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[b “Me too.” ] Aether smiled [b "We can definitely do this together."] She heard him laugh about her mention of an ‘evil lair’. She didn’t know what to expect in this world. [b “Dangerous… I wonder what kind of dangerous.” ] She mumbled to herself. Did they have knights? She accepted the quest with Soren and felt pretty happy about the reward. She really hoped it transferred okay to the worlds she was in. The things she could afford…

[b “It really would be nice to buy a motorcycle like yours,” She really wanted to try it out. She followed him toward his computer, hovering over him and seeing him type things out. None of it made sense to her. [b “If we can track him down, we definitely are.” ] She nodded. She saw the numbers add up into an account. Ten million. [b “And that money isn’t real?” ] She stared at the screen until he backed up when he was done.

Aether bit down her lip [b “Uh…dumb question. What’s a CEO?” ] She tried to picture a robot with a girl. Why? Why would a human being stick around a robot? She looked back at her quest and wondered what bank he would hit next. It did list the banks that he already had robbed though. There probably was a pattern to it. Aether filled up a smile [b “Of course!” ] She took his hand [b “I already am your girlfriend after all. Can we bring weapons?” ] Aether could already feel the excitement of doing a mission with him. This was going to be lots of fun.
  Aether / Ravenity / 121d 5h 2m 22s
He knew that this mission would be tough, but he's done a few around here before and knew what he was up against. He was glad that he had Aether to help him though. She could watch his back and he could watch hers. [b "I think we'd make a great team"] he smiled and thought of where they could start.

Soren thought of how he could track down a criminal stealing money. He heard Aether and laughed [b "I'm sure he's got a dangerous and really nice looking lair. They all usually do"] he scratched his head and then he accepted the mission. He saw her do the same and then he smiled. [b "It can buy you a really nice motorcycle and more if you wanted"] he headed towards his computer and then he nodded.

[b "I'm going to try at least. Once we track him down, maybe we can head over and try to take him down"] he used his computer, creating a fake account at the bank. He put in some fake money in there. There was about ten million. When he heard her, he tried thinking. [b "I don't really know. We have to bait him though so we can track him. Right now I'm a man with millions. My background is a CEO. Maybe that'll attract him"] he tried making a profile and then he soon finished.

[b "Now we just wait to see if he takes the bait. Let's head to the bank and pretend to be this CEO. He'll be dressed all nicely and have a beautiful girl at his side. If that robot happens to be there, or has eyes watching, I'm sure we'd catch his attention"] he suggested, wondering if she'd let him take the reins for now. [b "Would you be this fake CEO's girlfriend and take a trip with me to the bank?"] he laughed, offering his hand.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 121d 21h 49m 50s
Four out of five sounded hard considering she hasn't been in this world for long. SHe always welcomed challenges though, plus it was with Soren. [b "It's alright. I'm sure we can do it goether," She smiled and he said he knew nothing about how to start. she hadn't had a clue... she knew nothing about how to catch a person in this world-or well robot. [b "Unless...?" She saw him smile when he said 'kill a ton of robots.' Maybe he didn't robots that much either. [b "Maybe he's hiding in his evil liar,' ] She joked.

Aether nodded and got up to him to see what he was doing to accept the quest so she could do the same. She followed what he did to accept it. The mastermind. That robot better be dumb. Her eyes followed down to the reward and her eyes widened. Holy shit. That could buy her a kingdom. [b "That can buy me a motorcycle right!" ] She felt a bit more motivated now.

Fake account with fake money. She raised a brow [b "You can do that? there anything I can do?" ] She asked, figuring that she couldn't really help with anything that related to technology. Ugh, maybe she would just become a burden then. [b "What's the chance of him robbing your bank account and not someone elses?" She asked. She sat back down and looked back down at the mission. She decided that soren would be in charge and that she would take direction from him since she didn't think she knew enough about this world to make decisions.

[b "Well Soren, you're definitely in charge. I'll follow whatever you tell me to do - unless I have an idea." ] she felt that it would be a good way to learn.
  Aether / Ravenity / 121d 23h 21m 24s
He only wanted to keep his eyes off of her because he knew that if he kept looking, he'd be seen as a pervert. The last thing he wanted was Aether thinking he was just some guy that would sleep with anyone. She already assumed it too and it hurt. IT wasn't what he was trying to do at all.

Still, when she picked up her mood, he teleported back to Avalon with her, seeing her right beside him. He thought up the missions that he hasn't done yet and this was one he was going to do sometime, but didn't know if he could with the difficulty level being so high.

He nodded [b "It's a four so it'll pay well, but it could be tough. We know nothing about how to start...unless...."] he thought to himself and then he smiled when she agreed. [b "Yeah we'll get to kill a ton of robots. He's probably hiding somewhere safe, like some big bad guy. I think I know where to start though, but we'll have to accept the mission"] he told her, going to his tablet and showing the list of missions nearby. He pointed to the one at the bank and then he accept it.

[i Swindling the Swindler
Mission Accepted.
Track down and Locate the stolen cash and eliminate the mastermind behind it]

Soren looked over at Aether and smiled, seeing the reward.

[i Reward: 300,000 gold coins]

[b "Well it looks promising. I'm gonna try something. I'm gonna make a fake account filled with fake money. Then I'll say it's from that bank and monitor it to see if someone is taking cash out. THen maybe we can get a lead"] he told her, wondering if that was a good idea.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 122d 23h 29m 7s
Aether was doing her homework just to finish it so that it would leave her alone. She wanted to go outside with Soren already, take pictures, throw snowballs, release a lantern in the sky. Aether lightly laughed "I am a bit competitive. I have okay aim." ] She said and then tried to finish of those lessons. She was stuck on one math question. She didn't...get it. She looked back at Soren [b "I don't know how to answer this one." ] She leaned toward him and showed him her tablet. Her shoulder pressed against his. She leaned on his shoulder for a moment, trying to figure it out.

Soon enough, she was pratically done. She sat the tablet down and hoped that Soren had recovered so that they would be able to go outside together. She heard the "I would feel better if you helped me out a little' and turned her head, rising a break. He wanted her to distract him? She felt the heat rise to her head. Touch. He wanted her to touch him. Her eyes dropped to the location and she looked back at him.

[b "Oh... Like how you showed me before?" ] She asked. She figured she could do that. [i You can still say no. ] It wasn't like he was pressuring her anything. [b "I can help since calming down didn't work." ] She lay her tablet aside on the bed and watched it vanish when she didn't need it. She leaned in and dared herself to kiss him and gently smiled. She wasn't sure if he wanted her to help him take his pants off, or if he would do it. [b "Can I take it off?" ] She asked, hesitating but reaching for him unless he said something.
  Ravenity / 166d 6h 37m 55s
He didn't know how to tell her that the only way that he could get rid of it was to try something, but he felt too embarrassed to ask Aether to do anything for him, especially if it was only for him. He gulped and just tried to relax for a while, sighing softly. He sat with her and then he pulled out his tablet, trying to distract himself from how attractive Aether was to him right now.

His eyes would glance over at her and then he smiled [b "Yeah, you seem pretty competitive. You must have a really good aim too"] he believed her because everytime they had a one on one, she'd do a great job and surprised him. He didn't know what was coming at times.

He finished a few of his lessons, going through some english, math, and science. He tapped on some answers and would think about certain things, but when he heard her, he nodded. [b "Yeah I am. Do you need help?"] he wondered, soon being reminded of what he felt. He held his breath and then looked down. [b "I....would feel better if you helped me out a little? Maybe just touch me a little?"] he asked, wondering if she's done this before or remembered that they did this once.
  ellocalypse / 166d 16h 2m 9s
She wasn't sure what to do. It didn't seem like Soren was up front... She simply nodded when he said he had to do something else to relax. She figured he wanted to calm himself down. She felt a bit bad that she didn't help make it easy though. She sat down and talked about what they were going to do. She smiled when he agreed [b "I'd like that. I'm pretty good at throwing snowballs so-you better watch out." ] She figured that could be fun.

Her eyes followed him bringing out his tablet. She blushed, and mumbled, [b "I guess so." ] That thought made her shudder. Definitely had it worse. She stared down, was that even possible? She tilted her head, not that she wanted to even find out. It was a bit silent and she just nodded about doing some homework together. It didn't seem like he wanted anything else, so pulled out her own tablet, sitting next to him and trying to read the assigned reading and then was given questions. She groaned, this was so annoying. She remembered she put off homework for so long that she was locked into a world until she finished it. She answered the questions, and got one wrong.

She took a peak over at him [b "Are you almost done?" ] She tried to glance at his screen wondering what he was learning. Did he learn different stuff than her? If he did, was he way ahead? She figured he would be. She tried to glance back at her tablet and redo the question, and after a while she poked his shoulder again [b "Are you feeling better?" ]
  Ravenity / 167d 8h 25s
He was used to touching AI's, but who was to say that Aether liked the same thing? He didn't really know what she liked, but he was going to try and keep doing what he usually did to see if he could figure out what she liked. He let his hands glide along her skin and when he tried to reach up, he would look at her eyes to see if it was alright.

Soren felt nervous, but he loved the feeling of her warm lips against his skin, making him moan out a little. He pulled her in close, his hands touching her smooth skin, but when she shifted and touched certain areas, he was slowly getting turned on.

After the kissing through, she sat up and said she was good. Soren felt like he wanted more, to keep going, but he couldn't force her. He bit down on his lip and just sat beside her, soon seeing her realize his dilemma. [b "I know. It's okay. I just have to do something else or relax"] he thought about the dessert and lanterns, but he knew he couldn't go out like this. He smiled and nodded [b "Okay, pictures and we can play in the snow"] he soon was cut off by her words and he sighed [b "I don't seems unfair...but then again girls can have babies"] he told her, shrugging as he held his tablet. HE decided to do a few lessons to get his mind off of Aether, but it was hard with her reminding him that he was turned on.

[b "Let's work on some homework and then I should be good to go soon"]
  ellocalypse / 167d 16h 7m 5s
She wasn't all too familiar with having hands touch her bare skin, reaching up where he went. It was definitely nerve racking but if she wanted it to stop, she would have done something or said something, but she didn't want him to move. She kept kissing him, her lips running along his neck and hearing his soft moans out. She could do that. SHe could make him feel something because of her. It was different, it felt that when AI moaned, it almost felt...random without cause. She loved kissing, and was accidentally shifting below him, not intentionally, but she did. She loved it, and then he spoke.

Aeth felt she had a good moment with him kissing the way they did and it was enough for her for now. But...She saw where his eyes lead too and wondered if there was a problem. She saw him bite down his bottom lip, and then he nodded. He didn't look...too happy. Turned on. Was that a bad thing? Calm....Oh right. Shoot. She glanced off for a second and blushed. Guess he had to wait it out until it was gone. Is that how it worked? She really wasn't entirely sure. She glanced a second when he talked about looking like... Yup. Definitely showed. [b "Sorry Soren...I didn't mean to," ] She sat beside him and he pulled the blanket more over himself. [b "Maybe I can help distract you to calm down?" ] She suggested, not sure what to do exactly in these cases. Unless... Nah, he couldn't have want that.

Aether nodded [b "Yea...Yea, dessert and lanterns," ] She managed a smile and then rest next to him [b "We can take pictures, celebrate being here, have a snow ball fight." ] She laughed and adored watching him. Her eyes fell down a second, wondering if he was still feeling... She met his eyes, and blurt out [b "I wonder why it's made so obvious when a boy is turned on." ] Luckily, he couldn't tell if she was.
  Ravenity / 167d 23h 5m 8s
He could tell that everything that he did with her was so different, so amazing. Even just a simple show of affection wasn't the same as any other AI. SHe was different all over and he could tell. He had a smile on his face because she really did make him feel happy. Her uniqueness amazed him and he still was so confused as to how different a normal person was against an AI. He was letting his hands caress her bare skin, his hands moving beneath her shirt as he reached further up to touch her chest.

He let his hands roam around her warm skin and when he felt her lips along his neck, he leaned back and let out a soft moan. He felt really good right now and was getting turned on the more she pressed her lips against him. He watched her and when she said that she was okay, he didn't really want to force her or press any further. He bit down on his bottom lip and then he just nodded his head.

[b " just a little turned on. I just have to calm myself down for a little bit so I don't go out looking like....well.."] he glanced down at his pants and then he just covered it with his hands and sat beside her. He pulled the blanket over and then he just took a few deep breaths, sighing softly.

[b "Um....after I'm okay. We can go grab some dessert and see the lanterns?"]
  ellocalypse / 168d 18h 48m 29s
It excited her, feeling the difference there was between an AI and him. He behaved differently, replied to her motions differently. She stood over him and she could see him smiling and then he leaned up to meet her lips. It felt pleasant, having his hand going down her back, her sides and then she felt him reach her ass. It made her a little nervous for a short second but she hadn't mind. She understood that it wouldn't be odd for him to touch more of her since they were together and that he didn't do it to bug her. She had her hands on his chest, tongue on tongue, kissing and soft moans shared between them. She brushed her lips along his neck, wondering if he felt as much as she did when he did that to her.

She could feel body feel so much different when he was touching her bare skin. It was nerve racking, but the good kind. She kept kissing him, pressing her lips against his and feeling him go up to her chest. She paused for a moment, warmth spread through her body, some of it in her cheeks. She wasn't used to being touched there. She met his eyes and heard him catching his breath. She spaced out for a moment and saw him peaking away. How come? He was sighing. She glanced down and wondered why he was looking down and sighing. She felt his kiss on her cheek again. More? More!? What was more? What would more be? Would more be what they did before? [b "Um...I'm okay for now." ] She sat up, accidently brushing against his crotch, not taking too much notice of it...wait it felt different. Oh...maybe she shouldn't have sat right ontop. Her eyes widened for a second. [b "Sorry Soren. Did you want anything more?" ]

She was about to shift away from his crotch, feeling bad that it might have affected him, to the point it might bother him. [b You feeling okay?" ] She asked, [b "I'll move. I don't...want to have you call bothered." ] She moved off and sat beside him and blushed remembering something she did. She had got caught up in kissing him that she forgot to be careful.
  Ravenity / 168d 23h 54m 46s
She was different than anyone else he's ever met. IT was easy to tell the difference if the person had a mind of their own or if they were just an AI. She made him feel different and responded with so many more actions than an AI. She even was capable of going deep into thought.

He kept his eyes on her, seeing her hover over him. He had a smile on his face as he faced her, leaning up to meet her lips, his hands touching down her back and then along her sides, touching her ass soon after. HE didn't feel a slap or any sign of her disgust, so he figured she didn't mind. Now he felt confident she liked what he was doing too. He felt her hands on his chest and his tongue slide along hers, kissing and then letting out soft moans as she kissed down his neck.

Soren touched her bare skin, reaching up and feeling how smooth her skin was. It made him anxious, wanting more of her, but as they kissed, he let his hands move up further to her chest, touching over her bra and then meeting her eyes. Did she want to stop?

He watched her move on him and when she came to a stop, Soren looked over, catching his breath. Was that all she wanted to do? Make out with him? He felt so hot and bothered that when he took a peek down there, he ended up sighing. Luckily for her she showed no signs of being turned on. He leaned into her and kissed her cheek [b "DId you want more Aether? Or are you done?"] he asked, wondering if that was it. If it was, he needed to figure out a way to calm himself down.
  ellocalypse / 169d 19h 14m 43s
She recognized it, that Soren could give her what AI's couldn't. He felt...real. She loved it, how he cutely kissed her cheek or her nose, and then made her feel pleasure the next second when he kissed down her neck, up to her lips. Aether wanted to get lost in it, fall as deep as she could go. It felt different being with him, in interaction she craved so much for. She hovered over him, her pinkish red hair falling over. She kissed his lips, and her weight suddenly dropped when she slipped. It was good to hear that he liked how she kissed.

Aether fell deeper and deeper, loving how they kissed, and slowly felt his hands go down her back. She held her breath when she felt his hands over her ass, making her tense a little but relax a few seconds later. She rested his arms on his upper chest, and kept on kissing him, slowly, passionately, letting their tongues touch, and then kiss his neck again, soft kisses, licking the area slightly when she noticed his hands running up her shirt, touching her skin.

It felt nice, and making her anxious at the same time. She stopped kissing him for a second, looking at him and wondering what was on his mind, because he had one. Because he could think, like she could think. He had a collection of his own mind that was unpredictable to her. She dove into kissing him again, pressing her lips harder, and-actually accidently grided on him twice, trying to shift a little. Aether didn't know when it come to an end, but she gave it a few more minutes before she stopped and she could lay happily for a little while.
  Ravenity / 169d 23h 50m 30s
She was so different than all the other people he's ever met. It was both a good learning experience and an eye opener because he realized what was real and what wasn't. The AI's he's met had similar behaviors based on the type of personality they had and when he tried to get some deep emotion out of it, they couldn't comprehend that. They would either go back to their default settings or just bug out.

He didn't know what Aether wanted or what she'd do next, so he always had to take a guess. It always made him feel uncertain, but when she returned the feelings he gave her, he was really excited. His eyes met hers, holding her in his arms as he pressed his lips against her own. He felt so warm being with her and having her fingers through his hair and her lips moving down made him feel wanted, needed, and comforted.

He kissed her cheek and nose, her neck and then back to her lips, meeting her for another kiss. He leaned in, but then he felt her hands around him. He liked this and felt like it wasn't like anything he's experienced before. It felt....more than what he wanted. Just having her affection back was more than enough. Only she could truly make rid of the loneliness.

Soren laid back and watched her over him. Her hair falling down as he met her eyes and then he felt her lips. The areas she kissed tingled as he felt her weight on him. He felt her chest against his own and his cheeks burned. He bit down on his lip [b "No, you're not. I like kissing you"] he got distracted by her lips again and then he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back onto him. Soren's hands slid down her back and then he ran them over her ass, wondering if she'd let him. He really wanted to be closer and the more he kissed her, the more he wanted.

He let his hand run up her shirt, touching her bare skin, his eyes still closed as he continued to make out with her. HE didn't know if he'd be able to stop with her touching him like this.
  ellocalypse / 171d 20h 29m 35s
Soren was unlike anything she's ever faced before. AI's always had a pattern, and she felt there was always some coldness or calculated movement from them that she didn't full realize until she was with him. He was unpredictable, and it was confusing her. When he spoke, she was conditioned to believe that was it. But, the tablet was drawn out of her hands and she met his teal eyes. She felt melted when she felt Soren's warm hand caress her cheek and look at her in a way an AI couldn't. Soft lips touched hers, kisses responding to hers like unspoken dialogue. Aether's fingers ran up the back of his head, through his hair, feeling how soft and fluffy it felt. She wanted this to last. She wanted to be with him.

Her eyes squeezed tighter when she felt trickles of unbearable pleasure that traveled down when he kissed down her neck. She wrapped her arms around him, and notice of where his hands were, following down her side. It felt right. He pulled back, and she met his eyes. It wasn't look before he kissed her cheek and then her nose. Her cheeks warmed a bit, finding it...sweet. She kissed him back again, feeling him press against her, and she even kissed him harder, pressing herself closer to him. She kissed his chin, and then kissed his neck, her hand felt up his back. This interaction felt needed. She felt that he was the only one that could ease her loneliness because he was like her.

She looked back at his eyes for a moment, and try to roll of them over, so she was on top. She hovered over him, her hair falling over. She stared back at him, unsure of what she was doing because there really weren't that many people she's done things with. She kissed behind his ear, feeling through his hair again, and while she was kissing down and trying to move, her knees slid and he chest landed on his. Shoot. She sat up again and lightly laughed "Whoops... I'm not too bad though-at kissing, huh." She smiled and kissed his lips again.
  Ravenity / 171d 23h 56m 3s

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