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"So, uh, your sister-wife tries to kill both of you and it's all normal and okay? Does your family try to kill each other often or something...also a sister? I'm sure if I was involved with my brother I would be openly trying to kill him," Amira gave a small chuckle. She loved and had worshiped her brother when younger.

There was something still strange going on about it. "That woman was tough as nails...and it wasn't as if America was great, either. Every ten years someone seems to hate all Arabs for something only a few assholes do...anyway, tomorrow why don't we go see him tomorrow. I have an idea that Set won't like."


"That's what I'm afraid of," Forseti gave a wry laugh. Looking back to her, the awkward moment seemed to fade. He changed the shirt before looking back to her, who seemed still very awkward. "You're an entirely different person as mentioned, you'd be react different."

Germany, he wasn't even completely sure where that was but he would go wherever she went. "Anywhere you go I go."
  Gods / Faust / 106d 1h 35m 54s
Jess supposed this would be a problem, because she could never be sure, if he wasn't confusing his feelings for Hella with hers, if there were any at all. She gave a small laugh. "Well, lucky for him I can take over that job. Though you are still pretty far from a city. You haven't seen nothing yet," she mused, wondering how he would react when he saw some of the things they had nowaday.
She was surprised he would admit that he liked it. Gladly she accepted the food, eating it slowly before seeing him look around for new clothes. To give him some privacy she looked away, though it struck her that she did know what he looked like undressed due to the dreams. "We should be going back to Germany in two weeks," she told him as she continued to eat, "Is it... awkward for you that the dreams showed me all that?" After all, she remembered it like she had been Hella herself in that moment.


Osiris supposed that he was far too calm for a normal reaction. Still he chuckled at her words. "It is," he agreed before thinking on how to explain it, "I suppose my occupation has made me jaded. When you have heard millions of stories of deceit that lead to death, you are not surprised it happens in your family unfortunately. We gods are more or less undying humans. Isis was always ambitious so it is not a leap that she could be responsible for something like this."
He smiled softly at her words. "Maybe she wished a better life for her family?" he suggested before laughing, "He is. A great man full of knowledge. Wonderful to talk to." He had always liked him.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 107d 31m 6s
Forseti would recover from his mistakes shortly. It had been presumtive since he wasn't even sure of his thoughts and feelings at the moment. He felt better knowing that she knew the truth now and agreed to help him in whatever they were supposed to do. "He's also tired of explaining how everyhting works," he chuckled before smiling to her. "That was....I'm still sorry...I do have some food I picked up earlier."

He offered her the food before busying himself with finding some new clothes. He really needed to watch himself a bit closer.


"That...this is very complicated..." Amira gave a small laugh before sobering at his response. It wasn't a great deal of one but it was enough to let her know that he didn't know any of this. "I'd be more shocked since your sister-wife tried to kill both of you and got her killed."

Where was Isis anyway? She was wondering more about the past. "My grandma was Egyptian...other than the political wars...she came to America for some reason. I don't know...Is...Professor Tahuti really Thoth?" She asked curiously.
  Gods / Faust / 107d 3h 29m 33s
Osiris did give a soft smile at the memories. "We were," he admitted, but he knew that he had only ever been the consolation prize. After all, it was obvious that she had loved Set more than anyone else.
He listened to her story without interruption as he thought things over, piecing together different things. "I... suppose I should not be surprised. It's something she would do for sure. Isis... has always been rather power hungry and she had never really had any love for Set. There is no reason to be sorry," he told her, running a hand through his hair, wishing he could talk to Isis right now, but that wasn't really possible anymore.


Jess had to chuckle at the thought of the foreman wearing anything, but what he did normally. Quite honestly, he looked like the only thing he still slit open was envelopes. "Is that bad though? Sure, he doesn't do that, but he still believes in you. Just like I do now," she pointed out with a small smile.
As she watched his own reaction to what he had done, it was clear that he hadn't really planned it. That was a relief in a way. She ran a hand through her hair. "Don't be sorry. I... liked it," she told him slowly, taking his hand and was a little surprised how weathered it was, "I just... don't want to allow myself to hope when it is clear you only have ever loved one person and still do." It was admirable how much he loved Hella, but at the same time heartbreaking, because it meant there would never be room for her.
Watching him move back, she did lay down again, her back grateful for it. "Do you have anything to eat?" she inquired softly. It was probably almost afternoon and she hadn't eaten since last night.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 108d 47m 17s
"In the underworld you two became more intimate. I'm glad you two had that," Amira surmised with a smile. It was sweet really, they had had a good connection though she had a feeling Farah had loved Set with all of her heart, and he had loved her. Sitting down she thought on the words before just going ahead and telling the story. Looking to him, waiting on a response.

Isis had been his wife, he had a right to know alone. There was still a lot she wasn't understanding but would catch up on. "I'm sorry, Osiris." She said softly.


"What use are gods now? Either way, there are other gods, the foreman told me as such. He's a priest who guides gods and oracles...Back in my day he'd wear make up and slit peoples throats for sacrifice," Forseti gave a wry look.

The kiss had been random to him, even if he had done it. He wasn't even sure why he had done it. He was glad to have something back from the past, but it wasn't her.

"I, uh, am sorry. That was inappropriate," Forseti moved back chiding himself silently. "Do you need more rest or need anything else?"
  Gods / Faust / 108d 2h 50m 54s
It was still a little hard to wrap her mind around it all. After all, this had happened centuries ago. "I suppose I have to think of someone who is 50 back then like they are 80 or something now. I'm sure she was happy to have your companionship for the last few years either way," she mused, imagining even if nothing like that had happened there was still a strong bond.
She furrowed her brow at his words. "You are not useless, Forseti. You would not be there, if that was the case. I suppose it's the question why specifically you and not any of the other gods," she wondered as she gently placed her arm on his hand.
The kiss was completely unexpected, but at the same time made her heart race. Still, she kissed him back, the hand on his arm moving to his cheek. Pulling back, she did look to him. "I'm not Hella, Forseti, as much as I may look like her..," she said softly, assuming he had only kissed her because of that. He could never love her, because he loved Hella, always would.


Hearing the request, his lips did tighten lightly as Set looked to Osiris, but ultimately gave a nod before disappearing to his room. It seemed clear he wasn't happy about being sent away.
Osiris smiled as she hugged him and he hugged her back, holding her close to him for a moment. "The mind works in strange ways," he mused as he looked down to her. The suggestion was something else and he was hesitant to give and answer. "There are parts I know. She never said it all though, I believe. If you wish, I will listen," he replied truthfully, knowing his brother hadn't probably handled it as gracefully.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 109d 54m 37s
"There was no more wandering after that. After those years, her body didn't quite agree with her, so we remained here until her death. I never found anyone, either, obviously. Not that it would have mattered...we gods...we're useless," Forseti looked around still wondering why he was here.

"Of course, there is a reason I was summoned, it's best to find out. I couldn't leave you if I wanted to either way," he said softly before giving a soft kiss on the lips. It hadn't been intended, just sort of happened.


"Set, could I talk to Osiris alone for a few minutes?" Amira looked to Set before looking back to Osiris. It really was like being reunited with old friends, only Marnin liked Osiris, so both sides was in agreeance here. There was mixed feelings and she was sure none of it was her own feelings.

Okay, so some of it was her own feelings since she was remembered bits and pieces of the time with Set last night. Once alone with Osiris she couldn't help but give him a hug. "It feels good to see you again, I don't know why..." she gave a small laugh. "I don't know if you know...but I should tell you about her death..."
  Gods / Faust / 109d 1h 35m 11s
Set did feel sorry to see her have such troubles keeping her food down. He tried to keep his enjoyment of eating them to a minimum, but it was also amusing to see how she seemed to be furious about something.
When the two returned Osiris smiled at hearing the news. "I'm glad to hear it and I hope my brother presented his best bedside manners, as I am sure the ordeal was not an easy one," he replied, not hugging her, but he did think back on many times in the underworld. It had been a good time.


Jess silently accepted the smile as an apology. After all, he clearly didn't mean to hurt her. Listening to the story, she thought on it. "Wow, so she was fifty. That's pretty old for the time, wasn't it?" she asked, trying to remember what she had learned, "So you ended up traveling together afterwards?" She wondered, if they ever rekindled that love for one another or if it had just been awkward.
His words did make her smile softly. "Well, I'm glad I'm not a complete failure as an oracle," she said before thinking on some things, "Celia... she is somehow connected to all this as well, isn't she? And in two weeks I'm going back to Germany. Are you coming along?" She didn't want to leave his side as it stood right now.
  Set / Hoshizora / 110d 1h 31m 41s
Breakfast was more of a few bites and stomach turning ordeal. It was infuriating the fact that some primordial complex was directing her in the direction. It wasn't as if she didn't want to do something but instead she was being gently pushed in the direction.

In two weeks they'd go back, she intended on finishing this work and adding more to her thesis. Upon their return there was Osiris. She gave a smile upon seeing him. "Hey," she said resisting the urge to hug him. He was an old friend/ lover of hers. She imagined after the death there had been more for them. "I remember now."


Forseti gave an apologetic smile at the touch. Instead he smoothed her hair before giving a nod. "She explained as such towards the end. She was forty when I saw here again, after I managed to have the grandson become an oracle. It doesn't seem old now, but it was then, the hard labor and not enough food. I spent the next ten years with her until she died."

He gave a sad smile before looking to her. "I know you aren't her, and I don't want that. I am just happy to see that there is some light in you like she had."
  Gods / Faust / 110d 4h 53m 34s
It was probably meant to comfort her, but him touching her back at this point made Jess gasp in pain as she pulled her back away from the touch. While technically it was fine, it had just endured being stabbed and a blood eagle and it felt super sensitive. That did make her forget the sadness over Hella's heartache that she was experiencing for a moment before it came back at seeing her and she wrapped her arms around him, despite the pain to simply hold on to him, as if she wouldn't let go.
"Even if you two couldn't be together? It's the reason she never married. She could never feel the same way about another guy like she did you," she found herself saying, somehow knowing that, before thinking more, "But now you must be needed, otherwise you wouldn't have been brought back. We need to figure out what is happening." Question was where to start.


Set didn't know it yet, but he was likely to be miserable in Germany until he got used to the weather. It would just be cold otherwise. He was sure she was already eagerly waiting for that.
He couldn't help chuckling at how paranoid she sounded at this moment. "So much for a free choice of will. Now the question is how much was influenced by Farah and how much by your professor. I could see him being an interesting man. So it was off to Germany?" he went on as he thought on it. It would be interesting all this to say the least.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 112d 59m 31s
Forseti had been getting food and then having a small conversation. During his time as a god he rarely had deeper conversations nor fun ones. When he returned she was crying. Forseti half suspected the dreams was coming to an end. He moved over to her rubbing her back.

"It was a happy story. The boy grew up fine, a long line of oracles came, until we were no longer needed," Forseti said with a wistful smile. "I would have been happy to remain there. I see this world has mostly turned out fine without us."


Set was comfortable here in some ways, she had fights over the temperature with him. Of course, back then he had worn less clothing. Imagining him dressed for Germany was an amusing thought, even more so a Philadelphia winter. "That will be interesting."

Jesus Christ, he was right, she hadn't gone anywhere mainstream. She could have gone to Boston but instead chose Germany. "Sweet Jesus, you're's all a big set up. That's what I get for being an atheist. It was probably what the oracle told her, only reasons he was able to come back."

It was strange talking about someone else death so easily, when it was more personal to her.
  Gods / Faust / 112d 2h 31m 53s
"Aaron... Oh, the guy that left at some point, too nerdy for his own good," Set remembered vaguely, not being one to remember men, "If you wish. There is nothing keeping me here as it is." That was the truth, so he may as well leave.
Listening to her list, he gave a thoughtful sound. "That would be a lot of coincidence for one thing," he agreed as he thought on it, "Maybe you can take it a step further. You think it was a coincidence you both ended up in the same class being taught by that man?" If that man was able to do all the things she said, he saw no reason why he couldn't do the rest.
His brow furrowed. "An event from over two thousand years in the future? That's would be some foresight, but I agree. She might very well have been used to strengthen the oracle abilities," he agreed as he looked out towards where the storm was brewing.


It was in that moment that Hella gave herself fully to him. Without realizing or intention she had always kept a part of her to herself, but this time she made love back, wanting to show Forseti how much she loved him. This was the most wonderful and heartbreaking moment of her life.
Afterwards, she gladly took the things he gave her, knowing she would need them. There wasn't much of a plan, but she would survive. Her heart melted at the words and she hugged him close before nodding. "I love you too, Forseti," she whispered and she held back tears, determined not to cry, "Same goes for you, but even more than that, stay the god you are. There will be trials, but you can surpass them. You are justice and you will be an amazing god." Kissing him one last time, she gathered her things and the baby before making her way somewhere. She was resourceful, she could do it. Not turning around one more time so she wouldn't be tempted to go back, she coddled the child. He was her life now.

Jess woke up to two of the strangest feelings. On the one hand, it felt like the skin on her back at been peeled off. On the other, her heart felt broken. Not moving from her spot in Forseti's tent, she simply began to sob, trying to find a way to vent these feelings.
  Set / Hoshizora / 114d 1h 17m 7s
"Yes, he is. He's also Aaron's dad. He sent Jess and I out here, probably for this reason. Maybe we could leave sooner to see what he knows," Amira stopped in her tracks for a moment. The storms were unsettling, but he was a god of a small area, he knew little of the world. "Don't you think it's a little weird that world wide all these storms and events is happening. All the while the while Wiseman sends out two students randomly to places, she also pulled a Norse god out. And somehow I get both you and Osiris out. That's a bit much for coincidence."

While Farah was in there, she was also logical and capable of pulling these train of thoughts together. "I think...this is what she sacrificed herself for. They told her something was going to happen now. And she needed to be with her brother, as oracles, to do this."


Forseti made love to her gently in that moment kissing everywhere he could. He wouldn't know where she went, he'd do it even if it killed him, it was for her safety though and the child. Finding some extra clothes for the both of them he kissed her softly.

"I will find you when it is're my oracle but you...are much more to me than that. I love you. When it is right, I will find you and the boy," Forseti ran a hand through her hair. "If you find love out there...take your life if you want to with someone and have a family. I want you to be happy ."
  Gods / Faust / 114d 4h 23m 21s
His words made her smile and melt, but also made this so much harder. If it hadn't been for this, she would have never left. "You will be to me too," she whispered and held him close before knowing that urgency was needed.
In the village she left the baby with a wet nurse, saying she would be back for him later. Hella could only hope that he would be doing better when she got back. Saying goodbye to Forseti, she did sleep a bit, it was the middle of the night before going to gather supplies and figure out her plan from here.
She did show up to the blood eagle and watched the first few moments, but soon left. She had condemned the act of her sister so she went back to getting supplies and figuring out where to go from here.
When Forseti came back to her she was in her rented room, organizing everything. She gave a small smile, finding this so heartbreaking. "Thank you, Forseti," she said and placed the supplies to the ones she had gotten before nodding, "I will. I'm trying to give the baby as much time with the wet nurse as possible so he regains his strength. The plan is to leave this afternoon." That meant they had a few hours before she intended on leaving. Looking to him, she knew she needed to feel close to him one last time. She moved over to kiss him lovingly. It felt so good as her arms wrapped around his neck.


Set gave an amused chuckle. "I don't think I've had half of those things and they all sound very unhealthy. It is interesting this is what the modern culture has gone to create," he mused as he saw her hungry expression before thinking on the professor, "Wiseman? That was your professor, right?" Since he hadn't met the guy yet, it was hard to say.
He tilted his head as she made her conclusions. "You think two almighty gods were summoned, because of weather? Why does that sounds like such a gross misuse of what we are?" he asked, unsure about all this, "But what could possibly happen? I mean aside from the weather everything seems normal enough." How would they know what this big thing was?
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 115d 52m 46s
"You will always be more than just an oracle, Hella..." Forseti stroked her hair. There was urgency when it came to the child. Back in the village he directed her to one of the wet nurses to feed and come back to health. Chances were he'd be with the rest of the gods to the morning. He'd join her before she left so they would have another time before they were divided.

At dawn there was the blood eagle that was taken as slow as possible. Forseti watched without an expression before sneaking to return to Hella. "I have these supplies and money for you...You ought to leave soon..."


"Yes, pancakes, juice...Oh, pizza and fries..." Amira gave a hungry smile. There was little like that here, but the food was a different sort of good. "All terrible food but so amazing...I guess we are. I suspect Wiseman set this up."

The storm bothered her more than it should have. Storms happened. Of course there was all the strange weather going on all over the world. "Set, the weather isn't normal right now. Even with us killing the Earth. It's been really weird...I think that's why you both were summoned was because something big is going to happen."
  Gods / faust / 115d 3h 33m 50s

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