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"Ah, I guess we follow Zane!" Allistir says.

The rest of them run to the house that Zane headed to.
Lizzy comes out through the front door.

"Don't worry, she's fine but you should still check on her, Zane." Lizzy says as she moves to side to let Zane through.

"What about-!" LS says.

"Something is lurking around, whatever it could be, it isn't gone, that's for sure." Lizzy interrupts. "We should check around a few times, something is going to come."

"What should we do?" Allistir asks.

"I don't think it would be a great idea for everyone to be cluttered into one house, you should stand guard outside and calls us if something is wrong." Lizzy answers.

"Please don't let there be any more terrible things happen..." Allistir mutters.

"Don't worry, we'll keep watch." Etsuko says.

"What do you think it could be?" Lizzy asks as she walks back inside.

"I was hoping you would know but... I really don't want to say what I think it could be." LS answers as he also walks inside.

"I guess that's a good idea, it might put them on edge." Lizzy responds.

"This is really getting tiring though, Kilmantur seems to always be at least one step ahead of us... wait, do you hear that?" LS asks as he moves towards a wall and puts his ear up against it.

"Hear what?" Lizzy asks back.

"Sh." LS says. He listens very closely and hears faint footsteps on the other side of the wall... then the roaring of a chainsaw.
"Oh shit!" He yells as quickly backs away.

A chainsaw begins tearing down the wall. The wall breaks and a blood-covered Renamon lunges at LS with her chainsaw.
LS stops the chainsaw with his hands pressed tightly against the sides that don't have blades. Claire grabs a stick lying on the floor and tosses it to Lizzy who then smashes it against the bloody Renamon's face which throws her off LS.

"Go, go GO, GET OUT OF HERE!" LS shouts as gets back up and leads the bloody Renamon out into the street.

The bloody Renamon laughs as she continuously slashes at LS with her chainsaw. LS manages to dodge each attack.

LS' backpack had fallen off his back at some point and Lizzy frantically searches through until she finally pulls out a chainsaw of her own out.

"Here!" Lizzy calls out while she tosses the chainsaw to LS.

LS catches the chainsaw by the handle, revs it up and begins battling against the bloody Renamon.

"Go on, get to safety, I can handle her!" LS yells.

"Come on guys, we need to get as far away from here as possible." Claire says to the others.

"A-a-alright!" Allistir says.

"I can't believe I actually know what that Renamon is from... I really shouldn't have read that 'story' though." Etsuko says. "Oh, yeah, let's go!"
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 4d 4h 22m 57s
He shook his head and looked at Lizzy.
"Actually I think darkness is just what we need. Fight fire with fire. And those digimon aren't your run of the mill digimon, we need them." He said then just stayed quiet as they appeared on Earth, blinking in surprise as he looked around.
"Wait this is my-" He started but froze as he heard a familiar voice, Vain growling from his perch on Zane's shoulder. Zane instantly aimed his gun at Kilamantur and was gonna fire but ran to Etsuko when it was pointed at her. Freezing in fear as he heard the gunshot. Sighing in relief when it was Allistir shooting Kilmantur. His heart dropping at Kilmantur's words and he instinctively began to run to his house, not caring what the others were saying or doing for now.
"HINARI?!" He called out in fear as he neared his house.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 4d 5h 18m 41s
"What is the endgame plan with Kilmantur, why is he really doing any of this stuff?" Allistir asks.

"Nobody knows that, I don't think he even does." LS answers. "My only guess is because he can or some shit like that."

"Too cool for school, Zane, too cool for school." Etsuko responds to Zane.

"I don't think using darkness against darkness is such a good idea, Kilmantur will just absorb it all and us it against you." Lizzy replies to Zane. "Besides, this is bigger than what Digimon can do right now."

"Hey, what about Bellestarrmon?" Claire asks.

"That has nothing to do with this, that's an explanation for another time." LS answers.

"Alright, we ready?" Lizzy asks.

"All good here." Claire answers.

"I've got something special for when we get there, let's go!" LS says then jumps into the portal.

"Well, come on!" Claire says then also jumps into the portal.

Lizzy, Allistir and Etsuko jump through too. Everyone is suddenly in a neighborhood in Japan.

"That's strange, we should have been inside the their house..." Lizzy says. "Umm... do any of you recognize any of this?"

Thunder is heard and rain suddenly starts pouring down, hard. Wind starts to pick up too.

"Wasn't anything about rain in the forecast, what the hell?" Etsuko says.

"I think he's here, I hope we aren't too late." LS says.

"And right you are." A familiar and foreboding voice calls out from behind the group.

"There you are you bastard!" LS says after turning around.

"You really are one of the people that have a possibility of defeating me, you've managed to get your mind fully out of that delusion I put it in." Kilmantur says as he takes out a revolver and starts aiming it at everyone. "I could tell you my real life story but... what would be the point, we're at opposite ends in this, so how about I remove some obstacles in the middle." He then aims it at Etsuko.

"Like hell I'll let you do that!" LS yells as he runs in front of Etsuko.

A gunshot goes off... but Kilmantur drops his revolver.

"I think I got him..." Allistir says, holding his gun up at Kilmantur.

"Hmhmhm... distractions are fun, aren't they?" Kilmantur asks while snickering. "Even if you do save her from her demise, it would take a lot more to save everything else here." He then vanishes into darkness.

"Oh hell, wait, where's Claire and Lizzy?!" LS asks.

"I think I saw them run off into a house." Etsuko answers. "I think this is Zane's neighborhood, and they must have figured out which house is his."

"Which house is it?!" LS asks.
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 17d 4h 21m 49s
Zane sighed at the others and looked away. Smirking as they seemed happy with him not killing LS. His eyes widening as LS began to speak, he felt the rage boiling inside him as he heard what LS believed was really going on. It looked like we would get an excuse to destroy Kilmantur and the darkness. He followed them and his heart dropped when they mentioned his sister and parents. Taking the hand gun and cocking it.
"I won't need a weapon as long as I have Vain. I can just use Armament digivolution, but this is good too." He said smirking as he held th gun, glancing at Etsuko.
"So does this make me look cooler, or an I not be any cooler?" He asked while posing and chuckled. Vain smiling and flying back to his shoulder, happy that Zane seemed to have calmed down. Zane smiled and looked at Etsuko.
"Guess it's the real do or die time huh? If things go south, just know that I love you Etsuko." He said honestly then went to LS and Lizzy.
"If we're finally attacking, mind if we make a pitstop and get the rest of our digimon, I need mine especially. We will need me as DarkNexusmon, and we might even need the other digimon of destruction."
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 17d 17h 6m 39s
"Di... he didn't kill him?" Allistir asks.

"No, he didn't..." Atsuko answers.

"The land of the living it still is for me then." LS says then walks by Vain and Etsuko. "If you think he's the only one that's been plagued by the darkness and tempted by it then I will explain my life story yet again today." He says as then walks to the seaside viewing window and stares out it.

"What has honestly gotten into you?" Claire asks as she walks next to LS. "I've never seen you act like that, then again, I've never seen you get put into a situation like that before... but, what happened?"

"What keeps on happening... nothing has changed after everything I did... not yet anyway." LS says. "I... I just..." He then looks off into the distance with an expression of fear.

"What, what's wrong?!" Claire asks as she scans the area he's looking at.

"I thought... no... that's only... of course it wouldn't be that simple!" LS says. "We can't go on an adventure yet, we can't go with the plans in place yet, they're weren't ever really locked away, they just wanted me to think that so I would get off their trail!"

"What are you saying?!" Claire asks. "Do you mean...?"

"It was all a lie, I never did anything under my own free will... that was all an illusion they implanted... and they thought they would be free of me!" LS says. "The place is still being operated by them, that means there is still a Kilmantur somewhere... that means there must be a way back there, and they will try to make sure we never succeed!"

"You're sounding like you've just gone completely insane, you know that, right?" Claire asks. "But I guess it wouldn't be new since that's happened many, many times before..."

"THAT'S IT!" LS yells. "They're not really gods, they don't really have a machine that controls everything, that was all just to get me out of the picture!"

"I'm no longer with it on this... anything..." Allistir says. "What's going on this time?"

"They must have known that Zane wouldn't like me trying to do that, they were expecting and hoping that that entire thing would happen but with me dead and never coming back!" LS explains. "I never did die, they just made everyone see that to make it believable and they brought me... somewhere... Kilmantur is not alone in his endeavors, that's for damn sure!"

"So, what you're saying is, everything you just said about a place and saving everyone and the owners being locked up, is all completely made up?" Etsuko asks.

"Not necessarily, I was for sure sent on some journey through multiple worlds to try and get back all the while battling against more darkness and... other things... they must have hoped I wouldn't make it but also had planned ahead with the false memories." LS answers. "I was just now able to figure this out because of something that Kilmantur likes to do no matter the circumstance, he leaves discrepancies in one way or another to let the person escape from the madness of whatever it is."

"And what would that be?" Damion asks.

"There wasn't anything about Zane's sister being targeted with horrible things but yet... I said there was without even noticing until now... but wait... FUCK!" LS says. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!" He then sprints down the hallway and into the portal room.

"W-what, what's going to-... oh shit!" Claire says. "Hold on, we're coming too!" She then follows after him.

"This sounds really bad, we need to hurry!" Allistir says and runs after them.

"Y-yeah!" Etsuko responds and runs with him.

Atsuko, Damion and Spadamon run with them too.

"What about Zoe and her father, is her father actually alive?!" Claire asks. "And is Zane's parents alive too?!"

"Y-yes, Mr. Abe is really alive and there's nothing wrong, for some reason Kilmantur decided to give him back I guess and yeah, sorta, but it's the way he has it planned, he's going to use them to... we have to hurry, please Lizzy!" LS answers. "I can't believe how such a fucking idiot I was, how could I not see that it all wasn't fucking real!"

"I've had just about enough of that bastard, I'm coming with you and I'm going to end every evil creature there!" Lizzy says. "Alright, alright, I've the portal set, but Damion, Spadamon and Atsuko shouldn't come."

"Why not?" Atsuko asks.

"They go after the most defenseless, the most loved and the most innocent/innocent looking." LS answers.

"Besides, do you really want to see those creatures again?" Claire asks.

"Not particularly..." Damion answers.

"But I can fight, I want to fight!" Spadamon says.

"The exact same thing like last time will happen only Zoe won't be there to save you." Claire responds. "You've all done more than enough for a lifetime, if either of you that can go don't want to then you don't have to and no one will blame you."

"Nah, I'm fine with going." Etsuko says.

"I want this madness to end so I'm coming too." Allistir says.

"You won't be completely defenseless this time then." LS says as he tosses each of them a handgun. "They're the special never-gonna-run-out-of-ammo ones."
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 17d 21h 49m 51s
Zane just grit his teeth and turned around, glaring at LS. The voice from earlier filling his head and telling him to sing. He was about to unleash Erazermon's power when he saw LS give him the gun. He instantly cocked it and aimed at LS' head. No remorse or hesitation in his eyes. He said nothing and shifted his aim to the left slightly and fired, letting the bullet barely miss LS and hit a wall. He sighed and gave him the gun.
"I need you alive so we can end all this. But once we don't need you anymore, then I'll end you. For now, I can put up with you." He said coldly, Vain sighing in relief. The digimon knowing that was Zane's way of saying he saw him as a friend and couldn't kill him. The digimon bapping Etsuko.
"Hey don't be so harsh on him. He may be stubborn, but he has every reason to be with everything the darkness has put him through. And the temptation of the darkness inside him." Vain said to Etsuko huffing.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 17d 23h 29m 32s
"Why does it matter now, it can't be changed!" Allistir says. "Why do you have to act like this?"

"Stubbornness can sometimes be a virtue but in this case, it's just stubbornness." Etsuko says. "If Zane does something stupid though...!"

"You want to talk about fate, is that right, huh?" LS says as he follows after Zane. "Fate is meant to be changed at will, what other point would there be in free will?!"

"W-wait, are you sure pursuing him like this will help?!" Claire asks.

"There's a lot more to be said apparently, and I intend to have this whole ordeal end without grudges." LS answers.

"Everything is so tense now..." Atsuko says.

"What do you think the entire damn point of this lab is, to let us control our own lives without some menacing things watching our every moves dictate what we should do and if we don't do what they want, they try to kill us off!" LS says. "Do you think I wanted to get those powers I had, no, I'd rather trade it all away just to be a normal human and guess what, it happened back there!"

"I hope this all ends well." Damion says.

"And you were not listening to what I said about Kilmantur, you can't destroy him because he isn't here anymore, I locked him away for good with those other creeps and no one can get to that place they are at ever again!" LS says. "I'm not a god, I never said I was, what we've been doing up until now has not changed, we fucking have a machine that lets you go nearly anywhere at any point in time, we have medicine that brings people back from the dead if there is still a body left, we've been fighting every possible evil that has come our way and now you want to start complaining about fate being changed?!"

"I'm getting really worried." Spadamon says.

"You know, since you are sooo keen on killing me, here have a gun and shoot me now." LS says as he slides a gun to Zane. "There won't be bringing me back this time if you do kill me, I won't allow it so you can get the peace you've just now been seeking, and no one can blame you for it because this is my damn decision to let you decide what my "fate" will be."

"What the hell are you doing?!" Claire exclaims as she runs up to LS.

"Don't, this is his decision now, not yours, not mine, not anyone else's but his." LS responds.

"I didn't expect LS to be doing something stupid!" Etsuko says.

"And I didn't expect Zane to get so mad about this in the first place but what can you do." LS replies. "Just know that whatever decision you make, Zane, there is still a hell of a lot of evil out there to defeat..."
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 18d 6h 59m 26s
Zane's eyes twitch as he listens to LS, he did see what LS has done as good. But that doesn't mean he could just take things like that into his own hands. He wasn't god, and neither was Kilmantur. He sighed and seemed to have calmed down, suddenly glaring at LS.
"You may have different intentions to Kilmantur, and have been trying to undo what he's done. And I'm grateful for your help with Hinari." He said then looked away.
"But that doesn't mean either of you can just act like god and change fate at will. I will eventually destroy Kilmantur, along with you." He said darkly and suddenly walked away from the group. Vain still on Etsuko's shoulder and sighing.
"Well that could have gone better. I think we should go talk to him before he does something stupid." Vain said looking around, then watching his tamer leave. Zane continuing to walk away gritting his teeth and clenching his fists. His digivice starting to produce black code and large deep laughter, belonging to the same voice that spoke from his digivice earlier.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 18d 16h 23m 36s
"But he just said he left so he wouldn't go mad with power, didn't he?" Allistir asks.

"You're mad that I used something that controlled literally everything to bring back people who shouldn't have died in the first place?" LS asks. "Let met tell you this, I read what was supposed to be their death date, and it was supposed to be decades later, should I have just used the damn medicine on them instead so it could be explained as science instead of wizardry at this point?"

"Umm, you okay there?" Claire asks.

"I made damn sure no one else could use those machines after I fixed what shouldn't have happened, I could have done a great deal more of things, I didn't even have to leave but I still did all that stuff, should I have also chosen not to change what would have happened to everyone too?" LS continues. "They had it set up where this entire lab would explode the moment you all got here with no explanation on why, not to mention they had set it up to have terrorists go out and kill anyone related to anyone in this lab except for your sister, they had special plans for her apparently."

"C-calm down, please!" Claire pleads.

"Sorry that I've grown very fucking tired of being completely powerless against Kilmantur but really, I'm not sorry at all, I would rather bring good people who shouldn't have died, back from the dead then kill off more, and your parents aren't even the only ones I brought back, I also brought back Mr. Abe because he was completely devoured by darkness only because he saved all of you from that same fate!" LS says. "I have been dealing with this darkness long before you have, you saw the start of it, you saw the middle parts of it, but you don't seem to wanna see the end of it, you seem to wanna fight him forever."

"Excuse me, you what?" Zoe asks.

"Kilmantur is no longer a problem but the remnants of darkness he left across universes are, you've seen how he's made fiction into fact, how do you think places from horror games have suddenly popped up around the world, don't you think that's quite strange how no one seemed to have talked about those places before but when you see them, it's as if they always been there!" LS says. "And I can't change things as easily as Kilmantur can, he can do it all at the snap of his fingers while I needed an entire system of systems to do the small amount of things I did, but then again, what do I know, I died and was brought back to life just to witness everyone else die and be forced into taking Kilmantur's old job of choosing when and how people die, so yeah, that made me insane, that made me choose what I did, anyone else like me would have at that point instead of choosing to be what they have been fighting for forever!"


"He's alive, he's in the lounge right now." LS responds.

"...Thank you." Zoe says with a bow then runs off down the hallway.

"I wasn't the only one who was there making these decisions by the way, I brought someone to help me keep the rest of my sanity then sent her on a mission that I apparently had already done and to help other places like I've been doing, Bellestarrmon." LS says. "She's the reason I ever came back to the Digital World and help you all, she said I sent her to set me on this path and now I understand why."

"Wait, you brought her to that place?" Damion asks. "Did something happen to her?"

"There's nothing to worry about, what matters is that she's fine now and will be for a very, very, very long time." LS answers. "And Zane, if none of what I said has made a difference to you, so be it, I'm used to it, but those bastards were going have extremely terrible things happen to your sister if I didn't do anything they had the audacity to say to me that it was all for the better... I can't let that shit happen, I can't let anyone die slow, horrible, painful deaths, I just can't."

"Are you finished, have you calmed down now?" Claire asks.

"I don't know anymore, no matter what I do there's someone to despise me in the end and they aren't evil." LS answers. "But there's nothing to apologize for other than not being faster to help and bringing you all in this... but it's not like I can change that without destroying everything in the process."
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 25d 21h 32m 4s
Zane rolled his eyes at Zoe at her comment. Just going with the others now and standing stoic and unmoving as everything happened. Blinking as he watched LS and everything that was going on and was said. Freezing when he mentioned his parents.
"W-What?! B-But you can't do that." He shouted, he was more angry than happy about that.
"You can't just change what's happened like that, if you do that, you're almost no better than Kilmantur himself." He said bluntly, looking away. Vain going wide-eyed at his words, a bit surprised, but not exactly disagreeing with him.
"And you're also getting rid of my reasons to kill that bastard." He said growling and stormed away, going to another part of the room and leaning against a wall crossing his arms. Sighing at them.
"I'll come, but not to personally help you." He said glaring at LS slightly.
"Merely so I can get a crack at that bastard myself, and find Squiremon and Serpentilemon." He said and Vain tried to jump on his shoulder, but Zane just shooed him away. Vain sighing and jumped on Etsuko's shoulder.
"I think he's upset that LS can just change things like death so easily. He's had to live with horrible things because of bigger reasons like Kilmantur, and he hates that LS can change things just as easily as Kilmantur can." Vain said to her and rested on her shoulder.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 25d 22h 26m 53s
[i This is like some kind of hell!] Allistir thinks to himself. [i We have to get out of this place before things like saws come out of the walls or something!]

"The only other way would involve killing innocent people and that's not something I do." Zoe responds to Zane. "Besides, I'm probably gonna do the same I did to you to Allistir and Atsuko and Etsuko and-"

"Or you could just not do it ever again!" LS interrupts her. "Seriously, don't do that shit ever again!"

"We got it fixed!" Damion shouts.

Everyone runs into the elevator and the elevator begins going down.

"One thing is for certain, I'm not letting another person die because of this." LS says. "This all ends here, I'm going to-"

The winch of the elevator snaps, causing it to fall down and everyone inside to start rising to the top due to the speed.

"SHIIIT, what the fuck Another!" LS shouts.

The elevator starts slowing down until it safely reaches the bottom.

"Oh... I did... I stopped it from crashing..." LS says.

"Uh... how...?" Allistir questions.

"Somehow managed to slow down time put a bunch of foamy stuff on the sides and bottom of the elevator to force it to slow down and gently reach the bottom." LS answers after pointing at the elevator doors, which were suddenly open without anyone realizing beforehand, showing the foam he mentioned sprayed across the floor. "There's a light down there, let's hurry to it."

Everyone begins moving carefully through the foam with LS in front. A door starts closing down from the ceiling and LS sprints over and wedges his axe upright to keep the door from closing.

"Come on, come on, let's go, let's go!" LS shouts the notices monters coming from the darkness of the hallway.

Claire and Zoe keep the monsters from attacking the others while they get on to the other side of the door. LS runs up to the monsters, runs up and wall and kicks them on the way down to let Claire and Zoe escape before he does. The axe breaks and the door closes before he can manage to get through too.

"N-no!" Claire exclaims then starts banging on the door. "Open up you stupid thing!"

"Claire, he would want us to save the others before saving him." Zoe says. "We need to get them out before more of those things start appearing."

"You're... you're right, let's go." Claire responds.

"What about LS?!" Etsuko asks.

"Can't we get him out of there?!" Atsuko asks.

"He's done this before and he's survived it all." Claire answers. "He'll be fine, much more so then us if we come across another monster."

"It doesn't feel right..." Allistir says.

"We have to do something!" Damion says.

"Then escape so he won't have to put his own life in danger anymore!" Claire replies. "Come on now, we need to go!"

The group of them run into the light and end up on a tall island outside with clear sunny skies.

"Where are we now?!" Etsuko exclaims.

"I don't know..." Claire says.

"Why is there a random door here?" Damion asks while pointing at a door standing on the ground, leading to nowhere.

"Uh... is it an escape way?" Allistir suggests.

Something starts banging on the door all of the sudden then the doors burst open and LS comes flying out.

"Oh hey guys." LS says. "Just escaped a maniac with a huge pair of scissors."

"Scissorman...?" Allistir says.

"Yup, for some reason I was in the main hall of the mansion from the first game... yeah this is what I have to deal with on a daily basis." LS says.

The scissors can be heard but then the door gets sucked into a sort of black hole then disappears.

"Ok... now... where are we?" LS asks then looks around.

"Some sort of island." Atsuko answers.

LS looks over the edge to see water then road starts forming out of nowhere and a small manor appears at the end of it. Some people start coming out of the mansion and get into a nice convertible and drive off, down the road. Two of them are Bellestarrmon and Ignitemon while the other two are LS and Satoru.

"Uhhh... this is a... memory..." LS says. "Why are we seeing this?"

"You said this is supposed to be inside your head, can't you control it and get us out of here?" Claire asks.

"What do you think I've been doing the entire stay at that cathedral!" LS answers. "If it was that easy, there wouldn't have been any problems since like the very beginning of all of this!"

The island disappears and a pier forms underneath everyone then house start appearing one the pier and then it starts raining.

"What is happening?!" Allistir exclaims.

"Is this another memory?" Damion asks.

"This is... oh hell... this is where it all began... the day of what my normal life was turned to what it is now... the day the Digital World first appeared in my hometown and the day Satoru..." LS answers.

A young boy is seen coming from down the sidewalk towards the pier and then enters the front yard gate of a house then enters the house.

"It's you... from when you were younger..." Zoe says.

"That means that..." LS mutters.

The day suddenly turns to night and a young girl is seen sitting on top of the roof of the house. The young LS comes out of the house then starts climbing up to the roof to talk to the girl.

"That's when we first met..." Zoe says.

The young Zoe scares the young LS and he slips and falls down onto the ground. The front door opens and another young boy comes out to see if young LS is okay.

"Is that Satoru?" Atsuko asks.

"Yeah..." LS answers.

The night the suddenly turns to day and it begins raining again. Smoke fills the sky and screams can be heard. The front of the house suddenly explodes and those freak Digimon made by Kilmantur come flying out and around the house with young LS and young Satoru running for their lives.

"Look, you don't have to experience this again." Claire says while walking in front of LS, blocking his view. "You've already had to experience twice, you shouldn't have to at all but you definitely don't need to again."

Yelling ad screaming is heard from young LS as he runs at the freak Digimon with his sword that he summons and cuts them down then falls to his knees looking at young Satoru, dead.

"He's alive now, it's all fine!" Claire says. "Don't let this get to you!"

The pier and house disappears then a hill forms underneath and a mansion on top. Young Zoe comes running out, bringing young LS by hand. A familiar man comes running out yelling then stops at the porch.

"Mr. Abe..." Atsuko mutters.

"He doesn't look different at all, not even that many years ago..." Etsuko says.

"That's when I ran away with him... dad didn't like it when I brought him home while the town was still under siege of those things." Zoe says. "Of course he lost everything he had and loved... and didn't want to go on after we got further away from the town."

"I joined in the end didn't I?" LS asks. "I eventually stopped feeling despair and started feeling vengeance."

"I just wish you did sooner so I could show dad that it was all worth it in the end and so I could..." Zoe says. "It doesn't matter."

The hill and mansion disappear then the lab forms all around them. Blood splatters then start appearing on the walls, floors and ceilings.

"No, not this!" LS exclaims.

"That's when-!" Claire says.

A large, creepy darkness knight with red eyes appears then starts slaughtering scientists and security guards. LS then comes running from down the hallway and repeatedly stabs the darkness knight with his sword.

Everyone except for LS, Claire and Zoe had expressions of shock on their faces.

"I heard about that..." Zoe says. "Almost everyone stationed there, died... LS had to recruit various people and... other things to make the place operational again."

"It was all because of me..." LS says.

"No, it wasn't and you know that!" Claire says. "There's no way to know what those bastards are planning, they change it every second and try to ruin every life along the way!"

"Why is this all happening?!" Damion exclaims. "No one should ever experience this!"

The lab disappears then a house forms all around them.

"This is... we're on...!" LS exclaims then opens the backdoor and runs out. "Welcome to Mobius everybody, don't know why we're here but we are!"

"Wait, what?!" Etsuko questions.

"Why are we back here?" Claire asks. "We haven't had to go back there for a long time now that I think about it... we spent a long time because Kilmantur's minion, Kempt Evul, caused chaos there until you finally managed to kill him... the one that was killing everyone in the lab..."

"Wait, he has minions that are like him?!" Atsuko asks.

"They're more like general for him that are just less powerful but just as evil... so far, he has no more." Claire answers while walking outside.

Everyone else walks outside too.

"What is it this time." Zoe says. "Not like I was ever on Mobius..."

Voices are heard up on a cliff nearby. They belong to Claire and LS.

"That's... when I tried to..." Claire says.

Past Claire pulls out a gun then aims it at her head. LS dives at her, causing the both of them to fall onto the ground then slams her hand on the ground which makes her drop the gun.

"You tried to kill yourself?!" Etsuko asks. "Why would you do that?!"

"It's a long story..." Claire answers.

"One that doesn't need reliving!" LS says. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME, WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ALL OF THIS TO US?!?!"

The sky turns red, a fog surrounds them, a storm forms and figures starts appearing in the fog.

"Is this another memory?!" Allistir asks.

"No, it's not!" LS answers.

"Pathetic, unworthy, worthless." Demonic voices are heard from the figures saying. "Only good thing you all are for is dying slow, agonizing deaths."

Claire and Zoe begins shooting at all the figures.

"We need an escape plan now!" Claire says. "Any ideas?"

"Can Lizzy open a portal for us?" Zoe asks.


The gruesome reality starts distorting then everything turns into a bright white light.
The darkness barrier burns away from the light and everyone returns to the cathedral, unharmed.

"Allistir, Damion, you're all fine!" Spadamon exclaims while running to them then hugging them. "That was actually... relatively quick."

"It should have never happened... no one deserves to see or experience such things... I will make this right." LS says.

"What... what happened?" Spadamon asks.

"You don't want to know..." Damion answers. "It in the end... it all wasn't real, right?"

"If you don't mean that what happened in those memories never happened then yes, none of it was real in the end." Claire answers. "We really need to get back to the lab before something else happens."

"I agree, let's go." LS says then starts walking but abruptly stops and holds his head.

"What is it this time?!" Claire asks.

"Hurts... it all hurts... bad... really bad..." LS answers. "You need to get everyone out of here, now!"

"What's happening?" Atsuko asks.

"You all need to go... I feel it all... all rushing around through me..." LS says.

"Let's do what he says in case that happens again." Claire says then forces everyone to leave to the courtyard and shuts the door behind them.

"It's all ending here and now... I feel it..." LS says.

"I can help you!" Claire says as she walks closer to LS. "I can get Lizzy, I can get you back to the-!"

"NO, you need to keep away from me!" LS exclaims. "Stay at the door if you must be in the same room but don't get near me!"

"What about Lizzy?!" Claire asks.

"There's not enough time... don't bother..." LS answers then falls to his knees. "I didn't think it would end like this... heh... heh..."

LS falls on his back then... explodes with his blood and body parts splattered about. A small splatter of blood goes across Claire's face.
Claire then walks outside into the courtyard, unsure of what to tell everyone of what just happened, and shuts the door behind her before anyone can see the inside.

"W-what happened?!" Allistir asks.

"He's..." Claire mutters.

Zoe had walked up to the door behind Claire without her noticing, opens it up a small bit then peeks through and quickly shuts it.

"Oh shit, you really don't want to go in there." Zoe says.

"Let's just go back to the lab..." Claire says.

"What happened?!" Etsuko asks.

"Is he...?" Atsuko asks.

Claire doesn't answer, pulls out her cellphone and calls up Lizzy.

"Hey Lizzy... we need a portal to get back now..." Claire says.

"On it." Lizzy responds then a portal opens up in the middle of the courtyard.

"We can't just leave LS!" Damion exclaims. "Isn't the whole reason of coming here to bring him back?!"

"Please... just go through the portal..." Claire says. "I... I'll explain it there just... please..."

"You should really listen to her, this is very serious." Zoe says with her attitude turned serious.

Everyone listens and steps through the portal back to the lab.
Claire slowly walks up to Lizzy.

"Hey- oh... you seem to have a little something on your face there." Lizzy says circling an area around her own face with her hand.

"Lizzy... I don't know how to tell you this but..." Claire says.

"Bo-... LS is at the observation window to outside, waiting for you." Lizzy says. "He told me you would say something about him being hurt but he's fine now; you should really clean off that your face, here." She pulls a handkerchief out of her pocket then wipes the blood off of Claire's face.

"W-wha-wh-what?!" Claire exclaims. "He- what- how?!"

"I don't know what exactly happened but from the sounds of it and... that was his blood, wasn't it?" Lizzy asks. "I guess it doesn't matter though since he's here now and he seems fine."

"That son of a..." Zoe mutters.

"R-right!" Claire replies then runs out of the room then Zoe does too.

"Oh, he's also expect you seven to go see him too." Lizzy says. "If you go out to the hallway there and look to your right, you'll see a circular window down the hall, that's where he's at."

"O-oh, ok!" Allistir says then runs out of the room.

Everyone else makes their way to LS. He is looking at the window then turns around when everyone arrives.

"You wouldn't believe how hard and long of a journey I just had." LS says. "Needless to say, I'm back, better than ever in fact."

"H... how?!" Claire exclaims. "You-...!"

"Right after I died, I woke up in a strange place that was run by two entities who were in human forms at the time." LS explains. "They... were controlling everything in every single universe... Kilmantur was actually one of them but he went insane... and I understand why."

"What?" Zoe questions.

"They choose what would happen and how with every horrible little detail, they made everything to be the way it was... for some reason they decided to bring me there." LS continues explaining. "They were planning on killing all of you and everyone related to you but I wasn't going to let that happen, I wasn't going to let them get away with that, I was not going to let them continue dictating everyone's lives anymore!"

"We were going to die?!" Damion exclaims.

"Those monsters!" Spadamon says. "They are behind all of this?!"

"They are behind everything... well they were, but again, I put a stop to that... they had consoles that did it all, I ran to them quickly then sealed them away from ever doing anything again." LS says. "I took control of the place, I used it to do good then what they've been doing... I couldn't stay there long though or else I would go mad with power, I only did a few things then destroyed the place so it wouldn't be what controls us anymore and quickly left."

"Something was controlling... everything..." Etsuko says. "Where are they, I'm going to beat the hell out of them!!"

"You won't ever have to worry about them again..." LS responds. "Oh, Zane, I heard something about your parents being in an accident or something, I brought them back."

"You what?" Atsuko questions.

"There was only a small amount of things I was able to do but what I did do was right the wrongs that have been done, there is some more than just bringing Zane's parents back." LS explains. "If I did anything more, I would have gone insane... well, more insane than what I was at the time."

"You mentioned something about Kilmantur being one of them?" Claire says.

"Oh yeah... he had to decide the horrible things people would go through and that made him go insane..." LS says. "What Kilmantur does now, he just thinks it's all a game that he wants to keep continuing but that doesn't matter now, I sealed him away along with the other two so now we have only darkness to worry about and... the leftover destruction from him."

"No more Kilmantur... that's nice... but of course our work isn't done yet." Zoe says.

"He went to so many worlds, so many timelines, so many futures... the future of this world included... but he is no longer in any of them now, it's all a blur of darkness that is left." LS says. "There is just so much to do... it's all so complicated... time nearly broke when I did that but it's fine now, just need to bring back the light."

"Getting a little cryptic there..." Allistir says.

"Hmmm... say... now that I think about it... would you all want to come with me to help with bringing a brighter future to damaged worlds?" LS asks. "I can bring you all back to your homes before your missed, I can even bring you back after the firefight in your neighborhood, Allistir."

"Really?" Allistir says. "Wait, help what worlds?"

"Adventure, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, each one of them have been affected again and their memories will probably be fuzzy about us but they will remember in time." LS answers. "Before we do all of that... there is the future of our world and Digital World to help."
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 49d 19h 3m 30s
Zane nodded to Claire. He would need to try and release them later. For now he looked around, starting to wonder what happened here until they all found LS. Smirking at his words.
"I'd love to, but if Etsuko's staying I guess I would too, plus I have my gaming team to think about." He said nodding. Freezing and blinking as they were engulfed in darkness.
"Not this again!" He said remembering last time they were transported like this.

He groaned as he heard Etsuko shouting, waking up. Going wide-eyed as he got up and saw the message. Hearing Etsuko's words.
"No. No this is fucking bullshit, don't talk like that Etsuko!! I'll get you out of this, I love you and I'm not about to lose you." He said instantly going to the controls, trying to figure out whatever puzzle this was and quickly.

He sighed in relief when LS saved Etsuko and instantly went and kissed Etsuko.
"Now that's two reasons why I need to kill that Kilmantur bastard." He said hugging Etsuko then went with the group, rescuing the others. As everything else happened, Zane blushed as the part about Zoe embarrassing him earlier was brought up. Inching away from Zoe.
"Could you find another way to get on Lizzie's nerves then?" He said facepalming.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 65d 17h 10m 59s
"Seems like a huge fight happened here recently..." Allistir says. "I hope everything is alright..."

"Oh, I should mentioned that the those Digimon have been put in separate safe rooms to keep them from activating their special powers so Kilmantur doesn't get to them." Claire answers Zane. "Once we get LS out of here, we'll then figure out how to release them back to he Digital World without causing chaos."

"There's one less thing to worry about." Damion says.

"Time to find LS before it's too late." Claire says then starts running into the cathedral's main hall.

"W-wait up!" Allistir says then he, Damion, Atsuko and Spadamon follow after Claire.

"I'll watch our backs." Zoe says.

"Yeah... let's catch up with the others quickly, Zane." Etsuko says then follows with the others.

Claire spots LS lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, surrounded by broken pews and other various wreckage and broken chandelier had fallen in the middle of the room and is on fire.

"I see you finally made it Claire... and you brought the team of tamers from our world." LS says with pain.

"Hold on, I've got you!" Claire says as she injects him with a syringe.

"A little bit longer and I wouldn't have made it..." LS says. "Have you all done something with your hair... you all look slightly different..."

"A third party messed with the portal again so I ended up going a few years after those events." Claire explains.

"I see... regardless, I wish none of you would have been involved in this again, you've all done more than enough." LS says. "I might as well make you permanent editions to our team at this rate, you'll get compensated a lot for your services, you'll have access to nearly everything that's classified and you'll have a new home that you can go to at any time... but I don't know if I should involve you all any more than this."

"That actually sounds nice..." Allistir replies.

"I could do a lot with all that advanced technology." Damion mutters.

"If I didn't have to stop my music career then yeah, that would be fun." Etsuko says.

"I could do a lot more with my nursing skills if I join." Atsuko says.

"But I would be there... so you would have to deal with me too." Zoe says.

"Oh... right..." Allistir responds. "It wouldn't be that bad... right?"

"You brought Zoe too... then that means... it doesn't matter, we should go back home now." LS says then gets up. "There's nothing left here for now."

"What happened to... your Lucemon?" Claire asks.

"I sent him on a covert mission that will spand across years but in the end will save many." LS says. "I'll explain it later, let's just get out of here now-..." He then stumbles around a bit.

"What's wrong?!" Claire exclaims.

"I... I don't know!" LS responds. "I think... it's all... insanity... coming out...!"

Darkness suddenly engulfs everyone... except Spadamon and Vain. They were thrown back, away from everyone. A barrier of darkness keeps them from trying to get back to everyone.

Everyone who was engulfed wakes up in different spots.
Let's start with Etsuko and Zane first.

"Uwah... what... what the hell?" Etsuko says she gets up and looks around. "Where am I...?"

Etsuko is trapped in some sort of cell in a room. She looks up and sees spikes protruding from the ceiling.

"Oh fuck..." Etsuko says then looks out of the cell and sees Zane lying on floor near some controls and a monitor. "Z-Zane, wake up!"

When Zane wakes up, a message on the monitor saying, solve the puzzle to save the girl.

"What the crap is this?!" Etsuko exclaims. "I... Zane, solve whatever it is if you can, I won't blame you if you can't... I love you."

Now for LS, a few minutes before Etsuko and Zane wake up.

"Oh hell.. what just happened?" LS asks himself after waking up and then getting up. "I'm getting a bad feeling about this..."

LS then walks over to a door near a set of stairs and opens it. He looks in and sees a room with a flickering light bulb hanging from the ceiling, Claire asleep on a desk with a computer on, Zoe passed out against a wall and Allistir... unconscious, lying down a table with stocks keeping him there.

"Oh fuck..." LS says then the light bulb bursts with only the computer monitor light allowing sight and then everyone asleep in the room quickly snaps awake.

"Wh... what's going on?!" Allistir exclaims. "What just happened?!"

"Did we... where are we?!" Claire asks.

A loud sound occurs then red lights come on and a large blade comes out of the ceiling down to Allistir slowly.

"No, no, no, NO!!" LS shouts as he runs over to Allistir, gets on top of the table and tries to keep the blade from going down.

"Here, use this!" Zoe says then tosses LS a fire extinguisher.

"Don't won't Allistir, I'll sooner let myself die here before you do!" LS says after catching the extinguisher then using it hold the blade up instead of his hands. "Claire, I need you to figure something out!"

"I'm trying, I'm trying but this damn won't work!" Claire responds. "Fucking work!" She then slams her fist into the computer and then Oreta Tsubasa de starts playing on speakers everywhere.

"Uh... what?" Zoe says.

The lights turn green and the blade stops moving. LS quickly bashed the padlocks on the stocks keeping Allistir on the table with the extinguisher until they all break off then tosses the extinguisher away and grabs Allistir and throws him off the table then gets off it, himself.

"Thank you... thank you..." Allistir mutters.

"This... I have a theory but let's find the others first-" LS says then the table flashes brightly and fire axe takes it place. "...Ok then, let's just get out of here." LS then grabs the fire axe and leaves the room with everyone.

They walk past the stairs and down a hallway to a nearby door on the left. LS tries to open it but it's locked and then he bashes it down with the axe to reveal Zane and Etsuko in very dangerous situation. LS runs up to the cell then pries off enough bars for Etsuko to squeeze through.

"I'm not fucking playing around with anyone's lives here, fucking Saw." LS says after pulling Etsuko out of the cell.

"Th-thank you!" Etsuko says.

"I need to find the others!" LS replies then runs off to the next door down the hallway to the right.

LS tries to open the door but it's locked and then he bashes it down too. He sees Atsuko trying to get of an interrogation-like room with a oneway window looking into it from where LS is standing. Atsuko tries to get out of the room but then gas starts spraying and LS breaks the window and pulls Atsuko out before she breathes too much gas.

"Next door." LS says then runs up to the last door at the end of the hallway.

To everyone's surprise, the door opens without having to be bashed down. LS enters and sees a normal bedroom with light coming from windows and slightly open closet. He walks up to the closet but it's empty and starts to walk back until... he remembers something. The room looked eerily similar to room in a horror movie. Then walks back to the closet and swings his axe at the wall to reveal it was an illusion and there's some other world there with Damion pounding at and invisible barrier keeping him there. LS breaks the barrier with his axe and pulls Damion out of there and just before he closes the closet door before the monsters come through, he notices a flare gun and grabs it.

"Alright, time to leave!" LS shouts. "We need to get down those stairs before-!"

A giant freak monster forms out of nothingness in the bedroom and LS quickly shoots it with his flare gun which makes a familiar voice say "Poof!" when it's fired and has unlimited flares in it.

"Well then... I don't know why this is here but ok." LS says. "Just go ahead, I'll catch up!"

Claire forces everyone to move while LS kills the monsters and ends up setting the room on fire doing it then runs back down the hallway and down the stairs.
He reaches the bottom and sees another hallway with an elevator at the end of it that everyone is at but monster start coming from the sides of the hallway and Claire and Zoe begins firing their guns at them. LS charges at one monster with his axe and they all end fighting monsters together.

"So, what the hell is going on?" Claire asks.

"I think we're inside my head right now or at least what that insanity ha taken from my mind." LS answers. "Why aren't we going down that elevator exactly?"

"The button pad is broken, we're tying to quickly fix it!" Allistir shouts.

"That explains it then." LS says.

"This reminds me of many occasions we had to do this." Claire says. Except this time we have Zoe fighting alongside us."

"Speaking of which, I'm guessing Zoe was doing that whole thing with prey again?" LS questions. "I was hoping those visions I saw weren't real but from the looks of it, it might be true."

"Yes, I made Zane extremely uncomfortable with it." Zoe answers. "His fault really, he asked if I had anyone like he has Etsuko."

"No one can expect something like that, come on!" Claire exclaims. "At least wait until people know you better before going off like that!"

"Goddangit Zoe, there's already enough of that at the lab as is and I'd rather there not be any at all!" LS says.

"That's what I said!" Claire replies.

"If you must know, I'm trying to get on Lizzy's nerves so I can see her angry side." Zoe says. "A sight like that is very rare to see."

"I could just tell you what happens, I've seen it myself!" LS responds.

"Then what happens?" Zoe asks.

"Her hair turns red, her expression grows dark, her voice grows deep and she rips everything to shreds." LS answers. "You really don't want that to happen!"

"Now I want it more." Zoe says.

"No, you don't!" Claire says.

"Have you guys fixed the elevator yet?!" LS shouts.
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 65d 21h 43m 45s
He blinked at Allistir and nodded.
"Do not walk alone with Zoe, ever. Trust me." He said shuddering, glancing at Atsuko.
"She's very perverted is what she is." He added and blushed at Etsuko.
"I-I'll explain to what she told me later, b-but not right now." He stated still blushing more before soon regaining his composure. Glaring at Zoe as she mentioned filling in the time gaps. Yelling as he was shoved through the portal.
"Well. That happened." He said looking around.
"So is this that cathedral place where LS recharges?" He asked looking around, purposefully trying to stand close to Etsuko, and away from Zoe. Feeling safer near Etsuko. Vain emerged from his digivice and looked around.
"Oh so we're here." He said in understanding and nodding. Zane then remembered something and looked to the group.
"Did any of you happen to see Blademon or the other digimon of destruction while you were out searching?"
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 66d 1h 14m 23s
"Wow, I haven't seen you ever act like this before, Zane." Allistir says. "But after hearing what you went through... I understand."

"She really is... something... yeah, that's the word... totally..." Atsuko says.

"It's... that's... what...?" Etsuko says. "We um... need to make sure to never be alone with her without Claire for now."

"Perverted... what?" Spadamon says.

"I really don't know what to feel about her..." Damion says.

"Other than that she should just stop with this crap, you don't need to worry about that." Claire says after reaching the group. "Now then, we can finally, FINALLY, get to the damn Digital World and help LS."

"Good, now I don't have to fill in the time gaps." Zoe says.

"Ehhh... no one asked you to in the first place." Claire responds. "Anyway, Lizzy should be opening up a portal now."

A portal then opens and Claire quickly shoves everyone through it then goes in it herself before anything else happens. Like say, if this entire part gets deleted again, she's just that fast with it.
They all end up at Telathora Cathedral in the Digital World and it looks abandoned.
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 66d 16h 39m 53s

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