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______ son of yusei and aki is supposed to be a dueling prodigy but he cant win enough duels to even become regional champ . one day he duels ______ who decides to train him to duel like his father , will this be enough to win the championship?

open to anyone with cards just tell me what you use

field spell for turbo duels:Speed World 2
If you activate a non-"Speed Spell" Spell Card, take 2000 damage. During each player's Standby Phase, place 1 Speed Counter on this card . You can remove any number of Speed Counters from this card to activate 1 of the following effects:

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http://www.eliteskills.com/nrp/r.php?r=3206 (r you shoul check this out you should join
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 157d 18h 50m 45s
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 157d 18h 52m 48s
i had a friend t=do them
  Joey Wheeler / Nice Boat McFloat / TenstuShinta1 / 10y 158d 4h 20m 55s
cool did you do them or just find the pictures
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 158d 7h 32m 57s
what u think?

  Joey Wheeler / Nice Boat McFloat / TenstuShinta1 / 10y 158d 7h 37m 53s
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 159d 10h 19m 29s
hey dude who won the duel.Im a 900Lp left. My friend is at 1,700. he has a monster with 2,700-atk and has one card on the field. I have no monsteres and 3 cards face down.

He attacks me to end the duel.
I activate my quickplay mystic space typhoon to destroy his facedown card. then i activate magical cylinder to deal 2,00 to him and win the game.

He says i cant do that because he can activate his trap to chain my cards. his facedown was a trap called rainbow tear or rain something. any battle damge he resieves turns int him gaianing life points. so he gets 2,700 instead of lossing.

I told himhe can't chain to my cylinder becuase i activated my tyhoon first. before i activated my cylinder because i knew he was gonna chain it thats why i actiaved typhhon first so then he can't stop my cylinder.

He said i cany play a quickplay on his turn. i told him i can because it was on the field.

who won?
  Joey Wheeler / Nice Boat McFloat / TenstuShinta1 / 10y 159d 12h 26m 10s
ummm magic cylinder trap activate all batlle damage goes to you
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 160d 8h 4m 15s
wtf lmao hey check out this duel
  Tenstu Shinta / Nice Boat McFloat / TenstuShinta1 / 10y 162d 18h 59m 52s
ok i think i have a way to turbo duel i just got to work out the bugs and all that
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 163d 15h 47m 3s
-drives around on his duel runner- weeee
  Tenstu Shinta / Nice Boat McFloat / TenstuShinta1 / 10y 164d 10h 59m 8s
cool we will have to duel someother time im going to be going to bed somethime soon
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 165d 4h 47m 43s
oh dam,n dude my bad i lost the thingy for some reason anywho u still there? ive been practicing!!1
  Tenstu Shinta / Nice Boat McFloat / TenstuShinta1 / 10y 165d 4h 55m 12s
yea it focuses on racing more than dueling though you have to place in first rather than beat you opponent down to zero unless your in a survival race
  toshio / ryuunexros / 10y 167d 18h 16m 19s
yea i downloaded it off my computer after i beat marik in the duel city
  Tenstu Shinta / Nice Boat McFloat / TenstuShinta1 / 10y 167d 18h 19m 31s

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