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A small, thin smile spread upon her lips. "Trust me, there is so much more going on here than you could ever know," she mused, her expression as if this were a game or something, "I find that rich coming from a guy that he himself had been doing a lot of whoring, if I recall correctly. I guess it makes sense you took a shining to her. Another charity case that hangs on you. God forbid, a woman thought for herself." She gave him a hard look as he walked past her and she simply moved over to her followers of guys, who instantly began to fawn over her.
When she saw the exchange of the two men, she moved over to Xavier. "You really believe that? Nothing happened? I'm just saying, you have seen how the two act around one another," she said with a shrug before continuing to walk, "I'm sure you know fact from lie, god son, but maybe you should ask Jess, since everyone finds her so trustworthy." She wondered, if he started to believe what she had told him yet. Jess meanwhile was coming back around from sleeping, still in pain, but happy for a normal sleep.


Osiris supposed that no one would truly understand. After all, they hadn't loved each other, but she was his sister and wife regardless. While he did not love her, she was still important to him, even if that probably made little sense.
Set arched a curious brow at what she said. "That must have been some war," he couldn't help being interested in it. He was the god of war and it was a fascination for him. Perhaps he would look it up later. Still, he shook his head. "It can't go well, no. Too much power with one person is never good, but if it's at the hands of a god with a grudge, all bets are off. We might be lucky he hasn't killed us yet. He's been doing this for centuries though. What can we do?" he asked thoughtfully. None of them were that powerful.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 90d 20m 44s
"There surely must be some sense in there other than what person to sleep with. A god of justice with an oracle who specializes in slander and whoring...especially the one with the spirit of the woman who killed my father," Forseti snarled. People were watching, though couldn't hear the words. Some of the males looked offended that he would dare speak to her in such a way.

Rolling his eyes, he walked past her until seeing Xavier. He looked obviously concerned for her. "She's well, resting in my tent...not like we did's more comfortable."

Xavier didn't seem completely believing. "Thanks. Hopefully I'll see her soon," he nodded before walking past him. Celia had that look on her face, it seemed she was determined to prove something. He didn't understand what though.


This was too surreal. It had been one day since she realized but now there was talk of a god army. Looking to Osiris she wondered exactly why he wanted to try to get Isis out. Though it was a vague memory of the afterlife when they talked about Isis. A marriage to please the parents, to continue the blood line, though it failed .

"Hitler was a man who took over a country and killed millions he called 'undesirables'. He found people who was just as twisted as him to serve him," Amira explained with a grimace. "Most likely. She takes both kingdoms, and he would get Set's position and army of gods...when the world is dominated by one god with many names. That...that cannot go well."

"No, it couldn't. That is why you were sent here. I helped your grandmother escape Isis and to less of a war torn country. I had to bring you back to end this before he brings ruin to our world."
  Gods / faust / 90d 2h 46m 39s
The two brothers were giving each other murder looks again, each not wanting to back down to the other brother. When Amira came with the analogy, they both looked confused. "What's a Hitler?" Set asked, though it seemed to be a rather grave subject, if that was how Thoth reacted.
Osiris gave a thoughtful look. He did want to save Isis, if not for the fact that she was his wife, then for the fact that she was his sister. "So they are pretty much doing this in exchange for living forever. It also means that they could get out of it," he theorized, running a hand through his hair, "At the very least, it's very likely he was the reason that Isis probably killed Farah back then, but what is his endgame in all this?" It made little sense to Osiris all this, while Set quite noticeably tensened at Farah's name.


Celia didn't as much as flinch at the words he throw at her. She had heard far worse and she honestly didn't care. "Trust me, I am nowhere near out of a job. There is still so much I can do," she mused, running a hand through her hair, "Besides, do you really think she will be a good oracle? The only reason she wants to do this is to be with you." The last part was said in a soft voice so only he could hear and with a shrug. It was true for sure. It was clear that Jess adored him and she found herself wondering how she would react when Forseti would never love her.
  Set / Hoshizora / 92d 1m 46s
A power hungry god that consumed and grew more power. During this, when her gods were talking, she sat thoughtfully. Thoth looked genuinely bothered, that didn't inspire confidence. This had been going on for thousands of years apparantly.

"So, this Orcus is like Hitler, and the various gods are his generals and whatnot?" Amira questioned Thoth with a dark look. That was more frightening than it ought to have been.

"Very close analogy," Thoth nodded to her. "Osiris, you can't save her. They aren't slaves, or being forced against their will. They are chosing to do these acts. There is a chance Isis has been working with him for a long time before our time ended."

That idea did not settle with her well, he felt her stomach drop. Isis had sort of killed her before, what would she do now?


"Well, damn her for spending half a day way recovering. I'd love to see what people would say about your activies. From what I've heard half of the camp have seen you naked and had you already. No one cares anymore. They certainly didn't care then," Forseti answered trying to be pleasant. "Looks like you're out of a job soon."

Even if he hadn't found Jess, he would not have taken her on. He was rather hungry himself and restless. Knowing he'd see this new world soon both scared him but also excited.
  Gods / faust / 92d 2h 56m 24s
Jess was happy when he stayed until he was asleep. There was something reassuring about his presence and she was happy. She tried not to think about the kiss, even though that was hard and she wanted to do it more, despite that kiss not having been for her.
Celia was meanwhile outside with the others, amiably talking in front of a fire. While she no longer could prevent Jess from becoming an oracle, she was able to make her life hard easily enough by dropping subtle questions about where Jess had been all day.
Seeing Forseti, she waved to him. "Forest, there you are. Come join us. Feels like we haven't seen you all day," she said with a sweet smile, though was very aware of what she was implying.


The two gods watched Thoth pace as he talked. Osiris had heard of Orcus before, while Set hadn't really. He didn't usually care, if it didn't involve women. "That's actually quite ingenious," Set found himself musing, not that he would try it, but still.
"That makes sense. With several gods he can command a lot of things," Osiris agreed before pausing, then sighing as he ran a hand through his hair, "I'm surprised. She seemed too smart to throw away her best chance, but what do I know. There is always danger. Is there a way to stop him? Perhaps by somehow releasing the gods underneath him?" While there wasn't much love for Isis, he did not want her to be a slave to a god like that.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 92d 23h 53m 44s
Like a parent he waited until she was asleep to leave, resisting the urge to cover her in something. Curious at the new stirring inside he again mentally slapped himself for kissing her. How could he have been so stupid? It felt like home, though. It was surely complicated and heart breaking.

Walking amongst the main group he found Xavier talking with other. The boy didn't know anything yet, but he knew the father, they had met many centuries ago. Celia was the one that he wanted to confront and also keep away from.


"I don't know what you know, Amira. We are all powerful, or we were, but it takes belief and oracles to be powerful. Nowadays we are people who won't age unless we give up our godliness. Once there isn't belief we are whisked off and obsolete," Thoth began, rising to pace. "There is a god that found a way to not die. Orcus is Phoenician, I think, but possibly older. He found a way to take a younger god and take not only their powers but roles. After we were taken to the other realm, he went on until the 1600's."

"Like those terrifying Atezch gods?" Amira asked, shuddering. Those stories had given her nightmares, along with all the kids and baby sacrifices.

"Exactly. But we don't exist, officially...anyway, he has found a way to live and thrive. I believe that he has several gods under his leadership and oracles. That's why the weather is changing and several other shifts. Osiris, I think Isis is one of those gods. There is danger in doing this..."
  Gods / Faust / 93d 3h 24m 24s
It should have been obvious to her that Set wouldn't be thrilled. After all, he didn't want to share anything with his brother, let alone his oracle. Still, Amira had learned to work him to give in to most things.
The damage that the storm had done was impressive. He could appreciate that, while Osiris was more worried about possibly hurt civilians. Set simply gave a small pout at the gods to an oracle part, but said nothing. His brow rose at Thoth's words now. "What truth?" she asked dubiously. He could not see this being good. Osiris looked just as grimly.


Jess did smile at what he said. It sounded nice for sure. It did struck her that he had never been married in who knew how many centuries. "But it's likely your children will inherit some abilities from you. I mean, even if you give up your immortality, you will still be associated to justice," she pointed out before reaching for his hand to give it a squeeze, "Then I will do everything I can so that you can have that soon. On the plus side, with the was you look, you should have no problem finding a woman for your family." It felt like the least she could do for him.
The idea of rest made her smile. "Only if you promise I'll now be able to sleep in peace," she mused softly, but her eyes were slowly closing, "See you later." Her back still felt brutalized and rest was all she wanted at this point.
  Set / Hoshizora / 95d 1h 45m 3s
It had been more like pulling teeth to get Set to agree, well, at least to talk to Thoth about it. Amira was learning how to work with him without spreading her legs, though the desire was still there for something. The storm had hit that night, in a freak storm of wind and rain. Stepping out with her entourage was shocking. Some cars had been destroyed and building damage.

Tahuti actually was pacing and looking anxious when the three of them entered. "It took long enough..." He muttered. "So, do we have an oracle for a god yet?"

"Gods to an oracle. Is there any other way right now?" Amira asked taking some coffee without asking.

Thoth grunted in a noncommittal manner. "I guess I should tell all of you some truth now. Are any of you ready to hear it?"


"Own land, eventually die, and I'd like to have a family. Perferably without abilities and traits being predesigned as all gods are," Forseti answered. "I'll let you rest for a while longer if you need to. I think I'd like to go for a walk or get some other food."

He would go anywhere with her, though eventually he would like to just find a place and settle down.
  Gods / Faust / 95d 2h 19s
Listening to what Forseti said, it was an interesting thought. "It's stange how humans and gods see the world so differently. Most humans are scared of the idea of dying. I think few call it a blessing," Jesse pointed out, thoughtfully, "So what would you do with your simple life?" She couldn't imagine what he might want to do.
She chuckled softly as she laid there on the ground, she looked to him. "You haven't been anywhere in centuries. Germany or not. I can't wait to see what you have to say to all the new technology and stuff like that," she mused softly, truly wondering how he would react to it.


Osiris listened to her plan before nodding. "Those sort of things do tend to mess things up," he agreed, finding that emotions are something that are hard to deal with. Perhaps that's why he at times preferred the dead.
Her asking him to come to Germany was a surprise. He hadn't expected that. Truthfully, he thought she would just ask Set and not him. "It would be an honor. I am not much use here as it is," he replied as he held her hand with a smile, "Perhaps some bonds can be fixed, but we will see." They had been broken for centuries.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 98d 2h 24m 4s
"Heh, after this incursion I don't want to be a god anymore. Just live a simple life before being allowed to die. It'd be such a blessing to go through those stages of life," Forseti gave a tired look before giving her a smile. She was sweet but still had that sexuality that was unlike Hella.

"Then to Germany...I have not been there in centuries."


"So, tomorrow we'll talk to Thoth to see what he says about this. I think I can deal with Set though...I just need to avoid...much more," Amira gave a small laugh. It wasn't as if she was overly attached to Set. There was a part of her that was but it wasn't her. "So, if it works out, would you be willing to come to Germany with me? I know...the past is complicated...but this is a new slate and I want to keep it as clean as possible. I really do want you there."

She took his hand as if to prove her point and gave a smile.
  World / Faust / 98d 3h 36m 45s
Osiris listened to her patiently as she began to puzzle it together. Finally he did nod. "That would be correct. She knew that as individuals they would never be able to help the gods again, but together they fulfilled the requirements to become an oracle," he told her truthfully as he thought back on it, "It worked out well and we were able to get an oracle line started." He had to say he was a little proud.
There was a little bit of flattery in knowing that he was needed. "Get Set to agree and I will come. My brother is not one that will give in easily, at least not where I am concerned," he pointed out, though the words og love clearly made him happy. Still, he knew that the woman before him preferred his brother much the same.


Jess gave a smile and nodded. "And I would never ask that of you. You are Norse and will always be Norse. I find that dedication admirable. I'm sure the next oracle will be just as happy to call you his or her god," she replied with a smile. In her mind gods just lived forever.
Hearing what he did, she gave a nod. "I'm sure Hella would think you did a great job," she told him truthfully before hearing of the slaughter and she couldn't help but hug him softly, "I imagine it wouldn't have been. I'm not sure it has though. There are still wars and violence. There is still a lot wrong with the world, but we'll focus on the thing we can fix." She gave a small smile as she moved to lay down again.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 102d 55m 20s
"It wouldn't seem so. Of course, I doubt that the situation hasn't been the same. After all, she wasn't the oracle, just...a concubine, I guess...Marnin was likely a servant with an elevated position," Amira slowly said, attempting to piece it together. It was slowly dawning on her what happened, though it was weird to think or say. "She asked you to combine both of her and Marnin in one after his death, didn't she?"

Looking to him with a questioning look. It would be difficult to arrange, or convince but it needed to be done. "It would be, but it might get to that point. I want you to come. She loved you too, just in a different way."


"Whenever you feel well enough we can go back and I'll show you. Never will turn my back on my home and it's language," Foresti said softly. He would always be a Norseman till the end. Which he actually hoped he could become mortal after this. To grow old and die seemed actually a reward.

"I did what I was supposed to do. Be the voice of justice and retreated to our planes when the Christians took over. It wasn't easy to know they were killing and murdering in their gods name, I see it all worked out in the end."
  Gods / Faust / 102d 2h 11m 31s
Of course, Jess sort of remembered his infamous reputation, at least the bit that Hella had heard about. She gave a small nod to show she understood. There was still doubt in her that he did understand that Hella was truly gone, but that was for another day.
She smiled when he said that. "All the runes you know? You don't know them all?" she asked teasingly, "If I stay with this career, then yes." She did like it, but had it really been her choice? "What did you do after Hella left?" she asked curiously, considering that had to be some 20 years between that, "How would an oracle bonding celebration work?"


Osiris gave a good natured chuckle. "Perhaps. I suppose it was a way to keep the power in the family," he mused, thinking it was entirely possible. He simply gave a thoughtful look. It was quite possible that it was a little late between the two. "I don't think gods ever had the same oracle before. Plus, I don't think my brother shares well," he mused softly, but maybe it could work somehow. If the situation was explained right to Set.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 105d 1h 29m 30s
"Well, before Hella...a lot of people had seen's not that awkward whatsoever. Either way you shouldn't need to worry too much about that situation," Forseti gave a good natured look. He thought she shouldn't have to worry so about his feelings. While he loved Hella, he had known she was gone and could feel for another again. Whether it was prudent was another story.

"Of course, I'd be happy to teach you all the runes I know. I'd imagine it'll help you out quite a bit in your future."


"Only gods and uppper class, bad end of the stick if you ask me. No wonder you all were trying to kill each other," Amira teased before thinking on this request. "I don't wish to get involved between you two...that ended badly before...though it could be a little late for Set. But...something big is probably happening so I'd like to be oracle for both of you."

It wasn't exactly traditional but she could help both of them, help her world. If sex and romance as kept out of it it could stay clean.
  Gods / Faust / 105d 2h 45m 38s
Osiris gave a small chuckle. "I'm sure you've heard some of the myths and stuff. It's not exactly made up. Many children to gods aren't a good mix. We are all powerful and still we have to share. Consequences is not really a part of our vocabulary," he told her, wondering how strange their lives must seem to her, "Also, it was customary to marry your siblings in our time." He shrugged, not really seeing the deal with that.
He shook his head softly. "Someone is always blamed for something," he replied before arching a brow, "Oh and pray tell, what is this idea?" Then again a lot of things probably got under Set's skin.


Jess chuckled softly at what he said. He was a god and was afraid of the unknown. There was something sympathetic about that. "I can see I will have a lot to explain to you," she mused softly, "Don't worry. I'm sure you will get the hang of it." She didn't see how he wouldn't.
Once he was done changing, she turned back to look at him. "I am," she replied, "I more meant though, if it's uncomfortable for you that I saw you together with Hella... and Asta?" It didn't seem to bother him much though.
There was something sweet about to his words and she smiled softly. "Then I guess we are a packed deal for now," she mused, feeling quite happy about that, before thinking of something, "You know the actual translations of the ruins. Maybe you could teach me." It could only benefit her work.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 106d 55m 2s

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