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Portals- Stones or ordinary objects infused with magic linking to a time period that was infused with magic. Only Gods, Oracles, demi Gods are capable of traveling to and fro. It is possible to manipulate the magic or trap.

Smaller objects can be carried and work as portals. They are not as strong and don't work as well as the stones. Handy if they work. Unique for each Oracle blood line.

Oracles- Humans infused with magical abilities. They help power and serve their god if chosen or chose to serve. They can travel through the stones or objects. They have one small ability to go with.

A family of Oracle's will serve a family or Oracle's

Gods- Powerful people born like others. From birth they are born wirh their special element leaving little to change. Their power comes from those who worship or believe them, another source is oracles. They are bound to Oracle's for their life and beyond.

Demi gods-Half God half human. Most of the time it's with the Oracle. Regardless the demi God has a longer life line and some power of parent god. The gene can go on for generations but usually fizzles out. Sometimes it resources every third generation.

Muses- Muses were originally three sisters who oversaw destiny, life and death. Orcus knew that they were the only ones that could kill him. He killed two of the sisters but they gave their lives to the lifestream. The third sister cursed to live a new life, blind.

Egyptian Oracle: Amira
Viking Oracle: Jessika
Demi God: Xavier
Muse Child: Aaron
Egyptian Gods: Set, Thoth
Norse: Baldr, Forseti

Chaos force:

Viking Family Line: Varrin
Egyptian Family Line: Bakari

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Set chuckled as he looked to her. "Essentially. I'm here now, aren't I?" he asked amused. What she pointed out was interesting and in a way true. He technically had everything a man could want, but he wasn't happy. Then again, he was a god. "Well, doesn't that fact just show then that all these superficial things don't make you genuinely happy," he pointed out, wondering what she would say to that. Still, he could see Farah in that and it made him want her even more.
His brows arched at what she said. "You are a confusing lady," he mused jovially, "Well, then I'd better offer you a drink and hope I get lucky. A dance would be nice." He would not deny that he wanted that.


Celia had gone for walks and she really didn't care how deep she went, considering that she was probably scarier than anything she would meet in those woods. The part with the city slickers made her chuckle. "True and they only classify that as a town, because there is nothing else for miles," she pointed out amused.
Going after Forseti was dangerous. He half knew what she was and she didn't doubt he would protect Jess. Again, she chuckled, shaking her head. "I know you're trying to pull one over on me, but I can really picture that being the case. I'm sure there is a truth in there somewhere. I always spent ages in the forest, coming back all muddy," she mused.
  Set / Hoshizora / 1d 3h 40m 3s
"So, basically everything comes to you. The women, parties, and so on?" Amira questioned, finding it difficult to believe to a point. There was something different in him but it wasn't as smooth as that. "I thought it'd be opposite. I've only seen you content once, and otherwise it's like two gears grinding against each other constantly. That must get tiring."

Much like Farah there wasn't any judgement in that statement, only a neutral observation. "Well, it is good to offer a drink to a lady, so it'd be okay. Pickup lines are usually met with pain. I may even agree to a dance tonight if you're lucky."


It was a fair point, though he was fairly certain he hadn't seen her around. There was a lot of woods, but not even he wanted to go too deep in. "Fair point," Xavier said with a small shrug and chuckled. "Most of them are city slickers here, mostly excited over a town away from the coast."

It was strange how suddenly she was trying. The last few times he had seen her bother Forrest who only had eyes for Jess, but in an unusual way.

"I have, raised by bears and lived off of berries, too," Xavier answered. He wouldn't tell her the true story behind that.
  Gods / Faust / 1d 4h 59m 28s
"May I point out that I haven't been here that long and that these woods are quite big," Celia replied, giving him an amused smile, "Besides, I really do like the woods. They are much more calmer and I need that every now and then when I come from the city. I would hardly be studying this, if I were a complete city slicker, would I?" She looked to him, wondering, if he too already realized that she wasn't quite who she appeared to be.
She took his agreeing only with a smile. "So how long have you been doing this? The work I mean. You seem like a guy who has always been in the woods," she mused, getting a woodsy feeling from him.


Set shrugged with a grin. "I just seem to get invited to these sort of things. I guess they know a party person when they see one," he replied amused, "And here I thought I would be breaking our agreement if I did that. Wasn't I supposed to be more civil to you? But I would more than gladly offer you a drink, if you will allow it." He found this game almost amusing. Still, maybe it was him, but she seemed far more relaxed right now and he supposed that was good.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 1d 14h 11m 53s
"Really? This whole time I haven't seen you take a walk unless you were doing it elsewhere," Xavier looked to her bemused. It was her. That he felt but there was more than just the fake face. Someone within perhaps? That thought was crazy, he was getting himself lost again.

"Mind isn't the right word, but sure," he placed a fake smile on. The other guys wanted inside her. She was pretty but not that alluring, like a Venus fly trap.


"You were invited too, weren't you?" Amira asked sitting by him. "Well, aren't you going to offer me a drink and a pathetic pick up line? Thank you though, it's good for here."

She was keeping her end and it actually wasn't bad around him. In this state there was something drawing about him on a comfortable level.
  Gods / Faust / 1d 14h 27m 24s
Set begrudgingly had done the work in the archives that was assigned to him. He didn't understand how people considered this fun. Then again, being a god he had never really had to work a day in his life.
He was at home when he saw Amira get ready and more curiously he followed after her a moment later. She looked damn stunning and he wanted her. It was clear that she was going out with some friends, but he had been invited to this club as well by some other people he had run into. The great part about being a god was that people naturally gravitated towards you and wanted to be your friend.
At the club he got a drink before moving towards her when she was alone. "What a surprise seeing you here," he mused friendly, "You look great." That was an understatement, to say the least.


Celia watched Jess grab her swim stuff and disappear towards the water. What a silly girl. She clearly thought she was losing her mind and it was amusing to watch. While she was busy, Celia would make some traction herself, at least with where Xavier was concerned. Forseti was too suspicious of her, but she could mess with him.
She had seen him walk off for an evening stroll in the woods a bit before and now made her way so that their paths intercepted. "Fancy meeting you out here. I heard from people that you liked wandering the woods. I do it myself upon occasion. Like some company?" she asked with a smile. It was true that she did walk out there at times. The city was a bit much when one considered what it had been like way back when.
  Set / Hoshizora / 1d 14h 55m 4s
Amira was busy all day between the library and artifacts. The fact that she had a distraction from studies and the dreamswas amazing. A modern club here in Egypt was amazing. Of course, she had to borrow some clothes for this club.

Stepping out of the shower she dressed into the blue dress. The one sleeve was nice and only above her elbow leaving one shoulder free. It was tight enough to show curves but still went above her knees. Leaving her hair down, she did her make up before leaving.

This did feel good, her friends here would make it fun. If there wasn't her odd roommates all the betrer.
  Gods / Faust / 1d 15h 16m 49s
Jess furrowed her brow at that. It had happened before. At least it ended when the story was over, which meant she would hopefully be free soon. "So you can just ignore this after it's all over?" she asked, wondering if she could do that, but as it stood right now, she wasn't so sure, "I am stressed, trust me." She wasn't sure if she could be proud of herself, considering she felt like she belong in an asylum or something.
Nodding, she said, "Then go to the library and be all studious. We'll talk again soon. Bye." With that she ended the call, pondering in her mind if she should go for a swim. It was probably the best idea, but at the same time she wanted to know how the story ended. Ultimately, she went to grab her swimming stuff before making her way to the lake, making sure to walk a big circle around the spot where Hella had died, not wanting to cry again. Swim then sleep, that was a plan.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 3d 3h 32m 46s
"Uh, there was something similar like three years ago. When it finished the story it just stopped. It wasn't nearly as deep, though. Relax, Jess, you'll be okay and you can go back to your life and whatever you were doing," Amira said before giving a yawn. "Either're doing great. You seem stressed but you are facing this instead of you know. That's a step."

The library would be opening in an hour, and she still needed some food. "I need to get going, I want to get some food and go to the library and talk to Professor Tahuti."

She liked him, but like Seth and he was familiar.
  Gods / Faust / 3d 5h 11m 57s
Amira was really not helping Jess, who at this point was close to checking herself into an asylum right now. She knew something was up with those dreams, but she had no idea how or what. At hearing the suggestion of limiting her interactions with people, she shook her head immediately. If she couldn't talk to Forrest anymore, she would definitely go insane. "Maybe. Perhaps I'll go for a swim," she replied, that being more or less the only sport she enjoyed doing.
It was a little odd to hear her friend compliment her on not having sex. "Don't remind me of it. That makes it easier," she told her before arching a brow, "I thought she wanted to stay awake in the movie so she didn't run into that guy." But she had never seen the movie so go figure. Still, there was a thought in her head that maybe the dreams would be over soon. It felt like it a bit. "Do you think that they will go on forever or just stop at some point?" she found herself asking.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 7d 3h 33m 26s
"It does sound mostly crazy..." Amira agreed, not being one to beat around the bush when necessary before sighing. "From experience, it's better to just try and keep going and not think on it. You know, you don't just have to have sex to get endorphin. There's working out, runs, or just walks...Besides maybe you could limit your activity to people you really like and not just because you're bored or in a bad mood."

That had been a big deal to just quit when it was a part of her. Then it hit Amira that she hadn't slept with anyone since saying that and it had been about five days. "Oh! You did it! I'm so proud of you, Jess. I knew you could do it. Right, right sleep...uh, allergy tablets, cold medicine...Maybe the stuff they have on Nightmare on Elm Street..."
  Gods / faust / 7d 7h 5m 49s
It wasn't like Jess wasn't questioning her sanity already. She knew this sounded way too strange to be real and yet she couldn't shake that it was. There were too many things that she couldn't explain away. "I know it sounds crazy," she replied, sighing as she played with the necklace, almost like a nervous tick, "May I point out that you are the one that got me to give up those endorphins? But either way, these dreams were happening before that and even if it was that, how come you have them too? What could possibly link us that explains this?" It didn't make any sense.
Chuckling at her friend's study worries, she was glad that at least some things didn't change. "Nerd," she mused, lovingly, "I'll send it to you. Maybe... I'll have to ask around. Not like there is a pharmacy out here." Though a good night's sleep did sound amazing right about now.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 11d 15h 15m 42s
"How could it be real? It makes no sense and just isn't possible. Could it be possible that you're sleep deprived and what usually gives you endorphins isn't there? I don't know...Maybe it is...this is just weird," Amira ran a hand through her hair. Asking her to believe this was just obscene.

"That is good. Send me a picture of it with the translation, this actually might make an amazing thesis...which I should start anyway," Amira mused. "Maybe if we take something that makes us sleep enough we won't have dreams and will feel better."
  Faust / 11d 15h 30m 41s
Jess furrowed a brow. She couldn't think of any time that it was probably better to be woken up than to sleep. Looking over her shoulder that there really was no one else there, she felt almost paranoid at the thought of someone hearing this.
She couldn't blame Amira for finding this fun, but it really felt like that. "I don't know how, but can you really tell me you think those things are normal dreams?" she asked before playing with the stone around her neck, "One of the people in my dream died here at the very spot we are working on. I saw it, felt it. I couldn't stop crying. It was like I was mourning a parent or someone else really close." Her friend should know it was not something she did often.
The question made her thoughtful. "I think I did...," she replied slowly, now playing with the string as she tried to remember, "It was on one of the runes here. It spoke of people, ordinary ones, proclaiming the gods' messages. Some believe that they actually had contests to decide..." Slowly it was coming to Jess. "I think that's what's happening in my dreams," she whispered dazed. She couldn't remember it outright, but something like that was happening. What was the name, damn it?
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 12d 3h 28m 38s
"It was probably better this way," Amira said rubbing her eye for a moment. She had to move to the kitchen since it was the only place that had solid signal. At least she was alone in here- that was becoming scarce between the two very good looking guys.

"How could the dreams be real?" She asked before giving a chuckle. "If anything it'd be a weird past life thing. Sure, they feel...but how is it possible?"

There were a few things that couldn't be explained, but it didn't mean she was going to just believe this.

"I've noticed something in one of the KV sites a dream...I think elsewhere too. There's pictures of gods, and people are touching them. That's common, since there are priests. But these people aren't priests...Have you read or seen anything like that?"
  Gods / Faust / 12d 5h 2m 27s
Jess did believe he was a good guy as quirky as he was. Whether or not he was still interested, she had no idea, but she supposed that it didn't really matter right now. She was after all trying to be abstinent from guys. "Yeah... I should get back to work as well," she agreed as she turned back to the pottery before her.
It was after work that she finally got around to calling Amira. Hearing the yawn, she gave a sheepish look, even if her friend couldn't see it. "Sorry, did I wake you?" she asked as she moved a little away from the people so they couldn't overhear her, "I keep forgetting the time difference." She really didn't mean to do it on purpose.
Now that a bit of time had passed she almost felt stupid for calling her friend about this, but it still felt so real. "I... Do you still have those dreams?" she finally inquired, running a hand through her hair, "I really don't think those are dreams..." Her voice was so soft she feared that Amira might not be able to hear it.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 12d 15h 37m 28s

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