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[center [News+Cycle [size15 This is where we will plan things for the roleplay, and simply chat. If you have any idea's for plot twists or surprises along the way, feel free to shoot me a pm or suggest it here. Please use this to your hearts content]]]

[center [News+Cycle [size19 [b [u Updates]]]]
[center [News+Cycle [size15 None At The Moment]]]

[center [News+Cycle [size19 [b [u Current Starting Point]]]]
[center [News+Cycle [size15 The Gāo will start at Tengoku, meeting for the very first time.]]]
[center [News+Cycle [size15 Youjī and Shénhuà will start wherever they please, though I recommend starting in the city capital, Houji.]]]


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