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Xavier waited for them at the university, without the woods he felt a little less secure. Seeing a frazzled looking Forest and Jessika he stood up giving a smile. "So, you're all clear? No going to jail or anything, right?" Xavier asked hopefully. "Professor Wiseman asked me to come here and wait. I don't know why, his son is here though."

He was sure there was something going on that he didn't know about. He wanted to know more about what was going on.


"Poor Set, always forgotten, left to the desert. Blamed for something you didn't do. The one thing you really did love taken from you and she'll be taken again. He's very interested in these see..." Isis smirked to him before giving a sigh. "You won't keep her, maybe make her scream for a while before she realizes that's all your good for. Never a good partner in life...even more marriage..."

Isis stepped closer to him before giving a sly smile. "You owe him a favor...he saved you from really dying...though I tried he wanted you alive. And Osiris...better keep her close."

Isis began stepping away with a smirk.
  Gods / Faust / 31d 22h 35m 10s
Truthfully, Set had no idea what customs was and honestly didn't care, because he would rather be doing something with Amira, but instead simply nodded. What else could he do?
The goodbye between the brothers was little more than a curt nod. They were still not the greatest of friends and thus they were off. The port was an interesting place and he waited while Amira did the tickets.
Hearing the voice, his head whirled around to face the speaker. His entire posture stiffen as his eyes grew dark. "That would be none of your business," he growled lowly, though her words resonated inside him, "I can keep her." Though even he doubted his words. "What are you doing here?" he demanded to know, so very tempted to beat her up for what happened to Farah.


Jess didn't find his reaction stupid. After all, he had never before experienced a world like this. "No, there are only 5 cities that have over a million inhabitants. Most live in smaller cities or larger towns. Though there are even places where you are the only person for miles. Germany is a big country," she explained before smiling, "I imagine the later would be more something for you?" Living in a city for a guy like Forseti would probably be terrible.
"No, he's probably waiting for Amira to come back so he doesn't have to explain it twice and as far as I know, it's going to take them a bit to get here, what with boats and all," she replied with a sigh, also wanting answers, "We could go there and see, if he can tell us something." They had nothing better to do, aside from maybe getting Forseti some new clothes.
  Set / Hoshizora / 33d 21h 42m 8s
Something about Set drove her crazy, whether it was a good or bad way she didn't know yet. Taking this chance to catch her breath she gave a slow nod. "Yeah, in two hours...we should go now because of customs..." Zara gave a nod.

Saying good bye to Osiris and the newfound cousin they took a taxi cab there. While Amira was dealing with the tickets she walked only a few feet away.

"You just don't let it go, do you? The whole time afterwards it was crying over her...and you just found her again..." Isis purred stepping next to him. "Question is can you keep her this time from other men and life?"


Forseti was a warrior as well, and flinching at the loud cars was stupid. Germany was different than he remembered. He had been here but it was for different reasons probably some battle. "Are most of these cities this big?" He asked as they went back out to the sidewalk.

"Did this Professor want us to come yet?" He asked, honestly he wanted some explanation of what was going on.
  Gods / Faust / 33d 23h 56m 15s
"Well, it has been a century or two since then. After two world wars they became a little smarter. Not much, but a bit," Jess replied before nodding, "Yes, that's the plan." She smiled softly at him kissing her head and held on to him for a moment longer. He was her rock. Nothing seemed to shake him. "I'm pretty sure you couldn't have come to jail with me," she couldn't help joke, but still smile to show she understood, "It's a very sweet and symbiotic relationship, isn't it?" Almost how you expected an actual relationship to be.
She allowed herself to be led, noticing easily how the cars affected him. Gently she rubbed her back. "Unfortunately, everything is louder nowadays. Anything else you have trouble adjusting too?" she asked concerned, naturally wanting to help him.


Okay, maybe it wasn't a trick. At least Set assumed so. Those sounds were damn tempting to take it further, though he tried to keep himself under control. His arms kept her close to him as his hands ran up and down his back, taking in the contours with satisfaction.
Finally he did pull back, mostly so he didn't drag her to bed right then and there. "So we had a boat to catch, was it?" he inquired, not even sure if it had been a boat or something else.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 39d 21h 1m 59s
"These new authorities are very thorough. In my day, they questioned and found a way to kill you. It isn't as if you had control over this. I don't know what else you could do. So, I take it we go back to this Germany and see your professor?" Forseti asked, leaning forward to kiss her head softly. "You are my oracle but we were always partners. I follow you, you follow me. We work together."

Wrapping an arm around her, he led her out, still flinching at the loud cars. At least that nightmare was over.


It was comforting, as it was helpful to know that he'd be there. She would be there for him as well. Kissing was just something that felt natural even if she wasn't sure who was doing it. Giving the softest of sounds she moved her hands to his chest taking in the feeling with satisfaction.

Set really was going to be the death of her and her schooling.
  Gods / Faust / 39d 21h 42m 1s
Set supposed there was one thing that would never change no matter how many centuries passed. How confusing women were. Which was very when she wrapped her arms around him, not that he was going to complain and he held her close. "Considering you are my oracle I can't exactly go anywhere," he couldn't help point out, but nodded, "Yes, thick and thin." He reached up a hand to stroke her hair.
The kiss only helped solidify that women were damn confusing. Not that he was going to mind this as he kissed her back, the hand that had been stroking her hair now grasping it ever so lightly as his other hand kept her close. Somehow he couldn't help the feeling that she was tricking him.


Jess felt terrible that she couldn't be there more to help Forseti adjust. Not only that, but she worried someone might realize his papers weren't real. She had to force herself to focus on her own predicament, which was pretty severe as they detained her until they got all the witness statements and other stuff. It was nerve rattling and all Jess wanted was for this to be over.
Finally, there seemed to be good news and she was being released. Seeing Forseti waiting for her, she felt her body shake ever so slightly, just wanting to hold onto him as she looked up. "Yes, they are. It means they are dropping the charges. They don't think I killed Celia. I won't go to jail," she explained before he wrapped her in a hug and she held on to him tightly as if she didn't want to let go. "How are you? Are you doing okay? I'm sorry. I should have been there to help you adjust," she said, though mostly against his chest, still refusing to let go.
  Set / Hoshizora / 42d 21h 33m 18s
Amira wrapped her arms around him, enjoying the close contact. Set always seemed to smell good no matter what, even after sex. The last thing she expected was him to be so supportive and amazing. "We'll stick together through all of this? Thick and thin?" She questioned closing her eyes slowly. As long as he was with her.

"Good, this is the package you get," Amira said before lifting her head before leaning up to kiss him softly. It was breaking all those rules she had put in place but it felt right.


Forseti had a difficult time adjusting to the city. People in what was called suits was there, it was chaotic, it smelt. He remained with Xavier who chatted to him. Forseti didn't understand what was happening. When Xavier went in for questioning, he was left alone with fake papers. His questioning was just as strange. People took death seriously in this time.

Forseti rose when Jess came out, approaching but he stopped short of hugging. "Are they...releasing you? Whatever that means." He asked with a puzzled look. He eventually stepped forward wrapping her in a hug but was careful.
  Gods / Faust / 42d 22h 1m 1s
Of course, it seemed silly to him. Him being the son of a god. Still, somehow Jess doubted that Celia just said that for the fun of it. With a nod she did smile. "A character witness. Oh, you think my charming personality can't convince them on its own?" she asked teasingly, but clearly grateful that he would, not knowing what she would need and not, "That I'm looking forward to. No more tents. A real bed with a mattress." Sounded like heaven right about now.
Seeing the hand, she smiled before taking it and getting up. It felt good to have Xavier there to have her back. When they reached her tent, she leaned in to kiss his cheek. "Thank you for everything, Xavier," she said softly before busying herself with opening her tent.


There was some hurt inside him at that admission. If she did prefer a normal life, that was a life without him. "Well, I wasn't expecting that you had all the answers," he pointed out, "Besides, some of the best ideas come when playing it by the ear, as you say."
That she actually stepped closer towards him to rest against him made Set pause before his arms slowly wrapped around her lightly. God, he wanted to do so much more at this point. "I guess, just listen inside you. You know your voice. Though does it really matter. They are both you," he told her with a shrug, "I do. Very much so." It was still a little strange, but he could live with it.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 43d 21h 37m 44s
"No, of course I don't. Why would I ever believe that? That woman was know what, no more talk about her and what happened. That's for another time. I have to come with you anyway as a character witness," Xavier said placing the flask back in his jacket. "You won't have to sleep in a tent soon. Anyway, I'll walk you back to your tent."

He held his hand out to her giving a smile. He could be a supportive friend to her, he liked her as more but had no big moves planned for Jessika.


Amira couldn't quite answer, it wasn't something she had come into terms with quite yet. "I don't know, I had a normal life before...I don't know yet...just playing it by ear," she said with a shrug before seeing that he was struggling with this as well.

That seemed so simple, but it wasn't so simple, it was mixed into one. "How am I supposed to know what parts are which?" She questioned, stepping closer to him resting into him. "Do you care for me, as I am. Both of them into one?"
  Gods / Faust / 43d 22h 11m 36s
Set chuckled. "I'm giving you all the credit in the world. Some might point out that school isn't everything and that I can't be held accountable for what my relatives do, but yes, it is a lot to deal with," he replied before giving an amused look, "Besides, you can't tell me you would want to give this up for a normal life." At least he couldn't imagine that.
How could he make a big move when she had more or less threatened to castrate him, if he did? "Maybe you could try and listen to the feelings. Figure out which ones are from your essence and which one Farah's," he suggested with a shrug. Not that he cared which of her wanted to sleep with him. He cared for them both.


"So you believe that? That you are a half god?" Jess inquired curiously, trying to sound casual, even if this was a topic that was anything but, "True." He had a point. Celia had been all over the place and not in a good way.
The thought of sleep was twofold. On the one hand, her body yearned for it, but on the other she wasn't sure she could with images of the events running through her mind. Still, she nodded. "Yeah, we probably should. I don't think we can sleep here though," she mused as there were still a lot of people running around, "Tonight it will have to be a tent." The thought of if she should go sleep in Forseti's tent crossed her mind. Xavier's wouldn't be bad either, but she didn't want to bother him.
  Set / Hoshizora / 45d 21h 29m 21s
"Really now? I'm willingly dividing my time for this, during the most important year of all my schooling. To deal with you, this feud with him, and your crazy ass sister who tried to kill me after killing my ancestor. Give me a little credit here," Amira rose an eyebrow before nodding. "Fair point, yeah."

He was actually not making any big moves right now. Remarkable. She gave a soft chuckle. "I honestly don't know right now. It's hard to tell what's me and what's her."


"Oh, well, I look forward to that. Being told I'm half god, this happening and the odd professor that sent you here. As for her family...not sure who could deal with that...that woman had the worse places in all the wrong places."

It was time to be more sensitve though, he gave an apologetic smile. "Well, maybe we should get some sleep."
  Gods / Faust / 45d 22h 55m 25s
Jess had to chuckle at what he said. "And you haven't even met Professor Wiseman. He's the weirdest of them all," she mused, meaning that completely seriously and she was probably right too, considering that he had gathered oracles.
The good riddance part was definitely in bad taste to say and she wasn't quite sure what to say. "But she must have had family as well," she pointed out, realizing something. If she was also from their bloodline, they were related in some way. This was not a comforting thought either.
His last words made her smile though. "Moral support or someone who refills my drinks?" she couldn't help teasing, noticing how much he was giving her, not that she was minding right now as she sipped from the drink and curled more against him, "Though you will probably go insane by the lack of woods around." Chuckling, she knew it was something he needed.


"I'm surprised I'm trusting him here more than you," Set couldn't help pointing out. When did he ever have more faith in his brother than Amira? "Oh, this is the strangest thing? You're standing here with an ancient Egyptian god and a nearly blind cousin is the strangest thing? Should I feel insulted?" he asked, clearly being over dramatic, before smiling at her words, "Not if I have anything to say about that." It was true, he would rather die before something happened to her.
Her line of question made him look at her. "Is this a test?" he inquired, not entirely sure. The way she said it made it sound like she wanted sex, even though he was forbidden from doing that. "I mean, I can think of several things to do," he mused, wondering what she would make of that, though their hands were still on top of one another on his shirt.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 48d 21h 1m 1s
"You know these acedemic sorts...they're all crazy and obsessed with something weird," Xavier teased, knowing he was mostly wrong. There was an urgency to get back to their labs though. "Great, I'm sure he won't mind. This is in bad taste to say...but good riddance to her. I think the only people that liked her here was the ones she slept with."

Taking the flask back he gave her a drink. "Besides you could use the moral support when you get back to the city."


"Well, that's good then, because she's nearly blind. Some vision but not enough to be safe crossing the street. Jeez, cousins from my grandmothers side...this is a bit strange...all of it is very strange," Amira said before sighing. "This is strange to say...but you're the good part of it, I know you won't let anything happen to me."

WHile she didn't have undying trust in him like Farah had, she did trust him deeply. "What do you suggest we do with this time right now then?"
  Gods / Faust / 48d 23h 36m 0s
Set would learn soon enough that he was completely wrong with his assessment and that it could rain for more than a few minutes, actually days on end sometimes.
She was faltering, but at the same time she wasn't moving away. She didn't move her hands out of his reach either. "Not really," he pointed out, just giving her a simple look, "Osiris is with your cousin. The guy can talk for hours, if they find a subject. Also I'm sure he will make sure that she arrives home safely." While he was not his brother's biggest fan, he did not doubt that Osiris took his protection job very seriously.


Jess did give a soft chuckle at Xavier saying people had meltdowns. "Because they are so happy to finally be going back to civilization?" she asked, not being able to resist teasing him. Him wrapping his arm around her made her lean her head against him. There was that comfort again. The same one as when they had been in the forest. Her arms wrapped around him to hold him close. "I know, but it feels like I did," she whispered, maybe still slightly in shock.
She knew she couldn't blame Forseti for not quite understanding. After all, in his time people died all the time. Gratefully, she took the offered flask and took a gulp, ignoring the burning it caused in her throat. She was about to take another one when he spoke. He wanted to come along... Was that wise? Still, she remembered something that Celia had said. Xavier was the son of a god. Maybe he was another piece of the puzzle. "I would like that. I have to ask Forest to see what he thinks though," she told him with a small smile, though with talking to Forseti she meant asking, if there was a way to know if someone was a descendant from a god.
  Set / Hoshizora / 52d 21h 19m 2s
Amira gave a sound of amusement but said nothing else to correct him on that. Either way, some room would be made for new clothes once past Greece. For now she needed to pull her mind away from making a huge mistake again.

Most of those thoughts was faltering when he placed his hands on hers. "I, um, guess that it would be good to show my...distant family member out." She said slowly. Who was she trying to fool here?


"Most of them don't end with someone dying. Of course, someone usually does having a meltdown..." Xavier said before wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "You really didn't do it, you know."

Offering her a flask he looked around with a grimance. "I want to come with you...I don't know why...but it feels important with you and Forest."
  Gods / Faust / 52d 22h 35m 33s

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