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[h3 +]
Momiji was glad to hear she liked it, maybe even as much as he did. It was a place found under less-than ideal circumstances, the small rabbit having become upset at a comment from Kyou and running from the house in tears. He hadn't been paying much attention to where he was going, finding himself here and near the water's edge when he finally dried his eyes. It was almost as if he was meant to find it.

Amber orbs watched as she lay down on the soft grass under them, inviting Momiji to do so as well and looking up at the stars. He obliged to a point, sitting beside her and leaning back far on his arms. Part of him feared he may fall asleep out here if he lay down and it wasn't as if Hiro could carry him back. The curse would be discovered and he could only imagine the horrible trail of events that would follow, ending with the bunny losing his newest friend. That was the last thing he wanted to happen. So he remained in this position, looking up at the stars with Hiro, only glancing at her as she spoke again.

[+goldenrod "Maybe in a past life, you were a cat,"] Momiji said softly, keeping his eyes on the stars. They were so pretty tonight! [+goldenrod "But I think the cat is the luckiest one of them has no responsibilities and can do whatever it wants all the time. People hear the old zodiac story and they think 'that poor cat, left out of the group...' when, really, the cat is the luckiest of them all."]
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[h3 +]
[+purple "Then I suppose you learned your lesson,"] Yuki teased quietly, keeping the amethyst orbs locked on the treeline in front of him. He wished he had the immune system of everyone else and not have a simple cold incapacitate him for a couple weeks. Even if he did, he wouldn't use it to skip classes as Yura had. School was important to him as he felt it was the only thing he could really do well, not to mention it gave him an escape from most of his family. Even though most hated it, it was his favorite place in the world.

A hot blush fell across the pale cheeks as the larger male dropped to the side, his head landing to rest in the rat's lap. Up until this point, Yura's sexuality was a large mystery among many of their classmates. He didn't seem to gravitate to one sex as many of their peers did, choosing either a male or a female to engage with. His preferences were made rather clear tonight, though, and his comment made Yuki's blush grow heavier. Did this mean he liked Yura too? Or was this simply a reaction to someone hitting on him so openly? He couldn't say, it was all so confusing.

He allowed Yura to stay in that position for a minute or two before suddenly moving his leg and watching as his head dropped down to the hard porch below. A light, playful smirk then appeared on Yuki's lips, indicating he felt no harsh feelings towards the male's advancement...but he didn't really acknowledge it either.

[+purple "Keep it up and I might do the same thing as your sister,"] Yuki teased quietly, violet eyes flickering down to his face. [+purple "I won't be gentle about it, either."]
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[center Hiroyuki exhaled and took in a deep breathe. She gazed at the lake in the twilight. It was beautiful to say the least. The hike to the lake wasn't awful and seemed to go by fairly quick. Peering over at the young man with her she smiled at him. He was bouncing around for a moment until he turned to ask her what she thought of the place.]

[center [b "It's lovely."]]
[center Hiro says taking a seat in the grass. Laying down on the ground. It was peaceful here. She could hear birds saying their good nights to the world. The cool nights air swiping in. How calm the night was becoming. If only she knew what fate had in store for her.]

[center Turning to the rabbit the female spoke out. [b "Come lay with me and look at the stars."] Hiro offered a space next to herself. Everything was right and just amazing. The night was silent with only cicadas singing and crickets chirping. The breeze blew sending a slight chill through the air. Though after the hike to the lake it felt refreshing. ]

[center [b "Sometimes I feel like a Cat... Maybe that's what my spirit animal maybe."]]

[center Hiro laughed pointing up at the sky. [b "Like the zodiacs... but instead I'm the lonely Cat that got left behind."] she mumbled not really talking to Momiji. Just as if she was thinking to herself but it was aloud.]
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[h4 -]

[center Yura thought about what the rat had said. If that was why he had had so many sick days. He felt bad for a moment. Thinking about how he rarely gets sick. It must be awful to be so fragil. His emerald eyes floated back up to the sky. Something about Yuki made him very interested in learning more. Why he was so secretive? So gentle yet guarded.. ]

[b "I remember the last time I was sick."]
Yura started out with a light chuckle. He was laughing because he wasn't really sick. [b "Hiroyuki was taking care of me. She later found out I just wanted to cut school and sleep in. I became ill later on when she kicked me where the sun doesn't shine."] Saying that last part made him shiver some. He could still remember the pain he felt between his thighs that night. How he wished he just went to school.

Yura yawned and threw himself to the side. His head falling onto the rat's lap. Another smirk appeared on his face. [b "See now this is a beautiful site."] He laughed gazing up at Yuki's face. He was an open male when it came to his likes and dislikes. He never once said he disliked woman, but never actually said he liked them either. Women were fine as friends to him. Just dating one never appealed to him much. He knew he liked men at a young age. Yura wasn't outgoing with it, though if someone ever asked he would tell the truth.
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[h3 +]
Old fashioned...Yuki understood that rather well. The Sohma family was similar, seeming stuck in the old Japanese ways with no way out. Of course, he was certain their situation was different from Yura's: he didn't have a centuries-old curse weighing his family down. The zodiac curse guaranteed the Sohma family would remain in their little haven, never leaving to explore better opportunities. What was really out there for someone who had to remain so reclusive? Not to mention the heads of the family had all been the same, one Akito after the other.

At least Yura and his sister had a glimmer of hope for happiness.

The rat rolled his eyes at Yura's bold and flirtatious statement, reaching out and lightly pushing the male over. Even though Yura's form was bigger, Yuki was certain he was stronger due to his abilities in the zodiac. If Shigure's house could speak, it would certainly attest to that. So much damage had been done to the home throughout the years Yuki and Kyou had shared a roof, Yuki's attacks doing the most damage. Amethyst eyes flickered over to his classmate, giving him a faint smile, then slowly ran his hand through his hair.

He found himself beginning to like Yura through the little time he had known him; he gave the rat an opportunity to think of something else other than the horrible life he was living. He could forget about Akito and the zodiac and allow himself to be...normal. Was this what the others felt like all the time?

[+purple "I'm fine,"] he reassured Yura quietly, shoving his hands into his jacket pocket. [+purple "It's not too cold yet, the jacket is simply a precaution. I'm prone to bronchitis and pneumonia so I prevent it as much as I can. You're not cold, are you?"]
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[h3 +]
The rabbit gave her a happy smile again, pushing himself up from the table and turning off the tv. No need to waste electricity! A small hand reached out and picked up a pink plush cat-shaped back pack, slipping it over his shoulders and adjusting the soft red sweater on his form. After gathering the necessary items, he slid open the side door and put his shoes on, then jumped down into the lush green grass.

He was certain Hiro would like the lake as much as Momiji did, it was a nice oasis away from the rest of the world. The same thing could be said for Shigure's house, the large building nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the earth around them. He enjoyed the privacy out here and, even more, spending time with Shigure, Yuki, and Tohru! The happy bunny reached out, his hand wrapping lightly around her wrist, and led her through the grass and into the treeline of the woods, the two of them disappearing from sight.

A little ways in, Momiji turned on the rather bright light and let it fall on the ground to illuminate their path while he kept a light hold on his new friend's wrist. The pond wasn't too far away but was remote enough that hardly anyone else visited. It was a great spot for some time alone. Expertly maneuvering around the woods , the two of them arrived at the small clearing fifteen minutes later. It was just as beautiful as he remembered, the colors of the twilight sky reflecting off the glassy surface while a couple of ducks swam around happily in the cool water. A bench sat close to the edge of the water, a perfect place to rest and observe the life around them.

[+goldenrod "This is it, my special place!"] Momiji told her happily, looking back at her and giving her a happy giggle. [+goldenrod "Do you like it?"]
  Momiji Sohma / SolemnYuki / 3y 285d 58m 41s
Hiroyuki could hear the excitement in the rabbits voice. She knew he be up for almost anything. Which made her happy as well. Most people didn't want to be active with her, or thought what she thought was fun to be fun. Losers.

"Want to go see that pond you were telling me about?"

She asked, before shifting to her feet. Hiro yawned a bit, she was getting tired. Though she was enjoying this time with Momiji and away from her boring apartment. She wanted to see the woods outside his home. "Let grab a flash light and go adventure." She said in a encouraging voice. Waiting for the rabbit to collect himself she walked to a side door of the large house. On the other side of where Yuki and her brother were talking. She didn't want her brother to see that she was going off alone with the boy. It would only make him worry...

The night air was cool. It was a good thing she had a throw over for her arms. As fit and active as Hiroyuki was she still got cold easily and hated being cold. She adored warm weather and being in the heat of the sun. While her brother loved the cold and the darkness of the night. As much as they were alike. they were completely different. "You lead the way Momiji." Hiroyuki said, hopping down off the around about porch. This house was beautiful and large. She wish she had one of her own, where she could just hide away from the world and enjoy her own life and quest. No main family, no marriage... just herself and those she wished to one day joy her in her future. How it should be.
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"She isn't allowed to be alone with men."
Yura said in a cold tone. His laid back attitude changed into a tension that spread through the air. "Family rules." He added as he loosened up, trying to relax himself.

"My family is..."
Yura started, not knowing how to say over baring in a polite way. They wanted to wed Hiroyuki to a head heir to a high end family. One who also shared the same views as them, blending their families together. Though Hiroyuki agreed to her family's wishes he knew she was depressed over it and hated them for it. "Let's just say they are old fashion." Yura gave a faint smile to the male.

"I don't mind being in the middle of the woods with you Yuki."
He said in a flirtatious way. Giving the lavender haired male a wink. He didn't want to talk about his home life. He wanted to just relax and sit with Yuki. In the calmness of the night. Without having to worry about the pressures of the main house.

Yura could see the male had a jacket on and wondered if he was cold. He furrowed his brows and thought maybe it be best to go back inside. "Are you chilly?" He asked. Truly realizing just how fragile the other was. He wasn't built like Yura. Even though he was just a bit shorter then him, he was thin like a China doll. One that needed tender care.
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[h3 +]
Amethyst eyes lifted up to Yura more as he suggested they go outside, Yuki nodding faintly before reaching over and grabbing a light jacket. It was rather nice outside, his classmate was right about that, but the rat had a tendency to get cold rather easily. This lead to complications in his health, such as more colds and chest conditions; he really didn't want a visit from Hatori right now so preventative measures were best. He slipped it on quickly over his blue silk shirt before sliding the screen door closed and moving out further onto the porch with Yura.

He watched quietly as the taller male sat down on the edge of the porch, looking up at the twilight sky above the treeline. It was a rather nice place despite how traditional it was, very much resembling the way Japanese homes looked before the second world war. Of course, it was modernized quite a bit to make it more livable yet it still held that old feeling to it. It was nothing compared to the main Sohma house, hardly having changed since it was built so long ago.

How he hated that place.

[+purple "It's alright, I guess,"] Yuki answered quietly, allowing his arms to fold loosely over his chest as violet orbs watched the darkening tree line. [+purple "It has its good and bad moments..."]

Yura's second comment made a soft scoff fall from the rat's chest, Yuki turning his head a bit. If the male really knew what went on behind closed doors in the Sohma household, he wouldn't have any kind of sentiment like that. He was close to Momiji and adored Kisa, was able to get along with a handful of his cousins...but loving? Not even close. His parents didn't want him, leaving him to survive with a mentally and physically abusive family head, his brother abandoned him in his time of need, and most of the others were too scared to speak to him due to his position in the zodiac.

Loving wasn't the word Yuki would use.

[+purple "I wouldn't go that far,"] he answered quietly after a few moments of silence. [+purple "I am close to Momiji, yes, but the rest of my family would be better off elsewhere. It's not really....ideal. I'm sure its nothing like your family."] He slowly allowed his lithe frame to sink down to the ground, sitting on the edge of the porch about an arm's length from Yura.

[+purple "But I'm fine, all things considered. But I'm sure you didn't follow your sister all this way into the middle of the woods to ask me that."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 3y 285d 1h 43m 39s
[h3 +]
Momiji picked his head up as he heard the cheerful, feminine voice and turned his head to its source. Instantly his eyes lit up again, a soft giggle filling the air, and gave her a happy smile. The rabbit was glad she didn't seem too annoyed by his childish behavior as he had that effect on many people around him. They found him rather hard to be around or were rather mean to him about it. But not Hiro. She seemed to be okay with it, something that made Momiji like her even more.

He kept his happy smile as she sat at the kotatsu with him, glancing over to the tv to see what the bunny had been watching. Shigure had put on an anime for him to watch before disappearing into his office to do god-knew-what and leaving Yuki to care for his smaller cousin. [+goldenrod "It's one of my favorites,"] he told her happily, looking back over to her. [+goldenrod "I watch it every evening after school!"]

The two sat in silence for a while, simply enjoying the program on the tv set before Hiro caught his attention again. Something fun? Like what? The little rabbit hardly ever said no to an adventure, so he gave her his usual happy smile and sat up straighter. [+goldenrod "Yeah!" he exclaimed happily. [+goldenrod "What did you have in mind?"]
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"Hi Momiji!"
Hiro said in a cheerful manner. She was actually kind excited to see the boy again. She took a sit next to him and looked to see what he was watching. She liked this show too. "I like this as well." She added.

Hiroyuki made sure she didn't sit to close to the boy, not to alarm her brother. Not only was she not allowed to create friendships with men, she wasn't allowed to be near them either. They couldn't have her backing out on her agreement because she caught feelings for someone else.

Yura needed her to be ther for him. Not to back out. She couldn't, because if she did....

"I gave Yuki my papers.... You want to do something fun?"

Hiroyuki asked, she wouldn't disappoint her brother. Though what was the harm in her making a friend?
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Yura hear the male greet them. He nodded his head lightly before stepping inside. Hiroyuki had already handed her papers to Yuki. Making her way to the table where she sat next to Momiji. They were close though he wasn't worried. The were still about half a arm length from one another. He knew how their father was with her talking to the opposite sex.

The male let his attention fall back onto the rat. He smirked at the young man, gesturing for Yuki to come closer to him. "Step outside with me." He said, "It's a beautiful evening." Yura glanced over at his sister one more time. She looked okay. They just met anyways. He couldn't hover over her forever. A part of him didn't feel like she needed watching, then his fathers voice would ring in his head.

Getting outside he sat down on the edge of the porch. Letting his deep emerald eyes become lost in the nights starry sky. It was beautifully painted with spots of white and dim flickers of satilights. He could sit here for hours probably. Just gazing into the night with wandering thoughts.

"I'm jealous of your home."

Yura spoke out, finally turning his attention back to his classmate. "It makes me miss my family house." He said without thinking. He rarely spoke of his home life. So to get him to even mention it was special. "Must be nice being with such loving family." If only he knew how wrong he was. Yes members of the Sohma could stick together or stab each other in the back. Much like his own family.

"Anyways..... how are you Yuki?"
His voice was low and soothing. One could fall into his spell so easily. He was handsome and could be an amazing flirt if he wanted. He could probably have any woman he wanted. Problem was he didn't want a woman.
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[h3 +]
Yuki glanced over at Shigure once the two approached the house, watching Momiji run over and hug their cousin. He used this distraction to slip by without hearing any comments from the dog, quickly removing his shoes and darting up to his room to begin his homework. It wasn't that he hated Shigure, after all the older male saved him from the main house and gave him a place to stay. He was actually quite tolerable when he was on his best behavior. Those moments in between, however, drove Yuki up the wall. He had enough to deal with; keeping an eye on Momiji was a large task already, as was dealing with Kyou's surly attitude and ambush attacks. He didn't want to have to babysit Shigure, too.

The slender teen completed his homework with ease, as he usually did, then took a bit of time to work on class rep things. Once finished, he made his way downstairs for a bite to eat. Tohru made wonderful food, a relief to the rat as he didn't have to try to fend for himself or rely on Shigure to make him something. Yuki was a nightmare in the kitchen, having the talent to burn water. He had never been so thankful to have the small girl in their home than he was when he discovered the wonderful meals she made.

A knock at the door caught Yuki's attention, the rat finishing the last of the onigiri he had been eating and moving to the door. The twins' visit had already been explained to Shigure, the male agreeing to keep it quiet for now. Such a relief. He gave the two a small smile as he opened the door, stepping aside to allow them to come in. [+purple "Glad you could make it,"] he greeted them softly, closing the door behind them after they had made it inside. [+purple "Momiji's made himself comfortable under the kotatsu, feel free to join him."]
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[h3 +]
Momiji reached over and lightly grabbed Yuki's arm as the twins went their separate ways, the two Sohmas left to travel home alone. The walk home was quiet, neither teenager having much to talk about, and headed into the woods in silence. Expertly they navigated through the trees and worn paths to the small clearing, Shigure's house sitting in the middle of it. It reminded the rabbit of Hansel and Gretel a bit, a small oasis to those lost in the darkness of trees.

The older Sohma was sitting on the porch, a cigarette held between two fingers, and gave the boys a soft smile. The rabbit immediately released Yuki's hand, darting over to his cousin and hugging him before giving him a happy smile. [+goldenrod "I'm so happy to see you, Shigure-san!"] he greeted him happily. The older dog seemed pleased as well, reaching down and ruffling the soft blonde locks. [+gray "I'm glad you made it back safely. Go ahead inside and get yourself a snack before you start your homework."]

The rabbit happily complied with this, darting in the house after removing his shoes to do as he was told and await their visitors that evening.
  Momiji Sohma / SolemnYuki / 3y 286d 1h 44m 55s
Hiro gave her number to the rabbit. Taking his as well before Yura shooing her off. She waved bye to the two. Following her brother back to the small apartment.

Yura laid on the floor in the sun of the window. He looked like a cat bathing in the morning sun. Hiroyuki didn't take much time to study her brother before cutting on the tv and sitting to watch her show.

About 30-45 minutes later the show had ended until next week. Which was just far to long to wait.

Hiroyuki peaked down at her brother noticing he had dozed off. He must have been tired. She didn't bother to wake him up and she just went into her room. Where she worked on writing the papers she need for Yuki.

Around 7:30 she shook her brother awake. "Hey you're not going to be able to sleep tonight if you don't wake up." She barked, the smell of warm pastries was in the air. Hiroyuki was holding a Togo container full of jelly buns and some American goodies like brownies and muffins. She loved cooking food from other countries. She had already texted Momiji for the address and he sent it over. So now it was just on them to get there.

Yura groaned and slowly made his way to his feet.

"I'm going to change, I'll be out in a moment." Yura mumbled going into his room and shutting the door.

8 o'clock

The timing was perfect! The twins knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Yura was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. Hiro was in a pair of shorts and a black tank top with a crimson throw over. Holding the deserts and her paper work she waited for the Sohma's to open the door.
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