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He said she looked beautiful because she really was. To him she was so different, so unique and her looks just added up to that and made her more special. Soren wanted to kiss her more because he liked the way her lips felt against his. It was so warm, comforting and it was one of the things that felt real in this world.

WHen he paused and said he really liked her, he could tell that her mood had changed. IT was something easily noticed because he no AI would ever make that face. He met her eyes and could tell that she looked a little disappointed. He bit down on his lip and then he felt bad again because apparently he didn't need to ask. Sometimes he just got confused because he never knew if it was okay with her. She had a mind of her own.

He didn't want to cause another fight, so when she sat with her tablet, Soren sat up and took it away from her, putting it off to the side as he straddled her lap. He faced her and his teal eyes watched her as he leaned in, his hand caressing her cheek as he kissed her lips. He closed his eyes and made out with her, his lips tracing hers and then he felt her hands through his hair, leaning in more as he kissed her. His lips slowly moved down her neck, kissing her skin as he let his hands glide down her shoulders and side slowly.

He pulled back for a breath and met her eyes again, knowing that she probably didn't want him to stop. He kissed her cheek and then moved to kiss her nose as he smiled. He kissed her lips more and then he pressed up against her, loving the feel of that warmth and how each kiss made his heart beat faster and louder.
  ellocalypse / 172d 5h 23m 11s
It warmed her to hear him say that they were beautiful. He sure did make her feel good about herself. She wanted to kiss him. It always felt so good to kiss him. It was so cool watching him fight like that with the robots, something she couldn't do just yet.
There was a long pause after he spoke, and she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. She didn't get what it meant. It was so hard to read him and it didn't seem like he was going to keep going to her. So, she pulled out her tablet and brought out her assignment then he spoke. [b "We already were, you don't have to ask," ] She didn't get why this was so hard. Maybe because he wasn't an AI. AI's didn't really say much when they kissed her. She was looking at her tablet and then it was out of her hands.

Aether watched her tablet be emptied out of her hands. Wha-? She looked back at Soren and about to ask what was that for and found his lips brushing up against hers, going in for a kiss. Mmm... Aether felt his tongue making its way, she parted her lips so that their two tongues could rest on each other. It felt wet, Guys really were heavier, but she didn't mind it because he kissed her. She moaned softly and sucked on his bottom lip gently, and going back into kissing him, feeling tongues. Oh it was amazing. She hung her arms around his shoulders, pressing her lips harder against his.

Since Soren said it was okay before...she ran her fingers through his hair, and oh that felt so nice too. It wasn't like she didn't feel a lot for him, she did. It was much more than his looks. He was-overall pretty kind, and she remembered listening to him at that place he brought her to watch the stars. She forgot...the name of it.
  Aether / Ravenity / 172d 9h 29m 17s
He was by her side and as he faced her, he really enjoyed looking at her eyes and watching her ruby eyes face him back in return. She was looking at him and when he was going to lean in and kiss her, he really wanted to just pull her close, but then she started teasing him with the strawberry. He went after her, trying to get it, but when she didn't give it to him, he pouted and then he was able to get it.

He met her lips and then he kissed her slowly, his hands pulling her in and feeling her warmth. HE sure did love the way she looked at him like this. HE shook his head [b "You don't look evil. You look beautiful"] he told her, feeling her play with his lips as he kissed her again, making out slowly and just tasting her lips. He pulled back for a breath and then he told her how much he liked her, seeing her smile change. Did he do something wrong?

His eyes met hers and then he heard her say she needed to do homework. [b "Wait! Can't we kiss a little more? I forgot to ask"] he told her, wondering if she was upset he didn't keep going. He still wanted to kiss her though, but then she had her tablet out. He sat up and then he slowly pulled her tablet out of her hands and then he straddled her lap and leaned in, pressing his lips against hers. He didn't mean for her to think that he wanted to stop, he really only stopped for a breath and wanted to tell her how much he liked her.

Soren pressed his lips and let his tongue glide in, wrapping around her tongue as he closed his eyes and kissed her more.
  ellocalypse / 172d 22h 12m 57s
Aether could picture it all. Standing by each other's side and watching the lantern they just lit floating up, and then maybe he'd kiss her. Maybe, she got to take a ride on his back, do silly things, be held, tease each other around until they got back in the cabin where it was warm and cozy. Then maybe Soren... She loved all the things roaming in her head. She knew, reality with him would be different, that she couldn't expect it to go so perfectly but she wanted those feelings. She wanted to feel that heart throbbing emotion for him. [i I'm getting to ahead. ] She felt it was wrong to think of it, this wasn't a book out of one of her novels.

Soren's eyes felt much more beautiful than hers. She remembered getting called 'demon' from some old fashioned AI's. I didn't really bug her because she always stood out in the first place. But it was nice to hear his thoughts, [b "Thank you, I'm guessing I don't look evil to you do I?" ] She laughed. He was leaning in, and she definitely wanted to kiss him, but at the same time he was leaning in, she popped out a strawberry before she could even stop herself.

She played around and stuck her tongue [b "What's the fun in that?" ] Aether leaned in, to kiss him, feel that pressure rise up, he heat she got when she got close to someone like this and kissed he. But, she didn't understand why his eyes widened like that-as if he's never kissed a girl. She didn't get it...he's probably kissed plenty. She forgave it when i felt nice, having his hands wrap around her, leaning in more towards her. She kissed him softly, slowly, and then would gently tug on his lips, not being new to kissing and making out.

She didn't want it to end, not yet, she wanted to kiss elsewhere and then he stopped, spoke, and broke her moment. Why did he do stuff like that? [i Maybe your a bad kisser, or he's not that attracted to you, or he's too nervous. ] Any of them sounded equally bad to her. She sighed, weakly smiling [b "Yea..." ] [i I don't want to remember. ] He wasn't the same. There was no point in remembering, it would just hurt. She didn't want anything to compare to.

He didn't kiss her again, or do anything so there was silence. This isn't working. It was making her frustrated. She had a feeling that the reason why they did so well last time they met was because their personalities were compatible when it came to romance back then. [b "So..." ] She didn't know what to say or do. [b I think I'll do some homework. Yea...I'll go do that." ] She nodded and sat up, and brought her tablet. [i Maybe, it'll get better. ] She thought to herself.
  Ravenity / 172d 23h 27m 36s
He was glad that Aether was here with him because ever since she found him in Avalon, he didn't feel so alone anymore. All he really wanted was some company and now that she was with him, there was no way he was going to lose her or let her go. He had a smile on his face because they weren't fighting anymore. They were able to get along and work things out. He's never really had to yell at someone before because of their actions, but since Aether had her own mind and wasn't a program, she did whatever she felt like and responded however she wanted.

[b "I like the idea of going on a date. I like going on dates with you"] he admitted and then he faced her and he saw how close she was. Soren stared at her eyes because he really did think they looked so pretty. He shook his head [b "I don't know why though. You're eyes are so unique"] he told her, a smile on his face as he leaned in. His eyes met hers and he was going to go for a kiss, but then he saw the strawberries and he just laughed a little and leaned in, trying to take a bite.

He would lean in and then pull back when she took it away. He pouted a little and laughed [b "Hey, if you're going to give it to me, you should just give it to me"] he told her and then she let him have it. He munched on the strawberry, making a face because it was a little sour. He rubbed his cheeks, but when he felt her lips, his eyes widened and then he realized what was happening. He smiled and leaned in more, kissing her lips softly.

He felt Aether leaning in and then he pressed up closer to her. He let his hands wrap around her waist, leaning in to kiss her lips once more. He did love the fact that she didn't care if he was daring or not, but right now he wanted to kiss her and hold her. He really did like her and wanted her to know that, hoping she'd feel the same way.

[b "I really like you Aether. I'll take you to see the lanterns later. Hopefully you'll remember"] he smiled.
  ellocalypse / 173d 18h 43m 24s
Whatever Soren suggested, she felt that they could do everything they wanted as long as they stayed together. It was a good feeling. She liked the idea of them going out, lighting up a lantern. Aether nodded and then he mentioned it being a date. It made her smile a little more. [b "Let's do it, let's go on a date when it gets dark." ] She nodded and she scooted closer to him. She wanted to closer, and couldn't figure out how close she wanted to be. She took it a bit by bit. She liked seeing him smile and say nice things to her.

Aether shrugged [b "Some AI's get freaked out about my eyes." ] She nodded, but his eyes were beautiful no matter what. She noticed him leaning in and for a second she thought he was going to kiss her but then she jumped in by accident and asked him if he wanted strawberries. [i That's just great Aether. Ask him if you want strawberries, yea...real clever. ] He was going along with it though. She grabbed the half of the strawberry and put it near his lips and then pulled it back and giggled. She leaned it into him again and moved it back away from him again. [b "Okay, okay, I'll give it to you for real this time." ] She put it by his lips and let him eat it.

He was definitely going to kiss her at that time. She wanted to... She leaned forward and gave him a kiss. It really was different being with him and an AI. She tired fake feeding an AI before, they would just wait until she actually gave it to them, there were no chase, no fun. It was amazing to see the differences with Soren. She found her body almost touching his when she kissed him.
  Ravenity / 174d 8h 28m 55s
He didn't want to admit it but he did remember what she looked like. He didn't know if she remembered what he looked like, but when she said it out loud, he turned red. So she knew what he looked like without any clothes on? That was embarrassing.

He changed the subject, thinking about what they could do here. They could do some missions, they could have fun in town, maybe check out other snow activities besides skating. There was a ton of things to do here and now that they had each other, SOren was more than excited to spend time with her.

HE mentioned the lanterns and wondered if she remembered it. [b "It does. You and I lit one up here before. We can go a little later when it gets dark. I do like the idea of getting dessert and just having a normal date with you"] he suggested, not really sure what a real date felt like. He mostly spent his time at the bars.

Soren watched her move closer and then he met her eyes, hearing her. He turned red and then he smiled [b "Your eyes are pretty too Aether"] he leaned in more, inches from her face. When he was going to lean in and kiss her, he heard her speak. [b "Strawberries? Um...okay? WHere'd you get those?"] he wondered, looking to see some strawberries behind her. He met her eyes and then he rubbed the back of his head. [b "Only if you feed it to me"] he told her.
  ellocalypse / 174d 15h 54m 45s
Aether looked off and nodded again. She remembered a bit of it, remembering him...not clothed. It wasn't a hundred percent clear, but she had a good idea of how he looked like. She knew he knew what she looked like. It was kind of weird having that knowledge. Soren changed the subject and it got her mind distracted, trying to think how theywould make that trip now.

[b "Are you sure? I could figure out a way. Oh, alright. Did you climb it at night?" ] She normally did it in the day, and then would camp out if it got dark. She grew silent for a little while and watched him. It was nice to see him beside her, to not be yelling or upset at him for saying those things to her. She felt she already admit her own fault, that she pushed him when it turns out she didn't know him as well as she thought. She knew she wasn't the best in delivering her message across, so maybe she had said something wrong that offended him. Still had more to grow and learn...

Aether raised a brow [b "Lanterns? This town has lanterns?" ] She remembered watching the lanterns with him, where was it? She laid on her side and smiled [b "Really? We can lay here for a little longer." ] Aether rolled a little closer and then lightly laughed [b "I kind of bruised myself from skating a bit. I was trying to do some tricks." ] She met his eyes and felt she could so easily get lost in the color and pattern of them. [b "Your eyes really are pretty." ] Right he was giving suggestions about places to go. She could tell he was really trying. It was sweet...

[b "We could go see the lanterns. Maybe even get some dessert, take pictures." ] She felt the heat rising in her. He was so damn close. She wondered... She tried to scoot even closer to him. and blurt out awkwardly [b "Do you want strawberries?"]
  Ravenity / 175d 12m 12s
He was awake, feeling something on his hair and when he opened his eyes to see Aether, he felt more relaxed. He wasn't alone and she didn't leave yet either. Soren met her ruby eyes and then he faced her, feeling so warm and snug. HE didn't want to get out of bed just yet, but when she asked about his dream...he didn't feel like he needed to lie about it.

[b "You do?"] he asked, hearing she remembered a bit of what happened. His cheeks burned when she said she knew what he looked like. [b " what you look like too"] he told her, biting down on his lips. He knew a lot about her actually.

He tried to change the subject, thinking about going on a hike, but she made a good point. It was too late in the day for that. He thought about something else they could do here. Soren met her eyes and then he shook his head [b "It's okay. It's going to be dark soon. You're right. I don't want to risk the danger. I have climbed up the mountain before"] he told her, seeing her lay in bed with him. WHy would he want to go anywhere else?

[b "Or we can go into town and see the lanterns again?"] he suggested, knowing it was about this time of year. [b "But I'm also happy just laying in bed with you. It's warm and comfy. It makes me not want to leave the bed"] he admitted.
  ellocalypse / 175d 15h 35m 30s
It was good to hear she could do that freely. She kind of wanted to do that now again but he definitely would find it weird at this moment. She would get the chance after, she figured. She wanted to move passed what she did, to whatever he was dreaming off. She remembered a little, and it made her face go red. She couldn't believe this. He dreamed about the two of them nude... It was embarrassing her a little. [b "Uh... " ] She didn't want to tell him she remembered that, or well, was having a hard time to saying she did a bit.

[b "Ah...alright," ] She bruised her hair back [b "I know we did, you said that before. Soren...I actually...remember a bit of it. I...kind of know what you look like" ] She whispered the last bit. He switched the conversation around. A hike up the mountain. She's already done the hike up a mountain near here. She shrugged [b "We could, but, it's going to get dark by the time we reach up there, it's dangerous and it's much more colder at night. Are you sure you want to go up there? It'll be hard to come down." ] She knew this world was generally pretty safe but she also hadn't completed all the missions here. There weren't much but she hadn't done them. She did know that they did the major quest here though.

[b "We could still go, we just need to plan more for it." ] She nodded. She wondered what even made him want to go up. [b "Did you hike up any mountains here before?" ] She still laid in bed with him. It was good not to yell at each other.
  Ravenity / 175d 23h 30m 46s
She's touched his hair like that before all the time and he was really starting to like it. It was something that only Aether really did, so he really wanted her to keep doing it if she wanted to. [b "Yeah you can. I don't mind it"] he smiled and then he faced her, liking to wake up to her here.

He was surprised to hear that she wanted to know what he was talking about, so when he decided to tell her, he turned as red as a tomato, wondering if she'd think he was weird. He explained what he dreamt of and then when she turned red, he bit down on his lip and then he nodded. [b "'s a dream....based off of something that happened. I don't know if you remember....."] he gulped and then he met her eyes and then he thought about telling her.

[b "Well....we just looked. We didn't do anything afterwards"] he told her, wondering if she knew that they've done it before. [b "Um....but we have.....tested the limit before...ahem...anyways. I'm ready to do something today. Want to maybe hike up the mountains and see the view?"] he suggested, knowing that the mountains had some cool views at the top. You could even see the northern lights if you were lucky.
  ellocalypse / 176d 19h 57m 19s
Right, she had touched his hair likethat before. It was nice to see him smile. At least he wasn't questioning her about that strawberry thing...and staring at him like a creep in his sleep. Maybe he didn't find that weird. Nope. That was definitely weird. [b "oh, than I guess I can touch your hair anytime?" ] She grinned, hoping that's what that translated to. She was worried he'd bring what else she did, so she let the conversation drift off to whatever his dream was about. She suspected something that was embarassing, like forgetting to wear pants.

He was...He sounded nervous. She nodded about the embarrasing part [b "It's okay, you can say it." ] Then she heard the "I' and the 'you' here part. experiment. She burned. She knew what he was talking about. Naked-they were naked in his bed together. She only new a split moment of it, but she wasn't sure if that was a dream or if it was real. Since her face was red, she wondered if she guessed if she remembered a bit of it. "Right...right..." ] She lightly laughed. Soren, had a dream, about them being naked. Wow... She never thought he'd have a dream about her naked. She didn't know if she was flattered or embarrassed.

His face burned up. She shook her head [b "No, no, it's okay. I get it. We can't control our dreams," ] She laughed [b "Don't worry about it... I...was thinking...nevermind." ] She shook her head, not wanting to mention it. She glanced away for a second and met his eyes. He was closer to her than she realized. She wondered what they actually did [b " we just look at each other, or did...something more happen?" ] She cleared her voice, [b "We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." ] She didn't want to make it awkward.
  Ravenity / 176d 20h 53m 7s
He was laying back, cuddling in Aether's bed with the blanket because he was so comfortable. HE slept right away with how tired he was and he wasn't going to try and stay up if he didn't need to. Soren's eyes were shut and he was fast asleep, dreaming about him and AEther the last time they were here together.

Soren felt her fingers through his hair and when he opened his eyes to meet hers, he wondered if he was still dreaming. He watched her leave and then he reached his hand out to grab her arm, wanting her to stay with him in the room. She agreed and he had a smile on his face until he remembered what he was dreaming about. She admitted to touching his hair, making him smile again. He liked it when she did that. [b "I don't mind. You used to do that to me all the time. I like it"] he admitted and then she asked him an embarrassing question.

[b "I...I-uhhh....was dreaming about something embarrassing. Um...the last time I was here with you....we sort of had a little....experiment"] he gulped.

[b "We see each other....without clothes on"] he rubbed the back of his neck and wondered if she thought was a pervert now or something. [b "I...can't really control my dreams"] he bit down on his lip, his face burning up again. He didn't know if that's what she was expecting, but it wasn't a lie.
  ellocalypse / 176d 21h 16m 15s
She felt much safer being in the same room as Soren since that movie scared the shit out of her. Why did such a movie even exist? What was the point of it!? It just purely scared her. She hated it. It made her shudder, but she found some peace laying down beside him and treating him almost as if he was awake, except he wasn't. She loved the feeling of his hair in her fingers and she took the chance to do it, without him noticing. She took her hand away and sort of fed him a strawberry but ate and pretend he ate it instead. His cheeks looked red...huh. What was he dreaming about? She tilt her head and wondered if he was having some dirty dream or maybe he had a dream about being in his underpants or something.

Her eyes widened really big when he spoke her name. Shit. Was he awake? Maybe if she left quickly he would have thought it was a dream. She got up and she felt the hld on her arm. Well, so much for that idea. She glanced back at him and couldn't really deny his request. If he asked why she was doing weird things to him when he was asleep, she was going to say that he was dreaming all of it.

[b "Sure..." ] She laid down and saw his face turn red. Why? She nervously giggled [b "Uh...I may have or may have not touched your hair for a second." ] Quick, she had to move this converastion elsewhere before he asked her why was she here and talking to him in his sleep. [b "You were blushing in your sleep. What were you dreaming about?" ] She asked, figuring that was a good way to bring the conversation elsewhere. [b "You can tell me, no matter what it is. I've had some really strange dreams before, that were kind of embarrassing." ]
  Ravenity / 176d 21h 26m 39s
Soren was really tired. HE didn't get much sleep at all since he was worrying that Aether would leave. It really took a toll on him and the skating was really tiring. He didn't think he needed to sleep, but as soon as he laid back against the bed, he was out. It was easy to fall asleep when Aether said sweet dreams. It felt so much more peaceful with her beside him and soon enough he was fast asleep.

He had a dream that he was here in this room. He was with Aether....and they were doing some things. Some things that were so embarrassing like looking at each other without any clothes on. Soren would blush in his sleep, relaxing and then he noticed that someone was touching his hair. In his dream Aether was brushing her fingers through his hair. It felt so nice and comforting. Soren felt so warm, but when he realized that it felt all too real, he opened his eyes a little and then he saw Aether beside him.

[b "Mmm, Aether?"] he peeked over, seeing her eat some strawberries as he rubbed his eyes. He saw her attempting to leave and then he reached out and grabbed her arm. [b "Can you stay with me for a while longer. I want to lay beside you"] he told her, remembering what he dreamt about. His face turned really red and then he looked up at her [b "Were you touching my hair?"] he asked, wondering if it was all just a dream.
  ellocalypse / 176d 21h 42m 44s

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