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Lately, I have been having a hard time keeping up with many of my roleplays, so I decided to see if any of you would like to start something beautiful with me! I do have a few things that I prefer, so I would appreciate if you read the entire thread to understand where I'm coming from.

[b Literacy is a must.]

-I cannot do one-liners because they just do not add to the story in any way. By literacy, I mean that I would like over 500 words/2000 characters per post. I do understand that there are times when dialogue is mostly all you can write about, and lower numbers of characters work for me then.

Otherwise, I just have a strong belief that the more words you type the better the story will be.

[b I prefer real pictures.]

-I say this because I just do not appeal to the anime type pictures for characters. They just do not feel the same for me. I am fine with realistic drawing/illustration type.

[b I will play both genders.]

-I have gone through many roleplays in which people preferred only playing one gender, but I am open to both. I have experience with both, and I enjoy challenging myself with how I write.

[b I do only roleplay heterosexual relationships.]

-I do not have anything against homosexual people, but I do not wish to roleplay in that position as I am not the same. I wouldn't know how to relate.

[b Things I am interested in:]

-Percy Jackson
-Once Upon a Time
-One Tree Hill
-Anything we think of!

[b I have a sample post on my profile.]

I do like a little bit of romance in my roleplays, but I enjoy other aspects as well as someone who knows how to twist the plot in their own way.

[b No Mary Sues/Gary Sues please.]

I would love to work with your ideas. When PMing me please do not just type in "hi". I'm excited to start something new.

[b I will not just abandon you without letting you know that I will not be able to come online for a while.]

-I say this to let you all know that I am open and patient. While I don't want to wait two weeks for each reply, I am not going to nag you constantly.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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