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"If we are to mate, then you will be mine. Neither our families nor I will allow you to seek out another female. Us bitches are very territorial." She said with a wink to him after closing the door. It wasn't that she wanted to marry either, but she knew what was expected of her. She sighed softly and sat down in one of the over sized bean bag chairs.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 172d 6h 3m 23s
He followed after her, a chuckle escaping him. "I guess I am aren't I?" He asked. "It's completely up to you though," he said. "I don't really care too much on the matter, I never really liked the idea of marriage," he said. "One day we will find our own mates, what will happen then?" He asked.
  Eun-Jeong / AkiraInu / 1y 172d 6h 26m 9s
She smiled softly. "So then what are you fully purposing? That we actually try at a perhaps happy relationship? " she asked as she began to walk towards the library where they wouldn't be disturbed.
  Darkelfprincess / 1y 175d 8h 9m 0s
He shrugged. "It's up to you my lady," he said, smiling some. He sighed, scratching the back of his head. "If you're willing to try then sure," he said. "I know we have to keep up appearances and things," he said.
  Eun-Jeong / AkiraInu / 1y 175d 21h 17m 5s
She laughed softly. "But as my future husband and mate, you would be fine with another guy touching me and dancing with me?" She then closed her eyes for a moment before adding. "I mean I understand that this relationship is basically going to be a front for the both of us to make our families happy." She said softly re opening her eyes.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 176d 2h 51m 41s
"I'm sure you can go again," he said. "Despite everything I've managed to sneak out when I wasn't allowed to attend 'dinner,'" he said, shrugging. "I could say I'm taking you out on a date or something to keep suspicion down," he said, his head tilting to the side. "I dunno," he said. "It's up to you," he said, shrugging again.
  Eun-Jeong / AkiraInu / 1y 176d 9h 7m 51s
She was a little dissapointed that all he did was shake her hand. Perhaps they could both bare this saying they were both rebels so to speak. "I was at the club last night. I go at lease once a week. Or I did." She said and pulled her hand away.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 177d 2h 51m 40s
He tilted his head to the side, but took her hand and shook it. "I'm sure you thought I was a typical vampire," he said, chuckling some. "Despite pretending to behave I'm more a rebel than anything," he said, shrugging. "I thought I saw you at one of the human clubs last night," he said, tilting his head to the side. "I dunno, I was more focused on the alcohol," he said, chuckling.
  Eun-Jeong / AkiraInu / 1y 177d 7h 4m 30s
She smiled sweetly back at him and held out her hand to him, almost wondering what he would do with it. "My name is Luna. Yes I am the princess, and no I did not really wish to be forced into marriage. I had grown up being forced this idea and as a soon to be alpha bitch, being forced into something is a thing that is not well liked." She said softly.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 177d 21h 40m 39s
He ran into someone as he was wondering around. "Sorry," he said, looking at her. He tilted his head to the side. "You must be the "princess" I've been told about," he said. "I didn't want to be stuck in this marriage thing, and it seems the same for you," he said. "I'm Eun-Jeong," he said, smiling some.
  Eun-Jeong / AkiraInu / 1y 177d 21h 44m 26s
Luna stepped out of the shower and soon dressed in one of her light blue gowns. She stepped out of her room in search for her 'prince'. She sighed softly as she placed a light lavender perfume on herself, hoping to calm the scent down. She took a deep breath.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 177d 23h 45m 1s
He smiled slightly in return. "It is nice to meet you too," he said, bowing again. [i Oh good lord get me out of here,] he thought to himself as he heard the shower turn off. He gave his friendliest smile before deciding to wander the castle a bit to give his bride to be some time to get dressed before he went to look for her. He wondered, briefly, who this person would be like. He just hoped that he didn't have to deal with this too much, the stench of wet dog was almost getting unbearable, but he would brave it, for now.
  Eun-Jeong / AkiraInu / 1y 177d 23h 29m 0s
He opened the door to allow the young prince inside. [b "You do have to pardon my daughter.She is currently bathing. She was out all night long. I suppose in the mortal world. Though she will not be like that once she is married to you."]

He looked up to see his wife huffing and coming down the stairs. She smiled at the vampyre. [b "It is nice to finally meet you, young man."] She stated as they heard the water turn off.

[b "Go greet your bride."] The female said with a wink to the boy.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 178d 28m 30s
He shook his head. "I am fine thank you," he said, his etiquette classes coming to good use for once. "Thank you for allowing me to come visit for a couple days," he said, bowing before following after the king. "The car ride here was okay," he said. "I'm not one for enclosed spaces for long periods of time," he said with a nervous chuckle.
  Eun-Jeong / AkiraInu / 1y 178d 35m 28s
Luna continued to bathe, not wanting to leave the safety of the shower and lavender that she cleaned herself with. Her mother pounded on the locked door telling her to hurry up that their guest had arrived.

Her father walked out of the home and towards their guest. [b "Eun-Jeong. It has been so long since I have last seen you. You have gotten quite a bit older. Please do come in. I hope your trip was okay. Do you require anything?"] He asked as he lead the vampyre into the house.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 178d 1h 1m 7s

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