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Xavier hadn't remembered falling asleep, though apparently he had. Xavier woke up to her going on about her back. Blinking to her confused, he moved stiffly, not able to see any marks or anything. "Did you sleep on a rock or a root?"

What a strange reaction, he yawned rubbing his arm but still managing to look concerned at the same time. "Are you okay, Jess?"


God, she had slept with him! Parts was coming back from the back room and in her bed. Twice. Either she was burning up, or the thought made her angry. In the bathroom she threw up twice before scrubbing her teeth and using a lot of mouth wash.

Opening the door, she leaned against the railing and glared at him. "You took advantage of the fact that I was drunk! Asshole!" She winched at the headache, it was the only saving her from hitting him. Then she saw him as the same man in the dream. "What's happening to me?"
  Gods / Faust / 6d 17h 50m 33s
Set looked to her. "You must be crazy, if you think I'm leaving you alone for even a second after this," he told her seriously before chuckling slightly at her joke, "I imagine it is. Not that I have a lot of experience with it, but yeah... I would hope so. Am I not the reason you should be alive?" He couldn't help a small teasing grin before he did move beside her, carefully wrapping his arms around her to keep her right there.


Set had slept soundly, his arms still around her when he heard her say his name, his real name. Still waking up he barely understood what she was muttering before he heard the insult. Opening his eyes, he looked to her.
"Charming, first insult me, then ask for help," he mused teasingly without any malice before helping her up carefully so they could go to the bathroom, "You had a drink too many, it seems." Though truthfully, the last time he had seen someone look so sick it had been Farah.


Listening to what Forseti said, Hella knew he was right. She could hardly justify her trying to attack her, let alone anything else. Forseti's anger was natural, especially considering that he was trying to protect her. "Of course not," she replied slowly, watching the door that her sister had just been taken away through.
With her sister now gone she felt the weight coming off of her shoulders and she was dead tired. Slowly she laid down on her stomach and rested her head on Forseti's lap. "A life with you?" she asked softly before slowly drifting to sleep, her arms coming around him.


Jess woke up with a start, her entire back searing in pain. It felt like she had been stabbed. Panicking, she tried to reach the spot, tried to figure out if there was a knife in her back or if she was bleeding. Not being able to reach, she sat up under pain, tearing off her jacket and other top clothes, despite how cold it was. It was still dark, very early probably.
Seeing Xavier beside her, she shook him awake. “My back… my back,” she repeated over and over in a shaking voice, her eyes wide with panic and pain as she stripped the last of her upper clothes. At the same time all she could think of was the one person that would make her feel safe at this moment. Forseti. If she stopped to think on it, she would realize more.
  Set / Hoshizora / 7d 24m 50s
It was very clear that above all, she loved him, and he cared about her. Of course, she knew she'd need to make a sacrifice for them. Weakly she moved over. "I didn't know how much...stay with me while I rest? Dying is exhausting," Farah said softly before she let a content sound out. "I need to be alive for a reason."

Sleep was winning just being around him was safe.


The first thing that hit her was the strongest nausea in the world, second felt like two buildings clashing together. Finally was the warm, naked and very hot body. "Set.." She moaned moving slowly to not upset her stomach before it hit her. Set, the god, past lover...

"This is impossible..." She murmured before she knew they had sex. "You...bastard..." She started before feeling her stomach churn. "Help me to the bathroom, please."


"She will be sent not to a little town but to a more remote hell where she will need to defend herself. She's banished but this will not be easy. You cannot even deny with her attempt on your life and vile words she should be handed an easy life," Forseti said quietly butthere was anger in his tone.

"Take her...and any attempts..." Forseti stopped before sitting down tiredly. "She will be gone and you will have your life."
  Gods / Faust / 7d 1h 10m 37s
Hella looked to Forseti confused when he spoke to the guards. Watching them take her sister away, she knew there was some truth to it, even if she didn't want to admit it.
"What did you tell the guards?" she asked curiously as she leaned against his side, her head settling against his shoulder. She was dead tired and really all she wanted to do was sleep right about now.


Set didn't find those words funny at all. "Of course, I want to keep you alive," he said seriously, looking into her eyes before kissing her once more, "Why wouldn't I?" At least to him he was quite clear in his affection for her, even if it didn't always translate well.
"I missed you too," he said softly as he sat down on the bed to look at her, "What happened?" He knew the gods. They didn't give people their lives back from the goodness of their hearts,
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 7d 15h 9m 0s
Forseti wanted to gut the woman right there. Instead he gritted his teeth and let her speak. Looking to re guards he gave a slow smile. Quietly talking to them he nods when they understand. She was alive but where he would have her, she'd wish she was dead.

"That's all then, good bye," Forseti said before returning back to Hella. Hoping she wouldn't be too crushed by all this.


Watching Osiris go, she rested back tiredly before seeing Set. Giving a smile, his reaction was warming. Welcoming the kiss and touch she stroked his cheek. "Someone wants to keep me alive."

Thoroughly exhausted she smiled. "Thank you, I would miss you."
  Gods / Faust / 7d 16h 39m 3s
Osiris smiled at her words. "I do and you are right. Conventional is definitely not a word to be used here," he mused, pressing a kiss to her forehead, "See you. I should get Set." It was easy enough to find him. He was sulking in his usual corner.
It took Osiris several tries to convince him that Farah was alive, but when he succeed he ran to her, throwing the doors to her chamber. He stared at her, almost in disbelief. "By Anubis, you really are alive...," he whispered as he slowly made his way to her, his eyes running over every inch of her before his hands did the same when he was close enough before he finally kissed her, "You don't know how relieved I am." That was an understatement.


Hella smiled at him saying that. It felt good to know that he would stay with her. "Thank you," she replied as she watched him get up to get Asta. Strangely, she didn't feel nervous or anxious. She was just... ambiguous. Seeing Forseti so nervous, she gave a chuckle, flinching slightly at the pain. "More ready than you, I would say," she teased lightly as she watched him. Still, she did reach out to take his hand.
When Asta was led in, naturally her hands tied up, Hella simply looked to her sister. A small smirk appeared on the older sister's lips. "Well, I have to say you are a lot tougher than I thought. Or should I credit that to your new watch dog? Finally found someone else to protect you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You always need someone to hide behind. Seems like you finally figured out to secure such protection by spreading your legs. Congratulations," Asta told her in a heinous way. "Good bye, Asta," was all Hella said, looking at her sister calmly.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 8d 14h 50m 7s
Smiling softly Amira kissed back, soothed by him and his words. Set did care for her, yes, but it felt as if it wouldn't be long. Running a hand over his cheek she nodded. "He does, and so do you. All in different ways.,,certainly isn't conventional," she mused. "I'll see you soon."

When he left she eased back, trying hard to remember what had been said, only that she needed to save them as they have saved her.


"I'll always stay with you," Forseti said before standing up, asking the guard's to bring her in. He waited valiantly. He was likely to hurt Asta but would try and keep his cool. Returning back to her he smiled softly.

"Are you ready?" He asked anxiously.
  Gods / Faust / 8d 15h 54m 43s
With her life trust and loyalty was something that she didn't give away easily. Hella was glad that Forseti understood that and appreciated the bits she gave him. "Rest and meeting my sister? I believe those cancel each other out," she pointed out with a chuckle, though the movement made her grimace as her back moved, "Yes, I probably should." It seemed right. If she never saw her again, then there should be a good bye.
His words brought a flush of happiness to her cheeks. She had changed his world. "I guess I can't really argue with that," she finally gave in, since he truly seemed to want to believe it, "Can you... stay with me while I rest?" She knew it was silly, but she felt safer with him close and her sense of security was a little shaken. Keeping his hand in hers, she tilted her head up to kiss him softly.


Osiris had to chuckle. "There is clearly no other ulterior motive to this," he mused as he ran a hand through her hair, "But you are right. He will likely lock you away, as much as he can, at least. You mean a lot to him, even if he doesn't know how to show it." His brother would likely never get the hang of that.
Listening to what she said, he nodded. He wasn't phased by it. "A human can consider themselves enlightened when they have learned not to fear death. I will be waiting for you when it happens," he assured and leaned in to kiss her softly, "You should strongly consider, if you share this information with Set. I don't think he would take it as well." Continuing to run his hand through her hair, he smiled to her gently.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 9d 2h 37m 13s
"I know, and thank should rest. Do you want to say good bye to her first?" He asked, though he'd be there to make sure there was no attempt again. Hella meant a lot to him, therefore he'd let Asta in one more time. He gave a small chuckle. There was something to the sex, yet she was a positive change in his life.

"You changed my entire world, Hella. If that isn't worthy of an Oracle. I don't know what is."


"You should kiss me before you go...Chances are Set won't let anyone near me for a while," Farah tried to mus3 before licking her lips. She still felt awful but she wasn't dead at least. "I think I may need to die soon to fulfil what she said...I don't mind though...I died free rather than a slave."

It didn't bother her if she loved two men, it was in different ways. Also she knew there wasn't a true future.
  Gods / Faust / 9d 3h 43s
Osiris frowned at the description of the woman. "You would not be the first to see this woman. Quite a few have reported seeing her before," he replied thoughtfully as he helped her sit up, "I think that should be my line. I didn't come back from the dead just now. I'm glad you are alive, Farah." He squeezed her hand with a small smile and kissed her forehead.
Running a hand through her hair, he looked to her before thinking. "I think I should tell the other two. Can't keep them in their pity forever. That or they have already gone over to killing each other," he mused, finding the dynamic between his brother and Marnin amusing.


Hella looked to him, genuinely surprised. Did he really think that? It seemed crazy to her that he trusted her so much. "You are crazy," she mused softly, shaking her head lightly, "If it counts for something, you are the person I can trust most. If I ever had a problem, you would be the first person I go to." She squeezed his hand gently, not having a lot of strength yet.
"Is stabbed a word?" she asked before shrugging lightly, "I feel better, but my back still hurts a lot. Healer said no strenuous activities for a while. Also that you are a pain when someone you care for is hurt. Apparently you never left my side. Made it hard for her to do her work." The thought made her smile softly.
That anyone thought that highly of her made her flush slightly embarrassed. It seemed crazy. "You just want sex whenever you can," she teased lightly with a grin, "Well, then I guess I'd better complete the final few tasks." Seemed like a good place to start.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 9d 15h 13m 56s
"There was a woman...she was so fair with red hair...I don't remember what she said..." Farah whispered before attempting to sit up. She felt awful not even able to sit up. Grasping his hand she gave a smile. "I'm glad you're here, Osiris..."

She loved both men in different ways, it ought to bother her, but in this case she thought she needed to. There was something important here. She gave an attempt at the smile.


"If any god tried to hurt you, I would hurt them. My loyalty is with you, and someday I hope you are to me," Forseti kept her hand. "I'm sorry. How are you feeling today?"

He gave a soft smile before nodding. "In a heartbeat I want you to be by my side, you are too worthy."
  Gods / Faust / 9d 16h 36s
It wasn't even love or belief in her sister. It was a hard dynamic to explain. "I wouldn't call it love or belief. I know she was the one that tried to kill me. I never doubted it. It is more... the way you can't disobey the other gods. It's obligation. We have been through a lot together," Hella tried to explain, smiling softly at him taking her hand and she gave it a squeeze, "But I know she can't stay. You are angry with me." She could tell, even if he hid it.
Only now for the first time did Hella truly consider being an oracle. It seemed surreal. Slowly and careful, as to not irritate her back, she leaned against him. "And I would become your oracle?" she asked, the softest of smiles on her lips.


It was interesting. The place did not have the vibe of death. There was always a distinct way that the air and the room felt after death that he could identify as god of the underworld, but it wasn't here.
Slowly he stepped towards the bed, looking down at her. She didn't look dead, but the healer said she was. He didn't doubt the healer. When she spoke however, he was completely shocked. A small chuckle escaped him as he moved to sit on the bed and he took her hand. "I would say you are. You don't know how glad that makes me and the others," he told her softly and stroked her hand, "I will go inform them in a minute." He wanted a moment with her for himself.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 10d 15h 15m 56s
"We cannot keep her here. There was one attempt on your life, if she remains, she will try again. I admire your love for your sister and belief in her but I will not lose you over that," Forseti took her hand. He could tell she was disappointed and that made him angry inside. He didn't show it. "Most here came from nothing and're no longer a slave, owe no one ties...if you chose you can be an oracle. "

It would be difficult for her but she had to trust him that it was better.


It was a strange place, she wasn't anywhere in particular but it was somewhere important. Farah did feel light, lighter than air. The woman talked but she wouldn't remember what was said. Instead she was asked to return if she so wished, but there was something important, that soon she would have to die, it'd save the men she loved.

Only contemplating for a moment she returned. Waking up slowly, she felt awful but the burning wasn't as bad. Sensing Osiris she groaned, "Osiris? Am I back?"
  Gods / Faust / 10d 16h 23m 51s
The healer coming out of the room made Set punch the wall in anger, frustration and grief. He didn't cry, but he damn well felt like he should. "I guess I should tell Marnin," he said slowly, not truly wanting to, but did.
Osiris simply nodded as he watched his brother leave, knowing he could not say anything to make it better. Instead he knew that he would soon see Farah again at the entrance to his realm. Slowly he stepped into the room, wondering if he could see her spirit lingering around or if she had already passed on. The dead were strange like that.


Hella knew he meant well and she did believe that he wanted what was best for her and everyone else, but at the same time she couldn't help but feel like some trust was lost. At least for her. "Very well, if you must, banish her. Not sure the title will matter considering we are nothing to begin with," she pointed out, her voice mostly flat.
There was a small smile at him kissing her forehead. "What you said back then? You want me to be your oracle?" she asked, both because she couldn't quite remember and because she wanted to avoid that topic. Not feeling too hungry anymore, she looked to the broth. She still didn't believe she could be an oracle.
  Set / Hoshizora / 11d 2h 31m 44s
Marnin seemed to calm down at this but only just. "I failed at protecting her...I promised our mother since our father died...i failed...I should get back...let me know if it gets worse, I want to be there."

While the men were gone she felt a drop, it was cold and she was numb.The healer was doing what he could, it was then that she saw the strange fair woman. He healer couldn't though.

She didn't know it then, but she let go, only to see that woman again.

"I'm sorry, I did what I could, she's passed away," the healer said leaving the room sadly.


"She cannot remain here to kill you or anyone else. In most cases she'd be punished with her life...I will have her banished without even a title," Forseti couldn't help but have his voice hard. "I'm sorry. She will try again until you are dead and i cant have that."

Kissing her forehead, he knew it would be hard, she thought she still needed loyalty to her sister. "Forgive me, I need to do what is best for everyone."
  Gods / Faust / 11d 2h 42m 55s

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