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"When were you hoping to set out?" She asked wondering when he was planning on leaving. She didn't really want to return back to her kingdom after going all the way to the guild. Plus she was training her sister to take over for her. She yawned softly while waiting for him to answer.

[what is the quest anyways?]
  Esther (elf) / Darkelfprincess / 3y 284d 31m 38s
"That's all up to you really. I mean would be nice. Well may sound greedy but more coins for me as well as material. Plus I perform at a different pace sometimes slower or faster than most." He noted the way she spoke and put it in the back of his mind. "Well like I said if you want to feel free to join I'm not in any hurry right now so this will give you a chance to prepare. Since the mission isn't really that far we can get it done last minute."
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 3y 284d 16h 24m 15s
She listened to his words, knowing that she would have to anyways. She then opened her mouth and said softly, but still with power that stated her noble status. "And why is it that you prefer to be by yourself? Also, would you suggest I join this quest?"
  Esther (elf) / Darkelfprincess / 3y 284d 16h 42m 23s
"Do you want me to tell you why it seems so empty." He didn't let her answer he was going to tell her anyways. "It's because we are a super highly active guild most of our adventurers are out and as soon as they come back the board will be full. I am still here cause I finished running a group. I need to start on my material gathering for the next set of run thrus." He has a glimmer in his eyes as he talked about the guild and its adventures. "I been helping people outside of our guild as of late because i rather like being by myself, but decided now is the time to maybe start a team."
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 3y 284d 18h 38m 14s
She smiled softly. "And hello to you as well. I guess. I am quite board so I thought I would take a look." She said. "I am quite surprised that there aren't too many quests to choose from."
  Esther (elf) / Darkelfprincess / 3y 286d 21h 26m 52s
He watched as a young elf walked up to the board and she started to read his post. Walking up to her slowly he got next to her and got a better look at her. His tail wrapped around his waist. "So find anything interesting?" He was ready for her to jump or take a swing at him. "Not many people have replied to this." He lied no one at all had anyone who was interested was turnt away by friends or fellow guild members.
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 3y 287d 7h 47m 47s
Esther did something that she never really did. She went into the guild hall. She was bored out of her mind and needed some entertainment. She walked with her staff, her head held high. She went in and looked at the board. Seeing a quest she took down the paper and began to read it over looking around for the owner of the quest.
  Esther (elf) / Darkelfprincess / 3y 290d 5h 10m 23s
Soma entered the Guild hall everyone was out doing something and there were going to be some new recruits. Soma huffed his sign was still in tact at least he had that going for him. He walked over to the counter and looked at the little girl with pink hair. She looked up at him and adjusted her glasses. By instinct he did the same adjusting his frames. "Has anyone signed up looking for a group?" The lady shook her head her cat hears swaying as she shook her head. He sighed and went to look at the job board. "Maybe i should just go by myself. Nah I may be skilled, but I'm not that skilled."
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 3y 290d 5h 25m 49s

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