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He flew over the futuristic city in his hover car. The city was beautiful, instead of an actual forest, it was more of a concrete forest filled with glass buildings, tiles, and lights everywhere. He showed her where they were going to eat and when they landed, he helped her out and then he led her to the table.

As they sat down, he looked across at how attractive she was and he couldn't help but feel a little shy. She was pretty, so real, different from the rest and he somehow managed to be her boyfriend. He's never really felt this way about someone before. He's liked someone, even loved someone before, but it was so much different with someone real. It felt genuine and less of a game or a task.

He could see how nervous she was about the dancing and he tried to relax her and assure that it was going to be okay. HE was there after all and he would never make her feel alienated. [b "We can go back to the snow place for a little break. I don't want you to feel exhausted"] he ordered his food and then he told her that everything in this place was all real.

[b "It's hard to get natural things like that from here. If you see a fish, it's mostly for the luxurious. They're the only ones that can really afford those things. That's why we mostly have packaged goods instead of the real thing since it's so hard to get"] he explained and then he smiled up at her.

[b "You can. I don't mind it at all. I like being with you"] he admitted and then he took a bite of the fried chicken and then he licked his lips. It tasted so good. [b "Packaged food isn't really bad at all. Just try it"] he held up a piece for her and then he grinned.
  ellocalypse / 43d 22h 27m 51s
It was a sight to behold. Something she's never seen before. She never had the guts too and she never knew how to do the things he did in any type of futuristic world. Soren, was sweet. It made her feel pretty good he liked what he saw. She didn't really need any validation but it was still nice.

Aether sat down with him, her eyes kept wandering around like a curious kid. She wanted to just dig her hand in those fish tanks and and see if they were actually fish, or if they were some sort of futuristic magic fish. She wondered if they trying to built an aquarium or something here.

The dancing...she felt like she was going to do horrible and stick out like a sore thumb. They way Soren grinned made her trust him, even though she there wasn't a good chance. But, it was all about fun and nothing and nobody else mattered right? [b "Are those real fish?" ] She asked, and she replied about missing home, or well at least the worlds she was used to. She missed them, but she missed Soren more and this place wasn't so bad.

Aether nodded [b "Okay, Maybe it'll jog some memories too." ] She leaned in forward and stared down at the table. She wondered where they got the wood from. Were their forests in this world?

[b "You went through things alone? I'm glad I didn't," ] She gently smiled and then she lightly laughed [b "Hey, I can't just follow you every where you ago...well actually maybe." ] She nodded, feeling not so secure in this world and the thought of separating...nope.

[b "So they are real fish!" ] That was something, [b "If you have real fish, why do you use those magic packages? Isn't the real thing better?" ] She still was trying to make sense of everything. She then relaxed back. It was realy nice just to sit down with him like this.
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He knew she already looked pretty, but when she tried to dress up like that without realizing how attractive she looked made him smile. She really did look great, so much better than he looked right now. How lucky was he. She even looked amazing in futuristic clothing. [b "No problem"] he smiled and then he led her into the car as he drove them into the city.

[ Avalon1]

[ Avalon2]

They arrived at a restaurant and then Soren helped her out of the car and led her inside. When they entered, he saw all of the lights, the tanks and the fish swimming everywhere. It looked really cool and he wanted to show Aether that this world had some neat things.

When they were seated, he sat across from her, ordering some fried chicken and a drink. He answered any questions Aether might have had as he thought about dancing with her. [b "Just leave it to me"] he grinned, asking her soon how she liked it here. He didn't expect her to fall in love with it, since he knew she preferred more fantasy typed places, but it was where he was raised and grew up mostly.

[b "Yeah, I feel like that's with every new place we visit. I think you'll warm up to it soon, but you can always tell me how you feel. Don't force yourself just because I like it here"] he assured her and then he asked if she missed home.

[b "We can visit the snow place. Maybe on the weekend when we're closed?"] he told her, thinking about how that world was more in between. [b "I like having you around. It's more fun being together than trying to go through everything alone. You haven't bothered me one bit Aether. If I want to do something, I'll just take you with me"] he smiled, hoping that she'd understand that he loved her company. [b "I long as you like spending time with me too"] he told her, seeing his drink come in. It lit up and it was a neon orange color. He took a sip and then he pointed around to some decor in the restaurant, explaining the theme. [b "It's by the river, that's why there's so many fish!"]
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His reaching was a good one. It was easy to tell, even for her that he liked how she looked. They held hands and he lead the way. [b "Thank you." ] Her cheeks warmed up for a second. They went into the hover car and she saw some views she's never seen before-since she never really went to futuristic cities. It sure was something.

They arrived soon enough. She took a step out of the hover car and was amazed that unlike a dragon, she did not land on the ground feeling dizzy, with hair being a great mess, and sometimes even losing a shirt or jacket. She happily took his hand and walked inside with him. There were plenty of fish tanks. If they could get fish like this, then why get magic little bags that could turn into cooked fish? There were sure some cool use of lighting.

Ah,, the dancing. [b "Yea right , I'll try to follow along." ] She nodded and opened up the menu and stared. What on earth would she get? Fried ki-chicken was definitely on the list. She nodded to herself, that should be enough for her. There were a few things she didn't know what in the world were, maybe some other time.

Her head lifted up at the sound of her voice. She couldn't ever tell him 'no.' She did like some parts of this world. Soren grew up here, so there must have been many reasons why he liked it so much. [b "Yea, yea. I only have to adjust a bit more. There's a lot I don't know and people are much different. I did spend most of my life in worlds away from these types most of the time. They always big and hard to deal with. I'm glad you're with me." ] Home sick, she did but she didn't mind staying here with him either. [b "I do...a bit but that's natural thing. Maybe for a day sometime but, I'll be okay. I'm glad I'm here with you. I loved that place you took me, and opening the bakery with you. [b "Do you like having me around? I haven't been bothering you from the things you want to do usually, am I?" ]
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He didn't really know what she'd like to wear, but he did his best to pick out a few so that if she needed more Avalon clothes, she had a closet full of them. He would do everything that he could to make sure that Aether didn't mind staying here with him. He remembered how some of his dates dressed and he knew how the people around Avalon dressed usually, so he put in a little bit of everything.

He waited for Aether to finish dressing up and then he watched some TV for a while until she came out. When his eyes met hers, he grinned and was blushing a little because she really was pretty. He met her ruby eyes and then he held her hand in his [b "Yeah, you look really good"] he smiled and then he led her towards his hover car. He drove them towards the restaurant and then he slowly descended into a parking lot.

The scenery looked really cool from up above and you could see the whole city. When he stepped out, he held her hands in his and then he walked towards the restaurant, leading her inside. He took a seat by the window, seeing the water below them. There were lights everywhere, some fish tanks and some lit up walkways. Every place looked really futuristic.

He sat down and then he shook his head [b "Don't worry about the dancing thing. We can dance however we want, or if you want, just follow my lead, it's all about just having fun"] he smiled, looking at the menu and then picking out some fried chicken and some fries.

[b "Do you like it here Aether? If you want, we can always take a break and visit another area if you feel homesick or something"]
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These options were really good, and it made it easier to pick out, but she still needed the input. How did Soren get any of this anyway? It sure was a big help. She went out in a towel and found herself blushing after because Soren was blushing. But why was he blushing? He couldn't be thinking what was underneath could he? Her eyes widened for a second at that thought. And he already seen what was... AH, that wasn't fair. She dusted the thought out of her head, and got his AI input. It was a good thing she had her too...

When she saw herself in the mirror, it was different than she was used to but it wasn't a bad different. It looked good. Aether smiled to herself and stepped out. Would he like it? Please let him like it. His eyes widened, and her stomach plummeted, waiting for him to say 'maybe this isn't right' and then... He made her smile big. [b "Really?" ] She looked down at herself, [b "You think so?" ] Pretty. She liked hearing that from him. Her AI sat right on top of her head again and crossed his arms, and told her 'Of course you're pretty.'
Aether giggled at her AI and then she raised a brow, [b "Hover car? You mean those flying cars?" ] Oh great. She trusted a dragon more than she trusted a flying car of all things. She followed him and she faced the hover car. That couldn't have been cheap... She went inside, and a door opened. Before she knew they were outside, floating. She peaked outside and followed where Soren pointed. This...was...pretty...coool!

They got to the location and she paid attention how he slowly parked the floating car. [b [b "This magic car is amazing, smoother than a dragon ride." ] She stepped out with him and took his hand. Ah, it was a bit chilly outside. She hesitated for a second before taking his hand and letting him lead the way. [b "You have a lot of stuff Soren. Um...about the whole dancing thing. I think I should mention that I'm not so good at it, and I'm sure it's different here than it is...back where I am." ] She figured that was important to add, so that he knew ahead of time that if she tried, and embarrassed him, he had already been warned.
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He wasn't exactly sure what Aether wanted to wear, but he put a few of the latest designer clothes in her closet. He chose clothes he thought looked really nice on some girls, but at the same time, he felt like he tried to fit a little of Aether's style in there. Plus he had a little extra help from his AI.

He dressed in semi formal clothes, a shirt, tie, and a jacket. He had some jeans on and some shoes, but as he waited for her in the living room, Soren wondered if he would look good enough for her to like his outfit. He waited in the living room, seeing her coming out in just a towel and couldn't help but blush because he's seen what was under that. He let her borrow his AI and then he just waited, turning on the TV.

His AI didn't mind helping out Aether at all. SHe was someone Soren cared about and he remembered everything she did to help him. She really cared for him more than the other girls he was with. She liked Aether. She helped her with her hair, helping her pick and choose some shoes as well.

Once Aether returned, Soren's eyes widened a little. [b " look great Aether. Really pretty"] he blushed and then he thanked her. [b "Yeah, let's go. Um....I don't want to mess up your hair by taking my bike....let's use the hover car"] he told her, walking into his basement, showing her the ride he had. He only used it mostly for special occasions.

He stepped inside and then he led her in. When they sat down, he started the engine and then an airlocke door opened ahead of them. He zoomed out into the sky as he flew towards the city, seeing other hover cars. Soren drove towards the restaurant by the river. He pointed to certain places and then he slowly descended into a parking spot.
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Choosing want to wear was so hard. How could she possibly know what to wear for a 'club' and dinner? The world was so different too... Would this one be more suitable, or this one? She frowned to herself and went to check up on Soren, went back to figurei t out, but then came back again to borrow his AI. She picked up Soren blushing. Oh no... Maybe she shouldn't have came out in a towel. Her cheeks warmed up in a bit and grew in a rush to go.

If she didn't have his AI here, this would be even worse. She turned her head and looked back at the teal one. Maybe he liked teal. [b "Alright, thanks." ] Aether smiled and was glad that this would work out in the end. [b Thanks for helping out. Sorry to take you away from Soren." ] She decided to put on the teal dress, open back with small straps crossing each other, and a small mesh at the sides of the dress, fitting her snugly. It looked pretty nice. She looked back at herself in the mirror and touched her hair. Now what? She took her AI and turned him into a tablet and looked through hairstyles and picked wavy hair with half pony tail up.

Then she had to get some advice from his AI again on shoes-cause she was about to wear boots. She picked a pair of sandals, and then finally stepped out. [b "Well...I'm ready. Is this acceptable?" ] SHe gently smiled, glancing over at Soren. She sighed to herself, he always looked so good...and then there was her. [b "You look...really good by the way." ] She added, and looked at the door [b "Shoud we get going?" ]
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He didn't really know how Aether felt about Avalon, but he really did hope that she liked it for now. He'd ask her tonight after he treated her out to dinner with their end to a fantastic grand opening. They had so many customers and even sold out their cupcakes. It was a great first day!

He did enjoy being around Aether though. If she wasn't there, he would probably be hanging around the clubs, aimlessly trying to numb the feeling of being lonely. He'd fill the void with useless dates, drinks, and temporary good times, but nothing ever filled it like Aether did. She was special and ever since she left, he couldn't find himself being as happy as he was at the castle in her world.

He made it back home and when he suggested some fried chicken, he was glad she agreed. Soren went in for a shower and then he dressed in a longsleeve shirt, a tie and a jacket. He brushed through his hair and then he waited in the living room for Aether. When she came out, he was surprised to just see her in a towel, his cheeks burned, but he let her borrow his AI.

His AI followed her and when she went into her room, she transformed into the employee again. She looked at the dresses and pointed at the teal one. "Soren would like that one" she pointed, remembering some dates he's been with and how he really felt Aether was special. If she wore the one with the V neck like, she knew Soren wouldn't want others to be looking at Aether and getting a glimpse of her figure like that.

"You'll fit in fine. People dress semi-formally at the clubs here" she told her.
  ellocalypse / 47d 16h 24m 41s
This was much different than what she was used to. [i It's going to take a while to adjust.] She sat outside after. People here really weren't the same. They didn't value the same things, and she didn't think such little things would make a difference. But it did. There was no telling if he wanted to be around her because he was lonely or because he liked her. At the same time, she didn't entirely know either. Did she like him because he was the only one around? She definitely liked things about Soren.

Everyone left, and the place closed down. They really ran out of cupcakes. She was glad, they did it. She didn't know the difference between the taste of the cupcakes they got out of that weird package and the one they made, but she hoped it was enough of a difference that it would make people want to come back. Aether giggled, [b "Fried kitchen." ] She repeated , [b "I like that idea." ] She walked back into the house with him and she wasn't sure about what on earth to wear.

[b "Alright, thanks Soren." ] She gently smiled and head off into her designated room. She really didn't think she could do the whole 'dance' thing. She sighed to herself, and hoped she just didn't embarrass herself. She decided to go take a shower, just to feel the warm water on her skin and then she opened the closet and stared at the options. This was still tough. What was Soren wearing? She kept a towel around her and decided to see if she could find Soren, to get an idea of what she should wear. Aether opened the door and tried to quietly go down the hall and take a peak of Soren. Oh. Her cheeks warmed. She went back and was stuck on the black dress, with the v neck line or the slightly open back teal. She tilted her head. But the others were nice too. Maybe something more casual? Ugh. This was so hard.

She decided to just, go into the living room, and looked straight at his AI. "Do you think I could borrow your AI for a bit?" ] She figured she was familiar with this world than her AI, and knew what Soren liked, so... [b "I need her help on something." ] She mentioned, and if she got permission from both, she got his AI to help her figure out what to wear, while her AI sat on the bed and watched. [b "I'm thinking between these two, but what of all of these do you think Soren would like, or what will fit to where we're going?" ]
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He didn't feel like Aether liked his friends at all. He ended up sighing as he watched the conversation just go from bad to worse. He didn't mean for them to start insulting each other, but he could understand where both were coming from. He tried to just break them up and then his friends soon left as he sighed in relief.

He wanted to talk to Aether more, but when she was being surrounded by his past dates, he sighed softly and then he held his breath. He only went on dates because he felt lonely. Some girls tried to cheer him up and in return, he helped them by going on a date because they asked. He would eat out, go dancing, and just spending some time, but he never really did anything more.

Soren heard her and then he nodded [b "Yeah, different types of people I guess, but that was a while ago. I'm really glad you're here with me now Aether"] he smiled and then he helped clean up and close up shop.

When they were all ready to leave, he held her hand, seeing his bunny also turning back. He wondered if Aether knew how to dance? He could show her a few moves at the club, but people normally just did whatever they wanted. He walked with her back to the teleporter and then they were back at his house. [b "How about some fried kitch-....chicken?"] he smiled, walking towards the living room. [b "I'll go take a shower and change, you can to. If you need help trying to pick out what to wear, I already set up a closet in your room with a few futuristic outfits to pick from"] he headed into his room and then he went into the bathroom to take a bath.

When he finished drying off, Soren dressed up a little on the fancier side because they were going to go to a club. He wore a button up dark, teal shirt and an orange tie. When he waited for Aether, he would sit on the couch and just fix up his hair.
  ellocalypse / 48d 19h 32m 22s
She definitely wasn't fond of Tank, but Kai seemed like a decent person. It really was hard trying to fit into this world. If She hadn't had Soren here...well she wouldn't be here if Soren wasn't here. This whole world was always too much for her to process. Worlds like the one in the snow place were okay to her, she could make sense of it, but this was hard. She faced Soren, only curious if what those girls said were true or not.

So, he said he went to the bars because he felt numb because of what happened, but he didn't date because of her. Yet, was he lonely because of her? Because if he was, than wouldn't that mean it was because of her? Unless, he was always feeling a lonely and something he always did even before her. [i This is making my brain hurt. ] [b "Right... got it. You date because your lonely. All this time, I thought the normal reason to date someone was because you liked them. But, two different worlds with different normals, right? I'll see you in a minute." ] She head out the back door and stayed there for a short little while. She joined into conclusion, into this, and [i I thought I know him.] But...she didn't.

She acme back, and helped clean up with their AI's. She gave them their cupcakes and was glad to see them enjoy it. She loved her AI, and Soren's AI was pretty nice too. She smiled, [b "Great, I forgot about the making money part. I'm just glad people got to taste it." ] She guessed with her being here that meant he wasn't doing what he usually would want t do. SHe felt out of her element but still wanted to see what Soren liked about this world.

[b "Dinner sounds great." ] Aether nodded. Her AI turned into a bunny again and squeaked happily.

Dancing? She couldn't recall ever being that great in dancing. [b "We can do that after dinner." ] She nodded and looked down at herself [b "We should probably change." ] Change into what...she really wasn't a hundred percent sure how to dress like here, well whatever she had was going to be it. [b "We should eat some chicken wings, " ] She suggested.
  Aether / Ravenity / 48d 23h 18m 30s
Soren watched the conversation go from being one of introducing friends, to enemies in the making. He sure didn't want his friends to dislike AEther, but he also didn't want Aether to hate his friends. Still, he'd rather have Aether than be with any AI, but he didn't want to have to lose any of them. He tried to tell her that he didn't mean in offensively, but she seemed to take it personally anyway.

Soren didn't want Aether to feel alienated or that she didn't belong here. He wanted to show her why he loved it here and why he stayed here for such a long time. It was just a place he was used to. It made life so much easier this way. It wasn't like he was being lazy, he just enjoyed the advancement and the high tech gadgets.

He was trying to enjoy the opening day, but when his dates came over, he sighed and knew it was too late to do anything about it. He let out a deep breath and then he heard Aether scolding him. She looked up to him? [b "I didn't date them because of you. I just dated them because I felt lonely and wanted to be with someone for a while. The normal reason to date someone"] he sighed and then he saw her step out.

Soren just ended up sighing and then he began helping out their AI's clean up the shop. He swept, cleaned off the tables, and helped wipe down the counters. When he saw the two AI's eating the cupcakes happily, Soren thanked them for doing a good job.

HE heard Aether and nodded [b "We did. We even made a good amount of cash. I think we covered out ingredient cost"] he saw how much they made and then he smiled. [b "We can celebrate. How about all four of us go out to dinner? THen maybe I can take you out dancing? Their clubs are pretty neat"] he suggested, closing up and then locking the doors.
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Aether locked it. She wasn't fond of Tank after the few words he said. THat definitely wasn't what he was saying, he said 'caveman.' That's all she got out of it and it ticked her off. She let them go off and Soren would lean into her and whisper saying it didn't mean anything but it sure meant something to her. [b "He practically called me a caveman." ] She stated, [b "It means something to me." ] She could just not fit in here.

THe girls came to her, so she told them a bit and asked questions. She never thought that all three had been dating him. She didn't know Soren, she didn't know things like that. Going out to bars and clubs didn't seem like a bad thing, just she wondered why he dated so much. Was it because he just generally liked a lot of girls? As long as he didn't while they were together, than it didn't really matter did it.

They weren't lying. Soren admitted it. She frowned. Was he really that upset when she left? [b "That isn't a way to handle being sad. I don't think there's anything wrong with going to bars Soren. I...really look up to you. Did you date all those girls because of me? I'm not upset that you have, I'm more concerned, and want t know you more." ] She said, hearing him pause when he spoke before. She didn't why. Why would he be nervous about talking about something unless he had something to hide? Or maybe he was just nervous, or embarrassed somehow.

She needed a breather. She stepped out and thought about a few things. How hard it was to be in another world she wasn't familiar with, being around poeple that weren't like her at all. She didn't know how to talk to them. How did Soren do it when he came over to her world? He...seemed really cool. She came back and they eventually sold out. Aether helped up cleaning soon after and brought out two cupcakes for their AI's [b "I saved you two some. You did so much work, thank you. I hope you two like it." ] Aether smiled. Her Ai got excited and took it right away.

[b "We did good for our first day, didn't we?" ] Aether mentioned and pushed chairs in, [b "I'm glad we sold out. Did you want to do something else today? Something you usually do?" ] She wanted to know why Soren like this world so much, and plainly felt like since he was sticking with her, that he couldn't do what he normally did.
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He didn't mean for the conversation to go in the way that it was going. HE just wanted to introduce Aether to his friends and have them speak with her, but he didn't expect them to say things like cavemen. Soren didn't think it was such a caveman experience. Whenever he went into Aether's worlds, he always did end up having fun. Somethings he had to get used to, but other times, he figured that Aether would always make it fun because she was there.

"Well yeah it is normal here. People were just raised with these types of things. It's normal in Avalon to make food from packets. That's all I was saying" he told her, but then she seemed offended. [b "He doesn't mean anything by it Aether. You know that....these people haven't been anywhere else"] he whispered to her and felt bad. He didn't want her to feel turned off or not want to be his friend anymore.

He sighed and then he watched his friends head off. [i Finally] he thought and then he saw some girls walk over. Soren gulped and when they spoke the truth about meeting in clubs, he felt bad. When she spoke, he facepalmed and then he knew it was going wrong. HE tugged her hand and then he led her towards the back.

Now the interrogation started. [b "Um...well....after you left....I....was really upset. I kind of felt more numb at the I was there quite often"] he rubbed the back of his neck and then he watched her leave. Soren let out a deep sigh and he felt really bad now. Was this a mistake? They were supposed to be having fun opening their shop together.

He just did his best to finish ringing up the last few customers. Soren told them that he was sorry that they were sold out. They would have more tomorrow. Some customers were disappointed, but after they all left, his AI helped to clean up the shop. Soren ended up just sweeping, hoping that Aether came back soon. He hoped that she was at least having fun with him here in Avalon. It would make him feel disappointed if she didn't like his hometown.
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