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Congrats! You've been accepted into a college that's in the mountains, ironically called Higharch. This college requires very little money to get in, which is about $100 and it's one of those very great ones. However, once you go there, you realize that most of the college students are a bit...


That's right. Most of the students here are mutants or humanoids, and you're the odd one out.

Or are you?


Bio skelly:
Pic of character:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Classes: [you have to have all of them except for the three language classes. Those are optional. So is art or physical education.]
Human or Inhuman[mutant, humanoid, mythical creature/god]

Slots [jobs and stuff at the school]
Headmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=392043 Emmet Vigenere, aka 'Vi']
History Teacher:
Spanish Teacher:
French Teacher:
Latin Teacher:
Art Teacher:
Phys.Ed. Teacher:
Photography Teacher:
Language Arts Teacher:
Algebra Teacher:
Science Teacher:
Weapons Teacher:
Magic Teacher: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=384715 Meer Thelo]

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Roleplay Responses

Vi looked at the humanoid mouse woman and frowned a little at the sight of the cigar. [I "Er, Meer, um... You know how I feel about smoking, and, uh... Well, not to sound rude or anything, but, I mean, uh... Some people don't really like that. Um, if that sounds rude, uh.... I apologize for that..."] He then paused, closing his right eye tightly before he sighed. [I "And how else would this work out, I mean last year I heard that someone had a fight and it demolished a part of the place... And then there are people who are very... Intricate with stuff..."]

He then slowly opened his eye and put his hands down, taking deep breaths again. This, by far, was probably the worst few minutes of his life, and he didn't really want to admit it because he was as nervous as someone can probably get. He knew he kept on rambling since he was just now, and this was just a nervous habit that had been in his family for a long time. He then let out a sigh and looked around the room. [I "Anyways.... Why don't we get started and stuff...?"]
  Okamitoyo / 3y 69d 4h 44m 42s
A short time before the opening ceremony, Meer found herself kicking the ground anxiously, dragging the flat foot of her boot across the floor, she awaited the arrival of the erstwhile headmaster. With a quick glance at the other teachers, she reached into the satchel at her side and pulled from it a long cigar, placing the appropriate end in her mouth, she chewed on it a little, taking a short time to savor the smell wafting into her nose.

Then, with a pair of fingers, she tore the end off of the cigar. With a slow motion, she straightened her right arm, a flame beginning to creep slowly off her hand, which she raised to her cigar gently, beginning to puff of the addictive tobacco stick slowly. Wringing her arm like a wet rag, the flame was blown out as she took a particularly long drag on her cigar. Another faculty member's face slowly turned their head to her, the strange red skinned man’s face contorting in to a grimace.

[+red “Could you smoke that somewhere else?”] A question that earned him a puff of smoke in his chiseled face. Meer removed the cigar for a moment to blow a lock of amber hair from her eyes, shortly replacing her cigar as the hair fell right back into place. The man groaned aloud and made his way to the other side of the room, prompting Meer to chuckle at him.

[+gold “Maybe if you lightened up, you'd be able to have fun.”] She punctuated the sentence with another puff of smoke and a saucy wink, paired with a pair of momentarily pursed lips. It was at this moment that the sound of a door opening caught her attention. It was the headmaster, and Meer took this opportunity to jump onto a table in her particular corner of the room, propping up one leg and resting against the wall, letting her other leg lay flat against the table, she exhaled smoke from her nose at the other teachers.

The headmaster was nervous, for reasons she understood. Being nervous was part and parcel of managing this many students. He stopped and faced down and a few teachers thought it appropriate to laugh and gossip. Meer took the opportunity and snapped her fingers, causing a boom that resounded through the room like rolling thunder, stopping seconds later.

[+gold “Pay attention.”] Another puff of smoke escaped her nose, and it seemed she'd had the desired effect. The other teachers stood silent as the headmaster continued speaking from behind his hands.

[+gold “Just relax Vi. There's no reason to expect trouble yet. We just need to keep the kids under control and this year will be no more stressful than the last few.”] Meer puffed again, but took her cigar from her mouth, then held it over on of the pockets on the front of her satchel. With a light tap, the ashes on the front of her cigar fell into the pocket, and with a quick motion, the cigar was back in her mouth, being gently chewed on.
  Meer Thelo / Ignis / 3y 69d 15h 53m 38s
For the first time in a very long time, he was a bit nervous for taking care of many of the people who would be going here, via how many ways they need help and such. He nervously gripped the neck of his shirt and pulled it away as he took deep breaths, closing his wings as he walked in. As soon as he did, he was greeted with the other teachers, and he let go of the collar of his shirt.

[I "... Afternoon. Sorry to keep you all waiting. Uh, I'm just a bit nervous for this year with the many students..."] He spoke in a hushed voice, looking down at the ground. This wasn't a great start whatsoever, and he knew it. He could tell that some of the teachers were smirking and chuckling, and that only made his confidence falter by the minute.

[I How embarrassing.] He continued to look down at the ground before he took a deep breath and glanced up, placing both hands together in front of his face. [I "Er, anyways... I was wondering how you all would think the year would go in this place...?"] He sounded way to hesitant and nervous, as if he never did this before, as of it were his first time being the Headmaster of Higharch.
  Ω Emmet Vigenere (AU PROFILE) Ω / Okamitoyo / 3y 69d 16h 17m 40s

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