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The swim had helped a little with everything that she was feeling, but Jess still felt overwhelmed. She was pretty sure that her dreams were not just dreams, she just didn't know what exactly they were. The hug did surprise her. "Do I look that terrible?" she asked, not sure if that was flattering or not, "Yeah, it was okay. The water was refreshing, if nothing else."
She looked to him surprised by the invite. He had been pretty reserved about anything having to do with her. "What encounter?" she inquired confused, obviously not having seen Celia leave, "Yeah, a card game and a drink sounds like something I could use right about now. Do I get to change first, otherwise I might freeze." She wasn't sure, if they would have sex, but she could still think on it. Being celibate sucked, but it did seem to be doing her good in a way.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 78d 2h 29m 42s
Xavier looked to Jess who looked as terrible as he was feeling. Moving over to Jess he gave her a small hug. "Looks like you could use it. Did you have a nice swim?" He asked before stepping back. "How about a drink and maybe a card game? After that encounter it calls something fun."

It was fair enough to say that he liked her at this point. If they had sex it wouldn't bother him. For being weird this quirk actuallymade him popular with women.
  Gods / Faust / 78d 2h 45m 9s
Truthfully, it hadn't been Celia's intention from the start. She had wanted to feel him out and deciding to tell him the truth had been a split second decision. She would see what happened from there.
Meanwhile Jess had finished her swim in the lake and was coming up the path wrapped in a towel, her bathing suite on underneath. Since the water had been fairly cold, the air now felt really warm. Seeing Xavier, she frowned slightly. "Xavier. Out on one of your strolls?" she asked as she moved closer to him before seeing that something was off, "You okay?" She looked at him with concern as she pushed her wet hair back over her shoulder.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 78d 13h 48m 2s
Xavier was left to stare after her. That had been her intention all along, hadn't it? It wasn't to try and seduce him but shake something up. It wasn't the first she had heard of the gods, the only box that was left of his mom had Celtic gods everywhere. How did Celia know?

Rubbing his temple he gave a small groan before walking back to camp. Maybe he and Jess could keep each other in miserable company, play some cards, anything to end this stupid day.
  Gods / Faust / 78d 16h 4m 31s
She was so willing and reminded him so much of Farah. Set could not help himself but have her. It was easy enough to find a storage room and he simply closed the door behind them.
Looking to her, he knew they had little time and he had wanted that dress off all night. It was an easy enough affair to strip the dress off and grope the now exposed skin. She was too stunning to keep his hands off of her as he kissed her more.


Most people would be insulted by the look he gave her, but Celia simply smiled in that mischievous way. "I am aware," she replied simply before shaking her head amused, "But not in the way you are wired. One day you will understand." Her confidence did not waiver one bit in this situation, even if most would have shied away.
Hearing what he said, she nodded. "It is and I'm sure dinner is done by now," she agreed as she turned to saunter back to the camp. Her job was done for the day.
  Set / Hoshizora / 78d 23h 56m 20s
The flashes didn't seem to stop, a sober Amira would piece it together, she'd know who was. This was drunk Amira that wanted more right now. Easily complying with the kiss she gave sounds. To her it was sudden to find herself in one of the storage rooms that was temporarily unlocked.

Being drunk she wasn't graceful but also was very willing. At least here there could be undressing.


"That's a god, they don't exist. Yes I feel weird, but some people are wired differently," Xavier said, giving her that crazy look. It was warranted in this situation. Hell, he didn't know much about his mom either.

"I should get back, it's getting late and I wouldn't mind some food."
  Gods / Faust / 79d 3m 30s
Well, at least he was honest about that. "That's true," Celia admitted, "I don't have the patient to beat around the bushes too often." Not unless it had a good reason. She wondered what would happen, if she told Jess outright what she was, but that was a bad idea. If she didn't awaken, she couldn't become oracle.
That certainly grabbed his attention. It felt like it was the first time he was actually truly paying attention to her. "No, you don't have it stamped on your forehead. Let's just say... I have a way of knowing," she said slowly, almost musing as a hand ran over some bushes, "You have never felt quite right, have you? Felt different than the rest? What if I told you it was because your father was Seculus?" Her light eyes looked to him, curious of his reaction.


By Anubis, Set knew that this was probably mostly the drinks talking, but who was he to look a gift horse in the mouth? Smiling as she wrapped her arms around him, he deepened the kiss, making it more passionate as one hand ran along her side.
He couldn't resist with her like this. The wall wasn't far away and soon he had her gently pressed against it, his other hand tangled in her hair. Maybe he could push his luck.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 79d 1h 2m 5s
"No, I wouldn't. Your the sort that says what's on their mind," Xavier had to chuckle. That was before she said that statement. Starring at her he looked as if he had been frozen in place. "How do you know, I don't know who my dad is? I don't have that stamped to my forehead or something?"

She was something else, but knew how to draw someone in.


Like always she could feel how familiar it was only more features coming clear. Blue eyes ans strong arms. Giving a sound she wrapped her arms around his neck. There was some intensity to this. The drinks was on his side that and the one side was coming out stronger. It also meant until she knew completely shed forget.
  Gods / Faust / 79d 1h 13m 38s
"A liability? Now that's not a nice word for someone that just got you a drink," Set mused, still jovially. It took a lot to insult him, at least from a woman, especially from one that looked like Farah.
He enjoyed the dance and was a little disappointed when she stopped after one. Still, it seemed he might be getting lucky after all when she kept dancing with him after more drinks.
Though he would say he was surprised when she suddenly kissed him, not that he was complaining. Happily, he kissed her back, wrapping an arm around her to hold her close. She felt just like Farah, smelled like her. He wanted her so bad right now.


Interesting... He really didn't seem to know what he actually was. When he chose a direction Celia simply followed, keeping up fairly easily. She might not look it, but she was in shape and fit. Shrugging, she replied, "Would you have believed me, if I denied it?" He seemed hellbent on thinking the worst of her. He probably wasn't wrong there.
"Well, most choose their tattoos for a reason so I thought maybe you did too," she told him truthfully with a shrug. She thought on what to do for a moment longer before she stopped asking, "You really don't know? Who your real father is that is? Where you get it from? Never wondered?" She was surprised. Honestly, she would have thought he would have inquired by now.
  Set / Hoshizora / 79d 1h 47m 31s
"No, the voice is infallible it saved me from wasting a lot of time on men who aren't worth my time. Probably because your a liability," Amira said peacefully. She was happy with her life and who she was, though recently it's been shaken. Right now it felt good with him right now, she couldn't name why.

Not minding the closeness at the moment, she did stop after the song wanting another drink. One dance turned to more with the drinks help. Either she was getting drunk or this was getting familiar.

Stopping in one dance she leaned up kissing him softly, unable to resist.


There was something keen about her. While she was pretty there was little intention of doing anything. Finding a direction he started in a stride, who knew, she might get bored. "At least you admit it,"Xavier said. When she asked about the tattoos he gave a shrug, it had just seemed cool. He had only the sleeves and one on his chest.

"I don't know most of them, it seemed cool," he answered honestly. There weren't many tattooed mountainmen. "Are you hoping I'm a bad ass?"
  Faust / 79d 1h 59m 15s
Celia's head tilted in amusement. Oh, he was getting more and more amusing by the minute. There was something about him that was very interesting. "I suppose I am an ice queen," she mused with a smile, knowing it was very much true, "A very interesting conversation." She could only agree.
It was clear he was trying to get rid of her. Did she want to leave? "Well then, can I ask what your tattoos mean?" she asked, deciding to play ignorant at the cues of him wanting her to leave.


It pretty much was a trap. Set probably would have promised her anything to have this one dance with her. As for her being able to mend the brothers' relationship, he doubted it. This feud had been going on for centuries.
Hearing what she said, he had to chuckle. "And because of that you know not to trust that voice," he joked teasingly, "I am absolutely harmless. Why doesn't that voice like me?" The voice was probably right in not liking him, but he didn't care. He too started to dance, close to her naturally.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 79d 13h 35m 2s
"Hm, no dice, you're pretty and all but sort of in an Ice Queen way. Most men look for something quick, I was taught differently. It has been an interesting conversation though," Xavier looked to her, wondering how she'd respond to that. Most flirts hated it when he wanted a bit more than just sexual attraction. It didn't have to be love but a mutual interest and connection.

"You can do what you'd like," he said looking around the forest, wondering what new path to take. THis had been interesting enough, but he wanted that walk.


This could be a trap, in fact it likely was a trap. Still she wanted to enjoy tonight and she got to know Seth more. Asar was next on her list. It felt as if she had to know them, see if there was a way to fix their relationship. It was important.

There had been a female close to Seth, that was a weird thought. What a tenacious girl then because she wouldn't be able to keep him around.

"I keep hearing that, but it's really not that difficult anymore. Besides that voice of's keeping me out of trouble, it's also the voice that doesn't like you," Amira said, though it would make no sense. The music was different but the dancing wasn't entirely. Amira did love to dance even if she wasn't good at that.
  Gods / Faust / 79d 15h 40m 51s
There were many layers to Set. Many layers that he would deny having, simply because it was easier than having to deal with them. What she said made him smile. "That is something I can't do," he replied, "I find I need a quick fix from occasion to occasion." That and without sex he was even more irritating than usual.
He had no intention of talking about Farah, but if it got him a dance, why not? Seeing her accept his hand, he smiled and led her off to the dance floor. It was a strange world, but he would show her a good time, perhaps in more ways than one.


Her lips pursed slightly as Celia thought on these words. What an interesting guy. Of course, this made her job even harder. With Forseti already head over heels for Jess and this guy being... whatever, it would be a challenge.
"Then allow me to act differently than you would expect and say that I respect that and can admire that," she replied, but she couldn't help teasing slightly, "Though, it also means that you find me attractive." He was making a good sparring partner, if nothing else. "But can you get your heart broken, if you know the person is a flirt? Besides, at some point even a flirt will find someone they want to be with," she pointed out calmly, looking at him. His tattoos were attractive.
  Set / Hoshizora / 80d 45m 32s
For someone who appeared to be shallow and irritating there was the many layers. This was interesting, seeing more of him, and she had seen him naked, as well. Giving a smile. "That's why I went celibate a year and a half ago, it just got me into trouble and with the wrong guys. It's been freeing," she said easily, though people didn't believe that.

"That's something, I like that," she said before taking his hand. Tonight it was a good night, and she loved his company.


It was an interesting discussion, he did find her pretty but he workeddifferently than other men. "People do act different than we expected. I really am, which is why I won't do anything. It's how I was raised," he gave a look. Looking to her he gave a thoughtful look. "I don't trust many people, especially big flirts. That's how someone gets a heart broken."
  Gods / Faust / 80d 1h 10m 11s
Celia tilted her head. "You don't think that's possible?" she asked, taking a few quick steps to be in front of him before turning to walk backwards as she looked to him, "Why do you think it excludes each other? I played in the dirt as a child and now I have grown up into a more flirty person." She didn't see the disconnect.
Her head tilted so that her blond tresses fell over one shoulder, knowing it was a look that was quite irresistible to a lot of men. "Then you are at home doing this, I would say," she mused before deciding to switch tactics, "You don't trust me." It was extremely blunt, but maybe it worked. Maybe understand why he thought that.


Set chuckled at what she said. Oh, she was good and it made her so much more enticing. "A worthy opponent, I see," he mused with a smile, taking a sip of his drink before answering, "They do make you happy, though let's be honest, it's a quick fix. What people call genuine happiness I don't think you can get from that, do you? And before you point out that I am contradicting myself with my actions, I am aware. I'm a... confusing individual myself." That was an understatement.
His eyes shot to her at the question. How did she know? He was damn near tempted to tell her everything, but knew he couldn't. "Someone... dear to me. It's a complicated situation," he told her simply before thinking on it and held out his hand, "Maybe I'll tell you more over a dance." She sure seemed drunk enough for a dance right about now.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 80d 1h 31m 10s

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