just how much she knows. If she knew too much, he would need to kill her. The Vitali family had a huge role in the Mafia. His father, Niklaus was the weapons dealer when he was alive. Massive boxes would come into the mansion Stephan grew up in almost every day. Stephan was never allowed in the basement. He soon learned that was where the weapons were stored. Every thing from AK47's, Grenades, Bazookas... 50 Cal Sniper Rifles, and enough C4 to level the entire East Coast. He leaned back on the bar stool, letting his eyes wander...]]

[center [i Oh you pussy.. Take her.. Fuck her, kill her..]]

[center [font "candara" This is why Stephan didn't go out much, Cain loved to talk, especially if Stephan is drinking. Lola came back with a shot of Dry Gin. Stephan grabbed the shot, looked to Erin, then he downed the shot. He placed the glass upside down then checked his cell phone quickly. He shot Hakan a text telling him that he doesn't think Erin is the girl. He did this to buy himself time, and also to keep Erin out of danger. For some reason Stephan felt a strong urge to protect her. He put his phone back into his jacket pocket then shook his head slowly.]]

[center [#048b49 "A man is always supposed to buy a beautiful lady a drink.. At least, that's what my father thought. When my parents went out, my father always bought my mom a drink. I'm sorry if I offended you."]]

[center [font "candara" His green eyes were captivated by hers. Beneath the light was a darkness not even he could see through. It was strange in many ways, Erin reminded him of himself. The human side any way. Cain would be happier if she were hanging in the air from barbed wire. His phone vibrated, Hakan cursed Stephan out. He was not stupid. Hakan told Stephan not to fuck around. Erin could ruin every thing. He needed to talk to some one though... Honestly, out of every one in the bar he would want to talk to Erin. The circumstances were just shitty. He looked away and focused on the bottles of alcohol that lined the shelves behind the bar. The neon lights made the glasses sparkle. The glass reminded him of an ocean. He missed the ocean. The smell of the salt water. He smiled before he spoke again. When he spoke it was in a calm, less guarded tone.]]

[center [#048b49 "I remember when I was little... My parents would take me to the beach. The sun made the water seem magical. The waves were so high that my father and I would body surf...."]]

[center [font "candara" He shook his head, bit his bottom lip and shut up for a few minutes. Why did he just say that? He could possibly be getting himself into trouble. He was the head of one of the biggest Mafia families, but that did not grant him immunity. The Don. Marius Rin Detoli. That was the new Don. He was accepted as Don two months ago. Stephan is one of his favorites. Stephan goes to Marius's house for dinner every Sunday. He looked to Erin. He knew she didn't want the bruises on her legs to be noticed. She was so pale though that any bruise left on her would be noticeable honestly. He let his eyes wander over to her again.]]

[center [#048b49 "What's a favorite memory of yours from your childhood?"]]

[center [font "candara" That felt like it was personal. Maybe too personal. He didn't want to scare her away. Her eyes told him that she too wanted some one to talk to. Secretly, she was screaming out for some one to hear her. Maybe he was secretly hoping for that too. This whole being possessed by a demon thing isn't what it's cracked out to be. Cain wasn't the demon he meant to summon. When you ask the big man below to send you a demon, you better be specific. Other wise you may just lose yourself completely.... He silently waited for her to answer. Her perfume was alluring. It smelled like a sweet combination of honey, no Vanilla... Whatever it was it was drawing him in more. He knew that before he left he needed to take Erin with him so he could take her to HQ for questioning. He knew what that meant.. he would have to torture her. He didn't want to do that. He looked away once again, focusing on the counter top this time. This wasn't good either way for any one... This was going to get dangerous, quickly. He didn't care though. He felt like he needed to protect Erin. Why? Only time would give him the answer. For now he needed to play his cards right and not get any one killed... Himself included.]]
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Erin made her way into the club, hearing the familiar music. She knew it would be busy. The club was always busy on Saturday. Erin knew that by heart. She observed anyone who came in. It was a normal routine for her. She'd start at the bar, and she'd order her usual. If someone talked to her, Erin didn't mind striking up a conversation. Otherwise, she normally kept to herself, listening to the contagious music and letting it drown her problems away. Then, she'd head off to the dance floor or the pool tables. Men were always coming up to her, usually drunk. They'd ask if she wanted to leave with them, and she almost always said no. Sure, Erin was lonely, but she didn't want to let someone in again. Erin didn't want another Andrew. She didn't ever want that for anyone. She wasn't ready... It wasn't like she was easy anyway. Taking another breath, Erin walked into the club, running a hand through her strawberry blonde hair. She just wanted to forget again. She wanted to stay in this bar where she felt safe. Erin would have to drink away the murder she saw, and she knew it.

The woman could hold down a drink. Erin didn't notice the man that had never been to the club before. She was already making her way to the bar, ready to pick some of the hard liquor. Erin was thinking about saying yes to one of the many desperate guys as she sat on one of the stools lining the bar. Adjusting her leather jacket, Erin ran her hand over the familiar grooves of the table before the bartender got to her. They almost all knew what she wanted by that time. The table was huge that circled the bar, and there were several people filling the seats. They probably didn't have it as bad as she did. They probably just came to cheat on their wives or husbands or something like she'd seen so many times before. It was sick, but she knew she fell for it too. Andrew was abusive, and she fell right into his trap, even when she thought she was stronger. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a deep, almost raspy voice to the left of her. Turning her head slowly, Erin knew the voice came from a male. [i "Excuse me miss. I couldn't help but notice... This club is full of creeps."]

Erin's eyes met the man's dark brown ones, and she felt the breath involuntarily catch in her throat. She'd never seen him in the bar before, and she knew she'd remember. His jaw was strong, but it was covered in a beard that was well-trimmed at just the perfect length. His hair was dark brown, and his eyes were captivating. He looked so strong and powerful at the same time. Her eyes couldn't help but notice how his shirt showed his defined muscles, and she bit her lip slightly when he leaned forward to place a dollar bill on the counter. This man demanded her attention just like any woman in the room. Erin couldn't help but think about what would happen if he took her home... Snapping her mind away from it, Erin tried to look away. The man was like sex on legs, and she bit her lip hard. Why would he talk to her? She didn't adjust the rips on her jeans, not thinking about the bruises that could be seen under them.

Instead, Erin watched as the man took a seat, feeling his eyes on her own body. Her cheeks flushed slightly, and she turned her head up as Lola came to take her order. [b "Vodka and coke please."] She said, looking up as the man patted the seat next to him. Raising her eyebrows, Erin realized that he wanted her to sit next to him. Hesitating, Erin listened to his words in that same sexy and deep tone that he used before. Even his voice was captivating... [i "My name is Stephan. I promise you I won't bite or anything... I'm just here looking for some one."] Erin wanted to say yes. She saw something in those dark eyes, understanding his pain. She felt the same thing. Did that mean he was waiting for a girl? Erin didn't know why she thought of that, but she memorized his name. She wouldn't mind getting to know someone better... He was interesting too. The man was wearing all black, and he had a mysterious feel to him that somehow drew her in.

His eyes met hers, and she hoped that he couldn't see what she could see in him. She didn't pull hers away. The man looked so immensely powerful and confident... Erin looked away just as he did, taking her drink and sipping it slowly. The liquor ran down her throat, and she closed her eyes for a moment, letting it drown her problems away for a moment. It always felt good... While she wanted to scoot over and introduce herself, Erin felt another part of her telling her to run from this man. She just couldn't run though. Standing, Erin took the seat next to him, putting her drink on the table. [b "You know I have money to pay for my own drinks..."] She said, pulling out a ten and putting it on the table in front of him. [b "I'm Erin."] She said trying not to smile as she noticed his sexy smirk. Turning her eyes back to her drink, Erin took another sip. She noticed the Jack Daniels that he was drinking, and she smiled to herself. [b "You do know that they have better drinks than Jack Daniels here don't you?"]
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[center [font "candara" Stephan was feeling the four shots of Jack Daniels he had just downed. He slipped off his jacket, slightly turning to hang it on the back of the bar chair he was sitting in. The Moonlight Club was busy tonight. That wasn't unusual for this club during the Autumn. Every one here was either to drink to keep warm, or to find another person to keep them warm.. Maybe for the rest of their lives, but mostly it was just one night stands. His dark green eyes scanned the bar. There was a couple arguing by the door. He loathed men that disrespected women.. Yes he was ruthless, but when Stephan was younger his mother was an angel in his eyes.]]

[center [+blue "You dumb bitch. You always wear that dress here.. Why-"]]

[center [i Stephan... Let me out.]]

[center [font "candara" He turned his attention away from the couple when a woman wearing a leather jacket, ripped jeans and Strawberry blonde hair. He had a feeling that she was the woman he was searching for. The bartender asked if he wanted a refill, he simply shook his head no and watched as she walked away. Oh, the way he hips swayed could make any man fall to his knees. Stephan couldn't help but smile at least a little. As the blonde made he way over, he reached into his pocket and took out his phone. He pretended he was taking a selfie, when really he was snagging a picture of the mysterious blonde to send to his men just to make sure she was the one. Quickly, he sent the text to Hakan. Hakan was sort of like an adopted brother to Stephan. Hakan came to New York from Japan to make a better living.. Well, in New York as Hakan learned there really is no 'better living.' ]]

[center [b 'This is the girl from that night?']]

[center [font "candara" His phone vibrated before he had a chance to put it back into his jacket pocket. Hakan said yes. Stephan tapped the table once Lola came back. The girl was adorable... She would never be able to handle Stephan though. Her green eyes told a dark, twisted story though. Stephan's dark green eyes seemed emotionless as Lola poured him another shot of Jack Daniels. She walked away and Stephan grabbed his jacket. He stood up slowly and made his way over to the strange Strawberry blonde. He was a little nervous. Why? Not even he knew at that point. He ran his fingers through his hair with his left hand as he let his jacket hang over his right arm. He gently pushed people out of the way with an occasional excuse me thrown in.]]

[center [#048b49 "Excuse me miss. I couldn't help but notice... This club is full of creeps."]]

[center [font "candara" Stephan put a ten on the table and told Lola that whatever the girl ordered, Stephan would pay for. Lola looked at Erin. She then looked back to Stephan. Stephan could hear what the woman was thinking. She thought that they were going to hook up and she is secretly disappointed because she thinks Erin is going to jump into bed with Stephan. Stephan couldn't help but laugh as he leaned against the bar. He eyed the girl up. Her ripped jeans were hiding bruises... The pain she felt was immense. He didn't know why but he felt said for her... He could tell a man did that to her. Who would hurt a precious soul like her? He sat down in an empty bat chair, then patted the free one next to him.]]

[center [#048b49 "My name is Stephan. I promise you I won't bite or any thing.. I'm just here looking for some one."]]

[center [font "candara" Stephan gazed into her green eyes.. He saw the immense pain, heart ache and betrayal inside of her. It sort of reminded him of his chaotic mind. Only, Cain was now with him to help him release that pain, anger, hurt and guilt. Cain was already itching at Stephan. Stephan gently tapped the bar counter as he looked down at the shiny wooden surface. Droplets of alcohol were on the counter along with coasters. Stephan hung his jacket on the back of the bar chair. The girl could either sit down, introduce herself and he could get his job done.. Or, she could run and he would never see her again. For some reason he hoped she took the first option. Maybe, just maybe talking to her would give him some clue about what was so different about her. Stephan got lost in his thoughts as he waited to see what the woman would do. She seemed stronger than she gave herself credit for, and complex. He smirked as he waited silently for her move.]]
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New York City was her home. It was the place she grew up in for the last twenty two years. The streets were almost never empty, and the city was always alive. You could find someone walking along the bustling streets of New York at any time of the day. But they didn't care. None of them cared about the people that had it rougher than the rest. New York City was the place that everyone connected with new beginnings, success, and a future. All Erin Bateman had ever known was pain. It was dark, and it was cold. The weather was typical of New York, so it didn't bother her. Erin was standing at the mirror in the tiny apartment that she still owned. It was her second one in two weeks. Fixing her strawberry blonde hair, Erin sighed, pushing a strand behind her ear. Pulling the black leather jacket she wore around her body, Erin grabbed her purse. Checking the small rips in her jeans so that they didn't show the bruises, Erin grabbed her tiny purse that wrapped around her waist. It held all the money she had left, so she never let it go.

Once she was outside, Erin knew the way to the bar from memory. Following the path by heart, Erin made her way along the brick alleyways, keeping the bottled emotions inside of her like she always did. New York could be dangerous at night, but Erin wasn't necessarily scared. She could fight for herself, and it wasn't like she looked to be worth anything anyway. Her clothes were the same ones she wore on a daily basis because she couldn't go shopping for any new ones. All she wanted to do was drink at that moment, so she did. The bar wasn't the busiest that night, but it was usually filled with all kinds of people. Erin didn't ever really talk to anyone. She just came in to drink and watch the people. But most of all, she came to feel safe. The Moonlight Club was walking distance from her run-down apartment, so she came every night. The bartender knew what she wanted, and she had begun to memorize the faces of the familiars.

Stepping inside the dimly-lit club, Erin made her way to the bar table, sitting beside a woman that she saw almost every Wednesday. Erin was observant, and she had a good memory. It wasn't like she couldn't remember or start a conversation with someone. It was that she didn't want to. As soon as she took her seat, the bartender slid her a glass of red wine almost as if he could read her mind. There were times when she needed the hard liquor, but she was actually in somewhat of a good mood today. Brushing off her jeans subconsciously, Erin took sips of her wine as she let her eyes wander down through the rips in her jeans, observing the purple faded bruises on the surface of her skin. The memories were all too familiar, and they weren't ever going to go away. She'd been abused. Andrew, Erin's ex-boyfriend, had been important in her life for about three months before their relationship shifted. He'd built her trust before he attacked and when he did, Andrew almost got the best of her. She'd had an interest in completing college just like her father always wanted her to, but he stepped in and changed her mind.

After flattering her and showering her with gifts, Andrew struck. He began to yell, and he would hit her for no reason other than to vent anger. At first, Erin didn't know what to think about it. She just kept letting him punch her over and over, thinking it was going to get better. She was wrong. He forced her to quit college, and he began to use her abusively at any time he wanted. Andrew began to dictate what she did, and where she went. He almost always knew where she was at all times, and Erin had felt so trapped. It got to the point that he was threatening her life, so she ran. Erin ran with the rest of his money, and she had been laying low for several weeks to a month. Her saving grace was the club, and she drank to burn the memory of his abusive touch out of her mind. Andrew ruined her life, and she hated him for it. But he wasn't done. Erin knew that the next time Andrew found her that he would kill her. She didn't have enough money to support a court case, but that didn't mean she wouldn't if she got another job. Her life was falling apart, and she couldn't fix anything.

Pulling up her jeans to cover the bruises, Erin finished her wine glass before walking back out the backway as it was faster to her house. That's when she saw it. A man dressed in black dragged another wealthy-looking man, holding him by the chest before plunging a knife twice into his chest. The blood was horrible, and his life was over within seconds. For a second, Erin stayed frozen in shock. Then she moved, hurrying off as quickly as she could back home before the men came after her as well. Her breathing was shallow, but her life was intact. It had taken everything inside of her not to scream or gasp, but she would have been caught and killed as well. New York was also the city of cruelty and reality.

Erin wanted to burn the memory out of her mind as well as those from the happenings between herself and Andrew, but she couldn't sleep. Erin kept having nightmares that the man was her. Why couldn't it be? Andrew wasn't stupid, and he was out for blood. What was to say hers wouldn't be next? Erin knew she couldn't fight him. He was much stronger, and he would be prepared with some kind of weapon. She barely had the rest of his money to go off of, and she couldn't be pulled into some kind of criminal activity on the streets of New York.

Her father wouldn't have ever approved of where she was... Turning on her side, Erin barely got any sleep, going through the rest of the next day normally until night again. Pulling on the same outfit, Erin fixed her hair for the second time. Adjusting her jeans over the bruises, she took the longer route that still lead to the back of The Moonlight Club. Thursdays were always good. There were more people to blend in with. Slipping into the crowd, Erin sighed in relief. The men weren't related to Andrew at least. He didn't know where she was... Walking towards the bar like she always did first, Erin tried not to think. It was almost too painful to anyway. She didn't know that Andrew was far less of a problem than the man that she would meet would be. The man that was watching her as if she were his next meal... The most powerful man in the streets of New York.
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[center [font "candara" New York City. It's cold.... Winter is approaching quickly, and the gangs are at war. The Vitali family and Mason family have been at war for two months now. It began when Niklaus Vitali fell in love with Don Mason's wife. The two began a love affair behind Don's back and when Don found out he went on a rampage. The first thing he did was kill his wife. He tied her up.. Tortured her and eventually cut off her head and sent it to Niklaus as a warning.]]

[center [i "Kill them all!"]]

[center [font "candara" That's all Niklaus said before bullets came flying into his home. Stephen wasn't born in New York City. The Vitali family came to New York City from Naples, Italy. Stephan missed his home. It was always warm there, and the people were welcoming. In New York City you'd be lucky if some one let you across the street with out an issue. Stephan was in his room when the whole ordeal happened. His mother Rose told him to stay in his room and no matter what make sure that the family name would not be forgotten..]]

[center [i "Mama!"]]

[center [font "candara" Stephan was six years old... Two men dressed in all black with guns at their side had come into his room, grabbed his mother and held her head back. He heard them whisper a few things to her before they slit her throat... He would never forget that. Her blood splattered across his face, the knife, and the floor. He didn't think the men saw him.. They did, but they chose to keep him alive. The boy deserved his revenge. The boy deserved to have a chance to avenge his parents..... But, that was sixteen years ago.. What's happened to that boy any ways?]]

[center [b Present day : Downtown New York.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan was pacing back and forth as his comrade told him of a girl witnessing a hit. Their headquarters was an empty warehouse. They would have chosen a mansion, but that would have been too obvious. The warehouse used to be a shipment camp for ship supplies. The Navy used it to repair their ships when the first World War began. When you first walked in, you crossed a long hall way that had three people guarding it at all times, heavily armed of course. At the end of the hall was a door and that lead to the main computer room, beyond the computer room were various doors. Some lead to torture chambers... There was one though, Stephan dedicated to himself. Here is where he would plan out his next move, and also become what he is today..]]

[center [+red "I'm sorry, boss. I didn't see her. She came outta no where! I thought-"]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan let out a low growl, slammed his fists down on the table in front of him then he looked up to his comrade. Tyler was his name. He was a young New Yorker just looking to make a living. Stephan's dark green eyes were emotionless as he slowly grabbed a knife, walked around the table and stood in front of Tyler. He placed his hand around Tyler's neck then pulled him close. Tyler let out a gasp as the knife's cold, sharp blade dug into his skin. Stephan had a sadistic smile on his face as he jammed the knife deeper into Tyler. The stupid ass could have just cost them every thing, and Stephan was not going to stand by while his empire gets ruined. When Stephan spoke, he was cold and emotionless. He didn't care for Tyler.. Tyler was just an errand boy..]]

[center [#048b49 "You aren't paid to think! You are paid to do your job, and do it RIGHT. That's why I had to let you go.."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan stepped back and watched as Tyler's lifeless body slowly slid to the floor. Two others were in the room watching and smiling. They were glad that it wasn't them on the chopping block, well not yet at least. Stephan cleaned the knife off, then looked down to see blood stains on his gray tank top. He shook his head and took a seat behind the table. The two others approached the table. Stephan's green eyes were a slight gray color now. Stephan Vitali had a little secret. He wasn't all human.... He had a little help along the way. Stephan let out a loud sigh as he kicked his feet up, his steel toe combat boots made the table shake and the other two in front of him jump.]]

[center [#048b49 "So. Since you two dweebs were with him. What does this girl look like?"]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan grabbed a menthol cigarette out of his pack, lit it then watched as white smoke swirled around. The smoke was an eerie reminder about who really was in charge here. Stephan had a demon inside, literally, and it was devouring his soul slowly day by day. His eyes were dark green once again as he watched the duo's every move. He knew the new guys were skiddish and were more likely to try to run... One of the male's finally spoke up after Stephan grabbed a loaded Beretta gun off of the table and pointed it at the two of them as if to say 'Tell me what I want to know, or you're both fucked.']]

[center [+blue "T- The girl she was small.. With dark hair. She was beautiful, boss. Tan, dark eyes... Long legs-"]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan cocked the hammer of the Beretta and looked at the man. He hated when men womanized. He thought it was lower than low. The woman may have been 'fuckable' as people would say but Stephan simply saw her as a nuisance, some one he needed to rid of himself. He laughed a little as he let the hammer cock down, and the second man fell to the ground. The warm blood poured from his stomach as he laid lifeless on the floor. The man who told Stephan every thing he needed to know stood with his hands in the air. Stephan passed him a smoke, the man lit it and Stephan laughed loudly.]]

[center [#048b49 "You have given me what I needed, thank you. As a loyal member, you get any thing you want right now. Booze, smoke, girls.. Just don't go into the seventh door.."]]

[center [font "comic sans" The man also told Stephan that the girl was at a local cafe. The hit took place in between the cafe and nightclub next door to it. It was night time, Stephan would have better luck finding this girl at a club rather than a cafe'. He didn't know why, but this one felt different. He left the room and two more men came to get rid of the bloody bodies. Stephan walked down the hall and found himself in front of the seventh door. This is where he kept his clothes, food, and also the one book that meant every thing to him..]]

[center [#048b49 "Hello, beautiful."]]

[center [font "comic sans" He picked up a book called The Book of the Dead. This book is what has helped him all of these years. It tells him where people can be located, and it also took his soul. Well, he contracted it with a devil called Cain. Cain was monstrous. He always whispered nasty things in Stephan's ear, some times Stephan could ignore it.. But, most of the time he obeyed the Devil within. He put the book down, then took off his blood soaked tank top. Stephan has a portrait of a woman on his bicep. It was a tribute to his mother, along with the butterfly that was on his forearm. The book seemed to glow when Stephan walked away..]]

[center [i "I'm here Stephan... You know who this is.."]]

[center [#048b49 "Go fuck yourself, Cain."]]

[center [font "comic sans" An evil laugh echoed through out his head as images of a nightclub flowed through his brain. A nightclub, a group of people with Stephan in the middle.. A woman is against him with eyes darker then his.. Her scent drove him wild. She wasn't even near him, but he knew that this was the woman that witnessed the murder. Stephan stood in front of his closet as he chose a black t-shirt, and black leather jacket to wear. He knew that going in with a blood soaked shirt would just be plain old stupid. He tossed the shirt and jacket on then headed out of the door.]]

[center [font "comic sans" He always kept his car keys in his jean pocket. He had on black jeans that hugged him nicely. His muscles showed through his shirt as well. Stephan loved to work out. He worked out in the mornings and before he went to bed. He ran his fingers through his hair then sighed as he locked the seventh door. His right hand man, Sin was walking the halls and spotted Stephan. Stephan smiled as Sin walked over to give him a brotherly hug.]]

[center [+red "Good luck tonight."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan nodded, then the two parted ways. Stephan made his way out of the ware house. The bitter Autumn air hit his face and he couldn't help but shiver a little. It was cold in New York City, but during the Autumn and Winter it was a lot worse. Stephan's 1967, black, Chevy Impala was parked just where he left her. He smiled as he walked over to his baby. He called her Enchantress. This car and him have been through a lot. He hopped in the driver's seat and smiled when he started the car. The engine purred lowly as Stephan backed out of the parking lot. The club was fifteen minutes on foot and five minutes away in a car. Those five minutes flt like an eternity to Stephan..]]

[center [b The Moonlight Club.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan parked his car in the crowded parking lot, then got out and looked at the club's bright neon sign for a moment. The streets were alive with people. Hookers, drug dealers, and high rollers. Typical New York. Stephan adjusted his jacket, then walked to the club's front doors. The bouncer frisked him a little, checked his ID, then he let him in. As soon as Stephan was let in his senses went wild. The smells, the music.. Every thing made him want to go crazy. He took a deep breath and stepped deeper into the club.]]

[center [font "comic sans" The floors were black and slippery, except for the dance floor which was a white sticky linoleum floor. He took a seat at the bar. A short girl with platinum blonde hair, pale skin, tattoos and green eyes greeted Stephan. She smiled and asked what he wanted. Her name was Lola. He smiled as he ordered a whiskey shot and asked about the real reason why he was here. The girl. If it weren't for her, he would have never came here.]]

[center [+blue "Oh yeah. I know her. She's a regular here. She actually is expected to come here in about an hour. She comes to the bar first usually."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Stephan nodded, then kicked back his first shot of whiskey. The liquid was like fire down his throat. He tapped tha table and told Lola to keep them coming. He would sit and wait for this woman. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with her yet. He didn't believe in killing women, but she was a liability. She witnessed the biggest hit he ever had placed on some one.. That alone could cost Stephan Vitali every thing. The one thing he has always remembered, no matter what was his promise to his father.. He promised to keep the family safe and to get rid of any liabilities.... What's so different though? Why does Stephan feel guilty? He shook his head as another shot came his way. He sat silently, patiently waiting for his prey.]]
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