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Zane looked around as they ran to the temple and went to his digimon.
"X?! Blade?! Wrecker?! Guys what happened?1" He asked as he went over and tried to shake them, seeing them almost lifeless, as if their energy was drained for something.
"Guys get back in, you need rest." He said sending them to his digivice then heard Zoe.
"I'm gonna take a wild guess and say this female and her digimon are responsible. She's more like me and Vain then I thought. That was a biomerge like when we become Voidmon." He said angrily as Zane appeared on his shoulder.
"Show yourself now." He yelled out, hearing a female laugh a bit with a small crazier robotic voice laughing with her. Out of the shadows came Zanna with Vanity on her shoulder.
"Well well, looks like you were just like I thought you'd be. Not worthy of your title as Herald of Destruction. While I'm the Herald of Creation, which I don't deserve either." She said casually as she approached them, staring at Zane lustfully.
"Ohhhh I want to bring you back so bad and rip that affinity with Erazermon from you and give you Kamimon~" She said while licking her lips.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 4h 49m 52s
"Does anyone have a flashlight?" Allistir asks.

"I do!" Damion answers while pulling out one from his backpack and turns it on.

"That's strange... if this island only reveals parts of itself when it feels like, does that mean Zane only saw the temple when he was here?" Akane asks.

"Look, I can't explain more than what I've already told about this place." Zoe answers. "I've never found any old books regarding this place so that's all I know."

"Then that means we have a load of BS to go through before we ever hope to be finished." Etsuko says with a sigh.

"Wait... INCOMING!!" Akane yells then a battleaxe is seen flying towards Etsuko, but luckily Akane's reaction time is extremely quick as she draws out her sword and deflects the battleaxe back.

Etsuko falls onto her backside in fright of what just happened.
"W-wha-... why was there...?" She says.

"This is just getting worse and worse." Zoe says as she helps Etsuko up. "We need to hurry before more weapons become sentient for no reason."

They quickly make their way inside the temple and notice that Zane's Digimon are there, unconscious.

"I can sense evil within here!" Akane says with her swords at the ready. "She's lurking beyond our vision right now!"

"She?" Allistir questions.

"I can tell the difference between female and male feelings, and even Digimon and human ones." Akane explains. "There is a female with that Digimon we saw earlier, and she's somewhere close by."

"Oh great, does that mean we have another psychopath to deal with?" Etsuko asks.
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 9h 23m 19s
Zane quickly held Hinari close when the tsunami came, wanting to protect his sister when suddenly they were all on a new island, somewhere in the Digital World, but some of it seemed, familiar to Zane.
"Phantoms of Digimon? Was what we saw one of them? But it wasn't really a copy of Voidmon, it looked, different yet slightly resembled us." He said then noticed the temple Zoe talked about and his eyes widened, seeing a partly destroyed version of the temple of Armageddon.
"I thought so, guys. I've been here before, when I first came to the Digital World, this is where I met Vain when he was ChaosArmageddonmon. Why are we here of all places?" He asked aloud to no one as he started following Zoe.
"I'm coming too, it looks like something broke out of there, it wasn't wrecked like that last time. And my digivice is scanning something, it's the program I used to find the other digimon of destruction. But why are they there?" He asked as he headed for the temple where his unconscious digimon were, but when they entered. They would just find the digimon, and Dark Vulpis had already fled.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 17h 23m 14s
"Everything is happening at the same time!" Allistir exclaims.

"Calm down, we're going to be fine." Zoe says. "Although, I have no idea why that looked like your Digimon, Zane."

"I guess this means we're having yet another adventure?" Damion asks.

"I guess so." Atsuko answers.

Before more could be said, a tsunami is seen coming towards them and washes over them before anyone could do anything.
Except, it wasn't a real tsunami. It was some kind of way to warp them all to different island.

"No... this is..." Zoe mutters. "And this seems to be after he had..."

"What just happened?!" Etsuko exclaims.

"We're in the Digital World now..." Akane states.

"Not only that but we are on an island where phantoms of Digimon from other Digital Worlds end up." Zoe adds.

"Phantomon?" Damion questions.

"No, not Phantomon, phantoms of Digimon." Zoe explains. "Every world that gets affected in some from The Darkness of ours ends up with duplicates of people, or Digimon in this case, and they are called Phantoms."

"Phantoms of Digimon end up here... sometimes humans who became Phantoms and were in the Digital World at the time can end up here." Akane adds. "QueenChessmon found out about this place during our travels and told me about it."

"Only this time it seems different from the last time I was here." Zoe says.

"Wait, you were here before?" Allistir asks.

"Before and after LS had brought all the Digimon home that were here at the time." Zoe answers. "The before time was... that's a long story but the after was just to make sure no one got left behind."

"What's different this time?" Akane asks.

"For starters, there's always a full moon at night at this island but now... there isn't any moon at all so it's completely dark aside from the strange light that's been surrounding us this entire time." Zoe answers. "Second, you can see a temple lit up just over there and I can assure you, there wasn't one before... which means that more of the island revealed itself."

"Revealed itself, what?" Atsuko questions.

"There's many parts to this island that like to remain invisible and unreachable as if they don't exist, but they reveal themselves whenever they damn feel like it." Zoe answers. "Something was happening here while we were off having our fun times at that resort... and now we get to find out."

"Well what do we do now?" Etsuko asks.

"I'm going to investigate that temple over there while you guys can decide what you want to do." Zoe responds.
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 20h 5m 35s
Hinari was on her way back when she saw the others, having seen the strange things in the sky and was going to warn them about it. Before everything went black and everything else in the hotel disappeared, along with the hotel and some of the surrounding area.
"Guys, whats going on?!" She asked panicking as Zane just shook his head and looked around.
"Not sure, this is a bit new for me too. I've never seen something like this, nor this many distortions, the most I've seen were caused by me as a Erazermon, but this is way more." He said getting his digivice out just in case, feeling more calm with it, knowing Vain was inside and ready to go.
"But whatever it is, I feel like it's not over. I've been getting weird headaches, and they've been getting worse with the distortions. I think it's just me." He said and heard a weird laughter, coming rom a girl, like a seductive giggle almost. A large distortion appearing on ground level, a large humanoid digimon in white armor, which looked strangely similar to Voidmon flew out.
"There you are my 'soulmate'~!" It said cackling as it flew towards him before going up and through another distortion.
"Let's have our fun somewhere else~!" She said before disappearing. The got stronger the closer that digimon was, it was starting to dissipate now.
"The hell was that?! And why did it look like Voidmon?!"
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 20h 32m 28s
Allistir runs down to the lobby with Damion to find Atsuko.


"That's new... maybe that's what's causing the blackouts..." Zoe says. "But look, you need to get Etsuko and meet up in the lobby with everyone else then decide on a plan."
She then goes inside her room.

"What's going on...?" Etsuko sleepily asks, walking towards Zane while rubbing her eyes. "Something about distortions...?"

Glass is heard breaking from Zoe's room. Zoe and Akane burst out of their room with their gear, Akane's katana and wakizashi and Zoe's rifle. Zoe then quickly slams her door shut.

"You do not want to go in there!" Zoe says. "You really need to hurry!"

"Why, what happened?" Etsuko asks.

"After the window broke because of those distortions I guess, half of the room disappeared." Zoe answers. "I think the blackout is going to happen sooner than an hour at this rate."

Etsuko had already started getting ready when Zoe said half her room disappeared and was ready in a flash.
"Okay, let's go now." She says.

"That was very fast." Akane says.

"You learn how to during costume changes during concerts." Etsuko responds.

They hurriedly head down to the lobby where Allistir, Atsuko and Damion are.

"Hey, where's Hinari?" Etsuko asks.

"She was getting a massage again last time I saw her." Atsuko answers. "No idea if she's still there or not."

Everything went dark in an instant. Even day went to night.
The other tourists and vacationers disappeared.
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 21h 6m 3s
Zane stirred awake with a groan, hearing a banging noise outside in the hallway that woke him up. Getting up without waking Etsuko and stretching, getting changed and hearing an odd buzzing noise that got louder before starting to give him a massive headache.
"W-What the hell?!" He said groaning as he held his head. The noise coming from outside as he went and looked out the window. Seeing weird glitch forms in the sky, like someone ripped a hole in the fabric of reality itself. A few of them appearing and causing those strange glitch buzzing noises that were giving him strange headaches. Quickly going to Etsuko and trying to wake her up.
"Etsuko, something's not right. You need to get up." He said then could Zoe's voice. Going to the hallway and seeing Zoe going to the room next to his.
"The hell's going on out there?! There's..... things in the sky. Distortions, something bad is going on out there."
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 21h 37m 34s
We'll come back to Allistir and Atsuko later.


"Well now that you know, maybe you'll stop trying to set him up with dates with other girls." Etsuko says.

Akane and Zane are close to Etsuko and Hinari by this point.

"I've had a bad feeling about QueenChessmon since the day I've stopped hearing from her." Akane says. "Her castle... she has her own kingdom within her castle... and one day it vanished."

Etsuko listens to what Akane is saying too now.

"The funny thing is, is that we were in the Digital World the same time you were, when you were recruiting for that war of yours... and she took a look to see if she could find any of her people there but with no such luck." Akane says. "I have a feeling that her castle isn't where the Digital World can affect it, which would mean that it's very hard to find it."

"You were...?" Etsuko says.

"Yeah, I almost met you all then but I was too scared to get in middle of your war... but now I don't let fear of such things get in the way, only the fear of hurting others I let trample me..." Akane replies. "I'll be going back to my hotel room now, goodnight."
She then walks off back to the resort.

"Maybe we should head back too." Etsuko says.

And after that point, two days pass for all of them, and during those two days they had as much fun and relaxation they could possibly have.
[b But it wouldn't last that long...]

Banging on Allistir and Atsuko's room door is heard in the morning.
Allistir wakes up, freaks out and quickly opens it to see who it is, and it of course is Zoe.

"We have a huge problem." Zoe says.

"Wha... is it an emergency?" Allistir sleepily asks.

"Uhh, yes!" Zoe answers then lets herself in. "There's only so much I can do to keep Hawaii from having a blackout like the rest of the world... and then I realized something."

"What?" Allistir questions.

"Let me first ask you this, have you watched the news after the first day you got here?" Zoe asks back.

"No?" Allistir answers.

"Well, let me show you this." Zoe then turns on the TV and the news start playing... the same exact news starts playing since the last time Allistir and Atsuko watched it.

"What the-?!" Allistir says.

"It's been on repeat but no one here apparently questions it, except us who have been through so much already... if you've watched it more than the one time I would say anyway." Zoe explains. "Me keeping the power running somehow put us in a loop of the same day, only people actually make progress with whatever instead of everything looping."

"Of course something bad was happening around us... literally around us." Allistir says.

"The only way to fix the problem and return with the rest of the world is for me to let the blackout happen now." Zoe says. "And it's going to happen in exactly one hour so you have to get a move on with getting everyone else together."

"But could you help me do that at least?!" Allistir exclaims. "Atsuko isn't even here... where did she go?"

"Atsuko is actually helping right now since I found her first in the lobby." Zoe responds while leaving the room. "I have to get myself and Akane ready so I'll be busy, now go!"

Allistir quickly gets ready, gets Damion and searches for the others.
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 21h 58m 54s
Back in the Digital World, Dark Vulpis had finished placing odd black spheres that seemed to 'glitch', like a virus or a glitch in a game. The digimon around him seemed weak and could barely move, as if they were paralysed to the ground.
"Sorry about this, I swear I don't mean any harm to any of you, I just need to borrow you're energy for a second. If I'm correct, this should enhance Zane and Vain's growth, bringing both of their true abilities to light." He said as he placed the last sphere around the pedestal. A larger black sphere appearing above it, getting large and larger before spatial fissure appeared inside it, showing nothing but blinding light on the other side.
"Well, that isn't supposed to happen, it should be drawing energy from another reality, not opening a doorway." He said worried as he tried removing one of the sphere's, getting blasted back towards the temple wall when he touched it. The portal opening wider as a silhouette of a girl with short hair appeared inside of it, a small shape on her shoulder. The figure slowly approached the portal before leaping out of it into the temple.

[pic https://s2.postimg.org/jmc1cumcp/Zanna.png]
Zanna grinned as she stood up, her red jacket shimmering slightly from the excess energy covering her body. Soon dissipating, showing her glowing crimson eyes and her seductive smile, her hair black and long tied up into a pony tail, while some draped over the side of her face, covering the eyepatch which covered her missing left eye. On her shoulder was a black digimon which looked strikingly similar to Vain, except sleeker and more slender.
"Looks like it worked Vanity, that old fool was right, but it was so fun to kill him." Zanna said with a sadistic cackle and blushing at the sadistic memory, her partner grinning and nodding.
"He tasted brilliant." Vanity added as the both laughed before both merging with each other. Forming a large white humanoid version of Voidmon, except instead of dark matter, it looked like a large slender woman wearing armor which appeared like a white version of some of Voidmon's body parts.
"Biomerge to NULLMON!" They shrieked before flying out and straight up, a large surge from them affecting the quantum sea itself and every world it was connected to. Knowing something that shouldn't exist here had come

[pic http://i67.tinypic.com/o8858y.jpg]
Hinari just froze for a bit, not responding and just blinking randomly, then finally her body reacted to what was said and she blushed madly.
"W-W-Wait what?! I-I wasn't being serious, you actually want to marry him? That's a big surprise coming for you, you must really love Onii-chan." She said actually a bit surprised with Etsuko, although, knowing that Zane probably felt the same.

Zane listened and was actually a little surprised.
"Well if we end up getting drawn back there somehow, I'll make sure you can come back with us. We can all look for her together, in return, you can help me look for my other digimon. They seemed to have disappeared too." He said scratching the back of his head.
"I'm sure they're all right, but I just have a bad feeling that there's something big going on over there." He said looking towards the sky.
I don't think I need to tell you the same thing again.


"After everything we've been through, it would be insane to not." Etsuko says. "I don't think there's really anyone else out there for me... they're all too normal or too crazy for my life, so yeah... it seems I might be."


"I was told quite the opposite really... by my partner, QueenChessmon." Akane says. "She did apologize after saying how much a coward I am because everything was just getting to her... but she was right back then."

Akane walks with Zane over to where Etsuko and Hinari went.

"Yes, I've been to the Digital World, I've had my share of adventures that helped make me who I am today... and that no one else knows about except me and QueenChessmon, but I haven't seen her since she set off to find where her kingdom disappeared to." Akane explains. "I'm scared about what's happened to her... I want to go back and find her but... I don't know how."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 2d 21h 44m 4s
Hinari nodded and smirked.
"You're really trusting of onii-chan huh? I feel like I would be too jealous and go find out for myself, you must both really love and trust each other." She said honestly with a warm smile.
"Who knows, maybe one day you'll be my sister in-law~" She teased with a giggle.

Zane nodded with a blush.
"I wasn't expecting you to handle it so well, honestly I don't even know how I'd react if I confessed like that, you're much braver than I am." He compliment her while scratching the back of his head.
"Who knows, maybe if you manage to beat me in a fair fight one day, I might accept your feelings." He said with a smile and a wink before looking for Etsuko and Hinari.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 2d 21h 55m 21s
Yes, they are still sleeping.


"No no, I'll be fine with just hearing from them if they want to tell me anything." Etsuko says. "And if you count only meeting each other for like... a few minutes, one or two days ago, then sure... we have history."


"All I ever read was fairy tales since my parents wanted to keep me away from the harsh truths of the world, which who knows... maybe them doing that did save me in the end." Akane explains. "Yes, I do know that you love Etsuko which is why I didn't want to bother 'confessing' in the first place but Hinari is so hard to say no to when she gets all passionate, and I did kinda think this would be good for me in a way that will make me be able to try getting friends."

Akane then stands back up.

"Funny though... Zoe said the same thing about it being a fairy tale, with it being right down to the knight killing the evil half." Akane says. "But even though you don't want me as a love interest, I still want to be friends... and I'm sure the fairy tale love will die down once I see you do the same for anyone or everyone else- er, same as in protecting people... and perhaps I will find love with someone who isn't already seeing someone."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 2d 22h 10m 5s
Hinari just giggled and grinned.
"Well I wouldn't be too sure, this is different. You three seem to have some history, so it's a bit different than just a stranger who confesses right?" She teased grinning.
"Sure you don't want to go check~?"

Zane blinked as he listened to her hyper speech and rushed words, blushing at some words he heard then going wide-eyed as she finally explained what she meant.
"W-Wait what?! H-How can you fall in love with someone just from that? Y-You have to get to know the person or something first, you sound almost like a fairy tale, a knight killing the evil half." He said blushing and looking away.
"Plus, y-you're aware I'm dating Etsuko right? I love her."
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 2d 22h 26m 41s
[sub Shh, quiet!
They're still sleeping!]


"I am sure it's all going to be fine, heheheh!" Etsuko nervously responds. "I mean, a lot of my fans try to confess to me and I have to tell them that I'm already seeing someone!"


"This entire day has shown me that I need to be more open rather than being reclusive, especially after finally being able to confess my love to you- did I just really say that out loud?" Akane says. "But don't worry, I'm fine, I'm just getting out all the energy right that I have apparently stored up until this point!"

Akane then falls onto her knees in exhaustion.

"Hah... and there it all went..." Akane says. "Okay... okay, okay... I can see you don't fully understand what I've been saying so... let me say it this way; when you defeated the assassin, I fell in love with you... since again, you were able to do the one thing no one else could, not even me... I couldn't fight her even after everything she did to me because I just felt too sad for her, that she never had a choice of anything from the very beginning because she wasn't given any other emotions besides the one for killing..."
  Allistir & Damion / Okimichi / 3d 4h 38m 19s
Hinari was holding her fingers up and silently counted down from five until Etsuko realised what she said.
"Yeah, that's why we were following you both. So she could confess, but honestly, I don't think you have to worry. She's shy and he's, well, Zane." She said facepalming.
"I might need to literally go over there and explain it to him on a whiteboard." She said groaning.

Zane nodded that he was correct, confused at her fast speech and stuttering.
"Hey are alri-" He started then blinked as she passed out for a second and was still stuttering, even on the phone.
"Uh do you need to go see a doctor? You're talking weird and seeming incredibly hyper, plus you just passed out. Were you that nervous about telling me you wanted to join us and be my rival?" He asked extremely confused.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 3d 19h 54m 13s

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