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He didn't really know how to skate, so he figured he'd be a tough person to teach. He ended up falling into the ice a few times, his hands and knees getting some bruises. One time he skated out of the rink and into a pile of snow. He ended up getting tired and sitting down before he heard Aether telling him a joke. He laughed and saw her hugging him, making him smile because she was so warm.

[b "I am? You're the best too"] he held her hand and then they went back to his cabin, sitting on the couch and facing the blazing fire. IT felt so nice to be in the warmth again, but when he sat with her, he could feel his heart beating so much faster. WHen he pulled the blanket over, he could see how close she was and then he relaxed into her. [b "Yeah, it must have been hard learning how to skate at first"] he smiled, feeling her lean in right back.

He kept his eyes on the screen, but felt so comfortable. [b "I'm glad you think so. Today was really nice. I want to have more days with you like this"] he pouted when she said she got shot in the hand. [b "I thought you'd hit it back"] he told her, seeing their AI's all snuggled by the fire too.

His AI would look over at hers and then she squeaked back 'I am nice. You just don't behave when you're supposed to' she told him and then she hopped into the blanket that Soren had for her by the fire. She opened it up and allowed her AI to snuggle in too.

Soren rested his head against her shoulder and his teal eyes would look up at her, leaning in as he kissed her cheek. He remembered the last time they were here, how she saw everything. Did she remember that? He wanted to be a little closer, but at the same time, he didn't know what moving fast was.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 91d 13h 41m 8s
Aether really tried to teach him how to skate. He wasn't doing bad, but she guessed she wasn't that good of a teacher. She's been skating for a good long awhile, and it felt pretty natural to her. She had some fun skating and she made a joke. Her eyes lit up when he laughed. He got it! He actually laughed at her joke. Aether hugged him tight [b "You're the best." ] She released him soon, but Soren went off to the side. She tried to show him a trick she was working on, and felt great when he thought it was cool and was smiling at her like that. It...really made her happy.

She took a seat down with him. [b "Alright, let's get going then." ] She got back up on her feet and her AI turned into a wolf as well.

Aether removed her jacket, sitting it in her inventory. She took a seat beside him, feeling much more warm when the fire was on. She didn't realize just how cold she was until she was warm again. The TV turned on. She wasn't used to watching TV. Her eyes followed where his eyes went, to his bruised hands. [b "It's okay, it'll heal quickly. I used to fall on my butt all the time." ] He got up, where was he going? The blanket went over them, and she blushed, feeling so close to him. She smiled to herself and decided to lean into him. He was so warm...

So cozy. So perfect that she could just fall asleep. Her eyes were half open. She wasn't even tired, it just felt so right. [b "I had fun today," ] She mentioned [b "Even if I got shot in the hand." ] She teased. Her AI sat by the fire again, warming his paws and glanced over at Soren's AI and squeaked to himself about how she wasn't very nice to him.

[b "This movie is weird, but I kind of like it." ] Aether whispered. She never did watch too many movies.
  Aether / Ravenity / 92d 1h 50m 14s
He wanted to be the only one that she liked, or at least the guy she liked above the rest. All he wanted was to be able to be her boyfriend for a long time and hopefully get a little closer. It was hard with someone that wasn't an AI because they had different thoughts, opinions, and different experiences. Soren could tell she was so much different from him, but they were still working out how to be close with one another.

He followed her to the ice skating area and then he was doing his best to follow her instructions. He wanted to be better at this, but it was harder than he thought. He tried skating around and then he followed after her, falling a few times and then he ended up always sitting on the ice. He had some bruises on his hands and knees, but nothing he was too worried about. Aether enjoyed this, so he wanted to try too. SHe teased him and he got her joke, smirking a little and then chuckling. [b "I get it!"] he laughed and then he ended up getting tired.

Soren stayed off to the side, just relaxing when he watched her. She was skating so easily and it looked so effortless. Even her AI decided to ditch him and get some real air. He saw her leap and then he gasped at how cool she looked. [b "Woah! That was so cool"] he smiled and then he nodded, his nose a little red from the cold.

He stood up and then he held her hand in his. [b "That sounds nice. It's getting too cold and I'd love to relax by the fire with you"] he walked back to the sled and then he watched his AI turn into a wolf. They headed back up the hill to the cabin and then Soren led her inside, taking off his jacket and his pants.

He stayed in his sweater and sweat pants as he sat on the couch, turning on the fire. He waited for Aether and then he turned on the TV. IT was playing the Incredibles. He relaxed and noticed the bruises on his hands. [b "I guess ice is a scary thing too. It's like falling on concrete"] he told her, grabbing a blanket and then wrapping it around him and her when she sat down, wanting to warm up and be a little closer to her.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 92d 13h 39m 10s
[b "I know so." ] Aether nodded, even though she had no clue who Soren said she liked. She remembered a few faces but she couldn't put a name on them. Although, she did like seeing him look so happy about it. That's all that mattered to her. They finished eating, and they stepped outside. It was snowing and she could see her own breath. It was cold but not too cold that she froze up. She tried to give him instructions, show him and he wasn't doing too bad but she could tell Soren looked a little scared of falling. She laughed when she fell [b "Was I? I just thought that you could use someone to sit with." ] She helped him right back up.

[b "So, you're not afraid of robots, or getting shot at, but you're afraid of falling from ice?" ] She teased [b "Your fears are out of this world." ] And then giggled, because she was trying to make a pun. 'Out of this world.' Sometimes, she surprised herself with how funny she could be. Although...she didn't exactly meet anyone who laughed at her jokes. She tugged him alone and Soren decided to stop.

She frowned a little but nodded. She wanted to skate just a bit. She let go of him and started skating around, her AI enjoying the breeze, squeaking and climbing on top of her hand and raising his hands up in the air. It was sure nice. Aether laughed, hearing him above. [b "Hey Soren, watch this!" ] She called out, skated fast, leapt and twirled. She nearly fell face flat but caught herself and then laughed [b "I meant for that to happen." ] She then skated towards him and went off the ice. [b "That was fun..." ] She then took a seat beside him and met his eyes [b "Do you want to go back?" ] Her cheeks were visibly red, from the cold. She figured he didn't find this too fun, and she understood that it was different from what he'd do.

[b "We can..." ] She began, and felt her cheeks go even more warm [b "...stay by the fire at your cabin...together and, just...sit and, stay warm. Maybe play a game together, or with our AI's too before we go to bed?" ] Aether asked, thinking about kissing him again, just an innocent kiss. Her mind still couldn't wrap around the fact they had done more, even if they did something not too long ago.
  Aether / Ravenity / 92d 21h 49m 52s
He didn't know if he actually did pass Jace and LUke, but he was glad she thought so. [b "You think so?"] he asked and then he smiled, feeling a little embarrassed, but happy. He ate the cake with her and soon enough they were outside in the snow. THe snowflakes fell, but it wasn't a lot. The floor was covered, but it wasn't that thick.

Soren followed her and then he put on his skates, following Aether's instructions. He went onto the ice, holding her hand and then not wanting to let go. He felt so unstable and even when he tried to balance, he ended up on the ice. Soren slowly got up, but when she slipped, he laughed a little. [b "Hey you're supposed to help me"] he laughed and then he slowly got up and let her lead him around.

Soon enough, he was being pulled and then she led the way, making him follow as he felt the breeze blow through his hair. He smiled and then he saw her AI having fun on his shoulders. He laughed and then he slowly came to a stop. [b "I think I'll take a little break. You can keep skating though. I like watching you"] he moved towards the edge and then he relaxed back a little. He sat on a bench and watched Aether skate for a little while, seeing how graceful she looked. It seemed like this world suited her much better than Avalon.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 93d 13h 53m 5s
[b "Hmm? Of course you could pass whoever they were. I like you a lot... No AI can beat you." ] She flet that would always stay true. They finished there food, and had cake for dessert. She went out with him and got on skates, excited to get on the ice. She tugged Soren into the ice with her. She found his grip tight. She laughed [b "It's okay, you'll be fine." ] She tried to show him how to do it, teach him all over again, from how to move his foot, and turn. [b "Just go slow and you'll be fine." ] She felt sure of it.

She let him go and she aw him following, even slowly. [b "You're doing good!" ] She skated back toward him and saw him wobble and fall. She bend down and offered her hand [b "Come on, I'll help you up." ] But while she was trying to pull him up, she slipped and then she laughed [b "Whoops." ] She got back up on her skates and tried to help him up again and she stayed close to him, making sure he was getting his balance.

She took hold of his hand again when he reached [b "It just takes some getting used to. You're doing okay. But, we can stop any time you want. about you stop skating for a bit, and just let me pull you?" ] She suggested and skated forward, pulling him along, figuring he might have a little more fun that way. Her AI was raising his hands in the air, having fun feeling the breeze, squeaking happily.

[b "It's okay if you want to go back," ] She added.
  Ravenity / 93d 21h 4m 54s
He didn't really know too much about what serious couples did, but he wanted to do them all with Aether. The dates, the kisses, holding hands, he wanted it to work out between them. He laughed and ended up remembering how she was comparing him, Jace and Luke, but when she said she didn't remember, he shrugged and just decided to leave it alone.
[b "Hope that I could pass them and have you like me more instead"] he told her and then they soon finished up their food.

Soren had dessert with her, letting their AI's have some as well before getting up and then walking to the ice rink. He put on his skates and then he looked out at the ice, sighing a little because he knew he wasn't good at all. He saw her hand and then he held on, being pulled towards Aether as he gripped her hands tightly.

He looked over and saw that he was moving, making him feel nervous. He followed her, moving his skates slowly, but it was really hard.

When he was left to do it alone, he tried to move, but as he skated, he wobbled and then he slipped and fell onto the ice. [i Ouch] he tried getting up, but the ice was really hard. He stood and then he watched Aether gliding so easily, enjoying the ice. He tried to follow her, working on his balance and then gliding slowly as he reached for her hand. [b "This is pretty hard"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 94d 4h 55m 6s
Aether really wasn't sure what couples really did, since most of the time the people she stuck with never really lived very long, and she usually was busy with them doing missions. She thought just spending time together was the way to go. She frowned [b "I don't really remember liking two guys." ] She tried to think but it wasn't really coming back to her. SHe remembered thinking the waiter was cute, but that was about it. [b "What do you mean pass them?" ]

She accidently blurt out 'nope' thinking he was going to say something else. Shoot. [b "Then, I guess we can work more on skating together." ] Her face flushed when he wrapped her leg around hers. She didn't budge but thoughts were coming up. Her AI was being funny, drinking wine and eating steak. They got to dessert, and it tasted so damn good.

[b "You'll be fine, you can always hang on to me." ] She zipped up her jacket and got her skates from her inventory from her tablet. She went on the ice and waited for him. She offered her hand to help him on the ice, [b "Don't look so worried, you'll be fine. You can always let me pull you." ] She pulled him forward, while she skated back. Her AI decided to sit on Aether's shoulder, laying down and rubbing his tummy, feeling so full. She skated forward, and tried to show Soren what to do again, holding his hand. At least there were thing she knew how to do well and he didn't.

Aether soon released his hand to see if he could do it on his own, and skated fast ahead and waited to see where he was at, and then skate toward him. not really being able to stop her speed, but was able to circle around him so that she didn't bump into him.
  Ravenity / 94d 7h 51m 40s
He was only looking at her because he thought she looked really pretty right now. He would realize it and then glance away in embarrassment. He didn't want her to think he was a creep or anything, but he really did enjoy their time spent together. They were a couple, but they rarely did any couple things. He wanted them to get a little closer.

[b "Nothing. I just remembered how you liked two guys the last time we were here. I guess I always wondered how I could pass them"] he told her and then he took another bite. He held her hand in his and then he asked her if she still remembered the first time she showed him to ice skate, but he was cut off. He frowned a little, but then he remembered [b "Yeah. You showed me how to skate"] he smiled, wrapping his leg around hers.

When the wine came, he opened it up and shared it with her AI. He's helped them out a lot, so he wanted their AI's to feel like they really did care for them too. He saw her treat his AI and then he laughed, seeing her give in and take some steak.

Then the dessert came in and he took a bite. It was delicious. He gave some cake to their AI's and then they soon finished up. He placed some money on the table and then he nodded and stood up, holding her hand in his. [b "I don't think I've been skating since the last time we came, but I'll give it a try"] he walked with her outside, putting his jacket back on and then leading her to the skating area.

He rented two pairs of skates and then he sat down on the bench, putting them on and then letting her go off first. He was actually a little nervous. He didn't want to embarrass himself.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 94d 18h 31m 16s
She took notice of him watching her, and then looking away from her to make it appear like he wasn't staring, but she knew. He definitely was staring, and she definitely was staring back for a while. SHe felt they still had ways to go in being close, but he was as close as she's ever been. [b "I know we spend a good amount of time here." ] She heard him laughing about something. [b "What's so funny? What are you thinking about?" ] She took a bite out of her food. Aether playfully kicked Soren back and saw his cheeks warm up. It made her smile and then heat up when he said 'keep each other warm.'

For some reason, her mind travelled to keeping warm in other means. Oh my. She tried to drift her head away from there. [b "Ah yea." ] One thought lead to another and when he spoke 'when you first showed me' she instantly said "Nope!" before he finished, and realized that's not what he was actually going to say. [b "Uh...a little. I remember skating with you, and that you didn't look like you skated much." ] She nodded. She leaned in when Soren offered and took a bite, even if it was still the same as hers. She remembered, she remembered sharing food like this before here.

She stayed still, feeling him wrap his leg around hers. Why did he make her feel this way so easily? She felt so much for him so quickly. She snapped out of it when the wine came in, and her AI was trying to get Soren's help. He sure was funny.

Aether's AI took the sip and squeaked happily, liked drinking and having his head rubbed. He nodded to what Soren said and giggled then he was tickled, trying to stay away from Soren's hand, but then was offered Steak. He took nibbles and was very happy with Soren.

Aether laughed at Soren's AI, an poked her gently [b "You can have some of mine. You and him really worked to protect us." ] She gave some to her. She stared at the drink and felt reminded that Soren was older than her, could do stuff she couldn't. She wondered if that ever bugged him. She didn't think it did. She was finishing up her steak and was so fixed on his lips near the end. Why...

She ordered black forest cake for the two of them to share. It tasted so good...but she wanted to finish quickly, so they could go skating together. [b "This was a good dinner. Should we head out soon? I wonder if your ice skating has improved." ]
  Ravenity / 94d 21h 27s
The restaurant was just like how he remembered. THere were so many things that he loved about this place and it was really the first place they spent a lot of time together. He could see her warm cheeks in front of him as he watched her. She was really pretty right now.

His heart was beating so much right now, but when the food came, he had a reason to be a little distracted. [b "You and I have a lot of experiences here"] he remembered her staying at his cabin. When she saw him for the first time and would compare him to Luke and Jace. It was a little embarrassing, but he ended up laughing and then taking another bite of steak.

He felt her kicking right back and then he blushed a little, holding her hand in his. [b "THen we should keep each other warm"] he smiled and shook his head [b "Do you remember when you first showed me how to ice skate. You were a really good teacher"] he grinned, letting her have a piece of his steak even though she already had one in front of him.

It tasted so good and having her right in front of him made it taste so much better. [b "I remember. You really liked two guys here and even got mad at me when I turned down that hunter girl"] he smirked and then he laughed when she kicked him again. Soren wrapped his leg around hers and then he saw the wine come in.

He popped it open and then he poured himself a glass and then let her AI take a sip. He rubbed the top of her AI and then he laughed [b "He's probably just tired that we keep wearing them out"] he tickled his tummy and then he gave him a piece of steak too. His AI came over and then she squeaked at Soren. [i You're spoiling him too much. He doesn't deserve it] she told him.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 94d 22h 25m 10s
The restaurant itself was beautiful, cozy and warm. It made her hold a smile, feeling like this was the perfect place to be with him. She knew she had been here with him before. He looked good, and wondered if she was under dressed. Well, it was too late now. Aether's cheeks warmed when he said she looked good. It still made her heart waver when he smiled at her like that. To her, it felt like it didn't exactly happen because she couldn't remember everything. She saw him looking out into the snow, and she looked outside too until her AI bugged her.

She couldn't believe he wanted 'wine' of all things. Since when was he so fancy? She sighed, and felt kicking. She doubly blinked, and laughed, and kicked him right back and shrugged [b "It's fine." ] She noticed him staring at her back. She felt her cheek, feeling warm and then he would look away. Why? She took his hand when he reached over and found his hand still warm enough. She squeezed his hand, [b "I think I'm colder." ] Aether tilted her head [b "Ithought we already planned to stay the night. We can go in the morning. don't know how to ice skate much, right?" ] She asked, and then there steaks came in. She began eating and it tasted as good as she remembered it to be. Then she remembered something, she remembered wanting to ask one of the waiters on a date. She looked down at her food [b "I got ribs that dinner, and you got steak. Oh, and I thought you liked guys." ]

Aether smiled to herself, liking that she could remember things like that right now. [b "I clearly know now that you like girls." ] She glanced back at him and felt happy she was calling him her boyfriend. Her AI spotted the bottle and he tried to climb the thing, and tried to open it, but couldn't. He stood up top and waved at Soren and squeaked 'A little help here.' He looked back at his AI squeaked at her 'Soren will open it soon, then we can have some.'

Aether giggled at what her AI was up to [b "Aren't you too both younger than me? I don't think you should be allowed." ] She decided. She accidently ran her leg against his and put her foot right back. Yikes. She wans't sure if she did that unconsiously by purpose or not.
  Ravenity / 95d 8m 42s
He led her inside and wanted her to acclimate to this weather first. They were both spending their time in a warm environment, so a little hot cocoa and some warm clothes should get them ready to head out into the snow. He watched their AI's talk to each other and then he sat with Aether, feeling so relaxed at her side.

They headed to the restaurant and got a seat by the window. Soren got some steak and fries and then he kept his teal eyes on hers. She really was pretty in anything. Even in the futuristic clothes, but here she looked so warm and cozy, like he wanted to hug her. He had on a button up black long sleeve under his jacket and some grey jeans. Nothing too formal, but he did like to look a little nice on a date.

He heard her and then he smiled [b "Thanks. You look great too. It feels like we were just here not too long ago"] he looked at the snow and then he saw her AI asking for wine. He decided to get a bottle and then he accidentally kicked her feet under the table. [b "Oh sorry"] he was staring at her eyes and then he glanced away when he realized it. Soren reached over and held her hand in his [b "My hands are a bit cold. Did you want to stay here for the night? We might as well after ice skating right?"] he suggested.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 95d 1h 9m 45s
She remembered a bit. [b "I don't remember everything that happened on that mission, but I'm glad everything turned out well." ] She heard theri Ai's squeak to each other. It was nice to be right here, resting against each other, drinking hot chocolate. She remembered being here before. They finished their hot chocolate, and soon enough, they were at the entrance of the restaurant.

Aether smiled [b "So we did." ] She always liked this resturant, always thought it would be the perfect place to have a date. She liked the food, and she liked being by the window and seeing the decorations outside and inside. It was warm and cozy and the food tasted perfect too. She watched the snow fall, already knowing what she wanted to get here. When she turned her head back to Soren, she noticed he looked more formal underneath. Oh... She didn't change. Maybe she should have. He looked good. All she was wearing was a cozy beige sweater and black leggings. She was getting a sense of deja vu.

Aether leaned in, her eyes widening a little [b "I was going to get the same thing." ] The waiter came in, and took there order. Aether end up staring a little too long at Soren, his eyes...his hair. Why was he so perfect? She rested her chin on the palm of her hand. [b I remember being so nervous around you. " ] She still kind of was now and then. [b "You look good." ] She blushed. Her AI was sitting with his AI on the table, chatting again and then her Ai squeaked loudly for Aether to hear 'I want a bit of your steak and a glass of fine wine! to share with her'

Aether narrowed her eyes [b "I can't get wine. I can't drink it, why don't you ask Soren? Jeez." ] She rolled her eyes. Her AI looked up a Soren and asked him this time.
  Ravenity / 95d 2h 19m 9s
He waited for her in the snow world, knowing she clicked on the same spot he did. He spotted her in the snow and then he let her in, taking a seat on the couch and bringing out some hot chocolate. THe last time they were here, they had chocolate like this and stayed warm by the fire. Did she remember that?

[b "We did, we solved the wolf case and they made a pact with the hunters. We got a pretty large reward too"] he sat in the silence, just watching their AI's squeak and talk to each other for a while. He leaned into her, his head resting against her shoulder, wondering if she allowed him to do it.

After they finished their cocoa, he stood up and nodded, changing into more formal wear underneath his jacket. He held her hand and led her outside, equipping the sled as his AI turned into a wolf as well. He stepped on and waited for Aether before they headed into town. As they entered the familiar restaurant, he nodded [b "We did go on a date here once"] he smiled and then managed to get a seat by the window with her. He sat down and looked through the menu, seeing the snowfall outside.

He removed his jacket and then he faced her, remembering how they spend a lot of time here. How it was the first time that Aether really saw him. THe first time, he had to help her out with a date. They grew closer together in this world.

[b "Order whatever you'd like. I think I'm gonna get the steak and fries"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 95d 3h 49m 24s

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