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"What sort would you be then? The one from behind, seducer, or during the act killer?" Xavier asked finding the conversation amusing. He found her to be the seducer, though the latter was feasible too. "Femme fatale..always sexy."

He squeezed her hand a bit before giving a content sound. "This is...this is nice...maybe we both need this right now..."


There was that feeling from inside, it was a warning, she couldn't place it. This time it wasn't about Set. She slowed down feeling more of her slowly shutting down.

"Seth, you could stay with me tonight, forget possibly hurting you tomorrow.'s wrong...but I don't know what...that voice is never wrong though," Amira murmured pulling out the keys.
  Gods / Faust / 75d 15h 43m 17s
By Anubis, she really was trying to get to him. With a small smile Set rubbed her side as she leaned into him, which he only gladly let happen. "Maybe I will," he mused, though he had the feeling she would kill him, if she remembered, "I am though." He was not going to argue with a drunk her about what part of his personality had to come out or not.
They weren't far from their place and he looked to her. "Almost there," he said, "You have your keys?" He had them somewhere, but wasn't sure where.


Jess had to laugh at what he said. "Well, at least you letting the pretty girl be the one to be the murderer. That would be an interesting movie," she mused as she thought on it, "Yeah, if they had to choose between believing which one of us was a killer, I would have to say they would choose you." She gave him a teasing grin.
This was a strangely intimate moment, even though nothing was happening really. It just felt really good as she closed her eyes and curled more into him. She drew her legs up and let them rest lightly against his as her hand squeezed his back. This was what she needed more than sex right now. Someone who would just hold her and make her feel safe.
  Set / Hoshizora / 76d 13h 41m 22s
Drunk Amira was enjoying this side and what had happened. As if there was safety to him, she leaned into him more before giving a content sound. "You could remind me...some of this will come back," Amira gave a smile, that showed she had too much to drink. But right now she was genuinely happy with him. "I'm not so sure about that..."

Thinking on the dreams the best she could. They weren't too far from the small apartment they lived in. Not wanting to speak more, she let it fall into the silence before giving a content sound.


"That's normally the start of a horror movie, you'd be the killer though. It's always the innocent ones," Xavier teased. "Though it'd look like me for half of the movie before suddenly it turns on you."

Squeezing her hand he closed his eyes rubbing her arm more. They both needed it, their rocks were getting shaky, they had only each other to depend on.
  Gods / Faust / 76d 16h 11m 51s
Being a woman that had been pursued by quite a few men, Jess was used to big moves. Perhaps that was also why she didn't quite understand Xavier, because he was so different from others. Listening to what he said, she thought on it. "I mean... no you don't have to. I guess it has become what is expected of you due to society," she told him slowly before shaking her head, "No, you're not a weirdo. Perhaps unorthodox, but it's definitely a nice thing."
Her words were only confirmed by feeling the hairs on her neck rise at his touch. Her eyes gazed to him, wondering if he could see that in her. She allowed herself to rest against him, moving to rest her head on his shoulder. "Two crazy people alone in the woods," she mused softly and her hand found its way to his and linked it with his.


Set looked to her, a little pleased. "Now if only you would remember this when you are sober again," he mused before chuckling, "There is a lot to me, but too much that shouldn't ever come out." There was too much that he never wanted to speak about and he supposed burying everything was his way of dealing with things.
A slightly sad gaze looked to her. "But maybe they are important," he suggested softly, rubbing her waist in comfort, "They will be over with at some point." Gently he kissed the top of her head.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 77d 50m 46s
Most men would do some big first move. Xavier preferred the opposite finding subtlety sexy. That was often the case that brought out more than jus a quick flame. He gave a smile knowing she'd be considering what it meant. "Never understood the system anyway. Do the men always have to make a bold move or suddenly grind? What about little touches that makes your hair on her neck rise? Gentle caresses...or am I just a complete weirdo?"

Xavier smiled before stroking her cheek, that was subtle but a nice feeling. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder he brought her to him. Instead of a bi sexual move, he held her and rubbed her arm gently.


"I was wrong about you," Amira said softly, feeling the slurring begin. Wrapping her arm around him she leaned into him contently. "There's a nice, good guy in there that doesn't come out often. There's so much more to you."

The idea of sleeping was troubling. "I don't want to...that's when the dreams come...I don't want them, they're painful.."
  Gods / Faust / 77d 1h 4m 57s
It was strange. Just like that Set felt like she was back to being just Amira, his Farah gone. Chuckling at her reply, he looked to her. "Oh, you will have a hangover alright," he mused and pressed a kiss to his temple.
Somehow he had his doubts, if she could walk, but he knew she would insist. "Very well," he said and wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her upright, "Let's get you to bed." Luckily, it took a lot to get him that drunk so they should get home okay.


"Well, I have to say that I haven't really met any fully proper guys. If that reflects badly on me or guys is the next question," Jess replied before looking to him when he said that next part. What was she supposed to think of that or even say? Did he want her? It was hard to say, considering he hadn't really made a move.
Chuckling, she took some more trail mix. "Oh, so now it's sexy to pretend like you aren't going insane?" she asked amused. The evening was enjoyable non the less. Games, drinks and some snacks were something and for the first time in a while she wasn't thinking of those dreams.
Having just finished a hand, she gazed to Xavier. "Thank you so much for this. I really needed this," she told him and leaned over to kiss his cheek, her face lingering close to his.
  Set / Hoshizora / 77d 1h 27m 40s
And it passed like that, nothing more than a quick shadow. The one thing she focused on deeply was his scent, and how warm she felt inside when he held her. Only, it wasn't her, it was something else. Giving a content sound she looked to him puzzled. "'I think I'm okay, except for the future hangover."

It would be a good one, right now she didn't care. "I can walk...mostly." Giving a small giggle after that, she was tired though.


"Well, mostly. A fully proper guy waits for marriage or serious commitment. I wait to know them and like them a little deeper," Xavier smirked towards her. "Sort of how we are now..."

She was left to interpret that how she'd like. He didn't know the answer to that. "Pretend to others that I don't feel out of place. You've made it way more sexy."

It was a simple game but with some trail mix, whiskey and games it was a more relaxing evening.
  Gods / Faust / 77d 2h 46s
Hearing the story, Jess looked to him. She knew he didn't need pity, but she just squeezed his hand lightly as a response. "Yeah, they raised you pretty damn good and proper," she agreed softly before going for one of the snacks.
The joke did make her chuckle softly and it did feel good to laugh about a situation, if it was as bad as this one. "Then how do you cope with it?" she asked slowly as she picked up her cards to look at them, "Thank you. At least I look sexy doing that. Here I thought I was looking pretty terrible, with needing a hug and all that earlier." She grinned to him as she held up her cards.


She really didn't look good, the more Set looked at her in the dim light. Maybe it hadn't been a good idea to do this, but it had felt amazing. Unsure, he held her close to him.
Gently he ran a hand through her hair. "Not like this you aren't," he said softly and carefully placed her on a box before helping her with her clothes and putting his own again. Once they were ready he picked her up again to carry her out.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 77d 13h 37m 51s
"She was institutionalized some time ago. Several things that can't be fixed, I wasn't allowed to visit as a kid and stopped at 21. It's another sad story I guess, but my grandparents raised me good and mostly proper," Xavier said finding some snacks. Starting to shuffle the deck he looked to her. "I do know that, it's every day. It's a hard line to walk but you make going crazy look sexy."

Giving her a wide grin at the joke before dealing the cards. Gold fish sounded good.


There was such a strange feeling in this moment. It almost felt like two crashing waves together. Combined with the alchol going through her system at the same time it was a little whoozy. The nuzzling was a strange reaction though, but it warmed her.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she leaned full into him, her head on his shoulder. "I don't know," Amira whispered. "I think it's time to get home."
  Gods / Faust / 77d 15h 12m 44s
Jess gave a nod with a smile. "It would be. I imagine they would be a radiant color," she agreed as she looked to Xavier, "Locked up?" Gently she reached her hand out to touch his in solace. That didn't sound nice. Still, she couldn't agree with him saying gods didn't exist. At least not with how she had been feeling as of late.
The question was hard for her to answer. Slowly she laid down on her back, looking up at the sky. "I... don't know. Right now, I feel like I am going insane myself. Like what I'm experiencing can't possibly be real, but I feel like it is," she admitted softly, though she couldn't look at him, feeling like he must think she was crazy.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 78d 42m 27s
"It'd be worth returning, don't you think? " Xavier made himself comfortable, taking out the drinks before he got the cards out. "There isn't a way they would exist. Though, my mom was obsessed with it, until she was locked away."

He didn't have an answer of how she knew, only gave a shrug. "What do you think of all of this? I've never had a good grasp on reality."
  Gods / Faust / 78d 54m 31s
Jess only had grabbed a blanket and a few snacks. Smiling, she let him take the things before following after him. The open field was nice and she looked around happily. "It's nice. I bet it would be really pretty in the spring. Plus you can see the stars pretty well," she agreed as she helped him with the blanket before settling down on it.
Hearing what Celia had said, she looked to him surprised, her brows arched. "Son of a Celtic god? As if, they exist?" she repeated, not sure how to feel about that, "It's strange that she knew about. How could she know you didn't know your father? What are you thinking?" Was it possible? Did gods actually exist? It made her think of her dreams.
She gave him a sheepish look. "Well, I only know poker, go fish and stuff like that. I would be willing to learn though," she told him with a smile.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 78d 1h 18m 39s
Xavier helped her with whatever she had before leading her through the thick trees to an open field. "This is it,I'm sure in spring it has a lot of spring flowers but it's late now. I do like it here," Xavier said while laying down the blanket. "Celia said I was theson of a Celtic god. I didn't tell her that I never met my father."

He got the whiskey ready as well as the cards. "Any games you prefer?"
  Gods / Faust / 78d 1h 38m 36s
Nodding, Jess went over to her tent and quickly dried herself as best as she could and got dressed in warm clothes. She needed them, because the nights got really cold.
Coming back out of her tent, she saw Xavier with all the things, still looking very thoughtful. "Ready. Any place you want to go to?" she asked as she closed her tent and stepped next to him, "What happened that is making you so thoughtful?" She didn't recall ever seeing him so lost in thought.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 78d 2h 1m 25s
"I'll see you in ten minutes," Xavier nodded to her. Heading to his tent he grabbed a blanket, jacket and the drinks. Along with the games and snacks,as an after thought he grabbed a lantern jusr in case. Waiting by her tent he thought on those words. Was it possible?
  Gods / Faust / 78d 2h 5m 36s

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