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Somehow the authorities managed to come in a timely matter. It was quite the scene with the authories checking it out, questioning, and more. Xavier hadn't been involved with something like this before, Forset seemed lost, and somehow kept out of the scene as much as possible.

Once more or less cleared, he sat down by her and offered her a strong drink. "Look like you could use it," he said, not sure what else to really say.


"I wouldn't take too many of these shirts and pants though. I'm going to need to find you clothes once we get past'll freeze to death in this," Amira said standing in front of him, adjusting the uneven edges of the shirt.

Then there was the temptation, why did she even have it? It wasn't even really her. Still she rested her hands there. "Well, it's probably best to get back now."


"I do need to get back, but I'd like that. They will think I ran off and well, got ran over...perhaps you'd help me...since I really will get ran over," Delilia gave a soft noise. "I, uh, am partially blind. I can see enough but not that well in distance."
  Gods / Faust / 58d 2h 49m 47s
Set really didn't get this, but he simply nodded, not really objected to any of the tossing of his things. Well, they were more borrowed, since he hadn't been here long. "And you think they won't hold us up anyway?" he inquired, since that was what he would assume would happen. It was a strange world. Then again, during his time no one could have been blown up.


Listening to her, Osiris nodded thoughtfully. "It would make the most sense. Otherwise, you would be witness to a lot more of... Set," he mused as he watched her, "So you are another oracle." He wondered, if perhaps it had been Delilia and not Amira that had called him back, but he supposed, no one would know for sure.
Her words made him chuckle. "This is definitely not a dream," he assured her amused, though he supposed he could understand the feeling, "Are there any questions you have? Maybe I can answer them for you."


If Jess wasn't so in shock, she would have found it hilarious how different the two guys are. How Forseti didn't even blink at this, while Xavier was at least more in her direction, which did relax her slightly. "It looks bad already," she pointed out. They were standing in front of a body, for the love of the gods.
Hearing Forseti's suggestion, she looked to him. Maybe she was being childish now, but she didn't want to be alone, whether she was standing in front of that body or not. Not to mention, she was supposed to tell the professor? Still, she gave a meek nod.
After finding the professor and explaining the situation again, it wasn't getting any easier, they were back and she just wanted to curl up and forget this, those lifeless eyes.
  Set / Hoshizora / 65d 1h 15m 59s
"Well, since I've been a little girl, extreme groups thinks it's a good idea to take over anything that can do damage and try to blow it up. Not all of us do that...but we all get searched like we are..." Amira said dryly. She expected to empty half of the bag of what he couldn't take but it was only a few items.

"There, now we will only be held up for me..." She stood up again, and looked to him. There was that flash of the moment where she wanted something to happen again. "That, uh, should be it...I should get back to them."

Delilia took off the glasses, her eyes did look normal, she just couldn't see the kitchen very well. "That's what I think. The memories only take me to some memories of her, but I guess, you giving Marnin a position. Set threatening him numerous times. Some of Isis attempting to seduce him...It goes on from there...."

Of course she looked to him, wondering if this was actually real. "This isn't a dream is it?"


Xavier wasn't sure how Forest wasn't more affected. The blood was coming out for Pete's sake. "No, don't move the body. We get someone and explain it...anything else will look bad. That's what the shows show anyway."

Forseti couldn't feel more loss even with Xavier there. It was a strange and he was failing Jess when she needed him. "I suppose that's true. We'll remain right here. Jess do you think you could go and find the professor?"
  Gods / Faust / 65d 1h 56m 47s
Jess gave a soft shrug. She supposed that was true. Anyone could tell the many rumors that had been spread about her by Celia and they would believe she was the victim, but she wasn't the one dead.
Seeing Xavier come up and tell her he had seen it all, wasn't very helpful. She looked away slightly before nodding. "I'm fine," she said, though clearly still shaken.
Finally looking at Celia, she found herself wondering what she was supposed to do. "So... what do we do with... her?" she asked, since they obviously couldn't just leave her there, though obviously she didn't intend to bury her away either.


Naturally, neither of them were ignorant of violence in their day, but they both cared for Amira so they didn't like hearing that this was a normal thing either. Osiris gave a thoughtful look, but nodded to show he understood. "And I know her best," he added, knowing he would have to stay here.
Meeting Deililia was a whirlwind and both brothers would say they were a little pleased to be known by the woman and not just random people, even if she didn't make much else sense.
Set gave Amira a pout. "Arrested? For what? I don't really have anything," he pointed out, though he probably did have something in there that wasn't supposed to leave Egypt.
Osiris meanwhile looked to Deilila. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. So you are from Marnin's side of things. That's interesting," he said, trying to figure out what to say.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 66d 1h 2m 23s
"Of course, but anyone could testify of how much she loathed you. That would mean something, no," Forseti said before seeing Xavier coming from a distance.

Xavier had observed from a distance, but hadn't minded until Celia hadn't moved in a while. Looking to Jess and Forseti he looked down to Celia, surprised at a true dead body. "I saw it, Jess...I wasn't sure what happened...and just now...Are you okay?"

Forseti couldn't know how unaccustomed they were to death in this age. In his age it had been the main focus it seemed.


"Of course. It's not the first time I've nearly been ran over, or hit for that purpose. It's just the...hazard of being in this age..." Amira brushed it off. Of course it being on purpose was another thing. "If Isis is here, there must be a reason. It's up to you, really."

She opened the door letting Deilila in. The woman, still in her mid twenties, wore the bright blue and green clothing more traditional. She didn't put her hair up but also had sun glasses on. "This is Deilila. This is-"

"Osiris and Set...I can't believe it...everyone said I was mad and going against Allah," Delilila breathed before catching the look from Amira, questioning quietly. "Marnin remembered, and that is more my line...not Farah."

That'd make Set happy, Amira smirked, but she was oddly relieved. Looking to Set she knew she'd need to check his bags. "Let's let them talk...I need to see if you won't get us arrested."
  Gods / Faust / 66d 1h 57m 54s
Set nodded while they watched Amira walk off. The brothers had come to the agreement to more or less ignore each other, unless interaction was necessary. Not a perfect arrangement, but it did its job.
Neither of the two was aware of what had happened until Amira came back and Osiris frowned. "What?" he said as he scanned her over, "Are you okay?" Set too looked worried as he came over. "Would it not be wiser to stay with you?" Osiris asked as he looked around for said cousin, "Are you sure you can trust her?" He was suspicious of her well timed appearance, though he wouldn't say no, if Amira wanted him to do this. "Very well," he gave in with a nod.


There was something comforting to having Forseti's hand on her shoulder. Maybe because he did look like someone that couldn't be be broken by anything. Maybe Jess secretly hoped that he knew how to bring people back from the dead. Not that she liked Celia particularly, but she had never wanted her dead.
Showing him the body, her face was pale and she looked away, not being able to look at Celia. "Isn't it? She wouldn't have tripped, if I hadn't grabbed her to begin with," she pointed out, not wanting to think on this more.
The question made her shake her head. "Forseti, you don't know the justice system. Ask everyone here and they will tell you we didn't get along. They might say it was intent or whatever...," she told him, maybe overreacting due to watching too many crime shows, but then she noticed his gaze, "What?" Her nerves were frayed at this moment.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 66d 18h 59m 0s
Hearing her phone buzz, she looked to the message, it was Thoth. Looking to the brothers she couldn't help but give a small amused look to Set. It would be a long battle, but she could win. Set had been behaving, so he must want Amira more, and she was a perfect combination of both.

"Try not to kill each other while I see, Tahuti. I'll grab some food and then we can go," Amira said. Grabbing her wallet, pepper spray and keys. It was halfway there she was walking, thinking about fried food, when suddenly the air grew short as a motorcyle almost clipped her. An arm grabbed her pulling her back.

That was the beginning of the weirdness.

Coming back to the apartment she asked Dalila to wait outside while she found Osiris waiting there. "You should stay, Osiris. Isis just sent a warning message, and a cousin...or something...saved me. You should stay with her."


How he had been blissfully unaware this was happening was beyond him. When Jess found him he thought that she had just survived something far worse. Instintively he wrapped a hand on her shoulder before giving a nod.

That was certainly a dead body. He gave a small grunt, not feeling bad about her death in any sort of way. "Of course you wouldn't kill her. This does look like an accident. It's okay, Jess, this isn't your fault just an accident."

What did they do now? He wasn't sure, he looked over to her, wanting to ask but afraid it might break her. "Um...let's get was clearly an accident."
  Gods / Faust / 67d 3h 3m 56s
It was clear he wasn't looking forward to leaving this place and she got that. This had been his home for more years than she can count. "I'll try to make the transition as good as possible," she promised, giving his hand a squeeze before nodding, "Okay, I'll see you in a bit."
First her walk led her along the edge of the woods before going to the excavation site. All the while she thought on things. Forseti, all this, but also that as of late there were rumors of the two of them floating about and she had noticed some people acting odd towards her.
Jess had just stopped at the spot where Hella had died when Celia appeared. It was mostly dark and you couldn't hear any sounds from the tents where the others were. "Lovely night for a stroll," Celia mused as she stepped up to Jess. "Why bother acting nice to me? It's obvious you hate me," Jess asked annoyed, wanting to leave, but Celia blocked her path. "I don't know what you are talking about," Celia answered innocently, though her smile suggested something else, as she turned to leave, but Jess grabbed her arm.
“I just want you to stop. Leave Forseti and me alone. You lost. I'm his oracle, not you,” she said firmly, holding her arm just as tight. “You must be absolutely naive, if you believe that this will impress me. I'm not scared of you or your pet god. You have no chance,” Celia replied annoyed, rolling her eyes as she tried to jerk her arm back, “Now let me go.”
Just as she gave a particularly hard jerk Jess let go, causing Celia to stumble. Her head hit the edge of a shovel that was propped up near by with a thud before her body slid to the ground. Jess stood there horrified. “Celia...,” she said slowly, her heart beating a mile a minute, “Celia.” Shaking, she moved towards the body and kneeled down, her hand moving to her mouth. Nothing. Only lifeless eyes stared back at her.
Panic began to course through her body. That hadn't been her intention. She had never wanted to hurt her. Dear god, she was going to jail. Frantically, she looked around, but no one seemed to have seen them. Not knowing what to do she jumped up and ran back to the tents, not meeting anyone on the way. She found Forseti's tent and with a lot of shaking, panic and frustration, she finally got the zipper open. Seeing him, she flung herself into his arms as the words simply spilled from her lips, “I didn't mean to do it. It was an accident. She stumbled when I let go and...” She was probably a complete wreck right now.


"If I understood half those words, I might be impressed," Set mused softly, truly not quite understanding, "Warmer clothing? Whatever for?" He clearly couldn't imagine a cold country. "Because brother, it can get below freezing," Osiris mused, shouldering his bag, "You might be a hothead, but that won't help you there." Set just threw him an unimpressed looked.
Set gave her an innocent smile. "I don't know what you are talking about. Closet sex is me on my good behavior," he replied with an amused smile. In a way it was true. After all, he hadn't had sex with her in the open. Osiris simply rolled his eyes. It would be a long trip.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 77d 35m 44s
It would be awful to leave this comfort place. It had been where he had spent 12 years before he wandered again. Next it would be a 'train' whatever that was, then a large city, that he wasn't even sure how large. Without most of his powers he wasn't exactly completely useful.

"Take your time," Forseti smiled to her. They got a long different but also more equally than anyone else before. There was more but he would be careful around this time. "I'll be here waiting."


"First we are taking a boat across the Mediterranean Sea, then getting a train back to Germany. It's actually pretty lucky. If you want to go anywhere in the US, there isn't a train in most of the places and you have to drive everywhere," she said before looking to him. "Before getting close, we'll need to get warm clothing for both of you."

She said looking him over for a moment. She had slept with him and yet she was still uncomfortable to a point. "You are going to need to be good, you fighting, closet sex...anything like that."
  Gods / Faust / 77d 2h 4m 14s
The brothers really didn't know what to expect and pretty much started where they had left off, meaning a lot of fighting and competition. They were gods and didn't really know what to do with themselves here in this world, expect fight like they had before over a woman, being Amira.
Set still wasn't too happy about leaving, but Osiris was curious what this world had to offer, as he had read a lot about it, even shortly venturing into the internet. It was fascinating what they had created in their absence.
So that morning they came out with their small bags, since naturally they didn't have much and looked to her. "So where to?" Set asked, wondering how this would work.


Celia couldn't help a small laugh as she saw his expression derail. "And if it doesn't, then I haven't tried hard enough," she mused softly as she watched him walk away, really not caring what he thought and began to walk off into the woods for a small walk.


Now that the dreams had mostly stopped Jess was starting to feel better or at least she finally got the sleep she needed. While she had hoped that more sleep would help her with her feelings for Forseti, as if they were a figment of her imagination or leftover from Hella, it hadn't and she was still trying to figure out what to do.
Jess nodded with a smile. "Tomorrow," she replied, not sure if she was happy or sad to leave this place, "We'll walk back to town and then take the train to Germany. It shouldn't take too long." It would be interesting to see how he reacted.
His words made her smile. "I know and I wouldn't trade you either. Though, out of curiosity what is a great promise?" she asked at that moment wanting to kiss him so badly, "I think... I'll go for one more walk. Say good bye to this place, I guess." She really did want to say good bye, but some distance to keep that wish at bay would be good too.
  Set / Hoshizora / 81d 12m 43s
It was both the most stressful yet most exciting time of her life. It took the two weeks to come to terms with it, there was still some dreams of other events that happened over the years. Nothing close to as dramatic. The brothers was still a huge handful between the fighting and competition.

When the time was up, Amira was surprised that she was sad to leave. She had connected to a part of her. The airplane would be too much for them so it would be a boat and then the train.

When packed she waited on the brothers to come out. This would be really the most awkward trip of her life considering Farah was trying to come out with her feelings, while Amira wouldn't have anything to do with them.


That was one woman who was unhinged. Xavier looked to her, every core in his fiber warning him this moment. "You're crazy, absolutely crazy...Whatever you're trying to do with's going to ruin you," Xavier said slowly, walking away.


It was the strangest feeling, it was like having Hella back but she was different. He appreciated that she was different, and of course it'd be rough. It was time to step out into the world, a world the Vikings helped discover and cultivate in blood and in soil.

"So, we leave tomorrow then, yeah?" He asked looking to her with a smile. "I wouldn't trade you or this for any great promise ever given."
  Gods / faust / 81d 1h 49m 24s
What he said made Celia raise a brow before she did laugh. He was kind of funny. "I don't feel any of that and believe it or not, I'm not jealous of them," she mused, crossing her arms in front of her as she glanced to him, "What if I said that I'm housing an ancient spirit inside me that wants nothing but revenge on those two?" She gave a small smirk curiously. She had told him the truth about him so why not this? He wouldn't believe her anyway.
Sure, what he said wasn't nice, but she simply shrugged it off. "That's my call to make, not yours and I feel I'm fine," she replied simply, not really caring how she came across in all this.


Osiris gave a thoughtful nod. "I suppose that makes sense. I guess I never really thought about who ends up sending me the people that come to my domain," he mused, running a hand through his hair, "I suppose I will have to read up on them, but yes, I can see how they would be a threat to him." Set simply rolled his eyes, not caring about this.
Hearing the mission, he nodded. "I can do that. I have yet not to spot her in a crowd, I would say, but I suppose now she won't want to be found," he agreed, wondering how he could find his wife. Set didn't move or say anything aside from crossing his arms. Clearly there was still hostility towards his brother.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 84d 37m 58s
"Secrets are always good, could braid each other's hair while we're at it," Xavier joked without a smile, but there was the joke. "There's always 'I feel threatened or alone' or even the whole 'I'm so jealous'. I won't judge. Affections could always grow back in a different way, no love is the same. That's what I'm told at least."

It was interesting but she seemed personally involved. "Maybe it's time to switch gears, you're starting to fray around the edges there." Not the nicest thing to say but he would say it anyway.


"Who do you think orchestrates the whole thing. Mortal, gods...we all are below the fates. They can kill even gods with one snip and a thread. It's probably why he is killing them," Thoth grimanced, even he hated the idea that there was someone above.

"Perhaps, could help me look for Isis here. I do not mean to leave too far. You would know her better than anyone," Thoth asked looking to him curiously.

Amira looked to Set, wondering what he was thinking. It was comforting knowing that in this journey he'd be there. For her or Farah, it wouldn't matter.
  Gods / Faust / 84d 2h 57m 7s
Set found it amusing how they seemed to emphasis very different things. Her the human lives and him the culture, though he supposed that was who Thoth was. Still, he made a note to research that. Perhaps terrible, but it interested him.
Osiris gave a thoughtful nod. "How could the Fates aid our help?" he inquired before looking around, "Is there any way we can find them before he does? I mean, surely he has a way to find them, if he is killing them. We just need to be faster." That probably sounded a lot easier than it was, but who knew.


Celia gave a shrug. "It doesn't bother me. Trust me, I could care less, if they do have a romantic interlude," she replied dryly. That was more or less true. She didn't care, if they did have sex or whatever, considering she was only interested in the position of oracle. "How can their be happiness when he only has affection for someone long gone? She will never be loved like that," she inquired, wondering how that would ever make anyone happy.
Hearing the question, she arched a brow. She was honestly surprised he asked, because no one did, not back when she had been Asta nor now. "And what could we possibly talk about?" she inquired casually, "Do you expect me to divulge my deepest, darkest secrets?" As if that would happen.
  Set / Hoshizora / 88d 43m 18s
"It was a terrible war," Thoth said quietly. "While they have one god with different names, mortals still manage to fight as if they were battling in our names. Book looting..."

"Millions of lives lost?" Amira suggested looking flatly to Thoth before shaking her head.

"That too...Anyway, there are other gods and's been a slow work in progress. Wiseman will be sure to explain the rest when you return. There is the Fates, they can help, only he keeps killing them," he made an annoyed sound.


"I really think it bothers you more than anyone else that if they're sleeping together. I know he's tall, and good looking...but you seem to be the only one it bothers," Xavier looked strangely to her. He had a chance, but he was glad that he didn't, she seemed happier with him around. "Shouldn't their happiness mean something?"

Unless she was very unhappy herself, he found himself caring a little bit. "Anything you want to talk about?"
  Gods / Faust / 88d 1h 26m 38s

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