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"This is one long adventure but there's still no time to rest..." Allistir mutters to himself.

"Then get back in the ship you rode and head back to the lab, we'll be heading our way there now." Okimichi says.

Kameyo, Okimichi, Satoshi and Kern go inside the ship they took and it begins to take off.

"I guess I'm driving again." Satoru says as he enters the ship that was brought with them.

"Claire should be alright... she has to be..." LS mutters as he follows Satoru.
Allistir follows him too.

"Let's go Zane, time is of the essence as they say!" Etsuko says as she grabs Zane's hand, pulls him along with her and follows the others inside the ship then it takes off.

"Claire, are you there?!" LS asks.

"...Yes, I'm here, barely." Claire answers. "You had me scared for a while there, I almost thought we lost you..."

"What's happening over there?" LS asks.

"Well... to be honest, it's not good at all... I've been hit multiple times now, one of them made off with a portable transporter that had been carelessly left lying around and to top it all off, they're trying to hack their way into the emergency room that Damion, Marcie and Hughie are in, unsuccessfully mind you." Claire answers. "They have disabled communications with the mech so we can't contact Lizzy, they're off trying to remove remnant darkness anyway so they have their own problems."

"Allistir, Etsuko... where did you both leave your portable transporters?" LS asks.

"We handed them back to Lizzy." Allistir answers.

"I see... Lizzy had gotten so preoccupied that she didn't put them where they belong... huh..." LS says. "Yeah, that's going to bite us in the ass later on but that will have nothing do with the three of you when I get to deal with that."

"They've got the entrance blocked... but, Bellestarrmon is waiting to strike an ambush on them when you get here." Claire says. "Still very curious on why Kilmantur decided to bring her and Mr. Abe back to life just to further make what you had said believable, not that I'm saying they should be dead or anything."

"I told you, it was to get Zane to kill me." LS responds.

"So you say, but he really didn't need to do that, Bellestarrmon wasn't even involved in this, she was in the future-... oops..." Claire says.

"...What?" Allistir asks.

"Bellestarrmon died in the future but was brought back to life here in the... what?" Etsuko asks.

"Claire... we just went for so long without having to explain any of that... and you just... why?" LS asks.

"I-it's not my fault, Zoe said- ugh, hold on... [b *gunshot*] Zoe started telling Zane all this stuff about him and Etsuko!" Claire answers. "Not to mention you kept saying how you knew Zane wouldn't die."

"Zoe, for fuck's sake, why do you have to cause so much trouble..." LS mutters. "Yeah, I remember that Zane tried to ask me about that a few minutes ago."

"And you won't explain any of it, will you?" Etsuko asks.

"Not right now at least, none of that has to do with now... for about a few years." LS answers.

"Jeeze, the systems were all out of wack from what the fight but we finally got there!" Satoru says.
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 152d 18h 53m 53s
Zane rubbed the back of his head.
"Alright we're coming." He said to the others, nodding to Etsuko before following everyone else. Vain appearing from his digivice, perching himself on Zane's shoulder.
"Oh you're up?" Zane asked smiling.
"Yep, all relaxed and refreshed now." Vain said grinning. Zane preparing his digivice when he heard the banging. Blinking at the people they saw and this talk of WARD. His answer was already made up about whether he'd help take back the lab, blinking when Kameyo asked for his name.
"Who me? The name is Zane, and yeah, I've come this far, plus my girlfriend has made up her mind. So why not. I owe LS this much in the least." He said smirking.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 152d 19h 30m 19s
"Should we let them know we're here?" Allistir whispers.

"Yes." LS says. "Oi, it's about time that we leave so don't take too long!"

"Eheh, we'll talk about it more when that time comes." Etsuko responds to Zane.

"Now then, I doubt there would be a secret switch to open up an exit if Kiligan was trapped here for so long." LS says as he and Satoru gently place Kiligan's body on the floor. "I'm hoping my sword has regenerated enough for me to cut a way out..."

[b *bang*]

"What was that?" Etsuko asks.

[b *bang*]

"I think it's coming from over there." Satoru answers while pointing towards a wall.

[b *bang*]

"Is there someone else in here, is that even a room on the other side or...?" Allistir questions.

[b *bang, crack*]

"Whatever it is, it's got something that can destroy that wall." LS answers.

[b *bang, crack*]

"Should we run?" Etsuko asks.

[b *bang, crack, bang, crack, collapse*] The wall breaks apart and sunlight blindingly fills the room.

"I'm getting really tired of being blinded today!" LS says.

"Oh what a relief... you're all alright!" A woman's voice says.

The blindness fades away as the figure of a woman comes into view.

"Eh...?" LS says. "Kameyo?"

"You have no idea how relieved I am!" Kameyo says. "Everything's gone from worse to terrible, tell me that Kilmantur is finally gone at least?"

"Y-yeah but how did you find us?" LS asks. "And weren't you on an assignment?"

"Well, considering your ship is parked just outside and you're in the Digital World right now... it wasn't that hard to track you all down." Kameyo answers. "And yes, I was on an assignment but certain circumstances required me to come back for further completion, one of them being Kilmantur trying to destroy everything once and for all and the other being those bastards who raided your lab."

"Umm... mind explaining what's happening?" Etsuko asks.

"Oh, right, um, this is Kameyo Hosokawa, or Hosokawa, Kameyo if you want to be formal, she is one the best agents of ours." LS answers. "And I guess I should also say that we are WARD, War Assurance Relief Division, you may or may have not heard of us but we are the main offense when it comes to instances like Kilmantur."

"I see you trust them enough with this information, regardless, we need to get you back to the lab right now." Kameyo says. "Also, I didn't come alone."

Kameyo heads back outside and so do the others.

"I brought a team and another ship with me, this ship being a second prototype of yours." Kameyo says. "Though I really shouldn't say I'm the one who brought them."

"That would be me." A man says as he walks up to us.

"U-uh, Mr. Sato, I didn't expect to ever meet you!" LS says.

"Don't worry guys, I'm just as clueless as you all are." Satoru says.

"Glad we aren't alone in that..." Allistir replies.

"That's the leader of WARD, Okimichi Sato, a-and that's he's right hand man, Satoshi Kato over there and that's another one of our best agents over there, Kern Valobs!" LS explains.

"I see you know a lot about WARD, surprising how you've gotten the time to really study up for recent events within WARD." Satoshi says.

"Yeah, he seems to have everything that makes him a great WARD agent." Kern adds.

"Are we going to retake the lab?" Satoru asks.

"That's the plan." Okimichi answers. "Hopefully we won't be too late."

"If the rest of you that aren't a part of WARD want to go home, no one would blame you." Kameyo says.

"Like hell no one would blame me, I would blame myself since my brother, my girlfriend and my friends are in danger over there!" Allistir replies.

"Not to mention his girlfriend is my sister and I want her safe too." Etsuko adds.

"Then I guess that leaves you... what's your name?" Kameyo asks Zane.
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 152d 19h 41m 6s
Zane lost his blush and seemed more saddened than anything else as Etsuko spoke.
"Etsuko you think you're the only one." He said hugging her with a smile.
"I may act all calm and cool normally, but after losing my parents, almost losing Hinari, and then almost you too. I'm just a scared little kid too, I don't want to lose anything anymore, that's why hearing you cry brought me back, I couldn't stand the thought of losing you." He said starting to cry too. Drying his eyes as she said he managed to bring her little girl side out. Suddenly blushing and looking away with a nervous smile as she said she wasn't a dunce, and talked about his secret base.
"A-Are you sure? W-We don't have to after all this if you don't want to." He said with a madder blush, unaware the others were approaching.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 152d 20h 33m 36s
Allistir returns to LS and Satoru.

"Oh, hey." LS says. "Have fun back there?"

"You heard all that, didn't you?" Allistir asks.

"We are in the surveillance room you know... these monitors can view the inside of here just as much as the outside." Satoru answers. "I hope to have no worries like that one day."

"Then... you're able to hear what Zane and Etsuko are talking about..." Allistir says.

"Pffft, we're not going to intrude on that when they want privacy." LS responds.

"We should really find the way out of here so we can... bury my father." Satoru says. "It's the least we can do."

"Right..." Allistir replies.

"If the exit isn't at the end of that hallway then I'll make it my damn self." LS says.

LS and Satoru carry Kiligan's body with care with Allistir following behind as they walk down the hallway Allistir had come from.


"I'll let you in on a little secret about me, I'm actually a scared little girl on the inside, the tough girl act is my shield since mom and dad... I didn't want something heart-shattering like that to happen again so I became the big sister of me and Atsuko, not like that mattered when my parents were brought back with that miracle drug or whatever." Etsuko says. "Still, I was expecting something even worse to happen, and it almost did, but I guess being a tough girl failed when you managed to easily bring that little girl out of me."

Etsuko started to tear up a bit.

"And if you think I'm a dunce with that last part of what you said, you're wrong." Etsuko says with a slight chuckle. "I'm pretty sure we aren't done with chaos yet, so that'll have to wait until we can get some real alone time... that secret base of yours would be a good start for that."
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 152d 20h 52m 40s
Zane just laughs and sighs at Allistir.
"Stop teasing her buddy, or she might actually break all your limbs." He shouted the blushed as he saw Allistir leave, looking at Etsuko
"W-Well first, I'm sorry for almost dying back there when I became Erzazermon you're actually what brought me back. I could hear you crying, and I couldn't just leave you like that." He apologized then pecked her lips briefly.
"B-But almost dying, also made me think. About what Zoe had said, if i just keep being unsure, I might miss moments. S-So when we get back.. I-I want to.." He started then blushed madly and looked away.
"N-N-Nevermind!" He said abruptly being too embarrassed and nervous to go through with what he wanted to say.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 152d 21h 29m 18s
"Oh yeah, another difference between you and Eri is that you didn't take your shoes off before you stood on that table." Allistir says then Etsuko squeezes his arm painfully. "OW- OW- OW OK, OK, I'll stop!" She then releases her grip on him.

"If I catch you eavesdropping on our conversation, Atsuko will have a lot of experience treating broken limbs, your limbs." Etsuko says then glares at Allistir while she walks with Zane.

"So that's only if you catch me, got it!" Allistir says then a book is thrown at him by Etsuko.

"Well now... this has been fun." Etsuko says with a sigh. "About what I said earlier... ah, never mind, just forget it, I'd be too tired to do that to you anyway."

"Maybe you should be a little more quieter, this is a library you know!" Allistir shouts.

"This is a study, not a library and would you just leave us alone already?!" Etsuko shouts back.

"Oh." Allistir shouts. "I'll go check on LS and Satoru then."

"Yeah, you go do that." Etsuko shouts back. "Now then, what was what you wanted to talk about?"
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 152d 21h 41m 47s
He blushed and sweat-dropped at Etsuko's wording.
"Uh w-what?" He said completely embarrassed, he actually wanted to talk to her about that and was about to before chased after Allistir and his camera. Sighing then laughing as he watched blinking as he hard it was the same camera from when they all met.
"You've had that all this time? Wow." He said surprised, following them when they found the study, looking around before looking to Etsuko, blushing and looking away oddly.
"P-Probably, nothing I'd need, b-but mind if I talk to you about something, alone." He said going off to another part of the study.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 152d 21h 56m 50s
"Yeah, that's it, keep her busy while I escape!" Allistir says.

"Oh don't give me that, you still have a long night waiting for you when we finally get back- er, no no no, not like that!" Etsuko says. "What I mean is-"

"Ooo, saucy, I've got something scandalous on the renowned idol, Etsuko!" Allistir says as he takes picture with his camera. "Better be careful with what you say next, you might have a lot the medias' attention on you for the wrong reasons!"

"Alright, that's it, I'm not holding back on you now!" Etsuko says as she frees herself from Zane's grip and then chases Allistir into a room. "I'm going to break that camera first then I'm going to break your arms so you can't use one every again!"

"Oh man, I really need to upgrade to a video camera, this is golden!" Allistir says as he runs behind a large table.

"Yeah, so I can record your torment!" Etsuko responds while she tries to get to Allistir but he manages to stay on the opposite side of the table. "Get over here!"

"Hey, you know what else I just realized?" Allistir says while he keeps away from her. "You're very similar to Eri of Digimon Universe but there's a big difference between the two of you!"

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Etsuko asks while she continues to try and catch him.

"You were an idol before that anime came out, before she was even introduced, that shows how much cooler and original you are compared to her!" Allistir answers. "And you don't have catchphrase like her!"

"How sweet, maybe I won't break your neck when I get over there!" Etsuko responds then gets on top of the table. "And how's this for a catchphrase, you're dead!" She then jumps at Allistir and tackles him as he tries to run away.

"AAAHH, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't hurt me!" Allistir exclaims.

"Just shut up will you, give me that!" Etsuko says as she takes Allistir's camera from him. "Hmm... not a bad shot... think you could send this to me?"

"W-wha...?" Allistir replies.

"Relax would you, I'm not really going to hurt you." Etsuko says as she gets up off him. "But if you don't promise and send this picture to me, you can say goodbye to your camera."

"N-no, don't, please, I-I'll do it, I promise!" Allistir says as he gets up and tries get his camera back.

"Seriously though, I can't believe you brought your camera with you this entire way and not to mention it's the same one from when we first met!" Etsuko says as she hands his camera back to him.

"It's not like I had much time to sort out what I had on me when terrorists started firing everywhere in my neighborhood." Allistir responds. "I was showing my friends all the pictures I took from back then to prove I was telling the truth."

"Of course you were, that's why you don't go telling everyone you know about such things or else they'll think you're crazy!" Etsuko says. "Anyway, where are we?"

They look around to see they're in a study of sorts.

"Maybe we can find the way out from here?" Allistir suggests. "Actually, maybe we could find some lost data on Digimon or something like that?"

"Zane, do you think there's anything that would be useful to you?" Etsuko asks.
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 152d 22h 6m 54s
Zane goes wide-eyed as LS stops him and shoots Kiligan. Looking away as he spoke about his innocence and 'bright future'.
"You keep talking about our future, even Zoe did. But you don't tell us anything else, how and why do you know so much about what we will be and do in the future?" He asked, sighing as he saw he was busy with Satoru and following the others. Nodding when they talked about siblings.
"I'd do anything for Hinari same for Etsuko." He admitted nonchalantly and looked away at being called Etsuko's lover by Allistir.
"L-Like you're one to talk, you have Atsuko." He said then followed Etsuko chasing after Allistir, not really trying to catch him, just following along. Soon smirking and grabbing Etsuko, pulling her close to him.
"Allistir's more important to you than me huh?" He asked with a fake pout.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 152d 23h 10m 18s
"Not you too!" Allistir exclaims.

"Thank you." Kiligan says.

LS grabs Zane's hand that's aiming the gun and pulls it up just before he fires which makes it hit the ceiling then LS shoots his gun at Kiligan's head, Kiligan falls dead to the floor.

"I'm not letting someone carry a burden like this on my watch, not now, not ever." LS says. "It'd be best to keep what innocence you have left, no matter how little it seems."

LS then steps away with a grim expression.
"Killing is wrong, no matter what... and I've killed so many..." He says. "You have a bright future ahead of you, Zane, brighter than mine could ever be... and I won't let such futures be taken away so easily."

"You... you killed him?" Satoru asks, standing in the doorway from the room that Kiligan came from. "He was... I am..."

"Satoru, no, it's over now, you're not evil and Kilmantur can't hurt you anymore, it's what Kiligan wanted!" LS says while walking over to Satoru.

"I'm a monster, this is all my fault, all of it!" Satoru cries. "I shouldn't have never been-!"

"Don't say that!" LS says as he hugs Satoru tightly. "It's because of you that I'm standing here, alive, because I wasn't alone all those years ago!"

"I think we should give them a moment." Etsuko says.

"Yeah..." Allistir replies. "Maybe we can find the exit of this place?"

"Or create our own if it comes to that." Etsuko says. "Let's try this room over here." She then points to a long hallway on the side that they haven't explored yet.

They leave LS and Satoru alone together for now and go down the long hallway.

"Satoru seems like a brother to LS... they've been through a lot on their own and together from the sound of it too..." Allistir says. "I can understand why LS has done so much and keeps doing more for Satoru... I would do the same for Damion."

"And I would too for Atsuko..." Etsuko says. "I'm sure Zane's the same with his sister, right?"

"You know, I've only just now realized that we all have siblings." Allistir says. "We all have someone that we'd do anything, someone we care deeply about... and then more were added into the equation when we all came to the Digital World."

"Our partners and our... partners?" Etsuko says. "Boy, this could get really confusing since that word means many things now."

"I mean, you could just say your lover when you're talking about Zane." Allistir responds. Etsuko punches him in the arm.
"Ow, what was that for?!" He exclaims.

"You think you're so clever, don't you?" Etsuko asks. "You think that I've forgotten about you and Atsuko being together too, didn't you?"

"M-maybe...?" Allistir responds, unsurely.

"Oooh, now you're really going to get it!" Etsuko says as she tries to grab Allistir's arm but he quickly runs away. "Hey, get back here!" She then chases after him.
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 153d 1h 57m 3s
Zane just laughed nervously at Etsuko s he followed the others. Blinking at what LS was saying. Freezing when he saw the one who apparently created Kilmantur in a way, pulling out the gun he was given earlier and ready to shoot, lowering it however as he heard the man's story. Even realising what digimon he was talking about. Sighing and looking away. He sympathized with the guy, if Zane had thought himself the cause of all of this, he'd want someone to end it too especially if he put Hinari through something like what Satoru went through. He looked up as they argued about whether they would let LS kill Kiligan. Having his old cold and heartless expression as he walked straight up to Kiligan and pointed the gun at his forehead, resting the barrel against his forehead.
"I'm sorry about this. This isn't out of revenge or rage, Im just showing mercy to a man who has been living with guilt for so long. I'd crave death too. I'll carry the burden of this, least I can do for all the trouble I and the Digimon of Destruction have caused." He said before pulling the trigger
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 153d 12h 28m 8s
"H-hey, wait up!" Allistir says while he follows after LS.

"Oh, I'm going to do a lot of things but killing you is nowhere near what I want." Etsuko responds then kisses Zane's cheek. "We should probably go with LS now." She then follows LS too.

They all get to a bright large room filled with various machinery, computers and monitors.

"This place... it seems familiar... how?" LS mutters. "It's almost like... wait... no, no, that can't be right!"

"What can't be right?" Allistir asks.

"I think this place is what Kilmantur used as a delusion to get me killed." LS answers. "But why are we all here now?"

"That's a good question." A man's voice says.
A figure steps into the light from another room. The man looks slightly like Kilmantur but isn't the same and is uses a cane to walk.
"I'm the one who brought you all here, I have some important things to tell you all." He adds.

Everyone just stares with confused looks at him.

"Kiligan Manturielle, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Legendary Sword-master." The man says. "I can tell you are all confused, allow me to explain."

"It's actually pretty obvious you have something to do with Kilmantur, especially considering your name." LS responds.

"Bah, forget about him, he's not your problem anymore." Kiligan says. "It is true that we share similarities but he is more vile than I."

"Just explain." LS says.

"Kilmantur is not real, he is just a creation from my own mind... but then he became real enough to interfere with others." Kiligan explains. "Being by yourself and never aging past a certain point can make such things possible."

"I wouldn't know about that." LS replies.

"But... what?" Allistir asks.

"I am a prisoner to my own invention here, and I haven't been able to leave for a very long time now as you can see by how outdated some of my tech looks like my monitors." Kiligan explains. "I was far ahead of my time though... very, very far... amazing how this all goes back to that Digital World, no?"

"What do you mean?" Etsuko asks.

"Centuries ago, I had family... my wife, my son and I, we lived a happy life in our little hovel in the middle of a forest." Kiligan continues explaining. "Then one day, a strange portal opened up near us... and these creatures came out... they were friendly but my wife and I were terrified, we had had never anything like them before except my son... he wasn't scared of them at all, in fact, he was quite happy to make friends with them."

"Wait, you're from way before electricity was even discovered and you're still alive and Digimon existed since even then?" LS questions. "What era or year are you from exactly?"

"Let's see... it was long before Napoleon came into power... before those wars too... I'd say the year was around... 1220 that had happened." Kiligan answers. "Ah, yes, it was France too."

"France... 1220... how... huh?" Etsuko questions. "Digimon... they weren't thought up or created, they were seen in visions?"

"Yes, and you full well how every um... cartoon or show that you've seen of it is a real world that exists." Kiligan explains. "Those creatures... there were four of them, and I'm sure you can guess who they are."

"No... no, how is that even possible?" Allistir asks.

"You can try to find that answer yourself if you can, I've searched for years haven't found even hint as to why." Kiligan answers. "My son, he wanted to go on a journey with them, they need his help and so I let him, he was old enough to make his own decisions."

"Your son... your family... what happened to them?" LS asks.

"It had been week or so since my son left and the portal opened again, we thought he would be returning but we were completely wrong... I can't remember what it was, it had zapped that memory from me, but it forced us through the portal." Kiligan explains. "It killed my wife... I don't remember how or when, I only remember looking over he body while she did not breathe... my son, he was with me and was horrified at what took place, I could not let our family be torn apart so I took him and we ran as far as we could away from whatever monstrosity was after us."

"What happened then?" Etsuko asks.

"We managed to find a place to call home, I then started tinkering with the random bits and bobs that we could find around the Digital World and created this place." Kiligan answers. "I created this place as the ultimate safe haven and then soon I started these machines to view Earth again, I was shocked to see how much time that had passed since we've been left, France was in its Early Modern Period."

"Two-hundred years?" LS asks. "Was most of that time lost in what you can't remember?"

"I believe so, my son couldn't remember either so he was just as surprised as me." Kiligan answers. "This place sealed off then so we were able to try and figure out how to get back home."

"What about that monstrosity that was chasing after you?" Etsuko asks.

"...That's the worst part... it had turned to be that... my son IS the monstrosity." Kiligan answers. "I couldn't believe it, something had happened to him during his first time into the Digital World, something completely changed him and caused him to kill his own mother... the monster in him had let him become his old self again just keep off its tail and to destroy my heart once more when it revealed itself to me."

"That... that... that's so terrible!" Allistir says.

"After I found that out, I sealed myself away in here so it could never make him kill me, his only family that he had left..." Kiligan says. "Then I realized how I should have stopped the monster myself but it was already too late, I was trapped here, and years went by while I was left in my own torment."

"Your son is still alive then?" LS asks.

"Technically, yes, but he isn't my son anymore." Kiligan answers. "When I created Kilmantur, he was just like me then, and when I found out he could come and go from this place as he pleases, it was my sole hope that he could save my son from the monster that is pure darkness."

"And he became stricken with it too, didn't he?" LS asks.

"Yes, he did manage to pull my son out but at the cost of him going in." Kiligan answers. "Before I tell you more, let me explain this, my wife was a foreigner to France, she never spoke of how she got there, just that the home she left was a large island far away from there."

"Japan?" Allistir questions.

"Yes." Kiligan replies.

"Who... who is your son?" LS asks grimly.

"It's amazing how he still has the same name after all these years... I've brought him here along with you all but he's in a different room, still unconscious... he was an essential member of your team in travel a few moments ago, it'd be strange if he was the only not here..." Kiligan responds. "I can't believe what he had to go through but I'm glad he didn't become a monster again, all thanks to you 'LS', Satoru never had to become that again."

"Are you... are you serious?!" Allistir exclaims.

"I don't understand what he's saying!" Etsuko says. "How is Satoru your son if... how?"

"You're telling me that... Satoru, my best friend at the start of it all, the one that Kilmantur's minions killed, the one Kilmantur then enslaved, IS YOUR SON?!" LS yells. "AFTER ALL OF THIS, AFTER SAYING HOW HE BECAME A MONSTER, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HIM AGAIN?!"

"THAT, wasn't me, that was Kilmantur!" Kiligan responds. "Before the darkness took full control of him, I told him to give Satoru a chance at a new life, one without a coward like me for a father... and then found you, you who was alone without any family, he decided that since you and Satoru needed someone, the two of you would be best friends and he was right!"

"Then what the hell was everything that had every happened up until now?!" LS exclaims. "IF HE WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A NEW LIFE, WHY WAS IT NEARLY RUINED AGAIN?!"

"Kilmantur somehow got it in his head years after setting the two of you up together that the best way to prevent Satoru from becoming evil was forcing him to be evil and making you a hero to not only save and protect him but to save everything!" Kiligan explains. "When I found out what he did and what he was going to do, I knew the only way to stop him was for me to die then he would be erased from existence, but when I tried to do that, my own invention, this place, prevented me from killing myself!"

"How is that even possible!?" LS asks.

"Kilmantur added modifications that would not only stop my aging but not let me kill myself, my body would stop functioning the way I wanted every time that even the thought of me doing it would occur and force me to save myself!" Kiligan answers. "But during that battle you just had with Kilmantur, you all managed to fully enrage him, something that has never been done, and so much that he was blinded with it and that gave me a chance to do some of my own modifications to this place that would allow me to bring you all here when you've fully drained his energy away, and doing that required my own power... which caused the both of us immense pain."

"Are you saying you want us to kill you?" LS asks.

"Yes, it's the only way to rid everyone of Kilmantur." Kiligan answers.

"If that's what it takes, so be it." LS says as he takes out his gun and aims it at Kiligan.

"Wait, what, no!" Allistir says. "You can't be serious about this?!"

"That's a real person, not some insane creation out of thin air!" Etsuko adds.

"Listen to yourselves, you all were ready for this to end the moment it started, you've all fought this war that none of you should have ever been involved with, it's finally time to end this and the two of you want this nightmare to continue?!" LS says. "The double standards here are phenomenal you know, you both were very ready to battle Digimon and kill them, you both were ready to kill many of Kilmantur's minions, even Kilmantur himself, but when it comes to humans, it's different?"

"Digimon are reborn though, right?!" Allistir asks.

"And none of what Kilmantur made was supposed to exist in the first place!" Etsuko adds.

"And what makes you think humans don't get reborn or that Kilmantur is supposed to exist?!" LS questions. "Not to mention that Satoru got a second chance, your dad got a second chance, Allistir, Zoe's dad got a second chance, what makes you think Kiligan won't get one either after this?!"

"But... how does killing him give him a second chance?" Allistir asks.

"Because he's sacrificing himself to save everyone else!" LS answers.

"ENOUGH!" Kiligan shouts. "I, will not, have you all fight each other over my life in front of me when I'm the one who want's it to end the most!"

Silence fills the room.

"If the rest of you aren't willing to do what needs to be done then leave the room and let LS do it." Kiligan states. "There isn't time to argue until Kilmantur regains enough of his power to come back here destroy every remnant of you all."
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 154d 3h 29m 27s
NexusErazermon morphed back into himself, floating in front of the seemingly dying Kilmantur, soon becoming unconscious at the flash and them teleporting. His digimon had returned to his digivice, being all tuckered out after doing all of that, and almost tearing apart the Quantum Sea. Zane stirring slightly and looking up at Etsuko as she shook him.
"Ugh im up. W-Wait, why am i me again?" He said bolting upright and getting up. Ready to go before freezing and looking back at Etsuko.
"You're probably going to beat the crap out of me or kill me once all this is over arent you?" He said nervous and worried.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 154d 18h 17m 4s
"I think the ship's out of ammo." Allistir says.

"Just in time too." Satoru responds.

"Zane is such the joker, isn't he?" Etsuko asks. "At least I'm done singing... for now."

"Are you gonna get me close this time, Satoru?" LS asks.

"Yes, yes, I'll do it!" Satoru answers, drives the ship closer then LS jumps off towards Kilmantur.

"I've been waiting to have a reason to use all the energy this sword has got on something, and something just happens to be you!" LS shouts as he aims his sword at Kilmantur while it glows brightly. "This is the end, the end of your insanity, Kilmantur!" A blast of light shoots out from his sword at Kilmantur, all while the sword itself gets sucked along the stream of light.

Both LS' blast and NexusErazermon hit Kilmantur and create a giant flash-wave of light that blinds everyone for a few seconds.

"Can't see anything, is he dead?" Claire asks.

"Don't know, it's too bright to tell right now!" LS answers.

"Hey- what the hell- NO!" Claire shouts. "Get back, get back, get away from that thing!"

"What, what's going on?!" Allistir asks.

"I won't let you anywhere near them- oh shit- get away from that!" Claire exclaims then gunfire is heard. "Quickly, get to the emergency room and lock it behind you, now!"

"What's happening?!" Satoru asks.

More gunfire is heard.
"They found us- FUCK!!" Claire answers as another shot is heard. "It's them, those fucking terrorists, they found the base, they're raiding it right now!"

"EXCUSE ME?!" LS exclaims.

"Oh god, there's so many of them, I had to lock everyone else's rooms to where they can only be opened from inside!" Claire says then gunfire is heard again. "...They've overrided the door controls this room... I've been shot... I'll hold them off for as long as I can but... please, come back ASAP!"

Coughing and hacking is heard. LS slowly turns his head towards the spot Kilmantur was hit with everything at.
[b "Heh... heh... you can fight me as much as you want... but the most you will do is drain my energy from me!"] Kilmantur says. [b "Not only that... but they did as they said... hahahahaha! You couldn't kill me and you will lose everything!"]

"He's still... still alive..." Etsuko says.

"But LS said that he would revert to his human form, doesn't that mean he just needs to hit him with something again?" Allistir asks.

"Let's test that theory." LS says as he pulls out his gun and repeatedly fires it at Kilmantur.

Kilmantur just laughs with every shot.
[b "See? It doesn't work!"] He says then starts acting as if he's having a heart-attack. [b "N-no, no! You can't be... you can't be serious! That will require your power, not mine!"]

"What?" LS asks.

The area around everyone begin warping as if time and space itself is tearing.
Everything goes blank for them.

Allistir awakens on the floor in some unknown place to see LS standing nearby, yelling.

"Claire, Lizzy, anybody?!" LS yells. "Where the hell are we?!"

"What just... happened?" Allistir asks.

"Oh good, you're awake." LS says with a sigh of relief. "It seems we've been transported somewhere but I have no idea or by who."

"Hmmm... huh?" Etsuko mumbles then notices Zane unconscious next to her. "Z-Zane, what, wake up!" She then starts shaking him vigorously.

"He... he was forced out of his evolution?" Allistir asks.

"Yes, whoever did has a lot power... something Kilmantur was zapped of by us." LS answers. "We should find the exit of this place fast and get back to the lab before... before..." He then shakes his head, begins walking off and says, "Let's just go."
  Allistir Durges / Okimichi / 154d 3h 50m 38s

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