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She really didn't want to go and get that door right now. She wanted to chuck something at his head more like it for being such a jerk. Her AI convinced her to get the door because she really didn't come all the way to meet him and ignore him. She got up and twisted the knob but was still upset. She kept her head low because she didn't want him to know that she cried. He didn't look mad. She glanced off and listened to him talk. Sorry for yelling but she didn't think he meant sorry for saying all those things to her. She didn't care if he was mad, she cared that he said those things. She pouted and her Ai nudged her neck to talk.

She moved back from the door, and at the side, to allow him in. [b "Fine." ] She didn't know exactly how to fix it. She sat down on her sofa and waited for him, but didn't really hav much to say. Her AI nudged her again. [b "You were really rude." ] She stated, [b "and I got upset when you asked me if I'd be there in the morning. You only had to think for a second later to realize someone wouldn't sacrifice a lot to meet someone and leave. I'm not going to leave, I'm never going to leave whether we're a couple or friends. I don't believe you'd leave either. I trust you enough to believe that. And I don't know why you said yes to me if you felt that it probably won't work anyway." ] Turns out, she had more to say than she thought.

There were more, but she couldn't say those things. She definitely didn't want to get insulted because then she really might throw something at his head.
  Ravenity / 88d 3h 56m 9s
He was only yelling because he felt like she was pointing out all of his weaknesses. How could he complain though? She was with him longer than anyone else had. They stayed together for such a long time the last time they were together. He fell for her the last time they were together and even though they were both learning how to just be with another real person, he felt like all of those feelings were genuine.

A part of him wanted that old Aether back, but ever since she lost her memories, he could tell she was a little different. She probably had other experiences that he didn't know about, but when they met, he wanted to believe that they'd still get along. He took a chance and wanted to to be able to get back together and see if it would work. Sure he was hesitant because he knew she had forgotten him, but she pushed him and he believed that he could reminder her of how she fell for him.

After he blew up, he felt really bad because Aether didn't deserve that. She only was telling him that it wasn't working and he could feel that. HE just felt like after all they've been through together, they couldn't just be normal friends. How could they?

He let out a deep sigh and headed over to her cabin to apologize. His AI convinced him that he should say he was sorry for yelling, but at the same time, he didn't want to drive her away. As he waited outside, he saw another text and frowned. She was really upset with him. He stayed outside of her doorstep, sitting in the snow as he frowned. HIs AI patted his cheeks with her bunny hands and told him it'll be okay.

When Aether opened the door, he stood up and faced her. He saw her red eyes and knew she had been crying. He didn't mean to yell at her. [b "Aether....I'm sorry for yelling. I didn't mean to yell....I just kind of let it go"] he told her softly and then he gulped. [b "I'm not mad at you or anything. I just want to talk and try to fix things between you and I"] he waited to hear her reply. If she didn't want to talk to him, he'd just go back to his cabin...but if she did, he'd try and explain things.
  ellocalypse / 88d 5h 27m 57s
Never had she been yelled at like that, or had something like that said to her. t took a lot of her to even just say just that, because she knew she made a mistake. How could he say all that? As if she knew what he meant by 'real people', she knew they were different than others but how the hell did she know the differences. She couldn't take this. She felt overwhelmed by emotion, and felt he was trying to get back at her in some way by saying those things. [i Who cares. ] She went off and hid away in her own cabin, in her own room. She had it.

She didn't understand. Why would he agree to being together, if he didn't believe in it and knew that she didn't know him enough. How could he do that... That was just setting things up to get hurt. She buried her face in her pillow and wanted to scream and hated what emotions she felt when it came to him.

Her AI sat on top of her head and sighed and patted her, [i Don't be sad. It's just one fight.] He told her. She dusted him off her head, and rolled away. She hated moping, she'd rather be at her own world doing her missions and not having these feelings. It would have been easier if she didn't have these feelings and the stayed as friends from the start. That would have been fine.

She heard a faint door knock from the front door and his voice. As if! She scoffed, and figured he'd go away if she ignored him. What more did she need to talk to him about? Her AI jumped right in front of her view again and brought her phone. She glared at the screen and messaged back [i Screw you! ] She sent back, not wanting to cry again. She should tell him straight to his face that it was never going to happen. kind of freaked her out to say it, so she didn't think she would.

Her AI huffed and 'whacked' her cheek with his stuff bunny hand, that didn't hurt one bit. [i 'Go talk to him. You didn't do alllll of that to ignore him. Even I know that.' ] She looked up at him and pouted. She hated it, but he was right. She did a lot of work to find him again. She forced herself to get up, dragged her feet and opened the door, but wouldn't look directly at him [b "What do you want." ] She looked up at him for a split second just to see if he was glaring at her or not.
  Aether / Ravenity / 88d 5h 58m 0s
He was really upset and it was affecting him because he knew he felt insecure in relationships lately. The Soren she knew back then was someone more confident, didn't think twice and tried his best to do all that he could. He's been with a lot of AI's, but it wasn't working at all. He really wanted to make it work with Aether, but when she suddenly got upset with him he felt really bad.

To her he was a coward now? That made him really upset. He couldn't believe that she thought he wasn't who he used to be and now she didn't like him? So they couldn't be together? IT made him frustrated and he ended up speaking his mind again. He raised his voice only because he thought she was wrong. He wasn't a coward, he just wanted to be careful and do things right with her.

He felt like it wasn't all his fault and sure she's changed, but at the same time, they've both changed. He still liked her, but he didn't know if she still liked him. He frowned and then when he saw that she looked upset too, he headed outside for some fresh air, drinking his coffee. When he was trying to clear his head, he relaxed and then he headed inside. She must have been shocked to hear him yelling.

Soren went inside and then he saw her note, sighing softly. Maybe he should give her some space. BUt when his AI came and showed him the text, he looked at his AI and she told him to go talk to her. Soren just sighed, he didn't mean to just blow up like that...he just....suddenly got mad. He really didn't want to break up, and she was basically calling him a coward. He had no choice but to raise his voice in defense. But now he felt regret. He's never seen Aether look so startled at him before. He didn't want to scare her or drive her away.

HE wore his jacket and headed towards her cabin, knocking on the door. [b "Aether? Can you open up please? We need to talk"] he told her, not wanting to do this, but he didn't want her to disappear from him. He tried turning the knob, but it wouldn't work. It was locked. He sent her a text on his tablet. [i Open the door please] he sent, hoping she'd at least talk to him.
  ellocalypse / 88d 15h 24m 15s
It took a good amount of her to make herself say even those few sentences. She's only ever been with AI guys for a short amount of time and she really didn't know much about being with someone. But, she felt like she made a mistake and she had to say it, that she made a mess of things. Her eyes widened a little, he knew? She frowned and felt her heart sink into her stomach when he said he wasn't confident. He already felt that from the beginning? Her lips waivered and she felt her eyes go hot. If he wasn't from the start than what was the point of all of this? She wasn't the same...and she didn't even know what wasn't the same. It freaked her out hearing his voice raise. What a lie, he couldn't like her.

Her eyes filled with tears but he upset her. [b "I never said it was your fault! I already know it's my fault, you don't have to tell me. I know I made a mistake." ] What did she know.... She didn't like hearing think lecturing her about it. How could she possibly be want to be with him when he was talking to her like that? But she didn't want to say anything because she didn't want to hear him bring her down another peg. She never had anyone speak to her like that, it was weird and it hurt more. When he stepped away, her tears dropped. She wiped her eyes and decided she couldn't be here. What he said hurt. She didn't expect him to get mad at her like that.

She made her AI give a note 'I'm at my cabin.' and put on her jacket and walked to her cabin that wasn't too far off. She hadn't been there in a while and it was small. She wanted into the room and cried underneath the covers of the bed. Soren was a jerk. She mocked him in her head. As if she wanted to be with that jerk face! Confident in all the wrong places that's what he was. Screw him. Who needs him. Boyfriend? Yea, right. But she did need him, and she couldn't say screw him because it hurt, and it hurt because she cared.

[i Your a jerk! ] She messaged him and huffed, not wanting to see him. Definitely not. [i I don't care if he comes here, I'm not opening the door. I dont' care... I don't care." ] Why, did she care...
  Aether / Ravenity / 88d 19h 35m 9s
He had some bad relationships in the past and that scarred him from doing what he really wanted to do. He didn't want a relationship like that anymore and with Aether, he really wanted them to work out. He only thought she'd leave because he was used AI's leaving him without another world. What was it like to have a real person do that as well? He didn't know, but if she did, he'd realize there were some terrible things he was doing to drive them away.

He wanted to sleep beside her, to hold her tonight and give her a kiss, but she was upset with him. Upset with him because he didn't do things or say things? How was he supposed what she wanted him to do and say? He ended up just trying to sleep, but only tossing and turning. The sun shone through the window and he slowly got up, rubbing his eyes, expecting Aether to be gone.

He ended up heading into the kitchen, making some food for a while, just trying to get those thoughts from his head. He turned on the stove and was going to make something, but then Aether came and started making some eggs. He let out a soft sigh, but when she straight up blurted her thoughts out, Soren froze.

[b "I knew you didn't know me. I wanted us to work out anyway, maybe dating me would make you remember those days when we actually fell for each other. There's a lot of reasons why I'm not confident about this relationship. You wanted to date someone you thought you knew, but you don't even remember everything. You're not the same AEther I remember either....we've changed. It's been months, but I wanted it to still work out. I still really like you"] he told her, raising his voice as he stopped what he was doing.

So then if she didn't want to date him anymore....then what? What about the cupcake shop? What about staying together? She didn't have to see him everyday or sleep in the same room with him anymore. [b "I don't want to date an AI. You make this sound like it's all my fault. Real people are different. We don't just fit into an image in your head. We change. If I wasn't someone you were expecting me to be, then I'm sorry, but you have to accept that this person in front of you is still Soren. If you don't want to be with me anymore, then that's your choice, but I don't want to break up yet"] he told her, his hands balled up into fists and he was upset about all of this.

He couldn't believe she was blaming him for it not working out. Like she was initiating anything? How was he supposed to know if she liked him if she didn't really respond to his feelings? He ended up getting frustrated and then he stopped cooking. He grabbed his cup of coffee and then he headed out into the balcony of his cabin, wanting to get some fresh air.
  ellocalypse / 88d 20h 24m 58s
Aether had it, it didn't sound like he trusted her. How could he think that she would leave... She didn't know why he appeared so much different than she thought. THe few things she did remember made her to believe he was forward, confident and did what he wanted, just like when he fought of the cards, and pulled on her when they met for the second time in wonderland. She didn't get it. These were the reasons she liked him and these reasons didn't seem to be true right now. Why couldn't she date that guy? Maybe he changed, and if he did...then this wasn't right.

She felt upset, a little heartbroken, even if this wasn't his fault, it just wasn't working. It ached...but it'll be alright. These feelings couldn't be real if those things she thought was there weren't there. She got some sleep, and when she woke up, she heard some movement. She was still upset over her own thoughts and feeling like this.

Aether sat up and changed into sweatpants. She saw him cooking. Aether got up and walked near, [b "Morning..." ] She whispered. [b "I can help make breakfast." ] She would try to help out anyway, make eggs. When they sat down, she felt she had to say it. Time to push herself to speak up. It was hard...

[b "Soren...I don't think...we work. I don't think we have any business being a couple. I shouldn't have pushed you. You don't trust me, and I think that's really important. I thought you were a certain way, that's why I liked you because you were forward, confident, did what you want, but I was wrong... I shouldn't have said I knew you. We should probably be friends." ] She felt her chest ache a little but didn't want to date him for what she thought he was. It wouldn't be fair. She had trouble looking at him and saying it at the same time.

Even if it ached a little, she tried to smile and force herself to look at him [b "Besides, you can date AI's again. It'll be easier, and I'm sure a good number of them could initiate everything." ] She felt really bitter about it. Since he wasn't what she thought he was, she knew he wasn't going to fight her on this or even try to convince her out of it. This was it. It was over and she never wanted to ever bring it back up.
  Aether / Ravenity / 88d 20h 44m 47s
He was asking because he was worried she was mad at him. He didn't want her to be mad at him at all. He's had past relationships that ended because he never really caught the signs that the other was upset. He didn't want to make that mistake with Aether, so he just wanted to be sure.

She said it's what he didn't do and he just didn't get it. Was he supposed to do something? Couldn't she just ask for whatever she wanted? Soren was confused and he guessed that since he didn't know, it put her in another bad mood. He didn't want her to leave like the others had.

She wasn't talking and she stayed asleep, so he asked her again....but that caused her to leave his room. Now he felt horrible. Did he do something that bad that she didn't want to be with him? He didn't want to screw up this relationship. This was the relationship that he actually wanted to keep.

Soren frowned and just buried into his pillow. He didn't want to make a mistake, but maybe Aether didn't want someone like that. He felt horrible and just didn't want to move anymore. How'd he end up screwing up when he was trying so hard not to? He couldn't sleep anymore. Soren just tossed and turned. His AI tried to snuggle into his hair, but it wasn't really helping. All he wanted was to just sit and relax with her. To make her feel like he was a good boyfriend.


In the morning Soren was scared to go out there. He drove her away....what if she just decided to leave and end it as is? He curled up and was just so afraid. HE ended up getting up and opened the door. He took a peek to see Aether still there on the couch. A huge wave of relief filled him up and then he just sighed and went into the kitchen, making them both a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Maybe they could talk about it today when she woke.
  ellocalypse / 89d 18h 32m 37s
She didn't understand why he was asking these she. She wasn't mad before, but now she definitely was upset. She hid away, "I wasn't mad before. It's what you don't do." She stated as it was obvious as she was pretty sure she didn't look anywhere mad. Maybe Soren was bad at picking up these things. He definitely couldn't have been with that many girls than, that was for sure. She stayed underneath the covers and had trouble sleeping.

Aether suspected he already fallen asleep, but then she heard him again. That was the final straw for her. Could he really be that insecure? Or maybe not trust her? It hurt... she couldn't be here anymore. She tossed the blanket off "I can't sleep... I'm going to sleep in the living room by the fire. " She didn't look at him. She got up and left into the living room and pulled the blanket over her. She had this idea in her head of what he was supposed to be like because she couldn't remember everything.

This wasn't going to work. She knew it wasn't his fault. She felt that she liked him on what she thought she knew about him. This isn't going to work yet, and [i we shouldn't be a couple.] This was her fault for feeling like she knew him and pushing him to be a couple already. He clearly didn't have the courage to do anything and she wanted to be with someone who could do that so she could learn to. This wasn't the right time then to be with him. It would always be awkward at this rate. [I I'm so stupid. ] Her AI appeared and he stared back at her and sighed and snuggled up. She wiped her eyes hating what a cry baby she was but she got some sleep and calmed her mind that there was more than just romance to look for, she loved adventure all the same.
  Aether / Ravenity / 89d 19h 10m 27s
He didn't really get why she was avoiding him and Soren thought that maybe she was mad at him. He sat on the couch with her watching the movie and she'd glance away from him and not really speak to him. He wondered if he really did make a mistake.

WHen she said she was sleepy, Soren just nodded and stood up, grabbing his AI and shutting all the lights before heading into his bedroom. Aether was already laying back and he would lie beside her and thought about how they were a couple. Wasn't he allowed to kiss her if he wanted? But she wasn't an AI...what if she really didn't want to?

He faced her and asked, but when she spoke, he knew she was mad at him. He probably guessed right back in the living room. [b "I do. I just...thought you were mad...was it something I did?"] he asked and then he bit down on his lip and then he frowned, seeing she was upset. He noticed her staying under the covers and then he just let out a soft sigh and turned around.

He tried to get some sleep, but he was worried Aether was mad. Would she leave him? Would she still be there in the morning? Now he was really worried. Soren faced her again [b "'ll still be here in the morning beside me right?"] he gulped.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 89d 19h 49m 55s
It felt cold in shorts without the blankets. Her ruby eyes watched him for a moment. He would carry her? She wasn't opposed to the idea, but after overthinking things, and getting a little upset over not being able to push herself. She could have sworn Soren was pretty forward, so...that could have meant he just didn't want to or didn't think of it. She sighed, and started walking,[b "It's fine. I can walk." ] She mumbled.

She climbed into his bed, putting the blanket right above her nose for a bit. [i I don't think I can this. ] She looked down at the bedsheets, and saw him lay down, his back facing her. Aether frowned, and wanted to hide underneath the covers. She was about to do just then when he turned around and spoke to her. She still hid everything but her eyes and up. Kiss! So, he did want to?

She pouted and didn't meet his eyes while she spoke [b "It didn't seem like you wanted to kiss me." ] She never thought that Soren would sound nervous about asking. She huffed and turned her back around [b "I don't want to anymore." ] She still wanted to, but couldn't make herself say it. She put the blanket over her head. She couldn't help put let her emotions rule over her right now, even if she knew she wasn't exactly right but she still felt upset.

She closed her eyes and eventually felt she needed air but she didn't want to poke out her head either. She tried to sleep like that anyway, but it was hard, even if she felt sleepy. Why did he make her feel like this? Fill with so many emotions and make it hard to sleep.
  Aether / Ravenity / 89d 21h 56m 49s
He felt her poking his lip, but he didn't really get why. He met her eyes and then when she said she wasn't mad, he nodded. Maybe he was mistaking something or misunderstanding something. Soren just kept watching the movie, wondering if she really liked him as her boyfriend or if he was making her happy enough.

He met her eyes and saw her looking away, wondering why she was avoiding him. He tried his best to make her feel cozy, but maybe she wasn't? HE heard her say she was tired and then he nodded, wondering if she wanted him to bring her to the room. [b "I will. You look tired"] he told her and then he watched her get up.

Soren carried his AI and then he turned off the TV, following after her as he headed into the room. [b "Kind of. Skating was tiring"] he told her and then he watched Aether climb into bed. He laid on the other side of her and then he bit down on his lip and kept his back to her. IF she wasn't mad, then what was he worried about?

He turned to face her and then he whispered [b "Aether....are you tired? Maybe we can talk for a while....or even...maybe I could....kiss you?"] he asked, wondering if she'd let him.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 90d 26m 5s
She didn't know why he was pouting like that, she poked his lip and said she understood. Aether didn't take it personally. But he treated her like she was mad. She raised a brow, [b "I'm not mad?" ] She didn't even think she had an angry expression on. She watched the movie but kept on thinking about other things, and Soren even kissed her. She wanted to kiss him, but couldn't make herself to do it. The second Soren looked at her back, she blushed and glanced away, not wanting him to know what was on her mind.

For a moment, she thought he looked concerned. Why? [i Am I making him uncomfortable? ] She sighed. She sucked at this 'girlfriend' thing. She let out a soft yawn, the blanket magically rising, until she realized it was Soren. [b "I am a bit sleepy." ] She raised a brow when he said to carry her. Her cheeks warmed. Would that be weird... Her legs worked, she didn't want to come off as lazy. Wait, maybe he was teasing, no it didn't sound like a tease.

[b "Would you really carry me?" ] She peeked at his eyes and she glanced off [b "If you want to... but I can walk, I don't want to tire you out." ] She looked ahead and saw her AI napping by the fire. It made her smile. She went to scoop him up, and changed him into a tablet, so she could change her leggings into shorts, since she felt more comfortable in them. [b "Are you sleepy Soren?" ] She turned around and faced him. She was starting to wonder if that girl was right, that he liked girls making the move first. [i At this rate... ] Oh well. [b "I"m heading to bed." ] She stated, and put her hair up, and walked toward the bedroom to lay in bed.
  Aether / Ravenity / 90d 3h 26m 48s
He couldn't imagine Aether falling face first into the ice. He always thought she was just naturally good at things like this. Skating was graceful and so beautiful. Soren just imagined Aether fitting into something like this, so it surprised him to hear she fell a lot.

Soren then pouted because he accidentally hurt her when he didn't mean to. He frowned and decided that he probably shouldn't try too many new things in Avalon if she wasn't used to it. [b "I won't do it again so don't be mad"] he asked and kept his teal eyes on the movie. When he watched his AI and hers arguing, he laughed a little, seeing they had come to an agreement and stayed snuggled up together. He knew they'd get along eventually.

He met her eyes and then he leaned in to kiss her cheek, seeing if she'd respond back. In truth, he wanted to kiss her lips, but he didn't know how she'd feel about it and he didn't know if she was still mad at him for the hand thing, or maybe irritated with how bad he was at skating. He thought of so many things and it just brought his confidence down. His eyes watched her once in a while as the movie played and then he saw her look at him and glance away. WHy was she looking away? Was she really mad at him?

He heard her say she wanted to be invisible and he just gulped, wondering if she really was mad. Soren saw her eyes and then he just pulled the blanket over her. [b "If you're sleepy you can head to the room? Or I can carry you if you want?"] he suggested, hoping to help her out or ease the tension if she really was mad at him. Did she not want to be here? Was that why she said she wanted to be invisible? He was so confused.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 90d 14h 3m 3s
Aether tilted her head and thought back, and nodded [b "It was. I fell a lot, but I wouldn't let it stop me." ] The blanket was warm, Soren was warm. She felt a little too comfy, and a little too close to him. Aether gently smiled [b "Me too..."] She picked his pout up and laughed and poked his lip [b "Don't pout. You did it anyway. It was just sparring, I understand." ] She shrugged. She watched the movie and could hear the AI's squeaking to each other and found it pretty cute and funny.
Her AI huffed, 'I can behave anyway I want as long as Aether is safe.' He turned his head and saw her opening the blanket up, and decided he wanted to.

Aether saw his eyes looking up into her and she blushed, and felt hear heart pound when he kissed her cheek. It was that easy to get her heart pounding. He was just so close... She rested back and watched the movie and as the movie was going, she was thinking about him, and wondering what did he want in a girlfriend, or what he thought couples she be like. When...she got a sudden image of him in the other bedroom. Her face burned. Oh god. Her eyes dropped for a second down on his body and she quickly glanced away.

[i I need to get this out of my head. ] She tried, and just focused on the movie, but now and then, it would pop back up since he was close to her. It wasn't fair that he could make her feel like this. [b "I wish I could be invisible" ] She mumbled to herself. She watched Soren again while he was looking at the TV, wishing nice would it be if she got to kiss him. Ah, but she couldn't find the courage right now to do it. She sighed to herself, rubbed her eyes, realizing she was getting a bit sleepy.
  Aether / Ravenity / 91d 7h 19m 54s

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