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Set felt like that there was something odd about her, but he couldn't quite explain it. Gently he kissed the top of her head, while his arm stayed around her. He was definitely enjoying this.
He gave a soft chuckle. "Maybe humans are allowed to feel that, but I'm a god. I don't do insignificant," he mused, giving a small smile, "A whole continent. That is quite impressive. As for the sacrifices, interesting that they would go so far as to sacrifice people. We mostly do livestock. Humans are a rare occasion." It made him wonder about those people.
"He drank some wine and become a god... That must be some interesting wine. Though if he's a myth, then it couldn't have happened," he pointed out, though arched a brow at the thought of drinking wine to become a god, "Not that we have anything like that." Not to mention, the whole king bit.


"Very well. You don't get cold anyway," Jess teased lightly, definitely not going to fit him, if that was how he wanted to walk around. A girl can dream.
She shrugged lightly. "I'm not saying it is. Still, I just find it hard to believe that people would commit murder or suicide for some sentences that supposedly a god said and at the same time half the religion doesn't see as a call for war," she told him before nodding, "But yes, I found peace with this world and a good deal of that is thanks to you for explaining it to me. Is there anything else you want to know?" It was not easy to climb with this skirt. She always used her free hand to move them out of the way.
  Set / Hoshizora / 31d 19h 32m 51s
It almost seemed cruel. To be this close and have something that she was completely happy with- only for it to be a while or the time catch up. That thought made her feel uncomfortable but she settled into him comfortably.

"Isn't that the secret of it all? We are all insignificant," she gave a smile. "Yes, jungles. Like Nubia near you, only a whole continent like that. Well, there is a desert in Peru. Whenever there was drought, they sacrificed kids. In Mexico they decapitated people all in name of gods. Their names are even crueler."

She thought on this with a smile. "Here...they have an interesting myth. A man, Odin, became a god by drinking some wine. Now he's the king of them..."


"I'm okay, it's more of long pants that go under my pants, anyway," he gave a small shrug before giving a smile. He did need his boots though. He was fine win what he was wearing now, however.

It was an interesting world, then. "People interpt their gods differently. Some worse than others- it's hardly a god's fault. Still, I'm glad you found peace with this world."
  Age of Gods / Faust / 31d 19h 46m 15s
It felt like slowly they were truly coming back to a good spot. They had said they wanted it before, but only now did they fully seem to fix the crack that that night had caused. Jess playfully rolled her eyes at the complaining part, but did go and slip on her dress, cloak and boots. "And what about you? You going to stay in just your underwear?" she inquired, teasingly, though she truthfully wouldn't complain, if he did.
It did feel like an eternity since she had arrived here. Jess found herself nodding at what he said. "In a way it is. Some people still believe in a god, others kill for their god, and some don't believe at all," she told him before thinking slightly, "I was of the latter category. I don't know. I can't imagine an all powerful and knowing god that you can't prove exists. He's too perfect and yet still so much bad stuff happens. That's why I honestly didn't think you were a god when I first met you. Now... if there had to be gods, then I want them like you. Real, able to make mistakes, able to be just you." She smiled at him and gave his hand a squeeze, definitely happy for the time she had with him.


When she settled on his lap Set smiled and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him. Being shown the places on the map, he gave a soft chuckle. "You know how to make a god feel insignificant," he mused, slightly teasing.
Intrigued he looked to her. "Up in space? How do they get up there? Can you bring the sun from the sky?" he asked curiously before listening to her further, "Covered by jungles... That sounds fascinating. Why? What's wrong with the gods?" It was all fascinating to him.
Chuckling, he smiled to her. "Because it mostly is in one place?" he inquired amused, motioning towards the general place she had shown him, "Doesn't exactly sound simple when you mention nearly being killed." It was such a strange world.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 34d 17h 1m 29s
"I don't hear you complain. You might want to get some clothes and boots back on though. It's not the easiest walk up there," Forseti gave her smile. It seemed like that his anger towards her was gone. There was truth and he was glad of that.

"That seems depressing. Though there is less names to remember," Forseti said thoughtfully. "What did you believe before I saved you that long ago?"

It felt like forever at this point.


"Uh, Aegean here...This is Egypt there. We call the continent Africa. Another interesting region...and going here to Greece, it's the most volcanic region," Emily smiled. Sitting down on his lap, she thought on that.

"Well, techincally we have discovered it all. They have these things up in space that gives images. It's a miracle for my work...Anyway, it's what's in these lands we haven't found out as much. Mostly here..." she showed him South America. "They built these cities but the jungle devoured them. I really hope the gods aren't as described.."

It was interesting looking at her world through his eyes. "It's a complex world. That's why I liked my field, it was simpler."
  Age of Gods / Faust / 34d 11h 13m 30s
Set gave her an amuse look. Seeing her pull out her weird contraption, he smiled, "Ah, the magical device." He would still call it that. It was just that to him. Curiously he watched her explain where she was from. "Okay, sounds interesting. That does sound Iike I have no idea about this world. And where are we on this map?" he asked, since it was honestly hard for him to tell where they were. It looked nothing like the maps that he had seen.
"Basically?" he repeated, looking to her, "Which place haven't you discovered?" It looked like they had seen just about everything. It made his world seem suddenly so small in comparison to what he had believed before.


It was clear from his reaction that Forseti was less than pleased. Jess couldn't help chuckling softly. Watching him get out, she smiled as she took his hand. "Yeah, let's go up," she agreed with a nod eagerly before standing up to climb out, "When the air feels warmer than the water, you know you have a problem." Still it was strangely refreshing.
His hand still in hers she began to make her way up. The question made her pause, looking to him. What was she supposed to say or do? Finally, she spoke, "Well, you don't exist. Or to put it better gods like you don't exist. We consider you myths. In our time there are only few religions left and most have only one god." She wonders what he would say to that, but she supposed that he should know the truth.
  Set / Hoshizora / 35d 17h 1m 23s
"Very much so," Emily nodded. Taking out the tablet, she avoided using that in case she killed it. If she did anything that would ruin it. Pulling up a picture of the world as it was as according to this time. "This is where I am from. Middle of no where here. Flat plains and terrible music..though the pork is amazing."

She moved her finger to where Brazil was. "This is where my mom was from. A place filled with horrible jungles, dangerous creatures and lots of lots of hills. This is America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We basically discovered every place."


From what she describing it sounded like a perfect hell. He shuddered at that before stepping out. Holding out his hand to her with a smile. "Well, this should always be open to people. Do you want to go up there?"

He would help her in whatever way she wanted. "What else about your world?" He asked curiously. Her time was far different. It was a time when beings such as he was obsolete.
  Age of Gods / Faust / 35d 19h 30m 33s
Jess chuckled softly. Her time would be strange to him, especially all the money stuff. "They do. Some ponds and the ocean you can still swim in for free, but they create artificial places to swim and for those you have to pay," she explained. Still, as she floated there she didn't recall ever such a peaceful swim. She loved swimming and this place was the most scenic and stunning she had ever seen.
What else was there about her time? She thought on it. "My time... it's hard to explain. It's easier to see it, it's so different. We have created machines that can fly us somewhere or drive. But... we also have created a lot of bad as well, unfortunately. Nature isn't anywhere near as pure as it is now," she told him truthfully.
Seeing him swim off, she tried to keep pace, though that seemed like a fool's task. When she finally reached him, she carefully moved so her back was under the waterfall, letting the water drum on her back. That felt amazing. Looking up at the high climb, she thought on it. "I mean, I would like to try, but I feel like that's more an invite for me to fall several meters to a horrible death," she mused, though it was tempting to try.


Set listened to her thoughtfully. "So you are saying the view I have of my Earth is very limited," he summarized, slowly, before shaking his head at the mention of the religion and god, "Why would a god tell people to kill others that have done nothing to them?" That was not a god's job, not even one of destruction and war like himself.
"That's an admirable goal," he replied before chuckling, "I don't think I need to say much. You seem to understand me well, even without words." Giving her one more kiss, he led her out to find some servants so they could prepare everything for their journey.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 41d 18h 57m 15s
"They would pay to do something as simple as swim?" Forseti asked. The very idea was odd to him. The water was amazing. He hadn't swam in it for so long. The treeline met the edges of the waters and the blue sky reflected so clearly on the water. Taking a deep breath he gave a content sigh- the turbulence of the day seemingly was melting away.

"What else about your day?" He asked curiously before looking over to her. Starting in strong strides to the waterfall, the water on her back out to feel amazing. "You really want to climb up there?"


"The Earth is huge. I wish you could see all of it...I can't even begin to describe it. With it being a broad place there are specialist that learn a region. Egypt and other counties will have a religion, there will be extremist who do terrible things to people in the name of this god," she gave a sad smile. "I want to save the past before it was destroyed. There was just that one but I always wear their relgiious wear and try not to advertise I'm a Westerner..."

It was tense. It was getting worse too, she had no intention of stopping though.

Leaning into him she smiled. "I know you do. That doesn't say too much though."
  Age of Gods / faust / 35d 19h 43m 50s
Set was happy she conceded that point to him. That was something. Curiously he listened to her. "That special field being my time?" he concluded since she did know so much about it, "That does sound terrifying, but I'm glad you came out okay. How many of such attacks have you had to weather?" From what she told him it seemed to be a lot.
Her time sounded so strange. Still, he couldn't quite imagine her going back. She had been here for quite a while and made an impact on both him and his country. When she walked over to him and kissed him, he kissed her back, wrapping his arm around her. "We definitely should. After all, I do love long boat rides with you," he smiled amused, taking her hand so they could go and prepare for everything.


Jess slightly pouted. "Of course not, but I didn't think I would be losing toes in the process," she replied, taking a moment longer to get used to the water. Watching Forseti just jump in, she had to say it was stunning to watch him swim. He looked so happy and at peace. Also handsome, kind of how he had been when she had first run into him.
Finally she did wad after him, swimming when it got deeper. "You know many people in my time would pay a lot of money to do something like this," she mused before swimming up beside him, also turning onto her back, though her head turned to look at him, "But yes, I can definitely see these waters being cursed. It feels too good to want to get out." She smiled at him, enjoying this and the blue skies above.
Floating on her back for a bit, she finally did look over to the waterfall. "Shall we go check out the waterfall?" she suggested with a smile. Now that she had gotten used to the water it wasn't too bad.
  Set / Hoshizora / 45d 18h 53m 27s
"It's a possibility," Emily conceded. "Not always. I just happened to pick to chose a special field in an area where every group seems to want to kill you. Especially me, a foreign woman...On my first dig there was an attack just ten miles away at a nearby town. That was terrifying but luckily everything turned out okay."

That felt like so long ago. She agreed she would stay to an extent but she was sure she loved him- something that was impossible. Still there was more to do than focus on something that'd be unrequited. Walking over to him she kissed him softly. "Then we should go."


"Do you expect it to be warm?" He asked with a laugh. He traveled to warmer places but this water was home. He jumped in without a seconds thought. The water was calming to the body and mind as he stroked the pure water.

Giving a content sound he laid on his back and stroked. She still looked amazing but there wasn't that urge right now. "Maybe these waters are cursed. It's too hard hard to get out of them...just stay in them forever, right?"
  Age of Gods / faust / 45d 19h 22m 10s
Curiously Jess watched him to see what he would do before a smile broke out on her face as she watched him strip. His body was still damn impressive and could make any girl want him. She chuckled at what he said. "Careful, I just might corrupt you yet," she teased with a smile, "Though who am I to object to a little fun."
She too stripped out of her clothes leaving her modified form of underwear, because she did like a more supportive bra. Slowly and carefully she stepped into the water, pulling back from the cold. "Dear god, it's freezing," she said shocked before slowly, very slowly sticking her foot in again. Finally she stood in the water to her knees in the shallow part before turning to Forseti. "Care to join me?" she asked in a tempting smile as she held her hand out to him.


Thoughtfully Set looked to her. "That might be so, but if it's the right person then maybe it could work out. I have seen love work out that I thought impossible. I don't think you should give up just yet. There is always two to a family, perhaps more," he told her, "So your work is that dangerous? I thought you dug up old things?" Naturally, he didn't understand a lot of the dynamics that went on in her time.
Seeing the excitement, he chuckled. "You just want to see Crete," he told her teasingly, but nodded, "Yes, boat time. A lot of time to do a lot of interesting things." He gave her a telling smile.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 52d 18h 1m 25s
Forseti might have been the god of justice but he wasn't exactly tame. He gave a small chuckle before taking off the top layers leaving the form of underwear they had. "I may be more careful on what I do that persuades justice but it doesn't mean that I don't do anything fun at all."

It was good to have her like this. He'd be okay with how she was, however she was. This time he could control herself knowing the truth and what was desired from both parties.


"It's difficult in my chosen career. The trips take months and the lab work and everything that goes with it. Not to mention where I go most of the time I am liable to be killed by warring groups of people. They would kill me with extreme prejudice," Emily grimanced. "A family takes proper time and work- I can't give that."

There were people that could but it wasn't something she could do. "So, it looks like it's time for a boat."

This was exciting though, she always wanted to see what it would be like.
  Age of Gods / Faust / 52d 18h 48m 33s
Curiously Set looked over to her. He had never loved before and in a way what he had with Emily was the closest he had ever gotten to love, he supposed. "And why not? You do not believe the god of love will smile upon you? If your father has had two great loves, he will find one for you," he told her, truly believing that, "And missing her is exactly what you should do. She is in a good place now." At least he thought so.
Thoughtfully he looked the map over and listened to her reasoning. "That makes sense. They are quite stable, compared to others. How strange, well not very if Ate is behind it," he said thoughtfully, "Or do you just want to go to Crete. After all, they have quite an amazing culture." He gave her a teasing look.


His teasing made her smile. "I guess that will be me then, considering you are a god, I doubt a curse would affect you, even if there was one," Jess mused with a smile. Hearing the parts about the pants, she gave him a sober look. "Why didn't you tell me that earlier? I mean, I love these dresses, but pants are so much more practical," she told him, lifting the sides of the skirt lightly.
"Everything is cold to me here," she point out with a laugh before nodding eagerly, "Yes, I want to. In my time swimming next to a water fall doesn't happen too often. You going to join me or keep watch?" Though she only now realized she would swim naked and wondered, if he would have a problem with that, considering everything that had happened.
  Set / Hoshizora / 58d 19h 17m 47s
It was curious to her that she felt that with Set. At this point she was more than certain she felt that. It was for the wrong man though- that didn't bother her much. Love didn't have as much hold on her considering her true love was her work.

"Yeah, it won't really happen though," Emily said dismissively but gave him an appreciative smile. "I know he still misses her and I do too."

Looking over the map, she thought on her history about when they all died. "Honestly, she makes others go crazy. These Crete Island were partially destoryed by earth quakes considering the region it's in. As for Crete itself, we don't know why. War, weather...both...that might be a good bet, though."


"I wouldn't know if it's actually cursed. It leaves the question of who would dare to find out," he gave an amused smile. "You can wear pants, if you want. Some of the women have pants with a skirt over it. Mostly during winter."

He gave a small laugh at the question. "To you, it will be. It's always cold. But the water is beautiful. Do you want to swim?"
  Age of Gods / Faust / 58d 19h 34m 51s
Jess nodded at that. From the bit of exploring she had done around here she hadn't seen any water either, at least not that big. "Makes sense," she replied, "Fjord sounds cool though." She smiled at him, following after him. Naturally, she too had her knife with her that he had taught her to use.
The hike was longer than what she was used to and with these skirts it wasn't easier. Slightly out of breath, she leaned against a tree. "It's beautiful here," she smiled, looking around, "Cursed by the gods? So I'm safe, because I'm here with you?" Not that she believed she could be cursed.
She undid her cloak a bit. It was warmer here. "It's fairly warm here. That or I worked up a sweat. I want pants, if I hike more often. Skirts aren't practical for this," Jess said, "That waterfall is stunning though. Is the water cold?" She reached forward to feel it.


Set listened to her silently, allowing her to tell the story in her pace. At some point he reached over and took her hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
"I'm sorry about your mother. I am glad though that your father found a new woman to love. I'm sure he still loves your mother, but just mourning her for the rest of time is not the answer. I'm glad he's doing so well," he told her, "I can understand wanting a love like that then."
He looked to her. "So where did you want to go?" he asked, remembering that look she had had, but also trying to get away from this subject.
  Jessika / Hoshizora / 61d 18h 31m 2s

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