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Portals- Stones or ordinary objects infused with magic linking to a time period that was infused with magic. Only Gods, Oracles, demi Gods are capable of traveling to and fro. It is possible to manipulate the magic or trap.

Smaller objects can be carried and work as portals. They are not as strong and don't work as well as the stones. Handy if they work. Unique for each Oracle blood line.

Oracles- Humans infused with magical abilities. They help power and serve their god if chosen or chose to serve. They can travel through the stones or objects. They have one small ability to go with.

A family of Oracle's will serve a family or Oracle's

Gods- Powerful people born like others. From birth they are born wirh their special element leaving little to change. Their power comes from those who worship or believe them, another source is oracles. They are bound to Oracle's for their life and beyond.

Demi gods-Half God half human. Most of the time it's with the Oracle. Regardless the demi God has a longer life line and some power of parent god. The gene can go on for generations but usually fizzles out. Sometimes it resources every third generation.

Muses- Muses were originally three sisters who oversaw destiny, life and death. Orcus knew that they were the only ones that could kill him. He killed two of the sisters but they gave their lives to the lifestream. The third sister cursed to live a new life, blind.

Egyptian Oracle: Amira
Viking Oracle: Jessika
Demi God: Xavier
Muse Child: Aaron
Egyptian Gods: Set, Thoth
Norse: Baldr, Forseti

Chaos force:

Viking Family Line: Varrin
Egyptian Family Line: Bakari

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Aaron had enjoyed this party, though truth be told it probably didn't really count as a party at all so yeah, no wonder he liked it. The only thing he didn't like was Seth. There was something off about that guy and he had watched his conversation with Amira intently.
When she came up to him, he gave a nod. "Yeah, I'm ready," he replied, "I must say there were some really fascinating conversations here." That one about the meanings of scarabus had been enlightening. "Are you okay? Did that Seth guy say something?" he asked, clearly having realized that something was up between the two of them.


Hella listened to him thoughtfully. He really didn't seem to like this place. He wanted to be free and do whatever he wanted. As for if people believed in them, she had told him her opinion of gods before and didn't really believe in them.
It was a relief when he finally laid down, he was simply too heavy. Moving to sit beside him, she brushed some hair out of his face. "Why can't you travel? If all you do is settle silly arguments as you say, then surely you could leave this place for a bit?" she asked confused. She always thought gods could do whatever they wanted and now it seemed like they were more constricted than even slaves like her.
"You should sleep," she said softly as her hand ran through his hair gently to sooth him a bit. He needed to relax and just sleep. When he was, she would try and find some things to help with the hangover he was bound to get.
  Aaron / Hoshizora / 1d 2h 23m 55s
Amira gave an annoyed sound, though there was no comment back, simply returning to a few other of the others. Honestly, she didn't expect Seth to go home early, there'd be someone here he'd preoccupy himself with. She honestly hoped so. Joining Aaron an hour later she gave a tired smile.

"Are you ready to go? I'm beat..." she said sounding tired. She had been trying all day, now she was just worn out. Outside she'd tell him the dreams and weird feelings, she needed to to she'd explode.


"That great hall. Massive place...horns...all of it. None of it mine or done by me. I people really believe that much in the gods? There is some that's done just happens...I don't do anything other than settle silly arguments," Forseti gave a groan settling down before laying down with a massive sound.

He wouldn't be much awake much longer, just the long, deep sleep he loved. "There isn't travel, just and do nothing.."
  Gods / Faust / 1d 2h 38m 1s
Hella couldn't help a small chuckle at what he said about her sister. Sure, it wasn't exactly nice, but truthfully she didn't like the way Asta acted at times. Still, most men seemed to love her sister's nature. "I hope that doesn't reflect badly on me," she mused softly.
As for Forseti, he hadn't done anything wrong to her so she saw no reason not to help him. "To my place. I have no idea where your rooms are so this is easier. Plus, we are close to my place," she told him, already feeling his weight on her. If he fell asleep, she would buckle under his weight.
Luckily, they soon reached her place. A small room which really didn't hold much more than her bed, but it was still far better than anything else she ever had. "Now, just carefully lie down," she told him as she tried to help lower him to her bed.


And she didn't figure it out. Maybe this world was supposed to be as confusing as it was. Set had no idea. Still, it made him wonder what the world had become. Everything seemed so soft and delicate. Maybe he should be mourning the loss of his world?
Curiously, he tilted his head as she pulled his hand away. "Pulling what? What am I doing?" he asked innocently, though he had the feeling there was more going on in her head than she was admitting. Still, this time he let her pass. It was clear his presence was messing with her and he would say he was greatly enjoying that.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 5d 3h 4m 37s
"Good, good, I don't like her..." Forseti gave a relieved look before feeling her by him. There was so many ways this slave could use him to her advantage instead she was helping him. There was still a layer of haziness over him.

"Another night, same thing, yes. There isn't much point," Forseti said before thinking on where to place himself. "Where are you taking me?" He wouldn't mind, he wouldn't mind having her but he felt the heavy sleep coming soon.


"Exactly," Amira answered seriously. Others would do much worse, Aaron could easily be used, lied, or whatever. Instead she would tell him that they would not work out, they both knew that. He still had done a big step. Not that Seth would understand any of that.

How the hell did he keep triggering a single dream? It was bothersome. "No, no, aren't pulling this." Moving his hand away she moved around him. She was going to enjoy herself with these knowledgable people.
  Gods / faust / 5d 3h 52m 58s
Curiously Set listened to her, though quite honestly whatever she said was a weak defense. "And you believe having him bring up the nerve to kiss you, a person he already has relations with will make that encounter easier?" he asked, not pointing out how completely different these two things were. She would figure that part out herself.
Her glare was amusing and he couldn't help enjoying her agitated state. He would note that she didn't move away from him leaning in or had any other reaction aside from that. "I think we both agree that you are beautiful," he added, a hand slowly coming up to cup her cheek. This was in a way so much fun. Figuring out how far he could go. He wondered, if she remembered him.


Hella would have to correct herself. He was completely smashed and didn't have a clue about anything. Though it felt like there was even more than just the alcohol influencing him, but that just might be her imagination.
Seeing him sway just facing her, she put a hand on his arm to steady him, not that she could do much, if he fell over. More than likely she would fall over with him. It was fair enough that he confused her and Asta. They did look very similar, though the fake oracle part stung, considering she was pretending too, though she didn't like it one bit. "No, I'm Hella," she reminded him, not sure if the name would help him.
The next time he waved she moved to steady him. "Careful," she said, "Come on, you should get to bed before you hurt yourself." She was genuinely concerned about that. However, she had no idea where his rooms were. Maybe it was smarter to just bring him to her place. It was close by.
  Set / Hoshizora / 5d 4h 27m 20s
There was a temporary fight between slapping him and showing him that he was wrong. Either way, she didn't like those eyes, accusing and all knowing. There was confusion in the air between her and Aaron but it was an old song and dance.

"I wasn't about to say that I want something different here. That's a private conversation. For as long as I've known Aaron he never makes a first move, it's always a tentative second move. In the long run, that's going to help when he finds the person he'll have some knowledge on what to do," Amira began before shaking her head. "I don't have to explain anything to you."

Jesus, why wasn't she budging? Instead she gave a glare. "Great, we can agree on something. Anything else?"


Even after that encounter it wasn't enough to settle Forseti's mind. There was a restless feeling growing in his mind and it was enough to drive him insane. It was actually driving him insane. There had be be some change soon.

Hearing a voice, he clumisly moved to face the face, almost falling over. Giving a low laugh. "You aren't the pushy one, are you? The fake oracle," Forseti asked, though figured she was the other. Was it still night or morning?

"Not much point, if you ask me, which doesn't happen..." The bitter laugh came next before he waved in his footsteps.
  Gods / faust / 5d 4h 49m 8s
Why was she lying to herself? Women were strange creatures. "No, it's not. Sure, there may be history, but at the end of the day you just played with him, because you clearly have no intention of ever properly being with him. If you had, you would have been more involved in the kiss," he pointed out, "I mean, I get where he is coming from. You're beautiful, but that doesn't make it any less cruel." And people always thought he was the bad guy.
He shrugged. "I had no clothes and standing the whole time is exhausting," he replied before chuckling, "Actually, I think entitled jack ass would fit better." He gave her a smirk, but didn't change the proximity to her. There was nothing she could do that would actually hurt him. Maybe just to see what her reaction would be he leaned in slightly.


Hella felt good the day after the feast. No surprise, she hadn't drunk much and gone home rather early. Call her boring, but these feasts were all the same and probably ended in an orgy.
So instead she was up early and intended on going for a walk to refresh herself. For once in her life she had the time for that. That was when she came across Forseti, who looked like he had the worst of hangovers. "Looks like someone partied a little too much. Just up or not even in bed yet?" she asked, moving over to him. God, he looked awful.
  Set / Hoshizora / 12d 3h 50s
"That's different. There's a three year history there. Solid friendship and skirting around the possibility. I'm sure we both know but it's better to know in most cases," Amira crossed her arms across her chests. It was infuriating with how he seemed to assume she just kissed out of no where.

"Why would I kiss you? You're the guy who had a bare ass on the couch, which is gross. Personal space and not to grab someone. And demanding something just because you've seen something. That's called being an ill mannered jack ass. I'm going to go talk smart to someone else."

If he tried anything she would make a scene out of it, she wouldn't play with this game.
  Gods / Faust / 12d 3h 45m 50s
Set tilted his head confused as she rejected giving him the kiss. She made no sense at times. "You weren't meaning to talk to that professor. That's an excuse," he said to keep her from walking off, stepping into her path.
Women in this time were curious beings. How was he supposed to understand them? It was so much simpler in his time. "Why would you not kiss me? You just let him kiss you and it's clear that you don't like him like that," he told her as he motioned with his head towards Aaron, "You are not doing him any favors by playing with him." That was more than true. She wasn't right for a guy like that.
  Set / Hoshizora / 12d 4h 1m 10s
It was strange having a conversation about a relationship with someone who was not what she would want long term. Of course, she couldn't say that outright, that'd come out more delicately when there was time. Taking the bracelet off she placed it in her bag before shaking her head. She needed to stop wearing it, it was just bad ju ju.

Seeing Set, she rose an eyebrow at him. Had he seen that before she frowned. "Uh, no."

What was his deal anyway? First the bathroom and then that question. She was not interested in Seth that way. "Oh, I've been meaning to talk to this professor. Excuse me."
  Gods / Faust / 12d 4h 10m 27s
Aaron quite honestly hadn't thought that far, but then again, he was terrible with human implications. Unsure of what to do, he looked to her. Did distance matter between two people? He supposed so.
Somehow he still wasn't sure, if that was a compliment. "Um... thank you?" he replied, "I want to try for you." That was true enough. He didn't think he knew a woman who he would try to brave the strange and complicated relationship world for.
He furrowed a brow as she pulled off the bracelet. "What's wrong?" he asked before nodding, "Sure, sounds good." What else could he say?
When she parted from him Set moved over to her, pleased that at least his bracelet was working for him. "So can I kiss you too?" he asked with a smile, clearly having the intention of doing so. He didn't see why not. After all, that awkward human had.
  Aaron / Hoshizora / 13d 3h 2m 36s
In this situation it was complicated knowing after one week they'd be separating. He was going to Greece and she'd be staying here. Then they'd be back for the final year, thesis, work and all. That'd come before everything.

"It's amazing you're trying. I really like that," Amira smiled before stepping forward. Perhaps they could have a small time of it before parting ways. It'd be better than nothing. Unaware Seth was there she looked to him pondering what was the best move from here.

That was when she felt a sudden, intense burning sensation on her wrist. "That the hell?" She said taking off that bracelet. It actually seemed warmer. "We can talk about this a little later. There's still more people to talk to."
  Gods / Faust / 13d 3h 35m 17s
Aaron couldn't help a small chuckle. "A little, but don't worry, it's not as if I was that disillusion about my own abilities in this field so it's nothing that hasn't been thought about. After all, an older version of me is running around in front of me all day," he mused, meaning his father, "Entirely possible, but just as unlikely. I mean, maybe, I guess we'll see." He couldn't explain why his mind worked the way it did. It just did.
If the two hadn't been so involved in the kiss, they might have noticed Set looking to him, giving them a near death glare. He was not happy.
She kissed back. Aaron counted that as a win. His head tilted into her hand before he looked to her. Good... what was that code for? "And what does that mean?" he simply asked, because quite honestly he was lost again already. Did good stand for nice, but not again or nice, let's kiss again?
  Aaron / Hoshizora / 13d 4h 2m 7s
"That's how it's coming out, isn't it?, I'm not meaning to say that. All I'm saying is that you're different, your mind works different, and that's amazing. There's bound to be someone who wants companionship but has other ideas, too. It's entirely possible," Amira said, hoping to encourage more than she had been doing.

As for them, it was like a leaf floating aimlessly on a pool. Still he made a move and kissed her. It was a nice, sweet kiss. It was the first move he did on his own. Kissing back she placed a hand on his cheek before giving a soft smile.

"That was good, I liked that," she said feeling warm about that.
  Gods / Faust / 13d 4h 14m 30s
Aaron ran a hand through his hair. "So you're saying old, deranged hermit is the best look for me," he mused softly, "You really are taking all my hopes and dreams." He couldn't say that he was depressed at the thought of being on his own, but it wasn't like he didn't like human interactions. They just ranked behind work.
That answer was about as ambiguous as anything else she said. It felt like whatever option he chose was wrong and he was just going to fall flat on his face. Though, somehow he wanted to. Maybe it had to do with Adonis now being there, he wasn't sure, but he definitely didn't like the guy there.
Slowly he lowered his head and kissed her softly, holding it for a moment before he looked to her, unsure of what she would say to that. Maybe it had been a joke to her and he had just ruined that joke, but it had felt nice to kiss her.
  Aaron / Hoshizora / 16d 2h 7m 33s

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