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"Umm... I think I know what that is?" Allistir says. "Oh well, I guess we'll find out anyway."

"Alright~... we~ have~... erm, what?" Zoe says after taking out a tablet and tapping away at it. "Kameyo, how did you say the portal would open again?"

"Why do you ask?" Kameyo questions.

"Well... according to this, one's trying to open right now." Zoe answers. "In fact, it's going to open-"

Lightning strikes down in the middle of them then a portal forms where it landed.

"Is this a normal thing that happens?!" Allistir asks.

"No, not really!" Akane answers.

Long ghostly arms come out and grab each of them that were heading into Azoth in the first place then pulls them through the portal.
[b And thus, the new adventure begins.]

They each come to, to find themselves in some kind of clearing along with the supplies and Valkyrimon sitting on one of the boxes, near a small grassy hill.

"Ugh... how long were we out?" Akane asks.

"You've only just arrived so I have no idea." Valkyrimon answers.

"So what do we do now?" Allistir says. "It didn't seem like much went according to plan and we just got here."

"Find the warriors." Simeut responds. "One of them is supposed to meet us up on that hill."

"Then I guess I'll wait up there!" Allistir says as he runs up the hill.

"W-wait, you can't run off by yourself in a completely new world!" Akane says as she follows after him.

"Don't worry, I'll continue guarding the supplies for now." Valkyrimon says.

Simeut bows to Valkyrimon as a thank you then runs up the hill too.

"Woah... come on Zane, the view is spectacular!" Allistir exclaims. "You can see a whole medieval city from here, complete with walls surrounding it and a large castle in the middle of it!"

"Please Allistir, don't run off like that!" Akane says. "We can't afford our group to get separated this early on!"

"It's not like I tried to go find this warrior myself." Allistir replies. "Besides, I am quite capable of taking care of myself."

"You may think that now but you have no idea what awaits us." Akane says. "I only know very little and that is still enough to make me scared of being alone in this world."

"Like what...?" Allistir asks.

"We'll find out very soon I'm afraid..." Akane answers.

"HEEEEEEEEY!!" A boy shouts from down the other side of the hill.

"That's who we're supposed meet." Akane says as she walks down the hill.

"Wait, he looks like-!" Allistir says as he follows her.

"Glad you finally made it, but we've already run into problems!" The boy says. "They... they killed them..."

"What?!" Akane replies.

"Somehow they knew exactly where we planned to meet and came with an army." The boy says then runs up the hill and looks back at them. "They're coming straight for us right now!"

"But we're not prepared to survive an assault yet..." Akane says.

"If you brought him then we can-" The boy says then stops in his tracks as he reaches the top of the hill and sees Zane. "You did... you did bring him!"

"Does he mean Zane?" Allistir whispers to Akane.

"Yes, Zane is known in this world as a messiah and hero of sorts." Akane whispers back. "The few books I've read that talk about him are word for word what's happened to him and what he has done... but there are those who wish to remove his existence from this world by destroying everything related to him, and they must know he's here now."

"I can't believe my own eyes, it really is you!" The boy says. "You have finally come to free us from those who oppress us and want to erase you from history!"

And suddenly, a ball of fire comes raining down onto the hill. And then another one near it.
An army of Digimon and humans alike are seen in the distance, using catapults or Digimon who can shoot fireballs to attack the group.
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 321d 11h 10m 55s
Zane nodded and took one of the black cloaks, as did Zanna who clung to Zane and stuck her tongue out at Etsuko.
"Finally time with Onii-sama." She cheered and Zane tried to scoot away.
"Yay." He droned sarcastically as Vain perched on his shoulder.
"Of course I'm coming." He chirped as Vanity perched on Zanna's shoulder.
"If that little metal bird is coming then me too." She said grinning. Zane sighing.
"Well, looks like our little rag-tag group is ready to go." He said hugging Etsuko.
"I'll be back soon Etsuko."
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 326d 15h 50m 13s
"So the dark ages of Digimon... never thought that would be a thing." Allistir says.

"Don't let any of that fool you, it'll still be seriously dangerous." Akane says.

"I wasn't saying it wouldn't be dangerous." Allistir says.


"The less people that go, the more of a chance no one dies." Kameyo explains. "We need you to restore the light that this world has lost and for when we need their help the most, they will be there."

"And no, you won't be able to use your power to merge with any Digimon unless you happen to find an object that lets you do that which I doubt to ever be anytime soon." Zoe adds. "You can bring your Digimon but they won't be able to evolve since you can't use or bring your Digivices."

"Because this world has special items that need to be used for evolution, and they are rare to come by." Kameyo says.

They eventually get to where the others are.

"We've set up some supplies where you'll be 'landing', including a map with some directions on where your first destination should be." Kameyo says. "Also, you'll need to wear these." She then hands Allistir, Zane, Simeut and Akane black cloaks.

"What are these for?" Allistir asks.

"To hide the fact that we're not from around there." Akane answers. "Though I really don't need one on account of my normal clothes in the first place."

"We don't want to trouble you with wearing medieval clothes when the simple solution is to just cover your normal ones up with these cloaks, and they come with hoods so you can be even more inconspicuous." Zoe says. "One more thing, Valkyrimon is waiting for you all there and will help you the best he can during this journey."

"Wait, if we're supposed to not look like we're not from there, why is Simeut coming with us?" Allistir asks. "He has antennas for ears!"

"So he'll wear a hood all the time!" Zoe answers. "He needs to go with you because he is the only one who can find what you will be looking for."

"Which is...?" Allistir questions.

"We don't know yet." Kameyo answers. "All we know is that light needs to be restored using something or some things that can only be found within that world."

"Should probably mention that the name of this world is Azoth." Akane says. "I hope you know what it means because... I can't explain it, I just hope you know what Azoth is."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 1y 1d 20h 11m 38s
Zanna just continued to cutely whimper behind Zane who sighed shaking his head. Then nodding to Kameyo and Zoe.
"Alright, we'll start heading over. But first I'll need you two to tell me a bit about what exactly we'll be doing. And why you want Allistir and I and not Etsuko or Atsuko." He said then Zanna tugged at his shirt as they moved, whispering something to him.
"And Zanna wants to know if we get to take our digimon, or if we will be able to use our 'Digi-Nexus' I think she called it, that's what she calls our power to merge with any digimon at will."
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 1y 2d 5h 44m 44s
"What's this world like anyway?" Allistir asks.

"Different from the one you are used to." Simeut answers. "There are similarities here and there but it is vastly different compared to any like yours."

"What he means is that technology doesn't exist yet Digimon do." Akane explains. "Everything is in the medieval eras, even to the point that no Digimon like Machindramon or Beelzemon exist in this one, and no Digivices either."

"Digivices won't work there too, Digimon are to always be on the move." Simeut adds. "Evolution and other modifications to Digimon are used with special items only found in this world."

"Which we still have yet to really see what those items are." Akane says. "The rules of this world are very particular and you have to follow them or else bad things could happen."


"It's not like I ever knew what a normal life for a twelve or even ten year old would be like but I turned out fine." Zoe says. "But anyway, you need to hurry to where Akane and Simeut are, Zane."

"We'll explain a bit more once we're there." Kameyo says.
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 1y 4d 20h 37m 46s
Zane chuckled then smiled and nodded, hugging her then kissing her briefly on the lips.
"Thanks Etsuko, I'll be sure to come back as quick as I can." He said smirking before going downstairs and out to find Zoe.

Zanna frowned and looked away.
"Well Onii-sama should only love me anyway, after all, it's our destiny to be together, and I love him more than life himself." She said getting hearts in her eyes and almost going yandere mode when Zane saw the two of them.
"Huh? Zanna? Zoe? What are you two doing here?" He asked and Zanna froze, lowly turning to see him.
"O-Onii-sama!" She whine and leapt to him, clinging to him.
"Zoe was being mean to me! And saying I was trying to hurt you and couldn't have a teleporter!" She whined and Zane sighed, looking at Zoe.
"Zoe, she has the mind of a twelve year old, try and show some restraint." He said rubbing the back of his head.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 1y 5d 5h 48m 6s
Allistir gives Atsuko and kiss and hug then quickly makes his way to Akane and Simeut.

"So... how long until this thing is set up?" Allistir asks.

"It's pretty much done." Akane answers. "We only need to wait for Zane to give us his answer now."


"And I'm sure Zanna will cause some problems while trying to stalk you." Etsuko says. "But yes, it's alright, you go on save more worlds while I get the place set up... if it even takes you that long."


"It's more unfair for you to try butting in his life and demanding everything and even wanting the love of his life to die, so I don't want to hear it." Zoe says. "And NO, you are not getting such precious technology because one, it still hurts our world when we use it but not as much as your distortions, two, if you let it fall into the wrong hands then Zane will probably be one of the first to die or worse and three, YOU ARE NO WHERE NEAR AUTHORIZED TO POSSESS ONE AND YOU NEVER WILL BE!!"

"Is there a problem over here?" Kameyo asks as she walks over to them.

"Oh no, just Zanna being a brat." Zoe answers. "LS would never let such a timed nuke wander around like this, so it's a good thing she's one of those hidden from most of WARD."

"Well, the commander think it's best she learns to appreciate life by experiencing it." Kameyo says. "You only get one chance like this Zanna, don't waste it or you will have the rest of the world trying to make your life 'unfair'."

"Because believe it or not, we do care about you, even if you have tried to kill me multiple times..." Zoe says. "You remind me like me when I was young, only I was completely lacking being lustful for family members."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 1y 5d 10h 36m 51s
Zane blinked then nodded thinking.
"Yeah I think Allistir mentioned something about that, I mean I don't mind the fighting. But we all know Zanna will find someway to stalk me." He said sighing then looked at Etsuko.
"Are you alright with me going? I'm fine with staying here with you if you don't want me to go." He said smiling.

Zanna tried to dive inside quickly but frowned as Zoe blocked her way.
"Kill Onii-sama? No never, Etsuko on the other hand." She said darkly and pouted.
"She slept with Onii-sama and now they want to have a baby. It's so unfair!" She huffed and pouted still.
"Well then give me one of those teleporter thingies if you don't want me to use my distortions."
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 1y 5d 13h 22m 17s
"I don't think that's how rain works." Allistir says.

"I don't mean it like that." Atsuko responds.

"Well whatever you mean it to be, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." Allistir says. "Oh yeah... Claire wanted me and Zane to go with Akane and Simeut to a different Digital World and I think Zoe is trying to set that up right now."

"And you want my okay on it?" Atsuko asks.

"Yes please!" Allistir says.

"Fiiine, just don't get yourself killed." Atsuko says.


"Why did he- oh, that's why!" Etsuko says. "Yeah, I still have to get used to the whole herald thing."

Etsuko remembers something Allistir had told her a couple days ago.

"Did Allistir or Claire or Zoe or somebody tell you about that other Digital World thing that they need your help with?" Etsuko asks. "I think Zoe is planning on you both doing that very soon... like in the next few minutes soon."


"Zanna, I can see you." Zoe says as she walks up to Zanna. "Not only because of the large amount of energy coming off of you but also because you have a very particular scent that is quite unique."

Zoe then steps of Zanna before she could try getting inside the house.
"You either want Zane dead or just completely forgot that your distortions can destroy literally everything in our universe." She says. "In either case, STOP IT."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 1y 6d 9h 45m 55s
Zane nods and smirks at the idea of a digimon hangout.
"Yeah that'd be fine, I bet Vain especially would love that idea. I could probably set up a DDR machine for X and myself as well." He said then remembered something when she mentioned a car.
"Well if we're going to have a baby, we will need a car at some point. And I've also got my dad's old motorcycle which he left to me. Called the Herald, and now I know why he called it that." He said rubbing the back of his head.

Zanna saw Zoe coming and tried to sneak away, hoping to not get caught as she tried to sneak into the house, unaware her body was still giving off energy readings from the distortions.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 1y 6d 14h 43m 50s
"How long do you think the move and setting everything in place would take?" Allistir asks.

"Eh, knowing Zoe and what she has access to... not long at all." Atsuko answers.

"Oh... it's starting to rain." Allistir says.

"If we ignore it, we'll be fine." Atsuko says.


With Etsuko and Zane.

"I like the third option best." Etsuko says. "There is a garage and basement and attic so one of those three can be used for a game room if you want, preferably the basement though-"

Etsuko quickly turns around towards the windows after hearing a yelp.

"Hmm... anyway... I'm think the game room should also be a place for Digimon to hang out at, whenever we do get a time when that can happen." Etsuko says. "By the way, were you planning on getting a car to be put in the garage?"


With Zoe and stuff.

"Aya~, something is wrong!" Zoe says. "The meter is saying the power levels are erratic right now but we haven't done anything yet!"

"Could it have been Kameyo's limo?" Simeut suggests.

"Or maybe Zanna decided to warp to somewhere?" Akane suggests.

"Kameyo's personal tech wouldn't be the cause of this-... wait... ZANNA!!" Zoe says. "Where did she run off to?!"

"I sense some high energy near the home Zane and Etsuko are in." Simeut replies.

"Of course, how did I not think that." Zoe says. "Alright, you finish this up while I go check on the princess."

"Princess?" Simeut questions.

"Zanna." Zoe responds as she heads to where Zane and Etsuko are.
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 1y 6d 18h 30m 50s
Zane went in to check out the largest house, loving all the space and already having ideas for game rooms and hardware to install and bring in before going to the main bedroom and waiting for Etsuko.
"And this would be our room, there's an empty room next to this, which could be a guest room, a game room, or if you want..." He started then blushed and looked away.
"A-A baby room if you want." He said with a massive blush as he kept looking away.

Zanna having used her distortion without alerting anyone followed Zane and Etsuko in, scoping out the house while looking at good hiding places and other places to set up and keep an eye on Zane and Etsuko. Outside their window and hearing what Zane said, she blushed and yelped in surprise, blinking and diving to a hiding place.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 1y 7d 4h 32m 1s
"Wow, this is better than my parents' house!" Allistir says as they enter the second biggest house.

"And it's naturally bigger than mine." Atsuko says.

"I guess I should move into here then." Allistir replies. "That is of course, if you want us to live together?"

"Oh yes, because I love very long distance relationships." Atsuko says. "That was a to imply that I do want to live with you, in case you couldn't figure it out."

Allistir hugs Atsuko.
"You know, you're the best girlfriend someone could ask for!" He says.

"I think Zane would argue that Etsuko is but I'll just take the compliment." Atsuko says.


"He was stalker for multiple people and was just a ticking time bomb on when he would kidnap 'the one he fell for'." Zoe says. "Right now, he's very fixated on LS for who knows why and I don't even know what his endgame is."

"He might not have one." Kameyo says.

"Uhh... oh, yes, coming!" Etsuko responds to Zane.

"Weather reports say it will start storming soon." Simeut says.

"Of course it will!" Zoe responds. "And you know what it means when it suddenly starts storming, right?!"

"That bad things tend to happen?" Akane asks.

"Well, nothing good has ever happened during one yet." Zoe says. "You should probably get set up on that thing with Simeut before it's too late."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 1y 8d 10h 13m 34s
Zane blinked and looked at them.
"Because he blurted out that we.... uh well uh." He started blushing then noticed Zoe.
"N-Nothing!" He said before forcing Vain back into the digivice, blinking at the odd name and Allric's demise.
"Wow, doesn't sound like that good of a guy, corrupt even before the darkness? Actually, sounds like me a little now that I think about it." He said rubbing the back of his head before heading towards the biggest house to check it out.
"You coming in Etsuko?"
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 1y 8d 12h 1m 29s
"This limo is very fast for one." Allistir says.

"Top quality from my company." Kameyo says. "It's not just limos either but none of that matters right now."

"...We're here already?" Akane says. "Kameyo, does your limo use portals too?"

"Maybe." Kameyo responds. "I do have to use it for other instances than just here."

"That would explain how you brought it here." Zoe says.

They all get out to see Zane trying to strangle Vain.

"What did I miss?" Allistir asks.

"Hmmmmm, nothing~!" Atsuko answers. "I've already found the second biggest one for us so let's go!" She then grabs he hand and pulls him along.

"A-alright then." Allistir says.

"But really Zane, why were you hurting Vain?" Zoe asks. "Aren't you two supposed to be part of a team?"

"Hey Zoe, what exactly is the name of this island?" Etsuko asks. "No matter how hard we try to find it, nothing tells us."

"That would be because it has a few names for it since long ago, there were multiple cultures that settled here." Zoe explains. "It's surprising how they barely knew much about each other's cultures but still managed to thrive together on this very island."

"So the name?" Etsuko asks. "You still haven't said what one of its names are."

"Uhhh... Stein- no... Strienzashi... Strienzashinoileanna." Zoe answers. "It's a mouthful, I know, but I'm not the one who came up with it."

"Really sounds like you did come up with it just now." Etsuko says.

"It's meaning... I have no idea what it's meaning is and I think anything that would tell us has been lost long ago when the town was attacked." Zoe says. "The library containing everything about Strienzashinoileanna burned down back then along with Allric who was in it at the time, when he wasn't completely inflicted."

"That's how he died?" Akane says. "That's... sad."

"You didn't know him like we did back then." Zoe replies. "He would have made a deal with The Darkness even if he survived completely unscathed."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 1y 8d 15h 53m 43s

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