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[b “I think I’ll spend a few days learning how to use the cycle so that I can do cool stuff with you,” ] She wanted to at least be able to ride it without nearly falling. She hoped she could get somewhat good, so that she could do stuff with Soren. This world, was still going to get some getting used to. They made it to a location she thought suited her. She loved the feeling of the grass and was a little worried if she wouldn’t be able to find a good spot with grass.

Aether frowned [b “We need to get this up as soon as possible then.” ] She started to draw on her tablet and try to figure something out. She took a look at his pictures and took into account of what the houses looked like. She mostly stuck it similar to one image. She showed him her design [b “What do you think? Yea…maybe I could have both!” ] She grinned, not sure if she paid for pools here. Usually they were already there when she got a place-mostly because it was a pond.

Aether smiled to herself, whispering, [b “One room it is.” ] She was glad, she still liked falling asleep with him. She thought about a garage but didn’t know what they exactly looked like. [b “I think that would be a good idea…” ] She would look at images and got that garages could be just empty. She decided to have a place for the cycle, a place to hang weapons and other devices. Soren added security and a teleporter. She grinned when he said she should make it real. She nodded and submit it and watched the home appear behind her. It looked more amazing in person.

[b “Whoa! Doesn’t it look cool Soren!” ] She nudged him, standing up. She took hold of his hand and walked inside. It was empty, because she still needed to buy furniture. The place wasn’t very Aether like but she figured she could add things that would make her feel like it was her home. [b “I like it. Now…I just need to buy some furniture. Do you think we could sleep over here tonight?”] She asked, [b “If I find the right bed of course.” ] She shrugged.
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He nodded his head [b "There's all kinds of missions here. It's really cool though, but it can be really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. We won't do anything dangerous though if you don't feel comfortable"] he smiled and then he rode his bike, leading her around the city and making sure to drive slow so she could keep up with him. He moved to her side, showing her a smile because he was so proud of her. SHe was here in Avalon riding on a cycle with him.

They made it to the top of the hill and then he saw the perfect place for Aether. He walked over and then he sat in the grass, wanting to at least leave some kind of foundation so that no one would take her spot. [b "THey can if they come over. THey can properly buy this land if they really want to, so we gotta start something before we leave"] he told her, pulling up some pictures based off of what she wanted in a house.

Soren looked through a few and then he showed her [b "What about something like this? Or this?"] he asked her, showing her glass windowed houses from Avalon. He let her pick what she wanted and then he told her they could put a pool in the backyard or even underground like his hot water spring.

[b "I think one room is fine. You can always add more later if you want to"] he suggested, thinking of a place to store her things. [b "We can also make a basement garage, or a shed in the back for easy access?"] he thought more about it and he'd look at her drawing. Her house did look like it could be in Avalon. [b "It looks great. A small, cozy home seems perfect"] he added some small details like security and even added in the teleporter in one spot for her. [b "Alright! Make it real!"] he said excitedly.
  ellocalypse / 73d 22h 49m 36s
[b “There’s missions like that here! I don’t think I’m ready to chase someone with this cycle just yet…” ] She sighed, because she thought it would be fun but she definitely needed to learn how to ride it more. It freaked her out a little when Soren made it beside her. She was worried she’d end up getting to close to him and hurt him. She did her best and they found this spot that she thought would do so well for her. IT had grass, even trees, and she had a good view. She liked this spot. She parked it with Soren and would look around. She tried to spot Soren’s house and pointed to it, when Soren just mentioned he could see his house.

Aether grinned, [b “Yup! We’re not too far.” ] She definitely didn’t want to be far. She nodded and came over to him when pat to the ground beside her. She took out her tablet and sat beside him. She frowned [b “Someone can take it before me? I will fight them.” ] She narrowed her eyes and meant it. [b “Okay, I really do need a way to easily get to your home.” ] She still liked to sleep beside him, she wondered if he still did. She saw him looking around and wasn’t sure what to draw. Those buildings had lots of glass. She could make it just like in her worlds but…she wanted it to suit this world.

[b “Well…let’s see. I want it to have lots of glass like those buildings and…I want in to be two floors, but the second floor will just be the bedroom.]" She began to attempt to draw it out but…she was no architect. She began browsing and seeing different styles of homes around here. She tilted her head and sighed at her square drawing. It looked boring. [b “A place to swim in would also be nice. So, I need a living room, kitchen, small dining space, bathroom and a bedroom. Do you think I need a guest bedroom? Or is it okay if we sleep in the same room?” ] She began to draw an open concept layout, because the view images she saw was open concept. [b “Do I need a place to store my cycle or weapons?” ] She looked back at him, [b “or any other room?” She asked. She drew the walls to be glass, except one wall. She tried to figure out where to put the stairs. She showed Soren, [b “What do you think of the layout so far?” ] She had drawn a small kitchen, living room and a space for the bathroom at the corner that was quite large because she was use to nearly a small pond sized bathtub.
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Soren was really surprised with what she was able to do. He didn't think she'd get it so quickly, but she was good. He saw her turning and practicing and then he showed her [b "If the ground is wet, try not to make abrupt turns. It'll slide and you might fall off your bike"] he stated.

Once he figured out that this bike had weapons, Soren was really excited. He nodded [b "Yeah, we can use it for missions to chase someone down and to defend ourselves"] he smiled, getting on his cycle and then he zooming off. He would glance behind him to see if Aether was still following along. He would sometimes drive at her side, leading her over the bridge and then driving around. He soon headed up the hill and then he saw that she really liked the spot. Soren parked his bike and went over to the grassy area, seeing some trees towards the back, but it was an open space.

He looked around and then it even had a nice view of the city since it was high up. On one side he could see the bridge that led to the wastes and then the city. [b "I can see my house!"] he walked over the grass and then he took out his tablet. [b "We should start coming up with some ideas of what you want so no one else takes this spot"] he suggested, sitting on the grass and then patting the side next to him. [b "We'll even put a teleported so you can easily come visit me if you want"] he looked at the area, wondering what kind of things AEther would want on her house.
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Aether couldn’t believe she actually made herself be able to go and stop. She thought she could get the hang of this. Although…turning seemed a bit harder. Soren gave her some tips, so she tried to fully and nearly fell again but after the third time, she got it right. [b “Got it, be careful on slipper spots…how do I be careful?” ] She asked, not entirely sure what was the right way to even turn exactly, but as long as she didn’t fall she figured it was right.

She came over to his side and she peaked over and saw a laser fire out of his cycle. Her eyes widened, [b “Wow, it really can.” ] She didn’t think it actually could. [b “So we can shoot robots with this thing too,” ] She said to herself. She let Soren come over and show her how to access it. She really thought this cycle was cool. [b “Alright!” ] She put on a helmet, because she realized, she hadn’t, and tried to follow Soren. She was afraid to get too close to him, she she stayed behind . She drove over the bridge with him and was mesmerized by the view. She brought her attention back onto the road, and realized she almost got too close to Soren.

Ara saw a hill in the distance, [b “Soren! I want to live somewhere highground,” ] She called out. They went around and she got his help to find a place that end up having some grass and slightly higher ground. She liked the view, and how it wasn’t far, and it wasn’t too close to the big city where she felt she may get overwhelmed. [b “Do you think I should live here?” ] She stopped the cycle and looked back at him. She then smiled to herself, Soren looked so cool on his cycle. This was fun.
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He wasn't mad anymore and didn't care much about the fact that she still wouldn't be intimate with him. He did his best and when he tried to get close, she didn't seem to want that, so he'd let her take it at her own pace until she felt comfortable again. He showed her how to access the bike and when she managed to get it on, he watched her use the interface and then try to sit on it.

Soren stayed beside her just in case because he didn't want her to get hut at all. His eyes focused to make sure she did it right and when she moved forward, he laughed and then he saw her moving [b "Just like that!"] he said proudly as he saw her turning. She almost fell a few times, but managing to catch herself. She was doing well for a second timer.

He smiled [b "Ya usually to turn or move towards an area, you'd just lean sideways and gently turn the handle. Careful on slippery spots though when you turn"] he smiled and then he clapped when she returned back to him. [b "I don't know if it has lasers, I haven't really tried"] he sat on his bike and then he looked through the settings. When he turned his hand to the side, there was an option for weapons. He chose one option and when he pressed on it, his cycle fired lasers. [b "Oh! Woah! That was so cool!"] he never knew his bike had lasers. [b "I think it's only for this one. My old bike doesn't have those options there"] he told her excitedly, walking over and then showing her how to access them through her panel.

[b "Come on, let's go for a ride. Just follow me"] he told her, getting his bike and then moving up slowly until she started to follow. Soren moved slowly and then he waited until she was behind him before zooming off down the path, just driving over the bridge to look around the city and to find her a good spot for her home.
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[b “Okay!” ] She beamed, loving the thought or riding her cycle with Soren and finding her new home here. They stepped outside and she summoned her cycle. She never thought she would think this about a hunk of metal, but it looked sexy. She sat on the cycle and nodded, [b “I’ll take it slow. Programmed…?” ] She peaked over to him and saw him place his hand on the center. It lit up, the colored orange accents glowing, almost like it was breathing. It was beautiful.

Aether placed her hand on the center interface and it displayed her name and asked her for protections she wanted to put in. It was amazing. She turned her head when Soren spoke again. He saw him with one leg on the pedal. She copied. [b “Twist…to go…” ] She repeated and looked at the triggers above. She squeezed them just to test them. Soren came beside her. [b “Okay... so, I’m going to try to go now.” ] She said and began mumbling to herself [b “You can do this Aether, like riding a dragon…or not.” ] She didn’t know how much was too much on turning the handle, so she twisted it gently and she started going forward.

She got really excited and went a little faster-too fast. She didn’t’ panic and tried to hit the break but slowly and thankfully it slowed down gradually. She looked back, [b “Soren I did it! It wasn’t too bad. I just stop and go!” ] She smiled to herself. She could definitely do this. She then realized…how did one turn? She twisted the handle and she moved forward and she tried to turn aroud and tried to make too sharp of a turn and began falling. She got her footing at least, “Oh…guess I can’t make it turn like that.” She tried it again and then made it back to Soren, [b “This cycle is awesome.” ] She pet her cycle like it was her pet. [b “Hey, can it shoot lasers!” ] Her eyes widened. Liking the idea of it.
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He finished eating his food and then he went into the bathroom to fix up his hair and dressed up. His body felt pretty good, but it always needed a stretch back to normal. At least Aether was in a good mood this morning. Last night, he couldn't tell because he turned his back on her and felt sad that she was only teasing him, but she didn't seem to care about that at all anymore.

He wore his jacket and then he wondered where was the most green. He knew Aether loved the nature, so maybe he could find a place in the middle of a grassy area just further down the river so they could still be close. [b "I kind of want your house to be close by too. We can look on our cycles"] he suggested, waiting for her to finish.

Once he led her outside, he saw her summon her cycle. He saw how cool it looked. His was jet black as well, but with orange accents. He loved how it looked and since it was rare, he wanted to use it over his own. [b "We'll be careful and take it slow. So first thing is should be only programmed for you, so just place your hand in the center panel"] he showed her on his.

Soren rested his hand on the center, it lit up and started. He sat on the seat and stood with one leg on the pedal rest. [b "Then remember, twist the right hand to go. These are the breaks"] he pointed to the triggers above the handles. He let her try first as he walked to her side, standing beside her so that she wouldn't get hurt or fall.
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While watching him eat, she completely forgotten to eat herself. She grabbed some food and sat across from him feeling blissfully happy to get the day started with him. She only really wanted a place here because he liked it here and she wanted to be able to adjust to a world he liked so much. [b "Yes!" ] She cheered, [b "I can't wait!" ] She stood up and Soren went off to washing the dishes. She followed him along and saw his AI eating a muffin. Aether patted the top of her head.

Aether turned her head and pondered. [b "I don't know... I don't know this place so I don't know where I could even live. I don't want to be too far from you. Unless we use that teleporter thing. Then I could casually just walk right into your place, which would be great because we don't have make a huge trip back and forth. Although...I don't want it to be somewhere too loud and I do want lots of windows like those buildings have."]

She watched him change into clothes and she was taking pure example of what he was wearing to figure out what she should wear. Aether wore a black shirt, a leather jacket and a pair of leggings with ankle laced boots. Soren went into the bathroom and she waited, rolling back and forth on her heels and toes.

Aether couldn't help but keep smiling. She felt really excited. She walked outside with him and she tried to go into her inventory to make the damn cycle appear. After she figured it out, she realized just how cool it looked, jet black with small teal accents. Her eyes sparkled, [b " So pretty! I really...don't want to break it." ] She got on and realized...she forgot how to even turn it on. [b Okay... What do I do first?" ]
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The night was going well because they did such a great job. Sure he got beat up a bit, but that could be fixed in no time. HE really wanted Aether to take care of him for once and feel what that felt like, but when she mentioned something as a tease, Soren took it seriously and he felt like maybe she still wasn't comfortable around him yet. Did she really think that he was just going to do that to her forcefully. He wouldn't.

In the morning, he stopped playing with the charade and just went into the machine. Taken care of or not, he'd probably end up alone again anyway. Why did he want that so badly? No one ever really stuck around him for that long....he guessed maybe he couldn't even get a real person to stick to his side either.

He finished healing in the machine and then he stepped out and then he saw her. She made him food and that put a small smile on his face. HE was going to make her something, but when she started, he just sat down and ate his food. Once he was done, he glanced back at her, she looked so excited.

[b "Yeah sure. We can do that. I'll take my bike and we can head out. I kind of want to try my new cycle anyway"] he told her, grabbing the dishes and then washing them. He made a muffin for his AI and set it in front of her as he drank a glass of water. [b "Is there somewhere specific you want to live in or live by?"] he asked, cleaning up. He then went into his inventory and then he changed into some jeans, a vneck shirt and then a leather jacket. He went into the bathroom to fix his hair and then he stepped back out, waiting for Aether.
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It lifted a smile on her when he said he’d be here. [b “Thank you.” ] She knew he would be. He was like her, he would be here. She wandered into his room too and she end up making a joke that turned out not to be so funny. Maybe she shouldn’t have joked about that, not when she still wanted to take a break from it. He already turned and closed his eyes and something about it, made her go into her own room.

When she woke, she got breakfast ready for him and she hoped that he hadn’t woken yet and ate. [i I guess I could eat myself if he did. ] Ah, but she did it for him. She heard his voice and it came form the kitchen. Wasn’t she just there!? She came walking back and then sat the plate down and gently smiled. [b “You’re welcome.” ] She sat down and stared at him a little while, still waking. [b “Oh! I forgot, I didn’t.” ] She got up and went to get herself breakfast. She got eggs and some salad and then sat down with him.

Aether watched him again and noticed the wounds were gone. He must have used the machine. She was glad at least he wouldn’t suffer from the wounds. [b “So! After we wake up a bit, we’re going to teach me how use the cycle a bit, and then go help me find a place to make a home-then shop?” ] She raised a brow, getting a bit excited about the day. She spotted him looking through his tablet for something.

She couldn’t see what he was doing. She put some salad in her mouth and then spoke quietly, “Unless…you wanted to do something else instead.” She fed a little of her food to her AI as she spoke.
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He knew that having a home was the best way to live in a world because you didn't have to depend on anyone and you could have all the privacy you wanted. He nodded and thought that shopping tomorrow for her home would be great. Soren was really excited that she decided to actually get a home in Avalon. That meant she enjoyed it enough to stay here.

He made some suggestions for income, but when he thought about how she wanted to get familiar, maybe doing something in the city would be best. [b "Yeah I know. You can always try what you want. I'll be here"] he smiled and then he headed towards his room, laying back in bed. He wondered what she said things like that when she wasn't serious.

He heard her mumble something and figured it was probably best not to think about that right now. He just laid on his side and heard that she'd stay in a different room. Fine...guess she still wasn't comfortable with him. To think they finished such a large mission and they couldn't even celebrate. He didn't feel all that happy either. Maybe he should have just healed himself.

In the morning, Soren slowly stood up, his body aching, bruises all over his skin, especially on his back. He struggled to pull himself out of bed, but he managed to walk towards the other room and he laid in the machine on his stomach. After he turned it on, it spent two hours repairing his body, healing the skin on his back as the laser scanned him from head to toe.

He couldn't really do much, so when he finished, he stood up and headed towards the kitchen, stretching out his arms and feeling so much better. At least now he was fully healed and didn't have to worry about burdening Aether.

He heard his name being called and he glanced off [b "Yeah? I'm here"] he told her, heading towards the kitchen and seeing her with a plate of food. [b "Oh thank you"] he took it and sat at the counter, taking a bite and then eating up [b "Did you eat already?"] he asked, running his fingers through his hair and then looking through his inventory. He wanted to try out those new things he got.
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Free always sounded good to her. Furniture on the other hand, she definitely needed to go out and buy. [b "That sounds good! I can't wait to get it set up." ] She smiled to herself and believed she should go find her own way in this world here too. She wanted to get adjusted because Soren seemed so comfortable here. She wasn't full sure what his job was besides some having. The cupcake shop was always an option, [b "I could... yea, guess there's also missions. But, I want to do something that helps me become more familiar with this world, how it works. I want to be capable of doing missions on my own too. Not that I don't want to do them with you, I do, I just want to be more of a help." ]

Soren was all changed and ready for bed too. She saw how excited he got and she almost felt guilty. Well, he was hurt and he wasn't going to go use that machine so she wasn't in danger of changing her mind. He frowned and she swung her feet back and forth. [b "Sorry... But your not so innocent either," ] She whispered the last bit. She looked back at him and she didn't want to make Soren feel like she wasn't comfortable around him. She was...she just needed to get a few things out of her head.

She was about to crawl in but he turned on his side and closed his eyes.[b "I...shouldn't bother you. I might hurt you in my sleep since your wounded. I'll go...if you need me call me," ]She mumbled and head off into the bedroom he gave her. She put the blanket over her body and cuddled in with her AI when he turned into a bigger stuffed bunny. She fell asleep.

Aether would slowly wake, wipe her eyes and slowly crawl out of bed. Her hair was a mess-she realized while looking at the mirror. She brushed down and yawned. She wandered into the halls, [b "Soren, are you up?" ] She called as she yawned again. She tripped over something and heard a squeak. She fell down to the ground and groaned, that hurt. She looked backand saw she tripped over her AI somehow. [b "Why you trip me?" ] She mumbled and got back up. She didn't see Soren in the living room, so she decided to get him breakfast since she wasn't sure if he still wasn't hurt. She put it on a plate and came knocking at his bedroom door and then call out,[b "Soren?"]
  Ravenity / 76d 7h 15m 15s
He shook his head [b "As long as it's outside of the city and no one is there, you can claim the land just by being on it. You shouldn't have to worry about it once your building is already there"] he told her, thinking about a way she could be making money. [b "Well you can run the cupcake shop full time if you want to?"] he suggested and then he thought about doing more missions together. [b "And we can do more missions together if need to"] he didn't want her to feel troubled about all of this. He'd help her out.

[b "Oooh, you can always have a small modern castle"] he laughed and then he snuggled up to her in bed. Soren used his inventory and changed into sweat pants and a shirt. It was still hard to move, so it was much better just not to move at all.

He got really excited when Aether teased him. He didn't know it was teasing though. It made him disappointed though to hear that it was still next month. He really wanted to kiss her and show her how he felt about her, especially after how cool she was today. He frowned and just understood as he laid back. [b "Then don't tease me like that. I take that seriously"] he stated, laying back and trying to relax, to get his mind off of her and her dress.

[b "You can sleep here if you want. If you still don't feel comfortable around me, you can stay in the next room"] he wasn't sure how well she was taking all of this, but at the same time, he didn't know how else to help her.

He rolled onto his side and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep.
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Free sounded good to her. [b "You don't even need to buy the land?" ] She asked. Outside the city? His was outside, and she thought that would be a good idea. She knew she still needed to make money over here. [b "It should but, I don't want to just be depending on that, I should make money here." ] She didn't think she would be okay doing missions on her own just yet either.

[b "I'd like the help. I want it to look like it fits in this world." ] She smiled, thinking with Soren's help she could make it fit in. She fed him while the spoke. She didn't know what hacking really was. As cool as it looked, she didn't think she could possibly learn it quick enough. [b "It seems hard..." ] She choose to hug him and help him to bed. Aether sat at the edge of his bed and he looked sad when she mentioned she was thinking of doing that. She wasn't, she didn't think she was ready to go there yet. She liked just hanging out and not thinking about it, because she could focus on other things about him. But definitely, she wanted to tease him.

Aether shrugged, [b "You said you wouldn't use it. It's because it's not working, right? Too bad."] She said and thought about how tomorrow would go,and it sounded like it would go well. [b "Okay! Then you can help me sttle in here." ] She then sat up and grabbed her tablet to change into her sleeping clothes.

[b "Yes, I want to get something for my place. There's upgrades for the cycle?" ] She met his eyes and she changed into a black t-shirt and shorts. Aehter lightly smiled [b "Thank you." ] She was relieved he didn't see her as weak. Do a lot... Her mind traveled back to that moment and how she didn't like that feeling, of being used for nothing more than...pleasure. [b "You're hurt, we can't. Next month," ] She met his eyes, [b "Do you...should I sleep in the same bed as you?" ]
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