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Portals- Stones or ordinary objects infused with magic linking to a time period that was infused with magic. Only Gods, Oracles, demi Gods are capable of traveling to and fro. It is possible to manipulate the magic or trap.

Smaller objects can be carried and work as portals. They are not as strong and don't work as well as the stones. Handy if they work. Unique for each Oracle blood line.

Oracles- Humans infused with magical abilities. They help power and serve their god if chosen or chose to serve. They can travel through the stones or objects. They have one small ability to go with.

A family of Oracle's will serve a family or Oracle's

Gods- Powerful people born like others. From birth they are born wirh their special element leaving little to change. Their power comes from those who worship or believe them, another source is oracles. They are bound to Oracle's for their life and beyond.

Demi gods-Half God half human. Most of the time it's with the Oracle. Regardless the demi God has a longer life line and some power of parent god. The gene can go on for generations but usually fizzles out. Sometimes it resources every third generation.

Muses- Muses were originally three sisters who oversaw destiny, life and death. Orcus knew that they were the only ones that could kill him. He killed two of the sisters but they gave their lives to the lifestream. The third sister cursed to live a new life, blind.

Egyptian Oracle: Amira
Viking Oracle: Jessika
Demi God: Xavier
Muse Child: Aaron
Egyptian Gods: Set, Thoth
Norse: Baldr, Forseti

Chaos force:

Viking Family Line: Varrin
Egyptian Family Line: Bakari

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This was a similar feeling to Farah, but not quite that. Amira was different, no doubt and Set craved this feeling. Her kissing back was the sweetest thing and he was excited for this.
Feeling her hands underneath his shirt, he took it as a sign that they were going there. A hand skimmed the edge of her shirt before slowly sliding underneath, enjoying the feeling of her warm skin. Finally he did pull it up and off, taking his shirt off a moment afterwards.
Picking her up easily while not breaking the kiss, he carried her to the table where he set her down, running his hands along her sides.
  Set / Hoshizora / 21h 19m 2s
It was difficult to place this feeling, and how it was different. Lust had been something she had felt before this was something else though. It would need to be analyzed later as she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back. It was amazing, this feeling, she loved the way it felt with him.

Moving her hands down she moved under his shirt, knowing they both would be in a rush. It had been forever for him, and she didn't remember their last encounter except for a few minutes of it, most of it blurs.
  Gods / Faust / 1d 16m 35s
The idea of sharing an apartment with a god had sounded pretty cool in theory, but now Jess had learned it was pretty much anything but that. Turns out that medieval gods didn't know how to cook, clean or anything in between. As a roommate she unfortunately had to rank Forseti at the very bottom of the list.
The walk back had been nice and she was glad to see that Forseti was getting used to the modern world. Hearing what he said when they entered the apartment, she gave a soft chuckle. "It's okay. I'll do that later, though I will have to teach you at some point," she told him, smiling softly at the kiss on her forehead, "Come on."
Since Xavier was out, she settled on the couch with Forseti, curling lightly into him. "So how do you like the modern world so far?" she asked, looking up at him, not sure if he wanted to continue making out or not. She wouldn't mind.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 2d 21h 23m 45s
They had been staying at the apartment that once Amira and Jess. Now it was Forseti and Jess, and for a time there was Xavier on the couch. He walked back with her, not jumping at each sound. OPening the door for her after she unlocked it he gave a smile.

"I...uh...tried to clean up the kitchen but it didn't work out. Xavier wasn't much better, I'm sorry," Forseti rubbed the back of his neck before giving a smile. He moved to her wrapping an arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead.
  Gods / Faust / 2d 23h 43m 28s
Set gave a shrug as he watched her text on that weird contraption. It was still fascinating what these little things can do. Feeling her arm wrap around him, he did the same, holding her close. There were others watching, but he only wanted her.
He chuckled at what she said about music. "It is quite... interesting. At least no one has to play an instrument all night just so others can amuse themselves," he pointed out, though wondered what the appeal of the super loud music was.
The walk wasn't long and soon they were at the room. He was feeling antsy, but contained himself as he watched her open the door. As soon as they were inside and the door closed, he wrapped his arms completely around her and drew her into a kiss as he lightly pressed her against the door.
  Set / Hoshizora / 5d 21h 15m 10s
"Invite you to our room? Why would I do that? Never did get the chance to tell them to not have two rooms," Amira gave a soft chuckle, using one hand she texted Jess that they were leaving. Wrapping an arm around his waist. Women were looking at him and she wanted this to be them for tonight.

"Actually yes, I am ready to go, I forgot how much some of this music bugs me," she said. The room wasn't too far. It was close by, well, close enough. Taking out the key she opened it knowing that this was just ushering a flood. He didn't seem to mind at all.
  Gods / Faust / 5d 23h 58m 20s
Jess could feel the eagerness that Forseti wanted to more, but he didn't. What guy would be like that? Moving her arms around his neck, she ran a hand through his hair. He was unlike any modern man, both mentally and physically. His body was hard and toned, but not in a way a gym did it. He smelled like nature, a pleasant, calming scent.
They kept the kissing like this for a moment before she pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes. "Maybe we should go somewhere calmer or home. Not to... you know, but it might be easier to get to know one another there," she suggested, since they were still on a crowded dance floor. While she did mean kissing, she wasn't sure how far he would want to go.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 6d 21h 40m 38s
That seemed to settle the business of the past and what they both wanted. Forseti barely contained himself to not kiss her deeply, instead settled into the kiss gently and moved an arm around her waist. The other hand snaked into her hair. What a feel, these modern woman had amazing bodies and hair.

It was so much different than it had been then when there had been more. Vikings were clean people with bathing and hair, but this was something else.
  Gods / Faust / 6d 23h 2m 28s
Set chuckled amused. "A guy can try. Besides, I do love teaching lessons," he grinned to her before remembering all the drinks, "Out of potatoes. That is a very interesting creation. It doesn't taste like that." How did people ever come up with that?
He smiled as she wrapped her arms around him and he did the same. It was nice to hold her. Hearing what she said, he arched a brow. "And here I thought you would never invite me," he mused as he took her hand, "Well, I am more than ready to leave, if you are." He was no doubt happy to leave. In the corner of his eye he could see the friend and the Norseman kissing. Looks like that worked out as well.
  Set / Hoshizora / 7d 21h 46m 47s
"Do you really think I'm going to fall for the 'I'll make you' bait. I've learned my lesson," Amira chuckled, especially at the comment about the drinks. "My favorite is vodka...Russian drink made from potatoes. Sometimes tequila..."

Wrapping her arms back around his waist she smiled. Even without the drinks she wanted to just have sex with him, and he wanted it too. There wasn't much use fighting all that anyway. "Maybe we could go back up soon, it's been a long trip and there's more to do up there."
  Gods / Faust / 7d 23h 59m 46s
Curiously but with a smile Jess watched him entwine their hands before looking up at him. His words were reassuring and she squeezed his hand gently as mulled it over. "Definitely not. I'm not chastise enough to be Hella," she mused, knowing that her ancestor was not overly sexual.
Feeling his lips on hers was a feeling she couldn't describe. It sent little sparks down her back and all the small extra touches were so reassuring. For the first time she felt like her heart was safe and guarded. Perhaps it had partially been why she had fooled around. To keep her heart safe.
Slowly her arms wrapped around him, kissing him for a moment before looking to him. "Please don't be a dream," she whispered softly, almost feeling like this was too good to be real.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 8d 21h 47m 34s
Forseti took her hand in his own intertwining their fingers. He gave her a meaningful look with a smile. "You two, are one, like our fingers here. Each with a purpose. The spirit is a guide but by no means a definition of who you are. The rest is you..."

He had been around long enough to know how it works. Here she was leaning to kiss him, he almost went quickly into the kiss but leaned forward more placing a hand on her cheek. The other brushing her hair back. It was sweet, and he cared for her deeply, Hella was still in there the rest was her.

There was no way to seperate the two.
  Gods / Faust / 9d 33m 44s
Set shook his head with a chuckle at what she said. Sure, she was bursting his bubble, but she also made it very amusing at the same time. "You could probably say that. There wasn't much else for me to do, considering that I lived in a desert," he pointed out before shrugging, "Maybe you will still remember or I can make you remember." He gave her a small smirk. Perhaps it seemed funner than it was, but he imagined it very fun to help her remember.
Laughing, he replied, "I fear it's going to take a lot more to knock some sense into me. So far no one has succeeded." Thinking on it, he knew he could still drink a lot before he ever felt anything so he quickly excused himself and was back in a few minutes. "You have a lot of strange drinks. Miss me?" he asked and wrapped his arms around her again.
  Set / Hoshizora / 9d 21h 49m 32s
"So back in the day you were a regular Cassanova then, weren't you? Too bad I actually don't remember most of it. I still am drawing blanks to this day," Amira gave a small chuckle. Sure, bursting his bubble didn't need to be fun but it was. This did mean some form or retaliation, it was just amazing that it hadn't so far. "Yes, only most of the time. The other time I want to find a way to knock sense into your head."

The drinks were stronger here and having that hangover wasn't exactly desirable. "I'm okay, but I'll be waiting for you if you want to get one." She said, scanning around, there was more students and people of their age just around here. She wasn't even sure what she was looking for.
  Gods / Faust / 9d 23h 23m 39s
Naturally Jess didn't blame him for sometimes slipping in an old word. Actually, it was sort of who he was and a little cute. Coming to a halt along with him, she listened to him. His words were a little confusing still, because he didn't use the typical words.
Her head tilted into his hand, looking up at him. Though his words almost hit too close to home. It was definitely a part of how she felt. She didn't really know what to say, even though this was definitely something she had wanted and her heart hammered in her chest. "But how can you know that it's me you want and not the part of me that's Hella?" she asked, softly, that still being a big hang up of hers.
She thought on how she was supposed to react. "You are too blunt," she told him softly, still looking up at him, "But I like that about you... I like how kind you are and that unwavering belief. You may be a god, but I like so much more about you. And you're right. It's crazy to me that a guy like you could fall for someone like me." Slowly she leaned up, almost shaking, to kiss him.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 11d 21h 40m 52s

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