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Forseti didn require a lot of sleep so he learned more of the language, history and culture. He had not been brave enough to to see about the end of his people. When Jess approached looking very upset. Hearing the demand he gave her the most puzzled look on her face.

"I'm sorry, what? Show who what?" Looking completely and utterly lost he glanced around. "I really don't know what you're talking about, Jess."
  Gods / Faust / 50d 21m 13s
Hella rolled her eyes slightly. "Thank you, but I do feel that it will make walking very uncomfortable for me," she pointed out with a small chuckle. She was too tired to even look up. Feeling both arms around her, she gave a happy sound. "That sounds good. Everyone else will be too hung over from the party to notice we're not there," she replied and gave him one more kiss before drifting off. Maybe there would be another time later, but she was too tired right now.

Waking up, Jess gave a groan. She had never had sex dreams. Her life was filled with enough sex as it was, but the first night after she gave up guys she had to have one. This was the universe telling her something. It wasn’t even fully light outside, but at the same time she knew that she wasn’t going to fall back asleep.
With a sigh she got up and dressed. She may at least use the time properly and look at the stone Forrest had shown her. That thought made her happy and she moved out of her tent to head for the place.
She came to a dead stop when the bushes parted before her and out stepped Celia. “Oh, Jess, was it? I didn’t think anyone else knew about this place,” Celia said, clearly surprised and to her internal delight, she could see Jess’ brow furrow, her mind clearly working, “Well, I should get back. It is a special place.” Hiding a gleeful smile, she walked past Jess to head back to camp.
Jess, meanwhile, just stood there feeling betrayed and hurt. It hadn’t been a whole day since she arrived and Forrest had already shown her the stone. She honestly felt like crying at this point, but at the same time completely furious. It was probably a stupid impulse to follow, but she felt herself turning on her heel to storm back to camp. Well, she didn’t have to go far. From the corner of her eye she had seen him walking into the forest earlier and with her hurried steps she soon caught up to him. "How could you? How could you show her the stone?" she demanded to his back, feeling her eyes sting ever so slightly, but she refused to cry. Even looking at him now, she felt that strange connection.


She was far more than a play thing. She was nearly an object of power, at least to Set. Osiris knew his brother desired her like no other, even if he was too stupid to realize it.
Giving a sound at her lower wandering hands, he took that as a sign to explore her as well. It wasn't hard to shift the clothes from her body to run his hand along her curves as they kept kissing. Strangely enough, he enjoyed kissing a great deal.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 50d 1h 16m 53s
"You'd still look amazing without your toes," Forseti said giving a small chuckle. Through the cracks he could see dawn coming. He gave a content sound and wrapped another arm around her. "We can hide up here as long as we'd like. It's nice and quiet."

After this Oracle time he'd go out on his own, or at least try.


Giving a small sound Farah enjoyed being explored and the kissing. To them she was a small play thing with no experience. Farah would make the most of this time. Egyptians did not wear a lot of clothes. It was too hot.

The kissing was amazing, but she wanted to see and feel more. Moving her hands down more she gave a happy sound.
  Gods / Faust / 50d 1h 58m 49s
Osiris was a patient man. That didn't mean he was always patient in bed, but never forceful or less compassionate. He was as good as his brother, he would say, he just didn't come around as often.
That sound and feeling her legs around him made him very happy as he kept kissing her and running a hand along his leg, enjoying the feeling immensely. He had a sense of what she wanted to feel and perhaps he could give that to her. Who knew what it might be useful for later?


Hella gave him a disbelieving look. "And I'm sure the hypothermia I will have afterwards is totally worth it," she replied sarcastically, stretching the I as he was a god and didn't need to worry about that before shrugging, "They would be an alibi while we busy ourselves at the hunting location." She didn't want everyone to know they were sleeping together. It would lead to talk and she didn't want to know what Asta would think.
His words made her smile as she snuggled against him, enjoying the heat that radiated off of him. "Can we stay out here for a bit? I'm tired," she asked, maybe a nap would help.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 50d 14h 25m 58s
There ought to have been disappointment in her actions right now. Well, Farah wasn't exactly clear if there was permission and it was consential. The kissing was enough to make her forget all that as she moved her hands to his back. From what she could tell, there wasn't as much muscle, though some. It was more of a lean build but she didn't care. It was Osiris.

Giving a sound she wrapped her legs around him at the bed moving one hand to his hair. This took off much quicker than expected, but it was a good pace and so far she was loving every feel of it.


"I hear the feel of freezing cold water only heightens it, until you get too cold..." Forseti laughed, it was a terrible joke, yet it was who he was. "Now...what would we do with a bow and arrow out here?"

Giving the same smile he made a content sound, finally having earned her trust and what seemed desire. "That was an amazing time, Hella, it really was."
  Gods / faust / 50d 18h 32m 10s
From the way he acted it didn't seem like it was just a thing to pass the time. Smiling when he pulled her into his side, Hella gave a happy sound before snuggling against him. "If you are willing to teach me, then yes, swimming is also an option," she replied, resting her head on him as her arm wrapped around him lightly. He was so warm.
Kissing him back, she looked to him. "A little tired, but happy. I never had such a time before. I'll probably have trouble walking tomorrow," she teased lightly, "How about you?" He did this all the time. Surely he was fine.


Feeling her leg wrap around him, Osiris smiled softly. That was damn good feeling. A hand reached down to run along it, enjoying the skin before it slid along her curves. The other arm kept her tightly secure against him as they kissed.
Still as her hand wandered it was very tempting. With the arm around her he easily picked her up to carry her to bed, not really breaking the kiss to do so. He couldn't wait to unwrap her.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 50d 22h 50m 59s
"Hunting? Or swimming?" He grinned pulling her to the side of him before giving a content sound. "How do you feel?" He said kissing her softly. She had been completely amazing and happy.


Once she had been told it can feel this way. She didn't believe it. Melting into the kissing she moved one leg up to wrap around his. Finding that passion rising she kept up the kissing resting the one hand on his neck. The other hand moved down taking him all in.
  Gods / Faust / 50d 22h 59m 36s
If she had any reservations about this action, Osiris would have to commend her for hiding it well. The way she kissed him and her body pressing against him was an amazing feeling.
His arms moved more around him, drawing her closer to him before he nudged her gently against the wall. A hand found its way into her hair, grasping at it, while the other explored the small of her back. He liked the feel of how soft she was.


That pace at the end was something and it was clear he was done or at least he seemed to be. Breathing heavily, she laid down on top of him, thoroughly exhausted as she smiled at his words. "It was, thank you," she agreed softly, kissing his softly, "Do you mean that?" She was tempted to ask why he had done it with her, whether because she was simply his flavor of the day or another reason, but she simply didn't dare.
"Maybe we have to go hunting more often," she mused softly, meaning the hunting location they were in right now, wondering what he would say to that, though now she was tempted to just sleep.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 51d 1h 11m 21s
There was that utterly loyal part upset at her for this. She could only imagine what Set would do or say, especially if he learned she had initiated it. Giving a rueful smile, she nodded. This was how it worked with men, it was only when they were interested they cared. Osiris could be in that group but she didn't care.

In just the kiss she was melting in a different way. She moved her hand to his face. Very content with this she pressed her body into him she rested thr other hand on his chest.

For something that she shouldn't be doing, this was feeling good already.
  Gods / Faust / 51d 1h 49m 51s
It was interesting. Osiris could see clearly what was unfolding before him. She liked his brother, more than enough, but his brother was such a fool. He had always known that and that was the reason that he personally tried not to get involved if necessary. "I unfortunately am not able to deny that," he admitted. She was a toy for him.
She said yes. He was a little surprised by that. Looking her over, he would admit that she was a stunning woman, more than stunning truthfully. "Then come along," he said, while he knew that no one ever really came here, he did not want this to be like that for her. He led her to his chamber before drawing her into his arms, kissing her softly.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 51d 2h 5m 26s
"I wouldn't know," Farah mused before thinking that question. Did she want to, but that kiss had been unlike anything before. "I'm just a cup that refills itself to him. There will be others and I'll be replaced. I'm looking forward to that, besides he wants to use thisfor his advantage which he isn't."

She cared for Set but in a way he wasn't capable of. She moved her hand to run down his chest. "I want to, yes." The sad truth was she wanted to feel cared for, even if it was a lie. Just once in her life.
  Gods / Faust / 51d 2h 24m 43s
Osiris gave a musing smile at her words. "You are right about that and I don't believe you have to worry about not receiving any food the next day either," he pointed out with a nod. It was interesting that she spoke so neutrally of this new woman his brother had. He didn't understand it, but then again, he didn't understand his brother either.
"Well, think on it and when you remember tell me about it," he told her patiently. He loved to study and was willing to learn from anyone. Curiously he tilted his head when she approached him. The kiss was nice and he could see why his brother liked her so much. Also, he knew waiting paid off.
They kissed for a moment before he pulled back slightly. "I don't believe you kiss friends like that," he mused, though the arm snaking around her waist was definitely hinting at something else, "Are you sure about this?" She would be the one to bare Set's wrath, not him.
  Osiris / Hoshizora / 51d 2h 34m 9s
"I don't care for feasts. Those were the most difficult times before. Also, I don't need to be in the way," Farah said, no trace of annoyance in her tone, in fact it was neutral. If wasn't often she was angry or bothered. "One of the priests mentioned..something. Idon't know what it was."

Shaking her head in thought, she looked to him. She wanted him. It would be different and she was tired of being a cup that was endless. Set would be upset if he knew she approached Osiris but she wanted to.

Okay, she knew what to do. Stepping up to him she seemed to be finding a source of courage. "Thank you for helping me learn and being my friend," she said before leaning up, softly kissing him.
  Gods / Faust / 51d 2h 33m 22s
Of course, Set knew she sort of spoke the truth, but it was complicated between the two. How could he explain all the things that had transpired? "After all that has happened between us I fear that we can't go back from that," he told her before simply nodding at the task. It really felt like they didn't know much about his culture at all, did they? Well, he supposed they hadn't lived through it. The rest of the day was very uneventful for him.


These feasts were a bore to him. Osiris supposed he was a bit of an introvert in that sense, but then again, he probably had to be to be god of the underworld. It could get quite lonely down there upon occasion. So instead of sharing a table with Set and the rest, he made his way back to the wall, reading from it.
He was surprised to see Farah show up. "Some late night learning?" he mused before looking to the people she pointed out, "Well, there was a time we walked more among humans. We were in a way what they aspired to be. Other than that, they could very well be what you are." It was slightly amusing that she did not consider that option at all, not that he showed the amusement, but simply looked to her.
  Set / Hoshizora / 51d 3h 3m 59s
"Is that who you were then or now? We always have a choice," Amira asked before looking to the log. "I really can't read or don't know as much history so I look at more of the invading force expert. Right now it's Hittites. You may want to Muhammad over there."

Amira enjoyed the timeaway from her thoughts. Instead of going to the apartment she spent time with new friends learning and their version of hanging out. Coming home late, she didn't bother changing, just passed out. She didn't want their drama.


Farah knew there would be a new one soon. She didn't expect it to bother her. She knew how it worked, Set was a void, incapable of feeling full. Running from his inner demons.

It was a feast, but she wasn't exactly hungry. Instead of watching Set and the new beauty she slipped off to the wall to try and decipher more. Hearing Osiris she smiled. "Osiris, why are these people touchingthe gods. They aren't priests." She had noticed that.
  Gods / Faust / 51d 3h 25m 59s

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