Last Chance of Survival

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[i [center Since the Sky-people have left Pandora, the planet has returned to thriving, the Na'vi have started rebuilding their home. Jake and Neytiri have been leading the clan into a new era of peace. A few years later, Jake and Neytiri have received word from the Eastern Clan that help is needed. They gather the able warriors and leave at once, leaving the young Nana┬┤ite in charge, Nana'ite is the daughter of one the eldest pair who'd been blessed with her in later years. Every thing seems to be running smoothly until one day there is an uprising in the territory around the Na'vi's home territory. Nana`ite brings two others with hers. A few days later they return, only Nana`ite and one warrior is present, the other having been killed. The clan begins to plunge into worry once more, because the word that Nana`ite has returned with is that, the Sky-people have returned with more weapons of destruction. Nana`ite realizes her people are in grave danger and they must escape before its to late.]]

[i [center I'm thinking about keeping this a 1x1 rp, but I'm not sure, if I get a few people interested in the RP I may open it up for more, but for now, just pm me if your interested and I will go more in-depth with the plot.]]

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