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"I don't play games with wenches," Forrest gave a low sound. This looked and sounded exactly like her. "Last person I knew that sounded like that found themselves like an eagle screaming. It was one of the best moment of my life."

He was almost certain of it. Now he was powerless without any gods, he need to be resourceful, which he wasn't. What he could do was investigate though. Seeing Jess he gave a smile before going to find that priest masquerading as an assistant.


Farah felt stupid for how she felt in his arms. Also knowing how Osiris liked to remain in one position all night and breathed so slowly. It hadn't felt like it was a bad idea then, but she knew then she cared for them both equally.

There was also someone glaring at her, glancing back she knew it was the new girl thay wasn't happy she was still the favorite.

"I really don't remember sleeping in that bed at night," She mused nervously. "I went to the wall, and I talked to Osiris for a while." The rest she couldn't get out, she was just nervous. "Banquets are...not comfortable..."
  Gods / Faust / 39d 15h 51m 16s
Set couldn't say for certain how he felt for her, but he did like her a lot. She had a place in his heart for sure.
The reaction to the bracelet was unexpected. He hadn't thought about that this might this was the first thing she had ever owned. "I'm glad you like it," he replied and was happy to kiss her back, moving his arms around her.
"So what were you up to the whole night? You didn't seem to have been sleeping in your bed," he asked curiously, wondering if the wall of writing had kept her up the whole night.


She was further along than she had presumed. Celia wasn't sure, if she could stop Jess from regaining the memories, but she could do other things to keep them apart. She would be the one to become oracle, not her. Ironically, this spot almost made her gleeful. To know Hella had died, even if it was of old age.
Giving Forseti an innocent look, she replied, "I don't know what you are talking about. Though you have some very interesting analogies." She gave a shrug. "Though you should be careful who you associate with. She isn't known for her reputation," she warned before going back to work.
Just then Jess returned. She had stopped crying and fixed her make up so that no one could tell that she had cried. Seeing Forrest, she wanted to tell him, but now seemed a bad time.
  Set / Hoshizora / 40d 44m 52s
It seemed impossible that Set possibly cared for in more than warming his bed. Hardens usually had one or two favorites, the women that was actually cared for. Gingerly touching the bracelet, she looked to him almost choking up. "Th-thank you, Set. I've never owned anything before," Farah whispered. Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him deeply. "It's beautiful."

What a mess she started, but she had permission. Now she was just confused. It fit perfectly and was beautiful. Her own jewelry.


It wouldn't be long, she was starting to remember now. The priest had said he needed to be careful. He would keep it for when she was ready. He had memories, he didn't need physical items. Letting her have her space he walked away till spotting Celia.

"Every time I see that sort of smile, I wonder if Loki is hiding behind the mask. What do you know?" He asked in a untrusting tone.
  Gods / Faust / 40d 1h 20m 33s
Those weren't just dreams. Jess had no idea what they were, but no dream could do this. She felt sadness, a sadness she couldn't explain and at the same time it was almost all consuming. The god was still with the good sister, even then. It was touching. Her eyes stung with tears that were threatening to come.
Surprised she looked up at Forrest when he suddenly appeared beside her. She quickly patted her eyes to hide the tears. Even if it was simple, it was pretty and it was only making this feeling stronger that those weren't dreams. "Forrest, you already gave me so much and if it's really from a dear friend, I can't make you part with that," she said softly, though it was clear she was moved by this, "Excuse me."
She couldn't stay here. With controlled, but slightly hurried steps she moved to the woods behind the tents where no one was. Leaning against a tree, she felt tears roll down her cheek. Why was she crying?


Set pursed his lips at what she said. It made no sense to him and he didn't quite believe her. "Why would you do that? Did I give you any instructions to do so?" he asked confused, "It's okay." Accepting her apology, he kissed her once more.
Then he pulled something from his pocket. "I got you this. That's why I was looking for you. I found it at a market," he told her and held up the bracelet that one day Amira would find at the black market.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 40d 1h 51m 28s
There was a wave of sadness at seeing that spot. It had taken years to find her, to get the children of both her and Asta where they needed to be and then he spent the last yeas with her. Seeing Jess affected he was moved, though he noticed Celia also aware. He took something else out of his pocket.

"I want youto have this, it was a gift from my old friend. She wouldn't mind," Forest smiled. It was a simple sea shell and leather strap. It had been a prized possession.

Her stomachboth moved and and down at those words. She had beem so sure that he took the back immediately after she left. But he had looked for her. She had an honest face, which was going to ruin this.

"I, uh, wanted to give you space with the new girl," Farah said. She was bothered and partially jealous. That was not good with Set. Kissing him back, she ran a hand down his cheek. "I'm sorry."
  Gods / Faust / 40d 2h 9m 10s
"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Osiris mused, truly glad she had enjoyed that. He was surprised however when she actually wanted to stay. An arm wrapped around her. "Then stay," he told her, "The bed is big enough for two." As if that would have been the problem. He enjoyed the second time as well before kissing her goodbye to watch her leave.

Set had been looking for her. He had been to her chambers last night, but when he hadn't found her gone to the new woman, and this morning. He was pleased when he finally found her at breakfast. "You are an elusive one to find. I was looking for you," he said as he moved to kiss her softly. He didn't occur to him where she might have spent the night.


Jess couldn't help a small chuckle. "You are too excite over something that's not even happening to you," she pointed out amused before thinking on it, "Nothing really. Yeah, they are exciting..." Thoughtfully, she wondered what she would do. How could she figure out more about these dreams? Were there perhaps records or something else? Her hand played with the stone around her neck.
Soon it was off to work. Excavations were hard work. Though as she stood there in what had once been a long house, a chill ran through her body. She couldn't explain it, but something here was making her feel strange. Rubbing her arms, she tried to push it away from thoughts to continue working. As she crossed the very spot Hella had died the image of her dying ancestor flashed before her eyes, making her rub them as she stopped in that very spot. She didn't need to be told who the image had been of to know.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 40d 2h 27m 46s
"Thank you, that was amazing," Farah felt different after this . The same satisfaction only it was warm inside her chest. Giving a small sound she rested to his side wrapping an arm around him. "I don't want to leave yet."

Come morning, there was another time before kissing him deeply. Returning back to her room she partially bathed herself and dressed in fresh clothing. Set hopefully would have been busy with that new girl all night.

She couldn't face him directly yet so she went to have breakfast, having not eaten since last night and it had been a long night.


"How so? What rules say that it has to have perfect logic? either way it sounds exciting," Forseti asked with a happy look. That would be the last he would say, these people didn't believe as they had once.

Back at the campsite they were working, he knew this was the house Hella had died in, right where he stood. He waited mostly to see if Jess would recognize it.
  Faust / 40d 2h 49m 34s
Jess gave a thoughtful look, oblivious to what Forseti was feeling. How was she supposed to believe something that her mind had made up? "But what would I be believing in? These dreams make no sense," she asked, finding it hard understand all this, "Know a lot of what?" Still, in a way the dreams made her think she should try to understand them more.
She wasn't aware that someone else had been there, but then again, that wasn't a surprise as the person slipped away from the entrance. His words made her smile. "You have too much faith in a person you don't really know," she told him with a soft smile, "Maybe the dreams will end at some point. Who knows? Should we head back? We'll be missed soon." They had spent a lot of time here.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 40d 4h 23m 20s
Forest had to stop himself from saying it was the truth. He had to bite his cheek in order to not say anything. "This isn't popular any more to believe without reason, I do though. Its up to you want you make of the dreams. They sound like you could know a lot, though."

Somehow he felt as if there was someone else around. Without his senses he was feeling lost. He could be mortal again, that'd be something. "I'm glad you told me about what's going on. I have a feeling you'll do fine."
  Gods / Faust / 40d 4h 32m 34s
Jess had no idea what turmoil she was setting off inside Forseti. All she knew was that the god seemed to be turning for the better in her dreams, but it was slow.
Faith... "I wish I could believe that easily, but most people nowadays have trouble with that," she said, not sure how she felt about god and whatnot herself. There was a slow nod. "It's just... too intricate. Those dreams... when I see them it's like they are real and I'm watching something unfold from who knows how many years," she told him before going on an in an amused voice, "Like what? That gods are real and in truth I'm a decedent of one of those people in my dream?" It was clear by the way she said it that she believed it to be a joke.
Again she gave a nod. "Every night these dreams come and you are just bombarded with images and no matter how much I sleep I wake up feeling like I have only just gone to bed. I want them to stop," she answered, rubbing her throbbing temple. It seemed a miracle she was still sane at times.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 43d 14h 27m 24s
Hold on...had he really done anything with Asta? The memory was so fuzzy . Then he remembered that night, mentally groaning, it made sense now of why Asta had suddenly backed off and then gave him that look. Poor Hella, she might have had a clue and didn't say anything.

"I don't need proof when I feel it. I believe that's what they call faith," Forset answered simply before listening and giving a nod. "That's quite the dreams and story. Maybe it's a message to you...."

Wanting to say something more, but he knew he couldn't. This was for her to figure out. "Is this why you've been so tense?" He asked innocently.
  Gods / Faust / 43d 17h 6m 24s
Jess had to chuckle at that. "Well, I would say that the smell of forest isn't bad, but can I just point out that you did not deny that you would give me your shirt, if I asked," she said, finding that crazy enough. She didn't recall ever meeting such a selfless man.
Him complimenting the necklace made her happy, more happy than this occasion probably called for, but she couldn't help it. The kiss on the forehead made her smile as she looked to him. "Thank you," she replied, touching the stone softly, "But is there any proof that these things do exists?"
It really seemed like a bad idea to tell anyone about the dreams. It wasn't normal and still she felt like she could trust him. Thoughtfully, she leaned against a tree. "I just... as of late I've been having dreams. Dreams of the Norse gods, I think, it's all a little hazy. A pair of sisters go to the gods for some challenge. One is good, the other bad. I mostly follow the good one. They're tricking the gods and she hates it. She wants to leave before it blows up in their faces. The sisters argue a bit. Then there is also a god they both seem to fancy. He has slept with both, but with the good one it seemed like it meant something. They had a really good bond," Jess told him, all the while playing with the stone around her neck, "I can never seem to remember details." At least not the names and the faces were blurry too mostly now.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 44d 14h 29m 34s
"If you want to smell like someone who doesn't bathe normally and spends too long in the woods, you could. You'd probably hate the smell," Forset laughed, watching her quick fingers he gave a smile before looking to the stone. "Very lovely."

Making a quick motion he tied it and placed it around her neck. "It's beautiful," he kissed her forehead. "Gods, creatures, just about anything. I don't see why not."

The dreams, the memories, he gave a content look. "I'd listen, whenever you want to tell me."
  Gods / Faust / 44d 15h 5m 53s
Looking at Forrest now, Jess thought he looked very cute and at the same time ruggedly handsome. Was that possible? Apparently. Him making a string appear out of nowhere made her arch a brow. "Anything else you have in those pockets? But yes, that will be perfect," she asked, but smiled as she accepted the string, there hands touching for a moment and it almost felt like sparks were running over her skin, "If you keep this up, you are going to give me the shirt off of your back." Naturally, that was teasing.
With nimble fingers she knotted the string until it was secured around the stop part of the stone and then two loops around the stone itself. "What do you think?" she asked before turning her back to him, "Help me put it on?"
The answer to her question felt almost restrained in a way. "What things exist?" she inquired curiously before thinking on it slowly, "So... if I told you my dream, would you be able to tell me what it's trying to tell me?" It still felt like a risk. He could think she was absolutely crazy afterwards.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 46d 14h 40m 47s
It was common for Foresti to play with his pockets. There was much more interesting pockets nowadays. The material was nice and didn't have that after feel that leather did. He was playing with the pockets when he found some leather string that had been given to him by the priest.

"Will this work? I don't know why it was given to me," Forest said before offering it to her hopefully. Though he was tall, needed to shave, and was an overrown bear, he looked cute then.

Hearing the question he wanted to scream yes at the question and take her then and now. "I do, I believe dreams are more and there are many things that exist."
  Gods / Faust / 46d 15h 34m 32s

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