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He really wanted her to have something customized and since he could, why not? She did a good job finding a job she enjoyed doing in a world she's not even used to. He smiled and saw that she said she could kill robots with her name. He laughed and then he asked her if she was okay. If she was hurt or not. [b "As long as you're okay Aether. I don't want you to do something that'll separate you from me"] he admitted.

He ate the burger and felt really good because he was so hungry from today. [b "Well hopefully we can add that later. Either way, you have blankets so we'll be fine"] he smiled, eating up more fries. [b "There's humans here, some aliens, robots. They're everywhere in Avalon. But they all have different social status' and the robots seem to mostly be more rich than everyone else"] he said when he felt her warm lips on him.

He really did like to kiss her, but sometimes in public places, he felt a bit shy about it mostly because lately she hasn't done it often. [b "I'm glad you like it"] he finished up and paid for the rest, getting up and then walking with her towards their bikes. Soren rode his cycle, heading back up the hill to where her new home was. He walked towards her door and then he shook his head [b "We can just head to bed if you want?"] he stated and then he walked with her upstairs towards her bedroom. [b "Are you okay with me sleeping in the same bed as you?"] he asked, opening his inventory and changing into sweat pants and a shirt.
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Aether’s gun was about to be beautiful. She took notice of the engraving, her name, or at least the short form and what Soren called her. She adored his gift and hoped she would put the gun to good use. [b “Ah, I hope it’s rare because it’s strong. Thank you Soren, you even but Aeth on it! Now I can kill robots with my name.” ] She smirked. Soren sure was sweet. She nodded, [b “So did I. We’re both mistaken about that. I’ll be okay, the most I can get is bruises from harder falls. Besides, even if I did, it’ll heal in no time.” ] She wasn’t too worried, as long ashe didn’t die, it didn’t matter.

The burger and fries were good. She was…starving. She had snacks but she did a lot of work and the snacks couldn’t fill her up enough. She felt some relief to know Soren was coming to her home tonight. She laughed, “Of course it’s going to warm, I’m not going to have you cold…wait…I didn’t think about adding any heating system,” ] Her eyes widened, [b “I should probably do that.” ] IN the world sshe stayed in, a heating system was only a fireplace.

Aether nodded and took one fry he offered her, [b “Yup. It’s fun and I get to see people act. It’s really cool. I looked almost just like that actress! Well-besides my face.” ] She shrugged and sighed [b “Soren, are there not a lot of humans here?” ] It seemed like everywhere she went was robots. [b “Are there robots in the waste too?” ] She wondered.

She would lean in and kiss him, because she felt the need to. He looked taken back and…she wondered if she made a mistake. He smile, but faintly. She wasn’t sure…if she should have done that. It was hard to read his mind. She grew quiet and ate. “Mmm, thank you, I really like your gift.” ] She finished eating and paid for her own meal this time around. [i Would be awkward…to sleep in the same bed?” ] She liked it but wondered if he felt different now. [i Probably should ask him.” ] But she kept it to herself and figured she was just seeing something that wasn’t there and if it bothered him, he’d make it more obvious.
[b “Let’s go?” ] She asked, getting up. She took her own cycle, still slow compared to Soren because she was still a little afraid. It was harder to drive when it was dark and she made sure to keep track of him. They arrived at her home, it was lit up and she felt safe again. As they parked and faced the door, she looked at him, “I’m really tired, I want to go straight to bed but, if you want to stay up a bit I will too.” ]
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He missed being around Aether like this. It's been a while since he's got to be in her company and he wasn't used to having to go out without her. He was glad to see her smiling though because she was really pretty when she did. He grinned and ordered his food after they sat down, seeing that she was going to get the same thing. Soren thought about the rewards [b "No, it's mostly just money to buy what I need"] he told her, giving her a gift for getting a job she wanted.

He saw her open it up and it was a teal skin with red stripes going through the gun. On the side it had a small engraving that said [i Aeth] on it. He saw her open it and smiled, taking a bite of fries of as he nodded [b "Yeah, apparently that gun is really rare too. I want yours to look really cool"] he grinned and then he listened to her talking about that job. [b "Really? Aww I thought you'd actually get to punch someone. Just don't get hurt okay?"] he told her, hoping she didn't get anything broken.

He took a bite of his burger and he smiled at the taste. IT was yummy, especially since he was eating with her. [b "Yes we are. I want to test out this new home of yours to make sure it's warm enough"] he offered her one of his fries and then he popped another in his mouth. [b "You do like the job right? Maybe I can come watch you in action"] he suggested, wanting to see how cool she looked pulling off cool stunts.

When she kissed him, he looked a bit taken back, but it felt warm. He would smile shyly and then he continued to eat his burger [b "I just thought it'd be nice to get you something for all your hard work"] he told her, since he knew how hard she worked serving people.
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It was a breath of fresh air to see Soren again. As exciting as today was, she sure enjoyed being around him. She nodded but for some reason she wasn’t entirely convinced that he was surprised. Well! It didn’t matter. [b “I’m okay and I had a lot of fun. It was kind of tiring though and…it was fun.” ] She was almost going to mention the minor bruises but she didn’t want him to worry. She tried to ask him about his day because she felt she should hear him out and wondered if he really spend the whole day running errends.

[b “Wow, do you get rewards for hacking? Or is it just money?” ] Aether followed him inside, and she sat with him by the window. Aether looked at the interface where it held the menu. She rested her chin on the palm of her hand and wondered what should she even get. She would peak over at Soren and she decided to get the same as him.

Aether want onto explain the stunts she did, and how cool it was. [b “Did you know that people don’t realy punch each other in movies? It’s just fake. I would have preferred if they really did try to punch me-because then I’d really have to dodge and it’ll look far more real.” ] She mentioned and would pop some fries in her mouth.

She raised a brow, [b “Really, you got me something? You don’t have to do that.” ] But seeing him smile made her fill with happiness. She felt good. She had a job and home in Avalon now and she hoped she could stand next to Soren. She took the small box in her hands and opened the lid. She got a notification appear and she read it, seeing how her gun would look like. [b “Aww Soren,” ] She was in such awe. He definitely knew her favorite color, it was the same color as his eyes. [b “Thank you.” ]

Aether let the silence grow, admiring him, feeling happy because of how this day went and how kind Soren was to even get her a gift for getting her first job here. She leaned in suddenly and gave him a kiss, and then would lean back. She took a fry and fed one to him and took one to herself, [b “The fires are seriously good here.” ] She munched on them and then lifted the burger. Ohhh, it was so good. She watched Soren again and playfully kicked his foot underneath the table gently. She giggled quietly, [b “We are sleeping at my place tonight, right?” ] She wanted to make sure.
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He was really glad that she was doing well with the stunts because at the restaurant, she seemed pretty down. He was glad she could do something that she enjoyed at least. It was hard work, but he just hoped she didn't get hurt or anything. Soren saw her message and then he watched a bit more to make sure she got it. She was doing well and the director really liked it as well.

He smiled and then he decided to head off to finish up his errands. He stopped by a weapon shop and looked through the upgrades. The cashier was even impressed to see that he got that gun. Apparently it was really rare, so Soren decided to buy a cool colored skin for Aether. Maybe she'd like it as a gift. He restocked his shields and cloaks and then he headed towards his bike outside. He messaged her to see if she'd be okay with dinner.

He texted her the address of a burger place in the city. They had great fries and everything was made fresh to order. He zoomed off and parked in the parking, seeing Aether show up. [b "Oh really? That's great! Are you okay did you have fun?"] he asked, wanting to make sure she enjoyed it.

[b "I just restocked weapons and um...did a hacking job really quick"] he told her, not wanting to tell her that he was following her the whole time.

[b "Let's talk inside"] he led her to a seat by the window, holding the menu and actually feeling really hungry. He looked over at her and listened to her talk about her day, even if he watched her half of the time. Soren decided to go with a barbecue bacon burger with fries and a lemonade. He saw the robotic waiter approaching to take their order.

[b "Oh I have something for you. To congratulate you on getting your first job"] he said proudly, pulling out a small box and giving it to her. When she opened it, it would be added to her inventory and she could put the skin on her gun.
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Aether peaked at her phone when she got a reply from Soren. She grinned and the makeup artist reminded her not to move. She responded to him right away [i ‘I’ll be careful. Nothing bad happened today. Okay! I can’t wait till dinner with you.’ ] She sent him. She decided to leave the whole restaurant thing out. She hoped to never tell him of how she embarrassed herself. She clearly sucked being a waitress but-at least she got to do this. She stepped out there and would do the stunts. Then she realized there were even more. Sometimes she’d have to do a retake but she was doing just fine. She liked watching and there was snacks she could grab too.

One of the actors came up to her, he introduced himself as Matt. She had no idea if he was human or if he was robot. They sure were confusing… She talked to him a bit because he talked to her. She’d do another stunt and the shoot came into an end. The director came to her and told her the next shoot would be tomorrow, and gave her the location.

Aether went to get the costume and makeup off and messaged Soren and she noticed he already sent a message, [i Of course! Should we meet up at my house? Or do you want to go out for dinner? ] She asked and began popping her helmet back on as she went to her cycle. She couldn’t stop smiling to herself because she finally was feeling like she could do this, she could live here. Wherever Soren suggested, she’d drive there and wait outside for him.

Once she saw him, she still had a big smile, [b “Soren! I got so much to tell you! I got a job, and I really got to be in a movie. We’re shooting tomorrow again.” ] She gleamed and was really happy to see him again. She missed him… She felt so alone going through Avalon without him. But she wanted to prove it to him that she could last on her own here and he could actually have a girlfriend to be proud of and not one that was an idiot being here.

[b "What errands did you do today anyway?" ] She asked, wanting to still talk about him, even if her day was really exciting and she wanted to tell him every little detail.
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To think that Aether really wanted to get a job. He was surprised that she actually really wanted one. If she had a job and a home, she'd be here for a while and he'd visit her whenever he wanted. It sounded amazing! IT got Soren really excited, but he was also worried that something might happen to her when she went on her own.

Soren followed her and then he made sure she was okay. He didn't really have errands today, other than wanting to maybe buy new weapon upgrades, or try out his new gun. He followed her into the restaurant, feeling bad that she wasn't doing so well. HE didn't see her as a restaurant person anyway.

They were soon in the middle of the streets. They were filming a movie and there were so many people. Soren lost sight of her, but when he heard the director, he had an idea. [i She wouldn't be interested....would she?] he headed towards the scene and when he saw her doing tumbling stunts and dodging, he gasped. She really did do it. And the director even wanted her in it!

He was so surprised. Soren saw her message and he laughed, replying [i Really? That's awesome. Just be careful. I'm doing okay. Almost done here too] he sent and then he just stood as the crowd watching her.

They went through the scene a few times. THe actress would do her parts and when it came to the action scenes, they'd send Aether. The director seemed much happier with the stunts she was pulling off compared to that robot. They progressed through the action scenes and once it was getting dark, they called it for the day.

Soren looked around, seeing the people slowly disperse. He needed to get out of here before Aether saw. He quickly got onto his cycle and went downtown into the city. He went into a weapons upgrade shop and then he worked on upgrading his guns and saw a cool, teal skin for her new SMG. Maybe he'd get it for her as a gift for getting a new job. Soren quickly purchased it and then he even made some personalized tweaks.

He messaged her, pretending he had no idea where she was [i I'm all done here. Would you like to meet up for dinner?] he wondered, hoping that maybe they could at least spend the night together. She had her own house now and a job.....didn't that mean she'd be spending less time with him?
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Aether ran the scenario of what happened at the restaurant over and over again. She spilled something, got the wrong order, didn’t use that machine properly… She really made a fool of herself and she began doubting herself as she drove down the streets. She saw all those people, so many robots and she felt so small and really didn’t think she could fit in here. And if she couldn’t fit in…then what? She had to. Soren liked it here and maybe he liked Avalon girls more.

She nearly hit a pole while she got distracted with her thoughts, but thankfully, her reflexes were fast enough. She stopped the cycle and saw all the lights, and the cameras out. It was amazing!

Aether stood behind the road blockage signs, curious out of her own mind on what they were doing and how movies were made. Her eyes sparkled hearing all the directions, the cameras and how everyone seemed to be playing pretend. That was always her favorite game as a child, but she’d make it real after a few planning or go to a similar world.

[b “She is bad…” ] Aether mumbled and her Ai sat on the top of her head and nodded, squeaking ‘You can do better.’
Aether shrugged. She’s done a lot fighting, climbing, jumping over things and chasing, so she truly did know how to do those things. She heard the director and her eyebrow rose. Her Ai patted her head, ‘Say something Aether!’

[b “I don’t know…” ] Aether blushed, feeling a bit shy but…she needed a job. Would the pay? Probably. Well, at the very least, she could have some fun. She lifted her hand up and called out [b “Hi! I can do it! I’ve been doing all those things since I was little.” ]
The director waved her in. Aether grinned and she looked at the robot beside her and it stepped back, allowing her to leap over the road block sign. Aether came forward.

“Give it a shot first,” He said and explained what she had to do. Aether nodded and felt the butterflies build in her stomach because there were so many people. And if she screwed up, she’d just embarrass herself. She proceeded and dodged the attack, followed the same thing she saw but more naturally. She jumped over the car, sliding down and sit against it and then stood up. [b “Was it good?” ] She called out and went over. She got the thumbs up and she gleamed.

“Get her in costume.” The director ordered.
Aether contained her excitement and followed the costume designer. She pulled out her phone and messaged Soren right away [i ‘Soren I think I might be in a movie for one part! ] She didn’t even care if it was going to be short or not show much. [i ‘I hope running errends is going well!’ ] She got changed into this black outfit and wore a wig to match the dark hair of the actress before. Then she went out and did the same stunt. She felt so damn proud of herself and it was fun too.
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He really did like her home. If Aether could have a home in Avalon, he really did imagine it to be like this. It was another big step in their relationship because she decided to get a home in a place he really loved too. He let her fill the home with what she wanted and he relaxed against her bed, feeling so happy right now. He couldn't believe his girlfriend was willing to stay here with him.

She was independent and he knew that, but a part of him was still worried. He didn't know if she'd be okay in Avalon, since that time with the hover car, but he trusted her. She's lived her life without him there most of the time anyway. Soren watched her and then he stood up and changed as well. She looked pretty in her all white dress....if anyone needed someone as pretty as her, they'd get her easily. He needed to look after her.

Soren changed into casual jeans and a button up black shirt. He watched her leave and then he got on a cycle and followed after her. He stayed a bit back and he used a cloaking device to keep him invisible as he followed after her.

She made it to a restaurant and when he stepped inside, he followed towards the tables and just stood at the side, watching her. She messed up a few times, but it was natural for someone that didn't live here. He saw her get the boot and Soren hoped she was still feeling okay after that.

He followed her around the city, keeping behind her as he looked to where she was going. He over heart her saying that she needed to fit in or he won't love her. Soren thought it was cute. He'd love her anyway. Once the man tried to give her a dirty job, Soren was about to go in there and help her, but when she turned him away and headed off, he smiled. She was perfectly capable.

He kept walking along the street, seeing the crowd [i Damn...they're making a movie. No wonder it's crowded] he thought as he walked over and tried to find Aether again. Once man was trying to direct the action scene, but the robot couldn't get it right. "Come on one more from the top. You need to dodge more naturally!" he yelled at the robot, sighing a bit as he tried the scene again. The robot rolled and tumbled, getting back up to jump over the car, but it looked so mechanical. The actress would do her part again, running and dodging, but then she'd stop and sit aside.

"Come on, get this right? Is there anyone else willing to try this? Anything is better than this thing" the director said, getting irritated.
  ellocalypse / 71d 5h 56m 19s
She filled the home with what she thought it would work but it still seemed pretty basic. She figured she could add more along the way. She filled it enough that it at least it looked like it wasn’t empty. Aether nodded to him, and spoted him laying against her bed. She then remembered she wanted to go out and look for a job. Aether nodded [b “I’m sure. I’ll be okay. I’ve been to many different worlds before and I eventually figure my way around.” ] Considering there life, she’s always been independent. She stopped the music and got up from the bed.

She went into her inventory to pick her outfit. She sighed, not really knowing what clothes would be okay to look for a job. She choose a white dress and let her hair down. She looked back at him [b “Okay, take care of yourself. I will! I’ll keep you updated. Mmm, okay, we can meet here for dinner? Or we’ll figure it later on. This might take a while.” ] She did feel a bit worried about navigating the city but she was sure she would figure it out in the end. She recalled that taxi incident.

[b “I think…I’ll just take the cycle and take my chances with that.” ] She mumbled and then smiled at Soren, [b “Okay, I’m going to head off, I’ll meet you later Soren.” ] She went downstairs and her AI appeared on her shoulder. She went to the cycle and opened up her tablet to get a map of the city. She wasn’t sure how to get jobs here, but she figured she would just go around and ask like how she did in her world.

She hoped on the cycle and put on the helmet, tucking her hair in. She looked at the cycle and went into the settings, to see what else was there. There was an setting that would help her stop before hitting someone and make it more stable. She drove out into the road and swayed a little but managed to get in there. When she got off the cycle, she had trouble putting it back in her inventory.

Aehter looked at all the stores around but, she didn’t really want to work at a store. She saw digital postings on a wall and managed to navigate it to view job postings. So many of them had to do with using technology… She sighed to herself. She felt someone bump against her back, and she looked behind and guessed it must have been by accident.

[b “What job do you think I should try?” ] She looked back at her AI. He squeaked and shrugged and then he would look around and pointed at one that at was a restaurant. Aether pouted, because she wanted something cool but…if she could at least get one thing, she could look for another at the same time.

[b “There’s got to be things that don’t involve so much technology,” ] She mumbled. She took her Ai’s advice anyway and went to the restaurant and asked around. The manager said she could work right now as a trail if she wanted. She agreed and within the first three hours of trying to serve food-she gave the wrong one and couldn’t make sense of the machine at all.
‘Sorry, you’re not cut out for this.’ She got.

Aether walked around again, [b “I’m never going to get a job here and fit in. Then, Soren will never fully love me,” ] She spoke to her AI. Her Ai huffed and turned his head. She poked his stomach and someone took her wrist. She was going to shake it off and faced some human-or maybe it was a robot who looked like a human. Who could tell?

“I overheard, you’re looking for a job?” He asked, appearing older than Aether.
She nodded.
“I can get you one that’ll make you a lot of money for a pretty girl like you,” He smirked.

She raised a brow and he motioned his head to this place that had a sign of a really suggestive girl on it. Hell no. [b “No thank you,” ] Aether dusted his arm off and walked off. She went to her motorcycle and decided to drive around to see if she could spot anything else. There was robots and police blocking one path. She would peak over and saw cameras and a lot of people, along with trailers.

She got off and carried her helmet, just curious and asked, [b “What’s going on?” ]
A robot was near and responded to her, “A movie is being produced. I have to ask you to step back, no photos are allowed.”
Aether frowned, [b “I’m not going to take any photos.” ]
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It really felt different having someone real beside you. He didn't feel so alone anymore and he really did enjoy Aether's company. It wasn't the same old AI responses. She thought differently and acted differently everyday based on their interactions. He was really happy that she wanted to stay with him here though.

He saw her home fill with furniture soon and he could see the space filling up. It wasn't much, but it was starting to look like a place someone could live in. He followed her through the house, turning it from empty to full of furniture and by the time they headed into the bedroom, he looked out at the pretty view. It was amazing.

[b "Yeah, as long as there's something here to come back to. That's all you need"] he laid against her bed and smiled, looking back at her and then hearing the music playing. When she asked to find a job, he wondered if he could let her out there on her own. What if that incident with the taxi driver happens again?

[b "Are you sure Aether? I long as you're okay. Let me know"] he nodded. She's been to different worlds on her own before. It's not like she wasn't allowed to go...but maybe...he should tag along just in case?

[b "I guess...I could head into town and do a bit of errands too. Just let me know when you're all done? I can meet you for dinner"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 71d 22h 30m 52s
It was good to not be alone. That she had someone like Soren saying he’d help her. She wanted life to stay like this. She was amazed by the space and imagined that they could spend time together here too. Soren’s place was much nicer and full though… She walked into the bedroom and she put a bed in. She sat down and smiled [b “Does it?” ] She looked out into the window and found his arms wrapped around her waist. It felt warm, and right.

[b“You live here, and you like it here, of course I’ll give it a chance. I don’t know if I still like how things are with…multiple girlfriends and boyfriends but, that’s okay. I only need one person here to like it.” ] She smiled while she looked at him. She nodded, and lifted her tablet, [b “Okay, I’m going to finish furnishing this place.” ] She added curtains and a book shelf on the wall. She saw Soren jumping onto the bed. She laughed [b “Don’t break it, I just got it. Isn’t it? Ah! I can. I love watching the sunrise, or sunset.” ] She leaned against the pillow and saw the view once more.

It felt safe… It was too quite though. She played some music and would add a closet. She still needed to shop for more clothes. Ah-wait, that’s right, she wanted to go find a job in this world to make some steady income until she could built up her skills here for missions. [b “Soren, I’m going to head out and try to find a way to make money here. I like our cupcake place, but I think we should only do that at weekends since I’m sure there isn’t much resources to keep it open every day anyway. You don’t need to come with me. I think I can go on my own and I’ll be careful. I’ll message you every moment.” ] She really wanted to meet up to him, to fit more into this world for him. She me t his eyes and wanted to make sure it was okay with him first, [b “Is that okay?” ]
  Ravenity / 71d 23h 58m 18s
He knew she was getting used to it day by day, but to see how much effort she put in and her growing to like Avalon already made him happy enough. [b "Yeah, you know I'll help you however I can"] he stepped inside of her home and could see it all. IT looked amazing inside. IT had so much space for one person and he really did like the area she chose. He'd definitely be visiting her when he had the chance.

[b "I can stay over a lot too"] he smiled and then he showed her how to buy furniture, seeing her house soon fill up the space. He followed her to the bedroom, seeing the bed she picked out. He really liked that one, so when it appeared, Soren sat at the edge and smiled [b "It's already looking so cozy"] he said, looking out the window to see the view of Avalon.

[b "I'm sure you'll love it here"] he stood beside her and then he wrapped his arm around her waist. [b "I'm really glad you gave it a chance though. It's nice to see why people love the worlds they're in"] he kissed the top of her head and then he looked around. [b "You can finish up if you want. We can spend the night here since it's already got a decent amount of furniture"] he said happily as he ran over and jumped onto the bed, laughing a bit. They just build the house today and it was already feeling like a second home. [b "This is such a cool room. You can wake up to the sunrise"]
  ellocalypse / 72d 43m 51s
She hoped to get near enough to him that she could do these mission without falling behind. Aehter half shrugged [b “I don’t know… I’m used to fighting but I think I still have a long way. Thanks Soren, I’ll let you know.” ] She lifted a smile, glad to hear that she could ask help from him. The spot was perfect for her. She liad down the home and was amazed of how it looked in real life. It was so…luxurious. She walked right in with him and giggled when he said he’d be visiting her a lot. She was glad.

[b “You better visit me a lot.” ] She nudged him gently. She looked at the glass, the high ceilings and empty space. She definitely needed to fill this place up. She looked back at him and then down at his tablet. Well, that was useful. She pulled out her tablet and did the same and picked out a teal blue L-shaped sofa, lights, dining table, chairs, and went onto even do the kitchen. She watched it appear before her, it was pretty amazing. She picked an accent chair and when she finished up with that, she took his hand and went upstairs to the bedroom. She picked out a black casted bedframe, and two white night stands. She then sat on the bed. She would get Soren’s input on it.

She sat the tablet down for a moment and looked at him, [b “I still can’t believe I really made a place to live here. Thanks for helping me out,” ] She lifted a smile. She lifted her tablet [b “Ah, I need a desk.” ] She added a black glass one and a chair. She looked out into the view, [b “Wow, it really view. What do you think about this place?” ] She titled her head and then leaned her head onto his shoulder.

[b “I would have probably never really give Avalon a chance if it weren’t for you.” ] She mostly wanted to be here because of him still, but she was starting to see the charm of why he liked it.
  Ravenity / 72d 6h 6m 50s
He did like how she was willing to get better at things here so that she could do things with him. It was such an amazing feeling to know that your girlfriend wanted to do things with you. [b "You'll get used to it in no time. You're already really good with fighting off robots and getting the hang of this world, just let me know if you need help or anything okay?"] he smiled and then he helped her pick a spot for her home.

He saw the perfect grassy area and then he sat down on the grass, looking around to see if he could come up with some ideas of what he could do for her home. They showed each other designs and he'd give her some ideas of what she could do about the space and where to put things.

Once she decided on a design, he smiled and then he watched the home appear on the grass in front of them. It looked stunning at first glance. It was definitely something that belonged in Avalon and with how secluded the area was, it would be so peaceful here.

[b "It does! I think I'm going to be visiting you a lot"] he told her, getting up and then he walked with her inside. The high ceilings and the glass window was amazing! He walked around with her and then he stopped [b "Of course. If you want, you can get the basics pretty easily. It's really simple in Avalon, here"] he showed her. He told her to go to her tablet and then then he showed her an online furniture shop. He let her pick out a couch she wanted and then when she bought it, he clicked on the deliver button and it showed a ground view of the house.

[b "See, you can just pick where you want it to go and it'll appear here"] he showed her, letting her pick a spot and when she did, the couch would appear in that spot in her house. It showed up all pixelated at first and then it aggregated to form the couch.
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