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Asta naturally pretended to be shocked at the news of her sister's death, though secretly pleased with her work. She pretended to go about her day before deciding to slip off. There was no doubt in her mind that she had succeeded.
Hella knew Forseti wouldn't understand, but Asta was her sister and she cared for her, no matter how much she got on her nerves at times. She had sacrificed so much for her. Hella had fallen asleep before Forseti left, happy in the belief that he wouldn't harm her.
She had just woken up and the healer was helping her sit up to eat some broth, though it hurt painfully. When Forseti came in she gave a soft smile, that vanished at what he said. "I... imagined as much," she replied slowly as she looked to her food beside her, "I don't want her hurt." She said that last sentence with conviction, her gaze meeting his. She knew he wouldn't understand, but she didn't care.


Osiris could understand his anger. It was only natural. Set on the other hand could not. "I am the god of the underworld. Do you honestly think if there was anything I could do within my power that I wouldn't do it? Either of us," he inquired calmly, "You are right that we used her, but we also care about her
Set simply gave a growl at what he said, but at feeling Osiris' grip on his hand tighten slightly he did let go." Maybe, but it's too late now," he replied grimly and it was clear that this was effecting him more than he cared to admit.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 11d 3h 12m 25s
Forseti frowned at the request, Asta had tried to kill her, and she was asking for amnesty. He gave a nod though. She wouldn't be allowed here and seen close again he would personally kill her. Once she was asleep,he laid out the trap telling Asta that Hella was died.

Seeing what he needed, he left returning back to Hella. "I don't know how to tell you, Asta tried to kill you."


"You made her your whore and she still loves you. My sister will remain loyal to the end," Marnin growled before looking to Osiris as well. "You are equally at fault for this using her as well. You are not my gods. Find a way to heal her."

Marnin was quite upset, naturally. "We were better off as we were for her to end up like this. Using her nature. Now, let me go."
  Gods / Faust / 11d 3h 38m 18s
Naturally, the two gods moved outside when Farah asked for privacy, though there was an icy silence between the two as they stood there. Neither of them was in the mood for talking.
When Marnin came out and made a move on Set he didn't hesitate to grab him by the collar and force him against the wall. "You seem so very sure of yourself. You sure you aren't just mad, because you couldn't protect her either. I at least was able to provide for her in a way you never were able to. Also she had the choice to follow me here. I never forced her," he growled, glaring at the brother.
Osiris stepped forward and placed a calm hand on his brother's that kept Marnin there. "I think what Set is trying to say is he is just as devastated as you are," he interpreted softly, though Set's eyes only blazed and didn't let go just yet.


Hella forced her eyes to open, which took a lot more effort than it should, and focus on Forseti when she heard those words. Did he really believe she was an oracle? "You mean that?" she whispered, wondering if perhaps she was delusional, though it didn't feel like that.
Hearing what he said, her eyes almost instantly drooped shut. It was unbelievably hard to keep them open. She gave a small nod, eager to sleep. Feeling the kiss, her lisp responded with the smallest motion as a small smile appeared on her face. "Don't hurt her," she muttered, there being a feeling he might, if he had the chance and she didn't want that. With those words she drifted off to sleep.
  Set / Hoshizora / 11d 14h 37m 34s
The tension between the two was thick, one didn't need to hear them argue to know that they had been arguing. Farah actually was honored over this- they were great men who cared about her. Looking to the two of them she gave a smile.

Asking for some privacy, it wasn't a long talk. Marnin walked out naturally upset before looking to Set. In a moment he moved to pounce on him. "You! You did this! Made my sister into your whore only to be almost killed by another one of your whores. God or are the one who is responsible for this..."


"Yes, you understand...she is here for false reasons...but not you," Forseti smoothed her hair. Kissing her head again softly, he paced anxiously. The healer was getting extremely annoyed with the gods presence.

"You need to rest, Hella...I'll make sure nothing happens to you, okay?" Kissing her softly. Perhaps she wouldn't make it, that thought actually hurt more deeply than he thought it would.
  Gods / Faust / 11d 16h 20m 19s
Hella could understand more what Forseti was saying, but it all sounded so distant under the influence of the pain. "I'm... no oracle," she whispered back, at least believing that in her heart as a few tears rolled down her cheeks, "It hurts..." She wanted it to stop. That darkness was so very tempting right now, but she stayed awake as much as she could.
The healers work was painful, but all she had the energy to do was give soft whimpers and groans. She slipped between darkness and consciousness. The words of the old woman saying something about critical next few hours pierced the fog slightly, but they made no sense to her.
When it was finally over she all she could do was give a shaking breath as she heard Forseti step up beside her again. A trembling, cold hand reached out to find his arm, not having the strength to hold it. "Don't leave...," she muttered, her eyes not even open.


The brothers were both worried and it led to more and more arguments as they didn't know how to handle this situation, though they never did in front of Farah. Osiris nodded at the request. "Of course. I will make sure of it," he assured her, running a hand through her hair. Somehow he was very calm in all this, but then again he was the god of the underworld. Death was what he was used to.
Set, on the other hand, was not willing to accept this and it naturally ended in many fights between the brothers. He had imprisoned the other woman and kept her locked up for the time being. Nodding, it was a simple thing to have her brother called, which he signaled one of the guards to do.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 12d 2h 29m 49s
"Good, stay with me. You're a true woman and deserve to be here. Once it's time you'll be my Oracle and more," Forseti smoothed her hair before kissing her forehead. "You need to stay with me."

The healer shooed him away for a moment to clean the wounds before doing more. Forseti had an idea who had done this and he would find out. He would remain with her while she was awake.


To her it was not a lot of time. It was two days as she grew steadily worse, poison was acting quickly. After coughing out some of the water, she woke up to see both Osiris and Set there. "I'm glad you're here...please make sure my brother is taken care of."

She knew it was coming, she could feel it. "I'd like to see Marnin, please."
  Gods / Faust / 12d 2h 50m 53s
Set turned to her. Was she serious? She was on her death bed and she wanted to pardon the woman that did this? "I don't care what the reason is or lack there of. This is not something I will allow to stand," he told her firmly. He simply looked to her at those words, but didn't say anything.
Still, watching her roll to her side he almost thought she had died, but was relieved to see that she was sleeping. Moving beside her, he rubbed her back as he watched over her. Anything that she would touch would be inspected for poison.


Feeling him pick her up, Hella gave a groan, the motions making her back explode in pain. His words seemed muffled and she couldn't quite understand them. "I'm... here...," was all she could muster to say, though her consciousness was slipping fast. Still, it seemed important she stayed awake, at least to him.
By the time they had reached the healer she had faded again, which was probably for the better, considering the treatment would have been painful. The next time she came around the pain seemed less, but still there. "Forseti?" she whispered, her eyes not really open, though she hoped he was there.
  Set / Hoshizora / 13d 2h 13m 10s
"No, Set, I don't want her hurt. There must be a reason or something lesser. The women there...they have many different feelings. Its not easy doing what we do for you," Farah responded already feeling like she was going to throw up. "I had no idea you cared so much."

It did make her feel amazing. Giving a cough, she rolled to her side before feeling uneasy sleep come. She didn't mind if she died, she just wanted to see Osiris before that happened. She only hoped it'd be quick.


Wrapping the coat around her for the bleeding, he picked her up, starting down to the village. "Stay with me, need to stay with me..." Forseti kissed her forehead. He couldn't bear to lose her.

The healer was available just then, took her, the old woman barked commands pointing at various bottles of medicine.
  Gods / Faust / 13d 2h 43m 32s
It was wonderful to see Forseti seem to grow so much into his duties. Naturally, Hella would never attribute that to her being by him, but it was good to see. There were even plans to go see the world together, which she was excited about.
By the time Forseti found her her back was a bloody mess with blood pooling on the ground around her, while her skin was almost a pale white. She had almost embraced the darkness. It would be so easy. Never have to worry about being discovered as a fraud and have Forseti find someone he could truly be with.
Still, somewhere in the distance she heard his voice, calling for her, and it woke the part inside her that desperately wanted to see with him more and be with him. While it did not seem long to her, it had probably been hours, if not days, in the real world when she finally slowly opened her eyes. Her entire back radiated pain as she gave the softest of sounds. All she was aware of so far was that she was lying on her stomach. Slowly, her eyes began to flutter open and the only person that she really wanted to see right now slipped from her mouth in a barely audible croak, "Forseti..."


Seeing Farah reach for his hand, Set took it with a worried look. It was terrible to see her in this shape and he wanted to do nothing more than to make her feel better. Suddenly all that proving he was better than his brother seemed useless.
Hearing what she said, he turned slightly to the door. "Guards. I want the new girl's chambers searched. If anything in the slightest is found, I will be making an example of her," he told them as he continued to gently stroke her hand, "Also bring a healer and everything to take care of her." He didn't trust anyone at this moment and taking care of her himself was the only solution.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 13d 14h 46m 20s
Forseti's father had found it strange that he was no longer seeing other women, and was doing his duties with glee. Once this oracle time was over he would be taking Hella with him elsewhere and he'd finally go see the world for what it was. He was justice and to know it, he had to see the world.

Waiting impatiently, Forseti grew worried when more time passed than should. Trekking out to see what was taking so long. Then he saw the body and blonde hair. Dashing over to her he took off his coat and wrapped it around her.

"Hella...Hella...stay with me, I'm getting you to a healer now," Forseti whispered urgently to her, stroking her hair softly.


That look on Set's eyes, it was different than what she had seen before. There had been an awful lot of proving himself better than his brother, which was amazing sex. This was deeper than that. Farah found herself smiling softly at this and reached for his hand.

"That's because I didn't feel this bad last night, just light headed and not hungry..." She answered lightly. Leaning back she placed another blanket on her stomach. "Either it's a sudden illness or someone's trying to kill me with poison. It's probably that new girl...she's been vicious with the other girls..."
  Gods / Faust / 13d 16h 31m 49s
Seeing Farah like this, he did move to help her to the bed and he tucked her in as he watched her with concern. "That's the least of our problems. Why didn't you tell anyone you were feeling sick?" he asked as he moved to sit on the edge of her bed.
It didn't seem good. That seemed like the understatement of the century. "We'll figure out what's wrong. I'll have a physician look at you," he told her as he brushed some hair from her forehead. The thought that he might lose her was one he couldn't bare to think about.


"That sounds more like we would both die pretty early on. You know a lot and I would probably fall under flirt. I am not the virgin for sure," she mused with a laugh before looking to him, "You done it before? I guess I shouldn't be surprised." Seemed like something he would do.
It was amazing to look up at the stars with Xavier holding her, but soon her eyes did begin to droop shut until she fell asleep, curled against him happily.


They actually had had a vision or a promotion. One of their offspring would play a large role later. And Asta would make sure that it was hers, not her sister’s.  If the vision wasn’t enough to convince her, she was more than sure that Hella was sleeping with Forseti and it irked her greatly. Through Loki it was easy enough to find an assassin to do the job. Soon her sister would be dead. Asta grinned gleefully.
Hella didn’t really think much on the vision. It seemed silly to think on it. Even if it was true, what did it matter? Right now she was eager to see Forseti again as she made her way into the woods. She and Forseti had been spending a lot of time together secretly, taken some day trips inconspicuously. It was easily the best time she had ever had in her life.
She was so in thought she didn’t realize someone was following her. Only the snap of a twig just behind her made Hella turn around, but it was too late when she felt a blinding pain in her back as something dug into her flesh. Her body went weak as she felt blood sleep down her back and she fell to the ground in a heap. There wasn’t even any pain anymore as her senses shut down quickly. The last thought before everything went dark went out to Forseti, wanting to see him again one more time.
  Set / Hoshizora / 15d 14h 57m 2s
Amira spent the last ten minutes dry heaving, nothing was there to come out but it wanted to anyway. The drink on her table only made her feel worse. When did she have a drink brought to her anyway? Standing up shakily she moved over to the bed before looking to Set with a weak smile.

"I'm not sure...though, someone will need help to clean up after me," Farah said laying down again. Despite this her tone was as light as ever. "This doesn't seem good though."


"It's normally the ones that know a lot to die first. That and the flirts and playboys," Xavier gave a content sigh. Leaning down he kept his arm around her. "It's a wonderful feeling."

The stars were such a lovely sight and the forest seemed much more content now. He was more content now. The son of a god, he was finding that idea much different now.
  Gods / Faust / 15d 15h 46m 37s
"I haven't so I'll take your word on it," Jess mused with a laugh, "But you having seen so many of them clearly would indicate you as the killer." She gave him a teasing smile. This was fun and she was genuinely smiling.
Slowly she nodded. "I think I am too. I might end up falling asleep on you though," she told him honestly as her head rested on his shoulder, "I don't think I've ever slept under the stars before." It was a nice thought and with the blankets they would be warm.


"Probably," Set agreed, knowing that under normal circumstances, even this wouldn't have happened. Still, he enjoyed the second time just as much and was happy to fall asleep beside her contently.


Set wasn't sure he liked the arrangement of sharing Farah with his brother, but he couldn't complain, because he had instigated it. Still, it was taking a toll on him so he was happy when he had her to himself again when Osiris was gone.
When he hadn't seen Farah at all the night before he did grow concerned though and he made his way to her chambers. Making his way to her bed, he frowned slightly. "What's wrong?" he asked, genuinely concerned.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 16d 14h 45m 0s
"I have seen a lot of these films. I can't think of anything better than you being a killer," Xavier gave a laugh. He was putting a bit of thought into it but it was cheering her up. It was making them both laugh and smile. "I think I'm good with staying here right now, what about you?"


"It's probably going to be a while after this," Amira mused before giving a smile. She couldn't think clearly enough to wonder why she didn't mind him now and was happy with all this.

The second time wasn't particularly skilled but there wasn't passing out. Feeling herself starting to fall to the darkness she only had dread in this moment.


It wasn't easy with the two gods, when Osiris left for a little while to take care of other business, it was like before. Farah did miss him though, sex, conversation and the lessons. She did almost love them both, which wasn't good.

Three weeks later when Osiris was returned, at first she felt a little sick, then on the fourth day she found herself unable to really move and everything was coming up. Not coming for breakfast after not coming to Set or Osiris the night before.

Farah had an idea that she was possibly going to die of this.
  Gods / Faust / 16d 15h 18m 15s
Set was not about to complain about the free view he got. With a small smile he watched her change. Naturally he would have helped, if she had had some serious problems. It felt like he was watching Farah again and it made him smile.
He was surprised when she kissed him, but smiled, kissing her back as his arms wrapped around her. "Careful, I just might end up taking you again," he mused softly. He had no problem with that and it seemed like that was what she wanted.


Jess had to chuckle. "You are giving this way too much thought. Maybe I should be scared of you," she teased lightly, "I don't know. If I'm on top, then I shouldn't get too bloody. Besides, it worked pretty well in Basic Instinct. Though I see where you are coming from. Seducing is probably easier in so many ways." It was a little funny to think about.
She looked to him. "Why would you need to thank me?" she asked genuinely confused before nodding, "It is. I'm glad we did this. Should we go back or are we spending the night out here?" Maybe it wouldn't be bad to do this. She could almost imagine it was fun, even if nothing sexual happened.
  Set / Hoshizora / 16d 15h 33m 1s

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