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[b [#00cca3 "Luke definitely knows a lot. He probably knows exactly what's happening" ]] She closed the book and rested her head on the palm of her hand. Aether met Soren's eyes and realized that she had no idea where Emma's house was. [b [#00cca3 "Mmm, we could do that. We could ask a local where her house is first." ]] She got up, put her backpack over her shoulder, and zipped her jacket up.

[b [#00cca3 "After we find Emma's house we could head downtown."]] She nodded and gave an indifferent. Clubs? Did he mean like a school club, a sports club? That seemed a bit random. [b [#00cca3 "Why a club? What kind of club? They gossip? What kind of club is it. Is it a gossip club? We could go if it's useful." ]] She's never heard of a gossip club before, mainly because it sounded like a horrible club to be in. Aether tried to picture how bringing Luke would go. He'd try to escape, and they'd have to pay heavy attention, and most likely he might escape.

[b [#00cca3 "We would have to make Luke want to go without escaping in order to bring him anywhere. I don't know if we could do that." ]] Aether sighed and sat down again. She knew a spell that would make him blurt out all of his thoughts. "I do know a spell that can do that. It doesn't last long and it has a bad effect on me and him. We could try it though." ]] She nodded, thinking that it might just get enough information. Aether got up again, [b [#00cca3 "Let's go find Emma's house first, then go to Luke, and the places you suggested." ]] She thought that seemed right.

Aether walked to the front desk first, asking the woman if he knew where the missing girl's, Emma's, home was. She gave her the address. Aether thanked her and stepped out of the library, with a frown on her face because she didn't want to leave. They walked down the streets and eventually she ran into the street and right house. There were a few claw marks on the door. Huh. She walked up the stairs and knocked. Aether waited, before a woman with black short hair opened the door, looking tired.

"Can I help you?" She asked.
[b [#00cca3 "I'm sorry to bother you. But, we're trying to look for Emma. When was the last time you've seen her?" ]] Aether saw the eye bags the woman had.
"A week and a half..." Her voice choppy.
[b [#00cca3 "I'm sorry to hear that. Have you seen a wolf?" ]]

"Um... Actually, earlier on the day I heard something at the door. I opened it, and it was a wolf, and it had scratched the door. I managed to get it away. I've never seen wolves come so close to town before. The banker says it might be the wolves but he is a crazy man." She slummed to the side. Aether let Soren ask questions if he had any first.
Aether smiled, [b [#00cca3 "Thank you for your time." ]]
The door closed and Aether stepped down the stairs, [b [#00cca3 "I think Emma is a wolf after all. I think she can't turn back to a human for some reason... I've been to this one world where, when a alpha turns a human into a werewolf, that they can't control it first and may be stuck in wolf form for a while. I think that's what's going on. I think Luke might have turned her if he's the Alpha." ]] She then turned to Soren [b [#00cca3 "Should we head to Luke first or go to downtown and the gossip club?" ]]
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Soren sighed a little. The thought of using that man as a guinea pig was really tempting and he wanted to go through with it. He pouted with a playful frown before nodding his head [b [#F78F18 "I mean I guess you're right. We can't just be testing your magic on AI's"]] he shrugged and then he walked with her to the bankers house.

After all of the chatting, Soren didn't really have any new information. He thought about the many more people missing and it did worry him. If only they had a chance to know that these wolves were people. He knew that Aether felt guilty and he did too. He didn't mean to kill any of them, but they were attacked first.

He stood before the beautiful library with her and headed inside. HE liked learning new things and seeing it in books amazed him because he was always looking at a screen. He's read a few books at certain libraries thanks to the tablet and it's lessons. He watched the evidence that Aether gathered and wondered if that person escaped. Why were they being kept there? If the banker was keeping them hostage that was one thing, but then he despised wolves. Wouldn't he have killed the wolf on the spot?

He had many unanswered questions and he didn't know what was the truth, but they needed to stop these disappearances. Aether read over the diary and when he was so close, he would glance over and then he backed up a little. HE also read about Mary and meeting someone. Maybe they were all wolves here!

[b [#F78F18 "I don't really know, but I feel like Luke knows a lot of it. We really do need to blackmail him and give us answers"]] he sighted, thinking about how he could figure out where Emma's house is. He thought about it and then waited for Aether to return. [b [#F78F18 "I'm sure Luke knows where it is. We can ask him and blackmail him with this book for more information"]] he suggested, trying to think more.

[b [#F78F18 "I mean we can also ask around to see if anyone else in town has heard of anything or seen others....maybe downtown by the fountains? OR we can go to the clubs at night. I hear that there are people there that like to gossip too. Maybe we can convince LUke to come with us and we can get him to spill some truth.....or maybe a spell that would make him talk?"]] he asked, just blurting out ideas until AEther agreed with one.
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Aether's head tilted to the side and then she shook her head, [b [#00cca3 "Soren, we cannot use him as a guinea pig."]] She laughed, and stepped into the snow covered town.

They left the Banker's estate, and all that could cross her mind was the possibility that they killed AI's that could have been human, like Luke. That would mean, they were responsible for the other people that were going missing. That did not dwell so good in her stomach.

[b [#00cca3 "We still killed them. I don't know Soren... Maybe if I knew that they might be human AI's, then I would have found another way. But, I guess...I don't want to risk us separating." ]] Aether sighed and shrugged. They were in front of a beautiful library. She always had adored libraries. There was something about them that was always so warm, inviting and gave her shelter from the loneliness. There were books, if people with minds like her and Soren, interacting, talking. The romance, the adventure, the action... There was so much, and the knowledge.

She sat down in the booth and revealed to him the pictures and the video she got from the room, while she opened up the leather bound journal. [b [#00cca3 "Last time, I saw a body hiding underneath the sheets, and there's girls clothes, so it must be a girl...and a wolf. They did escape. I hope that's a good thing." ]] Aether looked into the journal, and tried to make out what was written.

Soren's head moved close enough that she swore that they were nearly touching. She remained stiff. How could she focus if he was this close? Her face lit up. She doubly blinked, seeing him translate the book but his words were in jumbles. Eventually, Soren backed up a little, and she breathed. She peeked over and read. It was definitely a diary. Mary talked about how excited she was meeting a blonde stranger one day. Luke's father? She read a bit further and mentioned that he got injured once and healed quickly. Luke's father was a shape shifter?

[b [#00cca3 "They could already be wolves. Maybe Luke gave them orders to back off for some reason," ]] Aether shrugged. And if people were turning into wolves? Well...that would be bad. She needed to find a way to reverse that. [b [#00cca3 "We should visit her house. Maybe she went back? Um... I read a bit, and I think Luke's biological father is a wolf too." ]] She closed the book, and figured maybe she'd read it later.

Aether got up [b [#00cca3 "Let me find a few books on wolves around the library first. Maybe I can gather some of the lore." ]] She walked over to the head desk and asked them for werewolf lore. The woman went to go pull up a few books and Aether managed to check them out. She fit them over her bag and walked back to Soren, brushing her red hair back. [b [#00cca3 "Ready to go? I can read this all later. Although..." ]] She frowned, [b [#00cca3 "I don't actually know where Emma's house is. " ]] She frowned.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 226d 1h 4s
He knew that the easiest thing would be to wipe down his memory, but he didn't know what it took to do all of that. Soren listened to her and he figured they'd have to go out and find the materials before they could even think about wiping his memory. He didn't know how long that would take. [b [#F78F18 "I do like the sound of him being a guinea pig though. That's nice"]] he laughed a little and then he led her into town.

Soren was led into the living room and spent that time speaking with the banker. The thought of him being a hunter made him wonder how Luke and him got a long? HE saw Aether return at his side and then he saw the suspicion in his eyes. Did he wonder what they were really up to? Why they were here?

So the library was close, they could just walk over and analyze what Aether had found. Maybe even think about why LUke's father gave him the feeling that he was lying. He looked up at the banker and nodded to Aether's answer. His wife was killed by an animal? Did he know that his own son was a wolf?

More people were missing? What did that mean? Were more people turning into wolves, or were they just disappearing from town? They had to solve this soon. He slowly stood up and thanked the banker again for having them. He walked with Aether towards the library and saw how amazing it looked from the outside. Soren smiled at the sight and followed after her inside.

He thought about the wolves they killed [b [#F78F18 "If we killed them, we didn't mean to. They were after us. They nearly killed us both. If we didn't do what we did, then who's to say that we'd still be alive right now?"]] he told her, stepping into the booth with her and then he sat down, looking through the evidence she got. Soren peeked at the pictures and then the video of the room with a shattered window. There was blood and fur everywhere. Whatever was in that room definitely went out.

Seeing LUke's father's room made him cringe. To think that someone really wanted that in their homes. [b [#F78F18 "Well we know he's keeping a wolf at his house at least...or they escaped. I don't really know for sure."]] He saw the notebook she was holding and then he looked over at her. [b [#F78F18 "We can, but we need to know first if it's important. I wonder if anyone's been found yet. That would help too"]] he looked through more of the evidence and then he sat beside Aether, leaning into her and then looking at the journal. His face was so close to hers that it even made him nervous. He held his breath and then he shrugged a little.

[b [#F78F18 "I wonder what it says"]] he used his tablet as a translator and took a picture of the book page. It translated it to an easier text to read and Soren showed Aether. [b [#F78F18 "There's something going on. I don't know if people are turning into wolves or just being taken away. IF we killed Franklin....then Emma, if that [i was] Emma, she's freed for now. Maybe we should pay her house a visit"]] he suggested.
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Aether ran her fingers through her hair and exhaled deeply. [b [#00cca3 "It's not the fastest. I need materials for it, and I don't know if I can get it here. It might take a few tries after and Luke would be a guinea pig. He'd listen if it was something he really didn't want people to know..." ]] Would she be able to make him lose his memory? She should give it a shot if she found the materials for it, and forced him to drink it and then cast the magic on him. [b [#00cca3 "It's experimental to be honest." ]]

Aether soon returned to the living space. Aether sat down and filled a smile. [b [#00cca3 "Oh, yea I made a wrong turn, and had...a little...problem, anyways we hope that Luke comes back soon. I just remembered I need to go to the library, do you know where that might be?" ]]

[b "Yes. It's east from here, three blocks down." ] The banker clasped his hands together, [b "Why are you interested about Luke?" ]
Soren must have asked questions about Luke then...
[b [#00cca3 "Oh, we're just worried about him after you telling us he's not home yet. That's all. Do you have a wife or daughter?" ]] Aether leaned in.

[b "No. My wife, Mary died... Killed by some animal, I suspect a wolf. ]
[i Huh. I doubt Luke would kill his own mother though. ] That would explain his obsession for hunting animals down. Luke did get upset when he accused them of being hunters.

[b "I've actually heard a few more people have gone missing now. Everyone in town is worried." ] The lines on his forehead deepened, and he pressed his clasped hands against his chin and mouth. His eyes went distant for a second, looked like he was lost in a thought. Aether let Soren ask him more questions if he wanted to first.

[b [#00cca3 "Well, thank you for your time, we need to get going," ]] Aether smiled and got up. She glanced at Soren first, making sure he was ready to go, before they stepped out of the door, and head towards the gates.

She felt sick to her stomach, [b [#00cca3 "I think those wolves we killed, are like Luke. I think they're a type of shape shifter, and we killed them." ]] Her voice cracked a bit at the end. [b [#00cca3 "I hope I'm wrong... Let's head over the library. I'll show you the pictures and video I got and what I grabbed from Luke's room. It looks like a girl and a wolf had been in there, or maybe they're the same." ]] She walked along the street with him, thinking about the horror if those wolves were people. The quest did say not to kill them at first, but they failed that.

The library exterior was the style of gothic revival. It was a beautiful building with a spacious front and back. Aether climbed up the few stairs up to the large doors, that lead to other glass wooden doors. When she opened it up, it was a readers dream. The high ceilings, the multiple shelves of books and a second floor in view, with more books. She could spend days, maybe months just being in here. It lit her mood up.

[b [#00cca3 "Whoa, this place is amazing." ]] She grinned and picked a booth at the far end for her and Soren to sit. She sat her tablet on the table and passed it to him, so he could see the video and pictures. Then she pulled out Luke's notebook and an old notebook she found. It was leather bound, with old pages. When she opened it up, it was in cursive. It read Mary. This must have been her book! But it was a bit hard to read. "I think I just found Luke's mothers journal. [b [#00cca3 "This is perfect to blackmail him with. He wouldn't want us to burn it." ]] She smiled. [b [#00cca3 "What do you think about the images I have?" ]]
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He did want her to snoop around because she's already done it before. If she continued to snoop around, then she'd know where to go much better than him. He'd have to start from scratch. When she agreed, he led her into the snow, walking towards town as he held her hand in his. He didn't want to lose sight of her and there was no way he'd risk anything happening to her again.

He thought about the ways they could blackmail Luke because he knew he'd just tell the town that he was kept hostage. [b [#F78F18 "I like the wiping memory part. That seems like the fastest and easiest thing to go. We can threaten him, but there's no guarantee that he'd listen and not say a word. Do you think you can really make him lose his memories?"]] he wondered.

By the time they arrived at the bankers home, he walked inside beside her as they approached the living space. Soren took a seat and then he distracted him with questions. The banker didn't seem to have any new information besides the fact that he wanted to show them his collections of heads.

[b "I haven't seen a wolf since. If I do, I usually go hunting them down. Luke knows much more about them than I do, but I can't seem to find the boy lately"] he told him and Soren just wondered if he was really hiding anything. It had to be left to Aether to make sure everything was clear.

He sat there taking a few bites of cookies and would let the banker talk about his prized kills. How he used snipers, shotguns, and even showed Soren his scars.

Soren was surprised to see if all, but he wondered if he was aware that his son was a wolf. [b [#F78F18 "Do you think that maybe Luke is a little too close to the wolves?"]] he asked and the banker raised his brow.

[b "What do you mean?"]

[b [#F78F18 "Like maybe he plays around with them too much? I haven't heard about Luke getting any kills...there must be a reason?"]] he asked the banker, but his facial features said otherwise. It didn't seem like he wanted to talk. Soren just hoped that Aether found something.

When she returned, the banker looked up at her [b "Find everything you needed?"] he asked, wondering where she's been. [b "I hope the bathroom wasn't too hard to find"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 226d 21h 16m 52s
Aether raised a brow. He was going to let her be the one snooping around? She thought he'd be against it, even though that was exactly what she wanted. [b [#00cca3 "Alright, we'll do that then." ]] Aether nodded. She put on her jacket and zipped it up. She took a hold of her tablet, but had no plans to shifting him into anything yet.

She felt a hand grasp hers. Aether looked down at their two hands, and thought she'd never reach this point. It was sure nice though. She walked with him towards town and Soren made some good points. Luke could go to town and tell people that they held him hostage. [b [#00cca3 "I think I might be able to wipe his just takes a few tries and material that I don't have." ]] Aether groaned, and looked ahead into snow covered roofs. What would they do? [b [#00cca3 "We could find something to blackmail him with. That if he talks, then we'd do something to ruin his life in return." ]]

They made it past the casted iron gates and arrived at the front door. The door opened and Aether offered a smile. She planned on just sneaking in without seeing the banker, but it was too late now. Aether shook her head, and let Soren respond.

Aether followed them inside, trying to pick up noises in the house, if there were any other footsteps. They sat down and Soren began asking him questions. [b [#00cca3 "I'm sorry, I really got to use the lady's room again." ]] Aether rose up to her feet and ran off to the direction of the bathroom. She got to the locked door. She had to find some way to get in...

She drew something to help her pick lock the door. It was tough, but she managed to get it to unlock. She turned the knob slowly and came face to a dark room, lamps on. There were girls clothes on the floor, bed sheets torn, pillows-torn. As she walked around the bed, she noticed a shattered mirror on the glass. Hmm... She bended down and picked up a strand of long black hair. She began videotaping the room again. She went into the closet and noticed a bloodied bed sheet. What in the world happened here?

There was clearly no one here. Someone definitely had been though. There were scratches on the doors, deep scratches. She found a tray of plates and bread on the table. She opened another room door, a bathroom. There were ropes on the floor, and a window. A broken window. She climbed into the tub and peaked out the window. The shards were outside. Was Emma in here? Did she escape through there? It would be a tough window to climb out of. There was blood on the shards and fur...

Aether backed up from it. It might be Emma, and Emma could be a wolf too. Unless something else happened here. Aether recorded what she could, and took pictures. She stepped out of the room and closed it behind her. Time to find Luke's room.

She carefully and quickly went up the stairs, and hoped that the banker wouldn't notice. She found the banker's room. It was filled with animal heads, on the walls. It was a fairly bland room. There was a cupboard that required a key but she really couldn't get that one to open. So, found Luke's room next, and it was cluttered with books. His bed was undone, and he had a set of large windows, open. Why? It was so cold in the room.

She was definitely taking too long to be in the 'bathroom.' Aether grabbed a notebook, and a book that looked old and was open and put it in a bag she drew up. She ran downstairs and sat down, [b [#00cca3 "Sorry, lady stuff. Did I miss anything?" ]] Aether smiled.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 227d 19m 4s
The thought of torturing him did sound nice, but at the same time, he wasn't going to really. All he wanted was to be able to get some answers out of this damn man because it was really frustrating him that he wasn't telling them anything.

[b [#F78F18 "You heard me. I won't let you out until you give us some useful information. I won't kill you as long as you're cooperative, just be happy that I didn't on the sled"]] he told him and then he saw the fear in his eyes and his pasty look. He wanted him to feel threatened and afraid. It just meant that he'd actually listen if he was afraid. Even Aether was playing along with it, wanting to make him feel some fear. He just kept refusing to talk and didn't want to budge.

He walked over and then he gave him a glass of water, bringing it to his lips. He let him drink and then he asked about Franklin. Luke made it sound like they killed him....was he also a wolf? Well they only attached the wolves that were trying to kill them.

They decided to get more information, so Soren readied himself and told Ara they'd set out to meet the banker. He didn't want to go alone and he didn't want anything to happen to Aether when she stayed separated from him. He liked the idea of distracting while the other went snooping around.

[b [#F78F18 "Okay, I'll talk to him and you can snoop around. This time LUke won't be there to bother us"]] he told her and then they got the information they needed from LUke and stepped outside into the snow. They stepped outside and Soren walked over to hold her hand because he wanted to. He led her into town, thinking about what they could do. [b [#F78F18 "Well we do need to released him. We'll see if what he's saying is true and if we're content tonight, we'll let him go with a threat. If he tells anyone that we apparently killed and held him hostage, we need to come up with a back up plan or something"]] he suggested, walking towards the bankers house.

They passed the open gates and when they arrived at his front door, Soren looked at his watch, seeing that it was 7pm. He waited for the door to open, seeing the banker. THe man greeted them and allowed them inside.

[b "You two didn't happen to see LUke have you"]

[b [#F78F18 "Luke? No, the last we saw him was here in your home"]] he stated.

[b "Well he hasn't come home. Last I heard he was looking for the young Misses. Well I'm sure he's on his way back"] he led them into the living room and sat them down. He had tea laid out on the table with some cookies as Soren looked over at Aether.

[b [#F78F18 "So we need more information about those wolves. We couldn't find any on the mountain up north. You wouldn't happen to know anything else would you?"]] Soren started the interrogation and wanted to buy time for Aether to go snooping.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 227d 12h 19m 37s
The image of dismembered fingers made her shudder. He could be serious. Aether breathed out in relief, because she did not want to see any of that happen. Then again... if neither of them could do torture, than any missions with torture was still out of the picture. Not that she liked them anyway.

Luke's eyes widened and he stuttered, "What do you mean you won't let me out? You're going to kill me? The people in this town will find out." His voice boomed. Aether seriously hoped that they didn't have to kill an AI. [b [#00cca3 "Will they?" ]] Aether smirked and saw his face remain pale and pasty. Although, that could have been from the blood he lost. She hoped he was well enough to stay alive.

Luke rolled his eyes, "I would highly appreciate, if you let me out or gave me some water."
Aether shrugged. They did need to confirm if what he was saying was true. She wasn't about to release him yet.
Luke narrowed his eyes, "Franklin? You killed... I don't know where he is."
[b [#00cca3 "Killed what?"]] Aether leaned forward to the bars, wrapping her fingers around them.
"Nothing." Luke sighed and locked his lips, refusing to answer any more questions. he heard that they would be leaving. That meant, he could spend some time trying to figure out how to get out of the cage.

Aether met Soren's blue eyes and thought about the many things that could happen while they were separated. They had taken care of themselves for years, and remained alive, so they should be fine. But now, that fear built up. The fear of one of them suddenly disappearing and maybe seeing each other in ten years from now.

[b [#00cca3 "Okay," ]] Aether dropped her head forward and gave one glance at the cage. Would it hold him well? It would be nearly impossible to break out of. [b [#00cca3 "Mmm. Or, maybe one of us can distract the father, while the other sneaks in?" ]] There was a good chance that the banker wasn't home though.

[b [#00cca3 "Luke, what time is your step-father usually not home?" ]] Aether looked back at him. Luke sighed, and didn't want to answer but really couldn't care at this point. "He's usually gone most of the day. He comes back home when it's 6 pm."

[b [#00cca3 "We got some time then." ]] Aether smiled at Soren. She really didn't want to do moer work right now, but some things needed to be done. They couldn't just leave Luke here all night. It would be suspicious, and people really would go looking for him. Didn't that they were on a time constraint?
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Watching Aether in the cage was one of the hardest things he's ever done. He honestly didn't want to let her in there after what happened, but she seemed so adamant about it all. HE hated it. Hated how she wouldn't listen and was stubborn, so he didn't really have a choice. HE ended up sighing softly and he watched her carefully dress his wound.

It made him upset watching her taking care of that jerk. He didn't think he deserved to be patched up at all, especially if he could heal on his own. He simply endured it until he watched Aether step out of the cage. Soren locked the bars once more and then he asked Luke where were the other two people. He still didn't answer and it was frustrating Soren so much so he ended up threatening the damn boy.

Of course he wasn't that brutal, but he had to appear that way or it wasn't going to work. He leaned into Aether [b [#F78F18 "Of course not. I won't hurt him like that"]] he whispered and then he glanced back at Luke. HE saw how frozen he was and he knew his threat was working. [b [#F78F18 "Do you really think we'll let you out of there? Of course not"]] he shook his head and then Aether was going to put a curse on him. Could she really do that? HE wouldn't anger her if she could.

At least they were able to soon get some information out of him for once. Emma was at his father's house. [b [#F78F18 "No, we need to verify your information. We'll be going out to see if Emma is there. THen we'll return and you'll tell us where Franklin is, or would you like that do that now?"]] he asked, waiting to hear his answer.

He looked over at Aether and he shook his head [b [#F78F18 "I don't want to risk separating from you. He's in a cage, we'll be okay. Let's head over and see for ourselves"]] he told her, looking back at Luke and then he added another cage around his own. He didn't want to take any chances if he tried to escape. The outer cage even had a huge padlock on it.

[b [#F78F18 "Let's go into town and head over to his father's house? We'll use our tablets to sneak in and take pictured"]] he told her, offering his head as he headed towards the door to head into town.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 228d 1h 57m 8s
Aether stepped into the cage, and kneeled down to the wound. She swore she could feel Luke's eyes on her as she pushed his shirt up, and cleared up his wounds. When she looked up, he smirked at her. Her red eyes rolled, and Soren's voice followed in the background.

"If you can find them without me, than let me go. I promise, I won't attack again. You have my word." Luke still stared hard on Aether, watching the way her hair fell down past her shoulders, and how her fingers worked to wrap the bandage around him. Aether scoffed at his word. She took a step back, once she was done. She felt the sting on her hand when she slapped his cheek, and stepped out of the cage, to stand beside Soren.

"They don't need your help," Luke's voice raised, "Did you ever think that? I'm not talking." He scoffed.

Aether tapped her arm with her index finger. Maybe she should slap him again. Maybe she should stab a knife into his leg. What would make him talk? There was a chance that Luke really hadn't killed them, or done much. So, it was best not to kill him and find out later he wasn't responsible. Before Aether's lips parted, Soren spoke.

[i Cut fingers? ] Her lips parted, and her jaw slightly dropped. Soren...really was violent wasn't he? What has he done to other AI's? She felt the need to take a step away from him. She hasn't done that much torture. What did he even mean by draw on his face? Luke's and Aether's face went a little pale. Aether cleared her voice and then glanced at Soren. She leaned in a bit and whispered, [b [#00cca3 "You're not really going to do that, are you? ]]

Luke spend a whole minute without blinking or breathing. He swallowed and then shook his head, "I am not keeping them anywhere, and they are not children. Their sixteen. You know what- fine, fine. You seem like a reasonable person, yes? If you release those ropes on me and let me out of the cage, I'll tell you where." Luke smiled.

Aether shook her head, [b [#00cca3 "Do you really think we're that stupid?" ]] She stepped forward, [b [#00cca3 "Luke, if you don't tell us, then Soren won't be even able to cut his fingers off because I'll put a curse on you. Do you want that?" ]] She didn't even know how to put a curse.

Luke frowned, "No... Emma... Emma's at my step-fathers house. But I swear I have nothing to do with that. My step-father locked her up there, and he threatened to hurt someone if I tried to let her out. Now can you let me go?"

Aether sighed, and narrowed her eyes. She wasn't sure if he was telling the truth. She leaned into Soren, and kept her voice low, [b [#00cca3 "One of us needs to go check up with Emma, and the other needs to stay here with Luke. I mean, we could go both together, but then Luke would have to be here alone. What do you think we should do?" ]]
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He could tell that Luke wasn't going to budge and that made him upset because Soren really did hate wasting time. He wanted to be able to get things done at a fast pace, but clearly that wasn't happening. He kept his eyes on the blonde male and just sighed softly when Aether came out. He saw where his eyes went and he drew a curtain so he couldn't see a thing.

WHen Aether wanted to go inside, he was completely against it. There was no way he was going to let her near a wolf! Not when he bit her arm. He really did care about Aether too. He shook his head, not letting her until he got fed up with her trying to argue with him. HE ended up letting her in, but he hurried to her side to make sure that she didn't get hurt or that LUke didn't do anything reckless.

[b [#F78F18 "We need you, but we can find them literally without you to. It would be easier if you just answered our questions before we find it out ourselves"]] he sighed and let Aether patch up his wound. HE saw her speaking with him and wasn't getting anywhere either. It was a waste of time and he really just wanted to get it all over with.

Although when she slapped him, Soren had a huge smile on his face. She was awesome. HE definitely had no chance to get with Aether now. [b [#F78F18 "It's all of our business. We have to help them somehow so you're going to talk!"]] he told him and then saw the back and forth with Aether's answers.

[b [#F78F18 "If you don't want to compromise, I can make it easier? How about you answer our questions or I'll cut off a finger each time? WOuld that suit you better? Or did you maybe want me to to come in there and draw on your pretty face? Aether and I can't be wasting all this time with you. We need to find the children. SO where are you keeping them? At home? Locked up in a room? Mr..Alpha?"]] he spoke, watching Luke's response.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 228d 5h 2m 54s
"It's the truth .You should let me go." Luke narrowed his eyes, when Aether in a towel walked in. He kept eyeing her and ignoring Soren till the curtains appeared and his view. Aether stepped out into the bedroom, and dressed herself. When she stepped out, she walked forward to the cage. The long curtains concealed Luke, but he was still opening his mouth and talking.

She held the first aid kit box and waited for Soren to open the doors.
[b [#00cca3 "I may be hurt but I'm getting better. Soren, let me in," ]] She let her weight fall onto her right side, and frowned. The cage door unlocked and she stepped forward. She smiled and met his eyes. Soren did not look happy about doing this. "Thanks." ]] Aether stepped in.

"What? Are you going to try to kill me? You need me for answers, remember," Luke responded. Aether rolled her eyes, [b [#00cca3 "Shut up. We'll find them without you if need be." ]] She opened the box and lifted up his shirt, seeing the wound Soren inflicted. She could see it slowly healing up. He definitely wasn't a normal AI. He really could be a werewolf. She grabbed the gauze and disinfected the area. "You care about me?" Luke asked and felt in horror the thought of losing a limb. He was definitely not attacking her.

[b [#00cca3 "I care about the missing people. If you give us answers, then maybe I might care about you." ]] Aether bandaged him up. [b [#00cca3 "Looks like you're body we'll close up that wound itself. So, you don't need stitches. This should help stop the bleeding." ]] She backed up and slapped him, "That's for getting the wolves to attack us on the first day we came here." ]] She stepped out and let Soren close the gate. [b [#00cca3 "So answer Soren's question. Where are they?" ]]

Luke scoffed, "They're not missing and that's none of your business."
[b [#00cca3 "It is our business. They're not missing because you know where they are. Where are they?" ]]
"Maybe, they don't want to be found."
[b [#00cca3 "Where are they?" ]]
"I don't know."
[b [#00cca3 "You're lying." ]] Aether crossed her arms, [b [#00cca3 "Are you the alpha?" ]]
Luke locked his mouth shut and took a long pause, "No."
[b [#00cca3 "You looked like you had to think about it. You're lying, aren't you?" ]]
"Why does it matter if I'm the alpha or not?"
Aether sighed, and wished she could just get direct answers, [b [#00cca3 "Just answer the question." ]]
"I did," He smirked.
Now she was tempted to torment him, but she kept her cool, "How are you a werewolf?"
He shrugged.
[b [#00cca3 "Why did you attack us?" ]]
Luke smirked, "I thought you were pretty, wanted to get you alone. But, now I know the truth. You're hunters aren't you?"
Aether shrugged, [b [#00cca3 "Maybe, or maybe not, and that's definitely not a way you ask a girl out." ]] Luke grew frustrated at her answer. [b [#00cca3 "Not so great when someone doesn't directly answer their question huh? How about this. If you answer my questions, I'll answer yours." ]] She raised a brow.
Luke shrugged, "I won't know if you're telling the truth."
Aether groaned. This was going to take a while.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 228d 9h 16m 15s
When he saw Luke trying to tug on the ropes, Soren just simply laughed because he knew that he wasn't going to get anywhere. His arms were tied back and so were his legs, not to mention the fact that he was in a cage. How was he going to even get out?

He heard his threat and Soren simply rolled his eyes. [b [#F78F18 "You know the more you threaten me, the more you're going to stay in there, you do know that right?"]] he asked wondering if he was just stupid or just adamant at the same time. He saw him trying to transform and then he let out another deep sigh [b [#F78F18 "Just stop trying to struggle. You're only making it worse for yourself"]] he saw Aether walk out in just a towel and tried to keep his eyes from looking back at her.

He drew a curtain to cover him up and heard how upset Aether was. She headed back to the room and Soren asked a few questions, knowing he probably wasn't going to answer. He wasn't really cooperating.

[b [#F78F18 "Hmm, I'll see if I want to bandage you up, but Aether, you can't. You're hurt"]] he told her, looking back at her arm. [b [#F78F18 "Let me handle it"]] he told her, getting up and then walking towards the cage. When he walked towards the cage, he brought up the curtain and then he sighed. Aether seemed too adamant to listen and he just frowned. [b [#F78F18 "You can go in, but if you do anything to her Luke, I'm coming in right after. YOu're lucky Aether cares about you. If there's a scratch on her, I'm taking a limb"]] he warned, letting Aether into the cage as he stood by the door. He kept a close eye on him and then he shook his head if he was thinking about trying something.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 1y 228d 10h 32m 9s
Luke tugged on the ropes, and figured with some extra work he could break out of it, but the cage was a different store. He narrowed his eyes at Soren, "They will shun you out of town if they find out you've been holding me." His blood was boiling at what Soren said. He tried to go wolf again, and was slowly trying to get to it but he was bleeding and it made it that much more difficult.

Aether stepped in and tried to keep a calm expression, while holding her head down. Luke commented. Oh...the embarrassment. She stared right down and grabbed her tablet. She heard Soren's laugh, and Ara took a peak at Soren. Her face turned red, and she noticed him drawing something. She turned her head and saw the curtains on the cell.

"Oh, that's just not right," Luke groaned.
[b [#00cca3 Aether frowned, "Shut up." ]] She looked through her outfits, and tried to pick out what she wanted to wear, while asking on the status of the interrogation. [b [#00cca3 "Really? I'm surprised he said he'd talk." ]] Aether nodded and stepped out into the bedroom and changed into her clothes and stepped back out, to hear Soren asking Luke where the mission people were. She wondered if he'd actually answer that.

"I'll answer that question once I'm bandaged up." Luke scoffed.
Aether stood in front of the cage and folded her arms. He was right. They needed to bandage him up. She didn't want him to die. [b [#00cca3 "Soren, could you let me in? I'll bandage him up. He's tied up, so he can't do much anyway." ]] She went to grab the first aid box and looks back at Soren again, waiting for him to allow her in the cage. Luke might not answer, but they definitely needed to treat him before he bled out and passed out. If he passed out, he wouldn't be so useful then.

The second he opened the gate, she would step in. If Luke made any sudden movements, she would react.
  Aether / Ravenity / 1y 228d 11h 13m 30s

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