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He was probably right there. She did most of the translation work. They could survive without her for a day. "I think I realized that when I started balling my eyes out for no reason," she replied dryly with a small chuckle, "At least I know why now. And how did we do as oracles?" There was still so much she wanted to know about him, Hella and all this in general.
When they arrived at her tent Jess was so tempted to just curl up, but at the same time she didn't want to be alone. Not after all this. "Is your tent that much bigger?" she asked before nodding softly, "Yeah, let's go."
Hearing the story, she smiled softly. "I think you should keep it. You can't keep giving me all the things that remind you of Hella. You won't have anything for yourself," she told him, looking up at him.


Set gave a shrug as she chuckled. "I didn't have any clothes and I wasn't about to stand all day," he mused as he watched her solemnly, "I suppose that makes sense. Was it at least worth breaking your celibacy?" He gave her a small grin, not sure if she remembered much of anything.
He did arch a brow at that. Here he thought she would be furious with him. "Yes ma'am," he mused as he watched her get comfortable and he simply scooted up so he could lean against the headboard with his back to watch her. He moved a hand to run it through her hair.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 60d 13h 50m 53s
"They'll get on without you just fine. I'm sure you've realized by now that this was where Hella died. I made a promise to her to redeem her family and have them be oracles. Some were good, some were bad, it wasn't the blood it was the people themselves," Forseti took her to her tent before giving a small apologetic smile. "We both won't fit in there...unless you want to stay in my my tent."

He smoothed her hair for a moment before giving a nod. "She said her nephew brought it back from the raiding. He gave it to her when he came back. Do you want it back?"


"Naked asses on couches are gross...I'm sorry...and feets on bed without sheets. My mom...she's a bit of a neat freak and I picked up some of it," Amira gave a small chuckle. With how he was acting now, she didn't have as much hatred towards him anymore. From what memories she did catch it had been an amazing time, too.

"When you have that personality, some people know, and they manipulate you. Excuses...loving acts for a did and I can't let that happen again. It's why I chose to go celibate until that was broken," Amira rested the second pillow on her stomach before laying down comfortably. "You might as well make yourself comfortable since you aren't leaving my side."
  Gods / Faust / 59d 15h 40m 55s
Set gave a shrug. "Likely, though you weren't too pleased about me sitting naked on the couch either," he reminded her as he did place a bucket next to her bed, just in case, before he sat down on the edge of the bed.
It was interesting to hear her say that. "Hard to imagine that happening to you," he said, truly being amazed that any guy would leave her, but what did he know. He was almost programmed to be infatuated with her. "You should rest until you feel better. Don't worry, I'll tell the professor you aren't feeling well," he assured her as he brushed some hair out of her face.


"Probably better than collapsing at work, because I still feel skewered," Jess replied, knowing she had little options, because no one would believe she was feeling this way because of a dream. The more she thought on it, the more confusing it become, though it explained quite a few tendencies of hers. "That's why I have such different personalities at times, don't I?" she concluded, trying to understand all this.
Hearing the last part, she felt sorry for him and she hugged him close, despite her back, and rubbed his back softly. She had seen how they acted and they really seemed to love each other. "I'm sorry about that," she said softly before remembering something, "The necklace you had wanted to give me... The one with the shell on it that was from a dear friend... That was from Hella, wasn't it?" It was crazy to think that that was the case.
  Set / Hoshizora / 61d 13h 24m 23s
"That makes more sense of why I hated you when I met you, he still blamed you for her death...which I'm sure will be great to go through if dreaming of the poisoning did this," Amira laid down slowly, placing the water bottle and crackers at her side. It was likely the stomach flu, or something mimicking it. It still smelt of them on the bed, and it wasn't a bad smell.

"Never say you love someone that you know will never love you the same way, it's how you get hurt even worse," she said slowly before giving a rueful smile. "I had to learn that the hard way over and over again till decided to fuck it and not even try with this love business."


"It's your choice, but they'd understand if you suddenly felt under the weather, as they say now. And you should...You are, that child was raised by Hella, later they became my oracle and to my family until we were no longer needed," Forseti explained before shaking his head. "No, she needed to raise the family. Towards the end of her life, I remained a faithful companion until she died."

He still missed her but this girl had such a spirit that he was feeling a little more whole again.
  Gods / Faust / 61d 17h 19m 14s
There was quite a bit of relief inside Jess at hearing that he wasn't her great... something, maybe more than there should be considering that she kind of wanted to kiss him. "So I'm directly related to Asta," she repeated, which in a way made too much sense to her, considering how she acted. Still a bit of a letdown considering the few things she had seen of her weren't exactly nice.
There were a lot of questions she wanted to ask, but ultimately decided not to, since apparently she would see later. "You never ended up together completely, did you?" she asked, considering how he acted, "A day. I have to work on a dig in a few hours. I can barely stand, let alone anything else." Still, she looked up to him in a silent question of if he would help her to her tent.


Set did give a sorry expression as he watched her. He didn't enjoy watching her throw up, that was for sure. Slowly, he followed after her and arrived just as she finished dressing.
Her words did make him chuckle. "No, as far as I can tell you are quite sane," he mused as he leaned against the door frame to watch her, "Why is a good question. I don't know. I was awoken from my sleep by you. You are a descendant of Marnin. You're an oracle. The exact reason I don't know." He gave a shrug as he looked to her.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 62d 13h 55m 27s
"No, no...Asta was with child when she was banished. Only by a month, I've been told, which was before I was drunk and foolish. We never did find out the father but she had been very active then..." Forseti explained with a flush. "You'll see the rest of the events but as far as I knew Hella never had children of her own. Just raised Asta's into a good line of Oracles."

It was strange to be holding a great niece of the woman he loved, but she was there, but in a different way. It could be refreshing actually. "You should lay down, this should only last for a day, I believe."


Taking a step back, she placed a hand on the counter feeling her stomach churn again. "Oh, here we go again..." Amira moaned, before doing the wall crawl back to the bathroom. After a few minutes of cleaning her mouth again she made it to her room to change into clothes.

Thinking on what he said she rubbed her temple. "Oi, I've really gone insane, haven't I? And no...I'm good, thank you...why are you here?"

It was impossible to know what to think in this moment because there were so many thoughts.
  Gods / Faust / 62d 16h 38m 46s
Set was curious what this kiss was supposed to prove, but he wasn't going to argue. After all, he was allowed to hold her naked in his arms again and his hand around her waist gently drew shapes into her.
He was a little surprised that the kiss went on as long as it did, but when she pulled back she seemed to have the proof she needed. Nodding, he replied, "I am Set, god of war and a few other things. One can assume that, though she never outright said it. Was that the proof you needed? I can show you more proof in bed, if you wish." He couldn't resist suggesting that.


A part of her was so very happy right now and wanted nothing more than to curl up with Forseti while another one was just confused. It was a little crazy to think she was being held by a god right now.
Jess gave a soft smile back. "Her descendant... so like her I am an oracle?" she asked, trying to figure out what was going on, "Awaken you? Will my back stop hurting at some point? Maybe we can sit down or something." It felt like he didn't have many more answers than she did. Her back really didn't seem to agree to standing up though.
Though then she thought of something. The way her dreams ended just now Hella and he were happy. "Wait... does that mean I'm descendant from you as well?" she concluded, still considering pulling away or not, because if he was this was a little creepy.
  Set / Hoshizora / 63d 13h 47m 45s
It wasn't the fact that his hand went to her hair, it was where. In the dream it was always specific where his hands went. And now he was doing so, with the same kiss and placing his hands. It was hard to completely focus since it was a passionate kiss, and they were both still in the nude after the quick awakening.

Something from deep inside was quite alive and happy, the other part. Farah and Marnin. Ying and Yang. It was quite interesting really, that kept her from going further into the kiss.

After a minute or two into the kiss she moved her mouth. "The dreams were real then and you're a...god? The one she loved?"


It was good to have her in his arms again, no, this wasn't here. It was both. She was a new woman with old memories and some traits of the past. Forseti was having issues keeping this out of his head and keeping the two seperate.

"No, you aren't. I'm real and you are her descendant," Forseti smoothed her hair offering a smile before it became confused again. "I don't know what it means. I don't think it means anything good of what would awaken me. I am happy to be here, though."
  Gods / faust / 63d 15h 39m 31s
Had she remembered? It felt like a lot of details were still missing or foggy. Like who was this Hella and what did any of this have to do with her. Jess simply looked to him as he stepped towards her and wrapped his arms around her. It was an almost instantaneous effect. There was just something so calming about him and her arms wrapped around him, holding him to her even if it hurt.
His touch felt too familiar for it to be a coincidence. "Sort of, I suppose. I know who you are. You're Forseti... and I'm not really crazy," she muttered against him, at least she felt a little less crazy now, "In pain. My back hurts, but there is nothing there." Her arms stayed around him, simply because it did feel like his presence helped with the pain a little bit. That and the less she moved, the less it hurt. "What does all this mean?" she asked, still not understanding why she was involved in any of this.


Set simply watched her, curious as to what she was thinking. Her dark eyes didn't betray a thought as he looked into them. What was going through her mind right now? "I would never," he mused amused before she kissed him. That did surprise him, not that he was complaining as he kissed her back and wrapped an arm around her to keep her close as his other hand went to her hair. By Anubis, it felt good to kiss her. If he couldn't help it, he wouldn't be breaking the kiss any time soon. She just had that effect on him, even though he had only had her last night.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 64d 34m 43s
Had it been his misunderstanding or was his name said. That expression, and her look of pain. Forseti didn't say a word and instead walked to her and took her in his arms. "You remembered," Forseti whispered before kissing her forehead. "How are you feeling?"

Running a hand down her hair he gave a content sound. This was not Hella but he cared about her all the same. Asta hadn't won, thank Odin.


In the dreams, the mystery man, now she knew was Set had one thing he always did when kissing. She didn't want to but she needed tangible proof. Taking a breath she moved over to him. "Don't get used to this," Amira stated simply before leaning up and kissed him.

There was feelings in this but it wasn't her feelings completely. She'd know it, he always moved his hand in one way.
  Gods / Faust / 64d 1h 5m 40s
Set had been told not to tell her anything unless she realized it herself. That was what he had been doing. Just watching from afar. He could guess what she had dreamed and he felt sorry for that. It had been bad enough with Farah. "Very well," he simply replied, since he couldn't get around it, even if he tried.
Keeping his distance to give her a sherd of dignity, he followed after her and simply watched her, wondering what was going on in her head. Her words made him arch a brow. She was getting there. "And why do you say that?" he asked, looking to her as he leaned against a counter casually.


Jess gave the tiniest of smiles, the pain being too much to do more than that. It was probably good that he helped her, because truthfully she doubted she could go anywhere on her own. "I don't know. Somewhere...," she admitted truthfully as she slowly began to walk, slightly staggering at the pain.
It still seemed unreal. What she was seeing was real. The god was real or gods. This woman, Hella, had died here and Forseti had been there. Was he still here? Who knew how many years ago that was. It was unlikely. Still, that feeling that stayed from her dream... She had had it before, but where? The pain was making it hard to think.
Her weak legs were slowly carrying her to the spot that Hella had died and by doing so past the tents where they met Forrest. Jess barely registered him, but when her eyes fell on him a tiny part clicked as she whispered, "Forseti..." It made sense, at least to her sort of crazy mind. Gods could live forever and why not stay at the place that the person he had loved die?
  Set / Hoshizora / 64d 1h 43m 30s
Amira started at him wondering how he didn't get it. Though there were parts missing it was coming back, including the parts in between the dreams. She gave a small groan. "This conversation isn't over," Amira groaned. Refusing to lean on him, she reached for the wall. Doing the wall crawl she made it to the kitchen knowing he'd follow.

With some water and aspirin she felt only a bit better before finding some bread. "The's not possible..."


"I'll help you," Xavier stood up, giving another stretch he helped her up. Wrapping an arm around her waist. "Where do you need to go Jess?"

He was still exhausted but was actually quite good. He had cuddled with a beautiful woman last night. She had been feeling good till this morning. She still looked in immense pain.

On the way to the test there was Forest who gave gave look of understanding.
  Gods / Faust / 64d 2h 2m 54s
The more she slowly came out of her dream, the more the pain lessened, but it still hurt like hell. Jess stared at him when he said that there was nothing there. "I didn't sleep on a rock. I... no she got stabbed," she replied, not sure at the moment what was reality and what wasn't. Slowly she took deep breaths as she put her clothes back on, the cold air making a sound case.
Was she okay? She honestly had no idea. "I don't know," she finally said, feeling like she was going crazy. Only then did she realize the name that was swimming around in her head. Forseti. The guy in those dreams was a god. If this wasn't a dream like she believed, then that meant that gods were real. The thought made her wake up like a punch to the face. "I think I might need to take a walk," she whispered, even though it was still dark and probably creepy as hell out there.


Hearing her throw up, Set flinched lightly. It wasn't a pleasant sound, but he stayed in front of the bathroom door diligently as she finished. He knew what was coming now.
When she stepped out, she didn't disappoint in berating him. Calmly he looked back at her. "You wanted it as much as me," he simply replied, a little surprised she hadn't hit him. He kind of thought he would. The question confused him, but slowly he moved to her side, though not touching her, feeling like she would just hit him. "It's okay," he whispered softly in a reassuring voice.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 64d 13h 57m 30s
Xavier hadn't remembered falling asleep, though apparently he had. Xavier woke up to her going on about her back. Blinking to her confused, he moved stiffly, not able to see any marks or anything. "Did you sleep on a rock or a root?"

What a strange reaction, he yawned rubbing his arm but still managing to look concerned at the same time. "Are you okay, Jess?"


God, she had slept with him! Parts was coming back from the back room and in her bed. Twice. Either she was burning up, or the thought made her angry. In the bathroom she threw up twice before scrubbing her teeth and using a lot of mouth wash.

Opening the door, she leaned against the railing and glared at him. "You took advantage of the fact that I was drunk! Asshole!" She winched at the headache, it was the only saving her from hitting him. Then she saw him as the same man in the dream. "What's happening to me?"
  Gods / Faust / 64d 16h 45m 43s
Set looked to her. "You must be crazy, if you think I'm leaving you alone for even a second after this," he told her seriously before chuckling slightly at her joke, "I imagine it is. Not that I have a lot of experience with it, but yeah... I would hope so. Am I not the reason you should be alive?" He couldn't help a small teasing grin before he did move beside her, carefully wrapping his arms around her to keep her right there.


Set had slept soundly, his arms still around her when he heard her say his name, his real name. Still waking up he barely understood what she was muttering before he heard the insult. Opening his eyes, he looked to her.
"Charming, first insult me, then ask for help," he mused teasingly without any malice before helping her up carefully so they could go to the bathroom, "You had a drink too many, it seems." Though truthfully, the last time he had seen someone look so sick it had been Farah.


Listening to what Forseti said, Hella knew he was right. She could hardly justify her trying to attack her, let alone anything else. Forseti's anger was natural, especially considering that he was trying to protect her. "Of course not," she replied slowly, watching the door that her sister had just been taken away through.
With her sister now gone she felt the weight coming off of her shoulders and she was dead tired. Slowly she laid down on her stomach and rested her head on Forseti's lap. "A life with you?" she asked softly before slowly drifting to sleep, her arms coming around him.


Jess woke up with a start, her entire back searing in pain. It felt like she had been stabbed. Panicking, she tried to reach the spot, tried to figure out if there was a knife in her back or if she was bleeding. Not being able to reach, she sat up under pain, tearing off her jacket and other top clothes, despite how cold it was. It was still dark, very early probably.
Seeing Xavier beside her, she shook him awake. “My back… my back,” she repeated over and over in a shaking voice, her eyes wide with panic and pain as she stripped the last of her upper clothes. At the same time all she could think of was the one person that would make her feel safe at this moment. Forseti. If she stopped to think on it, she would realize more.
  Set / Hoshizora / 64d 23h 20m 0s

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