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"Very straight forward with his questions... should have expected that." Midori mutters. "Wait, if they are supposed to be part of an army... are the rest of them hiding the buildings?"

"I don't like this one bit..." Impmon whispers.


"Th-that is confidential information!" Frightened Commandramon states. "You h-have one chance to leave witho-out forcing us to take you in or t-take you out!"

Zane might be able to notice that the Revolmon is no longer in sight. He might also notice movement in various other ruined buildings.


[i Maybe we should leave before their fear wears off.] Midori thinks.

Something is heard in some bushes near Midori, causing her to freeze upon hearing it. She slowly turns around to see what made it, only to not be able to make anything out that could have made the noise.
  Midori Ariwara and friends / Okimichi / 74d 2h 45m 6s
Vain closed his mouth with a fanged grin as the digimon stopped their firing and stared at him and Zane. The small cybernetic dragon laughing at the Commandramon as it spoke to them.
"You call yourselves the D-Brigade!? You all became frightened little lizards as soon as you heard me roar, you have no chance stopping me with weak little threats like that!" Vain growled out laughing still, his small metal body seeming to glow silver and black briefly. Until Zane whacked him on the head gently, stopping the glow and making the small digimon gulp and shut his mouth. Zane sighing and walking towards the Commandramon slowly with his hands to his side.

"Look, my friend and I really love to fight, but to be honest I hve another friend with me that's not used to all this and might not be able to handle seeing us fight you guys. So I'd rather solve this peacefully. I promise I won't hurt you if you just answer my questions." Zane told the Commandramon in a calm yet authoritative tone.
"Firstly, why are you three fighting that Revolmon? And why are there only three of you? Aren't you usually in larger squads or at least with a Digimon that's higher in command?"
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 75d 11h 11m 2s
"Alright... just don't get yourself hurt in the process." Midori says and stays put with the Impmon as they watch Zane and Vain go over to the firefight between Digimon.

The moment Vain starts roaring, the Commandramon and the [i Revolmon] [s ] stop their firing and stare back at Zane and Vain with surprised expressions.

One of the Commandramon warily approaches them.
"Th-this area is currently under lock down and is off limits to c-civilians!" It says. "You are tres-spassing and have to le-eave right now!"
It's obvious it's a little frightened from Vain's roaring.

"Wow... I was not expecting that from such a small creature." Midori mutters while still watching from the hiding spot. "What other things could it be hiding in that small body...?"
Zane just sighed at Midori's little panic attack. If she was freaking out this much just over gunshots like that, she wasn't going to survive long here without his help. He just shook his head as they kept moving, hands in his pockets while Vain seemed to cling tighter onto his shoulder. Causing Vain to stop as they saw the digimon shooting at each other. Now this was an interesting sight, three Commandramon against a single Deputymon. Moving a little closer, leading Midori and impmon behind a large rock and crouching behind it for now as Zane watched the battle and listened to Impmon and Midori before Zane himself was addressed.

"We shouldn't antagonise either side in this fight, those dinosaurs with guns are Commandramon. From what I've heard from other digimon and Vain they're part of the D-Brigade, sort of like this World's special forces. While that gun with arms and legs in that building is a Deputymon. Usually quite docile and friendly, but not all the time." He tried to explain Midori as he watched both sides, part of him was aching to just fight them both, but something felt odd about this situation. For now he felt like intervening as n outsider would be best rather than ally with a side. Looking back at Midori as he pulled his digivice out.

"Midori, I want you to stay here until I say you can come out. Vain and I are gonna go in there, see if we can't get them to play along, or at least fight us two together." He said with a smirk. Standing up and calmly walking towards the area between where the 3 Commandramon and Deputymon were fighting. Vain perched on his shoulder and roaring out to get their attention, his voice sounding electronic and amplified as he roared out with the deep bellow of a dragon and the bass of a subwoofer.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 76d 10h 31m 9s
Midori is eventually pried off of Zane.
"That Digimon at least had a reason to try killing me!" She exclaims. "A psycho with a gun has no reason to kill... unless you really count murdering for the pleasure of it, a reason."

Midori tries her best to keep up with Zane, and soon they hear more gunshots that start sounding like a battlefield. From where the four of them are, they can see the ruins of some kind of frontier town, with 3 reptile-like, assault rifle wielding Digimon shooting at something or someone in a wrecked building. A cowboy hat, revolver Digimon in the building peeks out every few seconds from different spots and shoots at the other Digimon before quickly hiding back in cover.

[i What in the... these are Digimon too?] Midori wonders. [i A squad of three army-dinos versus a lone ranger that's literally a gun too... but wait, why are they fighting each other?]

"I'm not so sure which side we should help." Impmon states.

"I get the feeling these aren't the only Digimon here." Midori says. "I have no sense of tactics or planning yet though... so what should we do, Zane?"
  Midori Ariwara and friends / Okimichi / 88d 22h 51m 55s
Zane couldn't help but sigh slightly at her protests, stopping his movements as she held onto him out of fear. Sighing and petting her head gently before starting to pry her off of him.
"You're scared of a far off gunshot, you were almost eaten alive by a Giant Spider, sure it was weak in my terms. But if I wasn't there even this Impmon would have struggled against it, you'd be mincemeat in seconds." He told her bluntly as he kept walking into the Rocky area surrounding the entrance to the Mountain Zone. Leading the group towards the gunshots. Zane was curious and skeptical, he doubted they were humans. So they were most likely Digimon, he had only met Digimon from the Forest Zone so far with the exception of some Digimon he lured there to fight. He hadn't met any with guns but assumed they were possible, he got his hopes up, made evident by a large cocky grin as he started to run towards the sound with Vain clinging to his shoulder. gesturing for Midori to hurry up and follow them.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 90d 20h 22m 12s
"Very different...?" Midori says then freezes after hearing the gunshot. "W-wait, g-go deal with that?!"

"No need to worry, us Digimon can handle ourselves better than you humans!" Impmon states while moving towards the noise with Zane. "Not to mention you've got a pair of guardians protecting you."

"Sh-shut it!" Midori responds as she puts her Digivice away. "I-if that was a gun, D-digimon or not, this sounds very dangerous!"

Midori notices they're still moving onward and breaths out a sigh then hurries along with them.

Soon, another gunshot is heard. Midori unknowingly finds herself hugging up against Zane.

[i This can't be good- this won't be good- there's no way these gunshots are good!] Midori exclaims in her head. [i I don't see anyone taking up firing practice out here- not unless people are used as targets- there's no way this is a good idea!]

"Wh-what if it could be a-another human who is a crazed-d psychopathic serial killer!?" Midori fearfully asks. "O-or even w-worse, a Digimon that is-s a serial killer!"
  Midori Ariwara and friends / Okimichi / 91d 7h 26m 15s
"Let's just say that most Digimon that I've encountered have been hostile, then again, I only focus on the stronger ones. There probably are nice Digimon, but I'd rather have the powerful ones on my side than the nice ones." He answered bluntly, he definitely believed there were nice Digimon, but did he care to meet any. Not really, it didn't concern him so he never cared before.

Peeking at her Digivice to read the message he nodded to her and himself, looking off towards the Mountain Zone once more.
"I wanted to take us through their anyway, but be warned, Digimon there are very different to those in the Forest Zone. No telling what we'll find." He warned her before hearing the gunshot, clutching his Digivice as Vain jumped onto his shoulder once more.
"Come on, better to deal with whatever that is now before possibly being on the other end of that sound later." He said as he started moving towards the sound, entering the Rocky Plains around the Mountain Zone.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 92d 21h 54m 20s
"You make it sound like every Digimon is evil... but there's no way that's true because how would this world exist if it was?" Midori replies. "What if it is a Digimon that wants to help me, or has a good reason for messaging me?"

Midori gets a response on her Digivice, prompting her to soon check it.
[b I said to leave behind your world for now. Focus only on this one until you reach me.
The way to here is blocked, so you'll have to go through the clearing, take the path that goes up and follow it until you see the big walls surrounding the entrance far in the distance. From there, you should be able to find your way to me. A friend will be waiting there to guide you.
Take your new friends with you too. You'll need their help, and so will I. Please hurry too, there's not much time.]

At this point, Midori just shows Zane what the message says.
"Looks like we're supposed to head through the mountains." She states. "Maybe I was brought here to help someone, or help multiple people... either way, I want to follow these directions and meet this friend."

Something in the distance can be heard further through the plains. It sounded oddly like a gunshot.
  Midori Ariwara and friends / Okimichi / 92d 22h 15m 47s
Zane stopped as she spoke, she was right, this should be perfect for him. A challenge for him and something he might want to have himself. But there was one worry he had now about that possibility.
"That may be true, I'd love to fight a powerful Digimon, even try and recruit it if possible. But the problem is, if it's trying to lure you. That means it wants you for something, and if it's going through all this trouble to get you. It probably isn't just for a meal. Which means it wouldn't focus on fighting me, but rather go straight for you." He explained rubbing the back of his head slightly. Come to think of it, how did she even get here and why? Vain told Zane that he wanted to come here, had made a deal with Vain in order to be here. Vain hadn't explained why or what made Zane want to come here, but it was by choice. Midori had no idea about this place, like she was dragged here.

Zane stopped walking and turned to face her for now.
"We should keep moving, to the mountains. Something doesn't feel right about all this, normally humans are brought here for a reason or choose to come here. But it sounds like you were forcibly pulled here, maybe by whatever is talking to you through your Digivice." He told her, extremely cautious now as he scanned the tree line, they were exposed in the plains, they needed to make a decision and move. He didn't like this one bit, it felt wrong.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 92d 22h 43m 43s
Midori stops herself from hitting send once Zane says that.
"So you're saying I shouldn't send what I just typed up back to her?" She asks. "I don't understand how a Digimon could send me messages using Shiori's number- wait... if a Digimon is behind this, and it is a powerful one... isn't that good for you?"

[i Still, this entrance zone she wants me to go to, what is the entrance for?] Midori wonders. [i Maybe it could be the entrance to the Digital World... and maybe I can leave through there and get back to Earth!]

"You were mad that the Digimon that attacked me wasn't powerful, so this must be a good opportunity for you to find a strong one!" Midori adds. "This entrance zone sounds like a way for me to get back home too, so this is good for both of us!"

Unknowingly to Midori, the Digivice's screen glitches out a bit and the message somehow gets sent.
  Midori Ariwara and friends / Okimichi / 92d 22h 49m 4s
Zane smirked as her phone began to finish it's transformation. His hunch was correct after all. her phone was becoming a digivice. However he was still skeptical about the messages, peeking at her new Digivice's screen to read what the new message had said. He didn't know how her friend talked, so he wasn't sure if this was normal or not. But even to him, it didn't look right. For now he stood back up, Vain jumping off his shoulder and poking at her digivice. Now that Midori could see Vain properly, she could see he was actually pretty small, about half the size of Impmon.

"I wouldn't respond to those anymore Midori. It's very likely that's not your friend, probably a very powerful digimon trying to lure you away." Zane warned her, eyeing her digivice cautiously as he walked out into the open plains, the Mountain zone viewable in the distance now.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 92d 23h 26m 25s
Midori stays quiet and listens to what Zane says, meanwhile Impmon walks over and pokes her phone.
The phone soon starts digitalizing through a fiery inferno-like process.

"WAAAH!" Midori reacts, dropping the phone onto the ground in fright of getting burned.

It slowly reforms into a Digivice of burning colors, with strange symbols on it and the Digivice resembling a smart phone.

With that, the Digivice makes a notification sound on it. Midori cautiously picks it back up and looks at what notified her.

It's a text message from Shiori?
[b Leave your fantasy world behind for now and focus on the real world right now. Power stopped working, you need to head to the entrance zone. I'll meet you there.]

"First of all... if this is a Digivice, this actually a pretty awesome one!" Midori says. "Second... I got a response from my friend, but something isn't right."

Midori starts texting back.
[b Hey, are you okay? I've never heard you call anything an entrance zone before, especially the entrance to the school. Whatever the case, I'm in some plains and have no idea how to get to any "entrance zone". If you can give me directions on how to get back to the school from all the way over here, I'm all for it!]
  Midori Ariwara / Okimichi / 93d 6h 41m 52s
He didn't answer right away as she said that about the Digimon names, did he plan to keep looking after her from now on, or would he ditch her once she could fend for herself. He wasn't sure, at first he was just going to ditch her after teaching her a few things. But now it was like he would feel wrong if he just left her, he wasn't sure why. IS that the kind of person he was, a nice guy? He sighed as they kept moving before answering her statement.

"Yeah, most Digimon will talk to you first, so you can ask them. But there are some like that 'Spider' back there that don't care much for talk. Especially if they're hungry. That Dokugumon probably hasn't had a good meal in a long time, probably why it really wanted to eat you, but that was a weakling compared to other things out here, and this Forest one doesn't house many powerful digimon either, mainly weaklings here." He said as a long explanation while they neared the edge of the forest, near the plains on the outskirts of the forest.

Zane blinked as he started to see the Plains, he was taking her to his shelter wasn't he? Why did he decide to try and leave the Zone. He was confused, did he subconsciously change his mind. He bit his lip confused but kept moving before smirking. This was a good excuse as any to explore this world. Zane stopped as they entered the plains turning to her as she got a message on her phone, he couldn't help but be surprised by that. He didn't think phones would work here. Shaking his head at her question
"Don't know, I didn't have anything on me besides my Digivice. But I doubt that message you sent will go through, that message was probably the last one your phone could receive. Or maybe... " He started then moved towards her, looking at her phone then Impmon.
"Hey, little Imp, come try and touch her phone." He told the digimon follower, wanting to test something, he had a suspicion her phone was mid-transformation into becoming a Digivice, wanting to see if it would react to the Impmon. Vain leaning closer from Zane's shoulder, trying to get a good look at what was going on.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 93d 17h 17m 58s
"Huh... Impmon, Novamon... woodmon... rockmon... whatmon?" Midori mutters quietly to herself then shakes her head. "I'll just let you or them tell me what their names are rather than trying to guess."

Then Midori hears Zane's explanation, and tries her hardest to understand everything he says.
"So Digimon need this... Digivice, to... evolve and get stronger to fight other powerful Digimon, while humans need it to become closer and work together with them!" She says. "But these Digivices are ancient, or at least yours is, and to get one I need to do what exactly?"

"If you got here then that must mean you have one somewhere for you." Impmon says.

"Well I guess I didn't check my stuff for anything new so I guess I'll go do that." Midori says as she shuffles through her bag. "Though, I highly doubt I would find anything like a Digivice magically being in my bag suddenly-!"

She gets blinded for a second by her phone flashing into her eyes, signalling she has received a message. She quickly pulls it out and checks what exactly the message is.

It's a message from Shiori.
[b Hey Midori, the physical exam got canceled due to power fluctuation issues in the building, so no need to worry about it. ...Where are you though?]

Midori quickly starts texting Shiori on what happened.
[b You're not going to believe what happened to me at all! I don't even believe it myself, and I'm still staring at this! I was trying hurry to the gym but then I slipped and... fell into some other world called the Digital World with these creatures known as Digimon! I'm currently walking through a forest with this guy named Zane and I have no idea how to get back...]
She sends it and hopes it actually sends.

"Hey, do... phones still connect to Earth?" Midori asks. "Because I just received a message from my best friend and just sent one back... which kinda makes the whole thought about Earth and the Digital World moving at different times I just had, a bit uh... proven wrong."
  Midori Ariwara / Okimichi / 93d 17h 39m 58s

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