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Jess furrowed a brow. She couldn't think of any time that it was probably better to be woken up than to sleep. Looking over her shoulder that there really was no one else there, she felt almost paranoid at the thought of someone hearing this.
She couldn't blame Amira for finding this fun, but it really felt like that. "I don't know how, but can you really tell me you think those things are normal dreams?" she asked before playing with the stone around her neck, "One of the people in my dream died here at the very spot we are working on. I saw it, felt it. I couldn't stop crying. It was like I was mourning a parent or someone else really close." Her friend should know it was not something she did often.
The question made her thoughtful. "I think I did...," she replied slowly, now playing with the string as she tried to remember, "It was on one of the runes here. It spoke of people, ordinary ones, proclaiming the gods' messages. Some believe that they actually had contests to decide..." Slowly it was coming to Jess. "I think that's what's happening in my dreams," she whispered dazed. She couldn't remember it outright, but something like that was happening. What was the name, damn it?
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 34d 14h 44m 37s
"It was probably better this way," Amira said rubbing her eye for a moment. She had to move to the kitchen since it was the only place that had solid signal. At least she was alone in here- that was becoming scarce between the two very good looking guys.

"How could the dreams be real?" She asked before giving a chuckle. "If anything it'd be a weird past life thing. Sure, they feel...but how is it possible?"

There were a few things that couldn't be explained, but it didn't mean she was going to just believe this.

"I've noticed something in one of the KV sites a dream...I think elsewhere too. There's pictures of gods, and people are touching them. That's common, since there are priests. But these people aren't priests...Have you read or seen anything like that?"
  Gods / Faust / 34d 16h 18m 26s
Jess did believe he was a good guy as quirky as he was. Whether or not he was still interested, she had no idea, but she supposed that it didn't really matter right now. She was after all trying to be abstinent from guys. "Yeah... I should get back to work as well," she agreed as she turned back to the pottery before her.
It was after work that she finally got around to calling Amira. Hearing the yawn, she gave a sheepish look, even if her friend couldn't see it. "Sorry, did I wake you?" she asked as she moved a little away from the people so they couldn't overhear her, "I keep forgetting the time difference." She really didn't mean to do it on purpose.
Now that a bit of time had passed she almost felt stupid for calling her friend about this, but it still felt so real. "I... Do you still have those dreams?" she finally inquired, running a hand through her hair, "I really don't think those are dreams..." Her voice was so soft she feared that Amira might not be able to hear it.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 35d 2h 53m 27s
No sooner than it hit that point was when she woke up to the phone ringing. Stunned, she realized she wanted to experience, and second was that she really was getting to that point. Giving a small groan she rolled over to pick up the phone, at least there wouldn't be work tomorrow. Tonight was a party not too far away, it was close to what she was used to.

"Hey Jess," she rolled out of bed. Placing on a pair of pajama bottoms. "Hey Jess," she yawned. Maybe she could distract her from these dreams. Or it was time to tell her about them. "What's going on?"

Xavier gave her a smile. She was trying hard but he still was partially crazy. "Thanks," he said before looking towards her. Now that they were more of friends she was looking more like he wanted to. "Not sure yet. I should get back to work."

There was still workto do. Tomorrow would be a day off, one that was much needed.
  Gods / Faust / 35d 3h 31m 44s
By Anubis, her kissing back and giving that sound was exactly what Set needed to hear. Well, her grasping her hair and feeling him up wasn't bad either. What more could q guy want? He would give her the best time she ever had.
Keeping the kiss going, his hands began to wander her body and slowly undo her clothes in the process. This felt so damn good. He could be content with this feeling, but he wouldn't let Osiris outdo him.


Jess furrowed her brow slightly. She could see that being the case, but even then it seemed terrible that he was considered crazy for it. "And that's not right. You have a bond with nature that people should envy you for," she told him truthfully and gave his arm a light squeeze, "And how are you going to do that?" She couldn't imagine how he would do that.
She wasn't sure herself what this was, though she had the feeling that it had something to do with whatever she was dreaming about. Maybe it was time to call Amira again. Her friend seemed to be on to something and Jess wanted answers.
  Set / Hoshizora / 36d 15h 1m 18s
Farah knew that in these moments Set had her completely with kissing and touching. That was it. She didn't mind that, since she knew that she had him as well. He was here, after all, and wanted to prove something. Giving a small sound she moved one hand up to his cheek then to his hair before grasping it.

The free hand roamed to his chest very contently taking him in. This felt different than before, that gave her a giddy feeling inside.


"No, it sounded...strange. It's not the first time that I've been told that or got a look. Suppose it's just who I am," Xavier gave a smile. Sometimes he forgot to reign himself in. "No, I can say that this is when this happened. I felt it. I'm going to find out. Whatever is going on, it doesn't feel right."

He wanted to find out more about what is going on. That might include Celia herself, which might not be a bad thing for her.
  Gods / Faust / 36d 16h 19m 46s
Jess realized she had phrased that question wrong. She hadn't meant for it to be teasing or anything like that. Heck, after what she was going through she was willing to believe in some tree spirits or whatever.
Slowly she reached out a hand to his arm and make him look to her. "That came out wrong. I'm sorry...," she said softly, "I don't think you are crazy talking about your trees like that. I agree there is something off here, whether that's tree related or not, I have no idea. I just can't imagine Celia being much more than a... particular individual." She didn't know a better word than that.
She looked to him with a soft smile, hoping he would see that she genuinely hadn't meant to insult him.


Set was happy that she hadn't expected him to come after her. Made him feel like he wasn't completely predictable at least. Feeling her so willingly kiss back and give that sound made him smile. He hadn't lost her to Osiris yet and he sure as hell wasn't planning to. Burying a hand in her hair, his other hand began to roam her body, already beginning to undress her.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 37d 14h 43m 35s
It was almost like that, of course, he wouldn't admit that outloud. The question actually made him feel self conscious. He shook his head giving a quick smile. "No, of course not. Uh, what I mean is the air felt good then she came and it's wrong now," Xavier rubbed the back of his neck. "It could be nothing, I'll go ahead and just get back to work."

He had really tried too much there, or tried to not be more of himself. He grabbed the shovel before offering her another smile.


Rest wasn't possible, but maybe gathering her thoughts. They were everywhere and her feelings was being torn apart. In just the few minutes alone, she came to realize that she liked both of them, even more than that. For different reasons.

Rising in surprise at seeing Set, she didn't even get to ask before the kiss. Not that she'd complain, giving a small sound she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing back. This was a little different for him, but she liked it so far.
  Gods / Faust / 37d 15h 43m 57s
Set would never admit he was lonely. Never admit that he took all those women to fill a void inside him that he didn't even know needed to be filled. Arguing with his brother was just another thing to pass the time.
"Maybe you just came with me, because you haven't met Osiris yet?" he pointed out, maybe it being harsh, but he was starting to get into a mood. Her offer was tempting, but at the same time he really wanted to beat up his brother.
Actually standing there deliberating for a moment, he ultimately went after Farah. He would prove to her that he was the superior lover. Entering her chamber, he kissed her hard as he drew her closer to him.


Jess couldn't say how the weather changed, but the energy was nearly toxic for her. She wanted it to stop, but had no way of doing that. "Is this going in the direction of being able to speak to trees?" she asked, at least that was what it felt like before she shook her head, "No, it's not. Something is up and it doesn't feel right." She just couldn't tell him though that she had seen a person die here.
Her brow arched. Personally, she didn't think Celia was anything but a mean girl, but what did she know? "I don't see how she could possibly be able to change the weather," she pointed out, "I mean, I agree that she is unsettling the peace here, but other than that..." She wished she could blame her for more than that.
  Set / Hoshizora / 39d 1h 52m 40s
Those words did something to her heart. It actually hurt her, that he felt that way. She felt for him, Osirishad been right, they were lonely. The brothers had two very different ways of managing that. Set had every woman he could andOsiris went inside himself.

"No, Set, that's not true. You have an equally great qualities that makes you enjoyable. It's the main reason why I came with you," she said gently. Daring to kiss his cheek. "Call on me if you want me."

Retiring to her room, she couldn't even rest at this point.


"It feels wrong. The weather is warmer, the energy is something else, I don't know how to put it," Xavier frowned. He looked to her before shaking his head. "It's probably crazy talk, there just seems to be a message of something deeper at work."

He knew when he first felt it was with Jess, and it grew with Celia. 'I think it has something to do with that new girl. Do you?"
  Gods / Faust / 39d 2h 18m 4s
Xavier looked pretty happy right now. "You look pretty happy though. Seems like you found a liking to digging things up instead of being a guide," she mused, trying not to show how shaken she was by all this, "You're asking me? You are the one that's lived here longer. But yes, it does feel unnaturally warm. What do you mean the forest is unhappy?" That part made no sense to her.
Jess wouldn't complain about it being warmer. After all, she froze half the time. His question made her arch a brow. If only he knew. The image of the dying sister flashed before her eye again. That sadness wasn't leaving the air. "I don't have a good feeling either. I would almost prefer not digging further, but I can't imagine the others will agree to that," she told him softly and really didn't want to touch anything, if this was where she had died. Her words were mild in comparison to what she was feeling.


It was his game. She was right. He had started it and now Set was hating himself for it. As much as he almost wished to beat her, he knew he would only be taking his anger out on the wrong person, mainly not him. "Yes, I'm sure my brother is much better company than me," he replied sourly, his frame only tightening more.
There was the temptation to have her, simply to remind her that she was his, but he could not deny her that request. "Very well, go. I have someone to visit," he said and turned to go find Osiris. He would not be getting off so easily.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 39d 2h 37m 25s
Xavier looked to Jess, putting on smile, he was dirty with the digging but was enjoying himself. She herself was putting on an act right now. Something seemed wrong and somehow it had to deal with her. "Something feels off balanced here. The forest many also be unhappy but it feels wrong. Is it normal for it to be this warm?"

It was warmer than usual, it didn't seem right. "Something feels terribly wrong. I can't shake that feeling. What about you?"


"It's your game, Set," Farah braced herself for more, she would deserve it. The light of it, she was playing it to please him. The idea made her sick. She had been a humble slave once, now she was giving her body away and playing games. "We talk about the history, some od the people, and once of how lonely being a god is. That's all."

Putting down the plate she gave him a waning smile. "I'd like to lay down now." She said, hoping he'd dismiss her,
  Gods / Faust / 39d 2h 49m 13s
What she said made Set's lips tighten. While she was right that he had given her permission to do anything, he was still pissed off and it showed as he clenched his hands angrily.
A dark gaze went to Farah, even though he knew he couldn't punish her for something that he had instigated. "That bastard," he hissed, "Let me guess, he realized the game you were playing?" Osiris wasn't stupid. That meant he had simply slept with Farah to get to him. "What did he say?" he finally asked, though was very close to simply running off to beat up his brother.


Jess had no idea what she was getting herself into. While she knew that Celia wasn't exactly kind to her, she could never guess that there was a centuries old feud ready to burst. She watched Forrest walk off as she looked at a few items that had been found.
Xavier wasn't far from where she was and she tilted her head at seeing his expression. "What are you so worried about?" she asked as she brushed some dirt off of a piece of pottery. God, she hoped he hadn't seen that she had been close to crying over nothing.
  Set / Hoshizora / 39d 3h 4m 39s
One thought did occur to her. While she was feeling terrible for last night, there was usually a time he was inside someone else. It was her role but it was starting to grow.It didn't mean that she didn't care, and he cared to a point. "He told me that. No, Set, I didn't. I spent the night with him," Farah said. Whatever the reaction was she would accept it.

Aside from the heat going to her cheeks. She felt those same eyes on him. "I have your permission as long as I tell you what he says, which isn't a lot."


It had to be her. It was strange how there was two with the gift, he hadn't seen that before. If he knew that witch, she'd want Jess out of the way, though he'd never accept her. There could be others, though. Forseti made his way to talk to the priest to investigate.

Xavier should have done more stuff like this before. With his sleeves rolled up. He helped get the top layer off. From the yards away he watched some of the scene worried.
  Gods / Faust / 39d 3h 26m 11s
Celia batted her eyes at him. "Now, now, you shouldn't say things like that. You've barely spoken a few words with me. What would your gods think? Here I was told by the others you were so nice," she replied sugar sweet, only the slightest of glints actually betraying how she actually felt, "It's not as if I'm saying that you should watch your back or something like that. Humans are... hurt so easily." She watched him walk off. As if she would be intimidated by the likes of him.
Jess had watched the strange encounter from afar and furrowed her brow. She hadn't been able to hear what they said, but it looked heated. God, she hoped this dig was over soon.


Set furrowed his brow at what she said. "In that bed?" he repeated, finding that wording a little strange, "Did you fall asleep at the wall?" He ran a hand down her cheek. She was weird like that, but if she was happy, who was he to not let her learn.
"It's fine. If you don't like banquets, then I won't force you to come. Osiris is much the same. He hates banquets as well. Finds them a waste of time," he told her as he watched her load her plate, "You sure are hungry." He couldn't help grinning. A healthy appetite was good.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 39d 14h 36m 43s

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