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"Okay, I can understand the spider-looking one trying to eat me but not every single other kind." Midori says. "And fine, if you can't and won't help me get back then I may as well try to find a way out on my own and who knows, maybe this Digimon that's apparently only stalking me is actually friendly and willing to help me!"

Midori makes an angry "Hm!" and marches towards where the sound came from and looks around.
"Hey, come out already!" She calls out.

The bushes start rustling then a purple imp-like Digimon jumps out, startling Midori slightly which causes her to accidentally bump her head into a tree.

"Owwww... why you- look what you did!" Midori says.

"Hey, I did what you said!" The purple Digimon responds. "Not my fault you scare so easily."

"Oh for the love of- whatever, why are you stalking me?!" Midori questions.

"Well because I- err, uhh..." The purple Digimon says. "W-well, why are you following that other human, huh?!"

"Th-this is not a game of answer a question with a question!" Midori replies.

"Well you're not answering my question so I'm not answering yours!" The purple Digimon states.

"Wha- you- grrr, this is hopeless, I'm finding my own way back home myself!" Midori shouts then walks off angrily away from all three of them.
  Midori Ariwara / Okimichi / 94d 18h 34m 34s
"Get back? I can't help you there, I have no interest in getting back. All I care about is getting stronger and taking away the strength of those digimon that are stronger than me." He answered her question sort of as he continued to walk while Vain continued to laugh at the human girl before freezing as he heard something following them. Zane stopping in his tracks and looking back towards the girl.
"Yes that's a digimon, from what I can tell, they're following you more than me. They don't feel strong, at least not yet, they might want to eat you, or could just want to talk. I don't know, but with how digimon are, I bet they're stalking you, they're next prey." He said harshly with a slight smirk as him and Vain watched the treeline for their uninvited guest.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 94d 19h 14m 5s
[i I'm annoying him aren't I...] Midori thinks as she tries to keep up.

"...eh?" Midori says in response to his answer. "Digital World... Digi-mon... and I'm a newbie?"

Then Midori stops for a second in shock at what she heard from the Digimon then continues following them.

[i Surely someone can't just be cold-hearted for no reason... right?] Midori wonders. [i This all feels so surreal, like as if I'm in someone else's dream... aaaaahhh, gotta focus on how to get back!]

"How... how do I get back?" Midori asks. "The sooner I figure that out, the sooner I can stop annoying you..."

The sounds of someone following behind the three of them can still be heard, but this time the loud snapping of a twig is heard which causes Midori to stop and look back.

"I'm not imagining that, am I?" Midori mutters. "Was that another Digimon?"
  Midori Ariwara / Okimichi / 94d 19h 25m 55s
Zane let his hands stay in the pockets of his zipped up jacket, keeping his face under his hood and hearing the girl he had 'saved' following him as he quickly tried to abandon her. Keeping his casual pace but slowly becoming a fast walking speed as she continued to follow him and probe him for answers about the Digital World. Vain turning around on Zane's shoulder to face her, the little digimon snickering and watching her. While Zane sighed and glanced back to her, his face still covered by his hood so she could only see his mouth move as he spoke.
"You're an inquisitive nuisance aren't you. You're in the digital world, and these 'creatures' are 'digimon'. Monsters made out of digital code in this 'cyber world'." He answered blandly and quickly as he continued to walk.
"I think you found the answer yourself with me and that Dorugamon that tried to eat you. And don't think I stopped it in order to save you. I thought whatever was attacking you would be a challenge, I was wrong. I'm not a babysitter for a newbie like you." He stated coldly while he kept walking, not caring if she followed him or not at this point. While Vain just began to laugh at her.
"The boss is just as cold-hearted as me and some of the other Digimon here. I'm Vain, and if you get too annoying or whiney, I might be the next Digimon that tries to eat you~" The little metal dragon threatened as he grinned at poor Midori from his perch on Zane's shoulder.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 94d 19h 48m 24s
Midori gets herself out of the leaves then looks at the other strange creature then the guy.

"Eheh... thank you?" Midori says as she awkwardly waves at them both.

[i I am in a completely different world, aren't I?] Midori wonders then shakes her head. [i Doesn't matter where I am, I have to get back somehow and he might know how!]

Midori starts trying to follow him only to realize she left her bag in the leaves so she doubles back, shuffles the leaves around until she finds her bag, picks it up and then runs back over to him.

[i Okay, just need to ask him some questions even though he seems scary!] Midori thinks to herself. [i ...Just say something already, Midori!]

"S-so... what exactly is this place?" Midori asks. "A-a-and... what are these um... beings around here?"

Meanwhile, something back behind them can be heard following them around.

"Eehh... and i-is everyth-thing dangerous around h-here?" Midori asks. "Or j-just uhh... s-some?"

[i Oh come on, why is this so hard?!] Midori thinks to herself. [i The last time I was this scared was back when...]
  Midori Ariwara / Okimichi / 94d 23h 35m 58s
The girl's screams echoed throughout the jungle, Zane could hear them and he didn't want to respond to them or help the girl. But they were rather close, and her being in danger could mean a strong digimon is attacking her. He knew helping her would only be a nuisance in the end, but him and Vain wanted a challenge, so if there was a chance this was it, they'd take it.

Moving closer to the sounds with no urgency, the tamer and his partner began to glow with black energy as Zane pulled out his digivice.
"Biomerge, chaos genome splice initiate." He muttered lowly as their bodies slowly merged into one in the black light. The dark energy slowly forming a larger shape, similar to SuperNovamon, but sleeker and more ferocious. No detail on the figure's body, only a black mass made of the darkness with piercing white eyes instead of red. A large jagged hole where it's mouth would be, indicating teeth as the two roared in sync through their new form, known as Voidmon.The new digimon phased through the trees like a ghost before appearing at the origin of the noise and phasing it's claw straight through the spider digimon, tearing it in half and letting it disappear into code with an aggravated growl.
"Knew this was a fucking waste!" Voidmon growled with the combined voices of Zane and Vain before slowly separating into the hooded Tamer and Vain. Barely acknowledging the girl besides glancing at her.
"Let's go Vain, this was pointless." Zane stated to his partner, letting Vain perch on his shoulder once more before starting to walk away.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 96d 15h 15m 58s
"I'm... I must be dreaming..." Midori says. "Yeah... none of this can be real... and when I land, I'll wake up... right?"

Midori falls ever so closer and closer to the tall trees directly below.

[i The way my heart feels... I don't think this is actually a dream!] Midori thinks to herself. [i I really am about to...!]

Midori then starts screaming her lungs off as she is only a few hundred feet from landing from this fatal drop.

"SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEEEE!!" Midori yells out.

Just as a few leaves smack her in the face, she ends up landing in some kind of giant sticky net slows her fall until a full stop. ...Then brings her back up towards the top of the trees and moves her back and forth a bit until she comes to a full stop again.

"I-I... wha-aat...?" Midori says. "I'm alive?!"

She tries to move around only to realize that she is completely stuck in the net. And that it's actually a giant spiderweb.

"Well I survived the fall but now I'M GOING TO BE DINNER FOR SOMETHING!!" Midori shouts. "How and why is this happening to me?!"

[b "Looks like some prey has finally landed!"] Some beastly voice is heard. [b "And it's a human too!"]

[i What was that?!] Midori wonders. [i I have to- wait... my bag, I'm still holding it and I'm sure I still have my pocket knife in it!]

Midori tries her best to move her hand into her bag with all her might as the web starts bouncing around slightly.

[b "I'm going to savor this meal, heh, heh, heh!"] The creature says.

"Come ooon, come ooon...!" Midori mutters then finally manages to grab the knife. "Aha!"

Midori quickly cuts the web her hand is stuck on, freeing it. She then quickly starts cutting away at the rest of the web she's stuck on.

[i I'd rather die from the fall than be eaten alive!] Midori exclaims in her head.

Just as she sets herself free and begins falling again, the creature grabs her leg before she makes it far. Though now her bag has fallen down further into the jungle.

[b "You think I'm going to let you escape that easily?!"] The creature questions as it pulls her back up.

"You think I'm going to BE that easy?!" Midori responds then stabs one of its hands(?).

The creature winces in pain, accidentally letting her go.

Midori ends up falling once again, though this time she lands safely in a large pile of leaves on solid ground.
  Midori Ariwara / Okimichi / 96d 15h 29m 49s
[I Meanwhile in the digital world....]

[b GOAR!!!]
A rogue Machinedramon was laying waste to a Seaside in the Digital World, or at least that's how it would appear to anyone but those involved. In reality the Machinedramon was blasting at a fast moving flying Digimon that was dodging and evading each of the giant machine's attacks as if it was a fighter jet dodging missiles and enemy fire. The digimon and a mysterious figure on it's back rose higher into the sky before divebombing towards the head of the Machinedramon.
"Vain, let's tear him apart." Commanded the hooded tamer as his digimon, Vain, responded in his champion form of SuperNovamon. His plasma wings shining like the brightest of star's as his red eyes stared straight at the human that moved to his shoulder.
"Just what I wanted to hear, Starlight Implosion!" The digimon responded then roared as they flew straight at Machinedramon, Vain's metallic sleek claws glowing a vibrant red before exploding into a black fire, hurtling straight through Machindramon's head and out of it's back, the black star fire coursing through the wild digimon's body before completely destroying it from the inside. Completely destroying it's code instead of letting it revert to a digiegg.

The victors soon landed on the now war-torn seeming beach before the large digimon reverted to it's smaller rookie form, while still seeming similar to it's champion form. The digimon's tamer Zane flashed a small smirk at the carnage they helped create before noticing a light shining from his pocket followed by a large buzzing noise. His digivice was reacting to something, retrieving it from it's resting place he blinked in slight surprise then sighed before pocketing it.
"Looks like someone is coming, we better move before we pick up a nuisance." Zane told his digimon partner before putting his hood back over his head and walking away from the beach, Vain perching on the male's shoulder and snickering at the destruction he and Machinedramon created
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 96d 16h 21m 57s
[b *click clack, click clack*]
Midori dashes through the halls as she tries to make it to class on time.

[i I can't believe I zoned out for half an hour like that!] Midori thinks to herself. [i I hope it doesn't happen during class or else I will really be in for detention!]

Midori slides to her side to stop herself at her classroom door. She slams it open while in an apologetic stance.

"I am very very sorry for being late and there are no excuses for it!" Midori exclaims then looks up to see the classroom empty. "WAAAH- where is everyone?!"

Midori spots a note on her desk then scrambles over to read it.

[b Midori, I assume you will forget where the class is just like what time it is since you are late.
We are supposed to be doing a physical exam in the gym today.
Your friend, Shiori.]

[i OH NOO, I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO DETENTION NOW!!] Midori yells in her mind.

Midori dashes out into the hallway then heads towards the gym as fast as she can.

"Gotta make it, gotta make it-!" Midori says then slips and faceplants into the floor.

Midori grumbles in pain as she slowly pushes herself up a little.

"Of course... I slipped..." Midori mutters. "Better hope that the suffering I will endure isn't going to be- huh?!"

Midori notices the lights flicker with electricity zapping around them.

[i Wha-... what is happening?!] Midori wonders. [i Don't tell me there's some kind attack happening on the school?!]

Then Midori notices light glowing from below. She looks down to the floor to see some strange digital-like portal opening through the floor.
Before she can react, she falls through it and ends up falling out of the sky somewhere.
  Midori Ariwara / Okimichi / 96d 16h 36m 14s

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