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[b “Oh...well I still should pay for myself. I don’t want it to make it more difficult for you.” ] Soren held her hand and she didn’t like thinking that he would so easily forget that she was here with him. He tried to say what he meant but to her it sounded like the same thing with different choice of words. [b “Okay…” ] She whispered and Soren took her outside. Evern outside it felt crowded. Cities always were, weren’t they? So much she had to get used to. She walked alongside him and wondered if she did everything wrong. [b “Only one guy talked to me. There were two on you. It’s not that...I really care, it’s just...I didn’t think people were like this here." ]

She wasn’t sure where they were heading but she did pick up the changes and a place with some sort of rides. They looked interesting and fun. She got distracted by the sights that she kept walking until Soren sat down on the bench. She sat down with him [b “What’s those things?” ] She pointed and turned her head again when he spoke. [b “Yea, they did” ] She lightly laughed [b “I wanted it to be us too.” ] She looked up when she realized he was looking up. She couldn’t really pick up the stars because of the amount of light below compared to what she saw in the worlds she was used to, but she picked up the flying ships. She calmed down more and then looked back at Soren.

Aether shuddered [b “It’s getting colder.” ] She scooted closer [b “I guess it probably really hit you, that I don’t fit in here.” ] She sighed. She didn’t know if she ever would but she wanted to get to know this world since Soren liked it so much. [b "I'm glad you took me out though. I had a really nice dinner, and now really know what a club is." ]
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He loved this world, but maybe it was on the extreme side for Aether. He knew she loved worlds on the other side of the spectrum, but he really did like these. He didn't want to mess up though and all he really wanted was to make her happy because he really liked her. He explained how you had to keep up a certain income otherwise they would kick you out of the city, only the people able to pay for these things could live here.

He danced with her, having so much fun, but when the girl came up, she just had to ruin the fun by kissing his cheek. He sighed, watching Aether go over to drink at the bar. He didn't want to dance alone or with anyone else, so he walked to her side, seeing her drinking a bit more than he'd like her to. He tried to make the other guy step away, but clearly she wanted to handle it himself. She was as independent as she could be.

[b "Sorry, everything here is just paid electronically. It's easy"] he held her hand and then he told her they should just leave. [b "No, I need to remember that I'm not alone alone and I have someone I care about"] he walked with her and then he led her out of the club. THe fresh air smelled nice and the peace and quiet grew. It felt really great! He walked along the side walk with her so she could sober up a little. [b "Let's just walk around for a while. I didn't like how those guys kept talking to you"] he admitted, leading her to a park.

The park had small train rides, bumper cars, motorcycle races, and cool little toys for kids. He sat on the bench and just held her hand for a moment. [b "I kind of wanted it just to be you and I, those other people kind of got in the way didn't they"] he said softly as he looked up at the sky. It was filled with stars, there were flying ships passing by, but it was much more relaxing than in the club.
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This world didn't sound like too much fun. She imagined that Soren must have worked really hard. She stuck to wonderland for a long while and it wasn't too hard there, and when she switched worlds, she still always had food, shelter and got to have fun. She frowned [b "That's...scary. Once I buy a home I can never lose that home, unless someone tries to break in and attack but, I usually can handle that." ] She really didn't get what kind of problems these worlds brought compared to hers.

She danced with him for a while and then this girl came up. It didn't seem right to her. She was upset at how things were, not used to it and not sure what it meant. She didn't think she was mad at Soren, just...not aware of how things were like here. She went to drink. In her world alcohol was never blue, or teal. She recalled drinking two times and it one of them was by accident. She couldn't remember about going to a club before. [b "Well, I didn't think it was alcohol, because it's a strange color. I think I'll be fine," ] She sighed and then some guy came up. How annoying.

[b "What's a tab? I only ordered two," ] She mentioned and her eyes widened [b "What! You know, you really need to tell me these things." ] She frowned and got sad and thought about how if Soren didn't have enough money than he would get kicked out. She lifted her hand and realized Soren was holding it. When did this happen? Well, not that she minded. [b "Oh, alright. .." She nodded but then paused for a while [b "But, remember what? That you're with me now? That shouldn't be something you have to remember..." ] Aether didn't budge when he said "let's go."

[b "I didn't. I swear." ] She felt a little out of it but, she still felt fine. She didn't get why was he saying the things he was saying. [b "Go Now? Why are saying that? You're acting weird." ] Whatever, she didn't want to be here anymore anyway. Aether got up, [b "Fine, let's go back." ]
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[b "The entrance fee yeah. It does cost a bit of money, but once you're in, there's plenty of places that would want to hire you. All they need is a working body and they're happy with that"] he stated, thinking about the home he made. [b "If I didn't have enough money, maybe. I don't think it'll happen though. I like to have a security saving so that I don't lose it"] he led her to the floor and tried to show her how to dance.

His teal eyes followed her, but then he saw the girl kiss his cheek, he watched her sit at the bar. That must have meant that he upset her. He didn't mean to though. He was just used to letting himself go at the club all the time. He couldn't help it if he had to focus on one girl. He just had to get back into that behavior again. He frowned and walked after her at the bar, seeing her drink a few drinks. He wanted her to have a fun night with him, but when she kept drinking, he sighed. [b "You've had alcohol before. Even back at your worlds. You know what they do"] he sighed and then he told the bartender to stop giving her drinks for now.

Then another male came by and that ticked him off. HE couldn't believe he was trying to talk to Aether and have her dance with him even if her boyfriend was right there. He tried to tell him no, but then she spoke and he sighed, leaning back and letting her talk. He must have made her really upset and with the alcohol, she wasn't so happy.

[b "It's because this club has my tab. Everything you're ordering is going on my card already. I'm already paying for all of those"] he told her, seeing her space out. He looked at the dance floor and then he sighed, thinking that maybe bringing her here wasn't the best. Maybe it was only good to have her dancing at a club in her world. Maybe....Aether just didn't belong in Avalon?

He held her hand and overheard her. [b "It didn't bother me at the moment, but now it does. I'm sorry. I just have to remember a few things"] he held her hand and then he glanced at the door. [b "Let's go. We've already danced, and you've already had too much to drink"] he told her, thinking that maybe the night was pretty much over. He wasn't really in the mood to stay in this kind of atmosphere anymore.

[b "Aether, let's go back. Maybe we can take a break and go to the snow world?"]
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[b "It must have cost a lot then." ] She felt really lucky she landed near Soren, and not out into the 'slumps.' She frowned [b "So you could lose your home?" ] She guessed it made sense. Naturally, someone had to sell their land if they couldn't afford it anymore. Soren took her hand and they were on the dance floor. She had fun with it, trying to follow along and then something out of place happened. A girl kissed Soren's cheek. It upset her, she upset her. She head out and sat down and drink. It definitely didn't taste exactly like juice. She finished one and was already near done the other. Maybe it would taste better without that funny taste but, she would make do. It kind of reminded her of potions.

This world was much different. In this world kissing some other's girlfriend/boyfriend or date must have not meant much, but it meant something to her. It bugged her. She wasn't upset at Soren, not exactly. Aether rested her chin in the palm of her hand, staring down at the cool drink again. She didn't know why was given more but she didn't question it. Although, seriously, it did remind her of some potions. Oh, she felt a little light headed. She turned her head and tried to hold up a smile [b "I'm fine." ] Hold it. [i Mess me up?" ] [b "Now you tell me! These are potions aren't they." ] SHe narrowed her eyes at the drink and then she realized, [b "This isn't potions. Crap." ] Soren was reaching to hold her hand but she pretended like she didn't notice it and was just casually letting her hand rest on the bar. She wasn't mad at him, but it bothered her that it didn't bother him. Which was stupid.

[b"Mmm, yea, give me a moment." ] Soren' liked this stuff, he probably found this sort of thing a lot of fun. Aether doubly blinked and felt just a tiny bit dizzy. She felt a tap on her shoulder and she glanced back. [i 'cutie' ] That made her want to roll her eyes. [b "Relaxing, as in quiet?" ] She kind of liked that idea but wait, what did he say before that. He wanted to dance right? Nope. Then Soren spoke for her. [b "I can speak for myself." ] She stated.

Aether looked back at the guy, [b "No, don't ignore the fact that I have a boyfriend. Besides, I can't dance...I don't think you would actually want to," ] She shrugged, no understanding why someone would even ask her to. She stared at all the drinks in front of her, [b " come I don't have to pay here for drinks? I can't even have these." ] She then spaced out again, [b "It doesn't look like it bothers you when some girl kisses you." ] She mentioned, but quietly, unsure if he actually heard her or not form all the loud noise. If she got anymore ticked, than maybe she would even go and dance with some random person.
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He never really saw many animals because most of the futuristic worlds had robotic animals or robots. He only really saw them in the worlds she enjoyed or the wolves in the snow world. Soren brought her to the club and then he held her hand, seeing that she was the most attractive girl at the club. He couldn't compare anyone else to someone who was real and had the same experiences as he did.

He sat at the bar, letting her grab a drink and then seeing the eyes fall on her. As if those guys knew what she's been through or what she liked and disliked. He felt only he could make Aether happy at least. [b "The slumps only requires you to pay in once. Once you're in you're okay, but if you can't afford to live in the city, you have to go back again"] he told her, holding her hand as he walked with her towards the dance floor. IT wasn't until he felt a kiss on his cheek that he looked to see it wasn't Aether.

He ignored the girl and then he kissed her cheek, seeing her mood drop as she grabbed another one. Did he upset her? Soren just continued to dance on the dance floor, but when he was pulled to dance, he shook his head [b " it's okay. I'm going to get another drink"] he went to meet up with Aether again and then he took another sip. [b "Are you okay? Don't drink too much. I know these drinks are fruity, but they are filled with stuff that can mess you up"] he told her, reaching and holding her hand in his.

[b "Do you still want to dance? We can stay away from the crowd and just relax for a bit if you're tired?"] he asked, taking another sip. ONe of the guys walked over and tapped Aether on her shoulder. "Hey cutie. Do you want to dance? Maybe I can take you somewhere even more relaxing?" he asked and Soren just gave him a glare.

[b "She's my girlfriend. She's not going anywhere"] he told him, seeing the guy just glance back at Aether, ignoring him. "If you want to, all you have to do is say yes"
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[b "Wow, I've always seen animals." ] It was hard to picture what it would have been liken not seeing all the animals she had seen. This world really didn't have that many. She would rather have animals then robots. Robots still freaked her out.

Aether lightly laughed, [b "I guess. It's usually just buy a there isn't much to it." ] But, she sure thought it would be nice to sit by a fire with Soren, eating together and enjoying the night sky. That would really be romantic. She had a few things she wished she could do with him, and some of them were sadly cheesy. She didn't really want to let him know about those.

What did the poor place look like? Was it much different than here? She wanted to give a glance at it but she could tell that he didn't want to be reminded by it too much. That couldn't have been easy. Aether raised her brow [b "Do you have to pay it every time? I'm glad I find a sneaky way to get in here." ] She figured since Soren was here, she wouldn't have trouble staying here. [b "That sounds tough...and you still really like Avalon too." ]

Soren got her a drink, which was pretty nice. She didn't think anyone would be looking at her except for the obvious reason she stuck out. Her cheeks warmed [b "I...I guess that's possible. You gave me some pretty nice choices." ] He held her hand and lead her to dance with him. It was nerve wracking at first but then it got fun. It was definitely different music but not all of it was bad. She playfully bumped him with her hips at the side and then-some girl came up. What the hell was she doing? Was this common behaviour here? It bugged her. Soren didn't look bothered by it at all and...that concerned her too.

She stopped for a moment and had a ticked off expression, seeing that girl just laugh and shrug it off. How the hell was that funny!? Then she saw her go off and kiss some other random person. What the hell... Soren pulled her in, kissed her cheek. She frowned and looked back at Soren when he asked. How could she used to this type of crowd, and people randomly going up and kissing her now boyfriend. But she didn't have the guts to say "No." She smiled [b "Yea. I'm want to go... get something else to drink." ]

If she were in her world, having random girls kissing Soren cheek or ogling him like they were about to bed him and undressing him with their eyes wouldn't really be a problem. Not if they wanted to lose their tongue. She head off and drank that teal stuff and the bartender gave her something else and she was taking sips of it while gathering her thoughts. [i This world is different. Maybe it's not offensive here. Maybe a kiss on the cheek means 'hello'. Maybe. ]

Some other girl was trying to take Soren's hand and urging him to come and dance with her. Aether looked back and saw that and Oh, did she not like it. But she wasn't about to hurt someone for it either.
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He shook his head, [b "I don't really hang out with animals too often. Mostly robots, the wolves we had to deal with at the snow place, and fish....I don't really meet too many animals. I mostly meet them when I'm with you"] he smiled and remembered how Bacon first met him. She was just a stray pig about to become a meal when he took notice of her. Now she was just a house pet and everyone loved her even Aether.

The thought of killing an animal though and eating it for food was something he didn't really do. Usually in futuristic worlds the food was already prepackaged. He never really saw what they did to the animals at all. If Aether knew how to cook them from scratch, that would be amazing. [b "Maybe you can cook for me one time"] he suggested, thinking that he'd really enjoy it.

They finished dinner and he told her that it was more of a date because they were dating after all and he was taking her to some nice places. He led her to the club, thinking about the places he used to live in and how hard he had to work to get to where he was now. When he lived in the slumps, it was hard to just try and get your next meal. Luckily for him, there were nice people that offered to help.

[b "I could come here, but there was a fee you had to pay. It's actually a decent amount of money, so I had to save and work hard to try and make it past the gates"] he held her hand and led her into the club, walking with her towards the bar.

He bought her a drink and then he noticed that there were a few of the guys looking over at Aether and whispering to each other. He shook his head [b "No it's because you're really pretty in that dress Aether"] he held her hand and then he walked with her towards the dance floor. He moved his hips, stepped from side to side and then he gave her a twirl and just had some fun. He saw Aether feeling more comfortable as he moved to the music.

When the girl kissed his cheek, Soren looked over and realized it wasn't Aether. He didn't back away though until he saw Aether pushing her back. He had gotten so used to just being in a crowd and letting things go that he forgot he had Aether now. He leaned into her more and then he kissed her cheek. He pulled her in for a hug and then he spun her in a circle, laughing a little. [b "Are you having fun Aether?"] he asked, a smile on his face, just happy to have her as his girlfriend and being with her again.
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Aether laughed, [b "She isn't the only pig you've met is she?" ] It was hard to believe that he took liking to a pig of all things, and named her Bacon... Poor thing. She explained a bit about how they would get chicken compared to getting it in a pack. Aether grinned [b "Sure, I think you'll like it." ] She never thought this was an actual date just because she was used to being asked if there was something. Unless...this whole time she hadn't realized something was a date when it was. Somehow, that sounded like it might have already happened.

She picked up his expression when she talked about it. She wondered how horrible it really must have been. She knew it was horrible over back in the worlds she lived too. For a while, she was stuck in not having too much money and struggled. But, she never had a big problem.

[b "It must have been hard. Scouted? So you couldn't come here if you didn't have permission?" ] She wondered. It would make sense to her. It wasn't much different in the worlds she was. Some of them were much kinder though.

She walked inside the bar with him and itw as loud, with many people. She didn't understand what they were doing out in public. That was too much. Her eyebrow raised, [b "[i That ] is dancing? That looks like rubbing." ] She didn't get it. He took her hands before she had the chance to say that she felt too nervous to. It seemed like some eyes were always on Soren. She scoffed at his comment, [b "Yea right. If anyone is looking, it's because I don't fit in." ] She couldn't see any steps to follow... This was way different than the dancing she saw at balls. Soren was moving, dancing and she tried to follow and he even twrilled her. She eventually loosened up, like having him near and trying to do what everyone else was doing, swaying her hips, taking a two step and holding Soren's hand. Then some girl walked right up to Soren, looking not in her right mind and kissed him on the cheek and tried to even go for it.

Aether pushed her face off, shoving her away, [b "Nah uh." ] and tugged Soren closer, wanting to protect him away from this weirdo.
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He could tell that she looked happy, but he was smiling because he enjoyed the time spent with her. He still couldn't really believe that Aether managed to find him and they were back together. It felt like it would have been another ten years or even longer. He was really happy.

He did remember promising to help her with the ball at her world and when she remembered, he smiled [b "Of course I do. I miss Bacon too. She's my favorite pig. She took a liking to me so fast"] he remembered when Bacon started warming up to her too.

He never thought that killing a chicken would be like that. He's never done it before. That's why seeing animals amazed him because in Avalon they were rare. [b "Yeah, you can treat me to a homemade chicken dinner one day"] he smiled, telling her that he thought it was a date. He guessed that he needed to be more straightforward with her.

The thought of living back in the poor area made him cringe. He didn't want to go back there. [b "I used to live there before. I did a few missions and was scouted into the city. Once I started learning what to do and doing other missions and going to other worlds, I made enough to support myself here"] he told her.

As they went into the bar, he sat at the counter, ordering her a drink she might like as he watched the people on the dance floor. They looked like they were having so much fun grinding and dancing. He saw Aether take a drink and then he laughed at her words [b "They don't test it. It's just a type of dance here. Let's go dance a little?"] he asked her, taking her hands in his, not noticing the stares he was getting. He looked at Aether [b "I guess, but guys are attracted to you too"] he mentioned, seeing some guys giving her looks.

He led her to the dance floor and then he he held her hands, moving slowly to the music and then shaking his hips and leaning into Aether, giving her a little twirl to just get her moving to the beats. [b "Just follow my lead and have some fun"]
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That smile really lit up. why did he look so happy? Was he really that happy that she liked it here? Well, she still had much to get used to but she did like the places Soren brought her too. She did wonder what order her memories were in. She listened on andremembered that she wanted to have that ball at the castle. [b "AH, yes. That would have been fun. Did you want to? Bacon misses you too, she always looks like she's looking for someone when I'm around." ]

The chicken was good and Soren even shared his with her. It was odd to be sharing food like this but she kind of liked it. Soren was looking so happy sitting and eating here with her. She thought his reaction about the chicken was funny. [b "Really?" ] Her eyes widened, [b "Maybe I will then." ]
[b "Ohhh, so it's just assumed. If I'm with a friend alone, would that count as a date too?" ] She wasn't used to these sort of things. [b "No, it's not a big deal. But, it would be nice to know when it is a date." ] She would take some of his fries, she couldn't tell if he noticed but if he did, he clearly didn't mind that she was taking some of them.

Aether frowned [b "That doesn't sound too good. They had to make it themselves... Sounds like you've been there then. Do they have missions there?" ] She really did want to know more about this world. Aether smiled, good, it wuldn't be good if she couldn't get in. They finished eating and Soren offered his hand. she took his hand and they went out into the city night with all those crazy lights. She was amazed by it. They stepped in and she was allowed in this time.

The music was loud, and people were dancing in ways she didn't see very often. She stared at the drink. It was teal. Was this some sort of poison? What kind of drink was teal? [b "You had me at fruity." ] She was a big lover of anything that involved fruits. She took a good gulp and doubly blinked, [b "This doesn't taste like juice...I've had before." ] She shrugged, [b "It is pretty." ] She watched people dancing. Then she saw grinding. Holy crap. [b "Soren, you didn't tell me people pratically test the limit while they dance. That is so weird." ] She looked back at his eyes and then noticed...there were a few girls she spotted looking at Soren. She scooted more closer to him. [b "Girls are always attracted to you huh." ]
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He wasn't exactly sure if she enjoyed it here, but he did his best to make sure that she was okay. Soren didn't want her to stay here if she didn't feel comfortable and he was okay with going everywhere else for her sake, so he didn't mind. He asked her and when she said she was enjoying it, he had a huge smile on his face. It felt great knowing that she liked it here.

[b "Finish a few things. Like how we planned to have an official ball in your castle. We still have to do that too. Besides, I miss Bacon too"] he grinned and then he sat there finishing up his fried chicken. It was delicious, so he just had to share it with her. His eyes watched her and then he saw her take a bite. He looked at his leftover chicken and then he took a bite, knowing it was an indirect kiss.

He had a small smile on his face and he listened to her talking about the chicken. He bit down on his lip and then he nodded [b "Hmm, when we go back to your world, you should show me sometimes"] he saw her ruby eyes looking over his clothes and he rubbed the back of his head a little. [b "I don't have to ask. Usually if it's just the two of you together doing something like's a date. Unless you want me to ask you first?"] he asked and saw her sweet smile.

He saw her taking some of his fries, but he didn't mind it. He ordered a lot anyway. [b "Well they usually live in worn down houses they make themselves, or some small, run down apartment buildings. It's a lot of scrap metal"] he scratched his head and then he remembered when he used to live there as a child. It was a very hard place to come out of. If it weren't for him gaining money in other worlds, he wouldn't have what he did now.

He paid for the food and then he nodded [b "Yeah. I'll make sure you can make it in"] he stood up and then he offered her his hand as he walked outside with her. They headed down the street, seeing the lights fill up the city as he grinned and then he walked with her into a bar. There was dancing, music filled the air and the sight of lights flashing. PEople were in seats drinking, others at the bar, people huddled up together in seats, others dancing on the floor was a sight to see.

He led her inside, walking her to the bar as he ordered them both a drink. His was a neon green one and he ordered a bright, teal one for her. [b "It's fruity. Try it. A lot of the girls like this drink"] he told her, taking a sip of his as he watched the dancers, letting Aether get a feel for the place.
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[b "it always is there, we'll have to bundle up. Mmm, maybe. But I do like spending time with you in this world too Soren." ]] She didn't want having him think she didn't like it here. [b "Finish what?" ] She raised a brow. She did remember a few things from there but she didn't know in what order it happened in.

She could not believe fish was such a luxurious thing, unless it was a rare fish but, they couldn't even get real fish to give to everyone. Was it illegal to go fishing then? It definitely had to be illegal, maybe hunting too. Eh, how bad could the punishment be anyway? How would they even know? Soren leaned in and shared his chicken so she took a bite. It definitely had the flavour, not the same as she had from the farm but, it still tasted really good.

Aether giggled [b "Well, it's actually already dead by the time you behead it, beats me why the walk around without it." ] She shrugged, [b "But it does make you value a chicken more." ] This really did feel like a date. Soren was dressed up tonight and he took her out to such a cool place. She felt really happy. Her eyes widened [b "It is? You don't have to ask someone on a date here do you to call it a date do you?" ] She sighed and then smiled [b "I'm glad. This is really nice." ] She was pretty close to finishing her chicken. Aether didn't get fries... She decided to take one of Soren's while he was talking, hoping he was too distracted.

[b "So there is more than just the main city. What do their homes look like? Keep them out...? How?" ] Maybe this world wasn't so different. There was a hierarchy. The rich and the poor. That she understood. That must meant Soren had the money to live here. [i Fat chance you have the money to live here. ] Avalon intimidated her as a kid. The machines were scary as hell to her. She would rather be around cuddly creatures. But, she grew up.

She was about to grab another chicken wing when-she realized she finished. [b "Oh...Looks like I'm done." ] She lifted her eyes back up at him. [b "Make sure that wherever we're going, I can actually go in okay?" ] She lightly laughed remembering how he walked into some place and it was restricted for her.
  Aether / Ravenity / 40d 23h 55m 49s
He knew that it mustn't be easy for he to just adjust her entire lifestyle to stay here. It wasn't fair to just have her tag along wherever he goes if he liked all of these things and she didn't. He did enjoy her company though and having Aether around felt great. The loneliness was gone.

At the restaurant, it was filled with lights, fish, and good food. Even though it was made from a package, the restaurants did their best to try and make their food stand out by using different sauces, rehydrating, and just making it their own.

[b "We can go back, it'll be a little cold, but I bet you're feel more comfortable. We can always go back to the castle too and finish what we've started"] he smiled, explaining what fish was about. Only the rich people here have the opportunity to have fish like this or eat real cooked food sometimes.

He shared his chicken, seeing her take a bite. When she brought up the dead chicken running around, he rubbed the back of his head [b "Ouch. That's so mean though. I guess I wouldn't want to see one like that in real life"] he frowned, taking another bite. [b "Even if they do taste good"] he ate some fries and then he saw her sweet smile. [b "It is a date! I'm taking you out to dinner and then dancing"] he assured her, a smile on his face as he looked out the window to the river.

[b "There are. They usually on the outskirts of the city. Past the bridge I live by. They don't have the money to live within the city, but they still make a living outside. We have strict authorities that keep them out though because they need to keep up a certain look at least"]
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She still needed to the time to get adjusted, but there was a few things that she enjoyed, mostly being around Soren. The interior of the space was not like what she saw back in the worlds she stayed in, they were mostly very rustic, made out of wood and-well no heating. This was much different. She never thought about ever using fish as a part of decor. It was pretty odd but interesting. Aether smiled [b "Sure, I think it'll help. This world is pretty nice too." ] Only not what she was used to.

Aether scoffed [b "Fish? Luxurious? It's not so hard to catch them in a river. Does that mean fish sell for a lot here? I should have went fishing before I came here..." ] She sighed, could have made some money off of it. That made sense. She didn't see the point of having all these restaurants though if they didn't make it themselves. Soren offered, so she leaned in and took a bite. It did taste good. She nodded [b "Not bad but have you tried fresh killed chicken? You feel a little bad when you chop there head and they run without it's head but...than you'll get hungry and it's not so bad anymore." ] She ate the fried chicken and she was enjoying it.

[b " nice, this is like date." ] She smiled back.She was so glad she got to do the things she didn't think she'd do with him because she wasn't even sure if she'd ever see him again or if he was even entirely real. [b "Does this world have any poor people?" ] She wondered, since she hadn't really seen any around the streets that she passed by.
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