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Actually, now that she thought about it, how did Aaron know absolutely nothing? Surely, he must have seen enough crazy stuff to know something. "I honestly have no idea. They have a very complicated relationship. I don't think they have ever been able to talk properly. Or maybe this is some misguided hope to keep his son out of it, to protect him," Jess theorized, wondering if Aaron would ever know the truth.
Hearing Forseti translate the documents in seconds, she slumped back into her chair in defeat. "That's it. I'm done with this work. It would have taken me hours to translate," she joked, mostly, but did watch as he explained the characters before thinking of something, "How does this make you feel? Seeing the things we collect from your time like this?" She sat up, looking to him wondering how all this must feel to him. She remembered what he had said about wanting to die at some point.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 15d 21h 57m 0s
"Oh, I'm sorry then, I didn't mean to. I thought he knew. How does he not know if his father is some sort of central member to this or whatever?" Forseti asked puzzled before looking after Aaron. It was like a god to know the complex relationship with a father or mother. After the death her mother had never been the same.

Looking at the documents, that they collected like it was precious. "This one is just instructions for farming. It was one of our main functions. Then this one is a trading document from the Danube..." He pointed to them before showing the different characters.
  Gods / Faust / 16d 9m 41s
Set gave a nod, though his mind was still preoccupied with what Isis said. "Seth, such a weird name," he said, still not really happy he couldn't have kept his real name, but knew she wouldn't let him, "Fine. The others...? I'm curious who she brought with her." Naturally, he didn't know any of the other gods.
Still, he was feeling more and more protective of her and while he didn't go into the shower with her, he did wait outside for her to make sure everything was fine. When she was done he sat down on the bed and looked at her. "So I suppose we sleep now," he said, not that he felt tired, but she clearly was.
  Set / Hoshizora / 17d 22h 9m 50s
"You'll have to do that on the long lines, short lights just the initials of the fake name you've been given. That's it..." She gave a hopeful look before hearing what he suggested before shaking her head. "We have to get a train in five hours, no. Let's get some sleep and then go. Wiseman said that Jess and the...others...I guess arrived today."

It wasn't as if he hadn't seen most of it, she started for the shower taking at least the pants off before reaching for some other clothes. It had one bed but they could do it, she was too tired for anything anway.
  Gods / Faust / 17d 23h 50m 28s
Looking to her, there were several thoughts that went through his head. One to tell her about Isis, another to forcefully bind her to him to keep her safe and the last was to ignore the questioning all together. "I'm in a bad mood, can't that happen?" was his reply instead as he sat down at the desk, knowing he wasn't going to get around writing his name.
"Why paperwork? Doesn't make things easier, one would think," Set mused before watching her sign her name and then he took the pen with a sigh. Honestly, he felt like he had no idea what he was doing, but when the pen touched the paper he found he knew the motions to write his name. "Well, looks like I do have some sort of language thing," he said surprised, looking to her happily, "Now that we have that out of the way we could go party. I heard they would have one." It seemed like a fun idea, even if he would keep a close eye on her.
  Set / Hoshizora / 20d 21h 35m 22s
"You've either acted wouldn't understand that or looked as if you were ready to punch everyone in the face. You know, I can read you, right? I guess there's an oracle connection. That and you are my friend," Amira said taking off her shoes. It was late and there was an early plane. "Germany has a lot of paperwork...we should at least do the signature."

Taking out a notebook and pen, she signed her messy one before looking to him. "Now you try. There must be some god abilities for language considering how many times you were conquered."
  Gods / Faust / 21d 49m 7s
Hearing what Forseti said, Jess wasn't sure if she should be amused at what Forseti was doing or worried, because Aaron seemed to look even more puzzled and downright ready to beat the answer out of Forseti. That he ultimately simply muttered a curse under his breath probably due to Forseti's stature, rubbing his temple.
When Forseti spoke to her she felt like Forseti was trying to be on the nose. "They do say that," she agreed, just seeing how excited and happy Wiseman was. Truthfully, she was happy she wouldn't have to translate on her own, like she usually had to.
Leaving the office, she looked to hear him curse, at least she assumed it was. Thinking on what to say, she replied, "No, probably not. It more felt like you were taunting Aaron. I know you don't quite get all the fine differences in our language yet, but you will get the hang of it. Also rather unfortunately, he is used to his father's strange antics." She ran a hand comfortingly down his arm.
Once they reached the archives, she gave him a smile though. "At least I won't be translating on my own right now and this would be the perfect opportunity to help me with my Norse," she told him as she pulled some old documents from the shelves.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 21d 21h 29m 11s
"Yes, he did say there was a god in the room. There is a god in the room. And a half..." Forseti answered puzzled. The elder man didn't seem as forthcoming yet until another joined them. "Perhaps I could help with the documents, I do know my Norse. That is what they say, right, Jess?"

"That sounds very good," the elder Wiseman said happily. More than he seemed happy in weeks.

Forseti followed after Jessika thinking about what he said before cursing in his native tongue. "I'm sorry, I wasn't supposed to say anything, was I?"
  Gods / Faust / 21d 23h 10m 59s
Set was someone that rather kept everything inside until it festered and burst out. It probably came from never trusting anyone and always ended up getting betrayed. "I am not," he simply replied, but didn't go much further into it, "Yeah, let's relax."
From then on he kept a much closer eye on her, obviously not flirting with others and making sure she was safe at all times. Honestly, he thought he was being discreet, but apparently not when she asked about it. "Nothing is going on. Why do you say that?" he asked with a simple shrug as he simply plopped down on the bed, "My signature? I don't understand your weird alphabet. Do I really need to?" Perhaps the whole Isis thing was making him a little mood. "Are there any parties here?" he inquired, maybe a distraction was what he needed.
  Set / Hoshizora / 24d 21h 21m 29s
The connection was strange. She couldn't quite place it, there wasn't the romantic connection, but it was partially like being completed. Farah hadn't felt it, she had loved him. This was something else entirely. "I really don't believe you, but okay," Amira said. The quarters was tiny but it would take a little less than a day to cross the ocean. "Shouldn't take too long. Why don't we just relax?"


At first she had thought she was a little suspicious when he was close to her, not even attempting to flirt with anyone else. By the time they made it to Greece she was sure of it. Looking to him she looked to him weirdly.

"Set, what's going on? Either way. I think we should practice your signature, you're going to need to for the paperwork," she said once they got to their room. Twin beds, perfect. Even if she was sure there might be a slip up.
  Gods / Faust / 24d 22h 21m 38s
There was something soothing about seeing Wiseman's office as messy as ever after all this. The professor mentioning a god made both Jess and Aaron pause, but for different reasons. Jess because it confirmed that he knew and Aaron because his dad was off the deep end.
Jess couldn't help a not amused look at the jail bit. "I was cleared from the charges," she told him dryly before sighing, "Fine, I'll look through the documents, though it more feels like you just want me to work. So no explanations right now?" She gave Forseti an apologetic look, knowing it wasn't really what he wanted right now.
"Is no one going to mention that my dad just called one of the two guys in the room a good?" Aaron asked, clearly being one of the most lost before simply giving in to this situation and nodding, "Very well, I'll help." He was used to this from his father.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 25d 22h 36m 0s
Professor Wiseman waited for them in his messy office. He took them in before looking to Forseti before giving a grin. "This is the first I've had a god in my office, marvelous..." He said before looking to the the confused look on his son and the half god. How they didn't know was something else.

"I've gotten word from Amira they will be here within two days. For now, I believe we could use your skills to look through documents to see if we can find mention of these nefarious figures...see what we can find..." he said. "If you plan on staying out of jail, you'll have unfettered access to the records we have here. Aaron, could you help?"
  Gods / Faust / 25d 23h 8m 19s
Hearing what Isis said, Set was damn close to turning around and beating her up, not that that would solve anything. Instead he threw her a glare over his shoulder that would have left any mortal shaking in their boots. Her it probably didn't bother too much.
Turning his gaze to Amira, he wasn't able to smile, but at least bring himself to a neutral expression. "Everything is fine," he lied, not wanting get into this and hopefully get her away from Isis as quickly as possible, "What weird thing could I possibly say? You always assume the worst of me." Her taking his hand, he held on to it firmly, making sure she was there.
Once on the boat, he looked around. "So... what do we do now?" he asked, still enraged, but hopefully hiding it better now.
  Set / Hoshizora / 27d 21h 31m 6s
"You know everything comes with a price, Set...soon you just might have to pay it back...try to keep an eye on her this time. Wouldn't want anything to happen, again," Isis gloated after him. It was something that was set on both brothers, Set for not truly dying, and Osiris in his resurrection. That part would come later though.

Amira looked to him puzzled, wondering why he looked like he was enraged. "Is everything okay, Set?" She asked puzzled before nodding. "Yeah, we should be good to start boarding. Just don't say anything weird or they might detain us."

She took his hand, mostly to keep track of him as they started forward to the boat.
  Gods / Faust / 27d 23h 16m 24s
Seeing Xavier, Jess smiled, happy he was also here. "I'm all clear. They ultimately ruled it an accident," she replied, not being able to help smiling a little at the thought of being free, "He has? Well, we were planning on trying to see him as well, so maybe we'll tag along. Aaron? Where is he?" She looked around before spotting the familiar silhouette approaching.
"Heard you were thinking of going to jail, Jess. That's an interesting career choice," Aaron mused jokingly before the two hugged. "Shut up, you oaf. How was your time?" she replied before separating, "So can we see your father?" "Yeah, he's waiting for you. All of you. Let's go," he said, motioning towards his dad's office.


Set's teeth clenched as his hands turned into fists. He wanted to do nothing more than to beat his sister to a pulp right now. "Shut up, Isis, you have no idea what you are talking about," he growled between gritted teeth, "You are the traitor. You sided with whatever is doing all this."
Hearing that he owed anyone anything made him furious. "I don't owe him anything. I didn't ask him to and I sure as hell won't help him with whatever is sick plan is," he snapped before noticing she was leaving, "You aren't going anywhere."
He made a grab for her, but just then he saw Amira coming back and it distracted him long enough for Isis to get away. Unsure he looked to Amira, not being able to ignore what Isis said. "Did you get it sorted?" he asked, trying to sound as normal as possible, but probably failing terribly.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 31d 21h 24m 29s

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