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<It's fine, I know exactly what it means to be busy... x]>
  Elliot Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 87d 16h 44m 45s
~{ Sorry I haven't replied, a lot of stuff is going on. I'll try to reply as soon as I find time and a mind to }~
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 87d 16h 59m 3s
<No worries, it's all about quality - not quantity. :] And sorry about having taken such a long time to reply.>

Questions. Elliot had always hated questions. He had hoped that this woman would be different, but he guessed everyone was the same. What was this need for everyone to know everything? Wasn
  Elliot Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 91d 19h 15m 10s
Finally everything was finished and now she could figure things out. With a deep breath she entered the living room again and sat down on a chair opposite him, she glanced down to see the food had been devoured and chuckled a little. "I should have known to get more... First though, I'd like you to tell me what's going on, then I'll take you to get whatever you want" She said simply, figuring he'd probably prefer to eat something he wanted rather then have her guessing.

She didn't even know where to start, there were so many things she wanted to know, so many things that needed to be answered. With a sigh she smiled at him and put her hand on her chest "I'm Shayna Lewis, now please tell me... What were you doing out there?" She asked, giving him a confused look. This would probably be a good way to start, she needed to know he wasn't some kind of mass murderer or something, she wouldn't know what to do if he was some kind of trouble maker.

{Sorry it's a little short anyways X/ }
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 92d 8h 43s
<Okie doke, no worries. Sleep well. :D>
  Elliot Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 93d 9h 50s
~{ I'll reply later, my brains dying now as it's getting later and I don't want to start putting small posts in here. }~
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 93d 9h 10m 13s
The appearance of food made Elliot turn around, slowly of course, as not to put too much strain on his exhausted body. He sat up obediently, struggling to do so, but feeling a sense of unanimous pride once he had achieved it. Feeling the woman take his hand, Elliot simply watched as she bandaged it dutifully
  Elliot Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 93d 9h 26m 47s
Her mind was occupied with questions about the boy as she cooked, and none of them she could answer herself. Of course, that didn't stop her from wondering and she knew she wouldn'y ask him about it until he was feeling better. It was strange knowing someone was in the house besides her again, but it was still comforting to know also.

After the soup was done, she put some in a bowl and threw in a spoon before pulling out some crackers too so he would have something more solid to eat as well. She carefully lifted the soup in one hand and carried the crackers in the other as she walked back out and placed it on a coffee table in front of him "There you go" She said before smiling at him, glad the clothes seemed to fit well enough that they weren't too small or so big they would be a pain to keep on.

She went to a nearby closet and pulled out a bandage and tape. Turning to the boy, she walked over and sat next to him on the couch before carefully and hesitantly pulling his injured hand over and wrapping it up for him. Once it was finished she grabbed his wet clothes and stood again "There we go, eat up. I'll be right back and we can get you settled" She said before going to throw the clothes in the dryer.

~{ It's okay, I am too }~
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 93d 9h 43m 17s
<Sorry I'm taking so long, in a lot of RPs right now. :/>

Elliot stumbled upstairs to the woman
  Elliot Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 93d 9h 55m 32s
Shayna sighed a little as she looked at the boy, then she noticed the blood and put a hand to her mouth in shock. Her hair was soaked now, but as he looked at her with the pleading eyes she couldn't care any less. With a quick look around to see if anyone was able to help her she opened her door again, nobody was around so she decided to do it herself.

Carefully she moved around to the side of the large box and bent down so she could get an arm around the boy. She used her free arm to put his arm around her shoulders so she could help him stand to her feet. After a bit of struggling they got to a stand, her trying her best to use what strength she could to keep him up, even if she was doing most of it.

After she was sure he was ready she helped him inside, her mind wondering what could have happened. He seemed to kind, innocent even to have done something terribly wrong and get hurt by it, but you could never know right? Still, she felt the need to help him, so as soon as they were inside she helped him over to the couch and stepped back. "Wait here, I'll get you something warm to wear" She said before hurrying off to her room.

Luckily her boyfriend had left some clothes he didn't want at her place when he'd left, and she managed to find a large sweater and some pants. With a small smile she brought them out to him and placed them beside him before pulling a blanket from a nearby closet and putting it over the back of the couch. "I'll um... leave you to change I guess, I'll get you something to eat" She said before hurrying to the kitchen to make some warm soup.
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 93d 10h 21m 51s
<No problem. :]>

Elliot could feel a pair of warm, dry hands shake him
  Elliot Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 93d 10h 30m 42s
Serenity Lewis had always been a girl who did her best in anything, she passed all her schooling with high marks and was now a successful writer for one of the biggest magazines in the city, mainly focusing on fashion articles and other products that needed advertising. English had always been the best course for her, she had this way with words that as she wrote, other things just came to her.

She'd been alone for a while though, stuck in her nice apartment with nothing but her writing and a small kitten she'd bought not long ago. Still though, being alone all the time got to her so she'd write or make work for herself with something else, anything else really, as long as it would distract her mind from the sorrow of it all. She ran from reality, not wanting to face it herself and not wanting to admit she wished her life was turned around again.

Tonight was no exception, and as she got ready to take some things out to the dumpster she wasn't expecting that the turning point in her life would start. She struggled with the handle, balancing the big box filled with other broken down ones on her leg. Finally she managed to turn the handle and the door swung open to reveal a large box just outside.

At first she ignored it, moving around the corner of a building and putting the box with the rest of them before turning to head back inside, hoping to get out of the rain and into the dry warm house. It was then she noticed that the large box outside the door wasn't just that, it wasn't empty and when she noticed this she stopped and looked inside, seeing a blonde boy there apparently sleeping. Debating about what to do would have to wait, she couldn't leave him out here in the rain so she gently reached over and shook his shoulder, just enough to hopefully wake the boy so she could help him inside.

~{ Sorry it took so long, my mom sent me to work on chores XD }~
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 93d 10h 42m 45s
It was just like any night in the beginning weeks of spring, and rain had just begun to fall. The water drops fell delicately all over the large city, hitting windowpanes and gutters, streets and roofs. In one corner of the city, near the centre, at the door of a large apartment building was a box. It may seem anticlimactic for a simple cardboard box to be pointed out and emphasized, but this one box is where our story begins. For inside the box, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the young Elliot Gladstone slept feverishly.

A crimson liquid stained the white long sleeved shirt he was wearing, the blood flowing out of his left hand that was cut and bleeding extensively. Moreover, he had another cut just below his right eye, which made it clear he had been in some sort of fight. In fact, Elliot had been tranquilly sleeping under a tree in a nearby park when he had gotten attacked by a group of teenage boys who thought it would be a good way to kill time and maybe make some money. He had tried to fight back, but they outnumbered him. Though it wasn
  Elliot Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 93d 11h 31m 14s
Haha alright, sure thing =P
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 93d 11h 39m 10s
Well like, you could put how you got there or something, I dunno.
  Shayna Lewis / Islyn / 10y 93d 11h 41m 32s

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